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Chapter 410

This is what he said in a commanding tone, and he looked down upon Wayne Lin in particular.

In his eyes, Wayne Lin is a colleague in Tao Sanniang Company, with no more than 10,000 yuan a month, one small white-collar worker, and compared with the nephew of the city lord inside, it is not of the same grade.

How can such a white-collar worker be qualified to be his Taoist son-in-law?

Wayne Lin heard that there were no waves, but Tao Sanniang couldn’t bear it anymore. She said angrily, “Uncle, what attitude do you have? He is called Wayne Lin. He is my object, not a colleague. Also, tonight he I want to stay overnight.”

When my uncle heard her words, his face immediately sank and said, “Yu Rong, you are thinking that our Tao family will be destroyed. The city lord’s nephew is sitting in the house, waiting for you to come back to be married! Now you bring a wild When the man comes back, where do I put the face of the city lord’s nephew? Where do I put the face of the city lord!”

Several other people also came over and pointed to Tao Sanniang.

“Isn’t it? It took us so much to introduce the nephew of the city lord to you on a blind date. Now you have brought a wild man back, where can we put our face?”

“That’s right, Sanya, you are too naive.”

“Besides, you see this guy, he has a stubborn head, and he knows that he is not a good person. If you are married to such a person, how can our Tao family raise your head to see people!”

“Not only a deer head, but also an ordinary person, with a monthly salary of no more than 10,000, right? Compared with the nephew of the city lord, one is in the sky and the other is underground.”

“Three girls, your conditions are good, you must not be with such a mediocre man, let him go.”

“Yes, don’t let the nephew of the city lord see it, otherwise it would be bad to make him angry. Just now, the nephew of the city lord specially asked us if you have ever been in a relationship. We all said that you are still in perfect condition.”

“What are you doing with so much nonsense? Take advantage of the fact that the nephew of the city lord is still drinking tea in the house, hurry up and drive this guy away!

They were all twittering, they all expressed disdain for Wayne Lin and wanted to drive Wayne Lin away.

Wayne Lin frowned. He expected that it would take a lot of hands and feet to come back with Tao Sanniang this time, but he didn’t expect that even Tao Sanniang’s family were so rude, without a little politeness, and the words were even more ugly.

In any case, he is also a guest. If he comes so far, no matter how he waits to see him, he must invite him in for tea.

Tao Sanniang was even more angry. They scolded Wayne Lin, more uncomfortable than scolded her.

“Shut up all of you!” Tao Sanniang scolded angrily, “First of all, he is my man. I can’t drive him away. If you really want to drive him away, then I won’t come back. ! Secondly, I can’t marry the nephew of the city lord, you will die!”

Her words directly aroused the anger of many Tao people, especially several of the elders, who began to curse. Two of them were more grumpy and pointed directly at Wayne Lin’s nose, cursing some Yuancheng dialects, Wayne Lin. They are not from Yuancheng, and they understand that they are swearing.

This made Wayne Lin’s face a bit ugly. He came to see Sanniang Tao’s family in good intentions and bought a lot of gifts on the way, but he was treated like this.

Had it not been for Tao Sanniang’s face, he would have started to go crazy.

“Enough!” Tao Sanniang shouted

Sheng, said coldly: “I won’t go back to this house, you can go on a blind date with the nephew of the city lord!”

After speaking, she took Wayne Lin’s hand and turned to leave.

She is really angry and wronged now. She hasn’t gone home for two years. This time she took Wayne Lin home with her, and she encountered such treatment! Is this still her family? Sometimes she really doesn’t want to go home!

Moreover, they scolded Wayne Lin too badly, and she felt it was too much.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman walked out of the house, who looked a bit similar to Tao Sanniang, and shouted to Tao Sanniang: “Sanya, you come back to me!”

Tao Sanniang stopped, looked back, looked at the middle-aged woman, and shouted, “Mom.”

It can be seen that Tao Sanniang still has a little respect for her mother.

The middle-aged woman came over and said, “Is it because your mother doesn’t call you, you don’t even know that you are going home? Is there still my mother in your eyes? Is there still this home?

I have to say that Tao Sanniang’s mother is still very powerful.

Tao Sanniang moved her lips and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything in the end. Instead, she said, “Didn’t you always want me to find someone, but now I have found it and brought people back, but the uncle and they are going to rush Go with us.”

Tao Sanniang’s mother didn’t answer Tao Sanniang, but instead looked at Wayne Lin, quite oppressive. It can be seen that Tao Sanniang’s mother had been in the work unit, and her position was not small. An aura that ordinary people don’t have.

Ordinary people would be uncomfortable when Tao Sanniang’s mother stared at him like this, dodge their eyes and stammer in words.

But for Wayne Lin, it was too pediatric. He was someone who could kill even female devil like Wu Meizi.

“What’s your name?” Tao Sanniang’s mother said to Wayne Lin.

“Auntie, my name is Wayne Lin, yes…”

Before he could finish speaking, Tao Sanniang’s mother interrupted him impatiently, waved her hand and said, “Okay, all guests from far away, come in.”

Wayne Lin smiled. Facing Tao Sanniang’s mother’s contempt, he didn’t take it to heart. Now he can see that Tao Sanniang wants to marry the so-called nephew of the city lord. Now Wayne Lin She appeared as Tao Sanniang’s boyfriend, so she would naturally encounter their unanimous hostility.

Tao Sanniang breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her mother turned back to the house. Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I can’t tell, you are quite afraid of your mother.”

“Is it right? You don’t know how fierce she is usually.” Tao Sanniang sighed and said, still with obvious fear on her face.

Then, Tao Sanniang and Wayne Lin entered the house together. With the warning just now, Tao Sanniang didn’t dare to hold Wayne Lin as intimately as before.

After coming in, I immediately saw a young man sitting on the sofa in the living room, about 30 years old, not too handsome, but between the eyebrows, there is a sense of extravagance, obviously the second generation of prominent origin.

When he saw Tao Sanniang, his eyes immediately burst into intense heat, and his eyes fell directly on Tao Sanniang and couldn’t move away.

Tao Sanniang frowned displeasedly when she saw this look in his eyes, deliberately trying to hold Wayne Lin’s arm, but immediately, her mother understood her thoughts, and immediately coughed twice, looking threateningly. She didn’t dare to watch her immediately.

Chapter 411

“Yu Rong, what are you doing while standing there? Say hello to Lu Fan.”

Tao Sanniang’s mother Peng Yulu glared at her and said in a commanding tone.

Tao Sanniang was very upset, but she didn’t dare to disobey her mother Peng Yulu’s meaning, so she greeted Lu Fan perfunctorily, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that she was not waiting for Lu Fan.

Peng Yulu frowned immediately and said angrily: “Hey Tao Yurong, what kind of attitude do you have, half dead?”

Lu Fan stood up and smiled and said roundly: “Auntie, don’t scold Yu Rong, I kind of like her character.”

Peng Yulu smiled and said, “Hey, Lu Fan, you are a polite child, and Auntie really appreciates you more and more.”

The smile on Lu Fan’s face was even brighter, his eyes were on Tao Sanniang’s face, and he made no secret of his love for Tao Sanniang.

Even the sight of Tao Sanniang secretly scanned Tao Sanniang’s body, revealing a trace of salivation and swallowing.

How keen her eyes were, she immediately noticed Lu Fan’s eyes, and she became even more disgusted with Wen Lu Fan in her heart. It’s Wayne Lin, a gentleman who has never taken advantage of her.

Because Wayne Lin looked too ordinary, Lu Fan didn’t put him in his eyes. Lu Fan took out an exquisite box, opened it, and took out a string of diamond necklaces inside. He walked towards Tao Sanniang and said with a smile : “Yu Rong, this is a diamond necklace I bought from abroad. It suits your temperament. I hope you like it.”

This string of diamond necklaces is particularly dazzling, and you can see that it is very valuable at first glance. Under the shining of the light, it flashes a dazzling light, full of extravagance and extraordinaryness, and makes many people in the house open their eyes. Staring hookedly.

“Wow! This diamond necklace is too beautiful, shimmering, worth hundreds of thousands!”

“Hehe, hundreds of thousands? Do you think you have hundreds of thousands? This kind of diamonds of fine quality does not have a few million, so you can’t get them! And you don’t look at who sent the necklace, Lord Lu, our source city Where is the nephew of the city lord, can he give away hundreds of thousands of necklaces?”

“That’s… a diamond necklace with millions of dollars. Young Master Lu is still magnificent. If someone is willing to give me such an expensive gift, I will marry him without saying a word!”

“Not everyone has such a good life as Tao Yurong…”

Lu Fan gave out this diamond necklace, which caused a bunch of Tao family members to exclaim, and each of them glowed.

When Lu Fan saw their reaction, the corners of his mouth raised more angles, his face was filled with pride. In his opinion, no one in this world could resist the charm of diamonds, and Tao Sanniang was no exception.

Tao Sanniang is so beautiful, especially the charming temperament, like a fairy, full of femininity, this type of woman, he has never seen it before.

This is an absolute stunner, once on the bed, the taste will definitely burst!

Peng Yulu widened her eyes when she saw it from the side, and said, “Oh, Lu Fan, why are you giving such an expensive gift?

Lu Fan straightened his waist and said with a smile: “Auntie, what’s wrong with this? I have always loved Mu Yu Rong. When I and Yu Rong are formed, I will give more precious gifts. Now this string of 8 million The diamond necklace is just a meeting ceremony.”

“Why, what?! Eight, eight million!”

Peng Yulu opened her eyes wide, her breathing became rapid, her expression full of shock.

Other pottery

Everyone in the family was stunned and completely shocked. They had never heard of the eight million diamond necklace.

Lu Fan smiled so much that he couldn’t see his teeth, waved his hand, and deliberately made a very indifferent look, and said: “Yes, eight million, it’s just average, it’s not too expensive, the valuables are yet to come.”

Hearing what Lu Fan said, the eyes of all the Tao family members looking at Lu Fan became even more fiery. There were a few single women who wished to turn into three peach mothers and marry Lu Fan on the spot to be a young woman.

Lu Fan had already anticipated that Tao Sanniang would definitely be very pleasantly surprised, so excited that she was incoherent, and even threw herself in his arms. Using this set, he doesn’t know how many women have conquered, haha.

However, when he turned his gaze over, he found that Tao Sanniang’s expression was cold, without any fluctuations, let alone excitement.

Ok? What is the situation? How could Tao Sanniang’s reaction be so calm? Isn’t Tao Sanniang interested in diamond necklaces?


Lu Fan quickly abandoned this idea. Even if Tao Sanniang is not interested in diamond necklaces, the value of 8 million is not something that anyone can resist!

Then there is only one possibility, Tao Sanniang pretended to pretend to be trying to catch it.

Thinking of this, Lu Fan raised his mouth again, revealing an intriguing smile, and personally gave the diamond necklace to Tao Sanniang, making his most handsome expression, and said, “Yu Rong, let me put it on for you. “

However, Tao Sanniang took a step back and said coldly: “I think it’s better to forget it. I can’t afford such an expensive gift.”

Lu Fan also thought that Tao Sanniang was pretending to be reserved, and said with a smile: “Yu Rong, this is my heart for you. Although this diamond necklace is worth eight million, it is far inferior to me. You’re sincere, don’t refuse my kindness, okay?”

With that said, Lu Fan was going to walk over again and put it on Tao Sanniang himself. When he approached, he smelled the perfume on Tao Sanniang, and he was particularly intoxicated and even reacted!

At this moment, a tall figure stood out and blocked him.

Who else but Wayne Lin?

“Did you not hear Yu Rong say not to accept your gift?” Wayne Lin said lightly. He was half a head taller than Lu Fan. He looked down at Lu Fan and put a lot of pressure on Lu Fan.

Lu Fan was in front of Wayne Lin. He frowned slightly, a little unhappy, and said with a slight dissatisfaction to Peng Yulu: “Aunt Peng, is this?”

Lu Fan’s expression is just to express a meaning, who is this guy, so ignorant, dare to block his way.

Peng Yulu’s face was pulled down, she believed that Lu Fan was his son-in-law, and now she was naturally a thorn in Wayne Lin, and in her opinion, Wayne Lin was an ordinary white-collar worker who could not make much money in a year. , Completely unworthy of her daughter Tao Yurong!

“He is Yu Rong’s colleague.” Peng Yulu explained quickly, then stared at Wayne Lin displeasedly, forcing Wayne Lin to roll aside quickly.

At this time Tao Sanniang spoke. She felt very happy and touched that Wayne Lin was willing to take the initiative to come out. She immediately took Wayne Lin’s hand and leaned her head on Wayne Lin’s shoulder, and said sweetly, “He called Wayne Lin, not my colleague, but my boyfriend. Our relationship is very good and we have been living together for a long time. So Lu Fan, you should put away your eight million diamond necklace.”

In an instant, Lu Fan’s expression turned gloomy, it was hard to see the extreme, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Chapter 412

Tao Sanniang’s words were like a slap in the face, slapped heavily on Lu Fan’s face!

He heard that Tao Sanniang was coming back, deliberately rushing over from the city, and brought a valuable gift to meet, but Tao Sanniang told him that he already had a boyfriend, and he had been living together for a long time. This is not just to slap him in the face. what?

When has Lu Fan been so angry?

The Tao family members in the room became nervous and panicked when they saw Lu Fan’s expression, and they hated Tao Sanniang to death.

Lu Fan said to Peng Yulu with a cold face, “Auntie Peng, didn’t you say Tao Yurong is single, what’s the situation now! You must give me an explanation!”

Everyone could tell that Lu Fan was completely angry and furious!

Peng Yulu immediately numbed her scalp and quickly explained, “Master Lu, don’t be angry. This is a misunderstanding. Yu Rong is indeed single, and she is still in perfect condition. What I said just now was deliberately teasing you.”

Then she glared at Tao Sanniang and asked Tao Sanniang to explain, her eyes full of threats.

Tao Sanniang has already given up, she said: “I didn’t tease him, Wayne is really my boyfriend. Mom, haven’t you been urging me to fall in love and bring the object back for you to see? Now I have brought it back. His name is Wayne Lin and he is from Hwadrid.”

After speaking, she still kissed Wayne Lin on the cheek, deliberately angry with Lu Fan.

Lu Fan was suddenly angry, his face turned green, he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“Well, you Taoists are awesome, even I dare to play! Okay, I know, you guys wait for me!” Lu Fan yelled angrily, and then he was about to leave.

His angry look scared all the Tao family members, Tao Sanniang also frowned, the pressure flashed with some worry.

No matter how she dislikes Lu Fan, it is undeniable that Lu Fan is indeed the nephew of Yuancheng City Lord, and his background is not small. If Lu Fan is offended, the Tao family’s life in Yuancheng will be difficult.

She can go back to Huarvell with Wayne Lin, Lu Fan can’t threaten her no matter how strong it is, but she can’t hurt the Tao Family.

“Master Lu, Master Lu, this is a misunderstanding, misunderstanding, you must not take it seriously.”

“Yes, Mr. Lu, Sanya’s brains are burnt, your lord has a lot, don’t be familiar with her, our Tao family intends to marry you with Mr. Lu…”

“Lu Gongzi, we didn’t know Tao Yurong would call a man back. Our Tao family didn’t play you on purpose.”

“That’s right, what is your identity, Master Lu, even if you give us a hundred courage to the Tao family, you won’t dare to play you!”

The Tao family in the room begged for mercy one by one, particularly panicked.

Peng Yulu also stood up and said: “Lu Fan, it is convenient to give auntie a little bit of face. Would you like to say a few words?”

When Lu Fan saw so many Tao family members begging for him, it did not look like the Tao family was trying to play him. His anger was more than half dissipated. At this time, hearing Peng Yulu’s request, he thought for a while and nodded. Promise it down.

After walking to the side, Peng Yulu said, “Lu Fan, who is the aunt? I believe you know well. Auntie deliberately recruited you to be your son-in-law, so why would she fool you? What happened just now was indeed a misunderstanding, auntie. I don’t know that Yu Rong brought a man back.”

Lu Fan snorted and said, “Aunt Peng, it’s not that I don’t give you face. You have seen your daughter’s attitude just now. I came here very sincerely to marry her, but in the end she brought a man back. I also said that I have been living together for a long time, and my body is not clean! If this spreads out, where can I put Lu Fan’s face?”


p; After a pause, Lu Fan chuckled again, and said, “Where is the face of my city lord uncle? Before I set off today, the city lord uncle even called me specifically and was very concerned about this marriage… My city lord uncle has loved me very much since I was a child, if this is passed to the city lord uncle, huh! I’m afraid the end of your Tao family will not be so good.”

He said this, full of threats, Peng Yulu’s face turned pale after hearing this, she was shed cold sweat, and the identity of the’city lord’ was too heavy for her! She can’t offend it at all.

“Lu Gongzi calm down.” Peng Yulu calmed Lu Fan, and then said: “Don’t worry, Lu Gongzi, she brought the man back this time, Sanyatou deliberately pissed me off. The man outside could never be hers. Subject, as far as it is said that they have lived together for a long time, that is even more nonsense!”

“This girl has been single all these years and refused to find someone. I urged her many times. She became impatient with me, so this time she deliberately found an actor to deal with me. I’m sure that she is still single now. !” Peng Yulu said categorically, and finally she added, “Also, I see how she walks, I know that she is still a virgin now, and you will have an accident with Lu Gongzi, the first time it is yours.”

When Lu Fan heard this, his face looked much better, and his mood became more cheerful. He asked, “Auntie Peng, are you sure Yu Rong is really a virgin?”

Peng Yulu saw that Lu Fan’s face looked much better, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Of course, I am her mother. I still don’t know if she is a virgin.”

Lu Fan nodded and said, “Since Aunt Peng has said so, then I will give auntie a face. I want to marry Yu Rong, not a joke.”

“Auntie understands, auntie understands.”

When the two of them were chatting alone in the room, Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang were in the room and they became what Qianfu pointed out.

Everyone stared at Wayne Lin badly, and many men wanted to beat Wayne Lin.

Regarding this, Wayne Lin sat calmly, and he had experienced the big scene, and now these things can’t cause the slightest disturbance in his heart.

Many elders began to point to Tao Sanniang, “Sanya, it’s not that I said you, you are so old, why are you so ignorant! It took your mother to get you on a blind date? Son, as a result, you brought a savage man back. This is going to piss us off!”

“What a good person Lu Gongzi, the nephew of Lord City Lord, has a deep background and a bright future. You can marry him, it is the blessing of your previous life!”

“Sanya, I’m over here, you dump this man right now, and marry Master Lu as soon as possible.”

Tao Sanniang said with a cold face, “Fart, I can’t marry Lu Fan!”


“You girl, it’s too much, do you still have the Tao family in your eyes!”

At this moment, Peng Yulu and Lu Fan walked out, and the other Tao family members stopped talking. They all put on good looks and went to flatter Lu Fan.

Peng Yulu walked over and said to Tao Sanniang: “Come here, Mom has something to say to you.”

Tao Sanniang didn’t move right away, but first asked Wayne Lin, and after getting Wayne Lin’s nod, she left with Peng Yulu.

Thus, in the huge hall, Wayne Lin and a group of vicious Taoists were left.

Several young and strong youths from the Tao family surrounded Wayne Lin and wanted to behave violently against Wayne Lin.

Lu Fan made a gesture to tell them not to do anything. He walked up to Wayne Lin and stared at Wayne Lin condescendingly. He said in a commanding tone: “From today, leave Tao Yurong.”

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