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Chapter 308

What is domineering, what is publicity?

Now Wayne Lin explains this perfectly.

At this point, there is no need for him to act again.

Feeling his aura, Yan Chuang was shocked. He just picked up the teacup and was about to drink tea. The teacup was shattered by his disordered qi.

As for the others, it was even more unbearable, especially for the members of the Northern Sky Club. In their spiritual world, a storm appeared, and a great demon god who was huge enough to cover the sky appeared. Make them look black, as if their sight is blocked!

When Xu Hua and the others waited, they were stunned, staring at Wayne Lin blankly. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so powerful.

However, Wayne Lin’s momentum appeared for a second, and then disappeared. When everyone opened their eyes and looked again, they found that Wayne Lin was still the very low-key, completely inconspicuous Wayne Lin.

This kind of strong contrast made them all think whether they had hallucinations just now.

Only Yan Chuang stood up abruptly, staring at Wayne Lin, and said: “Okay, I’m still a practicing family, with a little bit of effort. No wonder I dare to come up to Beitian and worship the pier! Good fellow, I missed my sight. !”

Damon Wang is dumbfounded, what’s the situation? When did the chairman become Lianjiazi? He didn’t know how.

Wayne Lin smiled without saying a word. He has now determined that Gu Hanxing is not here, and Brian Gu is not here, then he has nothing to hide. First, let the Beitianhui branch be upset.

He had already figured it out. Anyway, he and Gu Hanxing had already settled a grievance, and there was almost no possibility of mediation, so he might as well be more arrogant and let the people in the North Sky Club remember his name!

According to Tao Sanniang’s words, the Beitian Society is a difficult existence to greet. I advise him to beware of the Beitian Society, and it is best not to oppose the Beitian Society. But Tao Sanniang didn’t know the existence of BRAGRUN organization, so only one fact was explained, that is, BRAGRUN organization was so many times stronger than Bei Tian organization that this would happen.

Since he is going to declare war with BRAGRUN organization sooner or later, if he can’t even fight a Beitian organization now, what will he use to fight BRAGRUN organization?

In the past, he was still at the pinnacle of the acquired state, and he had to do a lot of things low-key, but now he is already in the innate state, and he has taken the best cleansing pill to break through, which is much stronger than the ordinary innate state. He has this strength, there is no need to be low-key at all, at least here and now, in this situation, he does not need to be low-key.

“Big Xiong, come on, don’t show mercy under your hands, and get rid of his legs!” Yan Chuang gave an order, his tone harsh and full of murderous aura. Many people present had a little scalp numb, knowing that Yan Chuang was really angry.

Damon Wang was shivering even more, his fear was extreme. He never expected that things would happen to this point. He had known that even if he had given him a hundred courage, he would not dare to accompany Wayne Lin.

He knows how difficult Bei Tian will be. It is possible for a person who is not careful and takes his life in every minute!

Now he is complaining about Wayne Lin more and more, this arrogant thing has made him tired too, f*ck!

Da Xiong’s eyes suddenly became red and bloodshot. He clenched his fists and twisted his neck. There were creaks and creaks all over the body. It sounded particularly scary. As you can imagine, he punched out, Wayne minutes will be dropped by Ko!

As the person involved, Wayne Lin was still able to laugh at this time, shook his finger at Big Bear and said, “You can’t, you are too weak, you can’t hold my punch, let someone more powerful come and fight me. .”




More is looking for death.

Almost everyone thought that Wayne Lin was looking for death, and he must have been impatient to do such a stupid thing.

Damon Wang even closed his eyes and couldn’t bear to look at it. In his mind, ten Wayne Lin could not beat the big bear.

“fcky boy, you’re fcking looking for death!!”

Da Xiong was completely enraged, he let out a roar, and then strode towards Wayne Lin, with a heavy punch, hitting Wayne Lin’s forehead hard, even the heavyweight professional boxer had received this punch. If you want to faint, you don’t need to mention a thin monkey like Wayne Lin.

In everyone’s sight, Wayne Lin didn’t move, didn’t dodge, as if he was frightened.

When Big Xiong’s fist had reached him, Wayne Lin suddenly moved. He looked very simple. He leaned back and escaped Big Xiong’s punch. Then he shook his back with a fist and hit it with a bang. In the middle of the big bear’s chest, the strength was so strong that it was as if a car had crashed into it. It directly knocked the big bear off the ground with his feet off the ground and flew out, just in front of Yan Chuang.

The chest was clear and visible, and a hole sank in, and the ribs were broken.

But the big bear screamed and could not stand up anymore.

The audience suddenly fell silent.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and stared at Wayne Lin with dumbfounded eyes. It was clear that they were looking at a monster.

Before this punch, no one thought that Wayne Lin would win, and no one thought that he would be crushed in this way!

It’s not that his receptive ability is not strong, but that this is really weird and incredible. In a sense, it is already against science.

Xu Hua opened his mouth wide and had the same expression as hell. He thought that Wayne Lin would be educated to be a human being, but this was the result? It was his eyes that deceived him, he was hallucinating!

Many members of the North Sky Club who were present stood up with a whistle, and when they came back to their senses, when they looked at Wayne Lin again, their eyes were completely different.

The scene was quiet for a full five seconds, and Yan Chuangcai said: “Okay! Very good! It seems that you didn’t come to my Beitian to worship the pier from the beginning, but came to kick the field!”

Then, he looked at Damon Wang with sharp eyes and murderously, and said in a harsh tone: “Okay, you are a Damon Wang, you are so courageous, you dare to bring a master to my Beitian club!”

Damon Wang was about to cry, and quickly explained: “President Yan, President Yan, this is a misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding…”

But when Yan Chuang arrived at this time, no one would believe him. What he had to do now was to take down Wayne Lin and justify the Beitian Association.

“At a young age, you can cultivate to the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow. You are definitely not the chairman of Ziqiong Media! Say, who are you!” Yan Chuang cursed angrily.

Wayne Lin flicked his clothes and said, “Why don’t you change your name? I’m the chairman of Ziqiong Media. You’re right. Today I’m not here to worship the dock, I’m just here to play. Security company, I am It’s set, you have to agree to the North Sky Conference if you disagree!”

“Arrogant!” Yan Chuang roared loudly, “Do you think you can practice three-legged cat kung fu to make the world invincible? Yelang arrogant, the frog at the bottom of the well!”

Then, Yan Chuang called several martial arts masters to deal with Wayne Lin together.

Wayne Lin said impatiently: “I don’t think you need to be so troublesome. Let’s go all together. I will clean up together.”

Chapter 309

Everyone went on together and tidied up together.

This is easy to say, it can be really done, and the difficulty is no less than climbing.

Not to mention that Yan Chuang, who is in the branch of the North Sky Club and the peak of acquired strength, is present. There are more than a dozen members of the North Sky Club. They are all first-class masters. If they really want to swarm up, a tank will be dismantled. Up.

In their eyes, Wayne Lin can no longer be described as arrogant, but lawless, seeking his own death.

At the moment, all the people in the Northern Heavens Club were furious, one by one, they were going to ravage Wayne Lin to death. They have always been domineering in Beitian, and they are the only ones who bully others. How can they be humiliated by others like they are now?

Damon Wang was already frightened and his brain was blank. He could no longer think of words to describe Wayne Lin’s arrogance and death. It would be fine if he didn’t bow his head on the site of the Beitianhui. He actually dared to speak so wildly and challenge him. Everyone in the Northern Sky Society, this time they directly stabbed the hornet’s nest.

Xu Hua and the others were also tingling their scalp, looking at Wayne Lin dementialy. They could no longer understand what Wayne Lin wanted to do. They were already the big bosses of a big company. As for this kind of death?

From the bottom of their hearts, they didn’t think that Wayne Lin had the ability to single-handedly challenge the group of people from the North Sky Society, especially the Yan Chuang above, who was even more of a terrorist level.

“Good, good!!” Yan Chuang laughed in anger and said loudly, “What a fearless young man, who is so arrogant that he singles out me, so many people in Beitian? Okay, then I will fulfill you!”

Next, he asked all the members of the Northern Sky Club to surround Wayne Lin, Yan Chuang stared at him, and said again: “The surname is Lin, now you kneel down and beg me and give me half of your shares in Ziqiong Media for free. , I can consider letting you go.”

Wayne Lin responded to him with only one middle finger, making him furious again, and gave an order to let the master of Zhongduo Beitian Association take action and attack Wayne Lin together.

For a while, Wayne Lin seemed to be in the eyes of a storm, and was under tremendous pressure, and he was torn apart every minute.

Xu Hua, who has always been arrogant and arrogant, saw this scene, and he couldn’t stop showing an expression of fear. If he was in Wayne Lin’s position, he might not be able to hold it for a second.

Faced with the combined attack of more than a dozen Northern Heavenly Guild masters, Wayne Lin remained motionless, and only started to move when the first fist came.

There is no extra action, just simply use violence to control violence, blast out with one punch, and hit the opponent’s fist directly.

Only a touch, accompanied by a painful scream, the other party backed up without any suspense, and the arm was dislocated by Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was unscathed. He didn’t even change his expression. The next moment, he didn’t stay there. He kicked over with a kick. A master of the master realm who rushed over was kicked in the stomach. A mouthful of blood spurted out, flew upside down, hit the wall behind him heavily, and when he slid down, he had lost the ability to act.

In just a second, Wayne Lin had already solved the two opponents. It was almost at the extreme, almost at the speed of electric sparks.

Then, Wayne Lin strolled in the courtyard, very relaxed and freehand, but the power brought was a thunderous crit. He kicked it out with a punch and kick, and fell a member of the Northern Sky Club and lost the battle. Ability. Almost no one can block his punch. These fierce members of the Northern Sky Club have become chicken dogs directly under his hands, vulnerable to a blow.

In less than half a minute, Wayne Lin had solved the battle, and his clothes were not messed up, he clapped his hands easily, and said, “This is the strength of the Northern Sky Club? I am ashamed to occupy the security area. , Don’t let anyone interfere?”

An expression of horror appeared on Yan Chuang’s face for the first time, his eyes staring like a lantern, and he couldn’t believe it, “Who are you?!”

He is very gaffe now, his speech is broken.

He can’t help but lose his attitude.

These members of the North Sky Club were brought out by him. No one knows the level better than him. Even if he wants to win under the siege of these members of the North Sky Club, it will be very difficult. Injury is absolute. Inevitably! He would even be seriously injured, and he would definitely not be able to do Wayne Lin’s easy and freehand brushwork, just like playing with a child.

This also shows that Wayne Lin’s martial arts is very strong, far above him!

Now he finally understands why Wayne Lin dared to bring these mobs and came up to Beitian to worship the pier…No, to be precise, this damn place is not worshipping the pier at all, but kicking the field!

He couldn’t figure out why Wayne Lin had come from, and he dared to go to war with the Beitian Society. Does Wayne Lin also have a strong background?

As for Xu Hua and others, it was even more shocking, completely subverting their three views, suspecting that Wayne Lin was not a human being, but a god.

They are all martial arts practitioners, and most of them have been practicing martial arts since they were young. They know how difficult it is to beat a dozen people. Not to mention that these more than a dozen people are still masters of masters, but Wayne Lin abused him so easily. What is it that is not a god?


Xu Hua swallowed hard, his scalp was numb, his hands and feet were numb, he suspected that he had hallucinations, but after pinching his thighs hard, he confirmed that it was not an illusion, but a real existence! Fortunately, he still despised Wayne Lin, thinking of Wayne Lin’s delicate skin and tender flesh, he could beat Wayne Lin and cry with one punch!

It now appears that he is the one crying.

Just when Wayne Lin glanced over with a smile that was not a smile, he suddenly shook his whole body and almost peeed his pants. He quickly lowered his head, shivering, and didn’t dare to look at Wayne Lin.

Damon Wang was also in a state of complete confusion. He seriously doubted whether there was a problem in this world. How could the chairman be able to fight so much? This is completely unscientific. The chairman is so rich, why should he practice martial arts? Is this chairman really human? Have achieved the top of humanity in all aspects!

Wayne Lin saw everyone’s reaction in his eyes, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a faint smile, and then he slowly rushed towards Yan.

“Well, now I am qualified to open a security company in Huarvell.” Wayne Lin stared at Yan Chuang with a smile.

Now Yan Chuang has completely lost the prestige and domineering he had just now. Instead, he was obviously afraid, gritted his teeth, and looked at Wayne Lin tightly, and said: “I admit that it was my mistake. Your martial arts are very strong and beyond. This is what I expected. However, you have considered it clearly. Once you open a security company, you will be against me, Beitian will go against me. Is it cost-effective for you to do this!”

Seeing that Wayne Lin did not answer with a sullen face, he went on to say: “You are an individual. If you are really interested in the security industry, I can introduce you to our Beitian Club. When you look at the whole country, you can walk sideways. .”

When Damon Wang heard it, his heart was immediately moved. This is a huge benefit. Once he joined the North Sky Club, he would have a big backing, and he would become more like a fish in the water in the future.

However, Wayne Lin laughed. Without warning, he kicked it out at an extremely fast speed, so fast that even Yan Chuang could not even react, so he kicked Yan Chuang away and knocked the chairs behind him apart. about you?!!”

Yan Chuang felt that his intestines had been kicked off, and he was extremely shocked. He never thought that Wayne Lin was so courageous that he really dared to attack him.

When he wanted to be frightened and angry, and was about to get up, Wayne Lin had already walked over, stepped on his chest, and stared at him condescendingly, “An ant-like thing, so you can attract me?”

Yan Chuang was really scared now. He was stepped on by Wayne Lin, and he couldn’t afford a trace of strength. He was completely slaughtered. You know, he is also the feeling of the peak of the day after tomorrow, and he has also taken the marrow pill twice, which is more powerful than the peak of the day after tomorrow, but in front of Wayne Lin, he has no ability to fight back. Wayne Lin has How strong? Is it innate? !

“Yes, sorry, I was wrong…” Yan Chuang lowered his head and admitted.

Chapter 310

Wayne Lin didn’t feel too embarrassed to Chuang Yan, he just accept it when he sees good. It’s not that he is kind, but that he is not necessary. Yan Chuang is just a small person. Beating Yan Chuang to death will only dirty his hands.

“Let’s go.”

Wayne Lin patted Damon Wang on the shoulder, and then walked leisurely to the door.

After Damon Wang realized, he took a breath and looked at the people lying on the ground, especially Yan Chuang who was plucking a rooster. He couldn’t help but shudder, and hurried to catch up with Wayne Lin. .

Originally he thought he knew Wayne Lin enough, but now it seems that he came into contact with Wayne Lin only the tip of the iceberg!

This person is really terrible, no wonder that even a man like Ugly Lord has to bow down to Wayne Lin.

Xu Hua and the others also hurriedly followed, for fear that they would be swallowed by the North Sky Club if they stayed for a second, and Wayne Lin was their guardian now.

So there was such a weird scene. Wayne Lin walked out leisurely with his hands behind his back, admiring the surrounding scenery while walking, but behind him, there were more than twenty people, all cautiously, not dare to say A little sound, for fear of disturbing Wayne Lin in front.

Xu Hua’s expression is very complicated now. He looked down on Wayne Lin at first, thinking that Wayne Lin was a rubbish. He could kill Wayne Lin to death with one hand, and didn’t put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all. In the end, he was rubbish, and Wayne Lin could abuse him with just one finger.

After seeing the power of Wayne Lin just now, he now respects Wayne Lin as a god. He doesn’t love money and despise the rich, but the powerful are the idols he worships.

Now he admires Wayne Lin very much, and thinks of Wayne Lin’s subordinates to learn a trick.

Other people have similar thoughts. Originally, they thought Wayne Lin was so young and very bullying, but they didn’t expect that they were super gods. Now they have no thoughts of rebelliousness.

Wayne Lin stood still suddenly, turned around, and shocked them all. He backed subconsciously. Someone fell over in a panic. It was so funny that many passers-by looked astonished, thinking They are filming.

Wayne Lin laughed blankly and said, “Why am I terrible, scaring you like this?”

They nodded first, and then shook their heads immediately, each with awe and anxiety written on their faces. They were particularly well-behaved. They were all grown-ups. Several of them were also very burly, so they looked particularly funny.

Wayne Lin shook his head helplessly and said, “You don’t have to be afraid of me, as long as you do well with me, I won’t treat you badly.”

A more timid practitioner asked carefully, “Boss, can I quit?”

Wayne Lin showed a bright smile and said, “Yes.”

The other party just breathed a sigh of relief and heard Wayne Lin say: “As long as you are not afraid that Beitian will trouble you, you can withdraw. Also, you have signed the contract, and now withdrawing is a breach of contract, and you have to pay three times the penalty. , 600,000 per person.”


All of them took a breath!

Now they can understand why Wayne Lin took so many people to the Beitian Club to play games. This is what the f*ck is forcing them to vote for fame, but they thought they had picked up the treasure, and they didn’t know it!

After understanding this, they became even more in awe of Wayne Lin, and they didn’t even have the courage to bear hatred.

Xu Hua was also cold all over, and only then realized how much trouble he was causing. It is conceivable that they must have been targeted by the Beitian Association now, especially he, who has just taken action just now, and the Beitian Association will definitely not Let him go easily. Now he is forced to board the thief ship Wayne Lin, damn,

It’s so insidious.

Damon Wang wanted to understand this, and he admired Wayne Lin with all his heart.

Wayne Lin was too lazy to beep so much with them, waved his hand and said, “Okay, you don’t have to think so much, just follow me, I won’t treat you badly, you will hand over with President Wang for the next business. I will give you two days off now. Three days later, I will report to the company on time. I will train you by myself.”

After a pause, Wayne Lin’s eyes became cold, and he said sharply: “I said ugly at the beginning. If anyone dares not come, don’t blame me for not giving you face.”

They all shook their heads quickly, expressing fear.

Xu Hua gritted his teeth, walked out of the crowd, threw himself on his knees in front of Wayne Lin, and said loudly, “Master, please accept me as a disciple!”

Now Xu Hua’s eyes were full of fire, and Wayne Lin was taken aback, frowned and said, “What are you doing?”

He’s still on the street now. Xu Hua’s action also confuses many people. What is the situation, really making a movie?

Xu Hua said: “Master, I’m serious, you accept me as a disciple, and I promise I won’t oppose you and cousin Della Qin before…No, I strongly support you and cousin Della Qin…”

“f*ck!” Wayne Lin didn’t wait for him to finish, so he flipped him over.

This guy is sick, he has a half-cent relationship with Della Qin.

Xu Hua rolled on the ground and got up to see Wayne Lin’s departure. He clenched his fists and vowed in his heart that he would go to Master Wayne Lin anyway and learn Wayne Lin’s skills.

The rest of the matter was left to Damon Wang to deal with. Now these people have completely surrendered to Wayne Lin, so Damon Wang’s management is very easy.

Of course, Damon Wang did not do this professionally. He soon used his contacts to find a management in the industry and began to formally plan the establishment of a security company.

Originally, he was very optimistic about Wayne Lin’s work. After all, the Great Mountain of the Northern Heaven Society was blocking him, but now his thoughts are different and he is more passionate about doing things.

You must know that the security industry is a sweet pastry, and the benefits on the surface are not much, but the subsequent benefits are huge. He had to admire Wayne Lin for his vision. No wonder he was able to achieve this result at such a young age. Now he is more and more glad that he followed Wayne Lin.

After Wayne Lin and the others walked for a full minute, someone in the branch of the North Sky Club spoke, “Yan, President Yan, what should we do now?”

The expression on Yan Chuang’s face is ugly. He is now embarrassed and lost to his grandmother’s house. The chief of his dignified branch was actually abused like this. If this spreads out, he won’t be laughed at. .

But he didn’t dare not report this kind of thing, so he sighed and obediently called the upper echelon.

“What?! You were kicked off by a young man? What is the situation, tell me!” The person on the other end of the phone was shocked, and Yan Chuang did not dare to hide it, so he had to explain it in a one-to-one manner. , After finishing, he said: “This person is very powerful, I suspect he has the strength of the innate realm.”

“Innate Realm!”

The man on the phone took a breath.

“Wait a minute, you just said, what is the young man’s name and what is the origin of it?”

Yan Chuang replied again: “Minister, this person is Wayne Lin. He is the chairman of Ziqiong Media. His strength is unfathomable. In this way, he has declared war with our Beitian Association.”

A surprised and angry voice came from the phone, “Wayne Lin! I remembered that this guy is the one who opposed Young Master Gu a while ago! I will tell Young Master Gu now and let him deal with it!”

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