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Chapter 389


Wayne Lin’s hair exploded when he heard it, and he stood up abruptly, with a great reaction, shocking the few people opposite him.

“Dad, what’s the situation?” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice.

Berry Chu thought of what happened just now, his whole body still hurt. He had never been beaten like this in his life, so he was particularly wronged. He cried and told Wayne Lin what had happened before, and finally he choked up and said: ” Wayne, where did you provoke this group of people? This time, it has caused the Chu family to be miserable!”

After Wayne Lin listened, his anger burst out of his forehead, burning his whole body!

He hasn’t been so angry for a long time, only when he was expelled from the Lin family, did he have such a strong anger!

Gu Hanxing’s approach has already touched his bottom line and moved his reverse scale!

Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai, who were sitting opposite now, were frightened by the way Wayne Lin was now. They vaguely saw two groups of anger burning in Wayne Lin’s eyes, and there was a terrifying aura all over his body, like immediately The erupting volcano is particularly scary.

Ouyang Feng can be considered a big scene, and he has also seen other innate realm masters. His psychological quality is far superior to ordinary people, but he is still afraid and shivering in the face of Wayne Lin’s anger.

As for Ouyang Xuehai and the others, it goes without saying, his face paled with fright, and his brain pale.

This is not an exaggeration, but the aura that Wayne Lin exudes now is simply too terrifying, as if it is overwhelming, it is about to drown people.

“Dad, wait for me, I’ll pass now!” Wayne Lin said with restrained anger.

After hanging up the phone, he couldn’t control it. The right hand holding the phone slammed hard, and the hard phone burst with a click, and he rubbed it into a ball of scrap iron!

Then he took a deep breath and said to Ouyang Feng and the others: “Grandpa Ouyang, I’m sorry, I just happen to have something that needs to be dealt with, and let me lose my company.”

Wayne Lin had already put away his terrifying aura at this moment. Only then did Ouyang Feng and the others recovered, their bodies relaxed, and they felt like they had taken a trip from hell. The feeling just now was really terrifying.

The gazes they looked at Wayne Lin now were even more different. They knew that Wayne Lin was very strong, and that he was a master of the innate realm at a young age, and even a super master like Brian Gu was not Wayne Lin’s opponent. But they didn’t personally experience Wayne Lin’s horror, it was still hard to understand from the bottom of their hearts.

But now, just now, Wayne Lin’s terrifying aura, they finally knew Wayne Lin’s horror!

Ouyang Feng stood up and said, “Wayne, is there something trouble at home? Would you like Grandpa to help?”

Ouyang Xuehai also said hurriedly, “Yes, Wayne, we are already a family. If there is anything we can help with, please speak up, don’t talk to us.”

Wayne Lin showed a smile, shook his head and said, “I don’t need it for the time being, I can still solve it. When I need help, I will ask Grandpa Ouyang as soon as possible.”

Ouyang Feng nodded, since Wayne Lin had already said this, he had no idea what to say and sent Wayne Lin out himself.

When I walked to the door, I ran into Ouyang Yanran who was rushing back, and looked at each other with Wayne Lin. Her heartbeat immediately increased a lot involuntarily.

In the past few nights, she would dream of Wayne Lin, and she had some dreams, which was quite shameful.

She was in class, and her mother told her that Wayne Lin was a guest at home and asked her to come back. If she changed, she would definitely ignore it. But now, she felt very happy inexplicably and came back without hesitation.

Seeing Wayne Lin coming out now, she thought she knew she was back and took the initiative to pick her up. The smile on her face couldn’t help but bloom.

But immediately, Wayne Lin just glanced at her indifferently, and did not take the initiative to say hello, but turned around and greeted Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai, and then walked directly past her.

In an instant, Ouyang Yanran’s smile stiffened on her face.

She is a little confused, what’s the situation? Didn’t Wayne Lin see her?

She couldn’t help but looked back, and announced that Wayne Lin had already got in the car and left directly…

“Yan Ran, aren’t you in class? Why are you back?” Ouyang Xuehai asked curiously when she saw her.

Ouyang Yanran’s originally happy mood turned bad at this moment. She bit her lip and said, “Dad, isn’t Wayne Lin coming to our house as a guest? Why did he leave suddenly?”

Ouyang Xuehai said, “Something happened to his house, so he went back.”

“Oh.” Ouyang Yanran nodded absentmindedly, looking at Wayne Lin’s car disappearing from her sight. She was still unwilling to take her gaze back, as if she lost her soul. Wayne Lin ignored her just now, which made her feel particularly disappointed. And sad.

“Dad, Wayne Lin came, what did he say?” Ouyang Yanran couldn’t help but asked, “Did he mention me?”

Ouyang Xuehai saw the abnormal appearance of his daughter, which was a bit strange, but he didn’t think deeply, because he knew that his daughter was not interested in Wayne Lin and had no hope for this marriage. He said:” What did he mention in a good manner?”

When Ouyang Yanran heard this, she felt even more disappointed, especially uncomfortable.

Without saying hello, she speeded up the steps and went upstairs. Now she just wants to go back to her room and be quiet by herself!

Ouyang Xuehai saw her greet her and left without saying hello. He was rude, and he shook his head helplessly. This daughter is really a trouble.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he ignored these, and now he puts his whole heart on Berry Chu’s phone just now.

Now his whole person is in a state of breaking out, and the driver dare not say a word for fear that he will be angry.

“Hurry up. In five minutes, we will be at Jinfu Hotel.” Wayne Lin said.

The driver nodded vigorously, then stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed out like an arrow. In less than five minutes, he really rushed to the Jinfu Hotel.

When Wayne Lin went to the banquet hall and saw this scene before him, he was even more angry! !

There was a mess in front of him, and more than a hundred people were beaten all over.

Even old people like Thompson Chu are not spared!

His appearance immediately aroused the attention of the Chu family, and they called out, “Wayne, great, you are finally here!!”

“Oh my God, who did you offend outside? We were all beaten.”

“Wayne, you hurt us miserably this time!”

Everyone wailed. They dared not be too obvious, but in their words, the complaint against Wayne Lin was obvious.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu also walked over, limping, looking particularly miserable, and said with tears, “Wayne, my parents are going to fall apart, alas.”

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth with fire in his eyes, and said deeply: “My elders, brothers and sisters, I am very sorry that Wayne Lin has troubled you this time! But rest assured, I will give you an explanation. Tell me now. Me, who is the one who labeled you like this?”

Thompson Chu was helped to walk out, and he said the things just now, and emphasized the last words Wu Meizi said. After that, he said earnestly: “Wayne, I see the other party this time The background is not simple, it’s not easy to deal with. That Wu Meizi said that she will kill you if she comes again again!”

Chapter 390

Wu Meizi?

It was the first time that Wayne Lin heard this name. He was a woman, but he didn’t need to know who the other party was. Coming with Gu Hanxing was definitely to avenge Brian Gu!

Knowing that Brian Gu was dead in his hands, he even dared to swagger to his natal home to seek revenge, and beat the Chu family, and the guests together, just to explain that the opponent is not only advanced in cultivation, but also in the same background. It is profound.

Could it be the president of the North Sky Club?

Wayne Lin remembered this doubt, but soon he shook his head and denied it. There was no such possibility. First of all, the president of the North Sky Club is a man, not a woman. Furthermore, there is no need for the president of the North Sky Club to do such a thing, which has a huge impact on his reputation.

Then there is only one possibility. This Wu Meizi has a very close relationship with Brian Gu, and he also brought Gu Hanxing with him. Most of them are Brian Gu’s concubine. The martial arts are so strong, at least above Brian Gu. It should be from the same source as Brian Gu. A teacher, either Brian Gu’s senior sister or senior sister.

I have to say that Wayne Lin’s brain reacted quickly, and Wu Meizi’s identity had been inferred through simple information!

Moreover, he still has an idea. This Wu Meizi is very likely to be one of the leaders of the last hunting contest, so he will be disqualified as the leader after he killed Brian Gu.

If he hadn’t been alert at the time and really followed those people in, his life might be in danger.

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin narrowed his eyes, and a fierce murderous intent burst into his eyes.

Now that the Chu family felt the anger on his body, they couldn’t help feeling frightened, and they didn’t dare to say anything to complain about. After all, Wayne Lin is not the former poor son-in-law, but a rich and powerful man. boss. Furthermore, Wayne Lin didn’t intend to hurt them on purpose.

Feeling their fear, Wayne Lin’s expression eased a lot, and she apologized again. Alma Chu also came at this time. She was shocked when she saw this scene in the banquet hall. She ran over and asked: “Oh my God, what happened? Grandpa, mom and dad, why are you beaten like this!”

Candice Liu’s eyes turned red when she saw Alma Chu, and she cried directly.

When other people saw Candice Liu crying, they were also infected and couldn’t help crying.

For a moment, there was a lot of crying in the banquet hall, Wayne Lin watched a scene, the anger in his chest was burning, and he couldn’t go out.

He muttered the names of Wu Meizi and Gu Hanxing, and the murderous intent that he had never had before flashed in his eyes.

In the end, the Chu family was sent to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, most of the people had skin trauma, at most fractures, which did not cause life-threatening.

The hotel reported to the police that this kind of plot was already quite bad, but Wayne Lin knew that since Wu Meizi dared to do this, she could completely suppress it.

It turned out that only Pan Hu and others were arrested. For Wu Meizi, Gu Hanxing and others, it did not constitute a crime at all.

Wayne Lin knew that it could only be solved by his means.

This matter soon spread, and within a day, there was a lot of noise.

“Hey, have you heard that? Wayne Lin’s family was beaten by a group of people at Jinfu Hotel yesterday!”

“What? There is such a thing? Impossible! Wayne Lin is not an ordinary person now, the boss behind the three big companies, a while ago entered the security industry, and moved the cake of the Beitian Club, the Beitian Club did not dare Trouble with him, just ask who dares to move his family.”

“Hehe, don’t you understand? There is a mountain as high as one mountain. Wayne Lin is really awesome in Huarvell, but there are so many people than him! Yesterday at Jinfu Hotel, he belonged to the Chu family. After dinner, I was called by a group of people. The trouble of calling for Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin happened to be absent from the Chu family.

It’s all unlucky, and I was beaten up! I heard that many women from the Chu family were killed on the spot! “

“f*ck! It’s true, it’s too outrageous, isn’t it? Who is so courageous to commit such a crime Wayne Lin!?”

“You really asked the right person about this. I have a special channel to find out that the person who is troubled by Wayne Lin this time is a woman named Wu Meizi. Do you know, what is the origin of this Wu Meizi?”

“What’s the reason? Grass, you guys don’t want to sell it, let’s talk about it!”

“This Wu Meizi is a real cruel person, Brian Gu’s junior sister, don’t think she is a woman, she is the pinnacle of cultivation, I heard that she is still above Brian Gu! She is behind the last hunting competition. The person in charge, Wayne Lin was originally the leader, but she authorized to cancel it. Wu Meizi is usually very low-key, but her strength and the energy she possesses are not comparable to that of a young man like Wayne Lin!” That person Speaking of this, he paused, and snorted, “I see, this time Wayne Lin is more ill-fortuned.”

Such voices continued to sound in many places.

The name Wu Meizi also began to circulate in the circle, entering the sight of many people, and at the same time inquiring about the horror of Wu Meizi.

Almost 90% of people thought that Wayne Lin was dead this time.

At the same time, he learned the news at Ouyang’s house. Ouyang Feng was shocked immediately, shaking his hands and shaking half of the tea in the quilt, “What?! The person who shot this time is Wu Meizi?!”

Seeing such a big reaction from his father, Ouyang Xuehai quickly asked, “Dad, what is the origin of this Wu Meizi?”

Ouyang Feng’s face was full of horror and worry, and he walked back and forth in the study, saying: “Wu Meizi is Brian Gu’s younger sister, from the same division. Most people outside think that Brian Gu’s martial arts are superior to Wu Meizi. On the contrary, Wu Meizi was a martial arts genius who was said to have been rare in 30 years. His cultivation level is unfathomable and must be higher than Brian Gu! The key point is that Wu Meizi has an extreme personality and has some mental problems. , The end will be extremely miserable!”

After listening to Ouyang Xuehai, he was also a little worried. He said, “Isn’t it too bad for me to be like this?”

“Yeah, this time Wayne is more troublesome.” Ouyang Feng sighed and said, “The key thing between Wu Meizi and Brian Gu is that Wu Meizi is Brian Gu’s lover. I have maintained a relationship for many years. Now that Brian Gu is killed by Wayne, it is an endless ending!”

The voice fell, and the fixed phone on Ouyang Feng’s desk rang. Ouyang Xuehai answered the phone, “Hey, who are you looking for?”

A man’s voice came from the microphone, “Brother Ouyang, I heard that your Ouyang family has been very close to Wayne Lin recently?”

Ouyang Xuehai turned on the speaker and said, “Brother Zeng, we have been old friends for many years. Just talk about what you want to say.”

The other party said meaningfully: “Brother Ouyang, as a good friend for many years, this time I advise you, from now on, we should make a clear relationship with Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin will be finished this time.”

“This…” Ouyang Xuehai was surprised. The other party was also a big boss, and he would actually say this to him. The implications are not simple!

The other party hung up the phone after speaking, and then several people called Ouyang Xuehai one after another, and they all said the same content, so that Ouyang’s family and Wayne Lin would distinguish their relationship from now on. Otherwise, they would make a clear distinction between Ouyang’s family and Wayne Lin. Relationship.

Ouyang Xuehai was very surprised and looked at his father Ouyang Feng, “Dad, this Wu Meizi’s influence is so great?!”

Ouyang Feng sat down in the chair, sighed heavily, and said, “Wayne really caused trouble this time…”

At the same time, on the side of Yuntian Pavilion, they also received similar calls, asking them to clarify their relationship with Wayne Lin and terminate their cooperation.

Chapter 391

Old Fan put down the call. It was the ninth call he received just now. Without exception, they were all here to warn him that they would have a clear relationship with Wayne Lin, otherwise they would have a clear relationship with Yuntian Pavilion.

Such a thing, they had never encountered Yuntian Pavilion before!

Originally thought that Wayne Lin defeated Brian Gu this time, he would definitely leap over the dragon gate. The future is limitless. Their Yuntian Pavilion also intends to take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to Wayne Lin, and even they know that Tao Sanniang and Tao Sanniang Wayne Lin had an ambiguous relationship, and tried his best to bring them together.

But now it seems that things are far from that simple.

The meeting hall became quiet, and everyone’s faces became solemn, realizing the seriousness of this incident!

“Fan, what should we do now? Many of our partners in Yuntian Pavilion have called to let us draw a clear relationship with Wayne Lin.”

“Yes, Fan, I think Wayne Lin is going to be difficult this time.”

“Are we going to break the arm of the strong man?”

“But if we have a clear relationship with Wayne Lin at this time, and when he resolves Wu Meizi, we will lose Wayne Lin’s trust.”

Many people at the top of the Yuntian Pavilion began to talk enthusiastically at this time, full of worry and panic.

They all set their sights on Fan Lao, waiting for Fan Lao to make a decision.

At this time, Old Fan said, “Where is Sanniang? Let her come.”

After a while, Tao Sanniang came over. She was a little surprised to see so many high-level people in the conference room, and asked, “Fan, are you looking for me?”

Old Fan nodded, motioned Tao Sanniang to sit down, and asked, “Sanniang, where are you and Wayne Lin’s progress now? Have you had any relationship with him?”

Tao Sanniang was taken aback. She obviously didn’t expect Fan Lao to ask so directly. She was still in front of the high-levels of such a cloudy Heaven Pavilion. Scolded: “Old Fan, why are you asking me this!”

However, Fan Lao’s face did not change, he was still very serious, and said, “Answer me.”

The others didn’t laugh, and looked at her very seriously. Finally, Tao Sanniang realized that something was wrong, and suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart, saying, “Fan, is there something going on with Wayne Lin? Up?”

Old Fan didn’t answer, but asked more seriously, “You answer my question first.”

Tao Sanniang answered honestly and shook her head: “I and Wayne Lin are innocent, but I am confident that Wayne Lin can be taken down in the near future!”

Speaking of this, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of pride and expectation.

But Elder Fan shook his head and said, “No, you can’t contact him again from now on, just as if you have never known him, even if he takes the initiative to find you, you should not respond to him.”

The other high-level people in the conference room were relieved when they heard what Mr. Fan said. They knew that Mr. Fan had made a decision and that they had to make a clear relationship with Wayne Lin.

But Tao Sanniang didn’t understand at all. She opened her eyes wide and said in shock: “Old Fan, are you kidding me! Now that Wayne Lin has defeated Brian Gu, he has officially established a firm foothold in the circle and has no future. Limited, this time and Wayne Lin have a clear relationship? Are you crazy!”

Old Fan shook his head and said with a serious expression: “I’m not crazy. Wayne Lin got into big trouble this time. No accident. He will die soon. We must now have a clear relationship with him. Otherwise, If you offend Wu Meizi, the consequences will be disastrous.”

Tao Sanniang wanted to see a hint of joking on Fan’s face, but she was disappointed. Fan had never done it before.

Seriously, not kidding!

“Why?” Tao Sanniang asked unwillingly.

Fan Lao said: “Because Wu Meizi made the move. This person is Brian Gu’s junior. She is the pinnacle of cultivation. She is far away from Brian Gu and has huge energy. Now she wants to avenge Brian Gu. Wayne Lin has only one dead end. And, in just half an hour, no less than ten big figures in various fields called us and warned us that Yuntian Pavilion must distinguish between Wayne Lin, otherwise it would be Wu Meizi’s enemy, and the battle would be lost.”

Having said this, Elder Fan sighed for a long time, rubbed his temples, and said, “Wayne Lin is difficult this time. Wu Meizi is much more powerful than Brian Gu, but anyone who is targeted by Wu Meizi So far, none of them have been spared, all of them have died of unfavorable lives and harmed the nine races.”

Tao Sanniang heard this, her heart was about to stop, her face turned pale, she knew the character of Fan Lao, since Fan Lao said this, then this Wu Meizi is really terrifying, not Wayne Lin can resist !

She was extremely embarrassed, and finally said unwillingly: “The last time Wayne offended Brian Gu, he also survived. Brian Gu was killed by him. This time, Brian Gu’s younger sister, Wayne can definitely be defeated. .”

Old Fan shook his head and said, “It’s different. Brian Gu and Wu Meizi are far behind. I heard that Wu Meizi is already in the upper realm of the innate realm. It is possible to break through to the legendary King Kong indestructible body. Genius! Wayne Lin has no chance of winning this time. Okay, this is the decision. Starting today, our Yuntian Pavilion will formally draw a line with Wayne Lin and cut off all contacts!”

After speaking, he walked out of the meeting room, and other people also walked out, and finally Tao Sanniang stayed there in a daze, with a pained expression.

Several times, she wanted to pick up the phone and call Wayne Lin, but in the end, she still held back because she didn’t dare to violate Fan Lao’s order.

Similar things are happening in other places. For example, Damon Wang, Jeff Han, Guo Yuanjia and others have all received such calls, asking them to draw a line between them and Wayne Lin.

Even the ugly man received the call.

Now he hung up the phone and looked at Wayne Lin, who was standing in front of the window and looking into the distance, and said, “Wu Meizi’s energy is huge. This time he is determined to eat you and avenge Brian Gu. Before that, she I also want to isolate you. I believe that everyone who comes into contact with you has been warned by her.”

Wayne Lin did not speak, he continued to look into the distance, and the ugly master couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

After a pause, the ugly master said: “Wu Meizi was known as a genius who had seen him in 30 years. He was a female streamer and achieved the innate realm. He is one of the few in the world today. One of the top beings of the body.”

At this moment, Wayne Lin suddenly looked back with a smile on his face. He could not see the slightest panic or nervousness. Instead, he smiled and said, “This Wu Meizi should have something to do with BRAGRUN organization, right?”

Ugly Master’s eyes flickered, he thought for a while, then nodded and said, “It seems to be, but she is not an organizer.”

Wayne Lin said: “Listening to you, this Wu Meizi is indeed amazing. She has reached such a realm with a female body, and has the hope of aspiring to be invincible. She is indeed a genius.”

Having said this, Wayne Lin suddenly changed his voice and narrowed his eyes. “It’s a pity that she moved my family and she was dead!”

Ugly Master was silent for a while, and said, “Master, you may not be Wu Meizi’s opponent.”

“Really?” Wayne Lin just smiled faintly, not angry, nor questioning. Instead, he opened the window and said goodbye to the ugly master. Then he jumped, actually jumping from the tenth floor upstairs. .

The Ugly Master was taken aback, hurried to the window and looked down, but he had already seen Wayne Lin walking on the road, unharmed.

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