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Chapter 96

Damon Wang Barabala said, saying a lot of good things about Situ Nan.

Through Damon Wang’s introduction, Wayne Lin learned that Situ Nan was not a idiot, but he was quite capable. He made 200 million yuan in bitcoin speculation abroad. You must know that bitcoin is not as profitable as it was a few years ago. There are really two brushes. Now that I have returned to China, I am slowly taking over the company.

Wayne Lin knows that Ascendas is an advertising company, it is quite big, it is not listed, but its value is more than one billion yuan.

And Zi Qiong is an entertainment company and has to deal with advertising companies frequently. It would be a good thing to have business dealings with Situ Nan.

In fact, Zi Qiong does have a deeper cooperation with Ascendas.

Wayne Lin didn’t know that Situ Nan was the son of Tengfei Company. Now that he knows, he will naturally not cooperate with Tengfei Company anymore.

He waved his hand and said, “Help me push the meal away, and after the contract expires, we will stop all cooperation with Ascendas from now on.”

“Huh?” Damon Wang opened his eyes wide and was stunned, with a dazed expression, did he say something wrong, and said in amazement: “Chairman, I don’t quite understand what you mean.”

Wayne Lin turned his pen cleverly and said, “It’s literal.”

Based on Damon Wang’s mind, Rao couldn’t react for a while. Why did the chairman want to do this? Does Situ Nan have hatred with him?

Out of consideration for the company, Damon Wang said cautiously: “Chairman, our cooperation with Ascendas has been very good, and their charges are relatively reasonable. If the cooperation with Ascendas is stopped, it will be in the interests of Zi Qiong. I am afraid it will have a bad effect.”

Wayne Lin stopped turning around, staring at Damon Wang, and said blankly, “Are you teaching me to do things?”

Damon Wang shook his head immediately, his scalp was numb, and he shook his head hurriedly and said, “No, no, don’t get me wrong, Chairman, I absolutely didn’t mean it. I will do what you ordered!”

Wayne Lin nodded and added: “You don’t have to worry about Michelle’s development. Next, I will personally set up an advertising company. By then, Huarvell will have no place to take off.”

When Damon Wang heard this news, he was shocked. With his understanding of Wayne Lin, this new advertising agency will certainly not be small!

He is still very excited. He knows Wayne Lin’s commercial ability very well. When he hugs Wayne Lin’s thighs and buys some original shares, he must make a big deal!

“Yes! Chairman, I understand, I will reject Situ Nan!” Damon Wang stood up straight and said loudly.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “Go.”

Damon Wang returned to his office and immediately called Situ Nan, and said in a flat tone: “Mr. Situ, I’m sorry, our chairman has been very busy recently, and there is no time to eat and play golf with you.”

Situ Nan just received a call from Damon Wang and was quite happy, thinking that Chairman Ziqiong would definitely agree, but when he heard Damon Wang’s words, he immediately forced him, “Mr. Wang, did you mean that Chairman Ziqiong is relatively idle and can succeed? Can you make an appointment for me?”

“Mr. Situ, listen to what you mean, are you blaming me?” Damon Wang’s tone became cold.

“No, no, of course I didn’t mean that!” Situ Nan said quickly. Although his net worth is higher than Damon Wang, Damon Wang’s status in the circle is very high and his contacts are very wide. It is not that he, a fledgling young man, can easily offend him. Yes, the respect that should be given is still to be expressed.

When Damon Wang heard Situ Nan’s apology, his tone of voice became much more relaxed, and he said meaningfully: “Mr. Situ, I think you are also a promising young man, do things down-to-earth, and you will definitely do something in the future.”

When Situ Nan heard Damon Wang’s compliment, he couldn’t help smiling, his face couldn’t cover up, and he smiled and said: “President Wang has praised him. I am still a newcomer in the business circle.”

Damon Wang’s voice turned and said: “Yes, you are indeed a newcomer. You are talented, but there are many people who are better than you. You must be in awe! If nothing else, our chairman Ziqiong is a business wizard. If you are If you offend him, it will be difficult to follow in the future.”

When Situ Nan heard this, he was very dissatisfied. No matter how powerful, Chairman Zi Qiong is still a middle-aged man, and he is still a young man under 30. He still has a lot of future. Given time, he will definitely be able to More than Chairman Michelle!

Of course, he wouldn’t say this. He still nodded like a junior, “Yes, yes, I have always admired Chairman Shi Qiong, so how can I offend his old man?”

When Damon Wang saw that Situ Nan was still not getting awake, he didn’t bother to talk about it, and said: “Okay, so be it, I’m still busy.”

After speaking, before Situ Nan responded, he hung up the phone.

Situ Nan heard the busy tone on the phone, he frowned deeply, feeling very unhappy. Anyway, he is also the young master of Ascendas, and there is still a deep cooperation between Zi Qiong and Ascendas, Director Zi Qiong Chang directly rejected his invitation, which was a bit too shameful for him.

However, he didn’t think much about it. It was just the reason why the arrogant chairman Zi Qiong was classified. He would never have thought that the chairman Zi Qiong he wanted to seduce was Alma Chu’s wasteful son-in-law Wayne Lin!

On Wayne Lin’s side, he checked Situ Nan’s information and learned that Situ Nan looked very decent, but he actually did a lot of dirty deeds secretly.

In particular, he is already married, and his wife’s family is quite background, not in Hwadrid, but living abroad, and it seems to be pregnant recently.

This is a scumbag.

Already married, come back to hook up with Alma Chu!

If Alma Chu knew this…Wayne Lin thought about it seriously, but stopped the idea, and he is not in a hurry. When the time is right, he will burst out again to achieve the best results.

After another day of busy work, Wayne Lin’s main energy is still focused on the new company. He didn’t lie to Damon Wang. He really planned to set up a brand new advertising company. Today, the main time is to write planning books.

He never acted impulsively. It was not a whim to set up a new advertising company, but he had this plan before he bought Zi Qiong.

The appearance of Situ Nan was just a coincidence.

Originally, he intended to directly acquire Tengfei to save trouble. Now it seems that there is no need for this. It is better to set up a family by himself, and then annex Tengfei to completely defeat Situ Nan. Isn’t it even more enjoyable?

Chapter 97

After get off work, when he came out of the office, he saw Quanxi standing alone at the door, wandering nervously, holding a gift box in his hand.

Seeing him come out, he immediately showed a surprised expression, and quickly walked up and said: “Chairman, I’m sorry for today! This is an antique given to me by a fan some time ago. I heard that Chairman, you also like to collect antiques. Therefore, it is especially dedicated to the chairman. Please calm down the chairman and don’t share my common knowledge!”

I could see that Quanxi was nervous, he said it in one breath, and offered the gift box with both hands.

Wayne Lin said: “Gifts are not necessary, I have nothing to do with Della Qin, you can go after him generously, and I won’t be angry with you.”

When Quanxi heard this, he became even more frightened. He didn’t care about his image and begged: “Chairman, I was really wrong. Please don’t block me, Chairman. I promise not to talk to Miss Qin again. Up!”

There are still many employees around at this moment. They all gossiping when they see this scene, but they don’t dare to look at it. For fear that the chairman will be angry, their ears are erected, and they pretend not to hear anything, and concentrate on their work.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, this Quanxi was too courageous, “Okay, I won’t block you, don’t worry, you can work hard and make money for me.”

Quanxi relaxed a lot, “Then beg the chairman to accept the gift!”

“Gifts are unnecessary, right?” Wayne Lin frowned.

“The chairman must accept it, otherwise Quanxi will be uneasy!” Quanxi looked serious.

Wayne Lin didn’t think he was joking. He was really frightened. If he didn’t accept it, he might be worried about his work in the future. If the filming is broken, he would lose out. After all, Quanxi belongs to Zi Qiong. Cash cow.

“Okay, then I will accept it.” Wayne Lin took the gift and found it quite heavy.

Quanxi relaxed completely, and bowed deeply to Wayne Lin again, and said, “Thank you, Chairman, for his generosity!”

Wayne Lin waved his hand to indicate that he could get out.

Quanxi was very happy. The antiques he sent this time were authentic blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty. They are very valuable, and the chairman will definitely like it!

At the same time, Situ Nan is also selecting antiques, specifically to visit Berry Chu tomorrow.

However, he was reluctant to spend millions to buy genuine products. He found a friend of his own who is proficient in high imitations. He spent tens of thousands of dollars on a high-grade fake blue and white porcelain. He was not a professional and couldn’t identify it.

Early the next morning, Situ Nan packed the fake blue and white porcelain tall, and went to visit Berry Chu.


Wayne Lin fell asleep dazedly on the sofa, and suddenly heard Candice Liu exclaimed, “What? Situ Nan is coming to our house as a guest? Which Situ Nan is it!”

Alma Chu pulled Candice Liu aside, and said displeased: “Mom, what are you doing so excited? Wayne Lin is still sleeping.”

Candice Liu said nonchalantly: “What’s wrong with him sleeping, this is my house, I still can’t accommodate him? Besides, it’s seven o’clock, he is still sleeping there, a lazy pig.”

“That’s not because you told him to work last night and kept him busy late into the night.” Although Alma Chu didn’t have a lot of favor with Wayne Lin, Candice Liu’s meanness towards Wayne Lin still made her look down.

“Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this waste, but you will tell me what is going on with Situ Nan, which Situ Nan is it?” Candice Liu couldn’t wait.

Waiting to say.

Alma Chu glanced at Wayne Lin on the sofa, and saw that he was still asleep, as if he hadn’t been awakened, and then began to say, “It’s the Situ Nan four years ago.”

“Yeah! It’s him. Didn’t he go abroad? How come back!” Candice Liu was surprised, and then she said gossiping: “Alma, Situ Nan is still unhappy with you. I heard that Tengfei is doing it now. It’s huge, and it can generate two to three billion yuan in profits every year. If you marry him, you will enjoy endless prosperity and wealth.”

“Mom! What are you talking about? It’s a mess!” Alma Chu immediately became angry. She really couldn’t stand the appearance of Candice Liu as a marketer. “What do you think of me? You asked me to approach Chairman Zi Qiong the other day. Let me marry Situ Nan again, so you can be your mother!”

Candice Liu didn’t feel embarrassed, and said naturally, “Look at what you said, I’m doing it for your own good. You’re not too young. Is it possible that you’ve been wasting time on Wayne Lin? Mom is here and won’t harm you. Had it not been for having you early, Mom would have remarried a long time ago, and how would she have suffered with your dad? Mom was also a flower…”

Alma Chu couldn’t listen anymore, and said, “Mom, is it really good for you to say that? Dad has taken care of you so much for so many years!”

“There is a trick in every possible way, and money is the last word.” Candice Liu snorted.

Alma Chu really didn’t want to talk to Candice Liu anymore.

At this moment Berry Chu came out of the room, “What are you mother and daughter talking about? We talk so vigorously.”

“Nothing to talk about.” Alma Chu said hurriedly, fearing that Candice Liu would have a nervous attack. When she said what she had just said, the couple quarreled.

“By the way, Dad, when Situ Nan is coming to visit you, we won’t cook anymore, let’s go out to the hotel for dinner,” Alma Chu said.

Berry Chu’s reaction was also very surprised, “Situ Nan? He is back!?”

“Yeah.” Alma Chu nodded. Just then the doorbell rang, and Candice Liu immediately said, “It must be Situ Nan! I’ll open the door for him!”

When she passed the sofa, she deliberately slapped Wayne Lin’s face and cursed: “Quickly stop sleeping, get up for me! A distinguished guest comes to our house, clean up the sofa for me!”

Wayne Lin couldn’t pretend, he got up and rubbed his distressed eyes. He immediately saw Candice Liu opening the door. The handsome Situ Nan was standing at the door. Behind him stood two tall and burly bodyguards with full hands. Full of gifts.

“Oh! This isn’t Anan, some wind blows you here, please come in.” Liu Su was red in surprise.

Situ Nan smiled and said, “Auntie, I am here to visit you and uncle.”

Candice Liu saw that the two bodyguards were holding two big bags of gifts, including tea, famous wines, etc., and smiled so much that they couldn’t close their mouths. “Oh, Anan, it’s not the aunt who said you, your child, come here, how can you pay for it? Brought so many gifts!”

She said this, but her body was very honest. She couldn’t wait to take the gift and glanced down. They were all precious gifts, which were of great value, but she was so happy.

“These are some worthless gifts. I hope Auntie will not dislike it.” Situ Nan said with a smile. After he came in, he saw Wayne Lin on the sofa in the living room with a quilt on his body. Obviously he was on the sofa last night. The corners of his mouth rose involuntarily when he stayed overnight, he was very happy!

His information is not wrong, Wayne Lin, this trash, really sleeps on the sofa, and can’t even sleep in Alma Chu’s bed.

So, Alma Chu’s body is still clean, haha!

Chapter 98

When Wayne Lin saw Situ Nan’s expression, he probably knew what he was thinking. He kept silent, put the quilt away, and then went to wash.

Situ Nan looked at the direction he was leaving and asked, “Auntie, is this Alma’s husband?”

Candice Liu said with a bit of embarrassment, “I think so.”

Feeling Candice Liu’s dissatisfaction with Wayne Lin, Situ Nan felt even more happy. After sitting down, he then asked: “Is he quarreling with Alma? Why did he go to the living room to sleep?”

Of course he asked this deliberately, and he heard Candice Liu disdainfully say: “How can he have the courage to fight with Alma, don’t you think he married Alma, his status in our family is very low, he is our servant. Alma won’t let him sleep in bed.”

The smile on Situ Nan’s face couldn’t be concealed, and he deliberately looked surprised and said, “Oh? There is such a thing? Is Alma and him in a bad relationship?”

“I’ve never been better. I’m not afraid to tell the truth. He is just a door-to-door son-in-law. We don’t want to see him in the entire Chu family.” Candice Liu said, then she rolled her eyes and thought of something, and said with a smile: “Anan, don’t you Seeing that Alma has been married for four years, Wayne Lin hasn’t even touched her hands, let alone her bed. So, Alma is still…”

“Mom!” Alma Chu couldn’t help it, and walked over to stop her, “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb!”

Candice Liu was immediately unhappy and stared and said, “Hey, why are you talking to mom.”

Situ Nan said immediately: “Auntie, I’m the one who talks too much. Since Alma doesn’t like it, then we shouldn’t go on with this topic.”

Then he said to the two bodyguards, “Okay, you two go downstairs and wait for me.”

Berry Chu said, “Anan, these two are your bodyguards. Let them stay. There is no place to sit in our house.”

“That won’t work.” Situ Nan shook his head and said grandiosely: “They are just subordinates, so they should do what they should do.”

He waved his hand and sent the two bodyguards away. The series of actions were very chic, giving a sense of noble identity, and the effect was immediate, which immediately made Candice Liu and Berry Chu’s eyes more satisfied when they saw him.

Alma Chu frowned slightly, and she didn’t agree with Situ Nan’s practice. Everyone was born equal. Situ Nan’s doing this was tantamount to discriminating between high and low status.

“Uncle and auntie, I was in a hurry to return to China this time, and I didn’t have time to prepare gifts specially, so I just brought you such a gift. I hope you don’t dislike it.” Situ Nan said with a smile, while taking out the gift. While introducing: “Uncle, this is Longjing I specially bought from Hangzhou at a high price. I hope you can get used to it. And this is the foreign wine I brought back from abroad…”

He made all the precious gifts. Berry Chu said in surprise: “Oh, Anan, why did you bring such a precious gift here? Uncle is ashamed! You take it back, take it back!”

Berry Chu declined.

Situ Nan smiled and said, “Uncle, you are too outspoken when you say this. I’m not happy. Besides, these are all worthless gifts, and I can’t get them. Originally, it was me and Alma. At least I have to send the best red robe and Remy Martin to my uncle. I blamed me for being so rushed and not ready for anything. I also ask uncle not to be angry with me.”

What he said made people feel comfortable to hear, and it also narrowed the distance between him and Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin was still washing in the bathroom, and he was particularly disdainful when he heard these hypocritical words.

But after listening to Berry Chu, the smile on his face couldn’t be concealed, and he smiled very happily, “How embarrassing is this, Anan, you are already very happy to come to visit uncle, uncle is already very happy, next time you come back, but Don’t bring gifts anymore!”

With that said, he reluctantly accepted these gifts. The tea, tobacco, and alcohol are all available. The value is at least tens of thousands. This Anan is really a good boy.


Situ Nan took out another gift bag, this is a gift specially for Candice Liu, “Auntie, I know you like cosmetics, this time I bought a few sets of Givenchy cosmetics for you abroad, I hope you like them.”

When Candice Liu heard the words Givenchy, her eyes lighted up, and her mouth was so happy that she almost couldn’t close her mouth. She said polite words, but she couldn’t wait to open the gift box in her hand and saw this pile of precious cosmetics. He smiled so hard that he couldn’t see the eyes, thanked and praised Situ Nan all the time, blurted out what he said in his heart, “Anan, you are so kind, auntie really hopes you are the aunt’s son-in-law!”

When Situ Nan heard this, he couldn’t hide his smile, and on the surface he said pretentiously, “Auntie, don’t be joking, hehe, how lucky am I to marry Alma.”

Just then Wayne Lin came out after washing, he took a mouth and said, “You really don’t have this blessing.”

After listening to Situ Nan, his face changed immediately. Candice Liu turned his head and glared at him and cursed: “Wayne Lin! Shut up for me, is there any part of you here? Go back to my room!”

Wayne Lin pretended not to hear Candice Liu’s words, and sat down beside Alma Chu.

Berry Chu also gave Wayne Lin a fierce look, then smiled and said to Situ Nan: “Anan, Wayne Lin can’t speak, don’t take it to heart.”

“Hehe, don’t worry, uncle, I’m very generous, how can I have a general knowledge of him.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Situ Nan glanced at Wayne Lin with disdain, a message in his eyes, rubbish, just do you want to fight me?

Wayne Lin smiled lightly, and didn’t care about his provocation at all.

Next, Situ Nan started the pretender mode, all kinds of fancy pretenders, saying that he met some big people abroad, how much he learned, and how much money he made by speculating on Bitcoin. Candice Liu and Berry Chu listened to them. With his eyes shining, he could not wait to kick Wayne Lin aside immediately and hold the wedding of Alma Chu and Situ Nan on the spot.

Wayne Lin didn’t feel at all about his bragging, let alone jealousy.

Alma Chu was also quite cold at first, but Situ Nan was too good at pretending, and she was eloquent, and she was attracted to her soon.

Situ Nan was very proud of this, and his contempt and disdain for Wayne Lin became even stronger, as if he was already a winner.

To be honest, Alma Chu still hopes that Wayne Lin can fight for her anger. At least she will not be abused so badly by Situ Nan, and she has a little room for resistance. However, as a result, Wayne Lin is still the same Wayne Lin before, and he has never disappointed her. Let her down.

Situ Nan is a serious business elite, a successful person, and Wayne Lin is inferior to him in any aspect.

The middle Situ Nan provoked the topic several times and challenged Wayne Lin. As a result, Wayne Lin couldn’t answer. The gap was obvious, which really disappointed her!

‘Wayne Lin, you have been incompetent like this, how can I insist on spending my whole life with you? ‘Alma Chu sighed long.

Because there is no cooking at home, the whole family went out to eat at the restaurant until eleven o’clock.

Originally, according to Candice Liu’s intention, he did not intend to bring Wayne Lin, but Alma Chu insisted, and they had to agree.

When I arrived at a five-star restaurant, I booked a box. Situ Nan seemed to be a master, all kinds of piety, but Wayne Lin seemed incompetent in comparison.

At this moment, Situ Nan said suddenly: “Uncle, I just remembered that you seem to like antiques very much. I just auctioned off a blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty some time ago. I hope my uncle will accept it.”

As he said, he snapped his fingers, and one of his bodyguards walked over with an extremely delicate and tall gift box.

Blue and white porcelain in the early Ming Dynasty? By such a coincidence, he also received one yesterday.

Wayne Lin was stunned.

Chapter 99

“What!? Blue and white porcelain in the early Ming Dynasty!!!”

Hearing this sentence, Berry Chu reacted greatly, opened his eyes wide, stood up suddenly, and stared straight at Situ Nan.

Candice Liu was also very surprised, with her mouth wide open enough to swallow a fist.

Alma Chu was also taken aback. Although she didn’t know much about antiques, she also knew that the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty must be very valuable!

She remembered that there was a National Treasure TV that introduced Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain, which was worth millions.

Situ Nan actually spent such a big price to please her?

For a time, her heart was shocked, and a special emotion flowed through.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. It seemed that Situ Nan was bound to win Alma Chu. If the blue and white porcelain in the early Ming Dynasty was really of good quality, the value would be tens of millions. As the young owner of Ascendas Advertising Company, Situ Nan can completely get the money. From this point of view, Situ Nan is really an opponent.

To be honest, Wayne Lin felt uncomfortable and felt a sense of crisis for the first time, because he knew very well the virtues of his father-in-law and his mother-in-law, which are typical of vain and greedy for money. If Situ Nan really gave them tens of millions of antiques , Then maybe they really betroth Alma Chu to Situ Nan right away, maybe it’s not necessarily true!

The most important thing is Alma Chu’s idea…

He immediately looked at Alma Chu and saw that Alma Chu was biting her lip, her eyes were bright and moved, and he suddenly screamed in his heart and cried out bad! Alma Chu was moved by Situ Nan’s hand. This is not a good omen.

Situ Nan saw the reaction of Alma Chu’s family of three, his heart burst, and the corners of his mouth were raised presumptuously, and he deliberately glanced at Wayne Lin with the gesture of a winner, his pride and disdain, without concealing it.

There was a meaning in his eyes, huh, just you, a trash son-in-law, want to fight with me? Rubbish! I just want to pry your corner in front of you, what can you do?

Wayne Lin couldn’t understand Situ Nan’s meaning, his face is also ugly now, no matter how generous he is, no matter how well-mannered, he will be angry in the face of this situation, it is related to the dignity of a man!

However, he did not act rashly, showing a disdainful expression to Situ Nan, and then put on a smile. It wasn’t because he had a thick-skinned face and gave up, but he didn’t stun Situ Nan at all. If he was the chairman of Zi Qiong, he was enough to crush Situ Nan into scum.

Besides, he has carefully pondered it now. I am afraid that Situ Nan would not be so willing to use real blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty to please Berry Chu. The price is too high. He has read Situ Nan’s information and has a general idea about Situ Nan. Understand that Situ Nan is not such a generous person.

Just wait, anyway, he also has a real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain in his hand. When the time comes, he will also bring it up and give it to his father-in-law, it’s not a big deal.

“Exactly!” Situ Nan showed a brilliant smile, then put the tall gift box in front of Berry Chu and said, “Uncle might as well take a look.”

The excitement on Berry Chu’s face can’t be concealed. He really likes antiques. He has some collections in his study, but they are all of low value. The most expensive one is only a few hundred thousand. The others are also very recent, and all of them are far from worth the blue and white porcelain in the early Ming Dynasty!

Of course, the premise is that the genuine product is obtained, and the counterfeit product is not worth much.

He would never think that Situ Nan would send fakes

For him, Situ Nan is the son of Ascendas Company. How could he send him fakes? It’s not a shame.

He was almost shaking, stroking the gift box, “Well, what a shame, such a valuable antique…”

“Hey, I don’t like to hear what Uncle said. Based on my relationship with Alma, you are my second father. I gave my father tens of millions of antiques. Isn’t this something that should be done.” Situ Nan pretended Said displeasedly.

However, when Berry Chu heard this, his expression became even more excited, and his lips were trembling, “Go up, go up, tens of millions…”

Candice Liu’s eyes were also full-round, her face flushed, her eyes glowing green, and her mouth kept saying, “Wow, tens of millions, tens of millions! I have made a fortune, really made a fortune!”

Alma Chu’s body trembled slightly, and she bit her lips harder.

Ten million is a big number for their family. You know, some time ago, the entire Chu family could make her sacrifice to Damon Wang for twenty million! Now Situ Nan directly gave their family tens of millions of antiques! Besides, such things as antiques are very popular, and the longer they are left, they are also valuable, and they can easily be sold out.

Seeing the truth in adversity, Alma Chu needs money very much now, so she is even more moved and moved by Situ Nan’s gift.

Wayne Lin’s frowning brows are now loosened. He had some doubts just now whether Situ Nan would really get nervous and give Berry Chu the blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty. But now, he has dispelled this doubt. With Situ Nan’s character, he will definitely not give gifts worth tens of millions, just to pick up girls!

First of all, Situ Nan was married, and his wife’s family background was not shallow. He did not believe that Situ Nan would really marry Alma Chu. Since it is impossible to marry Alma Chu, it is even more unlikely that he would be willing to spend so much money. cost.

This is interesting.

Candice Liu gave Berry Chu a push, “Why are you still stunned? It’s rare that Anan was so deliberate and gave you such an expensive gift. You can quickly open it and take a look!”

Berry Chu is still a bit of ethics. He knows that Alma Chu and Situ Nan are not good at accepting such an expensive gift. Besides, Wayne Lin is still here.

“This is a bit wrong?” Berry Chu said softly.

Alma Chu also reacted, and she also said, “Dad is right. We can’t accept such an expensive gift. Brother Situ, you should take it back.”

Situ Nan frowned. He was not happy. He spent tens of thousands of dollars in his friends to buy this high-level fake just to please Alma Chu’s family. By the way, he slapped Wayne Lin in the face severely. If they don’t accept it. , Then how does he pretend to be forced?

“Alma! I don’t like to hear what you said. What is it that you can’t receive such an expensive gift? It’s a mere tens of millions. Compared with the friendship between you and me, it’s not worth mentioning!” Situ Nan sternly Said: “Uncle, if you still treat me as your own person, just accept this blue and white porcelain, otherwise, I would rather smash it!”

With that said, he really lifted the box up, smashing it!

His actions shocked Alma Chu’s family, especially Candice Liu, she was about to rush to hug Situ Nan, kidding, tens of millions of antiques, smashing it is not killing her.

Alma Chu’s eyes were a little red, and she looked at Situ Nan deeply. She felt that Situ Nan was really good to her, even better than four years ago!

In comparison, Wayne Lin is really too much worse…

Chapter 100

“Hey hey! Anan, don’t be impulsive!”

“Yeah, Anan, what are you doing? This is a tens of millions of antiques. How distressed it is to drop it, let it go!”

Berry Chu and Candice Liu said nervously, hurriedly holding the gift box in Situ Nan’s hand, for fear that Situ Nan would really smash such precious blue and white porcelain on impulse!

Situ Nan still didn’t let go. He looked at Alma Chu directly and asked Alma Chu to agree to accept it himself.

Under his fiery gaze, Alma Chu lowered her head, a little confused, nodded gently, and agreed.

Situ Nan immediately showed a successful smile, and then glanced at Wayne Lin again. Seeing Wayne Lin’s silent and expressionless face, he felt even more distressed, thinking that Wayne Lin had lost the idea of ​​resisting.

“Uncle, aunt, this is right, this is what I gave you. You rejected me, how sad I am.” Situ Nan put down the gift box and said with a smile: “Uncle, aunt , You can take a look at it, if you don’t like it, I’ll send you more expensive ones.”

Berry Chu was terrified. He saw that the gift box had been steadily placed on the table, and he was relieved, and a lot of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

It was so thrilling just now. He felt that his heart was a bit overloaded. Fortunately, he did not have a heart attack, otherwise he would have to lie down just now.

However, he did not blame Situ Nan, on the contrary, he felt warmer in his heart and appreciated and satisfied Situ Nan even more.

Situ Nan is really a good boy. In order to get him to accept the antiques, he resorted to such tricks.

Candice Liu was also relieved, patted her chest, gasped for a few breaths, and became more satisfied with Situ Nan, just like the mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, the more satisfied she looks.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu looked at each other, then they began to hold their breath and slowly opened the gift box.

So excited, their hands are shaking slightly…

Alma Chu’s heartbeat was also fast, and she opened her eyes wide and stared closely.

Only Wayne Lin was very calm, there was no expression on his face, even a faint smile. It’s not that he pretends to be forceful, but that there are tens of millions of antiques that can’t enter his eyes at all, and he doesn’t even have the qualifications to make his heart beat faster. Not to mention that this is a high probability that it is a fake, even if it is true, he dismisses it. He didn’t know how many such antiques he had seen in the Lin family before, and when he was a child, he broke a few. Not to mention, he is now a wealthy man with a net worth of more than 50 billion, and the interest he earns every day is a large sum.

His calm expression fell in Situ Nan’s eyes, and it turned into an act of pretense, which made him very upset. Originally, in his expectation, Wayne Lin must be very jealous, crazy, and even overreacted, which further aroused the disgust of Alma Chu and the two elders, but Wayne Lin was so calm. Even between his looks, he revealed a wave of disdain, which made him extremely unhappy!

Finally, Berry Chu and Candice Liu opened the gift box, and as expected, they saw a blue and white porcelain with excellent color. It was placed there and exuded a brilliant brilliance. It was very delicate and beautiful, with clear and beautiful lines. Vintage!

Berry Chu took a breath, his face flushed, and he was so excited that he couldn’t even speak his words. “It’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful! I was able to witness the blue and white porcelain in the early Ming Dynasty in this life. It’s worth it, and it’s worth it in this life.” !”

Candice Liu also yelled out, “Wow! Is this the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty? It’s too beautiful! No, I can’t bear it, Alma, you can help me!”

Candice Liu’s face went from flushed to pale, and she was overwhelmed with excitement.

Gasping for breath, there was a little lack of oxygen supply, her body felt weak, and she staggered. Alma Chu held her in time to avoid falling.

But even so, she was still very embarrassed, and she had to sit on a chair to barely sit still.

Seeing her reaction, Wayne Lin rolled his eyes a little speechlessly. What’s the ability to bear it? It’s too bad. If you let her know, the son-in-law she has always looked down on has tens of billions of deposits, then she can’t directly faint. Passed?

Alma Chu didn’t know much about antiques, but she probably knew some attempts, and she could tell from this look that it was genuine.

With her psychological quality, Rao can’t help but speed up her heartbeat now, flushing her face!

The smile on Situ Nan’s face couldn’t be concealed. He first glanced at Wayne Lin triumphantly, and then said in a gentle manner: “Uncle, aunt, do you like this gift?”

“I like it! I like it! I like it so much!!” Candice Liu nodded and answered for the first time. Just after speaking, she was dizzy again.

Berry Chu rubbed his hands, he was also very excited, and he touched the surface of the blue and white porcelain lovingly, but he didn’t dare to touch it too heavily for fear of ruining such an expensive blue and white porcelain.

“Anan, you, where did you get this quality blue and white porcelain, I’m afraid, I’m afraid it will be very expensive, right?” Berry Chu was a little uncomfortable talking.

“It’s not too expensive. I bought it at an auction some time ago, and it cost more than 12 million. Uncle likes it.” Situ Nan blew his face without blushing and breathlessly.

“Great! Great!” Berry Chu gave Situ Nan a thumbs up, his eyes overflowing with appreciation and satisfaction, and then he said: “Anan, you gave such an expensive gift to uncle, uncle too I don’t know what to give you!”

Situ Nan waved his hand and said disapprovingly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I have nothing to do with Alma. It is only natural to give a gift to my uncle. However, I have a request.”

“You say it! As long as my uncle can do it, he will definitely not refuse!” Berry Chu said anxiously.

Situ Nan looked at Alma Chu with a smile, and said, “My request is very simple. I only hope that my uncle and aunt will allow me to continue to be friends with Alma. I will come to see Alma more in the future. I hope that the uncle and aunt will not take a broom. I’ll go.”

What he said, Berry Chu and Candice Liu couldn’t understand why they didn’t understand, they were to match Alma Chu and him!

Even if Wayne Lin was here, they did not hesitate to agree. In their minds, Wayne Lin, let alone a son-in-law, not even a human being, nodded quickly: “What must be done! You are welcome to come to us more in the future. You can come to our house to stay overnight, haha!”

Situ Nan got an inch and said with a wry smile: “It’s not suitable to stay overnight, right? After all, Alma is already married. You only have two rooms in your house. Wayne Lin slept on the sofa again. I don’t have a place to sleep.”

Candice Liu blurted out and said, “What’s the matter? Just sleep with Alma!”

Wayne Lin’s face was dark, and this mother-in-law didn’t regard him as a person. Besides, others are still here, why are they also Alma Chu’s legal husband? You say so, where do you put Alma Chu.

“Mom! What nonsense are you talking about!” Alma Chu flushed.

Candice Liu didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with him, and said frankly: “You and Wayne Lin are nameless. Sooner or later, you will marry Anan. You sleep with him in advance. Isn’t it normal?”

Berry Chu was also shameless under the temptation of the blue and white porcelain, and nodded, “Your mother is right. I think you have gone through the divorce procedures with Wayne Lin in these two days.”

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