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Chapter 269

Early the next morning, Wayne Lin woke up, moved a little, and came to a clear consciousness. He lowered his head and saw the beautiful woman in his arms, curled up in his arms like a kitten, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised. With a happy smile.

The events of last night appeared in Wayne Lin’s mind scene by scene. The madness, indulgence, blending that happened…he and Alma Chu have been together for so long, and finally they have achieved a positive result.

It is very dramatic. When he and Alma Chu were still a legal husband and wife, he never made that step with Alma Chu. As a result, he and Alma Chu became one after their divorce.

As Alma Chu was tossed hard by him, now it was time to rest, Wayne Lin gently kissed her forehead, and then gently put her down.

His movements were already very light and gentle, but he still awakened Alma Chu, opened his eyes, saw him, was stunned for a moment, and then realized that he was not wearing clothes, and hurriedly covered his body with a quilt on his face. Blushing.

Wayne Lin saw her move and said with a smile: “You are still afraid of being watched by me. We all cooked rice and cooked rice last night.”

Alma Chu remembered what happened last night. She was a thin-skinned person, and she snorted, and she got her head into the quilt, too shy.

“Don’t look at me…”

Wayne Lin laughed, patted her ass, and then was about to get up.

Seeing that he was about to get up, Alma Chu stretched out her head again and said, “Give me my clothes, I want to get up too.”

Wayne Lin said, “Don’t you take a break?”

“No, I have to go to the company to work later.” Alma Chu was still under the quilt, afraid to show her body. She was very shy. After taking the clothes, she said to Wayne Lin, “You turn around, don’t peek at me. .”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes. He had already seen each other frankly last night, but he was rather shy in the daytime.

Thinking that way, Wayne Lin still turned around obediently.

After a while, he suddenly heard Alma Chu’s muffled sound. He looked back and saw Alma Chu lying on the bed, frowning, her legs tucked, seeing this, Wayne Lin immediately understood what was going on. Up.

Alma Chu had just been broken last night, and she must still be in pain. He hurried over to help Alma Chu and said, “Don’t move, don’t go anywhere today, just stay at home and rest.”

Alma Chu curled her brows. Just now she stood up and was about to put on pants. As a result, she was in pain when she lay and raised her feet, and fell on the bed.

“It’s all to blame for you, it made people so hurt.” Alma Chu pinched Wayne Lin in shame, her face flushed with shame, and she was very cute.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “You can’t blame me for this, obviously you ran to me…”

“Don’t say it!” Alma Chu covered his mouth, her ears red with shame.

Seeing Alma Chu’s shy look, Wayne Lin smiled dumbly. At this moment, the faint happiness in his heart was the life he wanted to live.

Under Wayne Lin’s persuasion, Alma Chu rarely asked for leave today, staying at home to rest, and waiting for tomorrow to go to work.

Now that Centec Lighting is on the right track, even if she does not go to the company, it will not have much impact.

As people who came by, Candice Liu and Berry Chu saw Alma Chu’s appearance when they were eating at noon, and they immediately understood what was going on. They were so happy that they urged Alma Chu and Wayne Lin to have a baby.

Today Alma Chu needed someone to accompany him, Wayne Lin did not go there either

Ban, stay with Alma Chu.

After a day’s rest, Alma Chu finally returned to normal. When she went to work the next day, Wayne Lin would also report to the company.

Now Ziqiong Media is developing very well. The huge machine is starting to operate. There is nothing to take care of. It is operated by a professional team. Even if it is less than a month, Wayne Lin will not have any impact.

But the newly opened advertising company is about to open and cut the ribbon. As the chairman of the new company, he must be there to cut the ribbon.

So he first went to Ziqiong Media to get a card, and after a brief high-level meeting, he went directly to the new advertising company.

The scale of this new advertising company is not very large, but it plays a very important role in Wayne Lin’s next commercial deployment. He has always been very concerned about it.

He now understands that the BRAGRUN organization is very powerful and covers a wide range of fields. Since he wants to rescue his mother from the BRAGRUN organization, he needs to constantly strengthen himself. To a certain extent, it is necessary to push yourself into the public eye!

Because once he becomes famous, the whole country knows him to the extent that when BRAGRUN organization really wants to move him, he will have to weigh it.

Of course, if it weren’t for that point, he wouldn’t want to push himself to the cusp of the storm, he was still a low-key person in his bones.

I visited the new company and found that it was done well. Among them, Jeff Han did the best security. Wayne Lin praised Jeff Han very well, and he was so excited.

After visiting the new company, it was time for dinner. Wayne Lin and the new company team went to a five-star hotel for dinner. During this time, Wayne Lin was full of scenery and enjoyed the admiration and awe of countless employees. People kept coming over to toast him.

Among them, there are many young and beautiful female employees who come over to wink Wayne Lin. As long as Wayne Lin has a little thought, how many beauties will be sent to the door.

Halfway through the meal, his phone rang suddenly and he took it out to see that Guo Junyi called him.

Speaking of it, he hasn’t seen Guo Junyi for a long time. Since that night, Guo Junyi has called him and asked him out for dinner, but he refused. On the one hand, he was really busy and couldn’t spare the time. On the other hand, he knew that Guo Junyi liked him, and he only had Alma Chu in his heart, and it was difficult to get too close with Guo Junyi.

Now that he heard Guo Junyi’s call, he thought about it, but still did not answer.

But then, Guo Junyi called again. It seemed that there was something urgent, so Wayne Lin had to go on and said, “Hey, Miss Guo, are you looking for me?”

Guo Junyi’s slightly resentful voice came from the phone, “You can be considered as answering my call, I thought you had blocked me.”

Wayne Lin was a little embarrassed when he heard Guo Junyi’s grievances. It seemed that he did something wrong with Guo Junyi. In fact, he and Guo Junyi had no relationship in that respect.

“No, I have been busy with a lot of things recently.” Wayne Lin briefly explained a few words, and then asked: “By the way, you suddenly came to me, what’s the matter?”

Guo Junyi said: “Where are you?”

“I am in Huarvell.” Wayne Lin said.

Guo Junyi continued: “Wayne, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I miss you. Are you free now? Why don’t you come out and meet, I’ll be at the Weston Hotel.”

Weston Hotel?

Wayne Lin was stunned when he heard the words, isn’t this the hotel where he is, wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Chapter 270

“Well, I’m in the West End. It’s a bit far to come to the Weston Hotel, or maybe I’ll make another appointment next time.” Wayne Lin declined gently.

Guo Junyi’s even more disappointed voice was heard on the phone, “Ah? You are in the Western District, why did you get there.”

Wayne Lin said apologetically: “I happened to come here to discuss business, and I won’t be able to go back for a while, so I am embarrassed. I’ll make an appointment next time.”

“Well, let’s make an appointment next time.” Guo Junyi sighed with endless loss and resentment in her voice, “Wayne, if you were here, it would be fine, you can take me out of the sea of ​​suffering.”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he moved in his heart and frowned slightly and said, “Is there any trouble with you?”

He is at the Weston Hotel. If Guo Junyi is really in trouble, he can send someone to solve it.

Guo Junyi said: “Forget it, I am entangled by others, and it is very annoying.”

Wayne Lin probably could hear other people talking on the phone, indicating that there are many people at Guo Junyi’s, and maybe they are attending a party.

Now Wayne Lin is a bit repulsive when he hears the word party. After these two days, he has already attended several parties.

After a few more chats, it was determined that Guo Junyi was in no danger. He hung up the phone with confidence, and then drank a few drinks with the employees of the new company. It was not early, so he went back first.

However, when he came out of the box and walked towards the elevator, he suddenly saw a group of people coming from the opposite side. Among them was a graceful figure that looked very familiar.

Who else is it not Guo Junyi?

The worst thing is that Guo Junyi also saw him, and the two people looked at each other.

In the air, something called embarrassment appeared.

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, then he quickly lowered his head, turned and walked in the other direction.

This is too embarrassing, no matter how thick-skinned he is, his old face can’t help but turn red when he is caught on the spot! Isn’t it? Just a few minutes ago, he told Guo Junyi on the phone that he was not here, but met him a few minutes later, which was too shameful!

The most important thing is that with Guo Junyi’s character, now that he meets him, he will definitely entangle him, which makes him the most headache.

So the best way is to pretend that he didn’t see it, he hurriedly left, flashed away and said!

However, his method simply didn’t work, because Guo Junyi had already seen him, and immediately opened his eyes with a look of consternation.

Recently, Guo Junyi missed Wayne Lin very much. After that night, she could be sure that she had fallen in love with Wayne Lin and missed a disaster. If it weren’t for she didn’t know where Wayne Lin lived, she would have already found Wayne Lin’s house. Up!

During this period of time, she has been sending messages and calling Wayne Lin almost every day, but Wayne Lin has never responded to her very much, and the information has often not returned, which makes her extremely uncomfortable. On several occasions, he even cried under the covers.

Because she was so bored and bored, she agreed to meet new friends at the invitation of her best friend and see if she could make herself happy. In the end, she was cheated by her best friend. It was a blind date party in disguise. There was a man who kept pestering her and was so annoying.

In desperation, she thought of calling Wayne Lin again and let Wayne Lin come over to pretend to be her boyfriend and take her out of the sea of ​​suffering.

It’s a pity that Wayne Lin is in the West District, and it takes about a small distance to drive around.

At times, this made her feel extremely disappointed.

As a result, when she had lost hope, Wayne Lin suddenly appeared in front of her!

She was stunned at the moment, thinking she had hallucinations.

When she recovered and saw Wayne Lin turned around and left, she was obviously hiding from her, which made her feel even more uncomfortable, her nose was sour, a strong feeling of grievance surged into her heart, and she couldn’t help crying, loudly Shouted: “Wayne Lin! You stop me!!!”

She shouted loudly, and in such an elegant environment, she appeared particularly abrupt and harsh, and suddenly attracted everyone around her. Especially the young men and women who were walking with her were taken aback and looked at her in astonishment.

Wayne Lin heard Guo Junyi’s yelling, and cried out inwardly that was not good, laughed bitterly, and had to stop.

I was really careless this time, knowing that Guo Junyi was also in the Weston Hotel, she walked out swayingly, and finally met Guo Junyi. Didn’t you lift a rock and hit her in the foot?

Guo Junyi couldn’t take care of that much anymore. She walked quickly towards Wayne Lin. She walked very fast, her high heels clattering.

Wayne Lin had no choice but to turn his head and smile dry, looking at Guo Junyi, who walked to the front with aggrieved and angry face, waved hello and said, “Hey, Miss Guo, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect me to be here, hahaha .”

When Guo Junyi faced his cold joke and did not smile, she stared at him and stared straight at him. Her beautiful eyes were red, full of grievances and grievances. Anyone with eyes would think Wayne Lin was a heartbreaker and did it. Sorry about Guo Junyi, that’s why Guo Junyi showed such an expression.

In fact, Wayne Lin complained that he and Guo Junyi were just friends that were so innocent that they could no longer be innocent. They did not take advantage of Guo Junyi at all.

Guo Junyi stared at him without speaking. Wayne Lin’s heart was frizzy. After coughing twice, she said, “Miss Guo, I was joking with you just now. Actually, I was also eating at the Weston Hotel, so I wanted to find it. your.”

Guo Junyi still didn’t speak, but looked at him with the expression of the scumbag. In this way, it would be difficult for those people not to misunderstand.

At this time, the young men and women who were with Guo Junyi came over. Three women and four men, among them, one of the most handsomely dressed, brand-named and perfumed men, in his early thirties, looked full of hostility. Wayne Lin.

Guo Junyi took a deep breath and said to Wayne Lin, “Why lie to me? You are obviously here. Am I so annoying to you?”

Wayne Lin wanted to say yes, but when he saw Guo Junyi’s aggrieved look, his eyes were red. He knew that once he said this, Guo Junyi would definitely cry out in seconds, and it would not end well.

I sighed helplessly, what did I do? How could I meet Guo Junyi for a meal with someone from the new company.

Is this the so-called Peach Blossom Tribulation? But he was already very restrained.

“What are you talking about? So why should I hate you? Don’t think about it. I just happened to be talking about business and I didn’t have time to find you, so I had to tell you a white lie. Miss Guo, you are so kind. Understanding, shouldn’t you have the same knowledge as me?” Wayne Lin said with a guilty conscience.

Guo Junyi stared at him, snorted heavily, and said something in her eyes to settle accounts with you later, then she walked over, slammed Wayne Lin’s hand, and kissed Wayne Lin on the face, facing the man opposite Said: “Qiu Yuanming, didn’t you ask me if I have a boyfriend? He is my boyfriend, Wayne Lin.

Chapter 271

Guo Junyi is wearing a fashionable dress today, which is both trendy and elegant, which perfectly sets off her figure and temperament.

She was originally one of the three beauties in Hwadrid. She was so beautiful that she was the focus of the audience wherever she went. Now she is holding Wayne Lin’s arm tightly, and still kissing Wayne Lin’s face. With a mouthful, all the men around were envy and hatred, and Wayne Lin suddenly became a public enemy.

Especially Qiu Yuanming, who was standing on the opposite side, changed his complexion right now, extremely ugly, completely black, and the corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably.

He was introduced by a friend to meet Guo Junyi. Based on the famous blind date, he was not very willing at the beginning. After all, he was a serious and successful person, a financial elite, and he was admitted to a prestigious school as the top student in the college entrance examination.

Before graduating, I didn’t know how many big companies went to school to recruit him. In the end, he chose a large-scale advertising company. After several years of hard work, he gained a lot of fame in this circle. , How many people should respectfully call him Mr. Qiu.

Especially when I return to my hometown, my neighbors, relatives and friends, childhood playmates will come to cheat him, and the scenery is endless.

Recently, he was hired by a newly opened advertising company in Hwadrid. He paid a lot of money to dig out people. The price was 30 million yuan per year, or he was given the position of general manager. It can be said that the future is unlimited!

Now this newly opened advertising company is about to open soon, and as soon as it opens, he will go over and take office immediately.

It is also because of this that he is full of confidence in his future. As long as he is given another five years, he is guaranteed to make a name for himself in the business circle, and maybe he can compete with Damon Wang of Ziqiong Media!

His conditions are so good, what kind of woman can’t find? So at first, when a friend said to introduce him to a girlfriend, he didn’t take it too seriously. When he really saw Guo Junyi, he was shocked, and he was much more beautiful than the photos, and he was immediately moved. Up.

Later he learned that Guo Junyi is still the daughter of the Guo family, and his desire to pursue Guo Junyi is even stronger!

So when he ate, he did everything he could to please Guo Junyi, but Guo Junyi was indifferent to him. He also thought it was Guo Junyi pretending to be reserved and wanting to catch it. After all, he is also a handsome guy with good conditions, Guo Junyi It is impossible for a woman with a normal sexual orientation to have a good impression on him.

Therefore, Guo Junyi told him that he had a boyfriend. He didn’t believe it at all, but he never expected that the next scene would happen!

Wayne Lin was inadvertently caught by Guo Junyi and kissed him on the cheek. He screamed badly in his heart. Guo Junyi, the girl, is using him as a shield again. It’s too shameless.

Now seeing Qiu Yuanming’s murderous expression on the opposite side, he knew that his explanation would be useless, so he sighed helplessly and acquiesced.

It’s been a long time since Qiu Yuanming has been so embarrassed. He is extremely angry now, snorting heavily, and questioning a woman next to him: “Zhou Xinfang, did you tell me that she is single? What is the situation now? I?!”

Qiu Yuanming was very angry, his entire face was black, and now he is still under great pressure.

The woman named Zhou Xinfang was a former subordinate of Qiu Yuanming. Now that Qiu Yuanming loses his temper, she suddenly becomes scared. She quickly explained and said, “Mr. Qiu, how dare I play you? No one dare to play you, Guo Junyi really It’s single.”

“People’s boyfriends have come to the door, do you dare to open your eyes and tell nonsense?” Qiu Yuanming was very angry. He is a master, an absolute social elite. Wherever he goes, there are dragons and phoenix among people, but now he is being tricked like this Up! This is unacceptable to his arrogant character.

When Wayne Lin saw this scene, he couldn’t understand the ins and outs of the matter, and he couldn’t help but feel a headache.

Seeing that Qiu Yuanming was really angry, Zhou Xinfang was also very nervous, and said to Guo Junyi: “Junyi, what are you doing, it’s a good idea, what a joke with President Qiu, you have always been single, where is your boyfriend from? “

Guo Junyi clasped Wayne Lin’s arm tightly, and did not hesitate to touch Wayne Lin on her chest. She raised her head, her face was sweet, and said, “What am I kidding? This is my boyfriend, his name is Wayne, treat me very well, we are all ready to get married.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin almost choked on his saliva and coughed twice. He had to explain, otherwise it would be passed to Alma Chu and he would be finished, “That…”

But as soon as he spoke, Guo Junyi pinched him, held him tighter, and whispered in his ear: “Help me this time, or I will tell your wife to go and say you are indecent to me.”

Guo Junyi was half a head shorter than him, and now she squeezed her feet to talk to his ears, and they were close to his ears, and the breath sprayed into his ears. It was very itchy, and it made him feel very happy, and the goose bumps were all erected.

Since taking that step with Alma Chu last night, he has become a real man, but it is more difficult to resist this temptation.

Now Guo Junyi is so close to him, if he can’t hold it and shows ugliness, it will be embarrassing.

So he had to obey Guo Junyi and cooperate with him in acting, alas.

After understanding this, Wayne Lin no longer evaded, and proactively stretched out his hand and said to Qiu Yuanming, “Hello, this is Jun Yi’s boyfriend Wayne Lin.”

Facing his initiative, Qiu Yuanming did not react at all. Instead, he showed disdain and contempt. He still said to Zhou Xinfang: “Zhou Xinfang, I am very dissatisfied with the dinner tonight. You have been eliminated from the new company this time. Find another way out!”

Zhou Xinfang was immediately anxious when he heard this, and pulled Qiu Yuanming to please the explanation. He was particularly flustered and tears flowed out. But Qiu Yuanming still ignored her, including other people who came out to say good things for her, and Qiu Yuanming didn’t give face. It can be seen that Qiu Yuanming is really angry.

Guo Junyi frowned upon seeing this scene and said to Zhou Xinfang: “Fangfang, you don’t need to ask him, what can such a stingy man follow? I have told him I have a boyfriend and I am not interested in him. In the end, he still feels very good about himself, thinking that I am trying to get out of it. If I find another way out, I will find another way out. Fangfang, you are not incapable, what’s the big deal.”

When Qiu Yuanming heard these words, his face became even more ugly, and he smirked and said, “Okay, if this is the case, then there is nothing to say. You will wait and see for me in the future! I will do what happened today. Keep it in my heart! Zhou Xinfang, I want to see if you can find another way out and see who else in the circle wants you.”

Qiu Yuanming’s words were a blatant threat.

Zhou Xinfang was panicked at first, but now she is even more panicked when she hears these words. She is completely distracted. She can’t hear Qiu Yuanming’s offending voice. She just wants to use her energy to block her in the circle!

She has always been Qiu Yuanming’s subordinate, and she is very aware of Qiu Yuanming’s energy. Once Qiu Yuanming does this, she will definitely not be able to get along in the circle, and no one will offend Qiu Yuanming for her reasons.

You must know that her monthly expenses are very large now. Housing loans, car loans, parents, and children’s consumption are tens of thousands in a month. If she is really blocked by Qiu Yuanming, then she will only have a dead end.

“Mr. Qiu! Ms. Qiu! This is a misunderstanding, absolutely a misunderstanding. You don’t know who I am. If I knew that Junyi had a boyfriend, how would I introduce it to you, I didn’t know.” Zhou Xinfang was so anxious to cry.

Qiu Yuanming saw Zhou Xinfang be so flustered and pleaded with him. The expression on his face was much better, and his vanity was greatly satisfied. On the surface, he still said sternly, “You don’t need to tell me this! I have time. You don’t know how busy you are. I came to meet your friends because of your face, and I was so humiliated by you. I really meant that Qiu Yuanming didn’t want face?!”

Seeing Qiu Yuanming refused to forgive her, Zhou Xinfang was completely desperate and couldn’t help crying.

Wayne Lin frowned unhappily when he saw this scene. Qiu Yuanming’s eyes were too small, because a little thing made a woman so difficult, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up and said, “Hey, the surname is Qiu. It’s too much for you to make things difficult for a woman like this.”

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