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Chapter 653

This matter tonight soon settled down.

Wayne Lin did not kill Ma Kaiyu, Chen Xiao and others.

But capital crimes can be avoided and living crimes cannot escape, and Wayne Lin will naturally not let them go so easily.

Wayne Lin ruthlessly knocked off each of them and one leg, and ate two-thirds of their assets, which caused them to bleed so much that Wayne Lin let them go.

As a result, Wayne Lin’s power directly increased several times, and he became a giant in Province G.

And after this incident, his reputation will be made again!

This is also the effect he wants to achieve. Since he is back this time, there is no need to keep a low profile.

As for the four of Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping, Wayne Lin did not continue to embarrass them. After the lesson, he let them go.

It’s not about Wayne Lin’s magnanimousness, but the inability to cut the road. Anyway, Zhong Tao are also talents of China, who have made great contributions to China. If Wayne Lin really killed them, then It really stopped the road, a smart person like Wayne Lin definitely wouldn’t do such a thing.

Moreover, with Wayne Lin’s strength, there is no need to fear their revenge at all. If they really dare to retaliate, then there will be means to punish them.

“Zhong Tao, I’m all to blame, I’m tired of the three too! I said you are so honest, what did you offend Wayne Lin?”

After Wayne Lin and others had left, Fang Xingping stood up struggling and gritted his teeth at Zhong Tao, full of resentment.

Luo Hongyang also cursed, “I was killed by you this time, and his bones were broken in half! Don’t even think about breaking through to the realm of Dzogchen in this life, grass!”

Lv Qisi was equally angry: “I knew I shouldn’t have come with you a long time ago. If I was severely injured, Wayne Lin was completely offended! The congenital realm is great, and the congenital realm is great when you are under 30 years old. Consummation, what kind of concept is this! Even if he was a military god, he was not so defying the sky back then!”

Hearing the word’Military God’, the eyes of the other three showed worship and awe and awe. This is the soul of Hua Guo. I don’t know how much credit has been made for Hua Guo. If it weren’t for the existence of a military god There is absolutely no peace in China.

Zhong Tao’s expression was ugly to the extreme. This time he did kick on the iron plate. He never expected that Wayne Lin would actually break through to the Dzogchen realm. The four of them were not opponents when they teamed up.

“Enough!” Zhong Tao stood up with difficulty. Although he was seriously injured, there was no life-threatening condition for him. A good recuperation would be able to recover,” he said, Wayne Lin. What can be compared to the old man of the military god?!”

“You don’t have to look at me like this. What happened tonight is your own willingness to come. You must remember that you have received a lot of benefits!” Zhong Tao said coldly, because he moved too much. , The wound was so painful that he gritted his teeth.

Fang Xingping snorted heavily, feeling very upset, but did not refute. What Zhong Tao said is not bad, they have indeed received a lot of benefits, and they are already on the same boat.

“Wayne Lin is a big problem. Let him continue to develop. Maybe he can become the second military god. By then, we will never stand up again!” Luo Hongyang said worriedly.

Zhong Tao snorted and said: “That’s impossible! He violated the military order this time and swallowed the colorful origin fruit. He has already suffered a capital crime. Shangfeng’s character will definitely not spare him! Besides, he will treat us this time. Four people beat up like this, it’s more sinful

First, he has only one dead end! “

Lv Qisi said meaningfully: “That’s not necessarily true. Now Wayne Lin is a strong man of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, and his identity is no longer the same. If Wayne Lin gives Shangfeng a suitable reason, the character of Shangfeng’s love is not necessarily Wayne Lin will be executed.”

When this was said, it silenced the other three people, including Zhong Tao, he did not think of this, but he was really unwilling to say that Wayne Lin killed his brother-in-law, and beat him up. Severely injured, his face was sweeping, his hatred for Wayne Lin was like a torrent of river water, which could not be washed away.

Zhong Tao said: “In any case, Wayne Lin must die! Only if he is dead, we will have a breath of breath.”

Zhong Tao’s remarks were approved by the other three people, but they had to think about how to proceed.

After Wayne Lin stepped into the Innate Realm and Dzogchen, not only did his combat power increase, but his IQ also rose linearly. Now his brain functions several times as much as before, and his energy is endless. It is no exaggeration to say that he is now studying any subject. , Can reach the peak in a very short time.

So what he is facing him now is a mess. He can also manage it in an orderly manner, issue orders one by one, and let his subordinates execute them. He will soon be able to establish his business empire and organize a huge network of relationships.

Now his thinking has changed. In the past, he paid more attention to his personal cultivation base, thinking that as long as his cultivation base was strong enough, he could protect the people around him, so he has not expanded his power for fear of contaminating more. cause and effect.

And now that he has abandoned this idea, he realizes that no matter how strong a person’s ability is, it will always be limited. Moreover, he has a sense of mission that he has never had before.

Since God has given him such a great talent and opportunity, then he should not waste it, and should help more people.

Now unconsciously, more and more people rely on him to eat, so he has to organize these people in a disciplined manner, twist them into a force, and run them for a long time.

After finishing everything, Wayne Lin returned to Yulong Bay and found that Alma Chu was vomiting there. Wayne Lin showed a pleased smile.

Now at Alma Chu’s realm, he has reached the first stage of the innate realm, which is equivalent to a poor boy who has huge wealth overnight. He doesn’t know how to spend money. What Wayne Lin has to do now is to teach Alma Chu how to spend money.

“You’re back.”

When Alma Chu heard Wayne Lin’s footsteps, she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly, like a blooming peony.

Alma Chu came over, graciously took the coat that Wayne Lin took off, hung it on the hanger, and poured a cup of hot tea for Wayne Lin, and said with a smile: “Today has been busy for a day. I’m tired. Come and drink some tea. .”

“Thank you.” Wayne Lin took the hot tea and smiled at Alma Chu, a sense of happiness spontaneously.

After a night of spring breeze, Alma Chu lay on Wayne Lin’s chest. Listening to Wayne Lin’s experience over this period of time, she only felt thrilling. She held her breath several times.

Finally, she heard that Wayne Lin had turned the danger into a bargain and had successfully broken through to the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. She breathed a sigh of relief and felt sincerely proud of Wayne Lin.

The next day, Wayne Lin was on his way to Ziqiong Film and Television. Suddenly he felt something, stopped and looked in one direction.

In his line of sight, he saw a red figure flashing past on the distant building.

Some light flashes in his eyes, after thinking about it, he decided to chase after him.

Chapter 654

Almost when Wayne Lin’s thoughts rose, he disappeared in place. The speed was so fast that it was almost teleporting, so that everyone around didn’t notice it, just felt that a gust of wind passed by.

When he saw this red figure, Wayne Lin’s heartbeat speeded up obviously, and a beautiful face appeared in his mind.

It is neon clothes.

This woman who had been with him.

Nishang is here specifically to look for him. Wayne Lin’s first reaction is very happy, and he can meet friends. But then, he took precautions, could it be the trap that Jian Rushuang let the neon clothes seduce him? Thinking about it again, Wayne Lin decided to go there in person. Firstly, he didn’t think Nishang would do this, and secondly, as Jian Rushuang, he would not do anything like this. Furthermore, he also has confidence in himself, taking 10,000 steps back, even if the sword is really ambushing him, with his current strength, he is confident to retreat!

He is no longer the soft persimmon on Lion Rock.

Nishang has been running for more than 20 kilometers.

Wayne Lin was able to catch up with her easily, but Wayne Lin didn’t do that. He continued to chase behind, always keeping a fixed distance.

This is a special exchange between them.

Finally, when he arrived at a barren mountain and ridge, Nishang stopped, but did not look back.

Wayne Lin also slowed down and walked towards her slowly.

“Why didn’t you die?” This is what Nishang asked. Wayne Lin was not surprised, and said: “The big explosion that day was set up in advance by me and there are ways to evacuate.”

Nishang was silent. Today’s wind is very strong, blowing on her skirt, wafting constantly, like a burning flame, so beautiful and delicate.

Wayne Lin walked to ten meters behind her and stopped. His mood was actually quite complicated. He couldn’t tell how he felt about neon clothes.

I only know that from time to time I think of her uncontrollably.

There was a full two minutes of silence, and they just stood up like this, looking especially weird.

Just when Wayne Lin wanted to speak, Nishang said again, “Why do you want to do this?”

In an instant, Wayne Lin thought of no fewer than a hundred reasons, but when the words came to his lips, he still chose to truthfully explain, “For my wife, her life is exhausted, and the only way to save her is the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth.”

Nishang’s body trembled slightly because the wind was too strong, and Wayne Lin didn’t know if it was the wind or because of his words.

“Then you are really affectionate for her.” In the tone of the neon clothes, there seemed to be some joking, but also some sadness and anger. “But have you considered your aunt? You know that when she is an old man, you know the news of your death. How sad is she!”

Wayne Lin felt guilty. He didn’t think of it at first, but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t watch Alma Chu die, but this matter had already happened, and it was useless for him to explain it. It would only appear that he was reluctant to take responsibility. This is not his character.

“I’m sorry.” He can only say so.

Nishang seemed to be a little excited, “Is it useful if I’m sorry! Auntie, she almost… Wayne Lin, how can you do this!”

Wayne Lin became nervous and asked quickly: “How is my mother, her old man, are you okay!”

Nishang heard him come forward and scolded coldly

: “Stop, don’t come near me!”

Wayne Lin had to stop, and now he knew that he was at a loss. This time, he really made Nishang and his mother sad.

He had to sigh heavily and said, “Mother, how are you now?”

Ni Chang said fiercely: “Fortunately, my aunt is in good health, otherwise I can’t spare you!”

Wayne Lin had to be silent.

The wind seemed to blow even louder, and their voices became much quieter when they reached the other’s ears.

After a while, Wayne Lin asked softly: “When can I go to see my mother.”

This topic is heavy.

Originally, Wayne Lin thought that when he reached the congenital realm of Dzogchen, he would have the strength to bring his mother out, but now, he knew that even if he reached the congenital realm of Dzogchen, he still did not have the ability to bring his mother from the BRAGRUN organization. come back. Not to mention the holy king of BRAGRUN organization, has reached the legendary King Kong indestructible body, even with the sword like frost, he can’t bring his mother out.

“Let’s talk about it when you break through to the indestructible body of King Kong.” Nishang’s tone is also full of helplessness and sadness.

Wayne Lin closed his eyes, trying to perceive the impervious body of the vajra, the threshold of this realm, then opened his eyes, his gaze is like electricity, “Okay! Within three years, I will definitely break through to the impervious body of the vajra. Bring it out and restore freedom!”

Nishang was silent and did not respond.

After a while, Nishang sighed softly and said, “I’m afraid I can’t wait three years.”

Although she said quietly, Wayne Lin heard it and immediately asked: “What’s the matter, mother has a physical problem?!”

Nishang did not answer her. Instead, he changed his tone and said coldly: “The news of your resurrection from the dead has already been known to BRAGRUN organization. Even the holy king is interested in you. Then Jian Ru Master Shuang will come to find you in person, you have to be careful.”

Wayne Lin was not surprised at all. After all, he did not keep a low profile this time. Almost everyone who knew him knew the news of his return.

“Really, then I’m looking forward to it.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, looking very relaxed.

Looking at the slender figure of neon clothes, Wayne Lin has always been in a complicated mood.

Ni Shang stopped talking, nodded, and was about to leave. From beginning to end, she didn’t look at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin stopped her, “Wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter.” Nishang’s tone was very cold and impersonal. Fortunately, Wayne Lin was used to her character, but he didn’t think there was any problem. He said, “What about you, this time has passed. Is it all right? Jian Rushuang didn’t embarrass you, right?”

These words silenced Neishang for a few seconds before saying: “This is not a problem you care about. Take care of yourself.”

After saying this, she disappeared directly from the place, and disappeared into Wayne Lin’s line of sight in three or two strokes.

Wayne Lin didn’t chase her either. After a while, he sighed, shook his head helplessly, and started walking down the mountain.

On the Nishang side, she ran for several kilometers and made sure that Wayne Lin did not catch up. Then she stopped. In the corner of her eyes, two drops of tears appeared suddenly, with a smile on her face, which seemed to be for Wayne Lin’s return. Feeling happy, but immediately, her expression became sad again, and she sighed quietly.

Chapter 655

Wayne Lin returned to Ziqiong Company and sat in the chair of the boss, recalling what Nishang had just said and her performance. He always felt that Nishang was not normal, and something was hiding from him.

But he didn’t notice any injuries on Nishang’s body, his spirits and spirits were also full, and even his cultivation level had to be more diligent.

He analyzed it carefully and thought that Nishang’s abnormal performance just now was more angry at his approach, making his mother so sad!

However, Nishang is right. Three years is indeed too long. He must bring his mother out as soon as possible to restore his freedom!

King Kong is not bad, he can definitely reach it as soon as possible!

Yandu, in a courtyard with a long history but a very grand style.

There are two men playing Go, and there are more than 30 people standing beside them. Upon closer inspection, they are all masters of innate realm!

The most powerful of them went directly to the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. If this is seen by outsiders, it will definitely be scared and cause an earthquake!

“Brother Cary, you lost, hahaha.” At this moment, one of the men settled down and laughed, very happy.

However, the man opposite him didn’t feel the slightest loss. Instead, he showed a meaningful smile and said, “Really, that’s not necessarily true.”

His voice fell, Bai Zi also fell, and the situation on the chessboard had undergone a completely different change! Originally, Bai Zi had been eroded by Hei Zi. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that it was a dead end. Bai Zi had already lost. However, with the fall of this man’s white son, he immediately turned defeat into victory!

“Brother Shangguan, look, who is losing now?”

“This…” The man surnamed Shangguan was stunned when he saw this scene. He didn’t expect that the chess game he must kill was actually broken by the opponent, and he didn’t react at all.

After a while, he took a closer look before accepting this fact, and gave a thumbs up to the man surnamed Cary, “Brother Cary, it’s better than you, actually set up this kind of canopy killing game! I’m taking it! “

The man surnamed Shangguan clasped his fist to the man surnamed Cary.

The man surnamed Cary smiled slightly, making him feel like a spring breeze. He is tall, but he does exude an elegant atmosphere. People who don’t know will first think that he is a teacher, but he will never think that he is guarding the entire country of China. The god of war, Cary Road.

“Brother Shangguan, you are coming this time. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as asking me to play chess? Now chess is also played. You can talk about it.” Cary Huang said with a smile, and personally made a tea for Shangguan Wei’an.

Shangguan Wei’an’s expression became serious and said: “Brother Cary, there is a genius in G province recently, have you heard of it?”

Military god Cary said, “Is that so, what a genius?”

He just sat there very plainly, but his body naturally exuded an unmoving aura like a mountain, the weight was comparable to Mount Tai, and it was an absolutely unshakable existence.

In addition to the title of military god in China, he also has a saying, China’s Dinghai Shenzhen.

Shangguan Wei’an didn’t answer immediately, but said meaningfully: “Brother Cary, do you remember how old you are to break through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen?”


There were some memories in Cary’s eyes, flashing his expression, as if he was thinking of his past. During those prosperous years, he sighed and said: “I have broken through the congenital realm of great perfection, thirty years have passed. Years, I was thirty-five years old.”

After saying this, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing some pride, and he broke through to the Dzogchen at the age of thirty-five. This is already a remarkable achievement!

“Thirty-five years old, Brother Cary is really talented, how many warriors at thirty-five years old can’t even touch the threshold of the innate realm.” Shangguan Weian said with emotion, he is still just an ordinary person, right The congenital realm is very envious.

Cary Road said: “The Innate Realm is a life-form threshold for mortals. It is like a fish jumping over a dragon gate. If it jumps over, it transforms into a dragon. If it can’t jump over, it’s still a fish.”

Shangguan Wei An said: “Yes, I can only be a fish in my life.”

“Hahaha.” Cary laughed three times and said: “Brother Shangguan, I don’t think you should come to this set. If you are a fish, then what is the other person, ants? How many innate masters, Can’t you be longing for your status above tens of thousands of people? You have done so many things for the country and the people, and you have long been out of the category of mortals. Even if you do not reach the innate realm in this life, you are still a dragon.”

Shangguan Wei’an also laughed. For a moment, he was full of pride and despair, and said: “With the words of Brother Cary, I am also worth this life, haha!”

Many people in the compound were very excited when they saw them talking and laughing.

Cary Dao is right. Even if Shangguan Weian is not in the Innate Realm, he is still a dragon. Looking at the world, he is a person of great influence, and he is one level higher than the Inborn Realm master!

Otherwise, there will not be more than 30 innate realm masters who will personally protect him.

After chatting for two more words, Cary Road asked: “Brother Shangguan, following the topic just now, you just said that g has saved a genius. Could it be that he has also reached the Great Perfection of Innate Realm?”

Shangguan Wei’an nodded and said: “Yes, this genius, just a while ago, has already broken through to the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm.”

Cary Dao raised his eyebrows and was a little surprised, because as a person who came by, he knew how difficult it is to achieve Dzogchen in the innate realm. Looking at the world, people who can reach this realm are rare!

Combining the words of Shangguan Wei’an just now, I’m afraid this genius is still very young, so Cary said, “This genius, is he over forty years old this year.”

It’s not that Whampoa Road is too conceited and thinks that no one in this world can be more genius than him, but that he also experienced countless adventures that year, coupled with his diligence, was able to succeed at the age of thirty-five. Break through to the congenital realm of great perfection.

Now thirty years have passed, he has traveled all over the world, and he has not found a genius beyond him.

However, Shangguan Wei’an’s next sentence made his eyes rounded suddenly, and his reaction was gloomy!

I saw Shangguan Wei’an saying meaningfully: “Brother Cary, then you may really have to go wrong this time. This genius has just reached twenty-eight this year. He is still twelve years away from his forty.”

“What?!” Cary was horrified at the moment, and a terrifying aura erupted from his whole body, making Shangguan Wei An’s mind shocked. Fortunately, he reacted quickly, and he took his aura back in less than a second. Otherwise, Shangguan Wei’an could not hold on.

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