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Chapter 494

After Wang Wei left to set up the task, Dustin Zhou was somewhat idle.

Now his heart is all at the opening ceremony tomorrow.

As for today’s Christmas Eve activities, for Dustin Zhou, it is actually irrelevant. For Liushi

Dustin Zhou believes that the influence of branches is not as great as Wang Wei said.

But after all, this was built by Wang Wei alone. In order to show respect, Dustin Zhou would not reject his proposal.

What’s more, holding this Christmas Eve event does not have much effect on the Liushi branch, but there is no harm in it.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Dustin Zhou saw that it was a strange call.

“Hey…” Dustin Zhou answered the phone, and before she said anything, Sister Ling’s voice came over.

“Dustin Zhou, Xiao Yan’er and I have already arrived in Liushi, and now we just got off the highway, come and pick us up.” Sister Ling’s voice was a little low, and Ling’s mood seemed a bit wrong.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what happened, but from Sister Ling’s tone, Dustin Zhou knew that something must have happened.

According to Dustin Zhou’s understanding of Sister Ling, it must not have happened to her, so there is only one possibility.

Jiang Yan had an accident.

Dustin Zhou’s heart was tight and he got up quickly, without even talking to Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and the others, and drove directly to the highway exit.

Jiang Yan and Ling sister had been in Changsha before. From Changsha to Liushi, there was only one fastest route by car, which was the only high-speed prosecution.

An hour later, Dustin Zhou saw Jiang Yan and Ling sister at the highway exit.

The two stood together, standing alone at the highway exit.

, And not far from them, several young people with dyed hair and strange clothes were pointing at them.

Sister Ling looked aloof, as if no strangers would enter.

Jiang Yan looked calm.

Dustin Zhou was a little worried. After stopping the car, he immediately walked to the two of them.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou looked at Sister Ling and Jiang Yanfa, and found that neither of them was injured and there was nothing else, but both Ling Sister and Jiang Yan had very bad faces.

However, at this time, Dustin Zhou realized that Jiang Yan’s mood seemed very wrong, she had not spoken, and since she got out of the car and walked in front of the two, her eyes never stopped on her.

Dustin Zhou spoke to Sister Ling, although his voice was a bit solemn, but not loud.

So the few people who looked like gangsters couldn’t hear what Dustin Zhou said.

But when they saw Dustin Zhou walking up to Sister Ling and Jiang Yan and trying to speak, all of them were full of disdain.

“Hehe, here’s another poor d*ck.” “It’s really a toad who wants to eat swan meat, and doesn’t look at his own virtues. Our brother Hao drives a Mercedes and doesn’t talk about that beauty. It depends on you?” “Hehe, Brother Hao, Do you think those two beauties will pay attention to this poor girl?”

“Nonsense, I’m such a domineering person, those two beauties don’t pay much attention to them, not to mention a little cock, and you, all of you who have never seen the world, if you didn’t make me shame, how could those two beauties? Will ignore me.,” “Hey, Brother Hao, to be honest, those two beauties, you want, let’s do it directly and bring them back. Why do we have to show them like this?” “Go away! You! I thought I was as low-quality as you. Brother Hao, I am a person who takes the upper-level route. It is too shameless to be rough with beautiful women.” … The voices of several gangsters were loud and they did not deliberately cover up, so Dustin Zhou could hear clearly. Clearly Chu.

At this time, Dustin Zhou’s expression became weird. He looked at Sister Ling, then at Jiang Yan, and finally turned his eyes on Sister Ling’s face.

“Sister Ling, what’s the situation?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help it. From the few gangsters just now, Dustin Zhou heard something.

It seems that these gangsters just hit up with Sister Ling and Jiang Yan, but Sister Ling directly rejected them.

“It’s nothing, just a few toads who don’t know the heights of the sky, don’t worry about them, you can take a look at Xiao Yan’er, something happened, let’s leave here first, I will tell you slowly on the way.” Sister Ling said indifferently. , Immediately supported Jiang Yan, followed Dustin Zhou, and walked in the direction of parking.

And this scene, being seen by those gangsters, their eyes widened suddenly, and their faces were full of incredible expressions.

Finally, after seeing sister Ling supporting Jiang Yan into Dustin Zhou’s car, which was just a very ordinary car, no more than a hundred thousand at best, everyone looked at the middle one wearing a mink coat and Man wearing sunglasses.

“Brother Hao, what’s the situation?” “Yeah, those two beauties have gone with that poor cock?” “Brother Hao, should we chase after them? Can’t let them just leave like this.” …… There are a few gangsters. In a hurry, seeing Dustin Zhou about to start the car, he left directly, and said quickly.

“Damn! These two slut, I thought I was a big beauties, they were high-spirited, and now they were taken away by a poor d*ck. This is obviously shameless, chasing me!” When Dustin Zhou left the car, Brother Hao reacted and greeted his subordinates to get into the car and ran after him.

Suddenly, Mercedes-Benz flashed, and two Volkswagens whizzed after Dustin Zhou.

And this scene was clearly seen by Dustin Zhou in the rearview mirror.

“Hey, I didn’t expect that Ling sister, your charm is so great. Standing there for a while, you attracted the attention of so many people.” Dustin Zhou helplessly, to be honest, from the conversations just now, he heard that. This gangster is not hostile, and it’s also against Ling Sister and Jiang Yan.

Not too bad thoughts.

Maybe you just want to tease beautiful women. After being rejected, you want to change it.

But now that Sister Ling and Jiang Yan got into their own car, I’m afraid those people couldn’t help it.

They drove a Mercedes to strike up a conversation with Sister Ling and Jiang Yan, but they were all rejected.

However, Dustin Zhou drove an ordinary modern car worth more than 100,000 yuan, but Ling and Jiang Yan got in Dustin Zhou’s car.

This immediately aroused their emotions and made them feel that they were underestimated.

“Hehe, just a few bastards, if you can’t handle this, then I really want to look at you differently.” Sister Ling chuckled lightly, and said indifferently, not at all to those bastards chasing after the car. care.

After Dustin Zhou heard this, he was rather helpless.

Although he could also see that Jiang Yan’s situation seemed to be something wrong, he didn’t want to pay too much attention to the gangsters who caught up.

“It’s really helpless.” Dustin Zhou shook his head helplessly, then stepped on the accelerator again and accelerated.

Speaking of it, his car was borrowed from Zhang’s family, and it was a modified car that Zhang Jie liked very much before.

Although it looks like a modern car worth more than 100,000 yuan, the modified engine and some other equipment inside are all top-notch, with a top speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

“Oh!” As soon as the accelerator was stepped on, the Hyundai car dashed forward.

Soon, in the blink of an eye, Brother Hao realized that the Hyundai car was a little confused in his sight.

“Damn! No way, so fast, hurry up and catch me up!”

Chapter 495

Dustin Zhou speeded up suddenly, and almost disappeared from Brother Hao’s vision in an instant, which made Brother Hao startled.

“Quickly, Lao Ding, speed up for me, catch up quickly, don’t lose it!” Brother Hao swore, and quickly pointed to the front and shouted loudly.

He just remembered that he and Dustin Zhou’s modern car were only more than 100 meters away.

But how come an Akira God almost can’t see the other party?

“Damn it, Old Ding, you won’t wake up, you can’t even catch up to a modern car worth more than 100,000?” Brother Hao saw the modern car drifting away, he could only see one vaguely The outline makes it furious.

“Brother Hao, I have tried my best. I have stepped on the accelerator. The speed is now more than 300 per hour, but I just can’t keep up with that person. In my opinion, it’s a modified car at all. It’s over four hundred.” The old man in the driver’s seat had a dirty braid, and his face was also depressed.

Hao brother’s Mercedes-Benz is not low in configuration, and the speed can reach 300, even 400 in a short time.

But this is Liu

In the city, it is not on the highway, so Lao Ding dare not drive with all his strength, and now he has increased the speed to 300, the whole car is already very dangerous in the traffic on the road.

If he accelerates forcibly, a car accident is likely to occur.

At a speed of more than three hundred or even four hundred per hour, once a car accident occurs, it can be a major accident, and the entire vehicle will be injured, and seriously injured.

For the most part, there is no room for car crashes and deaths.

Old Ding did not dare to bet.

Although he is an amateur racing driver, it is not easy for him to drive a Mercedes-Benz to a speed of more than 300 per hour and maintain a balance in the traffic flow.

And when I think of the other side’s modern car, which is only a few hundred thousand dollars, it drives faster than him.

“Brother Hao, there are more and more cars now. I dare not drive. The other party definitely has a speed of four hundred per hour, which is not something that humans can drive.” Seeing the increasing traffic, Mercedes-Benz needs The number of vehicles to avoid has also increased.

After avoiding the crash in a series of thrills, Old Ding couldn’t help but slowly slowed down.

“It’s really useless waste! He can drive so fast with a modern car of hundreds of thousands. You drive Master’s Mercedes and you can’t catch up with others. It’s really waste, waste!” The speed of the Mercedes slowed down, watching No longer able to catch up with the opponent, Old Ding parked the car on the side of the road and took a few deep breaths to ease his nervousness.

And when Brother Hao saw this, he was even more angry, and screamed at Lao Ding.

When I thought of my own Mercedes-Benz, it was well equipped, and it took three million to buy it.

And the other party is just a modern car worth more than 100,000 yuan, and can actually leave his Mercedes-Benz far behind.

What’s more, Lao Ding is an amateur racer, with good level and strength.

“Brother Hao, I can’t blame me. The configuration of this Mercedes-Benz is really good, but I guess that Hyundai is not an ordinary car. It may have been modified. At the speed he had just now, it definitely exceeded 400.” “Moreover. , The driver must not be easy, maybe he is the professional racer, otherwise he could not drive the car so fast under this road condition.” Old Ding saw that Brother Hao’s anger gradually faded, and he shrank. He said quietly while holding his neck.

Although he was a little unconvinced, in the face of the facts, Old Ding knew clearly.

A modified car, a professional racer.

It’s not ashamed to lose to each other.

What’s more, just now he drove a Mercedes-Benz, speeding along the road at a speed of more than 300 per hour, which was very exciting.

At least, it’s more exciting than him in the amateur arena.

“Hmph, did you remember the license plate number of the car just now? Check it out for me. I must get him out, okay.

Good lesson.

Although Lao Ding explained this way, Brother Hao was still a little unhappy and said bitterly. What’s more, it was not just a matter of face, but his dignified Brother Liu ASher, who was ignored by the NPC. Those two Beauty, even he ignored him, and she had a face of disdain for his more than three million Mercedes-Benz. But she turned around and got into a car of more than 100,000. This was a naked ignorance of his brother Hao. !

“At this moment, a rush of alarm bells rang suddenly. Looking along the rearview mirror, Brother Hao was immediately startled. Three police cars rushed towards him, looking at the posture, it was clear that he was troubled by him. Brother Hao immediately thought that Lao Ding drove the car to a speed of more than 300 per hour, and here is the city of Liushi, the speed limit is 80. The speed of more than 300 per hour is several times the speed. If this is really by the police If caught, the consequences will not be good. “Hurry up, the police are here, run away!

Brother Hao yelled and urged Lao Ding to drive away. He was confident that as long as he could leave here, he would have a way to solve today’s troubles. And Lao Ding was also a little panicked. After all, he was a driver, not only He was only speeding, and he didn’t have a specially compliant driver’s license. If he was caught, he would definitely not end well. So, in a hurry, Old Ding hurriedly wanted to drive away, but in a hurry, he I saw the wrong direction and hit a stone pier on the side of the road. The Mercedes-Benz that had just ignited turned off instantly. “Get off!

Get out of the car!

take inspection!

“At this time, the police had surrounded them round and round.

Several police officers stepped forward and tapped the car windows continuously.

At this moment, Old Ding’s face was as pale as paper.

Brother Hao was also anxious, and suddenly had an idea, his head tilted, pretending to pass out.

Lao Ding had no choice but to open the door, raise his hands, get out of the car slowly, and accept the inspection.

… After a series of cross-examinations, the police finally clarified the situation.

Although some do not understand and believe, it is a fact that Lao Ding is speeding and does not have a driver’s license.

“Huh, I’m so bold and dare to make such a dangerous move in the city. I tell you, you have a big deal!” The police snorted coldly and put Old Ding directly on the police car.

As for Brother Hao, who passed out in the Mercedes-Benz, the sharp-eyed police also found out.

In desperation, Brother Hao could only admit his fate.

Soon, all eight or nine people of Brother Hao and his party were taken away by the police for investigation, and all three vehicles were taken away by relevant departments, waiting for disposal.

Of course, all of this is something later, Dustin Zhou didn’t know, and didn’t want to know.

The speed of more than four hundred per hour is actually nothing to him, a car god.

In the past, when he was in college, he could drive to more than 300 speeds.

Moreover, in the East China Sea, he also has the title of car god.

In addition, Zhang Jie’s modified modern car has a very advanced configuration and a speed of more than 400 per hour. For Dustin Zhou, it is simple.

Chapter 496

Seeing that Brother Hao’s group was thrown away, Dustin Zhou also slowed down slowly.

Although he was very confident, he was able to drive the car back to the Liushi branch smoothly and safely.

But the other people on the road are always frightened.

Moreover, the two women Ling Sister and Jiang Yan are in the car, so it must be uncomfortable at such a fast speed.

“It’s already gone.” Dustin Zhou said lightly. At this time, the speed of the car had already slowed to sixty. Like the surrounding vehicles, it was inconspicuous in the traffic.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that you still have this kind of technology, you can’t see it.” Sister Ling didn’t change her face, even though she was speeded up to more than 400 hours, she didn’t seem to be affected, she just looked at Dustin Zhou’s gaze. A touch of strange color.

Sister Ling never expected that Dustin Zhou would still have the strength of such a professional racer.

Moreover, in the city, with a speed limit of 80, it was possible to drive the car to a speed of more than 400 per hour, and it was still driving so steadily.

Even for her, she didn’t feel much sloshing, and there was not much disgusting place.

“That’s a small point, it’s nothing, mainly because this car is not bad.” Dustin Zhou shrugged indifferently, and didn’t feel happy about Sister Ling’s praise.

He knew that if he drove more than 400 hours in the city, he would be caught by the camera.


Moreover, maybe the police are already looking for themselves now.

But Dustin Zhou was not worried. The car belonged to Zhang Jie, and it should be in the name of Zhang’s family.

If the police find Zhang’s family according to the license plate number, Dustin Zhou believes that Zhang’s family will be able to deal with it, but let the police look at him.

In contrast,

Dustin Zhou now wants to know what happened to Jiang Yan.

Why hasn’t she said a word from the beginning until now, and her expression hasn’t changed much? Even at the speed of more than 400 hours, Jiang Yan didn’t have any mood swings.

“What’s wrong with Jiang Yan, why did she become like this?” Dustin Zhou said with a solemn expression. He looked at Jiang Yan through the rearview mirror in the car and was a little worried.

“Hehe, we just came from Jiang’s house…” Sister Ling didn’t hide anything, she just told the whole story.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with telling the truth about the matter.

Jiang Yan’s current state worries her very much.

And she didn’t have many ways to make Jiang Yan react, and she could only pin her hopes on Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, she cannot hide anything.

As Dustin Zhou listened to Sister Ling’s account, the expression on his face became more and more solemn, and in the end, he even became a little angry.

He didn’t expect that when Sister Ling and Jiang Yan returned to Jiang’s house, something like this would happen.

That Jiang Xingyuan dared to hit Jiang Yan.

The reason is that Jiang Yan has served as the ambassador of the famous company!

After all, Jiang Yan was slapped by Jiang Xingyuan, and Dustin Zhou had a very close relationship with him.

“Huh, Jiang Xingyuan, is he worthy to be a father?” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, his impression of Jiang Xingyuan was even worse.

When Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup was affected by the disfigurement incident, Dustin Zhou knew that this was the Jiang family’s trouble, and the leader was Jiang Xingyuan.

Several times afterwards, Jiang Xingyuan appeared in the things the Zhang family encountered.

At that time, Dustin Zhou was very bad for Jiang Xingyuan’s senses.

After getting to know Jiang Yan, although Dustin Zhou did not improve his impression of Jiang Xingyuan, he did not lower his impression, but kept his previous impression.

But now, Dustin Zhou only felt that he could not wait to rush to Jiang’s house and clean up Jiang Xingyuan.

What’s more, Jiang Yan became the ambassador of the famous company, which was also facilitated by herself.

“However, since Jiang Xingyuan has done something to Xiao Yan’er, I am afraid he will also put this anger on you.” Sister Ling sat behind the car, supporting Jiang Yan, and observing Dustin Zhou’s expression.

After seeing Dustin Zhou’s face of indignation, he smiled calmly.

To be honest, Jiang Xingyuan did it, but Ling sister was not very worried, because of this, she would help Jiang Yan get it back sooner or later.

But now she is most worried about Jiang Yan’s state.

“Dustin Zhou, Jiang Yan is in a very bad state now, I can’t do anything, do you have any idea?” Sister Ling asked in a deep voice.

“This…” Dustin Zhou looked at Jiang Yan with depression between his eyebrows.

Obviously, it is a sign of being caught in a certain kind of entanglement and unable to get out.

To put it in a more popular way, it is to get to the tip of the horns.

“Actually, it is not impossible. In the final analysis, it is to let Jiang Yan know her inner thoughts, instead of blindly being influenced by others.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and began to think in his mind how to help Jiang Yan get out of this. Horned horns.

Soon, the Liushi branch will arrive.

After Dustin Zhou, Sister Ling and Jiang Yan got out of the car, Dustin Zhou first sent someone to get off the car and notified Zhang Jie to let him deal with the speeding.

Afterwards, he took Jiang Yan and Ling sister to the office on the second floor of the branch.

In the office on the second floor, there is a small lounge.

At this time, in the lounge, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and Chen Xin were all present.

When Dustin Zhou took Ling Sister and Jiang Yan into the lounge, all three of them were taken aback.

“What’s the matter?” Enderia Shen was still quick to respond. Seeing that Jiang Yan’s state was obviously something wrong, he got up and walked towards Jiang Yan, asking worriedly.

After all, here, she has actually met Jiang Yan and spoke.

Therefore, Enderia Shen also knows some of Jiang Yan’s personality, and Jiang Yan is obviously a little abnormal in this situation.

“Something happened, I am a big man who is not easy to deal with. I want you to help her. I see her like this, like getting into a horn and unable to get out.” Dustin Zhou shook his head slowly and said softly.

Afterwards, Dustin Zhou repeated what Sister Ling had just said to him, telling the story in general.

“…It’s such a situation. I think Jiang Yan is now facing Jiang Xingyuan’s father, the Jiang family, and the relationship between herself, which has become very vague from the bottom of my heart. In addition, Jiang Xingyuan suddenly hit She slapped her and suddenly became confused.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, winking at Enderia Shen.

Right now, Dustin Zhou felt that only Enderia Shen could get Jiang Yan out of this horn.

After all, Enderia Shen had encountered the same situation as Jiang Yan before. Enderia Shen and the Shen family, and her father Shen Weiyan, also had a violent conflict, thus becoming a stranger.

“No problem, leave it to me.” Enderia Shen’s expression was slightly clear, and he said calmly.

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