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Chapter 407

Wayne Lin came out of the gymnasium and got into the car. He suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood, his face was slumped, and Tao Sanniang was startled.

“Ah, Wayne, what’s wrong with you?!”

Tao Sanniang hugged Wayne Lin hurriedly, suddenly became nervous, and quickly opened Wayne Lin’s clothes to check Wayne Lin’s injuries.

Regardless of Wayne Lin defeating Wu Meizi, he looked relaxed, but in fact he was also seriously injured.

In particular, he just entered the state of the’body’, closing all his senses, leaving the fighting instinct to control the body, and the backlash against him was huge.

Wu Meizi’s cultivation level is too terrifying. The upper realm of the innate realm, especially the spiritual level, is even more powerful, which has caused great oppression on Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin had not found this method during the three days of’bigu’, If you can close your senses, then he cannot be Wu Meizi’s opponent at all.

In addition to backlash, Wu Meizi also left him with a serious injury. After all, a master at Wu Meizi’s level, even if the influence of the spiritual level is removed, his fist and feet are extremely good. Now Wayne Lin’s hands and feet are bruised. It takes a long time to recuperate before returning to normal.

“Sanniang, let go of me, you, smother me to death…”

Wayne Lin was buried by Tao Sanniang on his chest. The plump scale covered his entire face, and he was now in an overdrawn state, and he had no strength to move the elastic. Minutes, can really smother him to death.

Later, he did not die at the hands of Brian Gu and Wu Meizi, but died on Tao Sanniang’s chest. That was really wronged!

It’s spread out, and it must be laughed to death.

Tao Sanniang yelled and asked, and quickly pushed Wayne Lin’s face out of her chest. Seeing Wayne Lin panting, looking helpless, her face blushed suddenly and vomited. Tongue said, “Wayne, I didn’t mean it just now.”

Wayne Lin breathed enough fresh air, and now he recovered, and said weakly: “I know, you should send me home first. Just now I was fighting with Wu Meizi. I was also seriously injured and I need to rest.”

Tao Sanniang bit her lip and asked, “Don’t you need to go to the hospital? You have suffered such a serious injury.”

Wayne Lin shook his head feebly, and said, “I don’t need to go to the hospital, I just need a week to rest.”

“A week?” Tao Sanniang widened her eyes. Suddenly, she didn’t know what she thought of, and her eyes revealed some strange brilliance.

Wayne Lin was too weak now, and he was weak in speech, so he didn’t notice the flashing splendor of Tao Sanniang, otherwise he would definitely not let Tao Sanniang send him back.

“Yes.” Wayne Lin nodded lightly and said, “I don’t have much strength. Let me take a rest in your car. When you get to Yulong Bay, you will wake me up.”

“Oh.” Tao Sanniang replied, then let Wayne Lin let go, fastened her seat belt, and started to drive away.

Wayne Lin was so tired that he fell asleep in less than three seconds.

After a short while, Tao Sanniang’s car stopped, but the destination was not Yulong Bay, but another villa area, which was also a villa that Tao Sanniang bought not long ago. She bought this place by herself, and no one has it. Tell, even the people of Yuntian Pavilion don’t know.

She parked the car and looked at Wayne Lin, who was sleeping in the co-pilot, with a flush of excitement on her face.

Great, Wayne Lin is going to rest for a week

Time, so it means, this week is hers!

Taking advantage of this week, she still had to take Wayne Lin down.

Seeing that Wayne Lin was sleeping soundly, she did not wake Wayne Lin, but lightly carried Wayne Lin on her back and started walking towards the villa.

Don’t think she is a female generation, but she also has the strength of a master realm anyway, ten or eight big men can’t beat her, and now it is not a matter of giving away a two hundred catties to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was on her back, and the breath hit her ears, making her particularly excited and shy. It was warm and warm, and the slight itch made her feel it all at once, especially Wayne Lin. Her male hormone breath makes her want to stop even more.

Finally, she carried Wayne Lin back into the villa and put it directly on the bed. Seeing Wayne Lin sleeping, she was particularly happy and satisfied. While Wayne Lin was asleep, she leaned over and put it on Wayne Lin’s lips. , Kissed.

Now Wayne Lin is very embarrassed. Not only is his body dirty, but his clothes are all broken. He must take a bath and change into new clothes.

Tao Sanniang thought for a while, she tried to call Wayne Lin softly, and found that Wayne Lin was asleep very hard and couldn’t wake up at all. She seemed to be in a state of’sleep’. So she decided to take a bath for Wayne Lin herself!

This thought came out of her mind, which made her extremely excited and her pretty face flushed.

She carried Wayne Lin to the bathroom again, adjusted the hot water, and then took a deep breath to show that she was undressed, only wearing underwear, and then helped Wayne Lin undress.

Don’t look at her usual coquettish appearance, but in fact, she is still a big girl, and she has never been so intimate with a man, let alone frankly opposed.

Now that she saw Wayne Lin’s figure, that perfect figure, her breathing started to be abnormal.

Wayne Lin usually wears clothes, but she still can’t see how perfect Wayne Lin is. Now that she is honest with each other, she can see the true charm of Wayne Lin.

At this moment, she even started to be jealous of Alma Chu, she could have possessed Wayne Lin for so long!

But she still didn’t forget the business, and began to help Wayne Lin take a bath, but in the middle, she couldn’t help doing something bad to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin slept very hard, she thought Wayne Lin didn’t know, but in fact Wayne Lin probably knew. It’s just that he is too overdrawn now, he just knows and can’t respond, helpless!

at the same time.

A few tens of meters away from Tao Sanniang’s villa, wearing a flaming neon dress, she withdrew her gaze from Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang, a little anger flashed in her eyes, and she whispered a vixen secretly, and then she fluttered. Landed from the tree and walked towards the black Mercedes-Benz Maybach on the side of the road.

The ugly master drove her the door and said respectfully: “Master Nishang, are we sure we don’t need to pick up the young master?”

There was another shyness flashing in Nishang’s eyes. She was a very icy person. She was still in perfect shape after living with such a thought, mainly because she had never seen a man’s body. Just now on the tree, through the window, and seeing the picture in the bathroom, her heartbeat speeded up and she felt ashamed.

As Wayne Lin’s god-wife sister, she actually saw Wayne Lin’s body, it was really fitting!

“No, he doesn’t know how moisturized it is now!” Nishang gritted his teeth, and then went into the car.

The Ugly Master was taken aback, is Mrs. Nishang shy?

Chapter 408

Wu Meizi died, dead in the hands of Wayne Lin, the news spread like a tornado throughout the province of G.

For a time, Wayne Lin’s reputation reached an unprecedented level.

Those who originally chose to draw a clear line with Wayne Lin because of Wu Meizi’s warning are now not only regretful, but more afraid, for fear that Wayne Lin will settle accounts after the fall and look back for their troubles.

So they can’t wait to find Wayne Lin to confess and admit their mistakes.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find Wayne Lin at all, and now Wayne Lin has disappeared. This makes them more panic and uneasy…

As for where Wayne Lin is?

He was still here with Tao Sanniang, and he slept for two days and two nights, 48 ​​hours.

In this battle with Wu Meizi, the overdraft was too serious, and he was almost into a demon. If Tao Sanniang hadn’t awakened him in time, he might have gone crazy now.

In the two days and two nights of deep sleep, his injuries have been constantly repaired, and now he wakes up, he is much better.

Opening his eyes, he was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him, and soon felt something was wrong…

This is not his room!

And this bed is very soft, the bed in his house is not so soft.

Then, Wayne Lin felt that there was a person lying beside him, hugging him tightly, with his thigh still on his lower abdomen.

The worst thing is that he felt that he was not wearing clothes, and the other party was in the same state, he could clearly feel the touch of the skin on the blind date.

In an instant, his muscles tightened, and his breath was suddenly held.

He turned his head and looked around, and suddenly saw a beautiful face, Tao Sanniang! !

Could it be that this is Tao Sanniang’s home, Tao Sanniang didn’t send him back to Yulong Bay?


This is over.

Wayne Lin had a headache in an instant. From this look, maybe Tao Sanniang has done him well.

Alas, my wife, I can’t help you. I didn’t expect to be defensive or not. I was succeeded by the fairy Tao Sanniang.

He was particularly helpless when he thought of what Tao Sanniang gave him when he was in a coma.

At this moment, Tao Sanniang uttered a cry, and she woke up. She stretched out her hands and stretched her waist. Wayne Lin’s face was red and her heartbeat accelerated a lot.

I have to say that Tao Sanniang’s figure is really nothing to say, compared to Alma Chu, it is not worse than Alma Chu, she is an absolute stunner type.

Faced with this situation, Wayne Lin was also very confused. He didn’t know what to do for a while. Should he continue to pretend to sleep? Still questioning what Tao Sanniang did to herself?

Tao Sanniang opened her eyes and looked at Wayne Lin. In an instant, she blushed, “You, wake up.”

Wayne Lin nodded, he was also very embarrassed, with a thin face, and said, “When is it now?”

The best way is to pretend that nothing happened.

Tao Sanniang said the time. Wayne Lin was a little surprised when he heard it. Feeling that he has been sleeping for two days and two nights?

Isn’t Alma Chu very worried?

Tao Sanniang saw his expression, guessed what he was trying to say, and said, “Don’t worry, I have already talked to your wife on the phone, so she doesn’t have to worry.”

“What?!” Wayne Lin immediately rounded his eyes. What the hell is this? Alma Chu already knows, then he is going to die!

“You! I… hey! Didn’t I ask you to send me back to Yulong Bay? You… I’m going to die!” Wayne Lin slapped his forehead suddenly, his face full of love.

Tao Sanniang said with a smile, hooked her arms around his neck, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, your wife is not angry. Let me take care of you.”

Wayne Lin was held by Tao Sanniang like this, feeling her overly hot figure, and immediately tightened, “Can you let me go first?”

“No!” Tao Sanniang acted like a baby, twisted her body, and said, “Now I am you.

You can’t abandon me, or I’ll tell your wife to go. “

Wayne Lin had to smile wryly.

Now if he wants him to push Tao Sanniang away and say harsh words to Tao Sanniang, he really can’t do it.

He had to sighed and said, “Tao Sanniang, why are you? I already have a married woman, you have such good conditions, you can find anything better than me…”

Wayne Lin could not go on, because his mouth had been blocked by Tao Sanniang.

“I don’t care, anyway, I have already identified you in my life, don’t want to abandon me!” Tao Sanniang said firmly, and then her expression softened a lot, and said: “In fact, you don’t need to worry, I just want to be by your side. That’s it, I don’t want any status.”

Wayne Lin’s lips moved, and he could feel Tao Sanniang’s affection for him, who can be ruthless than the grass and trees, and now that Wayne Lin has no affection for Tao Sanniang, it is impossible.

It’s just that he has too many things on his back now, and Tao Sanniang is also a risk to follow him.

But now that Tao Sanniang has already spoken to this point, it is too cold-blooded for Wayne Lin to refuse any more. He sternly said, “Sanniang, my identity is not as simple as you think. I will face someone in the future. A powerful enemy beyond your imagination, a little carelessness, will end in despair! If you really follow me, then you also have this risk.”

Tao Sanniang was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect Wayne Lin to tell her about this. With Wayne Lin’s current status and strength, she seems to have become a master, so many people must rely on Wayne Lin’s breath.

There are enemies like Wayne Lin?

Wayne Lin saw her silent, smiled, pushed her away and said, “I should go back.”

Tao Sanniang came back to her senses, her eyes showed unprecedented firmness, and then she hugged Wayne Lin tightly, and said, “Wayne, I am serious. No matter the future is the sword, the sea of ​​fire, the world is broken, I will always follow You, life is your person, death is your ghost.”

Wayne Lin was stunned, he had never thought that Tao Sanniang would have such deep-rooted affection.

But think about it carefully, Tao Sanniang’s performance at Gu Hanxing’s birthday party, under the pressure of Wu Meizi, Yuntian Pavilion and others, chose to come and accompany him. It is not surprising that Tao Sanniang could say such a thing.

“Okay!” Wayne Lin put Tao Sanniang in his arms, and now he has nothing to be hypocritical.

Through the two days of rest, Wayne Lin has already recovered a lot, recovered half of his physical strength, and his injuries have gradually recovered. In just a few days, he can completely recover.

After he got up, he immediately called Alma Chu to keep him safe.

Fortunately, on the phone, there was nothing unusual about Alma Chu, which made Wayne Lin breathe a sigh of relief. He couldn’t help but think of what Alma Chu had said to him before, is it possible that Alma Chu really doesn’t mind having a woman in front of him ?

Then Wayne Lin called Damon Wang. Damon Wang received his call. He was very excited and relaxed. It turned out that for these two days, Damon Wang and Jeff Han had been worried about whether something happened to him. After all, Wayne Lin hadn’t Such a lost connection.

Then Damon Wang told him that during this period of time, many people came to him and wanted to apologize to him and gave him a lot of generous gifts.

Wayne Lin had already guessed this, and there was no surprise.

Finally, after confessing something, Wayne Lin hung up the phone.

Just when Wayne Lin hung up the phone and was about to say goodbye to Tao Sanniang, she suddenly heard Tao Sanniang’s excited voice from the room: “Mom! How many times have I told you, I don’t Maybe go back on a blind date, let alone marry Lu Fan… Tell you the truth, I have already found a boyfriend! Mom, can you tell the truth… Well, mother, don’t be impulsive, I’ll go back …”

Wayne Lin saw Tao Sanniang very upset and helpless, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tao Sanniang said: “It’s not my mother yet. For fear that I won’t be able to marry, she has been arranging blind dates for me. I don’t know how many people have already refused. I’m going back. If I don’t go back, she still threatens me with death, alas…”

Suddenly, Tao Sanniang thought of something, her eyes lit up, and she said, “Wayne, why don’t you accompany me home! As long as they see me find a boyfriend, they won’t force me to go on a blind date!” “

Wayne Lin was stunned, Tao Sanniang had already entangled him…

Chapter 409

Under Tao Sanniang’s various aegis, Wayne Lin couldn’t bear it, so he had to agree.

However, he first went back to Yulong Bay and reported safety with Alma Chu’s family, then went to find Damon Wang and Jeff Han, and simply showed up and told everyone that he was fine.

Hearing the news of his appearance, many people immediately came to him, sent generous gifts, apologized, and flattered.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay any attention to this at all. These people were all clueless. This time because Wu Meizi drew a line with him, the next time he encountered the same thing, he would also choose to betray him.

Of course, Wayne Lin would not choose to offend them. He had to have the necessary airs. Wayne Lin let them dry for a while, and when the time came, he would just accept their flattery.

Wayne Lin has now defeated Wu Meizi and has become the most popular person in G province. However, no matter how strong he is, he still cannot offend everyone. If he wants to continue to develop and grow his strength, he must continue to make friends. Friends, no matter when, it’s always good to have one more friend.

After explaining everything, Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang returned to her home.

Tao Sanniang’s hometown is not in Hwadrid and Fengcheng, but in Yuancheng, a place with a good climate and a very suitable place to live.

Speaking of it, it was the first time Wayne Lin came from the source city. He had a good impression of seeing this beautiful scenery.

Tao Sanniang was in a good mood, she was just a flying magpie, holding Wayne Lin’s arm all the way.

Wayne Lin was infected by her happiness, and her mood relaxed a lot.

“Is this your hometown?” Wayne Lin asked, looking at the peaceful town in front of him.

“Yeah, how is my hometown very beautiful?” Tao Sanniang raised her head and said triumphantly.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Yes.”

After getting out of the car, Tao Sanniang held Wayne Lin’s hand intimately, and said proudly: “Of course, our source city has outstanding people and many beautiful women.”

This Wayne Lin approves of it, and when I look at it, I see many beautiful beauties with good looks.

Of course, compared with the big beauties of Tao Sanniang’s level, they are still a lot inferior.

At this moment, a surprised voice came from behind: “Sanya, is that you?”

Tao Sanniang heard the voice, looked back, saw an old man, and said in surprise: “Second Uncle, it’s you.”

Seeing Tao Sanniang, the old man smiled happily and said, “You girl, I haven’t come back for so long. Second uncle thought you were missing.”

Then, the old man saw Wayne Lin next to Tao Sanniang, and he was still holding his hands. His face changed a little immediately, and he asked in a deep voice, “Sanya, who is this next to you?”

Tao Sanniang said with a smile: “He, it’s my boyfriend. Didn’t Mom always worry that I couldn’t find a partner? Now I have brought my partner back.”

The second uncle didn’t laugh, but his expression became more serious. Instead, he said, “Three girls, come with your second uncle.”

“What’s wrong, Second Uncle?” Tao Sanniang had a bad feeling when she saw her second uncle’s serious look.

The second uncle pulled her aside and said in a deep voice: “I said Sanya, why are you bringing your partner back at this time? Your mother has given you a blind date, and the conditions are very good, waiting for you to go back at your house. Yeah! Now that you took a man home, didn’t you hit someone in the face!”

When they went to the side, Wayne Lin still heard clearly.

Tao Sanniang said indifferently,

“I came here, what’s the big deal, it just happened to make the other party die.”

When the second uncle heard this, he became more serious, “Hey! You must not have such thoughts, but he is the nephew of the city lord, with a bright future, or a high-achieving student who has returned from overseas! If you bring the man back, he will save face How can you hang on? Besides, people are in good conditions, I think you should dump this man!”

Tao Sanniang was unhappy after hearing this, and said, “What about the nephew of the city lord? I already have a man I like, can he kill me?”

“Hey, three girls, your mother asked for a lot of relationships before she asked for this marriage. The other party’s conditions are very good. Don’t let down your mother’s kindness to you.” Second uncle persuaded.

“Okay, second uncle, needless to say, I brought my boyfriend back this time, just to tell my mom that I don’t need to give me a blind date anymore. I’m so annoying.” Tao Sanniang said firmly.

What else the second uncle wanted to say, Tao Sanniang had already gone back to Wayne Lin’s place, ready to go home.

The second uncle looked at the back of them leaving, and shook his head helplessly and worried.

Wayne Lin said: “The relationship in your family is fine, even the nephew of the city lord can get on a blind date.”

Tao Sanniang rolled her eyes and said angrily: “Don’t make fun of me. I’m almost annoyed by my mother. I think I can’t get married all day. This nephew of the city lord is a former classmate of mine. I went to study abroad for a few years. I didn’t know when I asked my mom to arrange a blind date for me, so I came back. I often called me, and I didn’t like to talk to him.”

Wayne Lin had no doubts, after all, with Tao Sanniang’s conditions, there must be many suitors.

Not long after, I arrived at Tao Sanniang’s hometown, which was a rural bungalow. The wall was a bit old, and it should have been built about ten years ago.

There were three cars parked at the door, one of which was a Porsche Cayenne, presumably driven by the nephew of the city lord.

“Mom, I’m back, open the door.”

Tao Sanniang shouted at the room.

Immediately, a group of people walked out of it, both men, women and children. Their faces were filled with joy. When they saw Tao Sanniang holding a man’s hand in an intimate gesture, everyone’s expressions changed.

Wayne Lin knew when he saw this scene, this time he came back with Tao Sanniang, I was afraid it would not be that simple.

A teenage boy came over to open the door and shouted at Tao Sanniang, “Sister Yu Rong.”

With a happy smile on Tao Sanniang’s face, she touched the little boy’s head and said with a smile: “Xiaobao, we haven’t seen you for two years, you are all that old.”

Xiao Bao smiled shyly and scratched his head. Then he looked at Wayne Lin next to him and asked, “Sister Yu Rong, who is this big brother?”

Tao Sanniang said, “He is Sister Yu Rong’s object, you have to call him brother-in-law.”

Xiaobao called out’Brother-in-law’ very politely, and immediately he was slapped on the back of the head by a middle-aged man from behind, and cursed in a low voice, “Brother-in-law!”

Xiao Bao pouted aggrievedly.

The middle-aged man said to Tao Sanniang, “I said Yu Rong, when you come back, why did you bring a friend back? You don’t know if your mother gave you a blind date, is it the nephew of the city lord?”

The middle-aged man’s tone was obviously bad, especially his eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of threats and contempt. When he saw Wayne Lin’s ordinary appearance, he looked down even more.

And said: “You are Yu Rong’s colleague, if you send Yu Rong home for your hard work, we won’t keep you for dinner, you go back first.”

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