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Chapter 656

Even so, Whampoa Dao felt extremely shocked in his heart. The 28-year-old congenital perfection, what does this mean?

It can’t be described as a genius anymore, this is a monster against the sky!

However, he is also the god of war in China. He has experienced strong winds and waves, and he can be called legendary. He is so determined that he is naturally not an ordinary person to compare. He calmed down immediately, still shocked in his heart, but he didn’t lose his attitude anymore. He stared directly at Shangguan Wei’an and said, “Brother Shangguan, you are not kidding? The twenty-eight-year-old innate realm is complete, this It’s an absolute evildoer!”

Shangguan Wei’an nodded vigorously and said, “Brother Cary, when did you think I lied to you? His name is Wayne Lin. He is a native of Huarvell, Province of G. You may be even more disbelief. Only two years ago, he broke through to the innate realm. In just two years, he has grown from an ordinary person at the peak of the acquired to a great consummation in the innate realm!”

The Whampoa Road was even more shocked. As the military god of China, he could not imagine what kind of person he was, and what kind of talent and opportunity would he break through to the innate in just two years. The realm of perfection!

If the person who told him the news was not Shangguan Weian, he would not believe it, because it was beyond his understanding.

Not only the Whampoa Road, but the more than 30 masters of the Innate Realm present were shocked after listening to them, and they were even embarrassed. The difference is really too big.

After being silent for a while, Cary Dao sighed heavily and said, “It seems that my pattern is not big enough. I underestimated the people of the world. The twenty-eight-year-old innate realm is complete, before he is 40 years old, As long as you don’t die, you will definitely be able to break through to the point where King Kong is not bad. I didn’t expect that our country of China would also have such evildoers. This is the blessing of our country!”

The military god Cary immediately realized this, and said: “Such a peerless genius must not be allowed to be conquered by foreign forces. This will be a fatal blow to our country!”

Shangguan Wei’an said bitterly: “It’s not enough to be conquered by foreign forces. I have investigated this person. He has a strong national concept, and even killed many foreigners for his compatriots.”

Cary said: “This is a good thing, such a genius, no matter what method is used, it must be recruited to serve the country.”

This is quite a matter of course. The above-mentioned official’s stalwart character, he would definitely do this, but now he is abnormally silent, his expression is unspeakable helplessness and bitterness, Cary Road caught his anomaly and immediately asked: “Shangguan Brother, did this genius make a mistake?”

Shangguan Wei’an nodded and said, “Brother Cary, let’s tell you, this genius joined Xuanyuan 3rd place some time ago, became an instructor, and performed tasks for the organization. Unfortunately, he made a mistake.”

Whampoa raised his brows and said, “Brother Shangguan, don’t think you should be ambiguous. You will come to me. This shows that this genius is not committing treason, but there is still a chance for reform.”

Shangguan Wei’an didn’t sell it anymore. He nodded and said: “Yes, this young man participated in the task of grabbing the colorful origin fruit some time ago, but he got the first one, but he took it privately and didn’t hand it over to the organization. It’s a disobedience. I believe that he can break through from the fourth stage of the Innate Realm to Dzogchen in such a short period of time because he swallowed the Colorful Origin Fruit. This young man is a genius, but also because Too genius, too self-righteous

, Do not put the country’s majesty in the eyes. “

After listening to Cary Road, he fell into silence.

He frowned slightly, tapping the back of his hand lightly, thinking.

Shangguan Wei’an didn’t interrupt him either, I believe that by now, Cary has understood what he meant.

After coming over for nearly a minute, Whampoa Road asked, “Have you ever investigated, why did he violate the military order and embezzle the colorful origin fruit? What is his purpose?”

This question made Shangguan stalwart for a moment. He said, “Does it still need to be investigated? The Colorful Origin Fruit is the treasure of heaven and earth. It is a reborn treasure for any human being, and for a master of innate realm like Wayne Lin. , Is full of fatal temptation, which can make him stronger. He later broke through to the innate realm of Dzogchen, not because he swallowed the colorful origin fruit.”

According to this logic, there is nothing wrong with what Shangguan Weian said.

However, Cary Dao shook his head and said: “I don’t think it is that simple. Since this young man can cultivate to the fourth stage of the Innate Realm in two years, it means that he is an extremely smart person. It is impossible not to know this. Besides, after he was’resurrected from the dead’, he did not immediately escape from the country, but returned in an upright manner, indicating that he has his own reliance… Maybe, he is waiting for you to send someone to find him .”

The more Cary said, the brighter his eyes were, and the interest on his face became more and more intense. He said: “This young man is a bit interesting, but I am really interested in seeing him.”

Shangguan Wei’an is not a stupid person. On the contrary, his IQ is extremely high, surpassing most of the innate realm masters. Otherwise, he would not be able to walk to where he is today as a mortal body. He immediately said: “Brother Cary, according to you Meaning, the reason why this young man did this is because of his difficulties?”

Cary said: “I am not sure about the difficulties, but according to my judgment, there are still reasons. Moreover, now he is waiting for you to send someone to call him. This young man is a great talent!”

In Cary’s eyes, he did not conceal his appreciation for Wayne Lin.

Shangguan Wei’an also thought about it. He said, “Brother Cary, disobeying the military order is a capital crime. Do you think you can let him go.”

This sentence is very serious, but Cary laughed and said, “I said, Brother Shangguan, you don’t want to come here with me. If you really don’t let him go, you won’t come to me. A genius like this, as long as there is no treason, what is this wrong? Back then, I did not disobey your orders, you look at you, are you willing to put me to death? Hahaha.”

Shangguan Wei’an laughed after hearing it, and remembered the tragic years of many years ago. At that time, Cary Road was also a young man with strong temperament and rebellious personality. However, they often defied the military order and made them jump.

“You guy, I’m ashamed to say that back then, I was not less involved in you, so how many times did I wipe your butt!” Shangguan Wei’an said with a straight face, but he also smiled after speaking.

Then, he directly said to the person next to him: “Arrange someone to investigate Wayne Lin’s starting point for doing this and bring him over.”

“Yes, Shangfeng!”

The subordinates of the fourth stage of the two Innate Realm led them to leave.

Chapter 657

Wayne Lin had a very leisurely life in the past two days, and his life was back on the original track, but he did not relax his vigilance because of this. He knew that this was just the calm before the storm, and there were many challenges waiting for him.

He has now stabilized his realm in the innate realm, Dzogchen, and the life source of the heaven and earth spirit fruit in his body has also been digested by 80%. As long as these two are also digested, he will be an invincible cultivation base under the impervious King Kong. Even if Jian Rushuang came to the door, he could fight Jian Rushuang, and even defeat Jian Rushuang!

Shame before snow!

Now he has handed over all the power, headed by Jiang Liqun, Damon Wang and Jeff Han, operating his business empire, like a huge machine, running fast in the dark.

It is no exaggeration to say that Wayne Lin’s wealth is now the richest man in G province, and his assets are still increasing. Over time, he can become the richest man in China. It is not impossible.

Of course, for him now, wealth is just a number. What he wants more is to have greater ability to protect the people around him.

Now Wayne Lin returns strongly, especially by defeating the four masters of Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping with his own power. It can be described as terrifying countless people. He also knows that he has reached the terrifying realm of Innate Realm Dzogchen, looking at the entire province of G. , No one dared to fight him anymore.

There are already countless people who want to flatter him.

Moreover, Wayne Lin is not as simple as a simple martial artist. Now Wayne Lin’s business empire is also a behemoth. No one dares to provoke Wayne Lin, and even the three major leaders around Wayne Lin are also big figures among the big men.

Now I don’t know how many people regret that they didn’t return to Wayne Lin and became Wayne Lin’s capable cadres, so they too were soaring!

It’s a pity that there is no regret taking medicine in this world. Now I can only please Wayne Lin as much as possible. It is impossible to send charcoal in the snow, but it is also a bit of icing on the cake.

It’s strange that even if Wayne Lin has become the number one in the province of G, he still lives a very simple life. He never wears a famous brand, does not like to drive a luxury car when he goes out, and he never wears a bodyguard. Anyone who does not know him will I never thought that he would be a big man who could save earthquakes by stomping his feet.

It’s not that he deliberately pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, but he is used to being simple, this is his most comfortable state.

Both Damon Wang and Jeff Han strongly suggested that with his status, he should wear the most expensive brand in the world, drive the most expensive car, and should not drive a battery car. This is too inconsistent with his status.

However, Wayne Lin refused without hesitation. For him, he didn’t need to show off in this way. On the contrary, it would cause him unnecessary trouble. The most important thing for him is to live comfortably.

“Oh, Randal Lin is really unpredictable!” In Ziqiong Media, Damon Wang and Jeff Han watched Wayne Lin leave on a small electric donkey and sighed helplessly. He really didn’t understand Lin Zi. Ming’s thoughts.

According to normal people’s thinking, the reason why people struggle is to live a better life and enrich their material life. How do you feel that Wayne Lin has money and no money, and there is no difference between living.

Jeff Han said: “Randal Lin is a fairy-like figure, which is beyond our mortal vulgarity’s ability to guess, maybe this is also Randal Lin’s way of cultivation!”

Damon Wang smiled bitterly: “The key point is that Randal Lin is so simple, and it’s too embarrassing for us to be subordinates. I originally wanted to change Leslie, but Randal Lin and his old people all open small electric donkeys. Where am I?

I’m so embarrassed to change it. I was embarrassed to open the Bentley before, and I’m going to sell it for a small BMW. “

Jeff Han was taken aback and said, “According to that, I should change the car too.”

“It’s better to change it.” Damon Wang said solemnly.

Wayne Lin didn’t know that when he opened a small eDonkey, his two old men, Damon Wang and Jeff Han, would have so many ideas.

He is now riding a little electric donkey home leisurely, which makes him feel very comfortable, and the shining of the sun makes him very comfortable.

Just as he was waiting for the traffic lights within the white line, a Porsche next to him, the window of the car dropped down, and a confused voice appeared, “Wayne Lin?”

Wayne Lin turned his head to look, and immediately saw a slightly blessed man with gold glasses. He looked familiar, “Do you know me?”

“Damn, it’s really you, Wayne Lin, long time no see!” The man suddenly became excited.

Wayne Lin was even more confused now, he had no impression of this man, “You are?”

The other party suddenly scolded angrily: “Damn! You guy, you forgot about me. I’m Deng Kai. In the second grade, we were still classmates!”

Hearing what the other party said, Wayne Lin immediately remembered, and suddenly said: “I’m going, Deng Kai, it’s you! I’ll just say why you look so familiar, what have you experienced in the past few years? Are you so fat?”

It’s no wonder that Wayne Lin couldn’t recognize it for a while. The image difference between Deng Kai and junior high school was too big. You must know that at that time Deng Kai was a well-known thin man in the class and had a monkey nickname. He is now fatter. There were several laps, but Wayne Lin wouldn’t recognize it if his facial contours were somewhat similar.

Deng Kai said happily, “I am a successful person, alright.”

At this moment, a woman’s voice came from inside the car, with a little impatience in her tone, “Deng Kai, pay attention to your identity, and don’t strike up conversations with messy people.”

When Deng Kai heard this voice, his face was respectful, and he quickly said: “Mr. Han, he is Wayne Lin, a classmate in our previous class. It just happened to be tonight…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted and said nonchalantly: “The green light is on, drive.”

There was helplessness on Deng Kai’s face, but he didn’t dare not to. It was indeed the green light now. He had no choice but to say to Wayne Lin quickly: “Wayne, remember my number, 138, million Call me back.”

After speaking, he stepped on the accelerator and left.

Wayne Lin has a very good memory, and he will remember it once he reads it.

And the voice from the car just now made him feel a little familiar, as if he had heard it before, and the voice was very sweet, it seemed to be a beautiful woman.

Could it be a former junior high school classmate? Wayne Lin thought about it, but he didn’t remember who it was.

On Deng Kai’s side, he was obviously in awe of the woman in the back seat and asked cautiously: “Mr. Han, that was also our junior high school classmate, Wayne Lin, I remember you used to be at the same table with him.”

The woman in the back seat closed her eyes and did not respond.

Deng Kai has become accustomed to the other party’s arrogance, but he didn’t feel wrong. After thinking about it, he tentatively said: “Mr. Han, it just happens to be our class’s party tonight. Why don’t you call him Wayne Lin? Haven’t participated after graduation.”

Chapter 658

When Deng Kai was in school, he had a very good relationship with Wayne Lin. After graduation, the two went to different high schools and gradually lost contact. Deng Kai felt it was a pity.

Just now Deng Kai discovered that Wayne Lin was wearing plain clothes, wearing a big sun, and riding a small electric donkey. It was obviously a bad life.

It just so happens that the junior high school classmates meeting will be held tonight. The previous classmates are all mixed up very well now. Inviting Wayne Lin to participate may be good for Wayne Lin.

Most importantly, it would be even better if Wayne Lin could walk into Han Ruxin’s eyes.

You should know that Han Ruxin had a very good relationship with Wayne Lin before. The two of them even had an ambiguity for a while. At that time, the two of them had the best grades in the class, and they were at the same table, and they were called the golden girl. .

Now Deng Kai works for Han Ruxin as Han Ruxin’s driver, but he knows how strong Han Ruxin is. If Han Ruxin is really willing to help Wayne Lin, then Wayne Lin will definitely get better!

It is a pity that Han Ruxin didn’t speak, she closed her eyes to rest her mind, as if she didn’t want to take care of it. Deng Kai sighed in her heart and didn’t speak any more. She felt sorry for Wayne Lin in her heart. It seemed that Wayne Lin did not have this blessing.

Just when Deng Kai was about to give up, Han Ruxin’s voice finally came from behind him, “The battery car he drove just now?”

Deng Kai was taken aback, and then quickly said, “Yes, that’s right, the battery car that Wayne Lin drove just now, maybe he hasn’t had a good time in recent years.”

Han Ruxin opened her eyes and said faintly, “He is from the Lin family, how could he get so miserable.”

“I don’t know this, maybe it’s bad luck?” Deng Kai said cautiously, and looked at Han Ruxin secretly through the rearview mirror. He didn’t dare to look more at just one glance, for fear of being discovered by Han Ruxin. After spending so many years with Han Ruxin, he knew that Han Ruxin was a very powerful woman, who had an instinctive contempt for men whose status was not as good as hers.

Han Ruxin’s beautiful eyes flashed a little bit, and then said: “In this case, let him come over tonight.”

Deng Kai was overjoyed and said quickly, “That’s great, President Han, I thank you for Wayne Lin first!”

Han Ruxin looked out the window, her eyes erratic, as if she thought of her junior high school career many years ago.

She hadn’t heard the name Wayne Lin for a long time, but now that she heard it suddenly, memories suddenly emerged.

Back then, she and Wayne Lin were very close. You chased me when studying. After school, they often went home together. In the third year of junior high, Wayne Lin also fought for her.

In fact, she has a secret that she has never told other classmates. That is, she had a crush on Wayne Lin back then, but Wayne Lin has never been tempted by her. She did not hold back once and confessed to Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin Rejected her without thinking!

She also said that learning is important, but she knows that this is just an excuse for Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin just looks down on her, she is just a girl from an ordinary family, and is different from a young master like Wayne Lin. .

She will never forget that her injury at the beginning has also become the motivation for her efforts. After graduating from junior high school, she was admitted to the provincial key high school, and the university was admitted to a prestigious school. In the past few years after graduation, she used herself The advantage of making money quickly, now he is the boss of several companies.

However, Wayne Lin has plummeted, and now he is reduced to riding a battery car. I don’t know what her expression will be when she sees her current scenery at the class meeting tonight.


Han Ruxin began to look forward to it.

On Wayne Lin’s side, after he got home, he used his cell phone to send a message to Deng Kai. After a while, Deng Kai called me, “Hey, Wayne, you can call me. I thought you didn’t remember my number!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Your number is easy to remember.”

Deng Kai laughed happily and said, “It is necessary. I bought this number for tens of thousands of dollars. It must be easy to remember.”

Then, Wayne Lin and Deng Kai exchanged a few words on the phone. Deng Kai said straightforwardly: “Hey, Wayne, tell you something business. There will be a junior high school classmate meeting tonight. Many classmates will come to attend. Come here too.”

“Classmates reunion?” Wayne Lin was taken aback when he heard that, and felt quite surprised. Over the years, Alma Chu’s class reunions, he had participated in it, but his own classmates reunion had really never participated in it. It’s not that he is cold or cold, but that he and his former classmates have lost contact.

If it hadn’t happened by chance today, he would have met Deng Kai, and he would have never seen these old classmates in his life.

“Yes, classmates reunion!” Deng Kai kindly invited. “In fact, we hold classmates reunion every year. It was held in other cities before. This year, Han Ruxin suggested that it be held in Huarvell, otherwise I won’t meet you. Fate, this is the fate of heaven! By the way, do you remember Han Ruxin? I was at the same table with you before.”

Han Ruxin… Hearing the name, Wayne Lin recalled it for a while, but remembered that he and Han Ruxin had a pretty good relationship before, and they went home together after school every day, but in the second semester of the third year, Han Ruxin and him He confessed that after being rejected by him, Han Ruxin drifted away from him.

“Remember, she was the one who was in your car today?” Wayne Lin asked with a smile. Speaking of which, he hadn’t seen Han Ruxin for many years.

“Hey, I know you must still remember it. Han Ruxin was the class flower of our class back then. There are more people pursuing her. Back then, Han Ruxin liked to be with you. I don’t know how many people envy you. Even I wanted to beat you back then, haha.” Deng Kai said, picking up.

After Wayne Lin listened, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he smiled, recalling the years back then.

But now so many years have passed, they have become treasured memories.

“Deng Kai, you can do it now. You have pursued our Banhua. Have you gotten married?” Wayne Lin also joked, but didn’t want to. Deng Kai’s reaction was great and quickly said, “Hey, don’t you Nonsense! Han Ruxin is now my immediate boss, but I want to call her President Han. Besides, what status am I? How can I pursue her with such a blessing!”

“Really?” Wayne Lin was a little surprised. Looking at Deng Kai’s appearance, it seems that Han Ruxin is mixing well now?

“Of course it’s true!” Deng Kai said solemnly: “Don’t look at Han Ruxin’s weakness in those days. She is now very powerful. He is the boss of several companies and his assets are up one billion yuan! This time the class meeting, She spent a lot of money on her own.”

“Oh, isn’t it? That’s really awesome.” Wayne Lin said with a little emotion. Back then, Han Ruxin was really weak and depended on him a lot.

Deng Kai heard Wayne Lin’s emotions. In his opinion, Wayne Lin’s current mood must have mixed feelings, but he is not easy to expose, so he said, “That’s it. Come here when you come, or I can send someone to pick you up.”

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