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Chapter 236

“Toast and not eat fine wine! You really thought I gave you a face, right?”

With a bang, Ma Ge suddenly slapped the table with a slap, and then he took a glass of wine and poured it on Ning Yuning’s face. Ning Yuning was shocked. It happened that she was wearing a thin dress. Under the penetration of the wine, it becomes translucent, looming.

Ning Yuning’s eyes turned red all of a sudden. Since she became famous, she has never suffered such wrongs.

She was already in good shape, but now her clothes were wet, she was particularly tempted, and immediately caused many men in the box to whistle, staring straight at her, unwilling to move, and all kinds of unbearable words spread to her In her ears, the extreme grievance made her finally couldn’t help but cried.

“Oh, I cried, this is too weak, hahaha.”

“It’s fun to cry. I like to see women crying, especially those who are pretty, and it’s so cool to bully.”

“Haha, you are such a pervert, you actually like to watch women cry, why are they exactly the same as my hobby.”

“This is a superstar superstar. There are tens of millions of fans. I didn’t expect to cry so sad. Tsk, if you get to the bed, won’t you cry more vigorously?”

“That’s for sure, just because of the physique of Brother Marco, he didn’t torture the big star to the death.”

Where could Ning Yuning stay? She felt like she was in a pack of wolves now, shivering, and now she was still wet. The eyes of these men made her nervous and scared to the extreme. She had never experienced such a situation. Will be eaten by these men at any time!

And she has no doubt that they did something like this, and now she really regrets it more and more. If she knew this earlier, even if she was ashamed in the box just now, it would be a hundred times better!

If she was really defiled by these people, then she promised that she would not survive.

She tried to escape, but as soon as she stood up, she was caught: “Want to run? I tell you, there is no woman in my Malong hands that can run!”

As he said, he stretched out his hand to Ning Yuning and touched it, intending to get started directly.

The other men in the box started shouting, cheering Ma.

“You let me go, let me go!!” Ning Yuning was completely panicked, struggling desperately, but still couldn’t get away, crying anxiously.

She is really desperate now, how much she hopes to have a real son, save her. But she knows that this is an unlikely thing. This is not a movie, but a reality. In reality, there will not be such a real emperor unless there is a miracle.

At this moment, the door of the closed box was suddenly pushed open, and a group of people walked in. It wasn’t anyone, but Wayne Lin, Ye Piaoyang, and Yang Xiaomi and other female stars.

After they came in, they also saw this scene and expressed their surprise.

This movement alarmed everyone in the box. They all looked over. They had already caught Ning Yuning, and Ma Long, who was about to use his hands, was also taken aback for a moment. His hands relaxed a little. Ning Yuning caught the opportunity and quickly broke free. Drive, and run over quickly.

She was really terrified now, she was completely in a state of panic, Ye Piao Yang and

Wayne Lin appeared, for her, it was undoubtedly in the darkness, tore a light hole, rescued her, and hurried over.

However, because she was so flustered and ran in a hurry, she actually tripped and fell forward. She was dissatisfied with her speed. She was wearing high heels again, so she must be heavy and her face fell. broken.

She yelled out in a panic, and she was about to fall to the ground. At this moment, she felt a flower in front of her eyes. It was Wayne Lin that moved. She moved extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of Ning Yuning, promptly Hugging Ning Yuning’s body, then rotated a half circle, buffering off the momentum, and steadily holding Ning Yuning in his arms, saving her.

However, what was embarrassing was that Ning Yuning struggled in panic, causing her posture to deflect, causing Wayne Lin’s arm to touch her chest, which was very embarrassing.

Wayne Lin couldn’t help but sway!

Ning Yuning also felt it. Her face that was pale with fright immediately rose with two blushes, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot.

Even if she is a big star in the entertainment industry, she has also filmed many scenes, but all her kiss scenes are used as dislocations and substitutes. She herself has not had such close contact with the opposite sex. She herself is a A very shy person, so she is blushing and shy now!

But it is strange that she did not just get repelled and disgusted, but had a sense of security that she had never had before. Because she felt that Wayne Lin’s arms were too powerful, this feeling was something she hadn’t felt in other men.

When Yang Xiaomi and other female stars saw this scene, their faces were very ugly, full of envy, jealousy and hatred, wishing that they were Ning Yuning.

“Ahem!” Wayne Lin didn’t take the opportunity to take advantage of Ning Yuning’s advantage. He quickly straightened Ning Yuning and let her go. He glanced at Ning Yuning briefly and found that her upper body was wet, and his eyes also Did not stay too much, and took off his coat very gentlemanly, put Ning Yuning on, and asked in a deep voice: “What happened?”

Ning Yuning didn’t come back to her senses until she put on Wayne Lin’s coat and felt the residual warmth remaining in the coat. Wayne Lin’s gentleness gave her an indescribable shyness and enjoyment.

Before she could speak, someone in the box patted the table and stood up, cursing, “Who are you, don’t you want to live, do you dare to break into our box?!”

All of them recovered, their expressions were very ugly, and they stared at Wayne Lin and the others.

Ma Long twisted his neck. He stood up and said in a low tone: “You are brave enough to even dare to break into my Ma Long’s territory?”

Ye Piaoyang’s expression changed when he heard the words Ma Long. He stepped forward and said, “Excuse me, you are Ma Long of the Kunlun Group?”

Ma Long twisted his neck again, showing a joking smile, and said, “Oh, you still know me. It seems that your identity is not simple.”

Suddenly, there was panic on Ye Piaoyang’s face. He hurried up and said flatly: “It turns out that it is really Mr. Ma Long of Kunlun Group. Fortunately, I am the chairman of Heiyan Media, Ye Piaoyang.”

Ma Long said, “Heiyan Media, I understand. You are the boss of the big star Ning Yuning. It just so happens that your star makes me unhappy. I’m going to sleep with her tonight. Do you agree?”

Chapter 237

“This…” The corners of Ye Piaoyang’s mouth twitched twice, and this Ma Long was too shameful for him.

However, they do have this ability. You don’t have to give him face. Kunlun Group, which is a very powerful company in China, has a market value of tens of billions. It is not something that a Black Rock media boss in another district can offend.

And this Ma Long is a famous dude in the circle, especially arrogant and domineering, I don’t know how many women played.

Ye Piaoyang had heard of Ma Long’s’prestige’ before, and he also understood that this level of dude could not be offended by him as a media boss. For a while, he was a little bit troubled, if it were other female stars, he directly agreed to Malone.

But Ning Yuning is different. Ning Yuning is now the hottest star of Black Rock Media. In terms of traffic, it is half a level higher than Wu Fanyi, and it is also Black Rock Media’s cash cow. If so Being slept by Ma Long and passing it out was a devastating blow to Ning Yuning’s star path.

And a very important point, Ning Yuning is different from other female stars. He has been in the entertainment circle for so long and has always maintained his innocence. He will not be stained by the mud. He is definitely not willing to be defiled by Ma Long. , If you want to force it, there may be a big problem.

But as far as Malone is concerned, he didn’t dare to offend easily, so for a while, he was a little bit difficult.

When Ning Yuning heard Ma Long’s words, her face began to pale again, and she hurriedly said, “Chairman, don’t be defiled by him if you kill me!”

As for Yang Xiaomi and other female stars, they would be gloating a lot. Originally, the explosion of Ning Yuning in the last two years had an impact on them. The company’s resources have given Ning Yuning a lot of tilt, if not tonight , They and Ning Yuning are also in a competitive relationship.

Tonight came to cheat Wayne Lin again, and their hostility towards Ning Yuning was even greater. If Ning Yuning really wanted to accompany Ma Long, then it could be said that Ning Yuning was completely out of the game.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He didn’t expect that he would encounter something like this when he came to have a meal tonight. Kunlun Group, he also knows, well-known logistics companies in China have a market value of 30 to 40 billion yuan, and after the rising stage, the market value will increase over time.

As for this Ma Long, he hadn’t heard of it much. Seeing Ye Piaoyang’s jealousy, he must be the son of the chairman of the Kunlun Group, or the son of a senior executive, and he is a typical dude.

These are okay. With Wayne Lin’s current strength, there is no need to be afraid of the Kunlun Group, let alone Ma Long, even the president of the Kunlun Group, he doesn’t need to give face.

What really makes Wayne Lin feel a little interested is that this Ma Long is not an ordinary dude, the other party is still a practising family, and his skills are not bad, and Wayne Lin also sees a huge momentum from Ma Long’s temperament, confident Full of heart, it seems that Ma Long’s identity is not just as simple as the Kunlun Group. This is a bit interesting.

Wayne Lin didn’t speak. He watched from the side. Ning Yuning was originally Ye Piaoyang, and it was not his turn to come forward and take the lead.

“Why, don’t you agree?” Ma Long’s face looked like a smile, and terrible pressure emanated from him, and Ye Piao was suddenly panicked, with a cold sweat on his forehead, and hurriedly explained: “Mr. Ma, you misunderstood. , I didn’t mean that… I don’t know how Ning Yuning offended President Ma, I apologize for her, President Ma, can you see if you can look at my face and turn big things into small things?”

With that, Ye Piaoyang bent over, lowered his posture, and went over to pour President Ma, and picked up the wine glass to apologize to Ma Long.

It’s just that Malone simply ignored him, even

Without moving, he twisted his neck again, showing a creepy smile, and said: “According to that, you won’t give me Ma Long face?”

As his words fell, suddenly, with a sigh, the other men in the box all stood up, stepped forward together, and surrounded Ye Piaoyang.

At this moment, Ye Piaoyang felt unprecedented pressure, and the cold sweat on his forehead ran down, the blood on his face disappeared a lot, and the fat on his face was trembling.

There is one thing to say, Ye Piaoyang is also a personal character. The chairman of Heiyan Media has a lot of net worth. He has several billions. He has experienced many big scenes. According to reason, his psychological quality is very strong. of. However, the pressure he is facing now is a bit beyond his tolerance limit, making him panic and fear.

Because, he discovered that not only Ma Long, but the other people here, but also rich second-generation in the circle, all of them have extraordinary backgrounds. The combined energy of these people is not what his little chairman of Black Rock Media can do. Offended!


He swallowed heavily, and said: “Mr. Ma, you have misunderstood. I didn’t mean that. You are a big man. How dare I not give you face. The key is that Ning Yuning has come to the moon in the past two days… …”

He didn’t say anything, he was slapped in the face by Ma Long, and with a slap, he hit him to the ground.

Anyway, he is also the chairman of Black Rock Media. The boss behind dozens of stars is a successful entrepreneur anyway, but Ma Long actually slapped him in front of so many people, which is too arrogant. Up!

The other female celebrities were shocked. They had never seen their chairman look so humble.

Wayne Lin wrinkled his eyes slightly, but he was not surprised. He thought he felt the swelling confidence in Ma Long’s heart. He didn’t put Ye Piao Yang in his eyes at all, otherwise he would not say in front of Ye Piao Yang’s face. Ning Yuning was about to sleep.

Now Wayne Lin is more curious about this man named Ma Long, who really supports him.

Ye Piaoyang got this slap in the face, and he was very angry. This Ma Long was so deceptive. Anyway, he is also the boss of a listed company, and he hit him like this!

“The surnamed Ma, you have no reason to dare to beat Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu…”

Ye Piaoyang was furious. After he fell, he wanted to get up and call someone to avenge him. He was beaten by Ma Long in this way. If he didn’t fight back and passed it out, then he still used it to mix in the circle?

However, he was just about to get up, when Ma Long came over, kicked him over and stepped on his chest, making him immobile, staring at him condescendingly: “Dead pig, I’m giving you face I just asked you, do you really think Lao Tzu is giving you face? I can bankrupt you with just one word, do you believe it?”

When Ma Long said this, his face was full of arrogance and disdain, and he couldn’t look down on the leaves fluttering.

Ye Piaoyang was frightened, he felt Malone’s disdain, not joking.

Ye Piaoyang’s mouth trembled twice. He wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything. He lowered his head to express compromise.

Ma Long said a word of garbage with disdain, then let go of Ye Piao Yang and walked directly to Ning Yuning.

Ning Yuning trembled with fright, she hurriedly hid behind Wayne Lin, tightly grasped Wayne Lin’s hand, and issued a helpless pleading: “Randal, help me, please…”

Chapter 238

At this moment, Wayne Lin was the only thing Ning Yuning could count on.

She is not stupid. Judging from Ye Piaoyang’s jealousy of Ma Long just now, and Ma Long’s arrogance, she knew that Ma Long was definitely a big man she could not afford to offend!

Regardless of whether she is a big star, she exists in the eyes of ordinary people, but she knows very well that in this society, there are still too many people who are better than her. Among these capitalists and big people, she is one It’s just a plaything, not worth mentioning.

She has seen many stars in the entertainment industry with her own eyes, and she has no status at all in the flattery in front of those bosses and big figures.

If she hadn’t been talented enough, and she was low-key enough, with her reputation and appearance, she would have never known how many capitalists had played it.

She didn’t want to live such a life!

The thought of being ravaged by those big bellies, even 60 or 70-year-old old men, she couldn’t stop nauseating and couldn’t think about it.

Even if this Ma Long is a young man, she can’t accept the sordid and rascal appearance the other party shows. Moreover, she knew very well that when she got into Ma Long’s hands, it was possible that Ma Long would not be the only one who would ravage her!

Then she would rather die.

Now under extraordinary circumstances, her only shield is Wayne Lin! If she really chooses to dedicate her life to someone, she would rather devote her life to Wayne Lin, at least Wayne Lin is still a gentleman, and Wayne Lin didn’t give her that hateful feeling.

However, she also knew that as far as her relationship with Wayne Lin was concerned, Wayne Lin didn’t have to offend a big man like Ma Long for her.

Ma Long just stared at Wayne Lin lightly, and then looked away. He didn’t put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all. In his opinion, Wayne Lin was just a follower, not worth mentioning.

He stared at Ning Yuning with a smirk, and said: “Big star, I told you that I am your fan and will treat you very tenderly. I haven’t got your signature yet. Wait a minute. Hotel, you sign for me, as a courtesy, I also sign on you, Jiejie.”

With that said, he walked over and grabbed Ning Yuning directly.

Ning Yuning was terribly scared. She held Wayne Lin tightly, just like a drowning man grasping the life-saving straw tightly, unwilling to let go.

At this moment, Wayne Lin moved. He grabbed the hand extended by Ma Long and smiled lightly: “Friend, you are too much.”

His shot made Ma Long visibly stunned. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to dare to stop him.

In his eyes, Wayne Lin was not even a human being, but a statue. As a result, the statue moved and grabbed his hand, which was quite surprised to him.

Ning Yuning also froze for a moment, and then she was moved to the extreme, her nose was sour, and moved tears shed.

At this moment, she is really grateful to Wayne Lin!

“Grass!” Ma Long was grabbed by Wayne Lin’s wrist, his face gloomy at a speed visible to the naked eye, he exploded with a loud noise, and then he kicked Wayne Lin directly!

The speed is very fast, and the strength is very fierce, and he kicked directly to Wayne Lin’s lower body. This is to directly destroy Wayne Lin.

The shots were not cruel, Wayne Lin didn’t offend him, so he played black hands like this. One can imagine how many bad things he did and how many people fell into his hands.

Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed a little coldness, and he snorted heavily.

Originally, he didn’t have much hostility to Ma Long, at best, he just saw Ma Long not pleasing to the eye, but now, Ma Long’s shot made his heart cold suddenly.

Yang Xiaomi and other female celebrities saw Ma Long kick Wayne Lin’s body. They all opened their eyes wide and screamed. In their opinion, if this kick is going down, Wayne Lin must be annihilated. That’s it!

There was also a sneer at the corner of Ma Long’s mouth, and his heart was particularly happy. There is nothing better than abolishing the man’s life.

However, at this moment, the sneer on his face stiffened, and showed pain, a strong impact, causing him to retreat humbly, if not for someone behind to hold him in time, he would now fall down Up!

It turned out that Wayne Lin made the shot at the very close of the serve. He took the shot later, raised his left foot, kicked out with lightning, and kicked directly on Ma Long’s stomach, majestic and powerful, and he didn’t want money to be poured into Ma Long’s stomach!

At this moment, Ma Long felt that his intestines were about to be broken, and violent force rushed into his stomach, like a knife was scraping in his stomach, and the pain made him die alive.

Just kidding, Wayne Lin’s current martial arts is terribly high, even a tough man like Ugly Master can’t stand a punch from him, let alone a dude like Ma Long.

Even if Ma Long is a Lianjiazi, he is just an ordinary master, and it is completely incomparable with Wayne Lin’s perversion.

Originally, Wayne Lin didn’t want to be so cruel. It was this guy named Ma Long who was too deceitful and wanted to destroy his life roots. This kind of thing could not be tolerated by men, let alone a cruel person like Wayne Lin.

Everyone present was stunned. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to fight back in this situation, and kicked Ma Long so many steps backwards.

“Oh! It hurts, it hurts me… I’m going to kill you, I’ll kill you!!” Ma Long covered his stomach, his face was so painful that his face was crooked, and he kept taking cold breath. The ground yelled and shed tears in pain.

His gang of horses did not expect that Wayne Lin would dare to fight back. This is a bear heart and leopard courage!

Ning Yuning was stunned for a moment, and then, she became extremely excited, and once again felt an unprecedented level of security, many times stronger than Wayne Lin’s hug her in time!

As for the female celebrities of Yang Xiaomi, they are also venting their hearts, staring at Wayne Lin closely, their eyes are shining, there is no way, the kick of Wayne Lin just now is so handsome, it is completely the male in the movie The protagonist!

“What are you guys doing in a daze? Give me! Kill him!!!” Ma Long cursed angrily. He has never been so wronged when he grows up, especially when he recognizes a new elder brother, it is real. The big man came from a mysterious and powerful organization. Since then, he has been walking sideways in the circle. No matter how big a mistake he makes, his elder brother can help him settle.

And now, he was beaten by someone, and he was still a small person who didn’t look very good, but he was pissed off!

He vowed that he must let this little man die tragically, otherwise it would not be enough to relieve his anger! !

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