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Chapter 428

Liu Jie is a college student from the countryside. Ten years ago, he came out to work in Hwadrid with lofty ambitions. He believed that with his hard work and wisdom, he could work hard in Hwadrid.

But it turned out that reality gave him a slap in the face. After he came to Hwadrid, he was frustrated everywhere, and his original blood was poured out. Then slowly, he confessed his fate, especially when he invested in a business two years ago. His failure caused him to owe a debt. Several times he thought of giving up on himself, but for the sake of his wife and children, he could only stand through his teeth and go to work.

But at his age, he has no special expertise, and he can only get paid by selling his labor.

This way money is too slow, too slow…

Finally, four months ago, he saw the recruitment here and said to hire a cleaner, with a monthly salary of 13,000 yuan! This salary, in Hwadrid City, was considered a middle-level income. In an instant, he was moved to work, and he signed the contract without seeing it clearly.

He originally thought this was the beginning of his good fortune, but he never expected that this was just the opposite, it was the beginning of his nightmare.

There are more than 20 foreigners here, all of them are sturdy men who are tall and mammoth. They are very arrogant and domineering, and they like to curse at every turn. They are also extremely ugly, and sometimes they beat people.

Several times he thought about quitting his job, but for the 13,000 yuan monthly salary, he gritted his teeth and stood up.

But as a result, this group of foreigners actually refused to pay their wages, so they paid one or two thousand yuan every month to hang them!

Especially what happened today made him feel desperate. He hated this group of foreigners so much. He had thought more than once that a powerful Chinese compatriot would appear, and he would severely teach these arrogant foreigners!

He is not the only one who has this idea. Almost all Chinese people have had this idea, but they all know that it is unrealistic.

But what they didn’t expect was that such a person actually appeared, appeared strong, and beat a few foreigners, especially the two named Tony and John, it was too miserable.

When they came back to their senses, they were extremely excited and clenched their fists, especially when Wayne Lin yelled that sentence, their whole body began to boil with enthusiasm!

Liu Jie was even more excited and shed tears. He felt that the blood that had disappeared deep in his heart was awakened by Wayne Lin!

He threw the rag in his hand vigorously and yelled, “Well said! You foreign devils, who gave you the courage to bully my compatriots on my Chinese territory!!!”

Liu Jie stared at all foreigners including Smith and Connor.

His performance has awakened the passion of other Chinese people. As for those foreigners, their expressions are even more ugly.

In the eyes of these foreigners, Liu Jie was just a beast at work, and he even dared to resist them, almost looking for death!

Immediately there was a tall white man, pointing at Liu Jie and cursing: “Liu Jie, Hua Guozhu, you dare to offend our noble white man and look for death!”

Chapter 429

With that said, he was about to act on Liu Jie.

However, the other Chinese beside Liu Jie now stand up together, and forcefully throw away their working tools, rags, brooms, and mops all on the ground while they stand in front of Liu Jie. Straighten your chest and face the white man, it means you dare to move Liu Jie together.

When the white man saw this scene, some fear flashed in his eyes and he dared not act rashly.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were deep. At this moment, he felt a kind of national meaning, and the blood on his body was boiling. This was something he had never experienced before.

In the past, China was backward, and it was indeed bullied and beaten by foreigners. But now, after a hundred years, China has become stronger and the nation’s blood

Sex, backbone, and pride are all revived at this moment, so why not fear foreigners!

“Good! Good! Good!”

Wayne Lin said three good words and walked over to Liu Jie and his fellow citizens, his eyes filled with appreciation and excitement, “You dare to stand up and resist, it’s all good.”

They were praised by Wayne Lin, and they became proud inexplicably, and their chests became even more straight.

But in the next moment, I heard Connor’s cold snort, looking at Wayne Lin and the dozens of Chinese with a stern look, tilted his head and said: “Just because of you cowardly Chinese, also Dare to stand up and resist us? Looking for death!”

As his voice fell, the more than 20 foreigners present began to surround Wayne Lin, Liu Jie and others, staring at them.

Immediately, Liu Jie and more than a dozen Chinese people suddenly changed their expressions and began to panic.

I have to admit that compared with these foreigners, their body is really a lot worse, not at the same level.


Many people gulped heavily and became scared.

Smith and Connor walked over, their eyes swept across the faces of all the Chinese people with cold and contempt, and finally fell on Wayne Lin.

“Cowardly Chinese, a despicable nation like you, dare to resist our noble white people?!”

“You Chinese people are born to be slaves, working for us white people, and serving us white people! Do you think that you can compete with us if you learn a little bit of the so-called Chinese kung fu? You can’t help yourself!”

“Your figure is a dwarf in our country, rubbish.”

They all said extremely arrogant and insulting words, which made all the Chinese people angry to the extreme, but they did not dare to act rashly, but were very frightened, because they were afraid of these tall and arrogant foreigners.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were getting colder and colder, and a ball of fire flashed in his eyes. He was completely angry. Even when facing Wu Meizi, he was not so angry!

Connor felt his anger and sneered. Now that he has been baptized by the water of life, his strength has greatly improved. Facing Wayne Lin, he has no fear, thinking that Wayne Lin is just a weak chicken, and he easily defeated him. .

“Hua Guo monkey, last time I was in the octagonal cage, I was in a bad condition, and was successfully attacked by you. Today, I want to defeat you! Then break your limbs and make you a waste!”

“Connor, what you said is wrong, he was a trash, hahaha…” Smith laughed, unusually arrogant.

Not only him, but many foreigners present also began to laugh wildly.

They had just seen Connor’s punch, which was close to three thousand pounds. They didn’t think that this thin Chinese man could withstand Connor’s angry punch.

Besides, Connor’s boss, the ultimate boss is also there, and he just hit the force measuring machine and scrapped it. With him in charge, to abuse this weak Chinese, isn’t it a matter of hand?

The faces of Liu Jie and others became more and more ugly, more and more frightened, some of them were less courageous, and now their blood faded, and their hands and feet began to become cold.

“What, what should I do?”

“These foreigners are going to kill us…”

“Yes, especially this one named Connor, he can hit more than 2,800 pounds of power in one punch!”

“This is over, we shouldn’t be really killed.”

“I, I don’t want to die yet…”

For a while, all the Chinese people except Wayne Lin began to cry.

Chapter 430

Smith, Connor and others saw their panic and scared look, their mocking voices became louder, and they looked down on them from the bottom of their hearts.

Wayne Lin sighed inwardly. He realized that most Chinese people still fear foreigners in their bones. Who makes whites so much taller than Chinese.

He was not discouraged, and felt that the responsibility on his shoulders became heavier. He had to reverse this situation!

So he turned his head back, his eyes were sharp, and he said very seriously: “Don’t be afraid. With me, these foreigners can’t hurt you anymore. I hope you harden up. Our nation is no longer the nation that was beaten a hundred years ago. Now we stand up. , We don’t have to fear them at all!”

They looked at Wayne Lin’s impassioned look, their fears were reduced a lot, but they still didn’t have much confidence in Wayne Lin, “Boss, did you call other helpers over?”

Hope appeared in the eyes of other people. If Wayne Lin called a helper, there was still hope to defeat this group of arrogant foreigners!

But immediately, Wayne Lin’s answer disappointed them. Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “Without a helper, I came by myself.”


“That’s it…”

“You are alone, how can you beat so many foreigners?”

“Yeah, they are all big and big, and one punch can spit us up blood.”

“Hey, it seems that we can’t leave this time.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have come here to work. I don’t know how these foreigners would abuse us, alas!”

Two foreigners who understood Mandarin stood up and said, “Do you now know that you are afraid? It’s very simple, kneel down for us, kowtow to apologize, and admit that you are the Chinese sick man. We can consider letting you go.”


Smith walked out, stared at Wayne Lin, and said arrogantly and threateningly: “Wayne Lin, you are dead today. Connor has been baptized by the water of life, and now his strength is so strong that he can kill you with one punch!”

water of life?

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, and he soon realized that this was the way for the West to improve its strength, which he had heard from the clown.

In the East, including China, they all use cultivation to improve their cultivation. In the West, they believe in the power of biotechnology and use various drugs to stimulate physical growth.

Among them, they call the strong in the innate realm the supernatural.

Now Wayne Lin can also see that Connor’s strength has indeed improved a lot compared to the last time, especially in terms of physique. He is very strong, and is already at the peak of the day after tomorrow.

If it were for Wayne Lin that had not been promoted to the Innate Realm, facing Connor like this, it would be a bit difficult to deal with it. But now, it’s just an ant, and it can be easily defeated.

But he is a little interested in this so-called water of life.

“Really? Then you can try, can you beat me to death with a single punch.” Wayne Lin said lightly, hooking his finger at Connor to signal him to attack.

Connor walked over immediately. He is now over 1.9 meters tall and his body is extremely strong. As soon as he exerts force, the tendons on his body harden, and the visual impact is extremely huge!

Those Chinese people were too scared to speak.

Wayne Lin’s expression remained unchanged, with some contempt in his eyes.

At the same time, his gaze swept across all the foreigners present, and he said, “One, two, three…twenty-four, twenty-five…hmm? There is one more, which is a bit interesting…”

Wayne Lin looked at a certain direction behind Connor and showed a meaningful smile. He noticed it. In that room, there was a master of Innate Realm, who was called a supernatural power in the West.

Even across a wall, Wayne Lin could feel the strong aura of the opponent.

Connor snorted, his eyes suddenly became red and bloodshot, and he licked his tongue, full of bloodthirsty feeling, and then he shot suddenly, very fast, he weighed more than two hundred catties, He was actually as agile as an ape. In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Wayne Lin, making a boxing posture, and attacking outright, with a straight punch, fiercely hitting Wayne Lin’s face.


He knocked Wayne Lin out with a punch!

The Chinese people behind Wayne Lin felt Connor’s power, and their faces paled with fright. They rushed back, and their hearts tightened with fear.

When Wayne Lin faced Connor’s punch, he seemed to be frightened. He stood motionless and didn’t know to dodge.

The corners of Connor’s mouth rose, revealing a sneer. This punch used 90% of his strength and more than two thousand pounds of power. He had absolute confidence that he could break Wayne Lin’s neck with one punch!

Smith and others were also extremely excited, thinking that Wayne Lin was going to be knocked out.

With a bang.

Actually hit.

Connor was stunned for a moment. He fought Wayne Lin in an octagonal cage last time, knowing that although his punch is fast, Wayne Lin should be able to avoid it. But now, Wayne Lin didn’t hide? What’s happening here?

When Liu Jie and others saw Wayne Lin being hit, or hitting his face, their hearts sank and they felt hopeless.

But the next moment, there was a very strange scene, Wayne Lin was not beaten by Connor, he still stood there casually, without any painful expression on his face.

Even, he didn’t leave any scars on his face.

At this moment, Wayne Lin spoke, “This is what you call a punch that killed me? It’s too weak. Give me a massage.”

“What? This is impossible!”

Connor’s eyes widened and he looked like a ghost. He knew the weight of the punch just now, and he couldn’t break the opponent’s neck! But in the end, the other party was unscathed?

On the contrary, he felt pain in his fist. The punch just now seemed to hit an iron plate.

As for Smith and others, their eyes were staring, and hallucinations appeared later!

The Chinese including Liu Jie and others were also dumbfounded, their brains blank, looking at Wayne Lin who was unharmed in front of him dumbfounded. How could this be possible? They all felt the power of Connor’s punch just now. Especially not long ago, they saw Connor hit more than 2,800 pounds in one punch!

Wayne Lin twisted his neck, looking at his appearance, it seemed that he was just bitten by a mosquito, nothing happened.

This scene is really weird and unscientific, and it has subverted everyone’s cognition.

Many people even begin to suspect that Wayne Lin is not a person, but a ghost, a monster!

Wayne Lin hooked his fingers to Connor, put his hands behind his back, and said with a smile, “Come again.”

Connor felt that he had been insulted like never before. The whole person was burned with anger. With a roar, he turned into a beast, rushed to Wayne Lin, and punched out a set of fierce combination punches, like a cannonball, venting in Wayne Lin Body.

Everyone in the audience felt Connor’s anger and ferocity. Even an elephant would have to be beaten to death by Connor!

However, Wayne Lin still stood steadily there, with both hands on his back and without fighting back, he accepted Connor’s stormy attack, punching him one after another.

He appeared extremely laid back and relaxed, even blinking his brow.

This scene looked extremely weird and terrifying. Kang Na was obviously two times older than Wayne Lin, but he couldn’t touch Wayne Lin. It seemed that he was really massaging Wayne Lin.

He fought for more than three minutes, more than 500 punches in total, but Wayne Lin was still standing there, without any injuries on his body.

Finally he was also tired and panting.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Why, can’t you move? Then it’s my turn.”

Suddenly, Connor felt a huge crisis, and just wanted to avoid it, but it was too late…

Wayne Lin made a punch that seemed to be very casual, right in the middle of Connor’s strong chest, and suddenly, there was a dull and extremely dull sound. Accompanied by the sound of broken bones, Connor’s bear-like body flew out heavily. He slammed into the force measuring machine behind him and knocked over the force.

At this moment, the audience was silent, and everyone looked at Wayne Lin with extreme fear, and the needle could be heard.

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