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Chapter 581

Wayne Lin watched the clown leave in the car, and soon disappeared from sight. He was already safe, his mood was completely relaxed, and he smiled.

In the end, his efforts were not in vain, he successfully rescued Alma Chu, and all the efforts were worthwhile.

Finally, when he took his gaze back, Wayne Lin’s momentum changed. It was no longer affectionate and gentle, but changed, becoming a knight who never moved forward and regarded death as home.

People are inherently dead, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than Hongmao. Wayne Lin knows that he is doomed to escape this time. There is a high probability that he will die. Maybe he is not heavier than Taishan, but it is definitely not lighter than Hongmao. He died without regrets. , This is enough.

Jian Rushuang’s speed is very fast. It can be seen that he is really angry. As a peerless powerhouse of Dzogchen in the congenital realm, his invincible existence under the invincibility of the King Kong is actually under his nose. The person in the fourth stage of the realm robbed him of the heaven and earth spirit fruit. This was clearly slapped him in the face. How could he stand it?

Soon, Wayne Lin saw the sword bursting down from Qilian Mountain, nearly one kilometer apart, staring at each other.

Wayne Lin can feel it, Jian Rushuang’s anger and murder, like a surging river, surging forward.

If you change someone else and are stared at by such a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, you will be scared to death, even if you can’t scare you, you will have to be frightened and regretful.

But for Wayne Lin, there was no fear or regret at all. Instead, he smiled, showing a sincere smile.

Jian Rushuang was even more annoyed when he saw his smile. Wayne Lin clearly didn’t put him in his eyes!

However, Jian Rushuang also had to admire Wayne Lin. He was so kind that he dared to snatch the heaven and earth spirit fruit under his nose, not to mention it. Now that he has caught up with him, he can still laugh, nothing else. , This courage is not comparable to ordinary people.

“Lin! Zi! Ming! You are so bold!!”

At this moment, Jian Rushuang’s angry shout came from Wayne Lin’s ears, and it could be so clearly transmitted to Wayne Lin’s ears from such a distance. It is conceivable that Jian Rushuang’s cultivation base was How terrible.

Wayne Lin stopped staying, turned around and ran away.

Through the rest just now, Wayne Lin has recovered a lot of physical strength. Although his body was injured, it did not affect his speed.

Run, run with all your strength!

Wayne Lin’s desire to survive at this moment is very strong, even if he has made plans to fall before doing this, but when it is really implemented, he definitely does not want to die. It wasn’t that he was afraid of death, but that after he died, he could no longer see Alma Chu, and Alma Chu would feel guilty and sad because of his death, which was not what he wanted to see. Moreover, after he died, he couldn’t rescue his mother from BRAGRUN organization…so he couldn’t die, even if he was chased by a peerless powerhouse like Jian Rushuang, he would explode his potential!

“Want to run? Huh, wishful thinking!” Jian Rushuang saw his movements and let out a disdainful sneer, thinking that Wayne Lin was whimsical and idiotic, if he could really let Wayne Lin escape in his hands, then he Just find a piece of tofu and kill it!

Suddenly, Jian Rushuang’s speed has increased a lot, almost becoming a phantom, which is a distance of tens of meters.

It’s too scary.

Wayne Lin felt Jian Rushuang’s speed, getting closer and closer, and a huge wave rose in his heart. He was considered a person with very fast physical fitness, but compared with Jian Rushuang, there was still a lot of gap.


b Innate Realm Great Perfection, it is really powerful, with his current strength, he is not Jian Rushuang’s opponent at all!

The distance is getting closer little by little, from one kilometer, to nine hundred meters, to eight hundred meters, to the last five hundred meters!

Five hundred meters, for a peerless powerhouse like Jian Rushuang, is about five meters, and it will be smoothed out soon.

And once Jian Rushuang caught up with Wayne Lin, that would be Wayne Lin’s death!

Wayne Lin himself understood this very well, so he didn’t run aimlessly, his brain was running frantically, thinking about any way to get him out of Jian Rushuang’s hands!

At this time, the others behind also rushed to Qilian Mountain.

Nishang, Zhong Tao, Peng Zhuo, Luo Hongyang, Fang Xingping, etc…

Their speed can be considered very fast, but compared with the powerhouses like Jian Rushuang, they are still a lot worse.

They are also extremely shocked and afraid of the sword Rushuang’s speed and demonstrated strength. With the sword Rushuang there, the Colorful Origin Fruit is out of their turn.

Luo Hongyang cursed at the moment, “Grass! The colorful origin fruit that he got, this time was destroyed by the surname Lin!”

Fang Xingping also cursed: “Peng Zhuo! Look at the person you are looking for, this mission is ruined by your Xuanyuan 3rd place! You people from Xuanyuan 3rd place have swallowed the Colorful Origin Fruit privately, and were also the sword organized by BRAGRUN. Rushuang snatched it, you wait for the anger above!”

Zhong Tao also angrily cursed: “You can’t succeed in failure! You Xuanyuan three places are rubbish, this time we will all be burdened by you, the mission failed, you Xuanyuan three places wait for death!”

Peng Zhuo, Zhao Xia and others listened to their scolding without saying a word. In fact, they were also very uncomfortable in their hearts. They never thought that Wayne Lin would have swallowed the colorful origin fruit privately, which was equivalent to betraying them.

Sun Liang said at this time: “Instructor Lin, he is not such a selfish person. He should be. What are the difficulties?”

He said this quietly, without any confidence, and immediately met with other anger.

“It’s a bitter ass! He just swallowed it! It’s all to blame for the three of you Xuanyuan, who you found, this is causing trouble!”

“This Wayne Lin is a traitor. I can tell at a glance that he has a problem. As expected, something has happened now!”

“You three places in Xuanyuan, wait for death this time!”

Peng Zhuo couldn’t listen anymore, and he violently shouted, “Enough! Wayne Lin is from the third place of Xuanyuan. This time he did not do a good job. The mission failed. This is my responsibility. I am willing to do my best. bear!”

Zhong Tao sneered and said, “Peng Zhuo, can you afford it?”

Peng Zhuo snorted coldly, “If you can’t afford it, you will die. Instructor Lin is the one I found. He has made mistakes. I will not shirk responsibility. I will punish whatever I punish. No! You don’t need to be sneered there!”

Hearing what he said, Sun Liang also stood up and said loudly: “Director Peng said rightly. Wayne Lin is the one I have found. I am willing to take responsibility!”

Zhao Xia, Xiao Cangmang, and many people from the three places of Xuanyuan stood up.

Their hard-heartedness and their unity made Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping’s faces very ugly, and it was hard to say anything for a while.

Peng Zhuo looked at the direction of Wayne Lin’s disappearance, his eyes were deep, and he murmured, “Instructor Lin, I hope you did this for a reason, not betraying the motherland…”

Chapter 582

Wayne Lin is under great pressure now, unprecedented!

Jian Rushuang has been chasing him behind, like a maggot attached to his bones, unable to get rid of it.

But he also knew that Jian Rushuang was too powerful, and he was the most powerful person he had ever encountered.

He knows that there is a high probability that he will not be able to run. What he has to do now is to delay as much as possible to see if he can escape to the place he designed, and then he will survive!

As the distance gets closer and closer, Wayne Lin’s pressure is getting heavier and he can almost feel the breath of Jian Rushuang.

“Wayne Lin, you can’t run away.”

Jian Rushuang’s playful voice heard in his ears, he hurriedly chased Wayne Lin, his face looked relaxed and comfortable, and there was even a smile on his face, which shows that he did not use all his strength.

On the other hand, Wayne Lin seemed to be struggling. His cultivation was lower than Jian Rushuang. In addition, he had consumed the physical strength and attitude on the Lion Mountain just now, and was injured. It was sooner or later that he was caught up by Jian Rushuang.

“Wayne Lin, because you are the son of the sacred daughter of the previous generation, as long as you hand over the heaven and earth spirit fruit, I can spare you not to die.” Jian Rushuang spoke again, like a god in the sky, judging the life and death of mortals.

Wayne Lin didn’t say a word, and rushed on his way.

Jian Rushuang seems to be running out of patience. He frowned, and his tone became colder: “Wayne Lin, I don’t have much patience. You toast less and not eat fine wine! Heaven and earth spirit fruit is not something you can get involved. , Everyone is innocent and guilty of his crime. This is in the bag of the Saint King. I count to three. If you don’t hand it over, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

It can be seen that Jian Rushuang is really angry. He is no longer as polite as before, but is full of anger and murderousness.

Facing the pursuit and killing of the Dzogchen masters of the Innate Realm, it is impossible to say that there is no tension at all. If one is not careful, then what is waiting for him is gone.

He was never afraid of death, but he was afraid that after he died, too many people would be sad for him, so he definitely couldn’t die!

Under such stimulus, his speed suddenly rose up a step, smashed, and rushed out, the speed turned out to be a bit faster than before!

Jian Rushuang’s eyes became colder, and he was also completely angry, and snorted heavily, “Since you are dying, then I don’t mind making you perfect!”

As the voice fell, Jian Rushuang’s speed suddenly increased. In just over ten seconds, he had already caught up with Wayne Lin and took a picture of Wayne Lin with a palm.

In an instant, Wayne Lin’s scalp was numb, and the goose bumps all over his body stood up. Jian Rushuang asked that this palm was too powerful, and he would definitely fall when he touched it!

Fortunately, his fighting instinct is very strong. It was almost when the palm of Jian Rushuang was hit, he had already reacted, without any hesitation, a quick sideways, and able to avoid the sword of Rushuang. This palm.

Jian Rushuang gave a cry, as if he didn’t expect that Wayne Lin had this ability to escape his palm.

“There is something, it’s no wonder you are so bold. Unfortunately, you don’t know how far the fourth stage of the Innate Realm is from Dzogchen.” Jian Rushuang sneered. He was completely crushing towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin didn’t run away anymore, because he knew that it was useless to run away. In front of a peerless master like Jian Rushuang, once he was caught up, there would be no possibility of running away.

So the only thing he can do now is to do his best to resist with Jian Rushuang, anyway, there is not a long way to go from where he designed it!

Surviving from desperation, he believes he can do it!

But I have to say that Jian Rushuang’s cultivation base is too high, the innate realm is complete, and the strongest realm under the undamaged King Kong, even if Wayne Lin has reached the peak of the fourth stage of the innate realm, he is He Jian Compared with Rushuang, there are still many gaps.

It’s because the time of his cultivation is too short. If he is given another three years, he is confident that he can break through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen, when Jian Rushuang will not necessarily be his opponent. But now, he really can’t beat Jian Rushuang.

“The Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth is not on my body, I have already given it to Zhong Tao at Xuanyuan No.2.” Wayne Lin said loudly. Under Jian Rushuang’s attack, he was under tremendous pressure and only had the ability to parry.

Jian Rushuang snorted and said, “You still want to lie to me? You obviously stole the heaven and earth spirit fruit! Wayne Lin, because you are a talent, I will ask you one last time, heaven and earth spirit fruit, you are Hand in or not!”

In the last sentence, Jian Rushuang said so loudly, Wayne Lin could even see a sound wave emanating from Jian Rushuang’s mouth, as if thunder fell to the ground, and Wayne Lin’s eardrums were humming. The pressure it brought was extremely huge. In an instant, Wayne Lin even had the idea of ​​surrendering to Jian Rushuang.

Fortunately, his will is strong enough, far from ordinary people can compare, otherwise, he has been subdued by Jian Rushuang now.

The more at this time, Wayne Lin behaved more calmly. Although his cultivation is not as deep as a sword as frost, his martial arts are not necessarily inferior to that of a sword as frost. His every move is extremely exquisite. Said to be the master of martial arts in the world, Jian Rushuang could not take him in a short time.

This made Jian Rushuang’s brows frown deeper and deeper. Originally, he was able to deal with a little Wayne Lin with him. But the facts are in front of him. Wayne Lin’s strength greatly exceeds his. Expected.

He was really a little angry now, and he cursed for good or bad. He speeded up abruptly and began to launch a stormy attack on Wayne Lin. No matter how sophisticated Wayne Lin’s martial arts were, it seemed inadequate in front of the absolute.

“Since you don’t hand it over, let me die!” Jian Rushuang yelled violently, and the speed increased a bit. The surrounding air currents were all affected by him, generating countless vortices, which actually led Wayne Lin. , It seemed that many black holes had been born, making Wayne Lin’s movements a lot slower.

Wayne Lin was suddenly shocked, “What kind of trick is this?!”

Jian Rushuang didn’t answer him, but punched it out and hit Wayne Lin’s shoulder directly. With a click, Wayne Lin’s shoulder was dislocated and his whole figure flew out.

Wayne Lin was defeated.

Just in time, Nishang, who was catching up with her behind, saw this scene, her face paled suddenly, and her heart was suddenly pierced by a needle.

Jian Rushuang hit with a punch, did not stop, and continued to chase Wayne Lin.

His fists were like wind, covering Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s left shoulder was severely injured, and he couldn’t even lift his hand, and he was not even Jian Rushuang’s opponent. Within a few seconds of resisting, he was subdued by Jian Rushuang and lifted him with one hand. Said coldly: “I’ll give you one last chance to hand over the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth.”

It hurts. Now Wayne Lin is covered in cuts and bruises, with multiple fractures on his body. The Dzogchen in the Innate Realm is still too terrifying. This is the first time he has suffered such a miserable defeat since he entered the Inborn Realm.

But he didn’t have the slightest fear or panic. On the contrary, he even laughed and said, “You will never get the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit, because I have eaten the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit.”

“What?!” Jian Rushuang suddenly furious, and forced Wayne Lin’s neck to choke Wayne Lin to death on the spot!

Wayne Lin faced Jian Rushuang’s anger, he felt the breath of death, but he didn’t scream, let alone begging for mercy. He closed his eyes and seemed to have risked himself, waiting for the end of life.

At this time, Nishang caught up with the fastest speed. She couldn’t take care of that much anymore, and hurriedly said: “Master Jian Rushuang, please keep someone!”

Jian Rushuang looked at the neon clothes with cold eyes, “Why, you are going against me?”

Ni Chang clenched her lips, she shook her head and said, “I didn’t mean it, but based on my understanding of Wayne Lin, he must not have eaten the heaven and earth spirit fruit. If he eats the heaven and earth spirit fruit, it must not be possible. In this state, he still hid the heaven and earth spirit fruit! So Master Sword Rushuang, if you want to obtain the heaven and earth spirit fruit and give it to the holy king, you still cannot kill Wayne Lin.”

When Jian Rushuang heard this, his eyes flickered. This is indeed the truth, so he relaxed Wayne Lin and said coldly: “Say, where is the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, you say it, I will spare you not to die !”

Wayne Lin opened his eyes again and did not answer Jian Rushuang. Instead, he looked at Nishang and saw the worried, angry, puzzled, and distressed look in Nishang’s complicated eyes. Wayne Lin said softly, “It’s too late. , You run away.”

Nishang snorted in his heart, with a bad feeling, and quickly said: “What’s too late?!”

The voice fell, and at this moment, a shocking explosion suddenly came from all around.


The power of this explosion was too great, producing a huge sound wave and destructive power, and Jian Rushuang was startled, and his face suddenly paled.

Moreover, the explosion did not disappear, but immediately there was a second and third explosion.



And getting closer and closer, and the smile on Wayne Lin’s face became stronger and stronger. He said to Jian Rushuang, “I have buried several tons of potent explosives here. You are a master of Innate Realm Great Perfection. dead.”

Jian Rushuang finally changed his face, showing horror and panic, and opened his eyes to Wayne Lin and cursed: “Madman! You madman!!!”

After saying this, he didn’t dare to stay any longer, pushed Wayne Lin away with a palm, turned and ran, he didn’t want to die here.

Nishang also reacted, she looked at Wayne Lin deeply, full of sorrow and sadness, and turned to leave.

Wayne Lin was left, and was overwhelmed by a loud explosion.

Chapter 583

This time Wayne Lin indeed buried a lot of explosives here, but not as much as a few tons, only a few hundred catties, but it was enough.

For this plan, he prepared a lot of things in advance, and the current explosives are his last killer.

Fortunately, he was carried here.

You know, here is a full 20 kilometers away from Lion Rock. If other people know his plan and can calculate it so accurately, it will definitely feel incredible and even panic.

Wayne Lin has such a powerful computing ability to count this point. You must know that there are dozens of innate realm masters who stare at the heaven and earth spirit fruit, and among them are the masters of the level of Jian Rushuang. With such a long distance in between, there may be too many variables. If any one of the links goes wrong, then all previous efforts have been lost.

But Wayne Lin still carried it through perfectly. Under the eyelids of dozens of innate realm masters, he grabbed the heaven and earth spirit fruit, not to mention it, and was able to swallow the heaven and earth spirit fruit to Alma Chu midway, and finally in Jianru It’s really unimaginable that a strong man of Shuang’s level escaped!

Facing the explosion, Jian Rushuang and Ni Chang ran away in a hurry. They did not see that Wayne Lin was not torn apart in the end, but at the last moment, he used the strength of the milk to rush to a person ten meters away. In the pit, escaped the frontal impact of the explosion!

But even so, he was very uncomfortable, and the whole person was directly shocked to pass out.

The explosion lasted for half a minute before it stopped. When everything calmed down, it was already in ruins.

The resulting movement spread far and wide, scaring countless people.

Jian Rushuang was frightened in the end. He could clearly feel the power of this explosion, which was almost ruining the world. Even with the cultivation of his Innate Realm Great Perfection, he could not be in this explosion. Survived!

Fortunately, his reaction was fast enough to throw Wayne Lin out in time and escape.

But even so, he was still injured, shocked by the shock wave of the explosion, his face was pale, and blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth. He had no doubt that if he walked slowly for even three seconds, he would be seriously injured, or even fall!

The neon clothes on the side were not much better. She looked a little embarrassed now, with blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, no blood on her face, and her body began to tremble.

Now she was looking straight at the direction of the explosion, her eyes wouldn’t move, she seemed to be stupid!

She had never felt this way before. At this moment, she seemed to have lost consciousness, her whole person was numb, and the whole person could not feel her own existence.

I don’t know how long it was, it seemed that it was a century, and it seemed that it was only a blink of an eye that her thoughts started to work again, and she realized one thing, her nose suddenly sore, and she actually had the urge to cry!

At this moment, it seemed that something important was lost, lost forever and ever.

Wayne Lin is dead…

Was bombed alive.

She stopped breathing, pressed her chest firmly, and shed two lines of tears silently.

She didn’t understand why she was crying, knowing that her tears appeared in her sight, dripping on her clothes, and she recovered.

“Myself, is this crying?”

She muttered to herself, smiling on her face, and seemed to be crying again. This kind of expression had never appeared on her face before.

She stared at the ruins in front of her and felt the power of the explosion just now. She knew very well that under such an explosion, Wayne Lin would not be able to survive, even in the congenital realm of Great Perfection. Survival, let alone Wayne Lin.

She can’t tell what it feels like. It’s hard to describe with pen and ink. If she has to describe it, it is uncomfortable, different levels and different kinds of uncomfortable.

She closed her eyes, and what emerged in her mind was Wayne Lin’s confident, elegant, yet unrestrained and unrestrained face, as well as the scenes and scenes she had spent with Wayne Lin, which made her most memorable. It was also the scene of her in the secret room, repairing with Wayne Lin.

That was her first experience in her life, and it was her only experience. She used to think she would be disgusted and disgusted, but then she realized that she was not disgusted, and even often recalled afterwards…

And this has become a passing moment, because Wayne Lin is gone, and has been blown out.

Jian Rushuang also had lingering fears. He looked deeply at the ruins in front of him, and remembered Wayne Lin deeply. He had lived so many years, and he had never seen Wayne Lin so bold and bold. Such a fearless person!

“This son of the saint of the previous generation is really extraordinary.” Jian Rushuang exclaimed sincerely.

Nishang bit her lips tightly, and said with great loss: “No matter how extraordinary it is, it is still dead after all…”

Some regrets flashed in Jian Rushuang’s eyes. It was a pity that a talent like Wayne Lin died just like this.

But immediately, he wiped out this pity, no matter how talented Wayne Lin was, it would be a capital crime to oppose BRAGRUN organization and not worthy of sympathy!

Three days passed in a flash.

Tiandi Lingguo was snatched by a person named Wayne Lin, and escaped in front of dozens of Innate Realm masters, and killed many masters. This incident was spread all of a sudden, and many people knew about it. The name Wayne Lin.

Not limited to Hwadrid or G province, many foreign forces also know this name.

But soon, another news came out, shocking countless people.

Wayne Lin died in the end. He was chased by the sword Rushuang of the Innate Realm Dzogchen, and finally died in a huge explosion. The heaven and earth spirit fruit did not know whereabouts.

Some people say that the spirit fruit of heaven and earth was snatched by Jian Rushuang, and some people said that the spirit fruit of heaven and earth melted together with Wayne Lin in the big explosion. More people said that the spirit fruit of heaven and earth was hidden by Wayne Lin. .

On Alma Chu’s side, since she swallowed the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth, by that night, she had recovered her health, and her life origin was extremely rich. When the doctor came to check, she was shocked. It was totally unbelievable. People who have a terminal illness and are about to die suddenly have a new year, which can be called a human miracle.

Even Candice Liu and Berry Chu were surprised, and couldn’t understand why.

But for them, the process is not important, as long as Alma Chu has recovered health, that is enough.

On the next day, Alma Chu was discharged from the hospital, and now she has fully recovered her health, and her beauty is back, even more beautiful than before, but she is not happy at all, she stands every day At the door, looking into the distance, waiting for someone she wants to see…

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