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Chapter 569

Until Wayne Lin took a palm of Miyazaki Longjing to the ground, only one head was left, and all the people present recovered.

In fact, they are not ordinary people. They have the lowest cultivation level. They are also in the half-step congenital realm. They are also people who have experienced strong winds and waves. They have never seen someone as rigid as Wayne Lin. He shot, and beat Miyazaki Ryuui into the ground with one palm.

I have to say that the visual impact caused by this scene is too strong!

Miyazaki Longjing was also dumbfounded. He had no idea that there was such a perverted person on the third place of Xuanyuan who would attack him without warning…no! This is a sneak attack, despicable Chinese!


He roared, “Despicable Chinese, you dare to attack me! I will kill you!!”

Miyazaki Longjing was photographed by Wayne Lin into the ground with the palm of his hand. It can be said that he lost his face. How can he be humiliated in this way since his great accomplishments?

“Mentally handicapped.” Wayne Lin snorted contemptuously. Wayne Lin has never had a good impression of the Sun people, not to mention that this Miyazaki Longjing killed so many Chinese agents that he could not easily let it go.

After the words fell, Wayne Lin did not stop, and continued to attack Miyazaki Ryuui, kicking Miyazaki Ryuui’s head.

There was another sound burst. Before Wayne Lin kicked Miyazaki Ryujing’s foot, Miyazaki Ryuui felt a huge crisis. His heart suddenly rose to the highest point, and the goose bumps all over his body stood up. He put his hands again. To stand in front of him, he had to use his arms to carry Wayne Lin’s foot forcibly.

He had to do this because he knew that Wayne Lin’s kick could kill him, and if he didn’t resist it well, then his life would be explained here.

Wayne Lin let out a sneer, Miyazaki Ryuui’s reaction speed is indeed very fast, but what about it? This kick, even if he can’t kill Miyazaki Ryui, is enough for him to drink a pot!

With a bang, Wayne Lin kicked Miyazaki Ryujing’s arms heavily with another click. This time Miyazaki Ryujing’s expression showed pain, and he spouted a mouthful of blood, and the whole person flew out from the ground. Flew out heavily.


“Despicable Chinese!”

“Dare to attack the respected Miyazaki Longjing, the sin is unforgivable!”

“kill him!!!”

The remaining seven innate realms all reacted, furious, and immediately shot together, launching a fierce attack on Wayne Lin.

Two of them were still masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. All of a sudden, Wayne Lin felt tremendous pressure.

This kind of pressure surpassed what he had before, and was ten times greater than when he was still in the third stage of the Innate Realm and faced Ye Xingchen.

However, he did not back down or fear at all. On the contrary, he was full of pride. He laughed loudly and said, “Just because of you trash, you dare to say anything to kill me? A joke!”

At this moment, Wayne Lin soared into the sky, like a god of war, fighting bravely in all directions, as if the world was infected by his pride, thundering, adding to his momentum.

“This son, there is such a cultivation base!”

“Could it be that the innate realm has reached the Great Perfection?!”

“Impossible, how old is he? Even if he starts practicing as a mother, he will not reach Dzogchen!”

“Take a photo of Miyazaki Ryuji with one palm, and fought bravely against seven masters of Innate Realm. This is not Dzogchen in Innate Realm. Who can do it?”

Zhong Tao, Luo Hongyang, Fang Xingping and Lu Qisi were all stunned at this moment, looking at Wayne Lin in astonishment, unbelievable.

Not only them, but Peng Zhuo, Zhao Xia and others also reacted in the same way. They knew that Wayne Lin was very powerful, but they didn’t expect that Wayne Lin was already so tough!

When it was said that it was too late, after Wayne Lin kicked Miyazaki Longjing, he was already fighting fiercely with these seven innate realm masters.

He is one against seven, and he hasn’t lost yet, which is really terrifying.

However, Wayne Lin’s pressure is still extremely huge. The seven Innate Realm masters are really not a joke, especially there are two extremely strong in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, which is the same level as him. It is too difficult. , No matter how powerful he is, it won’t last long, and sooner or later he will lose.

After half a minute, he immediately fell into a disadvantage.

“This Chinese hasn’t reached the Dzogchen realm yet, he fell into the wind and killed him!”

“The potential of this Chinese is limitless, he must not be allowed to develop, he must be killed!”

Those seven innate realm masters felt the power of Wayne Lin, especially the terrifying potential, which made them have a strong murderous intent against Wayne Lin! Because they know that people like Wayne Lin, given time, once they grow up and step into the realm of indestructible King Kong, then they are a great threat to the entire Sun Nation, so they must be eliminated!

On Peng Zhuo’s side, he saw this situation and immediately reacted, without hesitation, he shouted and joined the battle.

With his joining, Wayne Lin eased the pressure a lot.

At the same time, Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang were not idle, and immediately joined in.

With the participation of the two of them, the situation has even been reversed. Wayne Lin has turned from a disadvantage to an advantage, and the seven innate realm masters are about to be unable to support it.

This change in the situation made everyone at Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 extremely surprised. They obviously did not expect that the strength of Xuanyuan No. 3 was so powerful.

Soon they thought that the main thing was Wayne Lin.


“These Chinese people are too despicable, we can’t love war!”

These masters of the Sun Nation looked at each other, had already retreated, stopped fighting, and started to run away.

Peng Zhuo, Xiao Cangmang, and Zhao Xia wanted to chase them, but they were not fast enough to catch up.

Wayne Lin has this speed, but he didn’t chase it, because he felt that an unprecedentedly powerful aura appeared, and the other’s eyes locked on him!

In an instant, his scalp became numb, his heart beat fiercely, and even, deep in his heart, he felt fear!

This is a very abnormal thing. Since he entered the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, his psychological quality has been so strong that it is heinous! Especially in this retreat, he eliminated the demons, and his mood was pure and strong. Even in the face of great difficulties and obstacles, he would not be afraid.

But now, he did have thoughts of fear.

Then there is only one possibility, this person who is staring at him is an unprecedentedly powerful existence!

At least a peerless powerhouse of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm!

“This is the son of the saint of the previous generation? It really is extraordinary.”

On the top of a distant mountain, on the top of the snow, two people stood, one of them looked at the very young man, looked at Wayne Lin in the distance, and said with a slight smile.

Chapter 570

This man looked only seventeen or eighteen years old, unusually young, like a high school student, but his eyes were incredibly deep, full of wisdom and vicissitudes, such a pair of eyes appeared in such a young body, it seemed Especially in violation.

He was dressed very plainly, with his long hair curled up, and looked like an ancient man, standing on the top of a snow-capped mountain, so elegant and extraordinary.

And beside him, stood a fiery red figure, no one, but neon clothes, she was still so bright and beautiful, all over the country, standing beside this man, her aura was crushed.

Nishang now heard the man’s words, raised his brows lightly, and said, “Yes, his name is Wayne Lin.”

“Wayne Lin, it’s also a good name.” The man smiled slightly, his eyes kept staring at Wayne Lin, his face showed a faint smile, which made people unable to understand what he was thinking.

Nishang stared at the man, frowned slightly, and asked in a low voice: “Master Jian Rushuang, do you want to attack Wayne Lin?”

When Jian Rushuang heard this, he withdrew his gaze from Wayne Lin and looked at the neon clothes, with a greater smile on his face, “Nishang, you have a feeling for this Wayne Lin.”

Nishang’s expression suddenly stiffened and became unnatural. He snorted, and said, “Master Jian Rushuang joked. I treat Wayne Lin only as a brother, and he has never thought of opposing the organization.”

This time the BRAGRUN organization sent two of them to perform the task. Originally, the BRAGRUN organization sent three masters of the fourth stage of the innate realm, plus Jian Rushuang, to perform this task, but Jian Ru In the end, Shuang only wanted Nishang and came with him.

The cultivation base of the Great Perfection with the Sword Rushuang Innate Realm is indeed enough.

Originally, the fourth stage of the Innate Realm was also very rare in the world, and the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm was even rarer, and there were swords like frost.

“Really?” Jian Rushuang smiled slightly and did not go on. Instead, he looked at Wayne Lin again, only to find that Wayne Lin had spotted him and looked at him.

Immediately, he felt that Wayne Lin’s aura did not fear him at all.

“The son of the saint of the previous generation is interesting.” Jian Rushuang and Wayne Lin looked at each other in the air, and said with a smile.

Nishang saw Wayne Lin, and she dared to provoke Jian Rushuang, her scalp immediately became numb, and she secretly scolded Wayne Lin that she was looking for death. This is Sword Rushuang, the number one master under the Holy Throne, not Ye Xingchen and his ilk.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he felt Jian Rushuang’s gaze at him for the first time, stopped chasing those people in the Sun Country, turned his head, and looked at Jian Rushuang.

As soon as he met Jian Rushuang, he immediately pierced his eyes and felt Jian Rushuang’s sharp sword aura, which made his eyes hurt.

And in his spiritual world, the first thing he saw was not a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy, but a sharp sword, even if it was nearly ten kilometers away, the sword spirit was still strong!

“Master of Innate Realm Dzogchen!” Wayne Lin said this sentence in a deep voice, and he immediately sensed that with such a strong aura, only the masters above the Dzogchen master of Innate Realm would stabilize him.

And beside this young man, there was a fiery red figure standing, even though he was ten kilometers away, he still recognized who the other party was, neon clothes.

Needless to say, this young man is like a sword, BRAGRUN organized the top master under the Holy Throne!

It was also the biggest obstacle for him to snatch the heaven and earth spirit fruit this time.

He and Jian Rushuang looked at each other for five seconds, and there were electric sparks flickering in the middle, ordinary people couldn’t see much, but they had already fought mentally.

With a roar in Wayne Lin’s mind, a mountain in his consciousness collapsed and was flattened by Jian Rushuang’s kendo consciousness!


nbAnd his face turned pale instantly. If he had not defeated the inner demon and his spiritual level had become many times stronger, he would start to spit blood at this moment.

He closed his gaze, and no longer looked at Jian Rushuang, his heart was overwhelming, and a huge wave was set off.

“Is this the spiritual strength of the Innate Realm Dzogchen? It is really terrifying!” Wayne Lin muttered to himself, he was not afraid of this, but deep in his heart, he raised infinite fighting will and determination, he must Break through to the congenital realm of great perfection!

No, it’s just that Dzogchen is not enough. He has to break through to the legendary realm of King Kong’s indestructibility, standing on the pinnacle of mankind, and take a look at what it is like!

I heard that the saint king of the BRAGRUN organization is already an incorruptible body of King Kong. I don’t know what kind of existence it is? Apart from nuclear weapons, there is no weapon in the world that can be dangerous, right?

This is equivalent to the state of absolute invincibility.

Jian Rushuang also put away his gaze. He said three good words in a row, and the smile on his face became even more mysterious.

Nishang saw this scene in her eyes, she was worried about Wayne Lin, but also felt that Wayne Lin was really bold, even Master Jian Rushuang, who was the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, dared to provoke.

Wayne Lin’s current physique is extremely strong, and he adjusted his state to the peak state in a single breath, and there was no mental damage, so people could not see that he had just fought against a powerful person in the Innate Realm.

“Damn it!”

Peng Zhuo, Xiao Cangmang and others watched Miyazaki Longjing and others flee, they all scolded angrily and gritted their teeth.

“Instructor Lin, why did you stop just now? If you make a move, you can keep them!” Zhao Xia said a little displeased.

Others also looked at him, and combined with Wayne Lin’s performance just now, no one dared to look down upon him anymore, and they were also a little jealous of him.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath, then let out a long breath, and said, “Sword Rushuang has arrived.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard what he said. Many of them had never heard of the name Jian Rushuang. Only Zhong Tao, Luo Hongyang, Peng Zhuo, Xiao Cangmang and other masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm knew each other, suddenly. Eyes widened.

“What? Jian Rushuang has come?!”

“where is it?!”

“Sword Rushuang, but a peerless expert at Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, it would be troublesome if he is there!”

“BRAGRUN organization, isn’t there an agreement with the above, how can Jian Rushuang come to grab the colorful origin fruit?!”

“Could it be that the Saint King is here too?!”

They suddenly became nervous, obviously the name Jian Rushuang is too heavy, especially if the Holy King is also there, then they will have no chance of winning.

Wayne Lin said at this time: “It’s just that the sword Rushuang and the neon clothes are here, but the Holy King is not here.”

His words made Zhong Tao, Peng Zhuo and the others sigh of relief, but they immediately became worried. Even if the Saint King did not come, it was just a sword like frost, enough for them to drink a pot.

Immediately, Luo Hongyang frowned and asked Wayne Lin with a weird expression: “How do you know Jian Rushuang is here?”

His words immediately aroused other people’s doubts, because they just watched around, spreading their consciousness, and did not feel the breath of swords like frost.

Wayne Lin said lightly: “Jian Rushuang is on the top of a snow-capped mountain ten kilometers away. I fought in the spiritual world with him.”


Zhong Tao immediately sneered with disdain, thinking that Wayne Lin was bragging and sensationalizing. Jian Rushuang was a master of Dzogchen in the congenital realm. How powerful is his spiritual level. Wayne Lin has fought with Jian Rushuang, how easy can he be? Long ago injured!

Chapter 571

Others also didn’t believe it, thinking that Wayne Lin was bragging. Even Peng Zhuo and Xiao Cangmang felt that Wayne Lin was a bit too much. It is undeniable that Wayne Lin is really strong and can be called the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. The pinnacle.

However, compared with a big demon like Jian Rushuang, it was still a lot worse.

If Wayne Lin had really fought Jian Rushuang on a spiritual level, he would definitely not remain intact.

Wayne Lin felt their doubts, he just smiled slightly, too lazy to explain.

What happened just now was seen by many forces on the Lion Rock. Wayne Lin’s amazing performance attracted the attention of many people.

On the Miyazaki Longjing side, they did not lower Wayne Lin and Peng Zhuo, but ran away in a hurry. They fled for a few kilometers, and only stopped when they reached another mountain, their faces were very ugly.

Especially Miyazaki Ryuui, his expression is ugly to the extreme, like a concubine.

He lost his face this time, and suffered serious injuries on his body, which made him angry.

“Three places in Xuanyuan, despicable Chinese!!!” He gritted his teeth. The kick that Wayne Lin had just kicked him not only cracked his arms, but also shifted his internal organs. Under a high-speed run, He was uncomfortable.

“Baga!” He couldn’t help yelling, his hatred for Wayne Lin was as if the torrent of water was not clean.

The other Innate Realm masters were also very angry. They were all using the language of the Sun Country to curse Wayne Lin.

“Miyazaki-sama, you are injured now. Tomorrow the colorful origin fruit is mature, can you still snatch it?” a master of the innate realm said in a deep voice.

Miyazaki Ryui immediately flew over with an unkind look, “Sasa Kojiro, are you doubting the abilities of this master?”

Sasaki Kojiro bowed quickly and apologized: “Miyazaki-sama, Kojiro didn’t mean that! But China is very strong this time, and now you are hurt again…”

At this point, his expression is already very obvious.

Several other Sun Country masters are also worried.

Miyazaki Ryuji snorted coldly, and said, “You don’t need to bother with this! The colorful origin fruit, the country of the sun is bound to win.”

“Hi! Miyazaki-sama!”

They expressed absolute obedience to Miyazaki Ryuui.

In fact, Miyazaki Ryui was also very sad. This time, he found the top master of the Sun Country to successfully grab the Colorful Origin Fruit. It was originally a matter of victory, but now, his confidence has been greatly increased. Hit hard.

He had known this long ago, and he would not provoke Xuanyuan three places just now. It’s just that he couldn’t understand why Xuanyuan’s three places were clearly down, why would such a powerful agent still appear?

When he thought of Wayne Lin’s shot just now, he had a lingering fear.

In the same way, there are several other forces in ambush on the Lion Rock, and they have also noticed Wayne Lin.

As the person involved, Wayne Lin looked very relaxed and calm. In fact, he is also very nervous now. This action can only succeed without fail, because the price of failure is simply not affordable!

Tonight, all the people in the three places of Xuanyuan are camping on the Lion Rock, waiting for the maturity of the colorful origin fruit tomorrow.

In fact, in these days, the Lion Mountain has been ripped apart by people. Everyone wants to find out the colorful original fruit in advance, wait for the rabbit, and wait until the moment when the colorful original fruit matures, pick it as soon as possible!

Moreover, with advanced technology, many drones can be sent out to monitor every corner of the Lion Rock at all times.

Wayne Lin never fought an unprepared battle. This time he was fully prepared. As long as the colorful origin fruit is mature, he can discover it in a short time!

Of course, there are too many people who are eyeing the Colorful Origin Fruit. If the Colorful Origin Fruit does not mature around him, then the chance of him seizing it is too small and too small. And once he is first obtained by Jian Rushuang, then he has almost no chance

I will.

So in the best case, the colorful origin fruit is ripe around him, he picks it the first time, and then escapes.

In the middle of the night, a heavy snow of goose feathers began to fall on the sky, making the endless mountain of Lion Mountain thicker and thicker. The world is vast and it seems that human beings appear so small in front of nature.

Originally, the severe winter has not yet arrived, and Hwadrid City is a southern city. In this season, there will not be such a heavy snowfall.

Now the goose feather snow on the Lion Rock can be said to be a spectacle.

Wayne Lin stepped on the snow and walked slowly. The heavy snow fell on him, as if an invisible force repelled him, causing his body to be very clean and abnormal.

It has been less than ten hours since the seven-color source fruit is mature. Wayne Lin slept in the middle, full of energy, adjusted to the best state, did not continue to stay in the camp, and began to walk around.

After passing through many places, he felt the aura of the strong innate realm, but none of them could threaten him.

Here, only Jian Rushuang can threaten him.

The snow was getting bigger and bigger, and it didn’t stop until six o’clock in the morning.

But after a night of university, the entire Lion Rock was covered with a thick white coat and became a lot thicker. The thickness of the heavy snow was a full 1.5 meters!

Now it is less than two hours before the colorful origin fruit is mature!

The atmosphere of the entire Lion Rock became dignified. Almost all the people who were ambushing on the Lion Rock came out. They searched everywhere, hoping to find the colorful origin fruit as soon as possible and become the luckiest person!

“Huh, where is Instructor Lin?”

Peng Zhuo found out that Wayne Lin was not in the team, frowned and asked.

Sun Liang said, “Wayne Lin went out by himself last night.”

Peng Zhuo felt a little strange, but didn’t ask too much. He believed that Wayne Lin would not play the idea of ​​Colorful Origin Fruit.

“One hour left!”

Zhao Xia said maturely, now they are all in a state of preparation, as long as the Colorful Origin Fruit appears, they will react immediately!

Time passed by every minute and every second. With the passing of time, everyone’s mood became more and more tense and concentrated to the highest point. Each of them has professional detection tools in their hands. As long as the colorful roots, When you appear around them, you will be able to find out for the first time!

Half an hour left…

Fifteen minutes, ten minutes, five minutes…

At this moment, the sky suddenly changed. The sky was still clear just now. Within half a minute, it suddenly became dark and clouded, and various lightning and thunder flashed in the clouds, which looked particularly terrifying, brewing infinite energy!

Even the many Innate Realm masters, seeing this scene, can’t help but feel nervous.

In the last three minutes, the lightning and thunder became more severe, and all kinds of rough thunder and lightning flashed in the air, as if the heavens were angry, and treasures such as heaven and earth spirit fruit were not allowed to appear in this world!

Last minute!

59, 58, 57…

Deep down in everyone’s heart, the countdown begins.

In a hidden corner of Lion Mountain, Wayne Lin was hiding here. He stared at a huge stone in front of him. Under the stone, there was a thigh-long stone crevice. He opened his eyes and breathed quickly.

He searched for a night, and finally found the place where the Colorful Origin Fruit was born in advance, which is this inconspicuous stone crevice!

“five four three two one!”

Finally, when Wayne Lin finished the countdown, one could clearly see that in the cracks of the stone, the little flower began to bloom! ! !

At the same time, the thunder and lightning in the sky began to bomb down here…

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