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Chapter 203

Wayne Lin smiled without saying a word, watching them kneel and licking hard, saying that it’s impossible to feel comfortable.

Four years ago, it was this group of people who completely ignored the blood of the Lin family in his body, framed him abruptly, and drove him out of the Lin family. He now remembers the scenes of the past clearly. In the first two years, He often has nightmares and wakes up from fear and cold sweat!

Feng Shui now turns, and it’s the turn of these people to flatter him. I have to say that this is a huge mockery.

They patted Wayne Lin’s flattery for a few minutes, and utterly dried up their saliva, but Wayne Lin remained unmoved, and still looked at them with a smile, the expression on his face, as if they were a group of clowns. , Seeing them embarrassed, made them feel particularly upset and embarrassed.

If it hadn’t been for Wayne Lin to hold so much money in his hand and ask for Wayne Lin, they would have been rude to Wayne Lin!

Hanson Lin said at this time: “Wayne, come, you’ve been here for so long and haven’t served you tea yet, the uncle will pour you tea personally to calm your anger.”

With that said, Hanson Lin personally poured a cup of tea for Wayne Lin and served it to Wayne Lin. This is a great gift. You must know that Hanson Lin is now the head of the Lin family, or the elder of Wayne Lin, and he is pouring tea for Wayne Lin himself, which is a great deal of face.

This scene felt as a shame to many Lin family members present. As the head of the Lin family, he was actually reduced to pour tea for Wayne Lin a junior to please. If it changed before, how could this happen? .

Wayne Lin didn’t stand up either, and took Hanson Lin’s tea with one hand, took a generous sip, and exclaimed, “Good tea.”

Hanson Lin squeezed out more smiles and said, “Wayne, now you drink tea, and everyone apologized to you. Now the family is in trouble, how much money do you plan to spend to help the Lin family?”

Everyone looked at Wayne Lin tightly, held their breath, and began to get nervous.

Wayne Lin said embarrassedly: “The money is left to me by my grandfather. I can’t use it casually.”

Hearing this, many people scolded in their hearts.

Lin Zihao was aside, looking at Wayne Lin coldly, without saying a word, no one knew what he was thinking.

Hanson Lin raised his brows, and immediately said more flatteringly: “Wayne, don’t worry, uncle won’t let you pay for nothing. As mentioned earlier, uncle can write you an IOU, and promise to pay this within three years. The money is returned to you, and it is still interest. In three years, you can earn billions in interest. Also, the uncle can disclose your identity to everyone and restore your identity as the second young master of the Lin family. You are not now The son-in-law of the Chu family? Uncle can visit the Chu family himself and tell the Chu family your identity. From now on, no one will dare to look down on you anymore.”

Putting aside the grievances with the Lin family, Hanson Lin’s remarks were indeed very tempting. He lent the money to the Lin family and didn’t need to do anything. He could earn billions of interest in three years and he could restore the Lin family. The identity of the second young master. It is conceivable that when the Chu family knows this, how shocking and repentant it will be, including the Alma Chu family, it will also bring great shock, Wayne Lin can definitely raise his eyebrows.


Will Wayne Lin be that good to cheat?

Based on his understanding of the Lin family, he is 100% sure, as long as he transfers the 58.9 billion to the Lin family’s account, then he will definitely not be able to return it, and any IOUs and interest payments are false.

“Hey, uncle, four years have passed, in your eyes, am I still that good to cheat?” Wayne Lin put down the tea cup and looked at Hanson Lin playfully.

Suddenly, the smile on Hanson Lin’s face stiffened, and it looked particularly funny, and the atmosphere of the audience also appeared briefly quiet.


Lin Shaoang couldn’t help it. He slapped the table hard, stood up, pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “Wayne Lin, don’t be shameless! My dad has given you enough face, don’t you know good or bad? what!”

The expression on Wayne Lin’s face did not change the slightest, as if Lin Shaoang was not in the same dimension with him, completely ignored.

He even smiled at Hanson Lin and said, “Uncle, what kind of tea are you, it’s delicious, can you bring me back to drink?”

Lin Shaoang was not a good-tempered person. Wayne Lin ignored him in this way and directly exploded his mentality! The corners of his mouth twitched fiercely. He is the real son of Patriarch Hanson Lin. His position is only below Lin Zihao. Even if Lin Zihao has to be polite to him, when has he been so wronged? Right now, he felt a anger that he had never had before, rising from the soles of his feet, and rushing directly to his forehead.

With flames in his eyes, he gritted his teeth and was about to come up to teach Wayne Lin.

But the next moment, he was caught, it was Lin Zihao, who shook his head gently at him and said, “You are not his opponent.”

Lin Shao-ang was still very convinced of Lin Zihao, and was very upset. In the end, he endured it and gave Lin

Zihao face.

Hanson Lin looked at Wayne Lin deeply. Just now, Wayne Lin’s performance was not just not giving Lin Shao’ang face, but also slapped him in the face. No matter how old he is, no matter how calm he is, he can’t stop showing at this moment. There was some irritation.

Taking a deep breath, for the sake of the overall situation, Hanson Lin still endured it. After flicking Wayne Lin’s money, he had a chance to teach Wayne Lin!

So he continued with a smile and said: “This is Hangzhou’s best Longjing. If you like Wayne, you will get it for you as much as you want.”

“Really? Then give me ten catties first.” Wayne Lin grinned.

Hanson Lin twitched the corners of his mouth again, ten catties of the best Longjing, you think this is Chinese cabbage!

Many people have great opinions on Wayne Lin, but they dare not show it.

“Okay, I’ll get it for you when I look back.” Hanson Lin felt that his face was stiff with laughter. Since he became the head of the house, he hasn’t suffered so much sorrow!

After a pause, Hanson Lin continued: “Wayne, then look at what I just said…”

Wayne Lin interrupted him and said, “Uncle, this incident was too sudden, and it made me a little rushed for a while, so let’s think about it when I go back.”

Damn it!

Hanson Lin cursed inwardly. He found that he was really going to be mad at Wayne Lin, and he had the impulse to explode at any time. How could he not know that Wayne Lin was so annoying that he didn’t get in.

Hanson Lin winked at the others, and came up to Wayne Lin’s begging together. It didn’t matter at all, so let’s fudge Wayne Lin’s money first.

Suddenly so many people begged Wayne Lin for mercy. The picture was still spectacular. Roman Li who was not far away looked at this scene and had an unreal feeling. He knew very well that the Lin family present had all their status in society. It’s quite high, it wants the wind to get the wind, the rain to get the rain, but now, collectively begging Wayne Lin…It can be imagined that if he filmed this scene and spread it out, it would definitely set off a storm in the society.

Finally, Wayne Lin seemed to be moved. His face was moved, and he said, “Oh! Brothers and sisters, uncles and uncles, you don’t need to talk about it anymore. Now that the Lin family is in trouble, I really have an obligation to help. After all, The blood of the Lin family is also flowing in my body, isn’t it?”

Everyone was very happy when they heard this. They looked at each other and saw the joy and success in each other’s eyes.

With so many of them, they have lost their three-inch tongue, but they have moved Wayne Lin, hahaha…

“That’s right, Wayne, I know that you are still very big, and you don’t know much about us.”

“Yes, we all have the same blood in our bodies. We are the closest relatives in the world. Now that the family is in trouble, Wayne, you will certainly not die.”

“I don’t know how much Wayne are you willing to spend?”

This is the point. Everyone stared at Wayne Lin closely, wondering how much he would pay.

At this time, Wayne Lin said: “I have more than 58.96 billion on my account now. Let’s do it, everyone is right. I am also a member of the Lin family, and I am willing to give out six thousand four hundred and sixty-two. Three thousand three thousand three hundred and thirty-two five yuan to help the Lin family tide over the difficulties, who made me a member of the Lin family. This money, you do not need to write IOUs, just as I donate to the Lin family for free, how about me? Interesting enough, right?”

Six thousand four hundred and sixty-two thousand three thousand three hundred and thirty-two five yuan, which happened to be a fraction of Wayne Lin’s account.

When this was said, everyone’s expressions immediately changed, becoming extremely angry, humiliated, and embarrassed…

At this point, who didn’t know that Wayne Lin was playing with them from start to finish!

Sixty-four million, for the Lin family’s current funding gap, it’s not even a fart!

Humiliation, this is a naked humiliation, Wayne Lin is equivalent to a slap in the face of all of them, making them fiercely painful.

Even if it is Hanson Lin, who has an excellent cultivation base, he can’t help it at this moment. He changed his color on the spot. The sky was still clear the moment before, and this moment was covered with dark clouds, lightning and thunder!

The same expression appeared on the faces of other people, one by one, gnashing their teeth, staring at Wayne Lin, wishing to bite Wayne Lin to death on the spot, drink his blood, eat his flesh, and gnaw his bones!

Including Lin Zihao, he was also irritated by Wayne Lin, clenched his fists, and looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes, and there was only one color left, and that was cold, biting cold.

Roman Li shivered. He was just a small Tingfengting executive. In front of this group of Lin family members, his identity can be said to be very small. Now more than two hundred Lin family members are extremely angry, and that powerful aura. Almost a tornado was set off out of thin air at the scene, a strong sense of oppression that had never happened before, leaving his brain blank, shivering from the depths of his soul, and his breathing stopped!

Chapter 204

Indeed, none of the Lin family members at the scene are good people. They are all decent figures in society. I don’t know how many people want to bow to them and hold high positions for a long time. No matter how small they are, over time, they will Cultivated a strong aura.

Now that the angry mood has exploded, the oppression it brings to people is enormous.

Not to mention the existence of Hanson Lin, Lin Shao’ang, and Lin Zihao. Other people, even Damon Wang, Guo Yuanjia and others, have long been scared to pee their pants.

But Wayne Lin just returned to normal after a slight change in his expression, still with a faint smile, completely immune to such a strong pressure. At most, it was just a moment ago when his bones clicked.

The reason why he can be so calm is that Wayne Lin’s strength has soared after Ugly Master’s devil training that week. The most important reason is that he carries hatred in his heart. The more angry and irritated these Lin family members are, the more he relieves his anger. So he is not afraid of the coercion of the Lin family at all.

After a brief silence, what burst out immediately was a huge wave.


“Arrogant, too arrogant, Wayne Lin, what do you think you are, dare to play us like this?”

“Damn, I can’t take it anymore, what’s the matter, he said he was really fat, right?”

“Looking at him like this, it is impossible to obediently take out the 58.9 billion. Let’s not talk about him anymore. Just lock him up and torture him severely. Then he will naturally obediently Get the money out!”

“Second brother is right, he will lock up the evil animal and torture him to death.”

This proposal was approved by many people, and they all began to fill up their righteous indignation, staring at Wayne Lin with gloomy eyes, as if they were staring at the pork on the chopping board, letting them kill.

Instead of being scared, Wayne Lin laughed and said in a mocking tone: “Why, don’t continue to pretend, I’m going to become angry and tear my face?”

No one spoke, all staring at Wayne Lin, and now Wayne Lin has become the public enemy of the entire Lin family.

Roman Li at the side can no longer be described as shivering. He is really terrified now. He sweats for Wayne Lin. At the same time, he can’t understand why Wayne Lin is so bold. Even if he goes to the meeting alone, he still deliberately Annoyed the Lin family? Is Wayne Lin so dependent? Knowing that this was the Lin Family’s clan meeting, the Lin Family’s strength and status were all present. Wayne Lin was undoubtedly fighting against the entire Lin Family alone, not to mention the terrifying existence of Lin Zihao waiting.

Could it be that Wayne Lin didn’t want to survive.

Hanson Lin stared at Wayne Lin coldly and said, “Wayne Lin, you are too much this time. Do you really think that we have more than 50 billion in our hands, so we can’t do anything about you?”

“Uncle, you knew it wasn’t very good. You have been wearing a mask all the time. Are you tired?” Wayne Lin smiled.

The look of his hippie smiling face made Hanson Lin angry, but also a sense of powerlessness. Wayne Lin’s performance this time gave him an unpredictable sense of crisis.

Lin Shaoang stood up again and pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “Shame on your face! Wayne Lin, I’ll just tell you this. You have to take out the money the old man left for you if you don’t take it out! Otherwise, Don’t even want to step out of this gate!”

Others also stood up and threatened Wayne Lin. For a while, Wayne Lin was embarrassed on all sides, was in a dangerous situation, and might be destroyed at any time.

If I changed to another person, I would have been so scared that I would have no master, and my mentality would collapse.

However, Wayne Lin could still laugh.

He took out a cell phone from his pocket and said to him: “Joker, you have all recorded. If I don’t walk out of the Tingfeng Pavilion in an hour, you can send this recording to the police station. It is said that someone in the Lin family engaged in kidnapping and blackmail

The Lin family drank a pot. “

Ugly Master’s voice came from the speaker through the phone: “Well, the second master, I have it.”

Suddenly, the expressions of everyone present changed drastically, and they began to panic and fear!

f*ck, Wayne Lin, this wicked animal, was uneasy at first, and deliberately angered them like this!

Fooled, grass! ! !

They are all smart people. It is conceivable that if this recording goes to the police station, it will have an impact.

Not to mention that their Lin family is very powerful in Hwadrid and Fengcheng, but this has involved tens of billions of dollars, no matter how deep their background, they will have to suffer!

To the effect, I didn’t expect that Wayne Lin, a kid so despicable, would actually come to this hand.

The current situation is that they didn’t attack Wayne Lin. Once this recording is released, it will also have a huge impact, and it will definitely be a big blow to the Lin family.

So for a while, everyone’s expressions were very ugly, some of them were timid, already beginning to panic, and dared not stare at Wayne Lin angrily as before.

Roman Li was stunned. He was dumbfounded now. He never expected that Wayne Lin had such a hand, and it was too beautiful. He directly turned the defense and took the initiative in his own hands!

No wonder Wayne Lin knows that tonight’s clan meeting will be a Hongmen banquet and dares to go to the banquet alone. He has already prepared for his feelings. Looking back now, from the beginning, the rhythm was in Wayne Lin’s hands. Wayne Lin, including Hanson Lin, was led by Wayne Lin’s nose.

After trying to understand this, Roman Li looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes differently, awe and admiration from the heart!

As for Lin Zihao, his pupils also shrank severely. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to have such a hand. In this way, the Lin family would no longer be able to attack Wayne Lin. Otherwise, the nature would be really serious!

Not only that, the Lin family now also asks Wayne Lin not to publish this recording, otherwise, even if there is no legal responsibility, his reputation will be destroyed.

Thinking of this, even with his psychological quality, he couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Wayne Lin sat down again, tilted Erlang’s legs, and said to them: “Do it, you go up together, lock me up and torture me, anyway, I’m now the turtle in your urn.”

The expression on Wayne Lin’s face is arrogant, saying that as much as you owe you, you owe you as much.

With so many people present, it can be said that apart from Roman Li, no one didn’t want to beat Wayne Lin, but they didn’t dare to move, and even bowed their heads when Wayne Lin’s eyes met.

No way, now Wayne Lin has the absolute initiative.

“Why, I didn’t dare to go on? You were not very arrogant just now, yelling to be hard, why are all of them dumb?” Wayne Lin smiled contemptuously.

Lin Shaoang clenched his teeth, his heart was very angry, if he could, he really wanted to beat Wayne Lin to death! That’s terrible!

Unfortunately, his anger was discovered by Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin stood up, walked in front of him, looked at him with a smile, and said, “Lin Shaoang, you seem to be very upset with me? I want to beat me up. ?”

Lin Shaoang was breathing fast, clenched his fists, and said, “Wayne Lin, I have to admit that we all underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to be so cheap…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Wayne Lin slapped his hand and slapped him in the face.


It was particularly loud, resounding through the audience, directly knocking Lin Shao-ang into a spin and staggering to the ground.

Everyone’s eyes widened. They didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would even dare to slap Lin Shao’ang!

Chapter 205

Who is Lin Shao’ang, Hanson Lin’s own son, and the only son, whose status is only below Lin Zihao, who is actually slapped by Wayne Lin now?

This Wayne Lin is too…too arrogant!

Roman Li stared at this scene blankly, he found that he had begun to be numb, and he was shocked to the extreme just because he couldn’t feel the shock.

He originally thought that Wayne Lin taught Tang Chenghong yesterday was arrogant enough, but compared with what happened tonight, it couldn’t even be compared to nothing.

Lin Shao’ang, that was the existence he would look up to all his life, an absolute behemoth, but now he was beaten by Wayne Lin. Moreover, the most important thing is that the fight was in front of all the Lin family members, and Hanson Lin and Lin Zihao were watching!

It is no longer enough to describe Wayne Lin with arrogance, but lawlessness and no one!

However, Roman Li also knew that Wayne Lin was not really lawless, he was dependent on doing this.

He carefully discovered that before Wayne Lin started his hand, he hung up the phone with the clown ahead of time, leaving no chance for the Lin family. With so many people in the Lin family, no one reacted to take out their mobile phones to record.

It can be said that at this moment, Wayne Lin alone rubbed the IQ of the Lin family on the ground, including Lin Zihao…

“I killed you!!”

Lin Shaoang got this slap in the face, and his whole person went crazy, and when he got up, he was about to act on Wayne Lin.

At this moment, the corner of Wayne Lin’s mouth rose up, revealing an unkind smile. He quickly dialed the clown’s phone, started the conversation, and then quickly backed away, yelling: “Lin Shaoang, what do you want to do? Are you really going to beat people?!”

Hanson Lin saw this scene from the side, he had a bad feeling, but before he could say it, Lin Shao-ang had lost his mind, and rushed towards Wayne Lin angrily, attacking Wayne Lin with a punch of the king’s eight punches, and his mouth Roared: “Wayne Lin, I killed you!!”

Wayne Lin: “Lin Shao-ang, you are crazy, you really dare to do something to me, I’m your cousin, even if you kill me, I won’t give you this 50 billion inheritance… Oh! Help, help…”

Lin Shaoang: “Wayne Lin! Don’t run away. If you don’t use the 50 billion yuan, Lao Tzu will make you worse off than death!!”

“Help, murder. Lin Shaoang, the son of Hanson Lin, the head of the Lin family, wants to kill for a 50 billion inheritance. Come and save me…” Wayne Lin’s voice was full of fear, and it sounded like desperation. The person, but he is the real person, walking back in the idle court, with a smile on his face, especially calm, where does his voice sound so embarrassed and miserable?

Instead, it was Lin Shaoang. He rushed towards Wayne Lin furiously, because he lost his composure and his own martial arts was far like Wayne Lin. He couldn’t even touch Wayne Lin’s clothes. Instead, he suffered when Wayne Lin dodged. After Wayne Lin’s several sneak attacks, he grinned in pain, and tears flowed out.

Lin Shao-ang, when has he suffered such humiliation!

At this moment, everyone looked at Wayne Lin who was dodging in the hall, and saw the playful smile on Wayne Lin’s face. They couldn’t help but feel a cold neck and a tingling scalp, and they felt fear for the first time!

It turned out that from beginning to end, Wayne Lin was the director. It is conceivable that if this recording of the dialogue is passed to the police station, then Lin Shaoang will really be finished.


; What is the meaning of not bloody soldiers?

This is not bloody swords!

The key point is that Wayne Lin came here alone, and without a helper, he turned the Lin family around!

This IQ, this courage, this method is simply frightening.

In contrast, even Lin Zihao is much inferior in front of him.

At this moment, many people remembered that after Wayne Lin was not expelled from the Lin family, the best child of the Lin family was Wayne Lin, not Lin Zihao.

Is it really because Wayne Lin inherited his mother’s genes?


Hanson Lin couldn’t help it anymore, he rushed forward, grabbed Lin Shao’ang by the back collar, and dragged him back.

“Dad! What are you doing holding me? I’m going to kill Wayne Lin…”

Lin Shaoang glared at King Kong, but before he could finish his words, he was slapped twice by Hanson Lin and slapped in the face, slapped him all over, “Lin Shaoang, you are presumptuous! Wayne is your brother. How can you……”

At this point, he stopped because he saw that Wayne Lin had already hung up the phone again, and he didn’t give him a chance to recover.

Suddenly, Hanson Lin seemed to be ten years old, and his body was a lot looser. He gave a long sigh and said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, I underestimated you. You won.” ,you win!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Why did the uncle say this? The two hundred people present are all yours, and I am the only one. I am not your opponent at all.”

Hanson Lin looked at Wayne Lin deeply, his pupils were full of awe and fear. This time, he really began to fear Wayne Lin!

It’s not just him, but many people in the room also think so.

Only Lin Shaoang was still in anger. He cursed loudly: “Dad! What are you doing, I’m so confused! There is only one person in Wayne Lin, he won! With our status as the Lin family, even if the recording is sent to the police station Now, what about it!”

There was another slap in the face.

This time, it was Hanson Lin who beat him. Lin Shaoang was stunned, his eyes widened, unbelievable, and could not understand why his father wanted to beat him.

“Idiot! Shut me up! If Wayne sends the recording to the police, you will wait to go to jail!!!” Hanson Lin shouted this sentence with a roar, and veins broke out in his neck.

Lin Shaoang stayed there. Then, he saw the eyes of so many people looking at him, and he finally reacted. In an instant, his face lost his blood, his legs softened and he fell to the ground.

Many people watched this scene, shaking their heads. Why can’t Lin Shao-ang become a young master? His abilities are far worse than Wayne Lin and Lin Zihao.

As his father, Hanson Lin felt even more uncomfortable in his heart.

“Wayne, we are wrong, can we not send the recording just now to the police? Shao Ang is your brother anyway, let him go this time, can you?” Hanson Lin lowered his head, incomparably Bitterness, as the head of the Lin family, his status is so beautiful, when has he been so humble.

But he had no choice. At this time, Wayne Lin was in charge of everything. He had to bow his head for the sake of his own son.

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