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Chapter 767

When Wayne Lin faced this punch, he didn’t block at all, but let the opponent hit him with a bang.

Everyone in the Lin family thought that Wayne Lin was frightened and stupid, so they didn’t know that he had dodged and received this punch, but he was about to be beaten into the air.

This foreigner is tall and majestic, how could Wayne Lin bear it?

When the foreigner saw Wayne Lin motionless, the corners of his mouth raised, showing a sneer. He was sure enough that this punch could beat Wayne Lin half to death!

But in fact, what they saw was that Wayne Lin didn’t move at all. He didn’t even move his footsteps. It was just that the floor tiles under his feet had cracked, as if he had transferred the strength of this punch to his feet.

Then Wayne Lin spoke, “This is your strength? Too weak.”

“You…” The foreigner’s eyes widened in an instant, incredible, he couldn’t recover at all, you know, this punch has gathered 90% of the strength, let alone a person, even if it is a thick block The wall must be opened and cracked by him!

But he only felt that he had hit the iron plate, and even felt pain in his fist, and couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth.

Another blonde foreigner was also very surprised, shouting the word impossible.

As for the dozen or so Lin family members behind them, they were even more dumbfounded.

You know, Wayne Lin and Vicky Lin joined forces just now, and they were also in the hands of this foreigner. They couldn’t make three moves. They were defeated cleanly, not at the same level.

But now, such a master is helpless with Wayne Lin, the gap is too big, the picture is too subverted.

They all doubted seriously, is this really the Wayne Lin they knew?

What happened to Wayne Lin in the past two years?

The foreigner reacted quickly. He gritted his teeth and immediately launched a second attack on Wayne Lin.

His speed is not unpleasant. As a master of the second stage of the Innate Realm, his boxing skills are very clean and neat, and he pays attention to the most direct strike method. By using the most powerful force of the body, he can often achieve great results.

Moreover, he is considered a half-doctor, and he especially understands the weaknesses of human beings.

Now he calmed himself down immediately, and immediately straightened his fingers, thrusting heavily into Wayne Lin’s neck, intending to directly hit Wayne Lin’s throat.

This is one of the weaknesses of human beings, even if you are a master of the innate realm, it will definitely be extremely difficult to suffer from this kind of exposure.

And he didn’t believe it, Wayne Lin dared not dodge.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were fierce. He couldn’t see the other party’s thoughts. At the moment, there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and he didn’t dodge, letting the foreigner’s finger stick into his throat.

However, what happened next again subverted everyone’s cognition, and I saw a clanging sound, like a foreigner’s finger, not stuck in his throat, but on hard metal.

Accompanying it was a scream of pain.

It’s not from Wayne Lin, but from the foreigner. He

I really felt that my finger was stuck on the hard steel, his fingers were bent, and there were even fractures.

When he wanted to pull it out, he found that Wayne Lin nodded and stuck his hand with his chin, unable to pull it out.

“Are you a human or a ghost?!” The foreigner no longer had the arrogance and arrogance he had just now, but was full of fear and amazement. The power that Wayne Lin showed had already subverted his cognition. He had never seen it before. Such a powerful person, even a 4s-level superpower, can’t do this!

Wayne Lin nodded directly and fractured his fingers. When the other party retreated in panic, he shot, casually pinched the other party’s neck, raised it with one hand, and said domineering words: “Just like you ants, you dare to spread wild on the ground of China. , I think you are living impatiently.”

He is obviously shorter than a foreigner, but now, in everyone’s eyes, his image does not know how tall a foreigner is, like a god, and the foreigner in his hands is as fragile as a chicken.

The foreigner didn’t actually suffer much damage, but Wayne Lin’s heart was broken, his brain was flustered, and he had no idea of ​​resisting at all, just kicking his legs in the air. Especially Wayne Lin pinched his neck, as if pinched his veins directly, making him unable to open it.

His pupils now exude a strong fear and pleading: “Help, help…”

Of course Wayne Lin wouldn’t let him go so easily. The constant tightening of his right hand, the powerful force caused his neck to make a clicking sound, which sounded particularly terrifying.

The foreigner couldn’t breathe anymore, his face was red. He looked at the blond foreigner next to him with difficulty, begging with his eyes: Help me, help me…

The blonde foreigner was also shocked by this scene. Before that, he had never thought that something like this would happen. In particular, he has a deep contempt for China. He has never thought that such a perverted master will appear in China. This is really beyond his expectation. It caused him to be in a cold sweat for a while. It crashed, not knowing what to do.

The Daniels and the others clenched their teeth tightly. They were so excited that their faces were flushed. It was so happy. These incredible foreigners thought they were awesome, but in front of the chief instructor, they were like ants! The behavior of the chief instructor has greatly improved the face of China.

As for the members of the Lin family, they can no longer describe their current mood. They are always dumbfounded, completely in a state of awe and subversion. They have always wondered whether they have hallucinations, and the one in front of them is not what they know. That Wayne Lin?

Time passed bit by bit, the foreigner was in Wayne Lin’s hands, already rolling his eyes, seeing that he was about to be strangled alive, finally the blonde foreigner couldn’t help it. He took two steps forward, took a deep breath, and put it away. After the arrogance and the principal just now, his attitude improved a lot, and he said to Wayne Lin: “Chinese people, I admit that I underestimated you just now. I didn’t expect that you are also a supernatural person. This time you win. I will give you face. Don’t pursue the matter this time, please let go of my companion.”

Although he had let go of his arrogant posture, he was very arrogant and refused to admit his mistake with Wayne Lin. In his tone, he still revealed that he didn’t want to have the same knowledge as Wayne Lin.

Naturally, Wayne Lin wouldn’t agree. He didn’t pay any attention to the other party, and continued to pinch the foreigner. It seemed that he was trying to choke him alive.

Chapter 768

When the blonde foreigner saw this scene, his brows jumped fiercely twice. With his cleverness, he couldn’t see it. Wayne Lin was giving him a show of power and asking him to bow his head and apologize!

To be honest, Jack really didn’t want to do this. Although he admitted that Wayne Lin was indeed very strong and had already surpassed him, it was nothing more than that. His instructor was much better than Wayne Lin. Moreover, he believes to the bottom that the Chinese are a despicable race, far less noble than their whites!

He even thought at one time that the Chinese were still in the image of a monkey, and it was impossible for a noble race like him to bow his head to admit his mistakes with the Chinese.

However, if his companion died here, he could not escape responsibility.

He stared at Wayne Lin firmly, took a strong breath, and decided to bow his head to Wayne Lin. After he returned, he told the instructor to let the instructor teach this guy severely.

Therefore, he made a difficult decision, bowed his head, and said to Wayne Lin: “Dear Sir, you are a 4s-level superpower with outstanding ability and distinguished status. Please let go of Tom, and we will thank you!”

The corner of Wayne Lin’s mouth raised, revealing a smile that was not a smile. It seemed that he had accepted the other party’s apology and let go of the foreigner named Tom.

With a thump, he was already dying, and Tom, who was a little confused, fell to the ground, and there was a pool of water on his crotch, which turned out to be the pee that was scared by Wayne Lin just now.

The blonde foreigner Jack was very angry, but he had to bow his head under the eaves, and he did not expose this anger. Now Wayne Lin’s strength is indeed stronger than him, and he can’t fight it hard.

He took a deep breath, and then he was about to carry Tom on his back.

When he came over, Wayne Lin stepped forward and stepped on Tom’s chest to prevent him from walking.

Jack said, “Dear Sir, what do you mean by that?”

Wayne Lin looked at him faintly and said, “You haven’t apologized to my compatriots.”

Wayne Lin pointed to the Lin family behind him, and the corners of Jack’s mouth twitched twice again. This damned Chinese dare to humiliate him like this!

He can apologize to Wayne Lin, because Wayne Lin is indeed a super strong, but the Chinese behind them are all rubbish, none of them are powerful, and they are no different from ants. If he apologizes to these ants, the Lord will blame him. of!

So he simply refused, and said loudly: “Dear Sir, you are a 4s-level superpower, I can apologize to you, but these are all ants, waste, I, as a noble superpower, don’t May apologize to them.”

When he said these words, the faces of all the Lin family members were very ugly, and they were greatly humiliated. This humiliation was even greater than before Wayne Lin had come!

Especially Lin Zihao, he now clenched his fist firmly, his face was green, and he lowered his head. He had never felt so uncomfortable before.

He has always surpassed Wayne Lin and rode on Wayne Lin’s head. Five years ago, Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family and he was the one who operated the sword.

But now that Feng Shui turns, Wayne Lin has surpassed him too much, and he has become an insurmountable master. This feeling is really more uncomfortable than killing him!

Wayne Lin’s eyes were cold, staring at Jack.

The aura on his body slowly exudes, the mighty power is like prison, especially terrifying. At the beginning, Jack could still bear it, but slowly, Wayne Lin exuded the aura of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. Jack couldn’t bear it at all. His legs were shaking uncontrollably, and his lips were trembling. Trembling, looking at Wayne Lin in horror: “You, you, you, you are not a 4s-level ability person, you are a 5s-level ability person…”

Now Jack’s mentality is finally about to collapse. The young man in front of him is actually a 5s-level superpower. You know, even his instructor is not that powerful!

Wayne Lin ignored his fear and spoke directly: “I will warn you one last time, kneel down, apologize, compensate, otherwise, I can end your life within three seconds.”


Jack swallowed heavily. He didn’t doubt the authenticity of Wayne Lin’s words. A 5s-level superpower, that is the ultimate powerhouse that only exists in the legend! Even if it is their beautiful country, there are not many. And now, in front of him, there is only one, and still so young, he can’t describe the fear and shock in his heart at this moment.

“I…” Jack faced Wayne Lin’s terrifying eyes and finally couldn’t bear it. He wanted to lower his head and said: “Dear Sir, I am willing to compensate, five million U.S. dollars, please let me go. “

In contrast, he would rather pay compensation than kneel down to apologize. He is still a distinguished white man, how could he kneel down to the ants of China? If this spreads out, it will not only be the loss of Jack’s face!

But will Wayne Lin agree? The answer is no. Wayne Lin shook his head, disappointed, and said, “I have given you the opportunity. Since you don’t cherish it, you can’t blame me.”

When the voice fell, his eyes opened wide, and the terrifying aura directly pressed on Jack, making Jack at this moment, as if facing the death, his mind could not work, he blurted out: “Respected …”

However, before he could finish his words, he was already photographed by Wayne Lin with a palm of his hand, and he was photographed on his knees. With a loud thump, the force was so powerful that the floor tiles were directly cracked. It sank a few centimeters, and Jack screamed like a pig.

At this time, his knee was directly broken.

“Apologize, otherwise I will break your neck.” Wayne Lin’s words were very flat, but they fell into Jack’s ears, just like the voice of death, making his soul tremble, and he can’t afford to resist. And at this moment, all dignity and nobleness were completely forgotten. He had only one idea, and that was to obey Wayne Lin, the great devil, or else he would lose his life.

He kowtows to everyone in the Lin family, begging in a trembling tone, “I was wrong, I shouldn’t bully you, please forgive me… please let me go…”

There was endless fear and crying in his voice, as if he had been shocked.

In fact, Jack can be regarded as a person who has experienced strong winds and waves. No matter how bad he is, he will not be so greedy for life and fear of death.

However, Wayne Lin’s majesty is really too great, just like a mouse meets a cat, that is to say, now his behavior has nothing to do with his thoughts, everything is done by instinct. from.

The agents such as Daniel did not have much feeling, they were used to Wayne Lin’s awesomeness, but for the Lin family, it was unparalleled shock, and deep awe, and the surging river was washed away. Unable to regret it!

Chapter 769

But isn’t it? Originally, Wayne Lin was the heir of their Lin family, and he showed a lot of talent when he was young, but because of their momentary mistakes, they expelled such a genius from the Lin family, and in this way, Now it would be strange if they said they didn’t regret it!

In addition to regretting, they were also very scared. If Wayne Lin really wanted to avenge them, then they would be finished.

At this moment, they did not feel the pleasure of revenge at all, but shivered.

And this blonde foreigner, seeing that the Lin family did not respond and looked so frightened, he became even more frightened. Under Wayne Lin’s pressure, he had lost his dignity and kowtow directly: “Please forgive us…”

He is very annoyed now, but he has no choice if he doesn’t do this, because he feels that the terrifying Chinese in front of him will really kill him.

Moreover, this is on the ground of China. The Chinese really killed him, and most of it will be fine.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. Seeing that the Lin family did not respond, he coughed twice and said, “Are you planning to forgive these foreigners?”

Hanson Lin finally reacted, shook his head quickly, and said hurriedly: “No no, Wayne, I didn’t mean it, it’s all up to you.”

Other Lin family members also said one after another: “Yes, Wayne, everything is up to you, ha ha, ha ha ha…”

Those elders who were originally aloof, now face Wayne Lin, they dare not straighten their waists, and their speech gestures are humbled into the dust. There is no way, who makes Wayne Lin so strong, a master of innate perfection. , Or the chief instructor of Xuanyuan Third Division, with high authority, they didn’t dare to offend at all. There is even a strong idea in my heart, that is to try everything possible to indulge in Wayne Lin. It is best to let Wayne Lin return to the Lin family, so that the Lin family can return to the ranks of the first family in Hwadrid every minute. !

Wayne Lin accepts as soon as he sees it. He has already taught these foreigners. If these foreigners are really killed, although it is not too much trouble, it will still cause some problems. There is no need for this. .

So he nodded, and ordered Jin Hua Da Yang to compensate Lin’s family for the loss. Now Jin Jin foreigners dare not say anything, so he bought 10 million U.S. dollars.

When the Lin family saw this check, they were completely stunned, and their feelings towards Wayne Lin were even more complicated and in awe.

Now the Lin family has long lost its former glory, and the business has been falling, and has become a second-rate family in Hwadrid. This tens of millions of dollars is a lot of money for them.

However, Hanson Lin gritted his teeth and dedicated the check to Wayne Lin with both hands. He also bent over and said respectfully: “Wayne, this one million check is your credit. You should get it. You accept it. We are very grateful that you can help us out.”

Now Hanson Lin completely put down his posture and desperately to please Wayne Lin. Although this ten million is very distressed, he still decided to dedicate it to Wayne Lin for the sake of the overall situation.

He still has this pattern. In itself, this ten million is Wayne Lin’s credit. Without Wayne Lin, not to mention that they have received ten million in compensation, they would have to pay a large sum of money. He can still tell right from wrong.

The other Lin family’s expressions are very distressed

, But it did not stop at this time.

Wayne Lin looked at Hanson Lin with a smile, and said, “Patriarch Lin, you are generous. You have 10 million U.S. dollars. You gave it to me so easily.”

The shout of Patriarch Lin made Hanson Lin’s heart jump, and he laughed a few times, not knowing how to answer for a while.

Wayne Lin swept his eyes across the other Lin family members and shook his head. He is too lazy to be familiar with them now. As early as five years ago, when these so-called relatives were expelled from the Lin family, he was already heartbroken. He and the Lin family It doesn’t matter anymore.

He shook his head and said, “Forget it, you can take it back. To me, this ten million will be a drop in the bucket.”

After saying this, he did not talk about Hanson Lin anymore, but turned around and ordered Daniel to do something, detaining these foreigners. They committed crimes in China, so naturally it is impossible to let them go so easily. .

Because of Wayne Lin’s suppression, these foreigners dare not to be arrogant anymore. They are very well-behaved. After wearing handcuffs, they lose the ability to struggle.

After finishing everything, when Wayne Lin was about to leave, Hanson Lin spoke again, “Wayne, stay…”

Wayne Lin stopped, turned around, and asked with a flat expression, “Patriarch Lin, what else is there?”

Hanson Lin swallowed. He seemed to have plucked up his courage and said, “Wayne, you haven’t returned to the family for a long time. Why don’t you take this opportunity to visit the Lin family today?”

He was clearly Wayne Lin’s elder. As the head of the Lin family, he used to be very majestic. Wayne Lin had to be a conscientious when he saw him, but now, his identity has completely changed. He is not conscientious in front of Wayne Lin, but Be cautious and frightened, for fear that Wayne Lin will be unhappy.

The other Lin family members also had similar expressions. They just wanted to try their best to please Wayne Lin and return to the Lin family so that their Lin family could regain glory.

It’s just that Wayne Lin saw this idea at a glance, shook his head, and said: “I will be free when I go back. Five years ago, the Lin family and I had nothing to do.”

“This…” Hanson Lin’s expression was ugly, full of guilt and sadness. He slapped himself heavily, bowed long to Wayne Lin, and said pitifully, “Wayne, what happened five years ago, Uncle’s fault was that he was obsessed with his heart for a while. He believed the slander and mistakenly believed that you were the murderer… Thousands of mistakes were the uncle’s fault! But Wayne, you always have the blood of the Lin family in your body. It’s something to deny!”

What he said was very moving, and tears were even squeezed from his eyes. With his old appearance, I have to say that it was really touching.

If you change someone else, you must be moved by him and forgive him.

But for Wayne Lin, it was obvious at a glance that Hanson Lin was just guilty of performing. In fact, Hanson Lin just saw him become a talent, and wanted to fool him back to the Lin family so that the Lin family could restore its glory.

For this, Wayne Lin’s heart is very open.

Daniel and the others on the side were surprised to see this scene. They knew that Wayne Lin was awesome, but they didn’t expect Wayne Lin to have such a past.

For a while, I admired Wayne Lin even more.

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