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Chapter 191

Wayne Lin seldom has such a strong desire to express himself. Today, in front of Alma Chu, his desire to express is particularly strong. He wants to make Alma Chu look at him with admiration and even regret his divorce.

This kind of psychology, in fact, is quite naive and very careful.

But he really couldn’t let go of this relationship. Several times he wondered if Alma Chu would regret it?

Now that he has this opportunity, he naturally doesn’t want to let it go. Even if he knows, it doesn’t seem to make any sense to do it himself.

Alma Chu stomped her feet and became a little angry. Wayne Lin was too arrogant. He was always so annoying and caused her trouble.

Just coming all the way, she already knew what kind of existence Tingfengting was. Even the black gold members at the bottom level cost five million, and the higher-level Zijin members have to top up tens of millions. What is this concept?

This is not an investment, nor a necessary expense. It is just a recreational club, which means that those who are willing to spend so much money to fill up members must at least be billionaires!

And who is Wayne Lin, even if he knows Chairman Zi Qiong, he can’t become a Zijin member, right?

Not to mention, to the extent that you can get in with brushing your face, who does this Wayne Lin think he is, listen to the son of the boss of Fengting? It’s so ignorant!

At this moment, Alma Chu had the anger and anger he had before, as if she had returned to the state before the divorce. Wayne Lin would always shame her without knowing it at all. Even if they are divorced now, they are still like this.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s proud face, Alma Chu gritted her teeth and followed, she wanted to see how Wayne Lin would lose face.

When Xiao Cheng saw Alma Chu’s expression, the smile on his face became even more intense. The original depressed mood was wiped out now, not knowing how happy he was.

This guy named Wayne Lin is really a brain-dead, he can even say if he can get in by brushing his face.

In this way, his original hostility towards Wayne Lin has been reduced a lot, because in his mind, Wayne Lin has been regarded as a stupid stupid brain, and naturally he is not at ease.

How could Wayne Lin not know what Alma Chu and Xiao Cheng were thinking in their hearts, but that was exactly what he wanted to do.

Soon, he walked in front of the guard, took out the white membership card in his hand, and said, “My name is Wayne Lin, and I am a supreme member of Tingfeng Pavilion. I want to come in for tea today. The best arrangement for me is Elegant seat.”

The guard saw the white membership card in Wayne Lin’s hand. The expressions on their faces were very strange. Looking at Wayne Lin’s expression, it was also full of weirdness, and said, “Friend, are you kidding me?”

Wayne Lin asked, “Are you the new doorman?”

Another guard said: “Sorry, we worked in Tingfeng Pavilion three years ago.”

The guard looked at Wayne Lin up and down, and saw that Wayne Lin was dressed in ordinary clothes, and his outfits added up to less than a thousand yuan. The membership card in his hand was even more ordinary to outrageous, white. They listened to the wind pavilion. When is there a white membership card?

Wayne Lin suddenly realized that he was the guard who came only three years ago, so he had to remember him.

He didn’t bother to talk with the guard, and said directly: “You are new here. It’s normal if you don’t know me. Then you call Roman Li and tell him Wayne Lin is here, and he will give you instructions.”

Roman Li,

He is one of the people in charge of Tingfengting and a member of the Lin family, knowing his identity.

However, after hearing this, the guard was very puzzled, full of question marks, and said, “Who is Roman Li?”

Wayne Lin was even more surprised now, “You don’t even know Roman Li? It’s the general manager of Fengting you listen to…Let’s call the manager Luo just now, he knows Roman Li.”

At this time, Xiao Cheng and Alma Chu had already walked up. Xiao Cheng saw that he was also stopped by the guard. He couldn’t hide the gloat on his face. He smiled and said, “What’s the matter, Mr. Lin? Can I go in? How come I was stopped.”

Alma Chu sullenly looked at Wayne Lin’s face, she only felt that the previous shameful feeling had returned.

She said: “Wayne Lin, you still go, don’t be so stubborn, you must go in.”

She felt that what she had said was sufficiently euphemistic!

But Wayne Lin still shook his head, insisted, and said, “It’s okay. These two guards are new here. They don’t know me or the Supreme Card in my hand, so it’s normal not to let me in. As long as they listen to the high-level staff of Fengting Pavilion to come out and see me, they can go in. You can wait a moment.

When Xiao Cheng heard this, he couldn’t help it, and he laughed out loud, this guy named Wayne Lin was too funny, he couldn’t even pass the gatekeeper, and he still had to listen to Fengting. High-level come out? If you have water in your head, you can only say such things, hahaha…

Now Xiao Cheng completely treated Wayne Lin as a fool.

The black line on Alma Chu’s forehead is getting deeper and deeper, and she is really speechless and angry now.

She wanted to leave, but she wanted to stay and see how embarrassed Wayne Lin was.

The doorman was also amused, breaking his hands and said: “I said, you should go. We heard that Fengting is a place where the top rich can afford to spend. It is not an ordinary person like you can come in.”

Wayne Lin was also a little angry. The attitude of these two guards was too bad, which violated the original intention of grandfather to establish Tingfeng Pavilion.

So his tone was a lot harder, and he said: “I didn’t make a joke to you, you guys go and call Manager Luo right now, otherwise, you will offend me, you two don’t want to do it in Tingfeng Pavilion. “

However, when the guard heard Wayne Lin’s words, he laughed more happily. Looking at Wayne Lin, his eyes were full of ridicule and contempt. Now he saw two Bentleys coming in from the outside. A distinguished guest came over, and they were afraid of Wayne Lin’s existence and offended the distinguished guest, so their attitude directly became bad, and said with a black face: “Hurry up, Tingfengting is not a place where ordinary people like you can come to make trouble! Otherwise, we will You’re welcome!”

With that said, there is a guard who will come up to drive Wayne Lin away.

When Xiao Cheng saw this scene, he almost died of laughter. The depression that was driven by the guard just now was wiped out. There is a kind of person like this. Seeing someone who is worse than himself, he feels that he is not miserable. Still very happy.

Obviously Xiao Chenggong is such a person.

Alma Chu covered her face. She would feel hot pain when she stood here. Wayne Lin had not disappointed her in this respect.

Wayne Lin frowned even more, just when he was going to deal with it directly with tough methods. At this time, a few people walked down from the Bentley. One of them, after seeing Wayne Lin, his pupils shrank suddenly. I couldn’t help but shouted three words: “Second Young Master?!”

Chapter 192

Wayne Lin was also taken aback when he heard the second young master, and when he looked over, he saw a familiar person standing in front, looking at him with shocking eyes.

“Roman Li?” Wayne Lin suddenly yelled out unexpectedly when he saw this person. That’s right, the one standing in front of him at this time was exactly what he had just mentioned, Roman Li, one of the senior members of Tingfeng Pavilion.

Wayne Lin’s expression is a little weird, which is really a coincidence, as soon as Cao Cao is mentioned, Cao Cao will arrive.

Next to Roman Li, there were a few people, all from the management of Tingfengting. When they saw Wayne Lin, they were also very surprised, even with some awe and incredibleness.

They looked at each other and exchanged glances, how come Wayne Lin has returned to the Lin family?

Roman Li immediately speeded up his pace and walked over. When he came to Wayne Lin, his expression was a little excited and awe. He opened his mouth and was about to call the Second Young Master again. Wayne Lin spoke first, “Roman Li, I want to bring some friends. Enter the Tingfeng Pavilion for a cup of tea, and prepare a Tianzi box for me.”

Roman Li is a wise man. He immediately understood it from Wayne Lin’s eyes. He resisted many doubts in his heart, nodded solemnly, and said: “Okay, Mr. Lin! I will arrange a Tianzi box for you!”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded lightly, and then said to Xiao Cheng and Alma Chu, “Come in together, Pinyipin Tingfeng Pavilion’s best red robe will not disappoint you.”

At this time, Xiao Cheng was completely stunned, the Tianzi box, my dear!

As a black gold member of Tingfeng Pavilion, Xiao Cheng is very clear about the concept of Tingfeng Pavilion’s Tianzi box. It is the best box in Tingfeng Pavilion and a symbol of status! As a black gold member of Tingfeng Pavilion, he can only spend in the yellow box. Even the richest and highest-ranked in his circle can only spend in the local box.

That’s the case. The Tingfeng Pavilion is also divided into different levels. There are boxes of the level of Tiandi Xuanhuang, and the lowest level is the yellow box. It is said to be the lowest level, but it also has everything, especially high-end. At most, he has been to the Xuanzi box with the boss, and that has opened his eyes! Now he can’t even imagine, what is the concept of the Tianzi box?

At this moment, when he looked at Wayne Lin, he only felt that his hands and feet were cold, and his scalp was numb, extremely panic, and even a little trembling.

At this moment, he couldn’t guess that Wayne Lin is an absolute big man, but he can not be offended by a person like him who even loves five million recharged members!

As for the two guards who mocked Wayne Lin just now, they also turned pale, shivering a little, and swallowed heavily.

As the guards who have worked in Tingfeng Pavilion for three years, they know better than Xiao Chengke, what level of people can consume the Tianzi box! That is simply a big person among big people. Needless to say, even Roman Li must be so respectful to Wayne Lin.

Now they realized what a disaster they had caused, and their fear was extreme. Wayne Lin glanced over, and they collapsed immediately. Without thinking, they thumped and knelt in front of Wayne Lin reflexively, kowtow hard. Desperately begging for mercy, “I was wrong, I was wrong! I beg Mr. Lin to ignore the villain’s faults, don’t be like us…”

“We were wrong. We didn’t know Taishan, and we offended Mr. Lin. We should die! I beg Mr. Lin to treat us as a fart and let it go…”

They all knelt in front of Wayne Lin, kowtow vigorously, bang bang bang, and bang their heads firmly, and soon their foreheads

A lot of blood was shed, making people around me feel painful.

But even so, they didn’t dare to stop and continued to kowtow hard.

It is undeniable that they have been working in Tingfengting for three years and have met many big people. Unconsciously, they have a much higher vision. They also think that they are big people invisibly, so when they face Xiao Cheng, a black gold member , Did not take it seriously, seeing such an ordinary image of Wayne Lin made it even more careless.

But in the end, they didn’t expect that they had kicked the iron plate this time. This young man named Wayne Lin was not an ordinary person at all, but an absolute big man.

When Xiao Cheng saw this scene, his scalp became even more numb and trembling!

He really wanted to give himself a heavy slap in the face and wake him up, damn, what he was doing just now, because of a Alma Chu, he offended such a big man. It’s over, it’s all over.

At that moment, Xiao Cheng really wanted to cry without tears.

As for Alma Chu, she was also stunned, staring blankly at Wayne Lin with a faint smile. When did Wayne Lin get so awesome?

Wayne Lin saw their reaction in his eyes, and he was still a little bit dark in his heart, and finally he was awe-inspiring in front of Alma Chu.

Roman Li’s face became gloomy. He didn’t realize that these two guards had offended Wayne Lin just now. He immediately gave them a severe lesson in rage and gave them to them on the spot. Expelled.

The other senior Tingfeng Pavilions were also in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin did not have the same knowledge as them, and the situation was not too bad.

“Okay, you don’t have to be so nervous, I just come back to drink tea, and you do what you should do.” Wayne Lin waved his hand and dismissed them, and then said to Xiao Cheng and Alma Chu: “Heaven The size box is the highest level box in Tingfeng Pavilion. It is absolutely quiet and private, and can meet all your needs.”

Wayne Lin said the two words’needs’ very hard. After listening to Xiao Cheng, Xiao Cheng’s whole body was shocked, showing an expression that was even uglier than crying, “Mr. Lin, you are misunderstood. Mr. Chu and I are just Ordinary partners have absolutely no thoughts about President Chu!”

He quickly explained clearly, otherwise Lin Zi remembered and hated him, then he would be finished. The more you get into this circle, the more you understand that there are people outside the world, there are people outside the world, don’t look at him now in his relatives and friends, but he is not even a fart in the real big people.

Wayne Lin glanced at him meaningfully and said, “Really?”

This sentence made Xiao Cheng shocked all over his body and became even more frightened.

Seeing this scene, Alma Chu bit her lip tightly, her heart becoming more and more complicated, she couldn’t say a word.

Xiao Cheng had no more thoughts about Alma Chu. Before entering the Tianzi box, he hurriedly signed a contract with Alma Chu, giving Alma Chu the highest concession, and leaving Wayne Lin with his business card, hope You can flatter Wayne Lin’s thick legs.

In this way, Wayne Lin, Alma Chu and the secretary were left.

The secretary saw that the atmosphere was not right, so she did not dare to stay, and quickly found a reason to slip away.

As a result, only Wayne Lin and Alma Chu were left, and the atmosphere suddenly became even more embarrassing…

Chapter 193

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu’s face that was familiar to his bones, but became strange again. At this moment, his heart was also extremely complicated. It seemed that he wanted to say 10,000 words to Alma Chu, but when it came to his lips, he He became dumb, unable to say a word.

Alma Chu also did the same. She lowered her head and held up the tea cup, but her eyes were too imaginary, and she didn’t face Wayne Lin.

The Tianzi box is very magnificent, in the body, just like in a fairyland, with a huge area, small bridges and flowing water, it seems like a small world.

Even the men and women who serve here are absolutely top-notch handsome men and women. Anyone who can be pulled out can be a star or a model. But here, it’s just a waiter.

Wayne Lin returned here, and his mood is also very complicated. Speaking of it, he hasn’t returned here for more than four years. Tingfeng Pavilion was founded by his grandfather and was to be inherited to him at that time.

be quiet.

The two of them sat silently, Wayne Lin waved his hand, and dismissed the dozen or so waiters in the box. Wayne Lin and Alma Chu were the only ones left in the big box.

There was silence for two full minutes, no one said a word, and the atmosphere became more embarrassing and abnormal.

At this moment, Wayne Lin’s cell phone rang, he took it out and answered the call. Alma Chu subconsciously looked over, and immediately saw that Wayne Lin’s cell phone was still the old domestic phone, which was given to him by Alma Chu. Yes, it is very broken now, but Wayne Lin is still using…This small detail made Alma Chu’s heart even more ripples.

Wayne Lin didn’t realize this. He answered the phone, said a few words, his face changed slightly, then nodded and said, I know, and hung up.

He spoke first and said to Alma Chu: “I’m sorry, I have something to do temporarily, and I need to deal with it, so I won’t accompany you.”

Hearing this, Alma Chu felt a little lost in her heart, showing something on her face. She squeezed out a smile and said, “It’s okay, go ahead and leave me alone.”

Wayne Lin caught this loss of hers and was slightly startled.

“You can stay in the Tianzi box and consume as you like. If you have everything you need, just order the waiter. They can meet all your requirements.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Alma Chu moved her lips and wanted to say something, but she still didn’t say anything afterwards. In the end she just nodded and said a good word concisely.

Wayne Lin went out, and Alma Chu remained in the Tianzi box.

She relaxed and began to look at this so-called Tianzi box…

Just now, she was full of thoughts and did not pay attention to the environment inside. Now she can see that this Tianzi box is not simple, people are here, and she feels very comfortable and relaxed. Originally, her spirit was quite exhausted, but now she is much more energetic. .

The more you observe, the more surprising you will be. Any place in the box of this day’s name has been carefully carved, and every object is a work of art with extraordinary value. Alma Chu also saw a lot of gold utensils.

After a while, two waiters came in and asked Alma Chu politely what she needed. Alma Chu put forward some excessive requests in a tentative manner, but the waiters agreed all at once.

She even mentioned whether she could invite a popular star to sing to her. She didn’t have any hope at first, but the waiter agreed and told her with a smile that the popular star happened to be nearby Fengcheng. , Just after the concert, I can come over and sing for her one-on-one within half an hour!

When she heard these words, she was stunned. Unexpectedly, Tingfengting could help her fulfill such a request.

You know, she also knows some connoisseurs in the entertainment industry, she must invite this popular star to sing, and the appearance fee is not less than five million. As a result, she can invite it in a word, and she does not need to spend a penny. !

This is too… exaggerated!

Alma Chu was really shocked. In addition, she had several requirements that sounded impossible to achieve. The two waiters did not show any surprise or embarrassment, and agreed without hesitation, but it took a while. That’s it.

Now she began to understand why Xiao Cheng was so shocked and terrified when he heard Wayne Lin’s expression when he was able to book a box with a box of Tianzi.

She feels the same now…

However, besides this, she also had another doubt, is this the Wayne Lin she knew? You are actually eligible to enjoy the treatment of the Tianzi box at Tingfeng Pavilion? Moreover, just those high-level people who listened to Feng Ting were so respectful to Wayne Lin… That kind of posture was not like facing the guests, but more, like facing… the master!

After getting this idea, Alma Chu was messed up.

After half an hour, the popular star really came, and his attitude towards her was surprisingly respectful and humble, not as cold as the one said on TV.

The secretary also came back. She sat next to Alma Chu and watched the popular singer singing hard in front of her. Now she was dumbfounded, and she admired Wayne Lin to the extreme!

Alma Chu didn’t want to stay in the Fengting Pavilion for long. Originally, she planned to discuss this cooperation with Xiao Cheng and return to Chu’s house immediately, but now, in the Tianzi box, she doesn’t want to leave…

In the end, she and her secretary stayed in the Tianzi box for nearly half a day. For more than four hours, she saw the awesomeness of Tingfengting and the dignity of the Tianzi box. She reluctantly received a call from the company. go away.

And in these four hours, Wayne Lin had not come back, making Alma Chu especially disappointed in waiting.

There is an emotion in her heart now, that is regret…

Was it a wrong thing to divorce Wayne Lin?

At the same time, she was also very curious about who Wayne Lin was and what identity.

Where did Wayne Lin go?

He received a call from Roman Li and came out.

“Second Young Master.”

After Roman Li saw Wayne Lin, he humbled a salute.

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded lightly, as a response.

“Second Young Master, are you going back to Lin’s house this time?” Roman Li asked softly.

The Tingfeng Pavilion was founded by grandfather Lin Changtian. In fact, it has nothing to do with the Lin family. For a long time, Hanson Lin and Lin Zihao wanted to get involved, but because of the unique existence of Tingfeng Pavilion, they both led to Hanson Lin. And Lin Zihao couldn’t take it down for a long time.

However, this was Lin Changtian’s property anyway, and it was only a matter of time before the Lin family took it back.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “It’s not exactly, it’s just going back to Lin’s house temporarily to get me back what belongs to me.”

Roman Li uttered a cry and fell into silence for a while, then he hesitated for a while, and said, “Second Young Master, now the Young Master is also back. When he comes back, he threatens to deal with you. You have returned to the Lin Family. Be careful. .”

“Well, I know it in my heart.”

Wayne Lin smiled and nodded, patted Roman Li on the shoulder, just about to ask something. At this moment, there was a loud noise from the front. Then, a group of people kicked the door open and broke in…

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