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Chapter 518

Yang Fan, who was on the side, patted his forehead suddenly. Seeing that he was busy, he had forgotten Wayne Lin. This time he also sent an invitation letter to Wayne Lin. He also planned to have a relationship with Wayne Lin and even take a look. Can Wayne Lin also select a Yang family’s disciple as the disciple of the Guan Sect, after all, Wayne Lin is also a master of innate realm, and he has also made a name in G province.

Yang Lie looked at Yang Fan and asked, “Did you invite Wayne Lin?”

Yang Fan nodded and said: “Yes, I sent an invitation letter to Randal Lin, but instead of contacting Randal Lin personally, I contacted Damon Wang and asked Damon Wang to tell Randal Lin…”

Zhao Xia squinted his eyes. He already remembered that some time ago, the fourth group instructor who beat up his fangs group Changfeng, Agni Huo, and Qinglang was not the same as Wayne Lin and Ziqiong Media. Chairman!

Unexpectedly, this Wayne Lin would also be here at the Yang family’s banquet today, but it was really Yuanjialuzhai.

“The new instructor of the fourth group? This is a bit interesting.” Zhao Xia showed a thought-provoking smile. At the same time, his gaze scanned the audience, trying to find Wayne Lin.

However, his gaze flicked across Wayne Lin’s face twice, and he still didn’t recognize Wayne Lin.

At this moment, a lively discussion broke out in the audience.

“Wow, Yang Lie’s daughter actually wants to follow Wayne Lin as his teacher?”

“Wayne Lin, he is not a simple person. He is known as the number one master of G province. Since his debut, even Brian Gu and Wu Meizi have died in his hands. They are all top masters in the hands of Innate Realm. what!”

“There is a good show here. The Yang family’s daughter is Wayne Lin. No wonder he refuses to worship Zhao Xia as a teacher. Wayne Lin’s reputation is indeed not under Zhao Xia.”

“This is not necessarily true? Zhao Xia is a veteran congenital realm master, or the chief coach of Xuanyuan’s Three Fangs Team. He is powerful and powerful, and the number of foreign masters who died in him is countless. I think it really compares. , Zhao Xia should be even better!”

“Huh, you are wrong. Wayne Lin is a rare genius in a century. Brian Gu and Wu Meizi who died in his hands are not unknown people! Anyway, this time there is really a good show. It’s good to see that Zhao Xia wanted to accept the daughter of the Yang family as a disciple. It was originally a logical thing, but the person in the mind of the daughter of the Yang family was Wayne Lin. Zhao Xia couldn’t bear this face, and thought that by defeating his opponents, he would preserve his reputation. I never expected that I encountered a hard stubble.”

“What if Wayne Lin isn’t here?”

“That’s impossible. I saw Wayne Lin come with my own eyes just now. In my opinion, Wayne Lin came to tear down Zhao Xia’s station on purpose this time, right?”

Zhao Xia’s hearing is very keen, and the arguments of these people on the field did not escape his ears, and his face suddenly became even more ugly.

He has every reason to believe that what happened just now was directed by Wayne Lin, and the purpose was to demolish his stage!

“What a Wayne Lin, cruel enough, and kind enough!” Zhao Xia’s chest filled with anger, filling his whole person.

In his opinion, Wayne Lin was against him. From the beginning, he attacked the Fangs team and called the Fangs team rubbish, then ignored his threats and did not take the initiative to come to the door to apologize and reconcile. Now the Yang family’s banquet On, the director came out like this!



At this moment, Zhao Xia had already regarded Wayne Lin as an enemy. Even if Wayne Lin was Sun Liang’s person, he had to teach Wayne Lin severely.

Yang Fan was also looking for Wayne Lin’s figure. He soon saw Damon Wang next to Wayne Lin and said happily: “Mr. Wang, you are here, don’t you know who Randal Lin is?”

Before Damon Wang could speak, Wayne Lin sighed helplessly, stood up and said, “Mr. Yang Fan, I am here.”

In an instant, everyone in the audience looked at Wayne Lin, and for a moment, Wayne Lin felt the pressure in an instant, but after a breath, he was relieved, his face was indifferent, and he was talking and laughing.

Yang Guiying found Wayne Lin and immediately became excited, pulled Yang Lie’s sleeve, pointed at Wayne Lin and said, “Dad, he is Wayne Lin, my idol, I just want to worship him as a teacher!”

Yang Guiying said this very loudly, and the eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of enthusiasm.

Zhao Xia’s face is even darker. As the head coach of the Fangs team, when has he been so embarrassed, and Wayne Lin has been regarded as a thorn in his eyes!

Yang Lie saw that Wayne Lin was so young, he was not even thirty years old, he was completely the same age of his daughter Yang Guiying!

Before that, he had heard of Wayne Lin’s fame and knew that Wayne Lin was very powerful, known as the number one master of G province, but he had never seen a photo of Wayne Lin, and had never thought that Wayne Lin was so young. To his surprise.

You know, the average innate realm masters are at least forty years old, like Zhao Xia is already 42 years old, and the other four innate realm masters are already close to fifty.

Wayne Lin felt Zhao Xia’s anger. He felt even more helpless. It was not that he was afraid of Zhao Xia, but that there was no hatred between him and Zhao Xia, and he was still the instructor at Xuanyuan 3rd place. Pointless.

At this moment, Yang Fan had walked up to Wayne Lin. When he saw Wayne Lin was so young, he couldn’t help being surprised. There was no expression on his face. He held Wayne Lin’s hand and said apologetically: ” Randal Lin, if you didn’t say well, please forgive me.”

Reaching out without hitting the smiley, Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Mr. Yang is polite.”

The appearance of Wayne Lin caused a subtle change in the atmosphere of the scene. Invisible, they all set their eyes on Wayne Lin and Zhao Xia, looking forward to a fight between them.

Yang Guiying also walked up to Wayne Lin, somewhat shy, more determined, took a deep breath, and said: “Idol, please accept me as a disciple, I will definitely not let you down!”

Wayne Lin has a headache when he sees Yang Guiying. He sees a lot of stubborn people, but he is the first one to be stubborn and irrespective of occasions like Yang Guiying. The key point is that Yang Guiying is still a woman, so enthusiastic about martial arts, he never expected.

He had to pretend not to hear, Yang Lie looked at him and said, “Mr. Lin, I don’t know when you accepted the little girl as a disciple? Why don’t you tell us about such a big thing?”

Yang Guiying became excited and excited, and clenched her fists. In her dreams, she wanted to follow Wayne Lin as a teacher.

Wayne Lin had to smile wryly and said, “Patriarch Yang, this is a misunderstanding. Actually, Ling Ai and I…”

However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by a loud voice with hostility and anger, “Good, you Wayne Lin! You are against me everywhere, I think you have eaten the gall of the bear. I don’t want to live anymore!”

It was Zhao Xia, who was like a tower, strode towards Wayne Lin. The expression on his face was cold and menacing. He fixed his eyes on Wayne Lin and locked Wayne Lin. If he wanted, he could give it to Wayne Lin at any time. Wayne Lin launched a thunderous crit.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, he hadn’t really thought that he would bump into Zhao Xia here, and still in this way.

Faced with Zhao Xia’s insulting words, Wayne Lin was not happy in his heart. Seeing that everyone was serving the three places of Xuanyuan, he decided to bear a sigh of relief and patiently explained: “Instructor Zhao, I think you have misunderstood, I didn’t think. I’ve been against you.”

Zhao Xia seemed to have heard Tianda’s joke, and laughed loudly: “Wayne Lin! Even if you dare to claim to be the No. 1 expert in Province G, you dare not admit what you have done? I think you are nothing but that! In Xuanyuan San At that, you hit my soldiers and said that my Fangs team are all rubbish. I think you are Sun Liang’s face, and you didn’t try to teach you. I just asked you to pay for it. You installed it yourself, and took my words to your ears! Now embarrass me? Since you didn’t see me Zhao Xia, then I have to see how capable you are, and dare to fight against me Zhao Xia! !”

When he said this, it was like a sky thunder landing, rumbling, and the entire hall was shaking. In the vagueness, it seemed to shake the entire cruise ship, and the hull shook more.

Chapter 519

Suddenly everyone present began to panic, and the eyes looking at Zhao Xia were full of horror, and some women with less courage even couldn’t help screaming.

In their opinion, Zhao Xia is really terrifying, almost like a god-man, a word can cause the cruise ship to shake, this kind of ability can be called a god!

In fact, they overestimated Zhao Xia. Even if Zhao Xia is powerful, he is only a master of the innate realm, and he has not broken away from the category of’human’. How could he cause a huge cruise ship to shake with a single sentence. The reason why the cruise ship swayed was that the waves on the sea surface caused the cruise ship to sway when it was sailing, and the shaking was not large.

Wayne Lin could tell at a glance, Zhao Xia had sensed that a wave was rolling in the distance in advance, and he had cooperated with the wave.

In other words, if Zhao Xia really has this ability, then Wayne Lin can run straight away.

When Wayne Lin saw Zhao Xia’s appearance, he knew that Zhao Xia would not let go. He said directly, “Then what do you want?”

Zhao Xia grinned, “It’s very simple, don’t you claim to be the No. 1 in G province? You bullied my soldiers at three places in Xuanyuan and demolished my platform at the Yang family banquet. If this is the case, then fight! Look at you Do you have this capability!”

As the voice fell, his fighting spirit continued to improve, and his spirit was concentrated to the extreme. Everyone felt that his fighting spirit was almost condensed into substance, which was suffocating.

Many people are excited. It is a great honor to see the two innate masters fighting each other! Not everyone can encounter this kind of opportunity.

Yang Guiying’s eyes widened even more, her face flushed with excitement, and she stared at Wayne Lin intently. She is a real martial artist and has no interest in dressing up. She only loves martial arts.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I can fight with you, but not now. When I get to the ground, I will fight.”

Zhao Xia laughed disdainfully, “Why, are you scared? Just as courageous as you, you have the face to claim to be the No. 1 expert in Province G?”

Wayne Lin is also a master of fame anyway, but he is not an unnamed person. Zhao Xia mocks him again and again, which is already irritating him. If he should not fight, everyone will think that he is afraid of Zhao Xia. This will affect his reputation. Have a huge impact.

Although Zhao Xia is very powerful, his cultivation has reached the third stage of the Innate Realm, but compared with him, there is still a lot of distance. Now Wayne Lin is already in the fourth stage, plus he has been with Brian Gu and Wu Meizi three times before. , Ye Xingchen’s three great masters fought life and death, and the accumulated experience made his fighting instinct stronger by many times.

“Zhao Xia, I think you are the instructor of the Fangs team, and I have contributed to the country. I give you back everywhere. Do you think I am really afraid of you!” Wayne Lin said coldly, “Xia Zhao, I Just tell you this, you are not my opponent.”

When the words fell, Wayne Lin’s eyes suddenly changed, becoming sharp, and at the same time his aura changed drastically. He was no longer as ordinary and easy-going as before, but full of domineering and violent, just like a god of war.

Zhao Xia felt his changes at this moment, and his pupils shrank suddenly, his expression no longer as contemptuous as before, but a lot of dignity, but it was nothing more than that. He sneered and said, “Wayne Lin, you really have some ability. No wonder you dare to fight me! It’s so good. I haven’t met an opponent for a long time. Today I want to see if you really have this ability.”

After saying this, Zhao Xia directly attacked Wayne Lin regardless of the three seven twenty one.

This shot of him is directly a thunderbolt, irresistible!

Everyone present felt his power. In their spiritual world, what they saw was not only Zhao Xia’s thin figure, but also a huge, hundreds-meter-long human-shaped Titan, whose strength could win stars. Capture the moon, fist shakes mountains and rivers.

Now Zhao Xia hit Wayne Lin with a punch, like a meteorite, able to smash a hole in the land of China!

As for Wayne Lin, facing Zhao Xia’s punch, he was just a weak creature, completely vulnerable to a single blow, and would soon be wiped out by Zhao Xia’s punch, so he couldn’t die again.

Wayne Lin’s expression is also a bit solemn. It’s not that he is afraid of Zhao Xia, but that he is on a cruise ship, unable to bear the full force of the two masters of Innate Realm. Don’t look at the thick floor under your feet, but it is really The earth is incomparable.

Wayne Lin’s realm was already higher than that of Zhao Xia. Facing Zhao Xia’s punch, he had simulated no less than twenty methods that he could face calmly. However, the price of this calmness is the cost of damaging the cruise ship, and now there are thousands of people on the cruise ship, it is not a last resort, he really does not want to do this.

Therefore, Wayne Lin still chose to dodge between the electric sparks to avoid his sharp edge.

With a squeak, Wayne Lin’s figure disappeared from the place, as fast as lightning, all

No human being can be caught by the retina. When Wayne Lin reappeared, he was already more than ten meters away. It looked like a teleport to those present.

“Zhao Xia, you stop, this cruise ship can’t withstand the destruction of the two of us.” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice.

However, Zhao Xia did not pay attention to Wayne Lin. He thought that Wayne Lin was scared. He sneered and said, “Huh, I think you are more or less persuaded! Teach you, why should I spend too much time?”

After finishing speaking, he rushed to Wayne Lin again, the speed is also extremely fast, he has now regarded Wayne Lin as a thorn in his eye, and he has no reservations about the shot, it is directly a thunder crit. Show his might!

Besides, he didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could compete with him.

Wayne Lin dodged a few more times. Zhao Xia still did not stop. Instead, the attack became more and more fierce. It was a head-and-face attack against him, and the lobby of this cruise ship was so large that it had been destroyed by Zhao Xia. A lot of things.

Because of Zhao Xia’s violent actions, it also started to cause a lot of damage to the cruise ship. The huge hull began to sway again, this time not because of the impact of the waves, but Zhao Xia’s destruction.

“Zhao Xia, you are enough! Don’t think I am really afraid of you!” Wayne Lin was also angry.

Zhao Xia sneered disdainfully, and said, “Wayne Lin, your so-called “g” rises to the first place, you are at this level? You can only hug your head? I think you are nothing but that! I don’t think you are called Wayne Lin, just call it. Lin Wugui, hahaha!”

Many people present saw Wayne Lin dodge all the time, did not dare to confront Zhao Xia, and was beaten by Zhao Xia. They all thought that Wayne Lin was a vain name, not Zhao Xia’s opponent. Especially Yang Guiying, she became very disappointed with Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin snorted heavily. He was already enough to give Zhao Xia face, but Zhao Xia didn’t appreciate it, but he kept making an inch. He really thought he was afraid!

He knows that no matter how much he bears, Zhao Xia will not give up, only a battle!

The figure he had been retreating quickly stopped abruptly, facing Zhao Xia who was leaping over, his eyes widened and there was divine light flashing, and then he slapped Zhao Xia with a palm.

Zhao Xia laughed loudly, “Good job!”

Then head to head with Wayne Lin.

It is a pity that he still underestimated Wayne Lin. He was close to two meters in size. He was slapped backwards by Wayne Lin’s palm. He slammed into a wall behind, and directly smashed the wall. !

Zhao Xia’s expression suddenly changed, revealing a strong horror, obviously he did not expect Wayne Lin to be so strong!

This collision directly caused greater damage to the cruise ship. At the place where they collided, the steel-made floor directly added a huge pit, and the surrounding area was also in chaos.

And this is just the beginning. I can imagine that they will continue to fight until the results are separated. Then the cruise ship must be seriously damaged, and maybe even directly through the bottom of the ship. At that time, for the people on the cruise ship, it will be the best. disaster.

Zhao Xia yelled, and he was beaten back by Wayne Lin with the palm of his hand. To him, it was a huge shame!

“Come again!!”

As he said, he continued to pounce, and, this time, he had no reservations, his power was even more fierce than before!

Wayne Lin’s expression changed, and if he continued to fight like this, the cruise ship would really sink.

Is there any way to stop it?

Suddenly, Wayne Lin’s inspiration flashed. Can he move the battlefield?

Fighting on a cruise ship is not suitable, so you can go to the sea to fight!

After he thought about it, without any hesitation, he turned around and ran, with one stride, he jumped from the deck and landed on the sea.

Everyone present was shocked by his action, and they were all stunned. What’s the situation? Could it be that Wayne Lin was really so afraid of Zhao Xia that he was so scared that he jumped into the sea and committed suicide?

Zhao Xia was also stunned, even if it was him, he didn’t want to understand Wayne Lin’s hand movement for a while.

However, just when everyone was in shock, Wayne Lin’s voice came from the surface of the sea: “Xia Zhao, aren’t you going to fight? On this sea, I will stay with you to the end!”

what’s the situation?

When everyone was in a daze, Yang Guiying rushed to the deck for the first time, looked down, and immediately saw an unforgettable scene in her life.

Wayne Lin stood calmly on the surface of the sea, standing with his hands in his hands, the sea breeze blowing on his clothes, floating around, like a sea god!

Chapter 520


Yang Guiying was completely dumbfounded, muttering words in her mouth.

At the same time, other people in the cabin also came out, seeing this scene, they were also shocked!

Without seeing people with his own eyes, it is impossible to feel the shock brought by this scene. Wayne Lin stands on the sea like this, but his ankles are submerged in the sea. Almost the whole person is on the sea, and he stands very stable. It swayed because of the waves and the sea breeze.

This has completely exceeded their cognition. They have never seen anyone standing on the sea like this. This is against the entire ocean with personal power!

Some older people, full of enthusiasm on their faces, actually knelt directly in the direction of Wayne Lin, their faces full of piety, shouting loudly: “Sea God! Sea God!”

Even when Yang Lie saw Wayne Lin standing on the surface of the sea, his face that had always been Gu Jingbubo also changed dramatically.

Before, he had seen masters of Innate Realm with his own eyes, who could walk on the lake, but that was only for a period of time, and he was still walking on the water at high speed, the lake water reached his knees!

Standing on the turbulent sea like Wayne Lin, but only submerged in his ankle, he saw this state for the first time!

At this moment, he even had a thought that Wayne Lin was the sea god.

Not to mention him, those few Innate Realm masters also contracted their pupils at this moment, and they were full of horror and awe at Wayne Lin! They are masters of the innate realm, so naturally they know how difficult it is for Wayne Lin to do this!

Even though they are masters of the Innate Realm, they can only stand on the surface of the sea for more than ten seconds. They absolutely cannot achieve the calmness and stability of Wayne Lin!

This shows that Wayne Lin’s cultivation base is far above them.

Zhao Xia also opened his eyes wide, staring straight at Wayne Lin, shocked on his face, he never thought that Wayne Lin could stand so stable on the sea.

He can also stand on the sea, but it is still a bit difficult to make Wayne Lin so relaxed.

In other words, he underestimated Wayne Lin’s strength?

His face looked ugly for a moment.

Wayne Lin saw Zhao Xia’s expression, his face showed a contemptuous expression, and said: “Zhao Xia, are you afraid?”

Zhao Xia was cold, did not speak, just stared at Wayne Lin.

“On the cruise ship just now, I have been avoiding you, not because I was afraid of you, but because of the many people on the cruise ship. As a master of our realm, once we fight, the cruise ship sinks in minutes.” Wayne Lin said For a moment, there was no forbearance and mediocrity on the cruise ship. Instead, he released his aura, full of domineering and self-confidence, charming, and even on the endless sea, he could not hide his light.

Wayne Lin laughed loudly: “Why, Zhao Xia, weren’t you crazy just now? You dare not now? I think you are nothing more than that! Hahahaha…”

His laughter shook the world, went straight to the sky, spread across the vast sea, and seemed to alarm the creatures under the seabed. For a while, whales spit out water and dolphins leaped, making the scene extremely spectacular.

Wayne Lin is in a wonderful mood now, very happy, he hasn’t been so happy for a long time, on this sea, looking at it, the boundlessness makes him feel proud.

Everyone present felt his pride, and was immediately infected by him, and they couldn’t help but agitate. They were full of admiration for Wayne Lin, and he was alive, as it should be!

No matter how much money they make,

It’s just a mortal, stumbling in the ordinary, but Wayne Lin is different. For him, power is already the pursuit of the bottom. Only breaking through the limits of mankind and chasing the world is his goal.

Even Yang Lie couldn’t help but envy Wayne Lin.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes followed Wayne Lin, looking at Zhao Xia, a little more contemptuous.

Zhao Xia’s expression was hard to look like. He did not expect Wayne Lin would come to this hand. Although he was extremely conceited and thought that Wayne Lin was not his opponent, he was based on ground confrontation. Now Wayne Lin moved the battlefield to On the sea, he was not so sure.

But facing Wayne Lin’s provocation, he was puzzled and couldn’t do it. When everyone thought he was afraid of Wayne Lin, where did he put his face?

Besides, with his strength, even on the sea, Wayne Lin may not be his opponent.

In his opinion, the reason why Wayne Lin can stand so stable on the sea is because he takes advantage of his weight, and his true strength is that.

After understanding, he laughed loudly, “Hahaha, Wayne Lin, since you are so anxious to find death, then I will fulfill you!”

After finishing speaking, he jumped directly into the sea, kicked out his legs in the air, and his shoes hurriedly hit Wayne Lin’s face.

Wayne Lin sneered. How could he be hit by Zhao Xia? He suddenly sank, and the sea reached his knees. Zhao Xia’s two shoes flew over his head and crashed into the sea behind, causing a great uproar, showing that Zhao Xia’s two feet the power of.

Then, Wayne Lin’s body immediately rose and returned to his ankles. If you have good eyesight, you can see that under Wayne Lin’s feet, the undercurrent is surging under the sea, and his ten toes are swaying quickly, as if they become With the propeller, resistance is generated to support him stably standing on the sea, rather than he really has the ability to control the sea.

Soon, Zhao Xia also jumped into the sea. He also stood steadily on the sea. However, he could not be as relaxed as Wayne Lin. Moreover, the sea water spread to his calf and reached his knee by ten centimeters. In terms of physical strength, Wayne Lin is not as strong as Wayne Lin.

Even though Wayne Lin is lighter than Zhao Xia, it is not much lighter. Within ten kilograms, Zhao Xia looks much taller. In fact, Wayne Lin’s bone density and muscle density are both It is bigger than Zhao Xia, so even if there is a difference in body shape, there is not much difference in weight.

When Wayne Lin saw Zhao Xia challenge, his face showed a happy smile. It is a very pleasant thing for him to fight against a master like Zhao Xia!

The more he reached his level, the harder it was to find an opponent. Besides, Wayne Lin was still a kind of warlike person in his bones. To him, Zhao Xia was a toy.

Zhao Xia felt Wayne Lin’s emotions. He snorted and didn’t talk nonsense. He directly started to attack Wayne Lin. On the surging sea, he ran towards Wayne Lin. Every step he ran, he was at his feet. , There will be a loud explosion sound, as if a bomb is tied to his feet, blowing the sea water scattered.

On the deck of the cruise ship, everyone opened their eyes and looked closely at the two people on the sea. For them, this was a rare battle in the ages!

Wayne Lin faced Zhao Xia’s initiative to take the initiative, his face showed a bright smile, and he also shouted, “Good job!”

Immediately afterwards, he did not retreat but moved forward, and headed towards Zhao Xia. He disappeared in the blink of an eye at a distance of tens of meters.

Compared with Zhao Xia, Wayne Lin caused even greater movement. Every time he stepped on the sea surface, there was a huge explosion. The sea water under his feet exploded, directly rushing up to more than 20 meters, and then falling down. This picture is extremely shocking!

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