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Chapter 356

Wayne Lin was riding a Siberian tiger. Whenever he saw his beasts, he evaded and ran away.

The battle with that innate realm master just now did not cause any damage to Wayne Lin, but only consumed a part of his physical strength, and this part of his physical strength quickly recovered.

Wayne Lin now has more than 70 nameplates in his hand. Seeing that there are many, he hopes to win the first place. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense, because when he loses to Brian Gu, these nameplates belong to Brian Gu, and Brian Gu loses to him, so naturally.

The rule of this hunting contest is that the strongest person has the strength to win the first place, and there is no luck.

And this strongest person should be born between him and Brian Gu.

Wayne Lin found a cave, rested for a whole night, regained his energy, and then came out of the cave with clear light in his eyes. The Siberian tiger lying at the mouth of the cave felt his momentum at this moment. The ground was in awe, and quickly lay on the ground, waiting for the master to ride him.

Now Wayne Lin’s strength has improved a little bit. After fighting with that innate realm master last night, he now has a deeper understanding of this realm.

“It’s time to find Brian Gu.” Wayne Lin murmured while looking in a certain direction, then rode on the Siberian tiger and began to move in that direction.

In that direction, Brian Gu seemed to have sensed it, and suddenly opened his eyes, and looked in this direction, his eyes flashed brightly, “Wayne Lin, are you coming to die?”

Today is the last day of the hunting competition. Almost most of the people on the game have lost the qualifications. The nameplate is in Brian Gu’s hand.

Now Brian Gu has more than 300 nameplates in his hand, and there are more than 200 people following him, a mighty team.

They had obviously lost the qualifications for the competition and should have left, but they were still reluctant to leave because they had not seen a battle between Brian Gu and Wayne Lin.

Suddenly a light rain fell in the sky, ticking ticking, hitting the surrounding leaves, making a sound, it sounded very peaceful, and it felt like nature. People in it would slowly relax their mood.

However, with so many people present, none of them were relaxed. On the contrary, they were even more tense. They all looked in one direction and opened their eyes wide.

In their sight, they saw a small figure, one person and one tiger, walking slowly.

“It’s Wayne Lin! He is here!!”

Someone recognized it, and suddenly screamed.

His words drew everyone’s attention in an instant, and the already nervous mood became even more tense at this moment and held his breath.

Soon, they saw that Wayne Lin was riding a huge Siberian tiger, walking slowly from the rain, like a fairy. This scene left a deep impression on everyone.

Wayne Lin at this moment really doesn’t look like a person, but a god!

Brian Gu squinted his eyes and looked at Wayne Lin deeply. In his eyes, Wayne Lin’s body contained a huge amount of energy, and he could easily explode outrageous damage.

“Come here, the war of the century is about to begin! It’s really exciting!”

“This Wayne Lin looks pretty awesome. He even came out riding a Siberian tiger. It’s too awkward. How can this Siberian tiger look at it weighs hundreds of catties, and he was surrendered by him.

“You are not nonsense, Wayne Lin is an infinite master of the Innate Realm. He has almost trained his physical abilities to the limit of the human body and subdued a tiger. That is not a matter of minutes.”

“It’s so awesome. If I had such a high cultivation base, it would be great. The world is so big, let me swim!”

“You? Let’s wash and sleep instead of looking at the innate realm of the world

There are so many masters, I’m afraid that there is no three-digit number, and it is rarer than the 100 billion richest man! “

“That’s true……”

“It doesn’t matter, this hunting contest really didn’t come wrong. You can see the life and death struggle between the two innate realm masters. I don’t know who can survive?”

“Then you need to ask, it must be Brian Gu!”

With the arrival of Wayne Lin, so many people in the audience began to discuss enthusiastically, and the atmosphere reached its peak at this moment, especially lively and excited.

Wayne Lin’s more than seventy nameplates were hung around the Siberian tiger’s neck, and they clanged as they walked along, and they were particularly powerful.

Far away, Wayne Lin and Brian Gu’s eyes met, and sparks collided.

When Wayne Lin walked to a distance of fifty meters, everyone was afraid to speak, and many even controlled their breathing, for fear that too much movement would disturb Brian Gu and Wayne Lin.

“Wayne Lin, it seems that you still have a bit of courage, and you dare to come and fight.” Brian Gu spoke first. He stood up from the stone and shook like that. Originally, his clothes had been wetted by rain, so he immediately took him off. Numerous drops of water and mist were aroused, and the clothes that had been soaked were actually already dry, which was amazing.

And as his movements were finished, the light rain that had been falling in the sky stopped at this moment, and it felt like the rain between the sky and the earth was controlled by Brian Gu! It is simply a god level, adding to the awe and worship that everyone has for Brian Gu.

At this moment, deep in the hearts of many people, Brian Gu is not a person, but a true god!

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Brian Gu, you have been harmed by your son in your entire life. The vice-chairman of the dignified Northern Sky Club will fall here today.”

Brian Gu sneered disdainfully. He is already over fifty this year, but he seems to be only a middle-aged man in his thirties, and his mental state is better than many twenty-year-olds.

At this age, he is in his golden age and peak state, and in another twenty years, he can still play!

This is the power and charm of Innate Realm.

“Wayne Lin, I admit that you are a genius. At only twenty-eight years old, you have crossed the boundaries of mortals and stepped into the innate realm. You can be called unprecedented.” Brian Gu said, “It’s a pity that you shouldn’t I should never provoke my family and break my only “foundation”. It is a heinous crime and unforgivable! Today is the day your Wayne Lin is buried!”

Speaking of the last remarks, Brian Gu’s voice, rumbling, and full of majesty, actually caused the lightning and thunder in the sky, as if it really caused the resonance of the world and it was extremely shocking.

Many people heard their faces pale and sat on the ground.

Looking at Brian Gu’s eyes, they were full of awe and shock!

Muttering fairy, fairy!

Only immortals have such power.

However, Wayne Lin, who was the person involved, dismissed it with a smile and said something like a fool.

Then he got off the Siberian tiger and patted the Siberian tiger’s head. The Siberian tiger ran aside obediently, looking at Wayne Lin in awe.

Everyone’s eyes also focused on Wayne Lin, to see how he would respond.

Wayne Lin showed a smile, and the next moment he let out a long roar. In this long roar, his aura was gradually raised.

In the eyes of everyone, the picture that Wayne Lin saw was that from the height of an ordinary person, he continued to rise, and finally seemed to become a giant one hundred meters high, which was extremely shocking.

When Brian Gu saw this scene, his expression finally became dignified. As soon as he wanted to speak, Wayne Lin moved. With a step of his right foot and another flick of his left foot, people came in front of him. The sky obscures the sun, it seems that this palm has blocked the sky and the earth, and has fallen into the chaotic state when Pangu opened the sky! ! !

Chapter 357

It was obvious that Wayne Lin’s palm was slapped at Brian Gu, but it felt like it covered them to more than 200 people present, making their brains blank, as if their eyes were darkened. Wayne Lin will be photographed into flesh in a moment.

This was not a fantasy, but Wayne Lin’s cultivation was so strong that it caused mental interference to other people.

The human body has unlimited potential and endless possibilities. At present, no matter how advanced technology is, it is impossible to create a single cell. The human body is composed of countless cells.

Life is the highest technology, and it is the crystallization of hundreds of millions of years.

It also means that the potential of human beings is endless. Now Wayne Lin is in the forefront of many people, unlocking part of the human body’s potential.

A few million years ago, the average life expectancy of apes was only more than ten years old. Thousands of years ago, the average life expectancy was only forty or fifty years. But now, the average life expectancy of human beings has reached 70 or 80 years. In a few hundred years, centenarians may be gone. Similarly, in a hundred years, the innate realm may be just a very ordinary realm, everywhere on the street.

Even the legendary King Kong is not uncommon.

Society is constantly evolving, and civilization is constantly evolving. Now Wayne Lin is just a pioneer, he has always thought so.

When it was said that it was too late, almost instantaneously, Wayne Lin had already arrived in front of Brian Gu and slapped it, as if Mount Tai was pressing on the top, even a top expert like Brian Gu felt tremendous pressure.

At this moment, his expression became completely solemn, put away his contempt for Wayne Lin, and treated Wayne Lin as an opponent for the first time.

He snorted coldly, and backed away, and did not take Wayne Lin’s palm, because he knew that once he took it, his body would definitely be hit by a powerful potential energy. One-third of his body would sink into the ground. He fell into a disadvantage, and his actions would be temporarily obstructed, and he would be easily injured by Wayne Lin.

So the best way is to avoid the edge first.

Brian Gu’s retreat was more than ten meters, and the speed was extremely fast, and a strong wind was rolled up out of thin air, and the dead branches and leaves all around were blown away, forming a clean area.

However, Wayne Lin did not continue to attack. He stood there and looked at Brian Gu with a smile. Where is the sharpness just now? Now he has returned to the posture of an ordinary person, giving people the feeling that he is moving and calming.

Therefore, many people are shocked to see this situation, and even feel dizzy, because in their minds, they expected that Wayne Lin would start a bloody life and death battle with Brian Gu. As a result, Wayne Lin was just It stopped with a palm.

Not to mention them, even Brian Gu was unexpected. He had already accumulated his strength and entered a fighting state. He was waiting for Wayne Lin to come over and fight him. As a result, Wayne Lin stopped and was still so clean.

But in this way, the expression in his eyes looking at Wayne Lin became even more solemn!

Wayne Lin actually asked how easy it is to let go so easily.

“Brian Gu, I will give you time to adjust, lest I bully the old man.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, his expression full of contempt for Brian Gu.


Brian Gu was completely irritated. Wayne Lin’s behavior simply didn’t take him seriously, and he was extremely arrogant.

“Wayne Lin, I just wanted to interrupt your hands and feet and spare your life. Now it seems that there is no need for this!” After taking a breath, Brian Gu adjusted his state to the best, and then opened his eyes wide. , There is a fierce and terrifying spirit

The light flashed, the next moment he yelled at me to death, his body began to move, and the distance of ten meters disappeared in an instant. With another thunder in the sky, it was like Thunder King landing, full of power, and launched a violent storm on Wayne Lin. Offense.

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes, and his clothes were blown by the wind brought by Brian Gu. At this moment, he also felt a huge oppression, and Brian Gu released his terrifying power as a middle-level innate realm.

So many people at the scene stepped back one after another and moved a spacious area for them, for fear of harming Chiyu.

“Exciting, they really have started fighting!”

“Two super masters of the Innate Realm, the battle of life and death, I believe many people will never see this scene in their lifetime!”

“Of course, there are only six billion people in the world, there are only a few masters of the innate realm, not a hundred! They are more precious than giant pandas.”

“Fortunately, I turned off all my work and entertainment, and came to participate in this hunting contest. I won’t miss this battle.”

“Who do you think wins? I don’t think Wayne Lin is easy.”

“Nonsense, it must be Brian Gu, so do you need to talk about it?”

When these people were discussing enthusiastically, Wayne Lin and Brian Gu had already met each other.

Their strength and speed are too exaggerated, and every collision brings huge movement and destruction, which is several times more shocking than the fight between Wayne Lin and the middle-aged man two days ago!

Boom boom boom boom…

It seemed that there was a bomb, which exploded continuously from them, which looked terrifying.

And their moving speed is extremely fast. In the eyes of others, the two of them are two big balls, constantly moving fast, jumping up and down, and have tremendous destructive power.

All the big trees and vegetation that they passed by were severely damaged, which can be called the damage caused by a large bulldozer.

“This… is this really the power that people can bring?”

“Are the two of them really human, too scary, right?”

Someone watched the blood boil and kicked the tree next to him, but the tree didn’t move at all. The pain made him scream and swell up one leg.

Wayne Lin and Brian Gu fought evenly against each other, and no one can do anything about it.

The difference is that Wayne Lin became more excited as he fought, while Brian Gu became more and more frightened!

Originally Brian Gu thought that Wayne Lin was just a small person, on the same level as his son Gu Hanxing, and never put Wayne Lin in his eyes. Even if Wayne Lin had already broken through the innate realm, he didn’t take it too seriously. Anyway, if he shot himself, he would definitely kill Wayne Lin.

Still the same sentence, no matter how amazing the genius is, as long as he dies, he is not a genius.

Even in the hunting competition, Brian Gu hadn’t paid much attention to Wayne Lin, but by now, he was really shocked. Wayne Lin was actually a super master at the same level as him!

how can that be? Hasn’t Wayne Lin just broken through the innate realm for less than two months? How could there be such a profound skill!

Could it be said that the best cleansing pill is really that strong?

Now that he had used 90% of his strength, and still couldn’t get Wayne Lin, he knew he was in trouble.

Fortunately, as a veteran master of Innate Realm, he has his own assassin. If necessary, he will come out and kill Wayne Lin with one move, even if he will be injured!

Chapter 358

This battle can be said to have attracted the attention of many people, not just the hundreds of people in the hunting contest.

Outside of the hunting contest, there are actually many pairs of eyes watching.

Among them, Damon Wang and Jeff Han are most concerned about!

Their interests have been closely integrated with Wayne Lin, and everything will be prosperous, and everything will be damaged. If Wayne Lin is really killed by Brian Gu, then their good days will come to an end. Brian Gu will definitely look back for their troubles, and their best end is to lose money and eliminate disasters.

So they can only expect Wayne Lin to defeat Brian Gu!

Although they knew that this possibility was very small, the more they knew about Brian Gu, the more hopeful they were.

Once Wayne Lin really defeated Brian Gu, the situation would be different. Both of them will usher in spring.

They were praying secretly, hoping to hear the news of Wayne Lin’s victory.

In fact, they are all prepared for the consequences of Wayne Lin’s failure, the big deal is that they give up everything they have now and go abroad.

In addition to the two of them, there is the Ouyang family who has been paying attention.

They had already bet the treasure on Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin was killed by Brian Gu, their investment would be ruined and Brian Guji would hate him.

Fortunately, they are a big family, and they themselves are not very afraid of Brian Gu, but Wayne Lin is really dead, they will feel very sorry.

“Dad, today is the last day of the hunting contest. It stands to reason that Wayne Lin has already played against Brian Gu. I don’t know what the situation is now? Has Wayne Lin really beat Brian Gu?” Ouyang Xuehai is a native of Huarvell , Looking at the direction of the hunting contest, his tone was worried.

Ouyang Feng said: “The hope is not particularly great. Brian Gu is a veteran master of the innate realm. His cultivation is shocking and unfathomable. No matter how talented Wayne Lin is, he is only a newcomer who has broken through less than two months. Difficult and difficult.”

When Ouyang Xuehai heard this, his brow furrowed deep, and he said, “In this way, our investment in Wayne Lin will be wasted, and we will offend Brian Gu. This move is wrong!”

Ouyang Feng also sighed, and said helplessly: “Yes, looking at it now, it is indeed a mistake. I never expected that Wayne Lin would go to the hunting competition and give Brian Gu this opportunity. It is reasonable. As long as Wayne Lin is more cautious, even if he is a big man at his level, Brian Gu, even as the vice president of the North Sky Club, would not dare to tell Wayne Lin. In time, Wayne Lin’s genius will definitely be able to compete with Brian Gu. What a pity, what a pity…”

Ouyang Xuehai also sighed a long sigh, with great regret on his face, and said, “Yes, what a pity!”

As for Alma Chu and the Guo family, they didn’t know about this at all, nor did they worry about it. It’s just that Alma Chu suddenly felt restless today, and her right eye twitched several times.

The most worried now is Tao Sanniang.

She was also in the crowd, constantly chasing the footsteps of Wayne Lin and Brian Gu fighting, she was holding a sweat now, and she kept praying in her heart, hoping that Wayne Lin could survive!

She went to find Wayne Lin that night, and what she said was sincere. She really fell in love with Wayne Lin, and she didn’t even know when she fell in love with Wayne Lin.

Now she only wants Wayne Lin to survive, not to fall forever.


On the side of Brian Gu and Wayne Lin, the fight was in full swing and went into a fever pitch.

Now they are both very embarrassed, their clothes are torn apart, and the shoes on their feet have long been reimbursed. Now they are barefoot, but it does not affect the speed at all, but faster.

boom! With another punch, Brian Gu kicked off a tree that had been decades old. He was so powerful that he could be called a human Tyrannosaurus.

Wayne Lin was not bad either. He casually broke a small tree about ten centimeters in diameter next to him, grabbed the trunk, and threw it at Brian Gu forcefully. It was powerful and a wall.

Will collapse.

However, Brian Gu was not afraid at all. He kicked it across and exploded the little tree.

Now he is very annoyed, this is the most embarrassing time since his debut! The clothes on his body are rotten, and the hair is stained with dust. If this spreads out, people in the circle will laugh to death. Thinking of the vice-chairman of the dignified Northern Sky Club, he can’t even hold a stinky kid. Come down.

Now his eyes were full of anger, staring at Wayne Lin, like two groups of ghost fires, especially scary.

He couldn’t hold on anymore. Just now, he tried his best and didn’t have any reservations. He still couldn’t get Wayne Lin. Instead, Wayne Lin learned a lot, and then turned to deal with him! This made him very angry, and continuing like this is no way, Wayne Lin’s learning energy is too strong, it can be called abnormal. He must resolve the battle as soon as possible.

Suddenly, his aura changed. From the original fierce God of War, he suddenly took all the fierceness back. In Wayne Lin’s spiritual world, Brian Gu disappeared… No! It should be said that Brian Gu condensed all his aura to one point.

The next moment, Brian Gu ran back, and Wayne Lin subconsciously chased after him, but immediately, Wayne Lin realized that something was wrong.

“At this moment!”

Seeing that Wayne Lin had been fooled, Brian Gu really came to chase him, ecstatic in his heart, almost instantly, he shot back the carbine.

I have to say that this carbine is really beautiful, there is no warning, and there is no movement. It seems that everything is so natural, it is natural, and the moves are exquisite to the extreme. Wayne Lin’s own body ran into it.

At this moment, Wayne Lin felt an unprecedented crisis, his scalp was numb, and the muscles of his whole body were tense at this moment.

He knew that he was going to die, Brian Gu’s trick to hit the carbine was so beautiful, it was completely designed by meditation, and he just waited for him to rush over and’snap the net’!

There was a sneer at the corner of Brian Gu’s mouth. This carbine was his assassin. He hadn’t used it for so many years, so Wayne Lin didn’t even know that he was still hiding such a hand.

He had already seen Wayne Lin’s chest broken by his punch, severely injured, and his strength greatly reduced, and finally he was tortured to death.

Indeed, Wayne Lin could not dodge this punch, his chest would be blown!

Is it really going to die?

Almost between the electric sparks, Wayne Lin’s mind went crazy, thinking of many things.

He is unwilling, unwilling!

At this moment, he suddenly aroused his potential, and the original rapid scene before him was suddenly slowed down a lot, and the water flow turned into mercury.

Brian Gu’s face was clearly presented in front of him, and the smirk on the corner of the opponent’s mouth was particularly obvious.

Even the pores can be seen clearly.

Seeing Brian Gu’s punch, he was about to hit Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin made a deep breath. In an instant, a loud voice sounded, as if a large python was inhaling, trying to take the sun and the moon into the sky. Inhale it!

Brian Gu obviously felt that the airflow around him had been sucked in by Wayne Lin, causing him to have no air to breathe, and he actually felt suffocated.

During this suffocation, his movements were so slow, almost less than one point and one second.

But at this one tenth of a second, Wayne Lin caught the opportunity. Through a vigorous inhalation, his chest retracted an inch, just to escape the force of Brian Gu’s punch and hit his clothes vigorously. His clothes burst into dust.

But at this moment, Wayne Lin finally had room to react. He slashed with a hand knife, and it just hit Brian Gu’s neck with a click, directly interrupting Brian Gu’s neck! !

Unbelievable glances flashed in Brian Gu’s eyes, and then he fell weakly…

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