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Chapter 545

Wayne Lin didn’t know all of this. When he took a bath and came out of the bathroom, Alma Chu was already back to normal, and after she also took a bath, she washed away all traces, as sharp as Wayne Lin. Can’t see Alma Chu’s strangeness.

Not long after, Berry Chu and Candice Liu had already returned. They were also very happy to see Wayne Lin coming back. They held Wayne Lin and talked for a long time.

Now they have no prejudice against Wayne Lin and treat Wayne Lin as a baby son-in-law. Sometimes they treat Wayne Lin better than Alma Chu, and several times they make Alma Chu jealous.

Knowing that Wayne Lin was back this time, the two old men went to the vegetable market specially, bought a lot of food that Wayne Lin liked to eat, and made a sumptuous dinner.

Wayne Lin especially likes this warm feeling. The whole person is filled, making him forget all his troubles, and forget that he is a super power in the congenital realm, only immersed in this warm and sweet atmosphere.

On the second day, Wayne Lin wanted to go shopping with Alma Chu, but Alma Chu received a call, saying that it was Shengke Lighting that she needed to deal with affairs. There was no way, so she had to give up the company. Wayne Lin rushed to Shengke Lighting.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin will stay at home for a long time this time. She will have time to get along with Wayne Lin in the future.

But, is there really a lot of time? Thinking of this in Alma Chu’s heart, she felt a terrible pain, extremely lost and painful.

She has no choice, this is her destiny, she can only accept it.

It’s not that she has never resisted, it’s not that she has never fought, but the facts have proved that it is useless, and even her struggle and resistance will only accelerate her demise.

She confessed her fate and was relieved. She only asked, in her last period of time, to be able to do everything she could do well, and not to leave regrets in her life.

She didn’t tell Wayne Lin about this, nor did she plan to tell Wayne Lin, because she was like this, once Wayne Lin knew about it, she would become restless for a while.

This is not the result she wants, what she wants is just to walk quietly and enjoy it, the last afterglow of life, and every piece of Wayne Lin’s life.

That’s enough…

Today is the last day she will serve as the chairman of Shengke Lighting. After she has handed over her work, she can accompany Wayne Lin wholeheartedly for the rest of the time.

This should be great.

Moreover, she still has a very important task, which is to help Wayne Lin find a new woman to take her place and take care of Wayne Lin on her behalf.

Wayne Lin didn’t know these things. He originally wanted to accompany Alma Chu to Shengke Lighting, but Alma Chu refused his request, so he had to go for activities by himself. It happened that the clown called him. Let him go there, he thought about it, and agreed.

Speaking of it, he hasn’t seen a clown for a while. The clown now is a bit older and has more silver hair on his head. Obviously, the last time Ye Xingchen caused him too much damage. It hurts his life origin, even if Nishang swallows the Yulu vitality pill for him, it will not be able to restore his life origin.

When Wayne Lin saw him, he could find that the lifespan of the clown had been reduced by at least 20 years. Originally, with the physique of a clown, others could live to 90 years old, but now they can only live to 70 years old.

Even if the clown was not sick or painful when he was 70, he would die.

This is the source of life is exhausted.

Every human body has a source of life,

And this source of life cannot be detected with today’s technology, and it can only be sensed by an extremely strong person in the realm of Wayne Lin.

In addition to the improvement of combat power and intelligence quotient, a person’s practice is also very important, which is the increase of the origin of life. Because the origin of life is more, all practitioners will live longer.

Take Wayne Lin as an example, his life origin is many times stronger than ordinary people! With his current life origin, at least he can maintain his healthy life to one hundred and fifty years old, or even longer!

If it weren’t for the huge consumption of life origin after a person is old, according to ordinary people’s specifications, the life origin in his body can at least provide him with a thousand years of life.

Of course this is impossible. If a person lives a thousand years old, it is not a person, but a monster.

As for why, after a certain age, the source of life will consume more and more, Wayne Lin has not yet figured it out. If he really understands it and cracks it, then he might really live a few hundred years and become an old monster.

Wayne Lin shook his head, threw this unrealistic thought behind his head, walked up to the clown, and said with a smile: “Your kid is really big enough, and such a serious injury has allowed you to survive.”

The clown also showed a little smile, and said: “It’s all thanks to the Yulu vitality pill of Master Nishang, and I changed my fate for me.”

Wayne Lin was interested in the Yulu vitality pill. He said: “What is this Yulu vitality pill that actually has such an effect?”

Speaking of it, Wayne Lin is a half-doctor. For a period of time, he specialized in researching medicine, including Chinese medicine and modern western medicine. With his current cultivation base, his true medical skills are probably not worse than some medical professors.

But he also couldn’t understand why there was such an effective pill that caused a dying person to immediately pass the dangerous period and survive.

Because according to the injuries of the clown that day, generally speaking, it is dying.

When the clown heard this, his eyes immediately showed worship and enthusiasm, and said: “Yulu vitality pill! That is the magical pill of BRAGRUN organization, it is worth a thousand dollars, and it has the effect of flesh and bones. A pill, any one can sell for more than one billion price!”

After hearing this, Wayne Lin frowned and asked, “What formula is this Yulu vitality pill made of? It is actually so effective?”

The clown shook his head and said: “The formula of the Yulu vitality pellet is top secret in the BRAGRUN organization, and I naturally don’t know it. I am afraid that even Master Nishang will not be able to get the complete formula of the Yulu vitality pellet. Besides, the Yulu vitality pellet is extremely difficult to quench. Refining is not a superb alchemist, even if you know the formula, you can’t temper it.”

Wayne Lin asked, “Even contemporary technology can’t be tempered?”

“Contemporary technology?” Hearing this, the clown smiled disdainfully, seemingly disdainful of contemporary technology, and said: “Contemporary technology is naturally impossible to refine the Yulu vitality pill. Otherwise, the Yulu vitality pill would not be so precious.”

Wayne Lin agrees with this statement. He has cultivated to his level, and others know that many things cannot be compared with contemporary technology.

After a pause, Wayne Lin said again: “According to you, in the BRAGRUN organization, the most precious and effective medicine is this Yulu vitality pill?”

The clown shook his head and said, “Of course not! Although Yulu Vitality Pill is very domineering and can cure 99% of the world’s diseases, it is still far behind compared to having a baby.”

Wayne Lin frowned upon hearing it, and became interested, and asked, “What baby is it?”

The clown immediately looked serious and enthusiastic…

Chapter 546

In Wayne Lin’s view, Yulu vitality pill is already a very unreasonable pill. Even the clown’s fatal injuries at the time can recover in a short time. Now the clown says that there is another kind of treasure in this world. The value is far more than Yulu vitality pill, he has no way to be uninterested.

The clown took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know the exact name of this kind of baby. Some hundreds of years ago, some people called it the “fruit of the gods.” The “Colorful Origin Fruit” is called “Earth Tears” in the West, and in our BRAGRUN organization, it is called the “Life Spirit Fruit”. Its preciousness is not comparable to that of the mere jade dew vitality pill!”

Fruit of God, Fruit of Colorful Origin, Tears of Earth, Spirit Fruit of Life?

Wayne Lin was immediately stunned when he heard these names. Why did it sound so mysterious?

“What mess, what is it?” Wayne Lin frowned and asked.

The clown smiled bitterly and said: “I don’t know what exactly it is, because I haven’t seen it either. I just heard that when I was still in the BRAGRUN organization, it was a mysterious fruit that took more than a hundred years to bear. One-time fruit, and it cannot be planted. It only grows on the cold snow. It has the effect of increasing the source of human life. It can be said to be the most precious treasure in the world. Every result will cause countless people to fight.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin showed a weird expression on his face, looked at the clown and said, “Clown, you are kidding me, right?”

Isn’t it? Wayne Lin asked himself that his experience and vision are not low, but he has never heard of such a treasure in this world, which completely subverts earth science.

If there are treasures, why are there no records on the Internet or in books? Now in the 21st century, in the era of highly developed information, nothing can be completely concealed.

The clown saw Wayne Lin’s thoughts. He smiled bitterly and said, “Master, you just think I’m joking. I haven’t seen it anyway. I just heard of it many years ago by chance. If it’s the Neon Sovereign, maybe you know some.”

Wayne Lin nodded, but he didn’t take it too seriously, he didn’t believe it was true.

However, as soon as their voices fell, Wayne Lin raised his brows and looked in one direction. Immediately, a fiery red figure appeared there.

When he talked about Cao Cao, Cao Cao would arrive. This red shadow is no one but neon clothes.

She still saw the dragon without seeing the end, and appeared there without a hint of warning. If it weren’t for Wayne Lin to have reached the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, she would not have been spotted in advance.

Wayne Lin glanced at it and felt the terrifying energy on Nishang’s body. The cultivation base was extremely advanced. It was also the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. After all, his strength was even more terrifying than before. Neon clothes!

It seems that the period of decay of the neon clothes has passed, and the strength has improved a lot more than before. It seems that the double repair, the person who benefited is not only him, the neon clothes is also the beneficiary.

This reminded Wayne Lin of that experience, which was very unforgettable. Looking at it this way, if they can continue to double repair, wouldn’t they be able to break through to… ahem! What are you thinking about? That double repair is a last resort, you still want to double repair all the time, Wayne Lin, I despise you!

Nishang looked over and seemed to have felt Wayne Lin’s thoughts. Some unnatural flashes flashed on his cold face, and there was an invisible blush, and he glared at Wayne Lin in shame.

Originally, during this period of time, she had worked hard to forget about this incident, but now seeing Wayne Lin, that shameful memory came back!

The high-level of her dazzling BRAGRUN organization, with a high level of cultivation, is regarded as the saint of the next generation. How can she be offended by men like this? Wayne Lin is the first and only one!

Wayne Lin was also taken aback when he saw Ni Chang’s shameful eyes, and quickly lowered his head, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed.


The clown only saw the neon clothes, and immediately went forward and respectfully bowed his hands: “See Master Neon.”

Nishang returned to her cold look in a second, just like a fairy in the sky, she can be seen from a distance but not to be played with, even if she is standing there, it is felt so unreal by others, as if she is going to drift in the wind at any time go with.

The clown is known as the underground emperor of Huarvell, and he is in charge of most of the gray world, but in front of neon clothes, he still has to be respectful and in awe from the heart.

Nishang nodded lightly, and then said: “There is another way to call it, “Hundred Years Longevity Fruit.”


The words she said were endless, making Wayne Lin stunned for a moment, and immediately, he reacted, and Nishang followed the clown’s words.

And, according to the meaning of neon clothes, is there really such a fruit?

Wayne Lin immediately asked: “Does such a miraculous fruit really exist? What is the principle.”

Nishang deliberately didn’t look at Wayne Lin’s eyes, and moved his face to the other side, saying faintly: “The principle is not clear. There is indeed such a fruit, and this year is the maturity period. Many forces are focusing on it. There will be a bloody storm.”

Some enthusiasm flashed in the clown’s eyes, and he repressed and said excitedly: “Master Nishang, this time BRAGRUN organization has sent you to pick heaven and earth spirit fruit?”

“And the sword of the Southern Territory, Rushuang.” Ni Chang said lightly. When she mentioned the name, some fear flashed in her eyes.

The clown immediately contracted his pupils, took a breath, and said: “Even Master Sword Rushuang was alarmed? That time BRAGRUN organization is determined to seize the spirit fruit of heaven and earth!”

Nishang nodded gently and said: “Yes, I will definitely win.”

Hearing what they said, Wayne Lin was sure that this kind of fruit really existed. He was surprised, even unbelievable. He was not just a warrior, but also a master of study. He had learned a lot of scientific knowledge. Knowingly speaking, I can’t imagine why the earth can produce such fruits, which can add to the origin of human life. This is also amazing.

“What’s the principle? There are such fruits on the earth? This is completely unscientific.” Wayne Lin frowned.

Nishang glanced at him faintly, then immediately glanced to the other side, and said: “This kind of fruit only began to appear more than three hundred years ago, and it bears fruit once in 112 years. Every result is the coldest on earth. The principle is probably related to the change of the earth. More than five hundred years ago, the earth began to have an invisible aura. The heaven and earth spiritual fruit should be the result of gathering this aura.”

“Aura?” Wayne Lin listened more chuckling, and said with a smile: “Nishang, you have read too many novels about cultivation, even the aura comes out.”

Nishang stared at him disdainfully, seeming to laugh at his sitting in the well to watch the sky, “Fortunately, you are still a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. If it weren’t for the changes in the earth’s environment and more’spiritual energy’, could you cultivate to the Innate Realm? What is innate, do you understand?”

When Wayne Lin heard this, his body shook slightly. Indeed, in his understanding, there was indeed no innate realm in existence more than 300 years ago.

It was also in the modern century that masters of the innate realm gradually appeared. Could it be that there is really aura?

For him, this is a bit subversive.

Nishang snorted and said: “I heard that the spirit fruit of heaven and earth is infinitely effective, comparable to the flesh of the gods. If an ordinary person eats it, it can not only wash away all karma, but also break through to the innate realm. I don’t know how many forces, how many The big guys are all on the idea of ​​the spirit fruit of heaven and earth.”

Then, she sighed again, and said: “This time the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit will end up in China, I am afraid it will set off a bloody storm.”

Wayne Lin’s expression also became dignified. He imagined that if this kind of heaven and earth spirit fruit really existed, then, when it turned out, it would definitely be all kinds of fights and all kinds of blood flowed into rivers.

Chapter 547

The arrival of neon clothes made the atmosphere a bit awkward. Wayne Lin didn’t choose to stay longer. After saying hello to the clown, he started to leave.

The Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth this time was very important and attractive, but Wayne Lin was not too interested because he was already a master of the Innate Realm.

In the middle, he thought about picking heaven and earth spirit fruit and swallowing it for Alma Chu, and this kind of heaven and earth spirit fruit can make ordinary people directly break through to the innate realm, and the lifespan can at least increase for several decades, and its value is not Know how much higher than Yulu vitality pill.

However, he quickly dispelled this idea, because there were too many people eyeing the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth this time, and they were all forces. There will be many Innate Realm masters who will be dispatched at that time. The peerless powerhouse of Dzogchen, if he were to take it, he would definitely be in great danger, and the gain would outweigh the loss.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that in a short time, God would make such a big joke for him that he would have to participate in it!


After finishing all the procedures in Shengke Lighting, Alma Chu personally transferred the position of chairman to her trained subordinate. She was completely relieved, as if she had let a heavy burden off.

Now that she has finished all the hand tails, she has become a free body, and she can accompany Wayne Lin wholeheartedly for the rest of the time.

In her little time, she wanted to see Wayne Lin every day when she opened her eyes, and every day before going to bed, she could put her arms around Wayne Lin to fall asleep, and she wanted to stay with Wayne Lin all day long.

Thinking of this, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

But immediately, she thought of such a time, and it could not last long, and her heart was lost, she sighed heavily, God is really unfair to her, the probability of one in a billion, let her touch it. Got it, alas.

Soon, she shook her head vigorously and pinched herself, “Alma Chu, what are you sighing for! You have such a good love, Wayne treats you so well, what else is not satisfied? I am happier than many women! In the days to come, I must ask happy people every day, don’t make Wayne sad, you know?”

After speaking, she smiled again, and slammed her powder fist vigorously to cheer herself up, “Alma Chu, you can definitely do it! You are the best, hehe.”

She hid the sorrow and pain deep in her heart and sealed it up. In other words, she had already looked away, relieved, and no longer felt sad and painful. The next day, she just needs Release the best aspect of yourself to Wayne Lin, and finish her last journey, that’s enough.

Since she can’t change the result, the only thing she can do is to leave no regrets in the last period of time!

Tonight, Xu Jing invited her to a party, saying that many old classmates would be there by then, and she agreed.

When she returned home, she found that Wayne Lin had not come back. She originally wanted to wait for Wayne Lin to come back to Xu Jing’s place together, but Xu Jing was urging very tightly, saying that many old classmates had already arrived, so she waited. To her.

The kindness is difficult, Alma Chu is less likely to refuse, so she agreed, called two bodyguards, and set off to the place Xu Jing said.

This place is not a hotel, nor a clubhouse, but a private luxury villa.

When Alma Chu arrived, she saw that there were already many cars parked at the door. Obviously many people had already arrived. Xu Jing and his wife and several people were waiting at the door and saw Alma Chu getting off the car. , Greeted him immediately, with a very enthusiastic attitude.

“Alma, looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, it can be regarded as looking forward to you, welcome!” Xu Jing saw Alma Chu, with an excited smile on her face, and came up to hold Alma Chu enthusiastically with a smile on her face.

Alma Chu was a bit startled by her enthusiasm, quite flattered.

Moreover, she saw that there were many people standing around, and they seemed to be waiting for her, which made her even more embarrassed.

“Xu Jing, you are all waiting for me, this is so embarrassing.” Alma Chu said embarrassedly.

Xu Jing waved her hand and said, “Hey, what’s the embarrassment, you are our great celebrity. We are hosting this party tonight for you.”

“Huh? For me?” Alma Chu was startled immediately, she felt a little weird.

Qin Yuanqing, who was on the side, gave Xu Jing a displeased look, and blamed Xu Jing for saying the wrong thing. He quickly stood up and said: “Miss Chu, Xu Jing, she said wrong. She meant that between your classmates, I haven’t seen you for so long, and many people want to see you.

After Alma Chu listened, she had a not-so-good premonition, but she couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. According to reason, Xu Jing would not harm her, nor did she have this motive.

Xu Jing said quickly: “Yeah, I made a mistake just now. In fact, that’s what I meant. We haven’t seen each other for so long, and many students want to see you.”

Alma Chu smiled slightly. She heard that she was very happy to see many former elementary school students, so she didn’t think much.

Anyway, Wayne Lin will come soon, and where Wayne Lin is, she feels extremely safe and not afraid at all.

Then, she saw a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces, several elementary school classmates.

“Alma Chu, you are still so beautiful after so many years of absence.”

“Nonsense, Alma Chu used to be a flower in our class, the most beautiful one.”

“Hey, what are you talking about? Alma Chu is much more beautiful than before.”

“I don’t know who is so lucky to marry a beautiful woman like Alma Chu!”

“That’s just enough to say, if you can marry Wayne Lin, that must be the big boss.”

Those old classmates, whispering around Alma Chu, seemed very enthusiastic. There were two male classmates, with their eyes particularly shining, staring straight at Alma Chu, making Alma Chu a little uncomfortable.

Seeing Alma Chu frowned slightly, Xu Jing’s expression was a little unhappy, she immediately pushed them away and said, “Hey, what are you doing? It scared our Banhua, our Banhua is now a big company. Chairman, you show me respect, you know?”

They seemed to be headed by Xu Jing. Hearing Xu Jing’s words, they immediately put away their jokes.

Then Xu Jing said to Alma Chu: “By the way, Alma, how about your husband? Didn’t you say to come together? Why haven’t you come yet?”

Alma Chu said, “He, something went out today, and it’s late.”

Xu Jing and Qin Yuanqing looked at each other, showing some excitement between each other, and then immediately said, “Since this is the case, let’s go in first and get up.”

Seeing their enthusiasm, Alma Chu was not as frivolous as before, nodded and walked in together.

Soon, Xu Jing saw Alma Chu’s two bodyguards coming in together, she said: “Alma, let your two bodyguards wait outside.”

Alma Chu froze for a moment, and said, “They are my personal bodyguards. Let’s go in together.”

Xu Jing immediately pretended to be displeased and said, “The bodyguards we hired are also personal bodyguards. They are not waiting outside. Besides, this is our party. Finally, we have the opportunity to speak freely, and let the bodyguards get in the way. .”


“Stop it, can’t you still believe me?” Xu Jing said calmly.

When Alma Chu heard her say this, she could not refuse, so she had to agree.

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