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Chapter 446


After three seconds of weird silence, there were bursts of cold breath suddenly sounded on the scene.

Almost everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at Wayne Lin incredible, obviously shocked by the number Wayne Lin called out.

One billion!

What kind of concept is this? For more than half of the people present, their income in one year is not one billion!

Besides, this is the second charity project, and there are more than a dozen more.

Is Wayne Lin crazy? !

For the first charity project just now, many people thought that Wayne Lin would call out more than Zhou Zhe, but Wayne Lin only donated 30 million.

For the second charity project, most people thought that Wayne Lin had already given up, and the number was tens of millions at the most. Unexpectedly, Wayne Lin would directly donate one billion.

This is too cruel.

Even the host was a little shocked now. He was stunned for a while, and then asked Wayne Lin, “Excuse me, Mr. Lin, just now you said you want to donate one billion?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin nodded lightly, his face calm, “Yes, is there a problem?”

“No problem, no problem!” The host shook his head quickly, and the look he looked at Wayne Lin now changed a little.

One billion yuan, just donated it. He has hosted a charity party for so long, and he rarely sees that some people donate so hard.

Not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods.

Just now they heard that Zhou Zhe donated 200 million yuan in one go. They felt shocked. They thought Zhou Zhe had a lot of money, but now that Wayne Lin’s one billion yuan, he immediately compared Zhou Zhe.

Many people still think that Zhou Zhe is a bit stingy. He donated 200 million yuan for the first time and only 100 million yuan for the second time, which is totally incomparable to Wayne Lin’s 1 billion yuan.

Even Ye Xingchen frowned and looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes, a bit more haze.

He especially disliked Wayne Lin’s pretending appearance!

Zhou Zhe clenched his teeth. What he had just mocked Wayne Lin had now become his own humiliation. This feeling is really uncomfortable.

Especially the eyes of those around him looking at him, it made him even more annoying.

“This Zhou Zhe laughed so hard at me. He thought he had donated 300 million yuan, which would be a lot. He was embarrassed to mock Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin slapped him heavily and slapped him on the face.

“Isn’t it? You can tell by looking at his face now.”

“Haha, I suddenly remembered the famous scene of him peeing his pants in fright by Wayne Lin just now.”

“That’s really funny.”

Zhou Zhe heard these sounds in his ears, making him extremely uncomfortable, and his teeth creaked.

Wayne Lin didn’t even look at him. He continued to close his eyes and rest his mind. He didn’t put him in his eyes at all. It was this ignorance that made him even more uncomfortable.

He planned it. When the next charity project, he must overcome Wayne Lin!

“Huh, damn Wayne Lin, I just see when you can swell your face and fill the fat man, and you will be richer than me? You are dead, I will make you lose money!” Zhou Zhe stared at Wayne Lin’s Direction, gritted teeth.

He did not believe that Wayne Lin could compare to him in terms of financial resources.

You know, this time in order to obtain the status of charity ambassador, he prepared six billion yuan, and smashed it hard. In any case, he must return the status of charity ambassador!

And he also has this confidence.

As for Wayne Lin? It’s just a jumping clown.

He had investigated Wayne Lin’s assets long ago. If you count Ziqiong Media, Tengyue Advertising, Aegis Security, the funds that Wayne Lin can mobilize are only 3 billion, compared with him, it is completely a manga. At your own discretion!

Moreover, Wayne Lin had already squandered one billion just now, leaving only two billion. He asked Wayne Lin to donate these three billion, but he couldn’t even get his root hair.

After understanding this, Zhou Zhe’s face looked much better, with a sneer on the corners of his mouth.

“Fight with me? Lao Tzu made you lose everything.” Zhou Zhe sneered, full of confidence.

Soon, the third charity project came again. It was about the construction of the disaster area. Many people realized that this was one of the highlights of the charity evening party tonight, because the construction of the disaster area was closely related to the people’s livelihood.

For a time, many people began to bid hard again.

“I donated thirty million!”

“I donated fifty million!”

“I donated 70 million!”

“I donate…”

This time, many big bosses who gave up the fight for charity ambassadors all started to donate hard. The minimum amounts were all over 30 million. After a while, they had already collected a huge sum of more than 5 billion.

After all, this charity project is related to the people’s livelihood of the country. Even if they can’t get a charity ambassador, they can still leave a good impression on the country. Then they can hire a media to promote it in the society and get a lot of money. The support of the people.

More than ten minutes later, everyone else in the room had finished donating, leaving Zhou Zhe and Wayne Lin who hadn’t donated yet. Zhou Zhe rolled his eyes and stared at Wayne Lin again and said, “Wayne Lin, I don’t know if you How much do you want to donate? Is it one billion?”

His words were full of ridicule, and he didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could donate such a large sum of money.

As his words fell, many people present also looked at Wayne Lin, expecting how much Wayne Lin would donate.

To be honest, even if Wayne Lin donated one billion in one breath just now and slapped Zhou Zhe in the face, in most people’s minds, they still don’t think that Wayne Lin can compete with Zhou Zhe tonight. Tianhui is too rich.

Wayne Lin showed a smile and said, “I donate two billion.”

In an instant, the originally noisy scene began to quiet down again, and everyone was speechless again, their eyes widened and looked at Wayne Lin with shocked eyes.

Damn, this is another two billion donations!

This Wayne Lin is too tyrant. This is not two hundred million or twenty million, but two billion. With such a large sum of money, you can buy several companies!

Zhou Zhe’s breathing was also a lot quicker, Wayne Lin actually called out two billion, which was really unexpected for him.


It suddenly occurred to him that Wayne Lin’s current funds were only 3 billion yuan, which had been squandered by Wayne Lin. Then, Wayne Lin would not be able to spend any money.

After confirming this, Zhou Zhe showed a happier smile and said: “It is indeed Randal Lin. After only three charity projects, he has donated 3 billion yuan. Tsk tsk, it is really admirable. But what? , I plan to donate 3 billion, just a little bit more than you.”

When he said this, he immediately caused another uproar.

Zhou Zhe was very proud and enjoyed the exclamation of everyone, but did not realize that Wayne Lin’s smile became more intense.

He came to the charity party tonight, and he originally planned to donate more. Anyway, he won a bet of 14.6 billion a while ago, so he just squandered it.

I don’t know when Zhou Zhe donated a large sum of money, but he can’t win the title of Charity Ambassador.

Wayne Lin is looking forward to it now.

Chapter 447

When Zhou Zhe saw Wayne Lin stopped speaking, he was obviously embarrassed. The arc of his mouth became even higher, and the whole person became proud and snorted, energetic.

Even if Wayne Lin killed Wu Meizi and became No. 1 in Province G, what about? In terms of financial resources, he is incomparable.

Besides, now that he has recruited Ye Xingchen as the vice chairman, he doesn’t have to worry about Wayne Lin at all in terms of force.

As long as he crushes Wayne Lin this time, then Wayne Lin’s reputation will definitely be hit hard, and that’s when he will rise to the north!

Zhou Zhe couldn’t stop getting excited when he thought of that scene.

It is true that he Beitian will do a lot of detrimental things, but so what? As long as he gets the status of charity ambassador tonight, these problems will be solved.

Damon Wang and Jeff Han were also horrified. If Wayne Lin could not obtain the status of charity ambassador tonight, then the 3 billion he donated before would mean a waste of money.

For a time, the two of them also became worried.

They were 100% sure that Wayne Lin could take down the status of charity ambassador, but they didn’t expect Zhou Zhe to come up and dare to brazenly challenge Wayne Lin. This is going to be bad.

Because they also learned that Wayne Lin had only 3 billion yuan of funds that could flow, and the result was all in vain and distressed.

Many people think this way, thinking that Wayne Lin is a little overwhelmed by the financial resources compared with Zhou Zhe this time.

“Chairman Zhou is awesome. He donated 3 billion in one go. Adding up the previous three times, he has already donated 3.3 billion. This financial resource is simply terrifying.”

“Of course, you don’t look at who Zhou Zhe is, the president of the North Sky Club, and the North Sky Club sucks money like this, with assets of more than 100 billion yuan. Wayne Lin is dead. There are only tens of billions of net worth that can be transferred. The funds were only 3 billion if they died. Now Wayne Lin is only Jiang Lang.”

“Yes, Wayne Lin’s cultivation base is very high, and he sits firmly on the throne of G province, but in terms of financial resources, he is still far from President Zhou. Now Wayne Lin has lifted a rock and hit him in the foot. “

“Wait, I don’t know if Wayne Lin will become angry, and teach Zhou Zhe here?”

Even though they discussed quietly, they were still heard by Wayne Lin. His expression was not good, and he even wanted to laugh a little. If nothing else, as far as financial resources are concerned, he has not been afraid of anyone, so he won’t say that he won a bet before. The 146 who came, even on his account, there are more than 70 billion in it. Would he be better than Zhou Zhe?

Besides, the money is just a number to him now, and he donates 10 billions of dollars, so he doesn’t feel distressed at all.

When Zhou Zhe heard these discussions, he was even more proud.

Ye Xingchen also squinted his eyes and looked at Wayne Lin with a playful look. In his eyes, Wayne Lin was just a stronger plaything.

Soon, the host started the fourth charity project, which was also about the construction of the disaster area and caring for the victims. This is also a big project.

People kept raising their hands and shouting that the amount of donations was in the tens of millions. Soon, Zhou Zhe and Wayne Lin were left.

Zhou Zhe sat firmly on the Diaoyutai and said to Wayne Lin without delay: “Randal, I heard that you are bound to win the charity ambassador tonight. I don’t know how much money do you want to donate to this charity project?”

Everyone could tell that Zhou Zhe was mocking Wayne Lin, playing Wayne Lin completely like a monkey.

Damon Wang and Jeff Han gritted their teeth with anger, they really wanted to beat Zhou Zhe’s flat face violently.

But Wayne Lin still seemed indifferent, making them both extremely anxious.

“Why, are you fighting for the status of charity ambassador tonight?” Wayne Lin showed a thought-provoking smile. He raised Erlang’s legs, as if he was holding the winning ticket, without the slightest meaning of distressing because of the three billion wasted.

Zhou Zhe was very upset when he saw him like this, and his brows jumped twice, thinking that Wayne Lin was beating his swollen face to fill the fat man. He was about to die and he was still pretending to be calm!

So he said loudly: “Haha, fight? It’s not that I look down on you, do you have the qualifications? Can you get so much money to fight with me? I’ll just talk to you like this, tonight I plan to donate eight One billion, if you can donate more than eight billion, your charity ambassador status tonight is yours.”

Eight billion! !

Hearing this number, the audience instantly exploded. Many people gasped, their eyes widened, and they looked at Zhou Zhe in awe and admiration.

Eight billion, this is not a small sum, it is enough to acquire many companies.

The North Sky Club is really rich! ! !

Suddenly, everyone’s impression of Zhou Zhe was different. In contrast, Wayne Lin was completely compared to Zhou Zhe.

Yes, Zhou Zhe is indeed inferior to Wayne Lin in terms of cultivation base, but in terms of financial resources, Wayne Lin is no match at all. And when Zhou Zhe has obtained the status of charity ambassador, then the social status is completely different, and Wayne Lin will have to weigh it carefully if he wants to move the North Sky Club.

In the eyes of most people, Zhou Zhe won the battle tonight.

Similarly, Damon Wang and Jeff Han thought of this, and their faces became difficult to look.

“Eight billion?” Wayne Lin said, “a little bit less.”

“Less?” Zhou Zhe seemed to hear a huge joke, and laughed, “Eight billion is enough to buy your Ziqiong Media! As for your two companies, Teng Leap and Aegis Security, It’s not worth any money at all, you pretend to be a fart here.”

Now Zhou Zhe is becoming more and more rude to Wayne Lin, and he doesn’t pay any attention to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was not angry. He smiled and said to Zhou Zhe, “How much did you donate for the previous three games?”

Zhou Zhe put his arms around his chest, looked at Wayne Lin proudly, and said: “Not much, only 3.3 billion.”

“3.3 billion, that is 4.7 billion away from 8 billion, and I donated a total of 3.30 billion in the first three games, so let me donate 5 billion this time, just more than you Thirty million.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, with a particularly relaxed tone, as if he didn’t donate five billion, but fifty.

In an instant, the audience fell silent again.

Everyone looked at Wayne Lin with incredible eyes, and no one thought that Wayne Lin would really donate 8 billion! This is not a small sum. The point is, where can Wayne Lin get such a large sum of money?

Zhou Zhe was also stunned on the spot, his eyes widened and he was a little frightened.

Immediately, he reacted quickly and said, “Impossible! You are just a small chairman of Michelle Media, how can you get so much money! Fraud, you are a fraud!”

The more he talked, the more excited he became, and his mind became clearer. Yes, Wayne Lin is clearly making a donation. At best, Wayne Lin is the chairman of the three companies. He has to sell all three companies to get the money. The money comes. However, even if the company is sold, based on Wayne Lin’s shares, he won’t get 8 billion.

Therefore, there is only one possibility, that is, Wayne Lin is eager to make donations!

Thinking of this, he was very excited, and couldn’t help but laugh, thinking that Wayne Lin’s brain was burned out, and he could do stupid things like fraudulent donations.

Isn’t this slap the official face, hahaha.

Not only him, but many people present also thought of this level, and the eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of teasing and gloating.

The host also frowned, and he said in a deep voice: “Mr. Lin, are you sure you can put out 8.30 billion? If not, this is a fraudulent donation and is not allowed by the government!”

Chapter 448

Fraudulent donation is not a rare thing. In fact, many celebrities, in order to increase their popularity, have done fraudulent donations, and they are finally exposed, which is quite embarrassing.

Fraudulent donations can be big or small. For some celebrities, the donations are relatively small and there is no threat. Most of them are moral condemnations. However, the charity party tonight is of a different nature. It is officially organized. Yes, in order to raise money to do things and solve official pressure.

That’s why the charity ambassador was given, such a heavy identity. Therefore, fraudulent donations on this occasion will have a significant impact, even Wayne Lin will be punished.

Just trying to understand this, Damon Wang and Jeff Han were very panicked. They were in the same boat with Wayne Lin. If something happened to Wayne Lin, they would not be spared.

Facing the host’s inquiry, Wayne Lin didn’t panic at all. He showed a smile and calmly said: “Naturally, I can’t swindle donations. It’s a mere eight billion. I can still afford it.”

The host gave Wayne Lin a deep look. Anyway, he had warned Wayne Lin that if Wayne Lin was still making donations, he would not blame him.

His gaze returned to Zhou Zhe and said, “Mr. Zhou, it’s your turn. How much do you want to donate?”

Zhou Zhe glared at Wayne Lin fiercely. He didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could get 8 billion, and said directly, “Hehe, even Wayne Lin has donated 8 billion, so naturally I can’t be less than him. An additional donation of 5 billion.”

Counting the 3.3 billion donated by Zhou Zhe just now, that is to say, he has already donated 8.3 billion, which is almost his limit!

He didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could still get the money. In fact, he now had the chance to win, thinking that Wayne Lin was a fraudulent donation just now, and it would be impossible for him to come up with 8 billion.

Wayne Lin saw his reaction in his eyes, showing a meaningful smile, eight billion, which is an astronomical figure for many people, but for him, it is drizzle.

Moreover, he himself wants to do charity. For him, money is already a figure, so it is better to help more people. Now that Zhou Zhe and him have sex, it makes him a little more interested.

Ye Xingchen squinted his eyes and stared straight at Wayne Lin. He was particularly unhappy with Wayne Lin’s pretending appearance. In his opinion, Wayne Lin is a wild species, it is the shame of BRAGRUN organization and shouldn’t exist. In this world. Now this wild species is not only alive without pain, but it is so moist and beautiful, which really makes him uncomfortable.

He snorted heavily, killing Wayne Lin even more.

But Wayne Lin felt his murderous intent for the first time, and he also narrowed his eyes, staring at Ye Xingchen, without giving up.

Between their eyes facing each other, there seemed to be sparks flickering, facing each other.

Soon, we arrived at the fifth charity project. This time, it was a relatively less important project. The amount of donations from everyone was much less. Wayne Lin also only donated 100 million.

And Zhou Zhe, he donated 50 million.

The next few charitable projects are also not particularly important. Wayne Lin donates 100 million yuan every time, as if money does not need money. The more he donates, the less true it is. Many people including Zhou Zhe , I was even more convinced that Wayne Lin had broken the jar, anyway, it was a fraudulent donation, so he simply’donated’ a little more.

So far, Wayne Lin has donated 8.63 billion yuan, while Zhou Zhe’s 8.65 billion yuan, which is just 20 million more than Wayne Lin.

This is already the limit of his limit. If he continues to donate, he will not be able to take out the money, which is also an act of fraud.

As for the others, all the flags have died down. Anyway, the charity ambassador tonight can only be born between Wayne Lin and Zhou Zhe. Most people are optimistic about Zhou Zhe.

Finally, the last charity project is the highlight, and it is the worst disaster area right now. The news is rolling every day, which almost affects the hearts of the people across the country.

The host solemnly said: “Next, is the last charity project, which is the worst disaster-hit area in China, with huge losses. I hope that all the bosses can lend a helping hand to support the charity of the motherland!”

After finishing talking, the host bowed to everyone, and Wayne Lin was in awe.

Wayne Lin has also learned about this hard-hit area recently. He himself, the charity organization he wants to set up, also wants to provide charitable assistance to this hard-hit area and do his part as a Chinese.

“I donated fifty million!”

“I donated 60 million!”

“I donated 100 million!”

“I donate…”

As the host’s voice fell, many people began to donate money one after another, and in a short while, nearly tens of billions were raised!

This amount is not a small amount in the charity world.

With the addition of the previous charity projects, the total amount of money has exceeded 30 billion.

Soon, Zhou Zhe and Wayne Lin were left without donations.

Everyone’s eyes turned to both of them.

The host asked: “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Lin, I don’t know how much you two are going to donate?”

Zhou Zhe’s donation is now 20 million more than Wayne Lin’s donation, and he has donated 8.65 billion in total. This is already the sum of all the projects of his Beitian Conference, two years of income, just donate like this When I went in, it hurts to think of it!

If it weren’t for the guy Wayne Lin to intervene, he wouldn’t have to spend so much money. You know, the third largest donation is only one billion yuan, shit.

However, as long as it can successfully win the status of charity ambassador tonight, it is worth it.

He glared at Wayne Lin with resentment, and then said: “Now that the disaster is serious and affects the hearts of the people across the country, I decided to donate another 150 million to help the compatriots in the disaster and tide over the difficulties.”

He added them up tonight, which is equivalent to donating 8.8 billion, which is really a bloody!

Originally, his maximum budget tonight was 8 billion, and the remaining 800 million was equivalent to asking him to pay out of his pocket.

Blame this damn Wayne Lin! ! !

The host was a little disappointed when he heard this amount, but it was reasonable. After all, Zhou Zhe had donated 8.8 billion yuan after the entire charity party, which is no longer a small amount.

Next, he looked at Wayne Lin, smiled and asked, “Mr. Lin, you are left. I don’t know how much you plan to donate?”

For a while, everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin, and now Wayne Lin has donated 170 million less than Zhou Zhe.

Wayne Lin was stared at by so many people, his face was not unnatural at all, as steady as a mountain, and said calmly, “Excuse me, how much money is needed for the construction of the hardest-hit area?”

When he asked this, everyone was stunned for a moment, a little surprised Wayne Lin meant to ask.

The host was also a bit surprised, no one asked so much before so many charity events.

However, he answered honestly, “Oh, this time the disaster is serious. The earthquake destroyed many buildings and facilities, and killed many compatriots. If all were built, it would cost more than 20 billion.”

Twenty billion!

Hearing this number, many people were silent. This number is indeed too much.

Wayne Lin asked again: “Then I don’t know what the total donation amount is for so many colleagues just now?”

When the host heard this, he was even more puzzled. He didn’t understand the meaning of Wayne Lin’s words. Why, can you make up for the lack of one person?

The host looked at Wayne Lin with some amusement, and said: “Just counted as Mr. Last week’s, the total donation amount is 9.763.4 billion yuan.”

Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became stronger, “That is to say, there is still a shortfall of 10.24 billion yuan from the construction of the disaster area, right?”

“Yes.” The host nodded. Suddenly, he thought of something, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated. Then, he heard Wayne Lin say in a flat tone, “As a member of China, it is mine. Obligation, it happens that I have this ability. I personally make up the remaining 10.24 billion. I decided to donate 10.5 billion to support the charity of the motherland. I hope that the motherland can successfully build the disaster area so that the compatriots in suffering can live well soon. day.”

The audience was shocked when he said this! ! !

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