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Chapter 671

With the passage of time, Wayne Lin and the army god have become more and more fierce to kill, and they have reached the white-hot stage. Everyone present can play Go, and naturally they can feel the tragedy.

Go can be said to be the most difficult chess game in the world, and there is a huge gap between people of different levels.

As for the chess game of Jun Shen and Wayne Lin, even the world’s No. 1 Go master would be ashamed to see them.

Their brain computing power has surpassed computers to some extent.

After more than an hour, Wayne Lin only felt that 90% of his stamina had been consumed, and the amount of sweat he did not know was evaporated by the high temperature on his surface.

Although the military god was not as unbearable as him, he was not much better. He also sweated a lot, and every step he took also took a lot of time.

Since he stepped into the King Kong is not bad, no one has forced him to do so, Wayne Lin was the first one.

As the military god of the Chinese nation, he sits on the luck of a country. He deliberately used the chess game to make the world and press on Wayne Lin with the force of a country. It can be said that Wayne Lin is fighting against the luck of a country. , This is extremely difficult!

The master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm had to collapse directly, and it would be difficult to recover for a year or a half.

And Wayne Lin not only didn’t collapse, but insisted on it all the time. This is no longer rare, but an absolute evildoer. Cary couldn’t help but treat him more highly. It was the first time he saw a young man like Wayne Lin.

In his chess game, Wayne Lin is a grassroots, swinging his arms high, issuing unwillingness to the order, and starting an uprising, and the more he rolls, he has the strength to resist the country!

After another hour, on the chessboard, black and white are densely packed. You have me in you, I have you in me, all kinds of fighting, all kinds of dangers, even if others see it, they can’t help but feel shocked.

Finally, when Wayne Lin put down his son, the body of the army god trembled slightly, and there was horror in his eyes, and he looked up at Wayne Lin.

Now he has a huge wave in his heart, because he actually lost!

Wayne Lin’s fall was to seal all his back roads. The peasant uprising succeeded in overthrowing his dynasty and establishing a new order!

You know, the Whampoa Road chess game has been horizontally and horizontally for decades and has never lost. Today, he actually lost to the young man in front of him.

“Senior Military God, you are here.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Cary shook his head and said, “No, I have already lost.”

He said this sentence with infinite emotion, and the people around him were dumbfounded and shocked after hearing this. Under what circumstances, the military god actually lost? !

Shangguan Wei’an also widened his eyes. He looked at the chess game vigorously, but he didn’t notice how the army god had lost. It was obviously the advantage of the army god. Bai Zi was already surrounded by black ones, and there was no way out!

Wayne Lin said, “Senior Military God, how do you know that you lost?”

The Army God was taken aback for a moment, does he still have a chance?

He hurriedly settled his mind to look closely, and found that there was no life left, but Wayne Lin still needed several steps to kill the chess game. He thought about it and decided to continue.

He fell again.

This time, it showed his unyielding as the king of a country.

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, and soon he made a move, and his move was a great game.

The situation has changed again. In the eyes of the military god, the insurgent army, which was very strong, actually experienced civil strife, and its momentum began to decline.

He immediately raised his head and looked at Wayne Lin. Soon, he saw the openness and sincerity in Wayne Lin’s eyes. He laughed loudly, with a particularly hearty smile.

“Interesting and interesting!”

Everyone was stunned, wondering why he suddenly found out that it didn’t look like his character?

And Wayne Lin also showed a smile, and he was relieved, this time he saved his life.

Shangguan Wei’an was also a little dazed. He said, “Brother Cary, what are you laughing at? Could it be that you have already won?”

The military god reduced his smile and nodded: “Yes, I won, I won, but Lin Xiaoyou didn’t lose either.”

Hearing this little friend Lin, Shangguan Wei’an’s eyes flickered clearly, and he couldn’t help being surprised! As a good friend for many years, Shangguan Wei’an knows very well what the voice of Lin Xiaoyou on Cary Road means, it means that Wayne Lin has been recognized by Cary Road!

Is it just because of a game of chess?

Not only him, but the thirty-plus masters of the innate realm present at the scene also had huge waves in their hearts. At the same time, they couldn’t help but envy Wayne Lin, who could be recognized by the military god. This is the supreme glory!

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised, but he also reacted quickly, and he was unavoidably flattered.

In fact, just now, he seemed to be playing chess with the army god, but the army god was actually testing him and testing his patriotism.

He quickly understood, and used his actions to respond to the military god. He used his strength to tell the military god that he was not a mediocre, but a genius against the sky.

However, no matter how genius he is, it does not mean that he is rebellious. When he finally wanted to capture the army god’s lair, he took a step back and told the army god that he had never been rebellious against the country. .

And the military god is extremely clever, he immediately understood Wayne Lin’s thoughts.

The Army God waved his hand and motioned the others to go out. After a while, Wayne Lin, the Army God and Shangguan Wei An were left in the courtyard.

“Lin Xiaoyou, you are a smart person, so I won’t confuse you. What happened last time, what is your purpose?” Military god Cary asked directly.

Wayne Lin was not surprised. He answered truthfully: “It’s true that I was trying to save my wife.”

“Oh? Is your wife terminally ill?” Military God asked.

“Exactly.” Then Wayne Lin told Alma Chu truthfully.

After listening to it, Shangguan sighed and said: “So you took the risk to save your wife and grabbed the original fruit of the colorful?”

Wayne Lin said with a wry smile: “I have only this way to go, otherwise my wife will not be able to live. Shangfeng, sorry, I am too self-righteous. I violated the military order. Please Shangfeng for punishment!”

Wayne Lin is a wise man who knows how to advance and retreat. Even if the military god has forgiven him now, but Shang Feng has not expressed his attitude, he will not be triumphant, so he has to quickly bow his head to Shang Feng.

Shangguan Wei’an didn’t answer immediately, but looked at Wayne Lin with piercing eyes. After a while, he said, “Capital crimes are exempt from living crimes. You defy military orders, it is a serious crime! However, it is because you have contributed to the organization. For the sake of this, I can spare your life, but you have to redeem it, you know!”

There was no reason why Wayne Lin could not agree. He stood up straight and saluted, “Subordinates understand that they will atone for their merits!”

Chapter 672

Wayne Lin finally escaped this difficulty.

In the end, Shangguan Wei’an did not hold him accountable, but promoted him instead, which Wayne Lin could not think of.

However, Wayne Lin also knew that this matter was definitely not that simple. After all, he committed a serious crime this time. Even if he is a genius, military god, and Shangguan Weian, no matter how much he appreciates him, the punishment he deserves is still required.

Therefore, Shangguan Weian, although he was promoted to his position, it was a false position and had no practical effect at all, and he also deducted his salary for three years.

Of course, the three-year salary doesn’t matter to him at all, it’s just acting.

But in any case, he was very satisfied with the result.

He spent the night here. By the next morning, he got up early and found that in the yard, there was a slender short-haired woman wearing military uniform. The whole person looked particularly heroic. Moreover, Wayne Lin It was discovered that this woman was actually a master at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, especially she had an aura that no one else had. Wayne Lin knew that this short-haired woman must have a great background.

He walked out, preparing for a morning exercise. The short-haired woman heard his movement and immediately looked over, saw him, hooked his finger at him, and said in an arrogant tone, “Come here and practice with me.”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m not a training partner.”

His words made the other party’s brows slightly frowned, and said: “Let you come here, come here, what nonsense!”

Wayne Lin saw that he was a princess again.

Wayne Lin has no liking for such a woman by nature. Of course, people who can appear in this compound must have a very large background. Wayne Lin has no need to provoke things, so he simply pretended not to hear. Start standing on the spot, and begin to vomit.

At his level, physical cultivation is not that important anymore. Breathing is a better way of cultivation.

But when he ignored this, the short-haired woman was even more upset. Her brows wrinkled, and she directly yelled at Wayne Lin, “Hey! I’ll give you one last chance and come over, otherwise I will be angry!”

Wayne Lin still ignored her and continued to vomit. He knew that the army god was resting in the yard and he would definitely be able to perceive it, and it was not he who took the initiative to cause trouble anyway.

Seeing Wayne Lin still daring to ignore her, the short-haired woman was really annoyed this time, she snorted heavily and said that she didn’t know what is good or bad, and then strode towards Wayne Lin and shot Wayne Lin directly.

With a slap, he slapped Wayne Lin’s face quickly and fiercely. If he changed an ordinary person, he would be deaf directly.

Wayne Lin also frowned. He was only here for one night, so why did he meet such a savage princess? If he knew it, he would stay in the room and vomit, wait until the god of war and Shangfeng get up before coming out. .

For such a mad girl, Wayne Lin didn’t have the same knowledge as her, and easily flashed past, and said in a deep voice: “I am not a soldier here, you need to accompany you to find someone else.”

The short-haired woman screamed. Obviously, she did not expect that Wayne Lin could escape her slap. She immediately snorted and said, “So there are two brushes. No wonder you are so courageous and dare to ignore Ben Master’s words!”

What the hell, my master?

Wayne Lin was taken aback when he heard this.

Is it a woman, how do you call yourself a master?

Soon, Wayne Lin’s gaze turned towards the other’s chest.

It turned out to be a bit contoured.

It just so happened that his action was caught by the short-haired woman, who suddenly became angry and cursed loudly: “You are looking for death!”

She shot more fiercely now, punch after punch, all killing moves, and greeted Wayne Lin’s fragile body.

Wayne Lin frowned deeper, and he said, “Enough, I am Wayne Lin, I’m here to find the God of War and Shangfeng, not yours, you can stop.”

“Shut up! You a disciple, just like you, you dare to speak wildly to see Grandpa Army God and my grandpa?!” The short-haired woman cursed loudly.

But Wayne Lin had a headache even more when he heard the words. This time it really caused trouble. The short-haired woman in front of him had a terrifying background!

From this, she is the granddaughter of Shangguan Wei’an.

He was so good, why did he provoke such a evil star?

“I didn’t lie to you. I really came to find Senior Martial God and Shangfeng. Stop it, lest you wake up Senior Martial God and your grandfather.” Wayne Lin had no choice but to say nothing. The princess has such a big background.

However, the other party didn’t accept his affection at all. Instead, he saw that he hadn’t been able to hold him down, his eyes were golden, and he said, “Oh, I can’t see that you have some ability, not bad.”

Wayne Lin couldn’t persuade the other party to say anything, and he deliberately made a big noise, but there was still no one in the yard, which made him very annoyed. What does this mean?

“Hey, you’re enough, I’m anxious, I’m fighting back against you!” Wayne Lin said threateningly.

However, his words fell in the other party’s ears, but it made her even more excited, her eyes lit up and said: “Okay! I haven’t found an opponent for a long time, you can do it to me!”

Wayne Lin: “…”

He is speechless. A girl at the peak of the day after tomorrow says he can’t find a rival?

Yesterday, he saw with his own eyes that there were more than 30 masters of the innate realm here, which one came out and didn’t crush her?

However, he also saw that this woman was a lunatic, and she believed in her own strength and self-confidence, that everyone in the world was not her opponent except the god of war.

Anyway, he had already given in enough, and the noise that caused it was big enough, but neither the God of War nor Shangfeng came out, indicating that this was their tacit approval.

Wayne Lin’s mind flashed, maybe, the military god and Shang Feng are going to take his hand to kill this woman’s spirit?

Maybe it really is.

So he snorted and said, “Since you don’t stop, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Dealing with a woman who is subverted the day after tomorrow, for him, is no different from molesting a child, he is just casual, and he can’t breathe.

Originally, Wayne Lin thought that if he showed some strength and crushed the opponent, then the opponent would definitely retreat.

However, instead of retreating in recognition of the difficulties, the opponent’s eyes were brighter and excitedly said: “This is a decent opponent, haha, use your full strength and attack me!”

Chapter 673

Wayne Lin was speechless. He was a dignified master of Dzogchen in the congenital realm. He actually fought against a girl at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, and this girl was still screaming at him frantically. If this spread out, it would be a joke.

Now Wayne Lin even wondered if Shangfeng thought it was too cheap for him yesterday, so today he specially found a princess to treat him.

Wayne Lin still had a headache. If it was another woman, he would just give it a lesson, but this obviously is Shangfeng’s granddaughter, so he didn’t dare to mess with him.

“Enough, I am the Great Perfection of Innate Realm, you and I are at the same level, stop it!” Wayne Lin increased his momentum a little and warned him.

However, the other party didn’t believe it at all, and said with contempt, “Innate Realm Dzogchen? You lie! Lie down for me!”

As she said, she shot more sharply, and a few kicks were specially kicked towards Wayne Lin’s bot lane, very fierce, making Wayne Lin a little annoyed.

“Shangfeng, Senior Army God, if you don’t come out anymore, I can only offend!” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice. He knew that Army God and Shangfeng must know.

However, his words fell behind, and there was still no response, as if to ignore him.

At this time, the short-haired woman began to stick again, still saying, “You are still a big man, and you are so afraid of death. It’s shameful! What a trick!”

After finishing speaking, she immediately launched a fierce attack on Wayne Lin. She has to say that she still has two brushes at the peak of the day after tomorrow. If it was Wayne Lin before breaking through the innate realm, he might not be able to beat her.

This is a woman with a very good martial arts talent, but her temper is too bad, her personality is too ego, she’s accustomed to it, she doesn’t care about the feelings of others.

Clay figurines have three points of anger, let alone Wayne Lin, he is also an invincible strong in the innate realm of Dzogchen. He is absolutely invincible when the King Kong is not bad. He also has the dignity of the strong. The girl provokes again and again, if he hasn’t moved, then what kind of power is he?

He stepped back more than ten meters, staring at each other seriously, and said in a deep voice: “You have enough, my patience is limited, I am not your sparring partner, let alone your servant, you…”

However, before Wayne Lin’s words were finished, the other party rushed over and said disdainfully: “What is it? If you have the ability, defeat me. If you don’t have the ability, beep!”


Wayne Lin was really annoyed this time, but he gave the other party a lot of opportunities.

“If that’s the case, don’t blame me for offending!” When he finished speaking, he started to move, almost at the extreme speed. The short-haired woman only felt a flower in front of her. When she recovered, Wayne Lin came to her. , And fist on her forehead, “I told you that you are not my opponent.”

The short-haired woman was taken aback for a moment, and she screamed in her heart, so fast, she was not stupid, and now she naturally realized that Wayne Lin’s skill was far above her. But she didn’t have any thoughts of shrinking, on the contrary, she became more excited, “Really a master, that’s more to my liking!”

She didn’t have any fear, and shot Wayne Lin again.

Wayne Lin was dumbfounded, who is this, so I don’t know what is good or what, knowing that he is not an opponent, so he keeps on doing it?

“Hey, you are sick, I said you are not my opponent.” Wayne Lin became even more angry.

“Stop talking nonsense, knock me down if you have the ability, or I won’t

Let you go. “The short-haired woman’s tone was crazy, full of excitement, as if she had discovered a treasure.

It is the first time that Wayne Lin has met such a person.

But Wayne Lin knew that if he didn’t show him some color, the other party would not stop.

“Hmph, in that case, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Wayne Lin’s momentum changed again, and he shot directly, pressing the shoulders of the short-haired woman, and pressing her body sinking so hard to move.

The short-haired woman now opened her eyes wide and looked surprised. Looking at Wayne Lin, that expression clearly did not expect Wayne Lin to actually dare to attack her.

Freda Shangguan is indeed very surprised. You know, she is in the compound, and she is the existence of Xiaobawang. Her grandfather is Shangguan Weian, also known as the grandfather of Cary Daojun. The identity can be said to be very explosive. The entire compound Here, no one dared to bully her, she was the only one who bullied others.

As for the masters of the Innate Realm, each of them had been her sparring partner, and each of them had been beaten by her. Of course, it wasn’t that she could not beat her, but she didn’t dare, so she could only hold her head and be beaten. It was precisely because of this that her mentality was particularly swollen.

But now, Wayne Lin dared to attack her, and she could not move, how could she not be surprised?

But after being surprised, she became even more excited. Looking at Wayne Lin, her eyes were filled with heat, making Wayne Lin’s scalp numb.

“Very good, you dare to shoot me!”

She was not angry, but continued to attack Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin really had a headache seeing her like this. In his eyes, the short-haired woman was like an ant on the ground, constantly yelling at him, confident and not afraid of death. But he couldn’t trample this ant to death, which was very uncomfortable.

“You forced me!” Wayne Lin snorted again, and then, a powerful aura radiated from him, pressing on the short-haired woman.

Although Wayne Lin didn’t radiate all his aura, he couldn’t be underestimated. He was so scared that he didn’t dare to move after he changed to a general acquired pinnacle master. However, the short-haired woman in front of her only paused slightly, and continued to attack Wayne Lin without being affected.

Wayne Lin was quite surprised, the other party actually ignored his aura, it seemed that the psychological quality was not simple.

When I think about it right away, it feels normal. As a person of such a noble origin, he has been surrounded by big people since childhood. Over time, his psychological quality is naturally far superior to ordinary people.

But in this way, he has a headache even more.

Wayne Lin was so stunned that the short-haired woman had already punched and hit his chest. He didn’t feel any pain, but the pendant on his chest was blown up!

In an instant, his face changed and he sank directly!

He was really angry now, the pendant, which was given to him by Alma Chu, had a special meaning, but now it was broken by this crazy girl!

“You are too much, if you don’t teach you a lesson, you are really lawless!” Wayne Lin snorted, and then he shot again. This time, he didn’t keep his hands anymore, and directly counterattacked and grabbed the short-haired woman’s feet. Then he lifted Freda Shangguan up with one hand and stood upside down.

Wayne Lin’s hand finally made Freda Shangguan panic. She was a woman, and it was too indecent to be lifted up like this.

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