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Chapter 122

They couldn’t understand how Wayne Lin met Damon Wang, and Damon Wang called Wayne Lin as Mr. Lin, his attitude was so respectful.

They only realized one thing, they got into trouble, they were finished, and Wayne Lin was offended to death.

When Damon Wang saw them like this, he also understood that these people had offended the chairman!

Suddenly, he started to panic. When he came to Chujia Shengke Company this time, it was a special explanation from the chairman. If he came a step late and failed to complete the task assigned to him by the chairman, he was blamed by the chairman. He is going to die!

The most hateful thing is the people of the Chu family, who don’t know Taishan and dare to offend the chairman.

“You are offending Mr. Dong… Lin?” Damon Wang’s tone was cold and fierce, causing the surrounding air to drop. “You are so courageous, you dare to offend Mr. Lin? Really you guys. Yeah!!!”

Thompson Chu swallowed fiercely. He was completely panicked and hurriedly said to Damon Wang, “Mr. Wang, is there any misunderstanding between us? You said Mr. Lin, he is our Chu family. My door-to-door son-in-law, he’s unlearned, he’s only a promise, and has no ability at all. You should be the wrong person, right?”

“What?” When Damon Wang heard Thompson Chu’s words, he couldn’t help but froze. The chairman is the son-in-law of the Chu family? This is too great!

Based on Damon Wang’s intelligence and experience, Rao was stunned for a while, and he couldn’t react at all.

“Yes, Wayne Lin, he is indeed the son-in-law of our Chu family. It’s quite a waste…So, is there any misunderstanding in the middle?” Thompson Chu asked cautiously.

Damon Wang came back to his senses, and his heart was also full of doubts, but he did not come to a conclusion easily, but said in a deep voice, “Take me to see Mr. Lin.”

By now, things were completely out of Thompson Chu’s control, and he had to obediently lead Damon Wang to see Wayne Lin. At this time, he could only pray in his heart. The Mr. Lin mentioned by Damon Wang was not Wayne Lin, but someone else. Otherwise, he would not dare to imagine the consequences.


On Wayne Lin’s side, he and Alma Chu were locked in a conference room by several Chu family members, restricting their personal freedom.

Alma Chu’s mood has always been very uneasy. As he walked around, his face was full of worries, turning Wayne Lin’s head dizzy. He took Alma Chu’s hand and said helplessly: “Alma, Sit down, don’t turn around, my head is turned dizzy by you.”

“You’re so embarrassed to say! Just now you beat Sean Chu and beat Chu Cheng and some of them. You have already made a great disaster! Hey, I told you that you don’t need to send me to work. , Don’t come to the company, you don’t listen. It’s fine now, something really happened! Wayne Lin, you really want to piss me to death to be satisfied, right?” Alma Chu said angrily and anxiously. She has no masters, and her heart is in confusion.

After being held by Wayne Lin, she reflexively felt a guilty conscience. She hurriedly pushed Wayne Lin away, and looked towards the door of the meeting room. Subconsciously, she thought that Chairman Ziqiong had also come, for fear of being caught. Chairman Qiong saw.

Wayne Lin smiled and said: “Alma, don’t worry, nothing will happen. I bet you, grandpa and them will apologize to us and beg us to forgive them, believe it or not?”

Alma Chu suddenly flew over with an angry look, pinched Wayne Lin forcefully, and cursed: “Lin! Zi! Ming! When are you still there! Why didn’t I find your mouth like that before? Owe, your joke is not funny at all.”

The Chu family members who were supervising them in the conference room even burst into laughter.

“Haha, I laughed to death, Wayne Lin, you are such a stupid, you are so dead, you can still like Yin’s coming out.”


p; “No, I have a brain disease. I really think I am a big man. I still imagine Grandpa apologizes to you. Why don’t you go to heaven?”

“Pitiful Alma Chu, marrying such a lunatic, she has hysteria, tusk.”

They all sneered at that gloatingly.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was opened, and Thompson Chu and Damon Wang walked in immediately, behind, followed by a group of people, mighty.

The expression on each of them was not calm, with anxiety and anxiety.

Damon Wang had sharp eyes. After entering, he saw Wayne Lin at a glance. Seeing that Wayne Lin’s clothes were neat and relaxed, and he did not appear to be beaten, the stone in his heart was half down.

He is really afraid that the chairman of the board will be beaten here, and his responsibility will be greater. If the chairman blames someone for his inability to do things, he will have to cry to death if he is demoted.

Wayne Lin saw Damon Wang, smiled, and met Damon Wang’s eyes.

Alma Chu also suddenly became nervous. She hurriedly looked over and saw only Damon Wang, but not the familiar figure. She lost a lot of expectation!

Thompson Chu said: “President Wang, this is our Chu family son-in-law, you must have admitted the wrong person.”

Damon Wang ignored him, but walked quickly to Wayne Lin, bent down slightly, lowered his posture, and shouted in a respectful tone: “Mr. Lin!”

In an instant, the meeting room suddenly quieted strangely.

Everyone opened their eyes wide, showing a ghostly look. This scene was extremely shocking to them.

Who is Damon Wang? Everyone present knows very well that the president of the ziqiong company is a high-ranking authority, worth one billion, and a real commercial crocodile. And Wayne Lin is just a waste son-in-law?

Including Alma Chu, she was also very surprised.

This surprise surpassed Jeff Han’s respect for Wayne Lin.

Because Damon Wang is a familiar figure in their circle, and they all know how awesome Damon Wang is.

It is no exaggeration to say that this scene before them, to them, is like making a movie, spit out two words, absurd!

Wayne Lin nodded lightly and said, “Why are you coming here now? I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Faced with Wayne Lin’s accusation, Damon Wang lowered his waist, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and hurriedly said: “Mr. Lin, there is a traffic jam on the road. It took some time.”

“Well, leave early next time. Don’t let me wait that long.” Wayne Lin stood up, stretched, and said.

“Yes, yes.” Damon Wang nodded quickly.

Then he said: “Mr. Lin, I brought the contract and planning document. Is it now about investment?”

Damon Wang is a smart man. He can start from scratch and climb to where he is today. Commercial ability is not the most important factor. The main reason is his high emotional intelligence and outstanding ability to observe words and colors. Just like now, with a look in Wayne Lin’s eyes, he understood what Wayne Lin meant. Perfectly do what you should do, don’t ask much, don’t say much, cooperate with Wayne Lin to act and force.

“No need.” Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “The Chu family has nothing to invest in. Let’s invest in other companies. I heard that the Tianding company next door is pretty good.”

When Thompson Chu and others saw this scene and heard Wayne Lin’s words, a huge wave turned in their hearts!

Tianding Company is their competitor, and if Damon Wang invested in them, then the Chu family would have no future.

Chapter 123

When Alma Chu heard this, she was already dumbfounded, and her brain couldn’t react at all, so she stared at Wayne Lin blankly, and let Wayne Lin hold her hand and leave.

Cang Dang.

Chu Cheng, who had been in the conference room just now, faced this situation, he was completely stunned. He didn’t hold the mobile phone in his hand and fell to the ground.

And this sound also awakened the other Chu family members.

Thompson Chu hurriedly said: “Wang, wait a minute!”

He stood in front of Damon Wang with bitterness and panic on his face, and said, “Mr. Wang, this is all a misunderstanding, an absolute misunderstanding! We don’t know that Mr. Lin you mentioned is our Chu family’s son-in-law.”

At this time, no matter how many questions he has in his mind, no matter how many puzzles, no matter how unbelievable, he can only bury it in his heart. In any case, he will have to keep Damon Wang!

Because in the situation of the Chu family, there is no room for retreat. Once Damon Wang is released, then Shengke will definitely go bankrupt. The consequences of bankruptcy are unacceptable to all of them.

Damon Wang said coldly, “It’s useless to tell me this. If you want to, just tell Mr. Lin.”


Thompson Chu’s face was very ugly. To tell the truth, it would be too hard for him to be softened by Wayne Lin. It was more painful than hitting him in the face!

But now, he has no other way.

So he gritted his teeth, walked up to Wayne Lin, and squeezed out a smile and said, “Wayne, you don’t want to tell grandpa this way, you know Mr. Wang, and grandpa misunderstood you just now.”

In all these years, Thompson Chu called him Wayne for the first time, and for the first time he was softened in front of him. I have to say that this feeling is quite refreshing.

The old man Thompson Chu was very proud, he had absolute authority in the Chu family, and the Alma Chu family was terrified of him.

Everyone in the Chu family in the conference room looked unsightly when they saw this situation. They felt an unprecedented humiliation. Thinking of what they had just said, they are now being slapped in their faces and pained fiercely!

Especially Sean Chu, he still really feels the pain on his face up to now. Wayne Lin’s gorgeous turn really makes him unable to understand. He is extremely unwilling and keeps reading, impossible, impossible… …

In fact, they also felt that it was too unreal, and they couldn’t understand what method Wayne Lin used to make Damon Wang treat Wayne Lin so respectfully. This is completely out of reality!

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Hehe, misunderstanding? I told you just now that I will put out a sum of money to invest in Centec. Unfortunately, none of you believed me, and you mocked me fiercely.”

When did Thompson Chu suffer such irritation, especially in front of so many juniors. Right now, his face was completely black, and he gritted his teeth. He was extremely annoyed when he saw that the villain of Wayne Lin was very determined. Slap in the face!

But he dare not. Now Wayne Lin is his God of Wealth. If he offends Wayne Lin, the Chu family will be ruined.

Is there anything more absurd than this in this world!

So, he had to smile again, uglier than crying, and said: “Wayne, grandpa blamed you just now, don’t be angry, grandpa will accompany you. I’m sorry, don’t you Grandpa is familiar, okay?”

Thompson Chu is very old and arrogant for most of his life, asking him to make amends to a trash son-in-law is really worse than killing him! The old face was aching fiercely.

Wayne Lin is not a mean person. On the contrary, he respects the old and loves the young. However, he has no respect for Thompson Chu at all, and only disdain and disgust. In the four years of the Chu family, he saw best how Thompson Chu treated Alma Chu harshly and how he humiliated him.

On the side of Alma Chu, seeing her proud grandfather bowed her head, she felt very happy at this moment. If it weren’t for Wayne Lin, she would have never seen such a scene in her entire life!

It is true that Thompson Chu is her own grandfather, but since childhood, Thompson Chu has never loved her, causing her to have only awe and complaints towards Thompson Chu.

Wayne Lin chuckled and said: “Don’t dare to be, don’t dare to be, you are Alma’s father

Lord, how can I afford your apology? “

Thompson Chu gritted his teeth and said, “The investment in Centec…”

Wayne Lin interrupted: “Invest in Centec will be avoided. My money is not brought by the wind, and I can’t afford such a loss.”

Said that he was about to take Alma Chu away.

Thompson Chu was anxious immediately, and hurriedly stopped Wayne Lin and said, “Oh, how can you lose money? Centec just temporarily broke the capital chain. As long as you make it up, normal operations can be resumed immediately, with Huarvell’s current structure. It’s easy to make money! Besides, Wayne, you are my Chu family’s son-in-law, so you can’t really die, right?”

“Hahaha, you can’t save you when you die?” Wayne Lin was amused at once. “It’s a good one, but you can’t save you. Today you are oppressing Alma with no regard for family friendship. You even slapped Alma in the face. . Now I can’t save myself, so what?”

Thompson Chu gritted his teeth, his face was ugly, and tried to get angry several times, but he held back.

Wayne Lin sneered even more when he saw him like this: “You don’t actually have to bear it. If you want to get angry, you get angry. Anyway, you have always been like this. Majesty is more than everything, and you don’t care about the dignity of others. Just like before, continue fighting. Call the police and let the police arrest me and go to jail.”

This made Friends Chu Hua couldn’t listen anymore. He stood up and shouted at Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin! Don’t bully others too much! Anyway, the grandfather of your wife is standing in front of you! “

Wayne Lin glanced at Chu Huayou with a meaningful smile, and then said to Thompson Chu: “Grandpa, you heard it too. Uncle is still scolding me. It seems that this business is not going to go on, you still Wait for others to come and rescue you.”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin strangely. She didn’t know what had happened to Wayne Lin. She had never seen Wayne Lin like this.

Thompson Chu’s face was even darker, and he stared at Chu Huayou and scolded him: “Nizi shut up! I just insulted Wayne, it is indeed our fault! You still apologize to Wayne quickly.”

“Dad…” Chu Huayou immediately became unhappy, asking him to apologize to Wayne Lin, isn’t it the same as hitting him in the face directly.

“I’ll count to three, otherwise you will get out of the Chu family!” Thompson Chu’s expression was terrifying and his majesty was extremely deep. Everyone felt his anger and was serious.

Chu Huayou shuddered. He didn’t dare not follow it. He regretted it very much. He had known that he had stopped talking just now!

Now he had no choice but to bow his head to Wayne Lin and apologize honestly: “Wayne, it was the uncle who was wrong, sorry.”


Wayne Lin was at ease.

Alma Chu also showed a smile. Before Wayne Lin came, she was insulted by Chu Huayou.

Thompson Chu said again: “Wayne, are you satisfied with this?”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Grandpa, why do you listen to your tone of voice and feel resentful in your heart, so you are reluctant to apologize?”

Click, Thompson Chu clenched his fists, and shouted countless times in his heart that the beast bastard, but on the surface, he dared not show it at all. He could only endure it forcibly, showing a more humble smile, “Where is it? Ming you die, my son-in-law of the Chu family, you have the ability now, grandpa is too happy to be too late!”

Wayne Lin chuckled, and didn’t bother to molest Thompson Chu anymore. He said directly, “It’s not impossible to invest in Centec…”

Thompson Chu’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he raised his head suddenly, with a surprise, “Really? That’s really great! Wayne, I know you won’t die!”

The other Chu family members also smiled and were excited.

Wayne Lin changed his voice and said, “I haven’t finished speaking yet. What are you happy about? I mean you can invest in Centec, but Alma has the right to decide. If she nods, I can immediately sign the contract and pay in. . Of course, if Alma disagrees, then you don’t have to think about it anymore.”

For a while, all of them looked at Alma Chu, and their expressions were very complicated.

Alma Chu’s mood is even more complicated.

Until now, she still doesn’t understand why Wayne Lin has done so much to please her…

Chapter 124

Wayne Lin finally invested in Centec.

The reason is that Alma Chu nodded and agreed.

The people of the Chu family, including Thompson Chu, bowed their heads to apologize to Alma Chu. The attitude was more sincere than the others. People who didn’t know, thought the Chu family was such a loving family.

Alma Chu is a softhearted person. Even if she knew that the Chu family’s apology was false and temporary, she finally nodded and couldn’t bear to watch Shengke go bankrupt.

Wayne Lin did not break his promise, and directly asked Damon Wang to hand over, intending to raise 100 million yuan. Of course, this money could not be taken out at once, but divided into two, the first time was 40 million, and the second time was an additional 60 million. .

Moreover, Wayne Lin directly bought 55% of Centec’s shares, which was equivalent to buying all the decision-making power, and then all the 55% of the shares were transferred to Alma Chu. In other words, Alma Chu is now the largest shareholder of Centec, and has directly taken the position of chairman.

At first, the Chu family and others did not agree, thinking that Wayne Lin’s approach was too much. Later, seeing that Lin Zi had a strong attitude and refused to give in, otherwise they would withdraw their capital. They had no retreat, so they had to agree. After all, with this money investment, although their shares have shrunk, their annual dividends have actually risen.

After finishing all the procedures, Wayne Lin didn’t stay there anymore, he wanted to come out to breathe.

Damon Wang received Wayne Lin’s wink, and he withdrew quietly.


Walking to the corner, making sure that there was no one around, Damon Wang gave a respectful cry.

Wayne Lin returned to the coldness he had when he was at Ziqiong Company, nodded gently, and said, “You did a good job today, and I am very satisfied.”

Damon Wang was overjoyed, and on the surface he bent his waist lower and said: “It is the chairman who taught me well!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Okay, you don’t have to slap my ass. I know you have a lot of doubts, but there are some things that you should not understand, so don’t touch them, don’t talk too much. Curiosity kills the cat. I believe you also know the truth.”

Damon Wang hurriedly lowered his head and said, “Chairman rest assured, I will not be curious!”

“Well, let’s do that. After I go back, arrange for a few elites to come over to help my wife. This investment of 100 million yuan is not for me.” Wayne Lin explained.

“Understood!” Damon Wang said straight away, indicating that he would carry out the chairman’s instructions.

There was still some cold sweat on his forehead. He was really curious about the identity of Wayne Lin, why a door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, with a humble status, could be the chairman of Ziqiong Company. Intuition told him that Wayne Lin’s identity must have a mystery. But now, he dare not have this idea, because Wayne Lin has seen through his thoughts, and he fully believes that if he personally investigates Wayne Lin’s background, once he is discovered, then Wayne Lin will definitely not be merciless. his!

He is a wise man, he has always been, knows how to advance and retreat, and make choices. That’s why he can live so long in this circle without any enemies.

Because sometimes, curiosity can really kill people.

Just as Alma Chu came out too, she walked over from the corridor and saw Damon Wang’s solitary appearance in front of Wayne Lin, her brows suddenly frowned, and there was endless doubt in her heart.

Wayne Lin is prestigious today

It is majestic, but it also brings infinite confusion.

Wayne Lin noticed Alma Chu’s arrival, hurriedly put away his cold posture, bent down, held Damon Wang’s hand with both hands, and said in a grateful tone: “Mr. Wang, thank you for today’s affairs.”

Damon Wang was visibly stunned, then he reacted quickly and said, “Mr. Lin is polite, this is what I should do.”

Wayne Lin continued: “President Wang, I will invite you to dinner another day.”


At this moment Alma Chu walked over, and seeing them like this, she frowned deeper and said, “Ms. Wang, how did you meet Shang Wayne Lin?”

Damon Wang had already aligned his lines with Wayne Lin in advance. He smiled and said: “Mr. Lin is a good friend of our chairman. I just listened to the chairman’s order to cooperate with Mr. Lin.”

“What?” Alma Chu opened her eyes immediately and was surprised that Wayne Lin actually knew Chairman Zi Qiong?

When Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s surprise, he was actually quite guilty. After all, he was using the name of Zi Qiong this time, and his body was so similar to Chairman Zi Qiong. I wonder if he could fool Alma Chu.

Alma Chu’s heartbeat speeded up a lot all of a sudden, she never thought that Wayne Lin would know Chairman Zi Qiong! So, those things between her and Zi Qiong director Za…

For a while, Alma Chu’s mood became complicated again, and she was a little confused.

When Damon Wang saw this situation, he did not dare to stay, so he hurried off, leaving Wayne Lin and Alma Chu here. After a while, Wayne Lin broke the silence first, “Alma, you will be the chairman of Shengke from now on. Now, do what you should do in the future. Don’t be afraid of your head and feet. If anyone dared not listen to you, you can just dismiss him directly.”

Alma Chu did not answer. After a while, she raised her head and stared at Wayne Lin and asked, “How did you recognize Chairman Zi Qiong? Why didn’t you tell me!”

Wayne Lin had already thought about his remarks, and said, “He is my childhood friend and hasn’t contacted him for a long time. I only reconnected with him some time ago. As for why I didn’t tell you, even if I told you, I’m afraid you I wouldn’t believe it, so I dared not say anything.”

Alma Chu was in a mess. She couldn’t tell whether Wayne Lin was lying. She gritted her teeth and said, “Some time ago, he lent me money so boldly, and from Peter Zhang, I was rescued because of you?”

Wayne Lin nodded, “Yes.”

He was proud in his heart, thinking that Alma Chu would definitely be touched. He straightened his waist and waited for Alma Chu’s gratitude. Suddenly he realized something was wrong. Alma Chu’s face became paler and his expression was not It looks good, and he clenched his fists, struggling and unhappy.

Wayne Lin’s heart jumped, and quickly explained: “Alma, I didn’t mean to lie to you…”

Alma Chu suddenly raised her head, staring straight at Wayne Lin, and said: “Wayne Lin, you are such a self-righteous fellow, I was killed by you!!”

After speaking, she stopped talking to Wayne Lin, turned and ran, tears bursting into her eyes.

Wayne Lin was dumbfounded, what’s the situation?

He obviously helped Wayne Lin many times, so why did he harm her? ?

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