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Chapter 245

Alma Chu left, leaving a bunch of Chu family embarrassed there, especially Latoya Chu, she was even more embarrassed now.

She gritted her teeth and looked at the direction Alma Chu left, filled with spite.

Today, Alma Chu didn’t give her any face, she hated Alma Chu to death!

She must avenge this hatred, or she won’t have her surname Chu!

Many Chu family members were complaining, thinking that Alma Chu was too much, and did not put their elders in their eyes at all, and even dared to beat Latoya Chu. It was too shameful.

However, no matter how much they scolded, there is no way at present. Who said Alma Chu is now the chairman of Centec, who controls the financial power of the family, even if they are dissatisfied with Alma Chu, there is no way.

However, at this moment, there was a sound of footsteps coming from the door, and then a group of people rushed over.

“Hey, who are you? Get out for me. This is the place where the Chu family has dinner!”

Sean Chu saw this group of people breaking in impolitely, and immediately walked over, cursing displeasedly, trying to drive them out.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he was easily pushed away by the man in front, staggered back a few times, fell heavily on the table, and knocked the table over.

This sudden change immediately aroused the anger of all the Chu family. Several young people from the Chu family walked over, flexing their hands, and shouted, “Who are you, who dare to run here to be wild,” Seek death!”

“You dare to be rough with Brother Hao, I think these chores are tired of living!”

“Go together, kill these evil pens!”

Originally, because of Alma Chu’s matter just now, the anger of these young people was very strong, and they had nowhere to vent the fire. Now these people rushed in and beat others, and they immediately ignited their anger. All come up to teach this group of people.

It’s just that they rushed fast and were beaten faster, only to be beaten back within one round, especially embarrassed.

This sudden change scared all the Chu family. Their Chu family had been established in Hwadrid for so long, and it was considered a bit famous. They had never encountered such a thing before, and they were even knocked on the door.

Many of the Chu family members became scared when they saw the menacing appearance of the other party.

In the end, the Patriarch Thompson Chu stood up and said in a deep voice: “Who are you and why did you break into my Chu family’s party and hurt my Chu family? If you don’t explain clearly, we will call the police!”

“Big Brother, today happened to be the gathering of the Chu family, it seems that nothing was wrong.” Ma Long said flatly to the tall man next to him.

That’s right, these people are Ma Long and that eldest brother. They are arrogant and domineering and rushed directly to the Chu family.

The eldest brother nodded, he looked around, but did not see Wayne Lin’s figure, frowned, and said, “Where is Wayne Lin? Let him get out of here!”

When Ma Long heard such domineering words from his eldest brother, he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to see Wayne Lin kneeling before him begging for mercy!

He has blind confidence in his eldest brother, thinking that as long as there is a eldest brother, then Wayne Lin can definitely be settled. He has never been insulted like this when he grows up. To him, it is simply a great shame. If this hatred is not reported, he will never want to sleep in the future!

When many Chu family members heard this, they frowned.


Ma Long stood up and said, “Hurry up and let the man named Lin get out. If you dare to protect him, I will let your entire Chu family disappear in Hwadrid!”

Now Ma Long can be said to be proud of the spring breeze, invincible, and majestic. He is a super rich second-generation, with a strong aura. Now that he is so arrogant, he immediately trembles with fright and panic among the Chu family members.

In the end, Thompson Chu said, “We have nothing to do with Wayne Lin. You have found the wrong person.”


Ma Long slapped the table fiercely. He actually smashed the table apart. He cursed fiercely: “Do you still dare to lie? I have investigated it clearly. Wayne Lin is the son-in-law of your Chu family. Today is your Chu family’s gathering. He must be there! If you know, hand him over as soon as possible, otherwise, I will raz you Chu family to the ground!”

One of the Chu family members who had a fierce temper stood up and said, “Who are you, dare to rant and razed our Chu family to the ground? Do you have this ability?”

Ma Long walked over, raised his hand and slapped him twice, and sneered, “I am Ma Long, and Kunlun Group Chairman Ma Kaiyu is my dad. You said I have no ability to razor your Chu family to the ground? It seems that you are determined to do it. Bao Wayne Lin is a beast, right? Okay! Then you Chu family will be buried with you!”

Hearing Ma Long’s words, he immediately frightened all the Chu family members.

Kunlun Group!

This is a real giant company with a market value of tens of billions. Their Chu family, in front of the Kunlun Group, is as weak as the ants.

Now, they were completely panicked. Immediately, the Chu family took out their mobile phones to search, and they saw Ma Long’s information. He was really the son of the Kunlun Group.

Thompson Chu was also very frightened, and quickly said, “Misunderstandings! All misunderstandings! Wayne Lin is no longer the son-in-law of our Chu family. He has already divorced my granddaughter Alma Chu, and neither of our Chu family. I know where Wayne Lin went!”

“Yeah, yeah, we really have nothing to do with Wayne Lin. You must investigate carefully! To be honest, we also hate Wayne Lin. We wish he died sooner, so how could we protect Wayne Lin!”

“Wayne Lin is the thorn in the flesh of our Chu family…”

“The key point is that we don’t know where Wayne Lin went. He didn’t come to our Chu family gathering this time. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate the restaurant’s monitoring and you can see it. Don’t harm Chi Yu. “

All the Chu family members began to separate their relations with Wayne Lin and said a lot of bad things about Wayne Lin.

After hearing this, Ma Long frowned. He specifically asked the Master to come to the Chu family to find Wayne Lin. He originally thought that he would be sure of the ten, but he didn’t expect the result to be like this.

“I don’t care if I limit you to the fastest speed and hand over Wayne Lin, otherwise, I will use you to vent my anger!”

Hearing this, all the Chu family members began to scold their mothers, which can be said to hate Wayne Lin.

However, at this moment, a voice rang, “I know how to find Wayne Lin!”

It was Latoya Chu. She came out gracefully and looked at Ma Long. She was also somewhat charming. Although she was not comparable to a beautiful woman like Alma Chu, she belonged to the category of beauty.

Ma Long walked over and said: “Hurry up, how to find him!”

Latoya Chu said with a smile: “It’s very simple. Just find Wayne Lin’s wife Alma Chu first, and then Wayne Lin will come naturally.”

Chapter 246

What is a snake-hearted heart, Latoya Chu’s current behavior perfectly interprets this.

Even many Chu family members took a breath and looked at Latoya Chu in horror, with a cold breath on the soles of their feet.

This behavior of Latoya Chu is undoubtedly betraying Alma Chu. You know, Alma Chu is Latoya Chu’s cousin, who has the same grandfather, and is considered half a sister. There is blood relationship there, even if they don’t get along in private, they won’t betray Alma Chu.

Who can’t tell that these people are coming fiercely and their identities are not simple. Latoya Chu is clearly pushing Alma Chu onto the fire.

Ma Long’s eyes lit up after listening, and immediately said, “Do you know where Wayne Lin’s wife is?”

Latoya Chu smiled and said with an intriguing expression: “Of course I know.”

“Then you quickly take me there!” Ma Long said.

Latoya Chu sold it off and said, “If I take you there, what benefit can you give me?”

She looked like a silky eye. Ma Long didn’t know what was going on. He went straight to Latoya Chu’s waist and said with frowning, “Of course, how could I lose you? It will definitely satisfy you.”

Maron bites the word satisfaction very hard, it’s just how wretched and wretched, it’s just a pair of dog men and women who are embarrassed.


After Alma Chu’s family of three came out of the Chu family gathering, they went home directly.

Along the way, Alma Chu did not speak, her face was always gloomy, her eyes were red, and no one could tell that she was in a bad mood now.

At this moment, Candice Liu didn’t dare to talk too much. She cared about Alma Chu a few words. After being ignored by Alma Chu, she also calmed down, for fear that she would provoke Alma Chu.

After returning home, Alma Chu also rushed directly into the room and locked herself up.

Candice Liu sighed heavily, and said, “Oh! Why did you say Wayne Lin divorced Alma? Alma is so beautiful. Is Wayne Lin blind?”

Berry Chu gave Candice Liu a fierce look and cursed: “That’s not a good thing you did!”

Candice Liu said angrily: “How come it has become a good thing for me, you can explain it clearly to my mother!”

Berry Chu is rare this time, he also widened his eyes, and said loudly: “Is Lao Tzu wrong about you? In the past few years, it’s not that you humiliated Wayne Lin every day and didn’t give him a little dignity. He would talk to Alma. Divorce! I think what happened today caused this, and you are at least 80% responsible!”

Candice Liu was stunned. After being married for so long, Berry Chu had not been so fierce against her, causing her neck to shrink and her aura a lot weaker. He said, “What are you doing so fiercely? You used to humiliate him. At that time Wayne Lin was indeed a waste, who knew he would be lucky and made a fortune.”

Speaking of this, Candice Liu was aggrieved and confused when she first arrived. She really couldn’t understand how a squandered person like Wayne Lin could become a rich man overnight? This is simply unrealistic!

Now she is going to regret how much she regrets. She knew that this day would come, and she would not humiliate Wayne Lin if she was killed, alas!

Berry Chu said with emotion: “Fengshui turns around, don’t bully the young and poor. There is really nothing wrong with this sentence! Who would have thought that the old son-in-law would have such a glorious day.”

At this moment, Berry Chu felt very sad, and laughed at himself.

However, at this moment, suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and the shot was very hard, bang bang.

Originally, Candice Liu and Berry Chu were in a bad mood, but suddenly someone slapped the door so hard, as if they were about to tear down the door. They immediately angered them and frowned.


“Who! I slapped the door so hard, hurry to reincarnate!” Candice Liu cursed and rolled up his sleeves, and walked over to open the door.

She opened the door and immediately saw a group of people standing at the door, including Latoya Chu, leaning against a young man’s arms.

“Latoya Chu, it’s you? You still have the face to come to my house?” Candice Liu said in a bad tone, “And you guys, you die, you slap the door so hard, if you smash my door, will you pay for it! “

Latoya Chu snuggled in Ma Long’s arms and said, “Brother Long, this woman is Alma Chu’s mother and Wayne Lin’s mother-in-law.”

After Ma Long heard this, a dark cloud flashed in his eyes and strode in.

Candice Liu immediately cursed: “Hey, what are you doing, who approved you to come in, get out of here! Otherwise I will call the police!”


Ma Long directly pushed her away rudely, with great strength and without being polite. With a bang, Candice Liu hit the wall, hitting the back of her head, and she grinned in pain.

Berry Chu was reading the newspaper in the living room and seeing this scene, he immediately stood up and said loudly: “Hey! Who are you and who let you in… Latoya Chu? What are you doing here? These people Who is it again?!”

Latoya Chu walked in, snuggling Ma Long, and said with a smile: “Where is Alma Chu, tell her to get out, our Long brother will look for her.”

They rushed in, and almost ten people crowded the room.

At this point, Berry Chu couldn’t tell where he was. The group of people were here for trouble. He immediately said loudly, “Hey! I order you to get out of here, or I will call the police!”

With that said, he took out his cell phone and was about to dial 110. However, not long after he took it out, a young man stepped over, grabbed it, and then slammed to the ground. Fragmented.

Then, Berry Chu was pushed and fell to the ground. Ma Long stared at him condescendingly and cursed: “Old man, I warn you, it’s better to be honest with me! I’m here to find Wayne Lin today. Animals, you behaved, just hand him over, otherwise, I will let you go around! You know?”

Came to find Wayne Lin?

Feeling their fierceness, Berry Chu couldn’t help but shivered and began to be afraid. He was originally a timid person, otherwise he would not be so afraid. He has never seen such a scene in his life, and now he is shivering. Up.

Candice Liu was also aware of the danger. She screamed: “You have found the wrong person. Wayne Lin is not in our house. He has divorced my daughter a long time ago. What he caused has nothing to do with us!”

“What? Divorced?” Ma Long frowned and looked at Latoya Chu, his eyes a little angry.

Latoya Chu hurriedly explained: “Brother Long, don’t listen to her. She must be lying. Just a few days ago, Wayne Lin was with them to buy a villa in Yulong Bay, a forty million villa! It’s impossible for them to get a divorce. As long as Alma Chu makes a call, Wayne Lin will definitely rush over.”

“Latoya Chu! Are you still a human?! We are your relatives, and you betrayed us like this!” Candice Liu cursed sharply, pointing at Latoya Chu, extremely angry.

However, Latoya Chu didn’t take it seriously at all, she also showed a disdainful smile.

“Brother Long, don’t worry, Alma Chu is also at home, as long as Alma Chu makes a call…”

Speaking of this, suddenly the front door was opened, and Alma Chu, who was wearing overalls, walked out and saw the scene in the living room. She was stunned immediately, and Latoya Chu was overjoyed and pointed to her and said sharply: ” Brother Long, she! She is Alma Chu, Wayne Lin’s wife!!!”

Chapter 247

Latoya Chu screamed loudly, even harshly. In an instant, everyone looked at Alma Chu.

Ma Long saw Alma Chu, a look of greed clearly appeared in his eyes, and he looked up and down Alma Chu.

I’m not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid of comparing the goods. Latoya Chu’s appearance is quite outstanding, but compared with Alma Chu, it is still too far behind. It is simply the difference between a maid and a young lady, so Ma Long saw Chu. At that moment Fei, his heart moved immediately.

And when Alma Chu saw this scene, she finally recovered and said loudly, “Hey! Who are you? What are you doing at my house! Dad, mom…”

She saw Berry Chu sitting on the ground, and was immediately shocked, and hurriedly went to help Berry Chu up.

“It turns out that this is Wayne Lin’s wife, she doesn’t look bad.” Ma Long whistled and said eloquently, and his eyes kept on Alma Chu’s body. That way, it would be as wretched as it was.

With that said, he was about to walk over to take advantage of Alma Chu.

Alma Chu was taken aback, she backed away and said loudly, “Get out of here, or I will call the police!”

Ma Long was not angry, but even more teased, as if he had found a funny toy, and said: “Oh, I didn’t expect it to be quite strong, yes, I like it very much. You are Wayne Lin’s wife. I feel more sensible, hahaha…”

When Alma Chu heard this, her heart jumped. Is this person looking for Wayne Lin?

Ma Long continued to move Alma Chu, Latoya Chu was itchy. It took her a lot of effort to please Ma Long. On the way here, I don’t know how much advantage Ma Long had already taken. Ma Long had this thigh, and as soon as Alma Chu appeared, she made Ma Long’transferred love’. She was so angry!

Since she was a child, Alma Chu has suppressed her. Not only did she study better than her, she was more beautiful than her, and there were even more people who pursued Alma Chu than her! Why!

She quickly stood up and said: “Brother Long, don’t touch her, she has AIDS!”

Hearing this, Malone was shocked immediately, and quickly stepped back two steps, “What?! AIDS? I’m grass!”

People like him are most afraid of encountering AIDS. Once they are infected, their life is over.

Candice Liu was very angry and yelled: “Fart, you only have…”

However, she was stopped by Alma Chu before she finished her words. Alma Chu’s reaction was not unpleasant. Latoya Chu’s words helped her in a sense, at least Ma Long wouldn’t dare to do anything to her.

So she confessed it generously, and deliberately scolded her angrily: “Latoya Chu! You stinky woman, you actually shaken out my secret, didn’t you promise me that you would never say it!”

At this moment, Alma Chu’s acting skills broke out, and a secret was discovered, and she was anxious and frustrated.

Latoya Chu was taken aback, and then she wanted to understand Alma Chu’s thoughts, and snorted disdainfully without explaining.

As a result, Ma Long became even more afraid of Alma Chu, completely looking at the expression of a plague god. However, he still felt a pity in his heart that such a beautiful woman actually had AIDS. It was too unlucky!

But immediately he changed his mind, so that said, Wayne Lin must have been infected with AIDS, hahaha.

“Hurry up and call Wayne Lin, let him get out, I will kill him!” Ma Long became impatient and ordered straightforwardly.

“You look for Lin

What is Wayne doing, he is not here, he and I are already divorced! Alma Chu said in a deep voice, “Now we have nothing to do with Wayne Lin. If you don’t leave, we will really call the police.” “

“f*ck you, don’t toast and fine wine, right? Lao Tzu has no patience. Lao Tzu will call you this beast Wayne Lin within three minutes! Otherwise, Lao Tzu will let your family be thrown into the sea. Feed the sharks!”

Now Ma Long’s expression is very hideous, full of intimidation, and looks particularly terrifying. In addition, all of the subordinates behind him are powerful, and they don’t look like any good stubble. At the moment, Candice Liu and Berry Chu are both I was trembling with fear, and was terribly scared.

Alma Chu is a weak woman, she is too scared now, but her calming ability is a bit stronger than Candice Liu and Berry Chu, she swallowed, and said: “You are fierce, I have no use, I really can’t contact me. Shang Wayne Lin, he and I are already divorced, I don’t believe you…”

Before she could finish her words, Ma Long slapped his face in the face, “It’s a muddy horse, shamelessly! Your sister has said that you and Wayne Lin are not divorced, you f*cking dare to lie to me I’m counting to three now, if you don’t call Wayne Lin over, I will break the legs of all three of you!”

A raging fire rose in Ma Long’s heart, and he was very rude.

Alma Chu suffered this slap and fell to the ground with blood flowing from the corner of her mouth, and tears flowed down her eyes. She grew up so big that she hadn’t been beaten like this.

When Latoya Chu saw that Alma Chu was beaten, she felt extremely refreshed, and said, “I said Sister Alma, you should call Wayne Lin here obediently, and you can suffer less. Do you think you know Who is Long Brother? He is the son of the Kunlun Group. He is a real rich man, a real big man, and a small person like Wayne Lin. In his eyes, he is almost like an ant. This time, Wayne Lin is about to die. Now, why do you need to be buried with Wayne Lin?”

Candice Liu and Berry Chu were already shocked when they heard the name Kunlun Group!

As Huarvell people, they don’t know the weight of Kunlun Group. You know, they often use Kunlun Group’s logistics. This is a real giant company, and it is not something they can contend with!

To put it bluntly, even if they call the police, it is of no use.

After Alma Chu heard it, she was also very scared, but she still did not choose to betray Wayne Lin. She gritted her teeth and said, “Even if you are the king of heaven, it’s useless. I really can’t contact Wayne Lin!”

Ma Long showed a puzzled expression. Is it true that Alma Chu can’t contact Wayne Lin?

However, Latoya Chu immediately said, “Brother Long, don’t be fooled by her. She must have Wayne Lin’s phone number. If you just grab her phone number and call Wayne Lin, don’t you know?”

Alma Chu suddenly raised her head, staring at Latoya Chu steadily, and cursed: “Latoya Chu! I am your sister. Are you still betraying me like this?”

Latoya Chu didn’t mean to feel guilty at all, and even more contemptuously said: “Aren’t you very arrogant, very proud, dare you to slap me? Now let me show you arrogant one? Ask yourself, you are right Am I your sister, hum!”

“Latoya Chu, you are not a human!!” Alma Chu was shaking with anger.

Next, Latoya Chu urged Ma Long to grab Alma Chu’s phone, and it happened that Alma Chu’s phone was locked and needed her face to be unlocked. Alma Chu closed her eyes and refused to open it. She was slapped again by Ma Long. on the ground.

Candice Liu couldn’t stand it anymore, she said loudly, “Don’t call my daughter! I also have Wayne Lin’s call! I’ll call him, I’ll call him, let’s do it!”

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