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Chapter 169

Wanyue Group.

The background wall of the front desk is inlaid with gold and four characters are vigorous and powerful. The “Wanyue Group” is like a dragon panwo, magnificent and eye-catching, which makes people afraid to underestimate it.

“Sorry, you didn’t make an appointment, and I can’t let you go up.” The front desk said businessly.

Lena Qin stood at the front desk anxiously, politely saying, “I really just want to find your president and ask one thing, it’s very urgent.”

Ana Lin hasn’t been to the store for two days and can’t be contacted. She moved to Phillip Zong’s villa. She didn’t know where the villa was and was a little worried. So when she found it, she wanted to ask Phillip Zong, Lin Why didn’t Xin Yan go to the store.

Now the store has just opened, and most of them are customers who come for her reputation. Her absence will make those customers feel that they are not sincere.

Moreover, Ana Lin is very serious and enthusiastic about his work. He will not go to the store without saying a word.

If she can be contacted, she said she didn’t go to the store because she had something to do, and she would feel at ease, mainly because now she can’t even contact anyone.

How can you not worry.

“I’m really sorry, I can’t let you go up without making an appointment. If everyone is like you, I think our boss will not have to do anything. I just saw you people waiting and wasted time.” He still maintained his dignified manner, but his words were not as gentle as before, and Lena Qin was also irritated by Lena Qin.

“You guys, why can’t it be accommodating, or if you go to your president’s office, I will just talk to him on the phone.”

“No, if you have a lot of time, you can sit in the lobby and wait, the boss comes down, and you tell him yourself, if he is willing to take care of you, you can say as much as you like.”

“Why are you like this?”

“Sorry, this is my job.”

Lena Qin Rushuang beat the eggplant, her head drooping. The people in this big company are so unkind. She just wants to see Phillip Zong.

“Yo, Miss Qin.” Alan Su stepped in from the door, turning the car key in his hand, looking idle.

Lena Qin was too lazy to pay attention to him.

Turn around and leave.

“Hey.” When passing by him, he grabbed Lena Qin’s arm, “I don’t eat people, so I hide when I see it. Besides, we are also friends. We always have to say hello when we meet. You are like this. Isn’t it too rude?”

Lena Qin frowned and wrestled her hand. “Politeness depends on whoever you are. You will pull and pull when you come up. If you don’t know, you thought it was a disciple.”

Alan Su raised his eyebrows, flicked the dust-free suit, and squinted at Lena Qin, “With your words, I can sue you for libel.”

Lena Qin’s face sank, and she didn’t have a good air, “Insane, you provoke me first, and now you are here to beat me, it’s really eye-opening.”

Alan Su didn’t really want to sue her, he just teased her deliberately. Seeing her angrily, the corners of his lips raised slightly, “Are you looking for Phillip?”

When he walked in, he heard her talking to the front desk.

Without waiting for Lena Qin to answer, he said again, “Fancy our family Phillip?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Lena Qin was annoyed, her face flushed, and this Phillip Zong was a handsome man, with the stability and charm that a mature man could have.

But she knew very well that it was Ana Lin.

She had never thought about it this way.

He used this to tease her?

Simply, not human!

“Angry?” Alan Su stretched his head to look at her.

Lena Qin really wanted to give him a slap, but did not do so after exhausting his remaining reason, gave him a fierce look, and then hurried away.

Alan Su curled his lips, stood still, with a strategizing look, “You came to Phillip to ask about Miss Lin, right?”

Alan Su had just come from Keller Shen to discuss the matter of prosecuting Casey He. He learned from Keller Shen that Ana Lin hadn’t heard the news. He heard that Phillip Zong was in a bad mood about this matter. As a brother, he had to come over and care about it.

Lena Qin’s footsteps stopped, and he knew about Ana Lin.

But thinking of his shameless appearance, Lena Qin resisted, and didn’t talk to him immediately.

“Ms. Lin has an accident, don’t you care as her friend?” Alan Su turned and looked at Lena Qin who was hesitant.

Ana Lin had an accident?

How could something happen?

Lena Qin didn’t believe him. If she talked to her from another person, she wouldn’t doubt it, but she didn’t have a good impression of this man.

“Don’t want to lie to me, Sister Lin is fine, why are you cursing her, what is your heart?!”

Alan Su, “…”

Is this not believing him?

“Is my character so bad?”

“Are you human?” Lena Qin stared at him coldly, and it was nonsense to talk to him.

Seeing that Lena Qin was really angry, Alan Su looked upright and said seriously, “Miss Lin has been missing for two days, and there is no news. Now, it’s hard to tell whether you are in city B or not. You believe it or not.” After saying that Alan Su walked towards the front desk, and he stood At the front desk, put his hand on the wiping table that can illuminate the figure, and looked at the front desk, “I wink a little later.”

Although Alan Su did not come to the company often, everyone knew about his relationship with Phillip Zong. The front desk had already seen his interaction with Lena Qin just now.

Alan Su knew her.

Knowing that she might really be looking for Zong Zong.

I just have never seen this woman, what’s the background?

I couldn’t help but gossip, “Who is she?”

Alan Su raised his brows, “It’s not that you should know, inquire less and do your own thing.”

The front desk pouted and replied dryly, “I see, don’t inquire.”

“That’s just obedient.” Alan Su smiled at her and threw a’glamorous eye’

The front desk took a sip of water. Although Alan Su is not as attractive as Phillip Zong, it is also a’diamond’ among ordinary people.

The main thing is that he just blinked at himself.

The front desk looked at Alan Su like an idiot, but he didn’t know that his saliva was almost flowing down.

Alan Su sighed in disgust.

Ana Lin is missing?

real or fake?

Lena Qin looked at Alan Su in a confused mood. The worry about Ana Lin overcame his dislike of him, “Sister Lin, is something really wrong?”

She did not contact Ana Lin for two days.

Alan Su looked at her with a foolish expression, “Can this kind of thing be a joke, besides, what did I lie to you for?”

“What should I do now?” Lena Qin almost cried anxiously, “What about Xiao Xi and Ruth?”

Alan Su didn’t react for a while, “Xiao Xi, who is Ruth?”

“Sister Lin’s son and daughter.”

“Wait—” Alan Su walked over and pulled her aside. Ana Lin had been married to Phillip Zong before, but it was a hidden marriage again soon. Few people knew about it, but only a few had good relations with Phillip Zong. People know.

But now someone told him that Ana Lin had given birth to a child.

Whose child is that?

Phillip Zong’s?

still is……

After all, after so many years of separation, it is difficult to say whether it is Phillip Zong.

Moreover, does Phillip Zong know that Ana Lin has children?

“You said, Miss Lin gave birth to two children, how old are they?”

“Six years old, five years old, because they are twins, they are the same age, what’s the matter?” Lena Qin also became alert when he looked at Alan Su’s cautious eyes. He asked what this meant?

“Do you know that Miss Lin was married?” Alan Su asked.


In fact, Ana Lin had never told anyone about her, nor had she mentioned her short marriage to Lena Qin. Lena Qin said so, completely guessing.

Because Ana Lin is not the kind of casual woman at all, she has been with her for so long, knowing her character and personality, unless she has been married, otherwise she will never give birth to children for no reason.

And according to her observation, the man who had been married was Phillip Zong. She didn’t know why they divorced in the first place. She could see that Phillip Zong still had feelings for Ana Lin.

Alan Su tutted twice, “You all know this. It seems that you have a good relationship with Miss Lin. Then you know the fathers of those two children…”

“Huh, what do you want to say?” Lena Qin snorted coldly, obviously feeling that he thought that Daniel and Ruth might not belong to Phillip Zong.

“Sister Lin is not a random woman. Don’t be too mindful, and don’t think everyone is so bad.” Lena Qin was angry again, because Alan Su doubted Ana Lin and the two children.

Since childhood, Ana Lin took two children with them. Their father has never fulfilled his duties for a day. Now even his friends are questioning the identities of the two children. How can she not be angry.

Alan Su looked at her, “I’m angry again.”

“I have nothing to say with you.” Lena Qin didn’t want to deal with him at all, out of politeness, “Thank you for telling me about Sister Lin.”

After speaking, she turned and walked, Alan Su chased it out, “Wait a minute.”

Chapter 170

After speaking, she turned and walked, Alan Su chased it out, “Wait a minute.”

Lena Qin said impatiently, “What are you doing?”

Alan Su took out a business card and handed it to her, “If you need to contact me, if there is any progress here, I will go to the store and tell you that during this time, I will trouble you to take care of things in the store.”

Lena Qin raised her eyes and looked at Alan Su. His expression was a bit serious. She had just returned to China where she was unfamiliar. To find Ana Lin, she had to rely on them, and she also needed to know to look for Ana Lin. Language progress.

She reached out and took the business card that Alan Su handed over, “Thank you, sister Lin is kind to me. I will help her take care of the things in the store when she is away.”

Alan Su nodded, wondering in his heart, could he find a reason to send her off?

“Why did you come, do you want me to send you?”

“I came by car.” Lena Qin installed her business card and said to him, “Goodbye.”

After speaking, he walked towards the car.

Alan Su grabbed a handful of hair and sighed. Why is it so difficult to strike up a conversation with her?

He used to tease a woman before, so it takes so much effort?

He shook his head, got rid of those messy thoughts, turned around and walked towards the elevator, the elevator stopped with a ding, and the elevator door opened. When Alan Su was about to walk in, the people inside stopped him. Footsteps, “It’s you.”

Soon his voice cooled down, “What are you doing here?”

He Ruixing cracked his lips. “What am I doing does not seem to have anything to do with you, right?”

The He family is not as good as before, but his reputation and status are not comparable to him as a lawyer.

Alan Su frowned, glanced at him indifferently, and stepped into the elevator.

He Ruixing straightened his suit and strode out.

For Alan Su, he didn’t care about it.

Alan Su was playing a drum in his heart, and this Phillip Zong was bound to kill Casey He. It is impossible for He Ruixing to know that his sister was locked up because of Phillip Zong.

So the question is, what does he mean?

Declaring war with Phillip Zong, or pleading?

Alan Su hadn’t figured it out yet. At this time, the elevator door opened, and when he walked down, the entire office area was inexplicably enveloped by a dull atmosphere.

Is this because the boss is in a bad mood and the entire company suffers?

Alan Su shrank his neck, obviously not cold, but he couldn’t help it.

When he reached the door, he knocked on the door, and when he heard the inside say come in, he opened the door.

If the big office is deserted and deserted, if he didn’t see the people sitting behind the desk, he thought there was no one in the office.

Alan Su walked in, closed the door, and went to the desk, “What is He Ruixing doing?”

Before Phillip Zong could answer, he guessed, “Come for trouble?” But thinking about He Ruixing’s style in the past few years, he felt that he didn’t have the courage to declare war on Phillip Zong.

As long as He Ruixing has some ability, the He family today will not be like this.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and put a document on the table in front of Alan Su.

Alan Su picked it up and opened it. It was a letter of intent for cooperation. It is not uncommon for partners to do business. What is strange is that this letter of intent was signed by He Ruixing, and it is an important piece of land in the He family.

The He family has a good piece of land in City B, which was uploaded by the ancestors. Although the house is abandoned, the location is good.

“He wants to cooperate with you to build a large shopping mall on this piece of land?” Alan Su felt hell.

Didn’t treat Phillip Zong as an enemy, but took out his place and cooperated with Phillip Zong?

“I used to hear a saying, in Vanity Fair, you fought to death and live in the first second. For the sake of profit, you can shake hands in the next second. I finally saw it today. The most important thing is that you agreed?”

“Why didn’t I agree?” Phillip Zong stood up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, leaving a bright shadow on the ground.

He Ruixing took the initiative to come to him today to show his good intentions. If the He family dared to intervene in Casey He’s affairs, he would even know the He family.

Since he knew that Ana Lin’s disappearance was related to Casey He, he had made a lot of preparations, and he was the first to bear the brunt.

After all, Casey He is from his family, who knows if they will not leave room to confront him because of their face?

Now He Ruixing is showing weakness, he can let go of Casey He to Keller Shen and Alan Su, he needs time to find Ana Lin’s whereabouts.

Now the longer time passes, the more disadvantaged it will be for him to find Ana Lin.

He has no time to struggle with the He family.

“Abandoning the car to protect the handsome, really ruthless.” Alan Su let out a disdain, “Does this rich family really have no real feelings?”

While speaking, Alan Su secretly aimed at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong’s mother is also a big family, marrying Zong Qifeng, it can be described as a strong alliance, but emotionally, there is no enviable place.

Not long after her death, Zong Qifeng married another.

This is also a thorn that has been stuck between their father and son.

Phillip Zong looked at him.

Alan Su coughed dryly. He shouldn’t talk about this at this time. He looked upright, “I have planned for Keller and I. You don’t have to worry about this. Just leave it to me and Keller. Chuan was not idle, trying to ask Miss Lin’s whereabouts from her mouth, but her mouth was very stiff.”

Keller Shen used many methods.

Alan Su thought in his heart, can a woman’s jealousy really be so scary?

He didn’t know, Casey He was more than jealous.

She felt that Ana Lin robbed Phillip Zong and took away everything that should belong to her. She was unwilling, she resented.


At this time, Phillip Zong’s mobile phone on the table rang. Alan Su took a look and said to Phillip Zong, “It’s Milton Guan.”

Then he picked it up and handed it to him.

Phillip Zong took it and pressed answer. “Phillip Zong–” Before Milton Guan had time to speak, the phone was robbed, “Where are you Phillip?”

The voice of’Ana Lin’ came over immediately.

Alan Su stretched his head, wanting to hear what the person on the other end of the phone said.

Phillip Zong glanced at him faintly, and handed the phone over, “You answer?”

Alan Su panted heavily, shook his head quickly, and said sly, “You take it, you take it.”

In order to prove that he would never want to listen anymore, he took a step back and distanced himself from him.

“When are you coming back? I miss you so much.” At the moment,’Ana Lin’ stood in the hotel room, drawing circles on the table with his fingers, and said aggrieved, “Milton Guan won’t let me go out to find you. , What does he mean?”

Phillip Zong’s face was expressionless, his voice was slightly cold, “Let him answer the phone.”

‘Ana Lin’ thought that Phillip Zong was going to reprimand Milton Guan, and couldn’t help being a little proud, and handed the phone over, “Hey, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Offending me is not good for you.”

Milton Guan stared at her. With the same face, how could her character be so bad?

Sure enough, it is a counterfeit, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

He reached out his hand to pick up the phone and put it to his ear, “Zong Zong.”

Not knowing what was said over there, his expression became serious, “Yes, I know.”

And his face changed in the eyes of’Ana Lin’ that Phillip Zong reprimanded him, twisted his waist and sat on the sofa, “Look, I told you that Phillip cares about me, you are so disrespectful Treat me, when I see him, I will tell him.”

Milton Guan hung up the phone and said faintly, “You have to tell, I won’t stop you, now follow me.”

In fact, Milton Guan didn’t pay attention to her words at all.

A counterfeit dared to speak loudly here without fear of flashing his tongue.

‘Ana Lin’ thought that he was going to see Phillip Zong, exasperated, ignoring the pain in his feet, quickly got up from the sofa, “Is he waiting for me?”

Milton Guan tucked his lips, “Yeah.”

“Huh, let you look at people low, are you dumbfounded now? Do you know where I am in Phillip Zong’s heart? I gave him two children. In the future, I will be the young woman of the Zong family. I am in his ears. Blow on your pillow and let you roll your bed in minutes. “Ana Lin’s words become more presumptuous, because Milton Guan does not allow her to go out, and he is not respectful enough to her.

Lin Yuhan has always been a domineering temperament, and now she has become a person next to Phillip Zong, naturally arrogant, Milton Guan did not flatter her, holding her, and showing her face, she held a grudge.

It was not the only remaining reason that told her that it was not the time yet, and she was going to find Phillip Zong to let him fire Milton Guan.

Milton Guan looked at her domineering and smiled, “I’ll wait and see.”

‘Ana Lin”s face was ugly.

She secretly made a decision in her heart, and when she was in power, the first thing she did was to check her out!

“Hold on to me, can’t you see that my foot hurts? Are the people around Phillip so dumbfounded?”

Milton Guan was too lazy to argue with her, and stretched out her arm to let her support herself.

He took the elevator to the hotel lobby and crossed the lobby to the parking lot outside the hotel. When Milton Guan was about to get in the car,’Ana Lin’ sneered, “Don’t you know who you are?”

Milton Guan looked back, what was she looking for?

“Open the door!” She glared at him.

Milton Guan’s eyes fixed on her face for a few seconds, and finally reached out and opened the rear door.

‘Ana Lin’ snorted coldly and bent into the car.

“So stupid, I don’t know how to become Phillip Zong’s assistant.”

Milton Guan bit her cheek and curled her lips.

I hope she can still be so arrogant after getting there.

He started the car.

In order not to be found to stay with Phillip Zong smoothly,’Ana Lin’ surveyed who was around Phillip Zong, and he had a slight cognition, and he also had an understanding of Wanyue Group.

But the direction of Milton Guan Kai was obviously not the way to Wan Yue.

Can not help frowning, “Isn’t Phillip in the company? Where are you taking me?”

Milton Guan gave her a cold look in the rearview mirror, “You will know when you get there.”

After a while, the car stopped, and’Ana Lin’ saw clearly where this was, he couldn’t help but shivered, and said, “You, what did you bring me here for?”

Chapter 171

“You don’t know if you go in and take a look.” Milton Guan got out of the car without seeing her flustered eyes.

‘Ana Lin’ didn’t move, who had nothing to go to the detention center?

“Milton Guan, don’t give me tricks, what is your heart?”

“Can I dare to do anything to you? You are the person on the tip of Zong’s heart. I am impatient with my life. I am not happy to find you?” Milton Guan walked up to her and watched her clearly uneasy. Pretending to be calm, he sneered, “Don’t you want to see Zongzong? Zong Zong is inside, why didn’t you dare to enter? What did you do?”

“You, you just did something wrong!” Ana Lin’s guilty conscience retorted immediately.

“Since there is no one, please please.” Milton Guan also made a please gesture in order to show’respect’ for her.

‘Ana Lin’ stared at him for a few seconds, then raised his head, “You’d better not lie to me, or I want you to look good!” After putting the cruel words, he walked in, “where?”

Milton Guan walked to lead the way.

‘Ana Lin’ looked around, she had been here, Elvira Shen had come in, and she had visited her.

At that time, she would run away with money or Elvira Shen showed her attention. At that time, she said, “Han Han, your father is a ruthless person. He could abandon his wife at first, but now he can abandon you and me. Now I am trapped. Hold back, if you continue to stay at home, I’m afraid you will end up being sent away like Ana Lin. I will tell you, your dad’s safe code, you take the money and leave.”

Elvira Shen and Randall Lin live together, leaving an eye on them.

Since he sent away Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang without hesitation back then, she knew that the man was ruthless and interests first.

At the beginning, she married Ida Zhuang because of her dowry. Later, she was squeezed dry and lost the value of use. When she abandoned her, she did not miss a trace of old love.

And she was still young at the time, and she was able to socialize to help him attract customers. Now she is old and declining, and Lin Yuhan is not very promising. Ana Lin married Phillip Zong again. This Randall Lin is afraid to coax her former daughter. Lin Yuhan is disadvantageous.

Therefore, she thought of a retreat for her daughter.

‘Ana Lin’ suddenly clenched her hands, she would feel heartache even thinking of Elvira Shen, after all, it was her mother. Mother who loves her so much and thinks of her.

Thinking of this, she became more determined to stay by Phillip Zong’s side. She has the fulfillment of her mother and cannot let her down.

Not to fail!

At this time, she had followed Milton Guan to the interrogation building. It was not the same room last time. This room was much larger. There was a layer of strong tempered glass in between. The room was divided into two. The inside was used for interrogation. People can sit outside.

Walked to the door, closed the door and pushed it open.

‘Ana Lin’ didn’t walk in immediately, but looked inside and made sure that Phillip Zong was inside before stepping in.

Alan Su pulled a chair for her, behaving completely unaware that she was not Ana Lin, warm and respectful, looking up and down at her, “Miss Lin?”

He learned from Keller Shen that she was fake.

At that time, he was shocked. He felt that the current cosmetic surgery was very advanced, but it should not be possible to make it exactly the same. This is what it looks like.

It is estimated that the whole body is neat, at least the figure is adjusted according to Ana Lin, otherwise it will not be so slender, and there is really no flaw in this face.

“What are you looking at?”‘Ana Lin’ frowned, “Is there flowers on my face?”

Alan Su smiled presumptuously, “Well, it looks better than flowers.”

‘Ana Lin’ is playing a drum in his heart, why do you think there is something in his words?

She moved to Phillip Zong’s side, “Why did you ask me to come here? Such a gloomy place.”

Before Phillip Zong could speak, Alan Su spoke again, “I want you to watch a good show.”

As he said, he put the chair beside her, and then sat down.

“What a good show?”‘Ana Lin’ turned to look at him.

Alan Su made a mystery, “You’ll find out later.”

Phillip Zong was silent during the whole process, and circles of light shone from above, covering his expression as if it were hidden in mist.

Soon the door of the room opened again, and Keller Shen walked in front, followed by two tall men in black uniforms. They were standing on a bridge with a black cover over their heads.

‘Ana Lin’ stared at the person who was framed in, how could this figure resemble Casey He?

She was nervous.

Soon her idea came true, and Keller Shen tore off the black mask on Casey He’s head, revealing her face.

She had changed her clothes and couldn’t see the injury, but her face was extremely ugly.

“Do you know her?” Alan Su leaned over.

‘Ana Lin’ shook his head and nodded, and said, “Yes, she kidnapped me after all.”

“You may not know what our family Phillip hates most.”

“What does he hate?” Unconsciously, there was a little tremor in the tone of’Ana Lin’.

Alan Su smiled evilly, “I hate being deceived the most.”

‘Ana Lin’ flicked again, “Really?”

“Yes, just look at Casey He. The last time she lied to Phillip that she had a car accident, the child was gone. In fact, she was not pregnant at all. It was the He family who came forward to intercede and saved her life. This time, Even the king of heaven and Laozi will not be able to save her.”

‘Ana Lin’ grabbed Phillip Zong’s arm, “Phillip, let’s go, I don’t want to see it, I’m afraid.”

Phillip Zong wrinkled carelessly, with a trace of imperceptible fierceness, “I remember that you were not so courageous before, why, don’t you want to see people who hurt you get punished?”

“I don’t want to, after all, I have nothing to do.”‘Ana Lin’ clutched his arm, wrinkles appeared in the flat suit.

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell on her hand holding his arm, her eyelashes were drooping, and the corners of her eyes were cold and sharp, as sharp as a dagger.

It seems that’Ana Lin’ sensed the nameless coldness, and instinctively withdrew his hand and held it tightly, as if the only way to protect himself.


At this time, a sad scream resounded throughout the room.

‘Ana Lin’ turned his head and saw Keller Shen plucking out one of Casey He’s nails. The ten fingers were connected to the heart. It can be seen how painful it would be to pull it off like that.

Casey He was thrown to the ground, her body twitched, and the bright red blood flowed down her fingertips to the ground, twists and turns, indescribable demon rule.

She slowly raised her head, looking at’Ana Lin’ sitting in front of her

‘Ana Lin’ immediately turned his head, not daring to meet her bloodshot eyes, but felt anxious in her heart, fearing that she would not be able to bear such torture and confess that she was not Ana Lin’s matter.

She didn’t want to look at it, but Keller Shen didn’t like her, and put the pulled nails in front of her, “Miss Lin, do you look pretty?”

In the white iron plate, there was just one nail with blood still on it.

Disgusting and oozing.

“Take it.”‘Ana Lin’ shrank himself, terribly scared.

“Why is Miss Lin so afraid of such a beautiful thing?” Alan Su agreed, and even reached out and twisted her head to show her what was on the plate.

“I don’t watch, I don’t watch.” It was too scary, she was leaving here.

Obviously’Ana Lin’ was stimulated.

Alan Su deliberately approached her ear, “This is just an appetizer. The good show is still to come. You have to know that if you do bad things, you always have to pay a price, especially those who don’t know the sky and want to impersonate others. , The end will be thousands of times worse than her.”

“Yes, what is this? With my hands, I can peel off the entire human skin without holes.”

Keller Shen and Alan Su sang together, scared’Ana Lin’ into sweaty backs, both legs were trembling, their bodies were tight, and their throats were hoarse, “You, you…”

It’s not human.

She didn’t say the latter sentence.

Alan Su curled his lips, thinking that he couldn’t take it anymore?

The drama of killing the chicken and the monkey has not been officially staged yet.

Phillip Zong’s goal is to kill two birds with one stone. One is to let Ana Lin see how he deceived him, and the other is to let Casey He see clearly that while she was enduring torture, Lin Yuhan sat here to watch her suffer.

Mental torture can destroy human will more than physical.

Of course, his ultimate goal is to get Ana Lin’s whereabouts from their mouths.

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