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Chapter 172

“You have to get used to it.” Alan Su smiled, winking at Keller Shen, “Hurry up and start your performance, let Miss Lin open her eyes.”

“If you want to open your eyes, it’s better for Miss Lin to go in with me, get closer, and be able to see clearly. That’s exciting.”

“I don’t want it.”‘Ana Lin’ waved his hands and refused their touch.

Is it the one she said not to do now?

Alan Su and Keller Shen looked at each other, and regardless of her resistance, they lifted her from the chair without dragging her.

“Do you know who I am? Do you dare to do this to me?”‘Ana Lin’ struggled hard, “Quickly let me go.”

“Of course we know who you are. It is because we know that we have to exercise your courage. Phillip doesn’t need a cowardly woman by his side.”

Alan Su blocked all the words of Ana Lin.

She was dragged into the interrogation room. Keller Shen and Alan Su deliberately dropped her in front of Casey He. The shoes were stained with blood. When she wanted to withdraw her foot, Casey He grabbed her ankle and looked very weak, but at the moment she was holding her. The strength is surprisingly great.

“Let go of me, let me go.”‘Ana Lin’ kicked his legs in panic. She was too nervous to kick Casey He’s head.

Casey He’s eyes went black for two seconds.

“Do you dare to kick me?” She bared her mouth, with blood still remaining between her teeth. Her pale face was as hideous as a ghost crawling out of hell.

“I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t mean it, you caught me first.”‘Ana Lin’ was scared and speechless.

Casey He at the moment is nothing like that.

On the side, Keller Shen kicked her, “What happened to Miss Lin kicking you?”

“That’s right, don’t look at who she is, don’t we dare to move you when you are in your family? If you dare to move Miss Lin, it is impatient to live?” Alan Su looked like two to five or eighty thousand , “Why do you think the family can be your backer, we dare not touch you? It’s not that I am talking big, the He family dare to come and beg for a word of love, we will destroy the He family, believe it or not?”

As he said, his eyes deliberately stared, “Ana Lin”, “Miss Lin, don’t you think?”

‘Ana Lin’ did not dare to say anything.

Casey He still has any family as a backer, and she has fallen to this end. Then she was found without any backer, not really Ana Lin, then…

She didn’t dare to continue thinking.

Casey He, who was kicked, lay on the ground for a long time without saying a word.

She was in pain all over, and Keller Shen almost killed her with this foot just now.

She was so embarrassed and humiliated, but Lin Yuhan, a fake, was recognized and respected by the two most trusted friends around Phillip Zong.

She is so angry, she is so annoyed, why did she give her all the benefits?

She is unwilling!


With blood attacking her heart, Casey He vomited a mouthful of blood, which happened to be sprayed on the leg of’Ana Lin’.

The warm liquid was like a warm hand, touching her skin, numb, itchy, she was taken aback, ah, screamed.

“Go to death, go to death.”‘Casey He’ schemingly kicked Casey He on the head, trying to kill her.

Only the dead can keep a secret for her.

She can’t keep Horolin alive.


Keller Shen and Alan Su watched her kick Casey He several times on the head without stopping. When Casey He was about to faint, they opened’Ana Lin’

“You let me go, let me beat her, she hurt me, she will die, you guys help me kill her, hurry up—”

Casey He had been tortured for a few days here, and she had only half her life left without dying. She had no power to fight back. If Keller Shen and Alan Su pulled Lin Yuhan a few minutes later, she might be dead.

Does this woman want to kill her?

Perhaps it was resentment that made her will to survive exceptionally strong. Casey He took the last breath and roared, “You are not Ana Lin at all!”

‘Ana Lin”s eyes were suddenly startled, and then chilled, “I’m dying, so I dare to talk nonsense and see if I won’t kill you.”

When she said’Ana Lin’, she threw herself at her. Alan Su grabbed her, “What are you anxious, your mouth is long on her mouth, you still don’t let her say it, let alone, I think it’s very interesting, she said you It’s not Ana Lin.” Alan Su approached her face, looked left and right, looked up and down, mocking, “Could it be possible that this face was plastic surgery?”

‘Ana Lin’ trembled, “What nonsense are you talking about.”

“I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously.” Alan Su smiled.

Casey He clasped her hands tightly, for fear that Alan Su would believe her, “She really is not Ana Lin…”

The sound stopped abruptly.

She raised her head with difficulty, looking at the man sitting on the chair outside the glass wall and watching all this happening in the room, as if all of this was under his control.

At this moment, she knew his purpose.

As soon as she was brought in, Keller Shen had her nails pulled out. The pain made her lose the ability to think. How did she forget? Phillip Zong had long realized that this Ana Lin was not Ana Lin at all.

Let her come, but to instigate their relationship.

But Lin Yuhan’s desire for her to die is indeed clear.

She laughed, laughing desolately, “I have been with you for so long, why did I forget your methods?”

Her tears fell down the corners of her eyes, mixed in the blood, and were fused with thick blood.

“I said, I said where Ana Lin is, but I have one condition.”

At this time, Phillip Zong finally stopped watching the theater and got up from the chair. He stepped forward, seemingly unhurried, but in fact, he has lost his strategy.

‘Ana Lin’ stood aside and was dumbfounded, she, she, what did she mean?

Alan Su cast a faint glance at her pale face and snorted coldly.

‘Ana Lin’ shivered, did Casey He betray her long ago?

Otherwise Phillip Zong would never know that she was not Ana Lin’s business.

After all, only she knew about this.

Her angry hands clenched into fists, she suddenly rushed towards Casey He on the ground, and sat on her, pinching her neck tightly with her hands, “b*tch, go to death, go to death!”

Keller Shen kicked’Ana Lin’, “Are you impatient to live?”

Winking at the two men standing in the corner, “Grab her.”

At this time, she shouldn’t be allowed to make trouble. It is important to detect Ana Lin’s whereabouts.

Casey He’s breath is free, and even the cough is just a slight tremor of the body, coughing silent.

Phillip Zong frowned.

Keller Shen squatted down to give her a smooth back, “I won’t die.”

Although she was tortured not lightly, but she would not die, he was measured.

Phillip Zong breathed a sigh of relief and pried her mouth open. If she died, it would be more than worthwhile.

“Say, where is Ana Lin.” Keller Shen helped her sit on the ground.

After a while, she slowed down the energy, and then slowly raised her eyes and looked at the blood-stained and chapped lips of the controlled’Ana Lin’, her voice was faint, “I can Say, but I have one condition.”

“You said.”

A bloodthirsty smile pulled out from the corner of her lips, “I want her to die!”

“b*tch, you die, you die.”‘Ana Lin’ looked at Phillip Zong and explained hurriedly, “Don’t listen to her nonsense, I really am Ana Lin, I really am, if you If you believe her, you will be fooled by her. Don’t believe her!”

“Stop her mouth!” Keller Shen scolded, why is he so wink?

Two men, you look at me, I look at you, what are you blocking?

There was nothing around, the last man sighed, and covered the mouth of Ana Lin who was still talking.

Casey He smiled, her face has no beauty or even horror. She looked at Lin Yuhan, “Look at you, except that there is a face exactly like Ana Lin, which is not even worthy of use. Will Ah Hao keep you?”

Lin Yuhan’s eyes widened, bloodshot condensed, and he couldn’t wait to rush to kill her.

Casey He didn’t care, she said to Lin Yuhan, but it meant something, “After Ana Lin was taken away by my brother that day, you don’t know where it is? I always have what I want, you have what?”

Chapter 173

Lin Yuhan opened her eyes wide and stared at Casey He, as if she had a knife now, she would rush to stab her to death.

“Let go of her.” Phillip Zong would not believe that Lin Yuhan did not know the whereabouts of Ana Lin because of Casey He’s words.

It is really very simple for them to turn back against their interests in cooperation like them.

It is not difficult to find out something from their mouths.

“b*tch, how do you know that I don’t know?!” Lin Yuhan roared, if someone stopped her, she would have rushed to tear Casey He and eat it.

Just like Phillip Zong thought, they would cooperate to form benefits, and each had what they wanted. Now that they are turning back, how can they still think about each other? I’m afraid you want to die now, right?

“Your brother took the person away, and I followed him secretly. You are stupid, thinking I don’t know. Do you think that you are the only one who has a way out? I have it too!” Elvira Shen died of this plan, her only relative Leaving her, now she lives alone in the world, how could she not have a long mind and leave a way for herself.

Keller Shen and Alan Su exchanged glances.

These two women have their own minds, Phillip Zong’s plan to sow discord is really clever.

Phillip Zong’s fingers slowly gathered, but didn’t clenched it tightly. Instead, he said, “Whoever will tell Ana Lin’s whereabouts first will live.”


“I say.”

The two spoke almost at the same time while looking at each other at the same time, wishing that each other would die.

“Ana Lin was taken by Rios He to Shunbei Village not far from City B…”

Lin Yuhan’s words almost blurted out, trying to get ahead of Casey He.

In the face of interest, their relationship without any trust, built for interest, fell apart instantly.

Phillip Zong walked out before hearing Lin Yuhan’s words.

Alan Su also quickly followed. Keller Shen glanced at the two men standing in the corner and gave an order, “Let her go.”

“Aren’t they going to fight?” It was obvious that the two of them were incompatible now.

Keller Shen twitched his lips, “Whoever wants to die, who wants to live, depends on their own destiny, you lead people with me.”

The two men understood Keller Shen’s meaning, let go of their control over Lin Yuhan, followed Keller Shen to leave the interrogation room, and when they reached the door, they shut the door to death.

When Lin Yuhan was free, he immediately rushed towards Casey He, “b*tch, die, die, dare to betray me!”

Casey He was even more angry than her, her face burning, “Fool, Phillip Zong deliberately provoked, you and I bite your mouth tightly, maybe there is still a ray of life, you think you can still live?!”

Lin Yuhan was taken aback, but more angry, she pinched Casey He’s neck tightly. “If you don’t betray me, I can still stay by his side now, it’s all you, not keeping promises! If you go back first, dare you say me?!!!”

When people are extremely angry, the potential is wireless. Just like now, Casey He was seriously injured and it was difficult to breathe, but at this moment, she was so strong that she actually arched Lin Yuhan, who was riding on her, with her waist up. Power, turned people down, took the opportunity to ride on her, grabbed her hair, and shouted, “I didn’t betray you, he knew it a long time ago, you are not Ana Lin at all!”

Lin Yuhan felt that his scalp was about to be torn off, grinned in pain, and said grimly, “Do you think I would believe you? If you don’t tell me, how could he know that he has a pair of piercing eyes? Can he see through in one click?”

Casey He was stunned for a moment. Yes, she couldn’t tell this face. How could Phillip Zong see through it so quickly?

What kind of feelings does he have for Ana Lin?

Taking advantage of the time when her thoughts were erratic, Lin Yuhan turned passive and took the initiative again, gaining the upper hand again, “Even if you didn’t say before, but you did betray me just now, what I heard is false?”

Lin Yuhan grabbed her hair and hit the ground, “Let you grab my hair, let you grab my hair, I will knock you to death, b*tch!”

Casey He was stunned by the knocked hair, the pain was numb, and her brain seemed to flow out. She smashed her hands on the ground hard to attract attention, and then came to save her.

However, no one will come in here today, let alone rescue her.

She wanted to resist, but she didn’t have enough strength.

“b*tch, go to hell.” Lin Yuhan seemed to be blushing, he didn’t care if she would die, he just wanted to avenge her for betraying her.

“Lin-Yuhan, I’m dead, don’t you want to live…”

“Aren’t you trying to kill me. Didn’t you want my life? You must die first if you want to die!” Lin Yuhan smiled ferociously.

Casey He was dizzy and dizzy. The crazy figure in front of her was getting blurry. She didn’t know if she was going to die. With the only remaining will to survive, she suddenly grabbed Lin Yuhan’s hair and pushed her whole body down. Pulling, Lin Yuhan screamed in pain, Casey He took the opportunity to pull her skirt around her neck, and strangled her.

This face, exactly like Ana Lin, also carried her hatred for Ana Lin.

Her eyes were bloodshot and she tightened her band.


Lin Yuhan’s eyes were pale and her tongue stretched out. He wanted to call for help, but he could only make a sound.

“If you want me to die, you are not qualified!”

Casey He was crazy, “Go to hell, Ana Lin, Lin Yuhan, you all go to death, you can’t beat me, haha…”

Slowly, Lin Yuhan was no longer struggling.

Casey He lost her remaining strength and will, and suddenly fell.

On the other side, Phillip Zong went to Shunye Village first, followed by Alan Su and Keller Shen with others.

When they arrived, Keller Shen surrounded the village. Shunye Village was small, with only two rows of houses in front and back, and the location was remote. Many people left the village to develop outside. The village seemed a little deserted, and few people were seen all the way down.

“Finding from house to house, just such a few families, I don’t believe that Rios He can still hide in the mouse hole.” Shen Zhan filled the eagle with righteous indignation, and felt very disgusted with the behavior of Casey He and He Ruixing.

Phillip Zong didn’t pay attention, but stepped on the uneven mud road and went from house to house in person, hoping to find her sooner and hope to see her soon.

I hope to find him first.

I hope she sees him first.

Half of the village was found, but nothing was found, and no trace of her was found.

When they stepped into a brick house again, the owner seemed to have heard that they were looking for someone. Their movement was very loud, and many people came. When they didn’t get to their house, they just listened to Lingju. Said someone came to the village to find someone.

The village chief came.

“Are you looking for a woman?” The speaker was a middle-aged woman with a hey skin. Her husband went to work. She stayed in the village to take care of the elderly and children. She did farm work on weekdays. The rural people don’t like maintenance, see. She looked like a village woman, “I saw a very beautiful woman on the balcony of Aunt Hua’s house at the head of the village, but I never saw her come out.”

“Where?” Phillip Zong was almost certain that the woman the woman said was Ana Lin.

“You take us over, find someone, and give you one hundred thousand yuan.” Alan Su tempted.

The woman swallowed her saliva and looked at these people, suits and leather shoes, and the cars she drove were only seen on TV. They seemed to be expensive. People in the city called them luxury cars, and this mouth cost one hundred thousand.

She was heartbroken.

The husband alone makes money outside the family. She does some farm work at home. The family’s expenses depend on this meager income. In the village, it is also the bottom of the family. Even the village’s auntie, a widow, has more money than her family. money.

For this one hundred thousand yuan, the woman was very enthusiastic, “You follow me, right at the end of the village, not far away.”

Keller Shen asked the people he brought to keep on guard, not allowing anyone to leave the village, and then followed the woman to the village.

The white two-story building quickly came into view. Phillip Zong looked at the second-floor balcony that the woman said. The breeze was blowing and the curtains swayed, but he did not discover the figure he longed for.

The closer he got, the more upset he became.


“Aunt Hua.” The woman patted the iron door, “Aunt Hua, are you at home? Open the door if you are at home…”

Before the woman had finished speaking, Alan Su and Keller Shen left and right, each one kicked and kicked the door open.

The woman was taken aback, thinking in her heart that these would not be a triad, right?

So violent?

“You knocked and shouted so, someone scared you away.” Alan Su glanced at the woman, seeming to be dissatisfied with her knocking.

“You can’t run, you can’t run. The windows of this yard are all secured with special anti-theft windows. If people are in the house, they won’t run away.” The woman quickly explained that she didn’t want to offend people.

And it looks very ugly.

The yard that Phillip Zong entered first was not large and well maintained. As the woman said, the enclosedness is very good. Except for the balcony on the second floor and the windows on the first floor, there is no place for people to go out. No, you must enter and exit by the door.

His fingers trembled, is Ana Lin imprisoned here?

Entering the living room, the living room is not big and simple, but it is cleaned very clean. The whole house is very quiet. Either there is no one or it is hidden somewhere, even the breathing is not noticeable.

Keller Shen found blood on the sofa and frowned, but did not make a sound, and tried to block Phillip Zong’s sight.

Alan Su pushed him, “What are you blocking, sneaking?”

Keller Shen glared at him, “Who is blocking.”

In my heart, he was cursing, why is this dead boy so dull, why don’t you find someone to stare at him?

The movement of the two of them successfully attracted Phillip Zong’s attention. With a light glance, he saw the dried blood on the sofa, his eyes getting deeper and deeper, like a bottomless pit.

Keller Shen was afraid that he would think too much, “This may be Rios He’s, or that flower aunt’s, it shouldn’t be Miss Lin’s…”

Phillip Zong didn’t have the patience to listen to his nonsense. He went up to the second floor. He found blood on the stairs. It was a little bit, but it touched people’s hearts. His steps accelerated. There were only two rooms on the second floor, with one door closed. With one wide open, you can see everything inside at a glance.

Rios He was panicked when he left, the door was not closed, and the inside had not been cleaned up, as he was when he left with Ana Lin.

The sheets were torn off, the bed was messy, and the furnishings were simple, but he keenly discovered that the light blood stains on the wall and the dress on the chair were those she wore when she disappeared that day.

She has lived here.

Whose blood is this?

What happened here?

He didn’t dare to continue thinking…


Alan Su ran up, “I caught the flower aunt…”

Chapter 174

Ana Lin’s mind was dizzy and seemed to be bumpy, she seemed to be lying in a car,

Slowly she opened her eyes, from fuzzy to clear, she saw the situation around her clearly.

She was in a seven-seater commercial vehicle, with the rear seat down, saving a lot of space, like a big bed, she was lying on it, the glass was covered with a pure black film, she could not see whether it was dark or It’s dawn, but she thinks it should be daytime, because there are no flashing lights.

She wanted to move, but found that her head hurts and her hands couldn’t move. She lowered her head and found that her hands and feet were tied.

Rios He, who was driving the car, saw her waking up in the rearview mirror and said, “Wake up, are you hungry?”

Ana Lin thought of what happened before, and was willing to say a word to him, and closed his eyes again.

“You hate me?” Rios He could clearly see every expression on her from the rearview mirror.

Is she reluctant to say anything to him?

“Yanyan, we are lovers, we are going to have a relationship sooner or later, why do you do this, you hurt me very distressed.” There is distress, but he wants this woman more than distressed her.

“Are you hungry?” Casey He asked again.

No matter what Rios He said, Ana Lin just pretended not to hear and didn’t speak up. Now she hated this man thoroughly and knew the yin in this man’s bones.

Rios He knew that she was really angry, so he didn’t continue to say it, just said, “Say to me when you are hungry.”

Instead of words, focus on driving.

Ana Lin’s head hurts very much. I don’t know what road Rios He is driving. The road is not very flat and bumpy. There are wounds on her head and the pain is endless, but she has never cried and endured it silently.

In order to make herself less painful, Ana Lin forced her to empty her brain and let herself fall asleep, so that she would not feel the pain.

As the sun sets, the sky gradually darkens.

When she woke up, she didn’t know when, nor was she in the car. It was a hotel. The place was not so simple and simple and clean, like the kind of black hotel that does not require ID registration, because Ana Lin found that it looked like The house was changed, and the room was separated from the living room.

Her pale face evoked an arc of mockery.

This Rios He really took great pains, in order not to be found, he can live in such a simple place.

Why did your family member have a golden spoon in your mouth when you were born? When did you experience such suffering?

Her throat is very dry and she wants to drink saliva, but her hands and feet are still tied. Rios He is not there, because she is afraid that she will not let go.

Click, the door was pushed open, and Rios He walked in with something in his hand.

Seeing her awake, she asked, “Wake up, should you be hungry?”

Saying that he walked in and closed the door and locked it back, as if worried that the lock would be broken, and twisted the handle to see if the lock was not locked, and made sure it was locked, then he carried the thing on the table.

“I’m thirsty.” Her voice broke when she opened her mouth.

She didn’t know how long she hadn’t spoken, or how long hadn’t drunk water, at this moment, she was thirsty and uncomfortable.

Rios He loosened the rope that bound her hands, leaving a crimson mark on her slender, white wrist. He stroked it, “Is it painful?”

Ana Lin said nothing, but felt that he was hypocritical. If he really felt sorry for her, how could he treat her like that?

Rios He untied the rope on her feet and helped her sit up, “I will get you water.”

Ana Lin moved his aching wrist and looked at the water Rios He took out. When he was about to unscrew it, Ana Lin said, “I will do it myself.”

Rios He said, “Don’t your hands hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I think you are hungry after you bought rice? You eat first.”

Rios He looked at her for two seconds and handed her the unopened mineral water. When Ana Lin took it and twisted it, he made a special observation to see if the bottle cap was unscrewed. She is really afraid of Rios He now, and even imagined it. He will drug himself.

So she is very careful.

Rios He simply stuffed two mouthfuls of the food he bought in his mouth, and then handed the other portion to Ana Lin, “eat something.”

Ana Lin was indeed a little hungry, seeing that the food was not picked up.

Rios He thought that the food would not be her appetite, so he said, “This place is too remote, there is no big restaurant, and the conditions are limited. One day later, we will find a good hotel to bring you some delicious food, and then take a good rest. “

Ana Lin was silent, took it, and stuffed two mouthfuls into her stomach. She didn’t eat much, not because the food was not good. In the past, when she had a hard time with her mother, what kind of food she had never eaten , What kind of suffering has not been experienced.

She didn’t dare to eat too much, because Rios He gave it to her.

She has a shadow on him and always feels that he will hurt her.

Even after eating, he was afraid that he would drug it.

“After eating, lie down and I will put some medicine on your wound.”

Ana Lin put down the lunch box and took another sip of water, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

She got up with Rios He’s permission. At this station, she found her legs numb and her ankles were sore and painful.

She bent down and rubbed her numb leg. Rios He reached out to help her rub it. Ana Lin instinctively stepped back, afraid of his touch. Her leg touched the bed and sat down. She said quickly, “No, no It’s numb.”

After speaking, she walked into the bathroom with her already conscious legs. She closed the door and locked it. She was sure that it was locked. She was relieved. She didn’t want to go to the bathroom, but didn’t want Rios He to give her medicine. Because Rios He gave her good medicine, she must be tied up again. It was really uncomfortable to be tied up by someone.

She sat on the toilet and rested, kneading her legs by the way to relieve the numbness caused by being tied for a long time.

Feeling relieved from the exhaustion, she stood up and pressed the toilet flush to make Rios He think that she was in the toilet. She washed her hands and opened the door and walked out.

Rios He was looking down at the phone. Ana Lin glanced casually. He was looking at the route. When he heard the noise, he hung up the phone and raised his head to look at her, “Lie down.”

Ana Lin sat by the bed and looked at him timidly.

“If you are not well, I will not touch you.” Rios He saw her concerns.

But Ana Lin felt cold in her heart, is it because she is better, and she still needs to treat her like last time.

She trembled all over, with a heart, just wanting to run away quickly.

She lay down slowly, and Rios He took off the gauze on her head. There was a small wound on her forehead, which was cleaned up in the hospital. The doctor said that she was looking at the scarring blood, but it was not life-threatening.

After all, it was a kowtow, and the doctor suggested taking a good rest.

Rios He felt a little pain when he applied the medicine. Ana Lin bit her lip without making a sound, but the fine beads of sweat on her forehead betrayed her.

“Call out if you hurt.”

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Ana Lin closed his eyes.

After a few minutes, Rios He gave her good medicine, “I drive during the day and need a good rest at night…”

“Tie it.” Ana Lin knew what the rest of his words meant.

Rios He bent down and tied her feet first, “I tie them loosely, you will feel better.”

Will it be comfortable when tied?

Ana Lin closed his eyes solemnly and allowed him to tie up his hands. Now she can only make him less vigilant about himself, and then find a chance to leave.

“Boom boom——”

There was a sudden knock on the door.

Rios He’s face changed, staring at the door.

At this time the door rang again, accompanied by a man’s voice, “Hurry up and open the door.”

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