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Chapter 175

“Who are you?” Rios He obviously didn’t mean to open the door, because he wasn’t sure who was knocking on the door.

Ana Lin stared at the door, with a heart, and thumped, could it be Phillip Zong found here.

She is full of expectations.

The other party was very tough, and slapped the door twice again, with a bang, “Open the door immediately, otherwise we will break in!”

Rios He seemed to know who was outside and cursed in a low voice, “Why are there still ward rounds?”

He turned around and covered Ana Lin with a quilt, and said, “Wait a minute, no matter who it is, don’t say anything.”

Ana Lin just heard Rios He’s low curse, and probably knew that the person outside the door was not Phillip Zong at all.

In fact, she didn’t know if Phillip Zong would come to her.

She was too uncertain about him.

After all, there was so much separation between the two.

Just holding hope, holding longing and expecting for him.

When she was not sure about running away, she would not easily expose her thoughts of running away to Rios He. She nodded happily, “I will.”

“Good.” Rios He rubbed her hair, then turned to open the door. The moment the door opened, someone outside broke in forcefully, and then a man in plain clothes walked in with a serious expression, “You two …”

“Police officer, don’t get me wrong. We are not improper. I am from city B. The person on the bed is my girlfriend. She is unwell and she is still dumb.” He said that Rios He took out his ID card and said He folded a stack of money, probably more than two thousand, and he handed it to the police officer, “Look.”

The policeman held the ID card Rios He handed over in his hand and rubbed his hand to know how much it was. He put it in his pocket calmly, then looked at the ID card perfunctorily and said to the other person, “Well, they are not.”

Several people walked in file and exited the small room. Before exiting the room, the leader reminded him kindly, “It’s best not to stay in such a hotel. It’s not safe and it’s easy to be misunderstood.”

Rios He sent him out and nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes.”

The man stretched his head and said in a low tone to Rios He, “I know that you are not the relationship between the prostitute and the chicken, because I know all the chickens.”

Rios He was very dissatisfied that he made this statement so blatantly, but he had to smile on his face. After all, this is not his place. The so-called strong dragon can’t beat the local snake, he doesn’t want to cause trouble, “I know.”

Rios He sent the people away, returned to the house and closed the door, “The anti-pornography in this place…”

Before he finished speaking, he found that the person on the bed was missing, and the window next to the bed was open. His expression changed, he walked quickly, stretched his head and looked down. There is a small eave under the window, which is not the original one. , Like an extra.

Just as a police officer said, this kind of hotel is basically a business relationship, and those anti-pornographic offices often make surprise inspections. In order to facilitate escape, this kind of cabin eaves is designed under the windows.

There were eaves for her to come down, but it was also a little high. When Ana Lin jumped down, she got her feet hurt, so she ran slowly.

Rios He saw her and roared, “Ana Lin!”

His shout was like a reminder, Ana Lin ran even faster, regardless of the pain in her foot, she just wanted to run faster, so that Rios He would not catch it.

After all she ran away, Rios He must know that she hadn’t forgotten.

I didn’t trust her at first, but I can imagine how he would treat her when he was caught.

Rios He rushed downstairs and chased out quickly.

He must not let Ana Lin escape!

This place is small, even the street lights are not popular, the light is dim, and they are all small alleys, occasionally there are barbecue stalls, filled with the smell of cumin and barbecue.

Ana Lin got into the small alley. There was no light in the alley and there was nothing in the dark. She didn’t dare to stop, and her two hands kept waving in front of her to open the way, her pace getting faster and faster.

“Ana Lin said you can’t run away.” There was a light flashing, it was Rios He’s voice.

He is nearby.

Ana Lin suppressed the fear and panic, and continued to walk, not knowing what was stepped on under her feet, and got stuck in her feet, because she had been tied up by Rios He and had no shoes. She was barefoot, and barefoot is good for running. There will be a sound, but the disadvantage is that it may be stabbed to the feet by unknown objects on the ground.

She didn’t know what was stuck under her feet, it hurts anyway.

She supported the wall next to the alley without daring to neglect.

She saw the light at the end of the alley, she ran over quickly, trying to stop, but the light quickly passed.

Hope was shattered, and Rios He’s footsteps were getting closer, she looked around nervously, trying to find a place to hide.

“Yanyan.” The voice got closer, and she even saw Rios He shaking the light in her hand.

At this moment, how much she hopes that someone can rescue her.

But she knew in her heart that she could only rely on herself to escape Rios He’s control.

She cheered up and continued to run forward despite the pain.

Out of the alley is a concrete road, and there is a street lamp not far away, that one is very bright.

“Ana Lin, you lie to me!” I don’t know when Rios He chased him up.

Ana Lin looked back abruptly and found Rios He standing at the exit of the alley, holding the flashlight of the mobile phone in his hand, looking at her, looking gloomy, “Do you think you ran?”

Ana Lin stood across the road and yelled at him, “Don’t make me hate you!”

“Don’t you hate me now? You already hate me, and I have no retreat. Did you come here obediently, or did I catch you?”

Ana Lin grinned dry lips and smiled desolately, “I won’t walk over to death!”

After speaking, she ran towards the light, because she had just discovered that there was water and light there, and decided that there was water.

She saw it clearly when she ran up close, and it really was a river.

“Ana Lin said you are crazy, you don’t know how to water!” Rios He discovered her intention.

Ana Lin glanced back at him and curled the corners of his lips, “I remember you also know how to water.”

After speaking, she jumped down without hesitation, with a pop, splashing water.

She would rather die than being caught by Rios He!

Rios He can’t swim either. With luck, maybe she still has a chance to escape.

“Crazy!” Rios He ran to the river. The river was very urgent and looked deep. The river had not been trimmed and was full of weeds. He wanted to jump down, but he was flooded when he was a child, and there was a shadow in his heart. .

Rios He clenched his hands, “If you want to die, no one can stop you!”

The water is deep, and the river is rushing fast. Ana Lin can’t know how to water. After drinking a lot of water, she has watched it on TV. If she doesn’t know the water, she falls into the water. Don’t breathe in the water and you will choke. , If there is water in the lungs, she will definitely die.

But if you drink it into your stomach, there is still a glimmer of life, even if the hope is slim, she can’t give up.

Her child needs her, she can’t give up—

Chapter 176

“the first time?”

The breath full of male hormones lingered in my ears, obviously asking, but it seemed so urgent.

The man seemed to pause for a moment, and the strong chest that was attached to her back was hot and rushing out of the skin. His lips were cold and tight against her skin, ambiguous and urgent, he clearly wanted to take this woman right away. , But still restrained, “You still have time to regret now.”

“I do not regret.”

As soon as her voice fell, the man behind her grabbed her waist and pushed him down on the bed. She couldn’t see his face in the darkness, but she knew that he was very anxious, his body was hot, his hands seemed to be magical, and stroked him. Every inch of her skin seemed to be on fire.

She was nervous and frightened, and wanted to push him away, but when she thought of her mother and brother lying in the hospital, she retracted her hand and grabbed the bed sheet under her.

Suddenly, her body seemed to be torn apart. The pain was not only physical, but also psychological. In order to stop the shameful moan under the man, she bit her lip tightly, never before. A voice.

The man was so strong that she couldn’t bear it several times and wanted to push him away.


Suddenly, Ana Lin woke up from her dream, her eyes widened, her black and white eyeballs rolled around, and finally fixed on the peach eyes above.

She was surprised.

The carp sat up like a fight, and spoke incoherently, “You, you, who are you?”

“Should I ask you this sentence?” The man’s voice is low, with sharp short hair and brown eyes, as graceful as the bustling midnight starry sky. He looks especially good when he smiles with his lips. He looks at Ana Lin. Tears on Yan’s face, “Have you had a nightmare?”

Ana Lin held onto the quilt, it was more than a nightmare for her.

For so many years, she had never dreamed of that night. The dream was so real, the thing that she was the least willing to touch in her heart, suddenly appeared so real in her mind, like a scar from the past, was torn off and scabs. , Blood dripping.

“You saved me?” She remembered that she couldn’t breathe in the water and lost consciousness. She didn’t know what happened afterwards.

“Well, to be precise, I was the one who saved you.” The man always had a small smile on his face.

But that smile didn’t seem to reach the eye.

At this time, Ana Lin discovered that the man was actually sitting in a wheelchair, wearing casual clothes and a thin blanket on his legs.

The man looked at Ana Lin’s eyes deep, he saw no contempt in Ana Lin’s eyes, only surprise, which stretched his eyebrows a lot.

“I came back from outside last night and saw someone jumping into the river, so I was rescued.” The man said warmly, “Is someone trying to harm you?”

When he saw her jumping into the river, he naturally saw someone chasing her.

Ana Lin did not answer, but shrank against the head of the bed. She frowned when she found her feet hurt.

The man could see that Ana Lin was guarding him. After all, it was a stranger who was wary of him and he understood, so he didn’t continue this topic, “Don’t worry, I won’t be found here. The injury on your foot, I’ve already let you give it to you. I’ve seen it. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get out of bed in ten and a half days.

Ana Lin knew that his foot was hurt, and he had been shown to her. She was quite surprised, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, I will help you when you see the injustice. I believe that even if it is not me, others will not stand by… Besides, I am still a beauty.”

The man paused on purpose, then teased.

Ana Lin could naturally hear his teasing, but he saved himself, even if he was upset with his words, he did not show it on his face.

“Where is this place, can I borrow your phone to use it?” Now she escaped from Rios He’s control, and wanted to call Daniel urgently to report her safety. She didn’t know him and How is Ruth?

The man’s gaze fell on Ana Lin’s wrist, his slender wrist wore a jade bracelet with superior emerald green color. This jade bracelet… His eyes flickered slightly, and he refused, “No, she will take care of you in the future. You can tell her what you need.”

After speaking, he turned the wheelchair and left the room. When he reached the door, he stopped and turned to look at her, “What is your name?”

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide and did not answer honestly, “Lin Yan.”

She always felt that the man before her was unfathomable.

The man smiled, “Lin Yan? Yan Yan? Nice, my name is Jenkin Bai.”

The wheelchair rolled on the floor and made a slight noise. Gradually the noise disappeared into the room. The girl who had been standing at the door walked in and said hello to Ana Lin, “Hello, just call me Xiaoliu. Tell me.”

Ana Lin shook her head. She doesn’t need anything right now. She doesn’t trust this man. She always grows out of the wolf den and falls into the tiger’s mouth.

“Where is this place? Who was that just now?”

“Baicheng, that was our young master just now.” Xiaoliu replied.

Ana Lin frowned, this answer was of no use to her, just Baicheng?

What is this place, why haven’t you heard of it?

“Don’t worry, my young master is a good person.” Xiaoliu seemed to see Ana Lin’s doubts and explained, “He just has bad legs, not bad people.”

The girl is not very old. When she talks about the young master in her mouth, her face is full of admiration, and she is also mixed with the shyness of her little daughter.

Ana Lin probably knew that she admired that young master Bai.

“I want to sleep for a while.” She hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in the past few days when Rios He was taken away. She is extremely exhausted. At least for the time being, the man will not behave to her.

She was too vigilant, but let people know her mind, it is better to calm down first, and then find a way to contact the outside world.

“Okay, you can call me if you have something.” Xiaoliu exited the room and closed the door.

Ana Lin lay down, there were birds chirping outside, chattering, but she couldn’t stop her sleepiness.

She lay down, her eyelashes quivered a few times, and then there was no movement, and after a while she breathed evenly.

Xiaoliu closed the door and did not leave for the first time. Instead, she stood at the door and listened to the movement inside. She was sure that Ana Lin was really asleep. Then she turned around. In the living room, Jenkin Bai sat against the window, his eyes closed. .

Hearing footsteps, he asked, “What is she doing?”

“Sleep.” Xiaoliu stood not far behind him.

Secretly looking at the man who was still upright even in a wheelchair, she felt that God was too unfair to him, he was so kind, why God would take away his ability to walk.

“Whatever she wants, I will satisfy her.” Jenkin Bai said gently.

Xiao Liu was puzzled and asked, “Master, do you know her? Why do you treat her so well after saving her?”

Jenkin Bai looked out the window, and there was a titmouse on the branched tree, chirping non-stop, occasionally there were leaves that would spin and float, but eventually it would fall to the ground.

It’s like fate.

“Fate.” He uttered two words lightly.

Fate? Koyanagi thinks this explanation is unreasonable. According to this explanation, isn’t she also very fate with the young master?

She was sold to the Bai family when she was a child, and she has been responsible for taking care of him since she is sensible. Is this the fate in his mouth?

“Then I and you are fate?” Koyanagi asked expectantly.

Jenkin Bai turned the wheelchair, turned and looked at the girl standing in the halo, smiled lightly, “What is fate?”

Koyanagi shook his head.

Jenkin Bai waved his hand, “Go and do something.”

Koyanagi wanted to ask what the fate was in his mouth, but he didn’t dare to disobey him, so he could only work obediently.

Jenkin Bai glanced at the room where Ana Lin slept. His eyes were deep, thinking of the jade bracelet on her wrist, his hand tightened suddenly…

Chapter 177

When Aunt Hua came back from the hospital, she was caught by Keller Shen and taken to the small building.

“This is your home?” Alan Su asked this, and he asked it knowingly, in order to see if she was sincere.

Aunt Hua looked at the people in the room and said honestly, “Yes.”

Aunt Hua is a sensible person. Rios He, who lived in the past, didn’t look like ordinary people, and this group of people didn’t look like ordinary people anymore.

“Who has lived here before?” Alan Su asked again.

“I don’t know, he gave me a sum of money to live here temporarily, and there is a woman.” Aunt Hua didn’t dare to tell a lie.

Sitting on the sofa, Phillip Zong heard Aunt Hua’s words, his eyes closed, and there was a dark cloud between his eyebrows.

Alan Su glanced at Phillip Zong, then asked, “Where are people now?”

“Go, that lady was injured. After going to the hospital for an examination, she was fine and was taken away.”

Alan Su’s eyelids twitched.

Is Ana Lin really injured?

He carefully glanced at Phillip Zong again, and Keller Shen, who was standing by, did not dare to speak.

The atmospheric pressure is getting lower and lower, and the inexplicable air-conditioning makes people silent.

Phillip Zong stood up, walked to Aunt Hua, looked at her condescendingly, “How did she get hurt?”

Aunt Hua clearly felt the anger of the man in front of her, she did not dare to say, her head was lowered, and her whole body trembled.


The repressed violent anger suddenly broke out. Everyone in the room was shocked. Aunt Hua knelt down in shock, banged, grinned with pain, and stammered, “I, I don’t know, I was in Downstairs, Mr. He usually doesn’t let me go upstairs.”

She seemed to understand that Phillip Zong came to look for that woman, “You are here for Miss Lin. She was locked up on the second floor here. On the day of the injury, it seemed that Mr. He wanted to…”

“What do you want?” Su Chen was almost dying of urgency, and he was haunting every word.

“I don’t know, I only know that Miss Lin’s clothes were dishevelled, and Mr. He was naked. I heard them arguing upstairs. It should be Miss Lin’s unwillingness to think about it.”

Her words are subtle, but they are so simple and clear that people will know what happened when they heard it.

The people in the room did not dare to breathe, secretly looking at Phillip Zong.

His face was blue, and his muscles trembled, looking terrifying.

His voice was low and heavy, and his eyes flashed with unstoppable anger, as if as long as Aunt Hua dared to tell a lie, he would immediately kill her, “Say, where is she now?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. At that time, he took the people away from the hospital, but I seemed to see him checking the route on his mobile phone. The purpose was like Sichuan Province. Really, I was telling the truth. I didn’t dare to tell lies. I could see that Mr. He was lying to me. She said that Miss Lin was his girlfriend, but she found that Miss Lin didn’t love him at all. In order to resist him, she would hurt herself. Really, I knew this. .”

Aunt Hua repeatedly begged for mercy, “I just collected the money and rented the house and went out. I didn’t do anything, and I said everything I knew. Please raise your hands and let me go.”

“If it is really like what she said, they have gone to Sichuan Province, and our inspection personnel at the checkpoint will definitely find out. Then Rios He doesn’t want to be discovered. They must not dare to take the high speed, let alone take the plane. Now even the train is also a real-name system. The only explanation is that they are taking a small road.” Keller Shen analyzed.

“I think Han Chuan is right. We may still have time to catch up.” Alan Su echoed.

Phillip Zong clenched his fists with both hands, and the back of his hands burst into blue veins. It was not that the residual wit told him that he should not be chaotic at this time. He might have already lost his calmness and could not arrange the next thing accurately.

“Alan Su, you stay with Milton Guan, and Shen Hanchuan will follow me.”

Alan Su knew his intentions, Casey He and the fake Ana Lin had to deal with it, but the matter of finding Ana Lin shouldn’t be delayed, so it would be more efficient to split the troops into two.

And Shen Hanchuan was quieter than Alan Su, and Phillip Zong didn’t want to hear too many sounds at this time.

When they left the small building, the woman leading the way followed, and stopped talking several times.

Alan Su glanced at her, signed a cheque and handed it to her. Although she could not find someone, the woman was still very enthusiastic, and he could see that her family’s conditions were not good.

The woman had never gone out and had little knowledge, so she hesitated and asked, “Is this money?”

It’s obviously paper, this is because she is ignorant and deliberately tricked her?

“You can change into money at the bank, one hundred thousand.”

One hundred thousand.

The woman swallowed another sip of water, and their family’s savings totaled eight thousand or one hundred thousand. It was really a lot of money for her. She couldn’t believe it, it was so easy.

“Don’t?” Alan Su frowned, being a good person for the first time, and doing things that made people doubt his sincerity.

“Yes.” The woman quickly took it and held it in her hand cautiously, for fear that it would break and it would be useless to go to the bank.

Alan Su got in the car and left. He did not go all the way with Phillip Zong. He went to the detention center to deal with Casey He and Lin Yuhan.

Shen Hanchuan went to arrange the car and people who needed to go out, and Phillip Zong went back to the villa.

The car stopped in front of the villa, but instead of getting out of the car immediately, he sat in the car and looked at the lights in the villa. Occasionally, there was Ruth’s voice, soft and waxy, tender and crisp, and it sounded great.

The huge fear was like a big invisible net, gathering little by little, strangling him out of breath.

He feared his unawareness, his carelessness, and his mistakes, leaving Ana Lin in trouble.

Let her hurt, let her…

He didn’t know how to face the two children.

He blamed Ana Lin’s disappearance on himself.

Inside the villa, in the spacious living room, there seemed to be echoes of speech. Ruth was particularly dishonest. She stepped on a chair to climb up the piano. Her leg touched a button. There was a crisp sound. Daniel twisted her eyebrows and walked over. “Ruth, why are you so naughty?”

A girl climbed up and down with no temperament.

Ruth pouted her mouth and pointed out the window, “You can see the outside from here, let me see if Dad is back.”

Daniel’s face was tense. Dad went to find Mommy, but I don’t know what happened. Didn’t I find it?

He is worried.

Worried about something for Mommy.

“Wow, brother, is that Dad’s car?” Ruth exclaimed.

Daniel followed her sister’s gaze and saw the car parked in the yard. She supported her sister and said, “Get down quickly.”

Ruth blinked, “Why?”

“Not why, if you don’t come down, I’ll go. You’ll fall down later.” Daniel’s voice was a little rushed.

Ida Zhuang came over, “Xiao Xi, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just afraid of her wrestling. You come, then you look at her.” After saying that, Daniel stepped on her short legs, rushed out the door quickly, and ran towards Phillip Zong’s car. He stood in front of the car window. , The first sentence is to ask, “Did you find my mommy?”

The air is still.

A depressed atmosphere slowly spread between the two.

“I was too anxious. If I find her, she will definitely come back with you.” Daniel tried her best to endure, but after all, she was still a child, and her body trembling was out of tune, “What do I think about her?”

Phillip Zong came down and hugged him, tightly, his voice hoarse, “Sorry, I didn’t protect her…I miss her too.”

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