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Chapter 178

Daniel lay in his arms and clearly felt his trembling chest.

He stretched out his hand and hugged him. Whether he loves Mommy or not, the anxiety and guilt at this moment are not fake.

“Let’s go find her.” Phillip Zong asked him to look at himself, “go?”

“Go.” Daniel answered without hesitation.

“But what about my sister? Mommy is not here, nor am I here, she will definitely make trouble.” Daniel worried.


Ruth didn’t know when she saw Phillip Zong, and she ran out of the room,’run all the way’. She stretched out two fleshy, white and tender little arms, and hugged Phillip Zong’s legs tightly, “Dad.” He raised his head and pouted his little pink mouth, “Dad, can you put down your brother and hug me?”

When speaking, the little guy blinked with his eyes wide open, “My brother is a man and doesn’t need to be hugged, please hug me.”

Daniel, “…”

Phillip Zong squatted down and held the little girl in his arms. Today, the little guy is wearing a pink dress with a ponytail. There is hairy hair on his forehead near his ears, but he can clearly see her full forehead and big watery eyes. , She hugged Phillip Zong’s neck and rubbed his face with her face, “Dad, you’re back, why didn’t Mommy be with you? I haven’t seen her for a few days. We haven’t separated yet. Miss her.”

Phillip Zong looked into the distance, buckled his two small heads on his chest, and put his voice as smooth as possible, “I will take you to find her.”

“Really?” Ruth was a little excited, “Is Mommy playing hide and seek with us? So we are going to find her.”


“Wow, kind.” Ruth’s excited little body twisted in his arms, and Daniel was not as optimistic as her, “Children are good.”

Ruth heard this, turned her head and stared at him, “Isn’t it just a few minutes earlier than me? It’s not much older than me, grandma said you are superfluous.”

Daniel curled her eyebrows, her face frowned, “Grandma said you are superfluous, okay?”

At this time, Ida Zhuang walked out of the house with an apron on her body. She put her hands in front of her, “Go in, it’s time to eat.”

“Grandma’s brother is superfluous, right?” Ruth asked in front of Daniel in order to prove that her words were true.

It seems that whoever said first is right.

The mind of this little guy can be seen at a glance. It is more simple and less mindful than her brother. Ida Zhuang smiled and teased her, “You are superfluous.”

Ruth was not happy anymore, pouting her small mouth, “Why isn’t my brother superfluous? He is so-annoying.”

Grab her father’s arms with her.

He hates it!

Ida Zhuang glanced at Phillip Zong before he said, “Because your mommy had only one baby in her belly at the beginning, but later discovered that there was another one. Isn’t the later one redundant?”

Ruth said unconvinced, “That should be brother, brother is superfluous.”

“But my brother was born first…”

“I don’t care that my brother is superfluous.” Ruth sneered, holding Phillip Zong’s neck tightly and acting like a baby, “Dad, is my brother superfluous?”

Phillip Zong picked her up and rubbed her hair, “You can’t be less.”

“Go, go in and eat.” Ida Zhuang took Daniel.

“I plan to take the two of them out. Ana Lin missed them.” Taking advantage of the active atmosphere at this moment, Phillip Zong told Ida Zhuang about the matter of taking them out.

Ida Zhuang promised, “Okay.”

She felt something was wrong, but she felt that she was thinking too much.

Seeing that the two children, especially Ruth, like Phillip Zong so much, Ida Zhuang felt that if he could form a family with Ana Lin, it would be better for them to cultivate and cultivate relationships together.

“When will you come back?” Zhuang Ziyan asked.

Phillip Zong didn’t know when he could find her, so he said, “I don’t have a specific time, I want to take them to play, in order not to be disturbed, we will not contact the country.”

Ida Zhuang nodded, “Well, when are you going to leave?”


“so fast.”

“Yeah.” Without extra explanation, he didn’t want to delay time.

“Then you go to eat first, and I will pack the clothes of the two children.” Ida Zhuang untied his apron and entered the room.

Phillip Zong took the two of them to wash their hands. Ruth was more clingy to him, and she was unwilling to come down in his arms. Phillip Zong hugged her to wash, then took her to the restaurant and put her on her lap.

Wanda brought the food to the table, and asked in passing, “Is the young grandma not back yet?”

Wanda’s name changed again.

She felt that Ana Lin had given birth to two children, and she is now the youngest of the Zong family.

Phillip Zong picked Ruth with vegetables, without even raising his eyelids, he gave a faint hum.

He didn’t want to talk about Ana Lin, he said too much, and it was easy for people to discover clues.

Wanda is the one who takes care of him and understands his temper. His tone means that he doesn’t want to say this, and she closes her mouth very wisely.

“Dad, eat it.” Ruth spooned a piece of broccoli and handed it to Phillip Zong’s lips.

The little guy blinked, looking forward to it.

Phillip Zong opened his mouth and held the broccoli in his mouth, chewing gently in his mouth without appetite and face.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?” Ruth smiled happily, “My mommy made more delicious.”

Phillip Zong’s expression was slightly condensed, and the two children could not do without mentioning Ana Lin in three sentences, which shows their feelings for Ana Lin.

Daniel glanced at her sister, pursed her lips, then lowered her eyes, stuffed a few mouthfuls into her mouth and put down his chopsticks. He didn’t have any appetite if he didn’t find Mummy.

“I’m done, I’ll go see if Grandma has cleaned up.” After speaking, he slid down the chair and walked towards the room.

“Brother, do you want to eat so little?” Ruth looked at her brother. Although the two sometimes quarrel and quarrel, they care more.

“Brother is full.” Daniel smiled at her sister.

“Brother, you are not superfluous.” Suddenly Ruth said to Daniel.

Daniel smiled.

After eating, it didn’t take long for Keller Shen to bring people and a car over. Knowing that Phillip Zong was going to bring two children, he prepared an RV for the two children to rest. In addition, there are three cross-country vehicles and seven people, all of whom are trustworthy.

When Keller Shen saw Daniel, he sighed, “He really looks like you, look at his eyes and nose.”

“Then do I look like a father?” Ruth asked with her head up.

Keller Shen squatted down and looked at the little girl carefully. She was white and her eyes were bright, especially when she blinked, like twinkling stars. He stretched out his hand to pinch her face, and was caught before his fingers touched her. He lifted his head and saw Phillip Zong’s face covered with frost.

Keller Shen was stunned, “I’ll just squeeze her face, you have a daughter, but you can’t be so stingy?”

Isn’t that teasing the child, is it just touching the hair, pinching his face, and hugging him?

Besides, he hasn’t k*ssed him yet.

Phillip Zong shook his hand away, “You are not allowed to touch her with your hand.”

Ruth is a girl, and she is always touched by people, especially when a man touches her face.

He picked up his daughter and held his son, “Just pretend to go.”

After speaking, he has taken the lead to go out.

Keller Shen stood on the spot with a dazed expression. He looked down at his hands. They were not dirty. Why were they so stingy?

He hurried to catch up, “Phillip Zong, I have to talk to you.”

He’s not a flower picker, why guard him?

“You have a child, you feel distressed, I understand, you are always good, but you can’t be so stingy…”

Phillip Zong turned his head, “What are you talking about? How old are you?”

Is he old?

Keller Shen smashed his mouth, “Not old.”

But I spit in my heart, it’s not far from forty when it’s over thirty, still not old?

He came over, “Kan Minger, I have a son, shall we arrange a baby k*ss?”

Keller Shen thought in his heart, don’t let me touch, I gave birth to a son and married your daughter to be his son’s wife.

Be his daughter-in-law.


Phillip Zong’s face instantly sank.

Keller Shen reacted quickly, and ran into the car before Phillip Zong had an attack.

Ruth blinked, “Dad, what is a baby k*ss?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Phillip Zong shuns his daughter’s hair and hugs her into the car, “He is talking nonsense.”

Chapter 179

“Miss Lin? Miss Lin?”

In a daze, Ana Lin heard someone calling herself, she slowly opened her eyes, and saw Xiaoliu standing by the bed with her head stretched out, and she opened her eyes and smiled, “Are you awake?”

Ana Lin moved and sat up from the bed. She rubbed her distressed eyes, then she went away and asked, “What time is it?”

“At 12 o’clock noon, you slept all morning, get up and eat something.” Xiaoliu respectfully, the young master ordered the person to take care of, she naturally did not dare to neglect.

“Can you pour me a glass of water?” She is not hungry at all, but she just woke up and her throat was a little dry.

“Okay.” Xiao Liu turned around and went out to pour water.

Ana Lin watched her back disappear at the door, lifted the quilt and got out of bed, her injured foot was wrapped in gauze, her ankle was still red and swollen, she stretched out her hand and pressed it lightly, it hurt, she frowned, thinking It’s not getting better in a few days.

She used the uninjured foot and tried to stand up.

“Do you want to be lame?” The low male voice sounded at the door.

Ana Lin looked up and saw the man in a wheelchair.

He slid the wheelchair into the house, “Your ankle hurts the periosteum. If you continue to use force, it won’t be enough for ten and a half months. If it is serious… it will be the same as me.”

In the last sentence, he deliberately raised his voice and teased himself, “It’s not a happy thing to be a wheelchair.”

Ana Lin sat back on the bed, “I just try.”

“Miss Lin, your water.” Then Xiaoliu came in with water.

Ana Lin took it and said, “Thank you.”

“You are a guest of the young master, I will naturally treat him well.” Xiaoliu smiled and glanced at Jenkin Bai when he spoke.

When someone was there, she didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, and took a look at it.

Ana Lin even pretended not to see it. He took a few sips of water from the cup he was holding, which relieved his dry mouth.

“Miss Lin, are you hungry?” Xiaoliu put a bed table on the quilt. “Your foot is injured and you can’t walk. Master asked me to carry the food to the house.”

Ana Lin looked at Jenkin Bai and said, “Thank you.”

Jenkin Bai raised his eyebrows lightly, “No thanks, there is a huge crowd. It is fate that we can meet. You can heal here with peace of mind. When you are done, I will send you back. By the way, where is Miss Lin from?”

“City B.” Lin Xianyan answered truthfully.

But I was a little surprised. She wanted to call and he refused, and now he said he wanted to send her off?

What medicine is sold in his gourd?

“City B?” Jenkin Bai chewed these two words in his mouth, his eyes fell on the jade bracelet on Ana Lin’s wrist again, as if he was thinking something.

“Mr. Bai, what’s the matter?”

Jenkin Bai, whose thoughts returned, shook his head and chuckled, “It’s nothing, just thought of something.” His eyes fixed on Ana Lin’s face, “Am I old?”

Ana Lin, “…”

She was dumbfounded by the question.

what does this mean?

“I’m only 26. You called me husband. I thought I was over 30.” Before Ana Lin could answer, he spoke again, “You call me Jenkin.”

Ana Lin, “…”

It doesn’t seem appropriate to call it by name. It should only be called by very kind people, right?

“Why, I saved your life, and now I don’t even want to call me by a name. You have to call me old to be happy?” His voice was serious, but there was no hint of blame in his eyes.

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, “I just think the name is too intimate.”

“Where is it intimate? Anyway, I definitely don’t allow you to call me Mr. Bai. Is it possible that you plan to call me “Hey” eh?”

Ana Lin was amused by him.

“Then you scream, let me listen.” Jenkin Bai smiled.

The corners of the eyes and eyebrows are full of looks, seemingly expectant.

Ana Lin pursed his lips, thinking in his heart, he saved himself, so he called his name as a return, and satisfies his request, trying to call out, “Jenkin Bai?”

“Remove for nothing.”

Ana Lin couldn’t help but vomit in her heart and demanded a lot.

Gritting his teeth, “Jenkin.”

“It sounds good.”

He smiled brightly.

Ana Lin really wants to vomit him, where does it sound good?

Seeing that he was her’savior’, she didn’t bother him.

Xiaoliu came in with the food, and heard Jenkin Bai’s laugh. He couldn’t help but looked at Ana Lin. No matter how the young master treated her specially, people still laugh so happy because of this woman. What is this woman? Who?

What is the relationship with her young master?

She put the food on the table with questions.

“I don’t know your taste, tell me what you like, and I will let you make it for you.” Jenkin Bai said.

But Ana Lin didn’t want to bother him too much. The favor was to be paid back. She didn’t want to owe him too much. Besides, she was not picky eaters, nothing particularly annoying.

“I’m not picky eaters, anything is fine.” Ana Lin smiled.

Obviously he was keeping a distance from him, Jenkin Bai was not angry, but said, “Okay, if there is anything you need to manage, tell me.”

“it is good.”

After dinner, Ana Lin lay on the bed bored, she looked out the window and wondered how can she contact Daniel?

This Jenkin Bai, why don’t you lend her the phone?

What is his purpose?

“This room.” Koyanagi’s voice sounded outside the door. Then she walked in, followed by two workers, carrying the fish tank in her hands.

Koyanagi asked the worker to put it in front of the bed, “Just put it here.”

After the installation was completed and the workers left, Ana Lin asked, “What is this for?”

“The young master said you can’t get out of bed. It must be boring to stay in the room, so I found these rare things to pass you time.” Koyanagi stood by the bed, a little enviously said, “The young master is so kind to you. .”

She had never seen Jenkin Bai treat anyone so well, and she was still a woman.

Ana Lin looked at the three fish in the water. They were bright in color and peculiar in appearance. She hadn’t seen them in the aquarium. They were really rare and valuable.

She didn’t feel happy, the so-called ineffectiveness, he made her feel uncomfortable with his care.

“Miss Lin, aren’t you happy?” Xiaoliu asked without seeing Ana Lin’s face and even smiled.

“No.” Ana Lin reluctantly pulled out a smile.

“Miss Lin, did you know my young master before?” Xiaoliu asked, wondering.

She has not been in the Bai family for a short time. She has never heard of her, let alone met her. If only one side is so good to her, does it seem unreasonable?

Ana Lin shook his head, “Why ask that.”

“I just think Young Master treats you very well. If you don’t know you, why do you still treat you well after saving you?”

Ana Lin was also confused.

She reached out and fiddled with the fish’s tail, and the fish slid around.

Ana Lin was also curious about Jenkin Bai in her heart, but she never showed it on the face, in a faint tone, “Didn’t you say that your young master is a good person? He just’sends Buddha to the west'”

Koyanagi still feels that it is not just because the young master is good, there should be other reasons.

“Otherwise, what do you say?” Ana Lin raised his eyes slowly.

Xiaoliu is stuck.

“Forget it.” Xiao Liu didn’t get the answer, not very happy, and turned to go out.

Ana Lin drew a piece of paper and wiped the water from his hands, opened the quilt and got out of the bed, holding the table beside the bed, and moving his uninjured foot to the door little by little.

The place here is very big. She lives on the first floor. When she wants to come to Jenkin Bai, her legs and feet are not good, and she will not live upstairs. Xiaoliu doesn’t know what to do. The huge living room is empty, without a single figure.

Ana Lin saw the landline on the corner table next to the sofa.

Her eyes gleamed. This was her chance to contact the outside world. After she checked left and right and confirmed that there was no one, she held on to the wall and moved towards the landline.

She went to the living room smoothly, propped the sofa with one hand, and reached for the landline.

Chapter 180

“Sleepy.” Ruth’s small hands held Phillip Zong’s collar tightly, and she wanted to sleep but couldn’t sleep because the place was unfamiliar.

The small body rubbed against his arms.

Phillip Zong put his daughter in his arms, his generous palms caressed his daughter’s back, coaxing with great patience, “Hey, dad holds you to sleep.”

Ruth buried her small face on his chest, her father’s arms were so warm, she could feel her sturdy body and the hot temperature through the clothes, “Dad, would you still abandon us and mommy? I don’t want to be separated from you. , I want to live with you and my elder brothers and moms. Just like other kids’ homes, there are moms, dads, grandparents…”

The more the little girl said, the smaller her voice became, and in the end she could barely hear her.

Phillip Zong lowered her head, and the little girl hid her face in his arms, her eyes faintly glowing.

“I see other children being held by Dad and being pushed on a swing, I am so envious…”

Since she was a child, she has only had mom, elder brother, and grandmother in her world, but no dad.

After meeting Phillip Zong, she was very clingy to him, in fact, she was afraid that he would not want her again.

She will be a child without a father again.

Phillip Zong withdrew, holding her small face between his fingers, not sure if it was boring, or because of the grievances over the years, her eye circles were red, and tears were hanging on her long eyelashes. He possessed and k*ssed. Go to the teardrops on the daughter’s eyes, her voice is low, “No, I won’t leave you in the future.”

His lips were warm and soft, the little girl closed her eyes instinctively, his father’s breath was so close, he hugged and k*ssed himself, so happy.

She is very satisfied, just such a k*ss has melted her heart.

But she didn’t know, her words also made this man unable to calm down.

At that time Ana Lin was pregnant, he knew that it was him who pushed her away and missed it for so many years.

Now, how to make up for this love?

“Boy, why don’t you go back.” The RV is very spacious, with a sofa behind the driver’s seat. Keller Shen is lying halfway to study the route. Daniel is sitting next to him, lying on the window, looking out of the window, hearing Keller Shen’s words, he He didn’t even turn his head, “I’m not sleepy, I don’t want to go.”

My sister has been clinging to Phillip Zong. He didn’t want to look at it, and felt uncomfortable looking at it.

If Phillip Zong really loves them, why did he abandon Mommy in the first place?

What does it mean to be so regretful now?

“Uncle Shen, what kind of person is he?” Daniel was contradictory to Phillip Zong and wanted to get close to him, but couldn’t let go of his abandoning Ana Lin before.

When Keller Shen was asked, he sat up and said, “Who are you talking about?”

Daniel pointed to the back. Keller Shen knew who he was referring to. He hooked his neck and held him in his arms. “Boy, that’s your father. You call him “him”?”

“Why should I call someone who abandons me a father?” Daniel raised her head, her small appearance was very arrogant, in fact she was envious of Ruth, so she could easily call out the word father.

But he couldn’t speak.

Regarding his abandonment, he not only abandoned them, but also abandoned his mummy, he would not easily forgive.

Even now he is doing pretty well.

Keller Shen looked at the little guy and saw that he had a knot with Phillip Zong.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair vigorously. “Your dad definitely didn’t know that your mommy was pregnant. According to his personality, even if he doesn’t like it, even if he is responsible, he will not divorce.”

Daniel’s focus is not on Phillip Zong’s responsibility, but when he doesn’t like it. Didn’t he like Mommy when he married Mommy before?

If you don’t like it, why marry her?

Is your brain flooded?

“Didn’t he delay my mommy?” Daniel frowned.

If it wasn’t him, could Mommy find someone who likes her?

Keller Shen scratched his little nose, “Boy, what do you think? You should worry less about adults, and be careful when you grow old.”

Daniel curled his lips, “Uncle, you must grow old first.” He shook his fingers, “In another twenty years, you will be old, and I will be young by then.”

Daniel ran away after speaking.

“Hey, you kid.” Keller Shen helplessly, “You slow down, I won’t catch you, your dad protects the calf like that.”

So far, Keller Shen has not released Huai Phillip Zong for not letting him touch Ruth.

The more I think about it, the more Shen Pei Kawa becomes angry.

What a f*cking stingy!

Isn’t it just a daughter?

When who can’t give birth.

But having said that, Ana Lin is really good at giving birth. He gave birth to a pair of twins and inherited the advantages of his parents. His son is smart and his daughter is soft and cute. If he had two such children, he would also like it. Incredible.

Blame, just blame Phillip Zong for not having his life.

“Hey~” Keller Shen sighed and leaned on the sofa. When he picked up the phone to continue watching the route, Phillip Zong walked out of it, and he sat up again, “what about your daughter?”

In fact, he wanted to ask, how can you give it up?

Shouldn’t you be with your daughter?

“Fell asleep.” He took Keller Shen’s cell phone, read the route he planned, and asked, “Is this the only path?”

“Not only, but in my judgment, he wants to avoid our search, he will definitely take the most remote road, but the road is too far, it is good and it is not easy to be found without monitoring. The bad thing is that the road will be bad. It’s not easy to drive and it’s impossible to drive too fast.”

“Let the two people go down the path first, to explore and explore.” See if you can find some clues, there are two children, he can’t live without, or he will go personally.

“Yeah.” Keller Shen said, “I have arranged for someone to go.” He glanced in when he was speaking, and then approached Phillip Zong, “I see that kid, I have a knot in your heart.”

Does Phillip Zong know that Daniel has a heart for him?

He knows, very well.

“He was blaming me for the divorce with Ana Lin.” Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, clearly looking at the phone, but his thoughts were not on the phone.

Keller Shen looked at him ambiguously, “Did you not like her at that time? How could…” Be pregnant?

At that time, he was not satisfied with the marriage. Both he and Alan Su knew that if his mother hadn’t booked him for him, he would never fulfill the marriage contract.

Since he didn’t love people and didn’t like them, Casey He was beside him at that time, why did Ana Lin get pregnant?

Phillip Zong glanced at him lightly, “Stop asking me about me.”

He didn’t want to talk more about this matter, as he knew the twists and turns.

Is it hyped?

Then everyone knows that Ana Lin’s children are not in the marriage?

Does Keller Shen still know him? No one can do anything he doesn’t want to say.

He picked up the phone and continued to look at the route to see if there was a better way, close and easy to walk.

Inside, Daniel was lying on the bed, turning over and over, without a trace of sleepiness. He propped his head with one hand, looked at the sleeping sister, and squeezed her nose, “The little one has no conscience, call him father so soon.”

Ruth’s nose was itchy, she twisted her body and turned her head to sleep.

Daniel felt bored, and she lay on the bed, looking at the lamp above, and muttered, “When will I find Mommy?”

Suddenly, the phone watch he was wearing on his wrist rang. He raised his hand, and the screen showed an unfamiliar number. He didn’t recognize it. Could it be Mommy?

As soon as the thought came out, he immediately pressed the answer button.

Putting the receiver to his mouth, I couldn’t help but yelled, “Mummy.”

There was a female voice over there…

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