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Table of Contents

Chapter 181

“what are you doing?”

Xiaoliu stood at the door of the kitchen with a water glass in his hand, and questioned Ana Lin, who was about to call with a landline in the living room.

It wasn’t Mommy’s voice. Daniel frowned, still thinking that the person at that end was Mommy. He wanted to calm down. But at this time, he really couldn’t calm down. Her voice trembled slightly, “Is Mommy you?”

Ana Lin became hoarse and wanted to answer her son despite Xiaoliu’s questioning, telling him not to worry, she was fine, but Xiaoliu came over and snatched the landline from her hand and hung up, “Master said not to let you call. ,you forgot?”

Ana Lin looked at Xiaoliu, “Your master saved me, but he didn’t let me contact my family. Don’t you think this is too much?”

This is indeed not in line with common sense, but she believes that Jenkin Bai is justified in doing this, “Maybe the young master has the intention of the young master, you just need to listen to him.”

“Do you know that my family will worry about me if they can’t contact me?” Ana Lin tried to convince her.

Koyanagi held the landline in her arms, for fear that Ana Lin would come over to grab it. She admitted that Ana Lin’s words were reasonable, but she could not violate the words of the young master.


“Stop talking, let me help you into the house.” In order to prevent Ana Lin from getting the landline, Koyanagi put the landline on the dining room table, and then ran over to support her, “Let’s go, don’t make me embarrassing. If you really need to contact your family, you can talk to my young master, if he agrees, I will never stop you.”

Ana Lin didn’t know anything about Jenkin Bai, or even what his purpose was for not letting himself call.

“Xiao Liu, have you been here for a long time?” Ana Lin said calmly, trying to pry out something about Jenkin Bai from her mouth.

“Yes, I have always taken care of the young master.” Xiaoliu was very simple, Ana Lin asked her and said.

“Why is he alone here? Didn’t see his parents?” Ana Lin was afraid that she would suspect that she had a purpose, and added another sentence at the end, “He is the only one living in such a big house. It’s quite deserted.”

“I have never met his mother, only his father, but his father has passed away and he is the only one in the family.”

“Oh, what does he do?” Ana Lin deliberately pretended to have never seen the world before, and looked at the room, “Looking at him seems to be quite rich.”

“It’s the first time you have come to Baicheng, so you don’t know, but no one in Baicheng doesn’t know the Bai family.” Said Xiaoliu quite proud of the Bai family, “Don’t look at the young master who can’t stand, but he is amazing. The whole Baicheng Seventy percent of the people work in Bai’s companies. How many people’s employment problems he has solved alone?”

When she talked about Jenkin Bai, her eyes were shining, showing off.

Sixty percent?

This is really a lot.

“How many people are there in Baicheng?” Ana Lin asked again.

“Five to sixty thousand, I don’t know too much.” Xiaoliu helped her sit down, “Slow down.”

Ana Lin followed her up and put her legs on the bed, looking at her, “Have you been to other places? For example, City B, do you know it is far from here?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t been, it shouldn’t be very far, it’s our place.”

When Ana Lin lay on the bed, she could basically conclude that what Xiaoliu said was true. The girl was actually very simple and didn’t know how to conceal her. Her admiration and love for Jenkin Bai could be seen at a glance.

“Miss Lin, can you sleep for a while, if you are bored, I will find a book for you?” Xiaoliu tried to ask.

Ana Lin has slept, and he is really not sleepy at the moment.

“Do you want to read biographies, romance novels, or some other books.”

“Can you give me a black pencil and 4K paper?” Reading is to kill time, so it’s better to take advantage of this time to do something she likes.

“What do you want these for?” Suddenly Koyanagi suddenly realized, “Do you like painting?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I am a fashion designer, and I want these things for drawing purposes.”

Koyanagi’s eyes widened and looked at her admiringly, “Are you a costume designer? Wow, that’s amazing.”

Ana Lin was embarrassed by her fiery gaze. She is just a fashion designer, but she has a little achievement in her own field, which is not worth mentioning.

“Wait, I’ll get it for you.” Koyanagi was excited, as if the costume designer was a great character.

Soon Xiaoliu came in with the paper and pen Ana Lin asked for, handed it to Ana Lin, and put the small dining table on the bed with a wink, and said inexplicably, “I see it.”


Ana Lin looked at her puzzled.

What really?

Koyanagi was a little embarrassed, rubbing his hands and whispering, “When I was a child, I also wanted to be a fashion designer, but I didn’t have the opportunity to learn, and I didn’t even meet a fashion designer. I mean, I see you on TV in real life. Ever.”

“If you like it very much, I can teach you.” Ana Lin did not hesitate to teach others what he knew.

Fashion designers can also teach a skill, but inspiration still depends on themselves.

“Really?” Xiaoliu blinked, but thinking of Jenkin Bai’s words, her voice became quieter, “Forget it.”

“Why?” Ana Lin said that she didn’t understand. She seemed to like it. Why didn’t she want to learn when she had the opportunity to learn?

“Master wants me to take care of you, saying not to make you tired. If you know that I let you teach me, you will definitely be angry.”

“Then we don’t need to tell him?” Ana Lin made an idea.

“No, no.” Xiaoliu waved his hand again and again, “I can’t deceive the young master.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She didn’t know how to describe Xiaoliu’s “obedient” to Jenkin Bai

So humble.

Is it like this to like someone?

“Xiao Liu, to attract one person’s attention, first of all, that person must be bright, so as to attract another person’s attention.” Ana Lin couldn’t help but want to help the girl.

She could see that Xiaoyan was actually very kind.

Jenkin Bai asked her to take care of herself, he must also know her loyalty to him.

Xiao Liu knew what Ana Lin was going to say. She knew her own identity. She liked and admired Jenkin Bai. Even if everyone knew it, she couldn’t confess her identity. How could she be worthy of the young master?

She doesn’t want much, as long as she can be with the young master and take care of him, she is already satisfied, and she doesn’t want anything else.

“Miss Lin, you can draw a picture, I’ll go out first, call me if something happens.”

After speaking, she quickly ran out of the room.

It’s like avoiding something.

Ana Lin sighed. If she doesn’t try to stand in front of others, how can Jenkin Bai see her?

Identity is very important, but she feels that people are more important.

Is it true that feelings are still in the right place?

Only the rich can have feelings for the rich?

Isn’t this nonsense?

Ana Lin sighed for Xiaoliu’s stupidity. Since he likes it, he should fight for it. Jenkin Bai may not appreciate the humble and silent contribution.

Ana Lin picked up the pen and took a deep breath to calm his impetuous mood.

After several deep breaths, Ana Lin’s heart gradually calmed down, and Phillip Zong’s face suddenly flashed in his mind.

Her heart shrank suddenly.

Is that man worried because she is missing?

she does not know.

The moment the pen tip touched the paper, she seemed to know what she was going to draw, and the pen tip fluttered smoothly on the paper.


When Jenkin Bai came back from outside, Xiaoliu quickly took the coat that Jenkin Bai had taken off from the driver.

Jenkin Bai glanced towards Ana Lin’s room and asked, “What did she do at home today?”

Xiaoliu stomped and did not hide from him, “Miss Lin came out to call today.”

Jenkin Bai raised his eyes and looked at her.

Koyanagi quickly explained, “I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. I didn’t intentionally give her the opportunity to touch the phone…”

“Has it gotten through?” Jenkin Bai interrupted her flustered explanation.

Koyanagi thought for a while, then shook his head, “No, I hung up.”

“I see.” After speaking, he rolled his wheelchair and walked towards Ana Lin’s room.

Chapter 182

Ana Lin didn’t close the door of the room. She drew a lot of drawings. When she was a little tired, she lay down on the table to rest. Later, she fell asleep unknowingly.

Jenkin Bai rolled the wheelchair a little lighter, and found Ana Lin asleep by the bed. He reached out and picked up the drawing she drew on the table. The pen was delicate and smooth. He could see that this was just a sketch, but her idea And design, but it can be seen at a glance what she wants to express.

It can be seen that her foundation is very deep.

He raised his eyes and looked at her, thinking that she is a fashion designer?

“Master, she is a fashion designer.” Xiaoliu didn’t know when she walked in, and saw him holding the picture drawn by Ana Lin, and walked over to look at it. Sure enough, she didn’t say that she was a fashion designer. Otherwise, how could she You can draw such an amazing base map at will.

Jenkin Bai’s face was slightly dark, it seemed that it was because she spoke loudly.

Xiao Liu hurriedly lowered her head and pursed her lips aggrievedly. She didn’t mean to make Ana Lin sleep, but she instinctively explained when she saw him looking at the drawings.

“Koyanagi, you can’t be so reckless in the future.”

Koyanagi lowered his head, “I see.”


In her sleep, Ana Lin heard someone talking, she frowned tightly, and then slowly opened her eyes.

“Did you wake you up?” Jenkin Bai looked at the sleepy woman who had just woke up.

Ana Lin raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. When she raised her hand, she found that her arm was numb by herself, and she hissed uncomfortably.

“Why, my arm is numb?” Jenkin Bai stretched out his hand, “It’s this hand, I’ll rub it for you.”

Ana Lin violently withdrew the arm he touched and waved his hand quickly, “No, no, I just rub it by myself.”

When speaking, she squeezed her numb arm vigorously, trying to quickly ease the disobedience caused by the numbness.

Jenkin Bai retracted his hand motionlessly, not angry because of Ana Lin’s rejection, but asked, “Do you like it?”


Touching the fish tank on the bedside, Ana Lin quickly understood what he was referring to, and nodded perfunctorily, “Very rare fish.”

Jenkin Bai put the blueprint on the table and said when he retracted his hand, “If it can make you smile, it is its good fortune.”

Ana Lin lowered his head and pretended not to hear, and sorted out the drawings he drew, “I made you laugh.”

“No, you paint very well. You should be a very famous designer?” Although it is a question, it is already affirmative.

“No.” Ana Lin didn’t want to expose herself to him too much. She didn’t know anything about this gentle-looking man.

It’s not a simple person to be able to “dominate one side”?

“I believe in my own vision.” Jenkin Bai was sure.

Ana Lin put the drawing paper back on the table, obviously not willing to talk more about it.

Jenkin Bai was very winked, and did not continue the topic, “Is it boring to stay in the house?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “It’s okay.”

“How about I take you out for a tour?” Jenkin Bai smiled.

There is always a small smile on his face.

Ana Lin wanted to refuse, but as soon as he wanted to go out to learn about the environment, he agreed.

“But my feet…” Ana Lin was embarrassed. Her foot was injured and couldn’t walk. She didn’t want to become lame. She wanted to get better soon, and then go back soon.

“I will support you.” Jenkin Bai stretched out his arms.

“Let me help.” Xiaoliu hurried over to support Ana Lin, for fear that she would really help Jenkin Bai’s arm, “I have good legs and feet so that Miss Lin can be more convenient.”

Ana Lin naturally knows Xiaoliu’s intention, but she does not want her to have physical contact with Jenkin Bai.

She was also happy to do this favor, so she grabbed Xiao Liu’s arm, “Let Xiao Liu support me.”

Jenkin Bai glanced at Xiaoliu, said nothing, and slid the wheelchair towards the door.

He looked back at Ana Lin, “Let’s go to my study first.”

Both his bedroom and study were on the first floor, not far from where Ana Lin lived. It was only a few steps away, and he opened the door and went in.

Xiaoliu helped Ana Lin to come in, and Jenkin Bai said, “Help her sit on a chair, you can go out first.”

Koyanagi wanted to stay, but it was obvious that Jenkin Bai wanted to distract her. Although he was reluctant, he did not dare to violate Jenkin Bai’s words.

After sitting down with Ana Lin, she left the room. When the door was closed, she glanced at Ana Lin.

Ana Lin wanted to tell her not to worry, she had no idea about Jenkin Bai.

Let her feel at ease.

But in front of Jenkin Bai, she couldn’t say these words clearly, so she had to be patient.

The door of the study was closed, Jenkin Bai slid his wheelchair to the desk, seemingly inadvertently asked, “Have you studied painting professionally?”

“No, I went to the Fashion Design College, and I need to draw pictures, so it’s a basic skill.” Ana Lin answered fluently.

But he was a little more on guard in his heart, he was very smart, and easily opened the conversation between the two.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Do you like reading?”

“Occasionally.” She rarely has time to read books, and occasionally it is also about costume design.

“I like it.” Jenkin Bai said in a deep tone, “I have poor legs and feet, and I don’t have any friends. Those books can accompany me.”

Although he concealed it well, Ana Lin still found the loss and melancholy in his tone.

No one can not care that he can’t walk, right?

Ana Lin’s gaze fell on the bookshelf behind the desk. The bookshelf was made of red sandalwood. The front wall was as high and as wide as the wall. There were rows of various books on it. Many Ana Lins connected. Never heard of the title.

“This is my favorite.” Jenkin Bai took out a book from the bottom of the bookshelf. The blue cover was very thick. He handed it to Ana Lin. In the process, he accidentally encountered it. A photo frame on the desk.

Ana Lin didn’t deliberately spy on whose picture it was in the frame, but with a glance, he couldn’t look away anymore.


Phillip Zong’s stepmother.

How could her picture appear in his desk?

What is their relationship?

Thousands of thoughts, like flies without heads and tails, ran around in her mind.

Jenkin Bai observed the change of Ana Lin’s expression without a trace, and as expected, when she saw the person in the photo, her expression changed.

Then his gaze shifted to her wrist again. He raised the frame and looked at the woman in the photo. The woman in the photo also wore this jade bracelet on her wrist.

According to Ana Lin’s reaction, he affirmed his thoughts.

“She is?” Ana Lin almost blurted out.

This is weird.

Why did Danna’s photos appear here?

Jenkin Bai continued to hand over the book in his hand, “You can read it when you are okay, it’s very interesting.”

He deliberately changed the subject.

Although he deliberately tested Ana Lin’s reaction to the photos to judge his own guesses, he did not want to talk to her.

Ana Lin glanced at him, and seemed to realize that he was special to himself because of Danna.

“Why, you don’t like my recommendation?” Jenkin Bai never retracted his hand, and the book was still in his hand, maintaining the posture of handing it to her.

Ana Lin took the book over out of courtesy, “Thank you, I will take it seriously.”

When she spoke, her eyes fell on the frame that was raised, and then she looked at Jenkin Bai, “I heard Xiaoliu say that you are the only one at home.”

Jenkin Bai’s expression changed slightly, and then returned to nature, with a light smile, “Yes.”

It’s simple and clear, and there are no extra words.

Ana Lin knew that he deliberately avoided talking.


There was a knock on the door, and Xiaoliu stood outside, “Master, Miss Lin, we have dinner.”

“Let’s go.” Jenkin Bai slid the wheelchair and walked to her, stretched out his arm towards her, “support me.”

Ana Lin didn’t stretch out his hand immediately, but hesitated, “I asked Xiaoliu to help me…”

“Are you rejecting me? Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to embarrass your savior?” Jenkin Bai raised his eyebrows, his smile remained, but what he said was a little aggressive, making Ana Lin difficult to refuse.

Ana Lin stretched out his hand to support his arm. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, Ana Lin felt that he was very strong. He did not exercise much when he wanted to come. He stretched his eyebrows, rolled the wheelchair, and walked to the door. , Ana Lin stretched out her hand to hold the handle, and opened the door. Xiaoliu was still standing at the door. Seeing Jenkin Bai holding Ana Lin, she hurriedly reached out—

Before she could say the words in her mouth, she looked at Shang Jenkin Bai’s warning gaze, she retracted her hand angrily, turned and left.

When he arrived at the restaurant, Jenkin Bai helped Ana Lin to open the chair, “This is the first time we are sitting and eating together.”

Ana Lin smiled on his face, but thought in his heart; we are not familiar at all, let alone know each other for long.

Xiaoliu prepared all the dishes, and looked at Ana Lin from time to time. She was really good-looking, no wonder the master was kind to her.

“Xiaoyanu, the bone soup I asked you to stew, didn’t you stew?” Jenkin Bai slowly spread the napkin on his lap.

“It’s stewed, I’m serving it.” Koyanagi respectfully said.

“I heard about where to supplement, and I don’t know if it is true. You will drink two more bowls later.” Jenkin Bai said.

“You are interested.” Ana Lin was not too enthusiastic, nor too cold, with just the right expression and tone.

On the contrary, Jenkin Bai seemed too enthusiastic.

He smiled and said sincerely, “Women are too smart to be likable.”

Ana Lin saw Xiao Liu who came by and said with a smile, “I really don’t dare to make people like me now, I’m afraid my two children won’t want to.”

Jenkin Bai was taken aback, she has a baby?

But she didn’t look too big.

Xiaoliu was more shocked than Jenkin Bai, she, she actually had a child.

Then it would be impossible for her and the young master.

She was very excited. She walked fast and sprinkled a little water on the ground. With this excitement, she accidentally stepped on her feet and slipped on her feet. The bowl of hot soup in her hand was poured out, and a slant was drawn in the air. The arc was sprayed towards Ana Lin’s body.

“Be careful.”

Just as the steaming soup was about to pour on Ana Lin, Jenkin Bai pushed with both hands, the wheelchair slid back, and he quickly rolled the wheelchair to Ana Lin and hugged her to block the hot The soup poured on her, and the soup was all spilled on his back.

Maybe it’s too hot, he growled.

“Master.” Xiaoliu exclaimed in horror.

Ana Lin returned to Xiaoliu’s fright. She looked at Jenkin Bai, “Are you okay?”

Jenkin Bai raised her eyes and smiled at her, “It’s okay.”

But Ana Lin felt that he was not okay, because his voice was lighter than usual, pretending to be calm.

“Koyanagi, go call a doctor.”

“Okay, I’m going to call now.”

“Are you caring about me?” Jenkin Bai’s hands were still holding her, and the corners of her eyes were shiny.

Chapter 183

“I’m sure, the person who called me is my mommy.” Daniel vowed.

Keller Shen looked at Phillip Zong, the two looked at each other, Phillip Zong asked, “Can you find out the location?”

“The call time is too short to locate the specific location, but it is possible to find out where the number is.” Keller Shen said.

“I dialed back according to this number, won’t I be able to detect the specific location?” Daniel couldn’t hide her excitement, just wanted to find Mommy quickly.

Phillip Zong took his little hand and gently pulled him into his arms. He wanted to move but was held by Phillip Zong’s shoulder. “If your mommy is free, she will definitely contact you, but the phone will get through. She didn’t speak, and you heard other people’s voices, which proves that she is not free. You called her rashly, and the bad guys moved her?”

Daniel thought, too, if Mommy was free, she would definitely contact him. She didn’t contact him now, it must be because she was monitored.

“Then what to do now?” Daniel asked anxiously.

“With me, we will definitely find her, don’t worry.” Phillip Zong successfully diverted his attention, at this moment he forgot to sit in Phillip Zong’s arms, thinking about how to find Mommy.

Keller Shen glanced silently and said nothing, “I’ll talk to the driver about the route.”

According to Ana Lin’s phone number, he found out what area the number belonged to. Although it was in a large area, it was a little closer to the place where Ana Lin was hidden. It was a great help for them to find someone.


Phillip Zong gave a faint hum.

“Can we find Mommy?” Daniel asked.

“Yes.” Phillip Zong replied affirmatively.

He firmly believes.

He can definitely get her back!

Keller Shen came in, “After a while, the car will enter the service area to refuel. Take Xiaoxi and Xiaorui outside to get some air.”

It should be boring to stay in the car all the time. Although everything in the car is the same as home, after all, it is only a RV with limited space.

Daniel stood up, “I’ll go down with you first.”

“Okay.” Keller Shen stretched out his hand, “I will hold you.”

Daniel was very obedient and stretched out his hand.

“Watch him well.” Phillip Zong confessed.

There are a lot of people in the service area, and everyone is messy.

“I know.” Keller Shen glanced at him, how come he is now a father and becomes a mother-in-law.

He can’t take a child as an adult.

Knowing that he is a beloved son, he didn’t say much.

“Let’s see if there is a place to rest.”

Keller Shen took Daniel out of the car, and Phillip Zong went to the back to hug his daughter.

The little girl was still asleep, her face flushed, he stooped to pick up his daughter, and she woke up as soon as she was moved. With her big dim eyes, she saw Phillip Zong holding herself with a soft voice. Called, “Dad.”

The father melted Phillip Zong’s heart. He k*ssed his daughter’s forehead and said, “Let’s get out of the car to get some air.”

When I heard that I could get off the bus, the girl immediately became energetic, and all her tiredness after waking up was gone, “Anyone selling things?”

Phillip Zong scratched his daughter’s little nose and said, “Yes.”


The little girl grinned.

Ruth’s hair was a bit messy. Phillip Zong wanted to help her to loosen it, but as soon as he started, the little girl changed her face, “It hurts.”

Phillip Zong really never did such a job.

He hurriedly closed his hand and put down the comb, “Daddy didn’t let anyone loosen his hair.”

Ruth looked in the mirror, her hair was a bit messy, but she didn’t want her father to loosen it, she pouted, “Dad, do you think I am ugly so that you want to help me loosen my hair?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

“It’s not ugly, my daughter is the most beautiful, no one can compare it.” Phillip Zong picked up her daughter, “it’s not forgotten.”

The little girl lay on his shoulder, “I’m going to buy something delicious.”

Phillip Zong glanced at his daughter, and Daniel said that she was a heartless foodie, which seemed to make sense.

However, he likes it.

He has seen too many intrigues, too many hypocritical faces, and the presence of such an innocent and lively child in his world makes him feel that his life is no longer boring.

“Dad, there, there.” Ruth stretched her index finger and pointed to the supermarket not far away.

Phillip Zong said patiently, “I saw it.”

He was rather helpless, but he liked it very much. Ruth entered the supermarket and yelled to come down. She had to choose what to eat.

It may be that things in the supermarket in the service area are expensive and there are not many people. Phillip Zong put her down and she ran away happily.

Phillip Zong frowned and followed her quickly, “Slow down.”

“I want this.” Ruth took a box of chocolates from the shelf and hugged it in her arms, “I want potato chips, and this, this…” After a few clicks, she couldn’t take it anymore and shouted to Phillip Zong,” Dad, I can’t get this.”

The shelves are high with the snacks she wants to eat, but she is not high enough.

Phillip Zong stood behind her, and as soon as he stretched out his arm, he easily took down what his daughter wanted, “I’ll hold it for you.”

“No.” Ruth shook her head, having to hold her to feel safe.

“You can’t ask for it, it’s too expensive.” A mother across from him said to her son.

The little boy stared at the bottle of juice, looking like he wanted to ask for it, but he didn’t continue to ask for it. His mother helped him get a bottle of mineral water, “Drink this when I’m thirsty.”

Mother handed the mineral water to her son, and then went to checkout.

Ruth looked at the things in her arms, and then at the little boy and his mother. She raised her head and looked at Phillip Zong, “Dad, do I ask for too much? Is it expensive? We spend a lot of money. ?”

Phillip Zong squatted in front of her daughter, stretched out her hand to caress the broken hair that was blocking her forehead, did not reach her ears, and said gently, “No, dad will work hard to make more money, so what do my daughter want? You can buy it.”

“Dad, I love you.” Ruth possessed herself, and k*ssed Phillip Zong’s face, “Can I ask for that bottle of juice?”

Phillip Zong didn’t recover from his daughter’s kss, he reached out his hand and touched his face, there was still the saliva left by her kssing him on his face.

He didn’t feel dirty, but felt that this was his daughter’s love for him. He stretched his eyebrows and stood up and gave her the bottle of juice.

Ruth took the juice, ran to the checkout counter and handed it to the little boy, “This is for you.”

“We didn’t buy this.” The little boy’s mother said awkwardly.

“My father will pay for this.” Ruth stretched out her hand stubbornly. She opened her big bright eyes and looked at the little boy. He was thin and wore a black striped sweater. It was not a famous brand, or even new, but very clean. .

The little boy looked at her, but did not reach out his hand. Although she was’unkempt,’ he could see that this little girl was afraid that she was a child of a rich family.

Look at her innocent eyes, it’s just that she is a child who has been nurtured and grown up.

Only if you haven’t been tortured by life, don’t know the hardships of life, don’t know the sinister heart, can you keep such a pair of clear eyes.

He said politely, “Thank you, no need.”

“But you really want it, don’t you?” Ruth blinked.

“I want it, I will rely on myself.” After speaking, the little boy took his mother’s hand, “Mom, let’s go.”

The mother paid for the mineral water and left with her son.

Ruth stood there, looking at the back of the little boy, at a loss.

Did she do something wrong?

Is she wrong?

Because Ruth was rejected, she began to wonder if she had done something wrong.

She asked herself again and again in her heart.

Phillip Zong picked up her daughter, rubbed her hair, and comforted, “Ruth is sad, isn’t it?”

Ruth nodded, “I think he wants it very much, so I want to give it to him, why doesn’t he want it.”

Phillip Zong looked out the glass window and half-squinted the mother and son standing in front of the bus. He could see that the little boy was very proud and strong, and he wanted to grow up to become a capable person.

“Ruth, not every sincere heart in this world can be exchanged for sincerity, not every kindness can be accepted.” He knew that his daughter was kind, and felt that what the little boy wanted was not achieved, so she sympathized with him.

Perhaps in the eyes of the little boy, her kindness made him pity him.

So he is unwilling to accept being pitiful.

He gently stroked his daughter’s forehead, “Your mommy protects you very well.”

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