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Chapter 184

Phillip Zong held a plastic bag in one hand and his daughter in the other. They walked out of the supermarket, and there was a bus about to leave. The mother and son who took their son to the supermarket to buy things were also in this car.

When the little boy got in the car, he glanced back at the little girl who was being held, and thought to himself, he was a naive child, but so cute.

“Go.” His mother urged.

The little boy had to get in the car.

“Where is my brother?” Ruth looked around, there were cars and people everywhere. She didn’t find the glass windows in a bus, with a bright black eye, looking at her.

Soon the bus drove away, blocking his sight.

“Dad, what is it doing there?” Ruth pointed to the candied haws seller not far away, and there was a group of people watching the excitement behind her.

She hugged Phillip Zong’s neck, “Dad, I want candied haws.”

Phillip Zong looked up at the sky, and then at the big bag of things he was holding. Well, if my daughter wants it, just buy it!

“Dad is great.” Ruth hugged Phillip Zong’s face, both close and close, even an iceberg could melt.

The old candied haws only had hawthorn wrapped in brown sugar. Nowadays, various fruits are skewered and wrapped in sugar. Ruth ordered a bunch of pure hawthorn. The red hawthorn fruit is wrapped in crystal sugar, which looks very appetizing.

She smashed her mouth, “It must be delicious.”

Phillip Zong paid the money, “We should go now.”

The little girl nodded as if pounding garlic, got everything she wanted, she was satisfied.

Back in the car, the fuel tank was full, and Keller Shen had also returned with Daniel, with a bunch of candied haws in his hand.

“Why are you so slow, we’ve all been back for a while.” Daniel glanced at what Phillip Zong had brought into the car, then looked at his sister, and felt clear and sighed slightly.

Keller Shen patted his head lightly, “Sighing at a young age?”

Daniel curled her lips and sat on the sofa to eat candied haws.

Keller Shen followed Phillip Zong to the back, “Alan Su solved Casey He’s matter…”

“Wait later.” Phillip Zong interrupted him, he didn’t want his daughter to hear the filthy things.

Keller Shen immediately shut up, “I will wait for you down here.”

“Yeah.” Phillip Zong put his daughter away and put the food on the table. “You and your brother are in the car. Dad and Uncle Shen have something to say.”

“I know.” Ruth will make me sensible, very well-behaved.

Phillip Zong rubbed her hair.

The little girl turned her head and said, “The hair is messy, but it gets messy when you rub it. It’s too ugly to find Mommy, Mommy doesn’t recognize me anymore.”

Phillip Zong chuckled, squeezing her face, “Who dares to say that my daughter is ugly?”

Ruth was happy, grinning, showing a row of white teeth.

Phillip Zong got off the car, and Keller Shen was standing in front of the car door. Seeing him coming down, he stepped back two steps to make room.

They walked a few steps forward, but not far from the car.

“Lin Yuhan is dead.”

Phillip Zong’s expression, why did she die?

Lin Yuhan was not injured at the time, but Casey He was tortured very seriously. She deliberately left the two of them inside, just to’kill each other’. Lin Yuhan died unexpectedly.

He thought Casey He would die. In fact, it was the same for him who died. Those who did not die all committed homicide. It is certain to go to jail. When the circumstances become more serious, the death penalty can be imposed.

“I didn’t really see it before, Casey He…” Keller Shen thought the same as Phillip Zong, thinking Casey He would die, but Lin Yuhan, who was uninjured, died.

One can imagine how powerful Casey He is.

With so many injuries, Lin Yuhan killed Lin Yuhan.

“The evidence for her killing Lin Yuhan is conclusive, and she cannot tolerate her refutation. In addition to the old murder case of Brother Yu Doudou, she was sentenced to death with a one-year reprieve. This time, it was me who guarded her. People who are right, there will be no such thing as Rios He.”

They left Casey He and Lin Yuhan in the interrogation room deliberately at the time. There was surveillance inside. It was clear how Casey He killed Lin Yuhan. She had no chance of reversing the case. In addition, she would definitely die when she bought a murderer last time.

Phillip Zong’s expression was extremely plain, as if the woman sentenced to death had nothing to do with him.

She made this step by herself, no wonder anyone.

Once he was tolerant of her because she had saved him, and did not pursue some of her careful thoughts. Because of this, he missed Ana Lin. This mistake has been for so many years.

Doesn’t he know that Hollyn’s mind is not pure?

He knew that just reading this kindness, she wasted his patience and thanks to her.

“Let’s go.”

He stepped into the car.

Keller Shen followed, “Alan Su is also here, and it is estimated that it will not take long to catch up with us.”

Phillip Zong turned his head.

Keller Shen spread his hands together, “When he told me that he was coming, he had already set off. Besides, I can’t control him. With long legs, I can’t chop him.”

At this time, the phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang, and he took out the phone and Milton Guan called.

He didn’t pursue the matter of Alan Su, but picked up the phone. Milton Guan just wanted to report on Casey He. Phillip Zong stood in front of the car window and said lightly, “I already know about this matter.”

Milton Guan talked about the company’s affairs. He turned on the computer and read some information that Milton Guan had sent him. After reading it, he signed and sent it back. After explaining some things, he ended the call.

The sky gradually darkened and they arrived in Baicheng.

Keller Shen said, “Let’s stay at the hotel today, and I haven’t had a good rest in the car these days. Let the two children relax.”

Phillip Zong seemed to have not heard it, and was still browsing the web. Keller Shen frowned and leaned over, “What are you looking at—”

Before he finished speaking, he had seen the display on the computer screen, and Phillip Zong was looking at information about Baicheng.

The first is the origin of Baicheng.

This place was not called Baicheng before, but Mengcheng County.

There was an entrepreneur named Bai Hongfei. He solved the employment problem of the local population. To commemorate him, Baicheng changed his name later based on his surname.

Baicheng has a small population, but it is now very prosperous. Most of the people here work in Bai’s enterprises.

Phillip Zong continued to scroll down. There were not many things about Bai Hongfei, except that he had experienced several ups and downs in starting a business, and there was no information about emotions and family.

“Dad.” Ruth called Phillip Zong inside.

“Are we staying in a hotel? If we stay, I’ll make arrangements.” Keller Shen asked again.

Phillip Zong got up for a while, looked back at him and said, “Stop.”

Although the car has everything, but the space is small, there is no shortage of rest in the car.

“The button fell off.” Ruth sat cross-legged on the bed, next to Daniel lying on his side, she fell asleep now.

“Let me see.”

Ruth handed the button to him and pointed to the collar position, “Here, it’s dropped.”

“I’ll get you one.” Ida Zhuang packed her clothes and put them in the cabinet. He opened the cabinet and found one. “This one?”

Ruth shook her head, “This is pajamas.”

Phillip Zong continued to search, “This one?”

“I’ll find it myself.” Ruth was already disappointed with Phillip Zong, slid off the bed, pulled the contents of the cabinet, and clutched a blue dress, “This one was bought by Mommy for my birthday last time. “

Apart from birthdays, Phillip Zong still doesn’t know when they were born.

Phillip Zong helped her take off the clothes with the buttons off her body, and put on the blue skirt she likes, with a small knitted sweater, which looks playful. Ana Lin is good at dressing up her daughter, knowing she is suitable What kind of clothes.

Seeing her daughter Phillip Zong’s mind move slightly, she asked, “Ruth, when is your birthday?”

“May.” She pouted, “This year’s birthday has been a long time ago, and we can only wait until next year.”

Phillip Zong reached out and touched her head.

At this time, the car stopped and Keller Shen came in, “The hotel is ready, the best hotel in Baicheng.”

He spread his hands together, “Under the Bai’s Enterprise.”

No way, most companies in Baicheng are owned by Bai’s.

Chapter 185

“Can I see Mommy?” Ruth was hugged by Phillip Zong and entered the hotel, thinking that when he reached the destination, he could see Ana Lin, so he asked.

Phillip Zong’s expression paused slightly, and he quickly returned to nature, “She is playing hide-and-seek with us. She wants us to find her. We haven’t found her yet.”

Ruth pouted, “Okay.”

Baicheng is not big, it is said to be a county seat, but in fact it is more like a big family, a family belonging to the Bai family.

The hotel is not counted as five stars, but the environment, sanitation and service are all good.

Keller Shen hugged Daniel, who was still not awake, followed by a few people to help with luggage.

“This is the best hotel in Baicheng. No way. The place is small. Are you not used to it?”

When did Phillip Zong stay in such a hotel?

“Isn’t it great here?” Ruth blinked, wondering why Uncle Shen said that.

Phillip Zong pressed her head into her arms, not letting her listen, Ruth opened her eyes wide, looking at Phillip Zong’s face, the corners of her eyes were pressed down, and it was bent into a crescent shape.

“Dad, you are so handsome.” She shyly hid her face into his arms.

The inexplicable Phillip Zong was pleased by his daughter’s words. He hasn’t smiled since Ana Lin’s disappearance, but at this moment, because of his daughter’s words, the corners of his lips light up.

“Then do you like Dad?”

The little girl said without thinking, “I like it.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed his daughter’s hair. He hadn’t washed it in these two days. The fragrance of shampoo was gone, but he still felt that his daughter was fragrant.

When he arrived at the room, Keller Shen put Daniel on the bed and checked the surrounding environment. He knew that Phillip Zong needed to be quiet, so he packed all the rooms on this floor.

Ruth was jumping around in the room, “Dad, will you give me a bath?”

Phillip Zong nodded, “Here.”

She ran over and hugged his long legs and tilted her head up, “Daddy really looks like mommy.”

Phillip Zong reached out and raised her chin, and asked, “Where is it like?”

“Just what I want, Mommy will agree to it.” After that, the little girl let him go again, and ran away.

On the other side, Jenkin Bai’s back was scalded, not serious, and a few blisters developed. The doctor came to deal with it.

Koyanagi stood by the door, hanging his head like a kid who had done something wrong, his eyes flushed as if he had cried.

Ana Lin sat on the chair beside the bed, “Thank you.”

If it weren’t for him to live in time, she would be the one lying on the bed now.

“Thank me?” Jenkin Bai lay on his side on the bed.

Because the doctor on his back had just given him medicine, he couldn’t lie flat and would rub against the wound that picked out the blisters.

“Of course.” Ana Lin was afraid of his unreasonable demands, and added, “I can do it.”

Jenkin Bai chuckled, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you agree.”

Ana Lin’s mouth twitched slightly.

He looked at her, “Pour me a glass of water.”

Ana Lin just wanted to reach out for the kettle on the table, Xiao Liu who had been standing by the door rushed over, “I’ll do it.”

She wanted to make up for it.

Jenkin Bai looked at her flatly, “Koyanagi, are you still so frizzy?”

Koyanagi wanted to explain, he again blocked her words, “Go, think behind closed doors, without my consent, you are not allowed to appear in my room.”


“But what?” His voice was slightly cold.

“Who will take care of you.” Xiaoliu wanted to stay, “Master, I was wrong, it is my fault, let me take care of you, OK?”

“Koyanagi, I can’t be angry when I’m injured, do you have to make me angry?” His tone sank two points.

He is usually gentle, so cold, Koyanagi is still a little shocked, not daring to refute him, and exits the room obediently.

“You scared her, she didn’t mean it.” Ana Lin wanted to say something for Xiao Liu, “She cares about you very much.”

Jenkin Bai didn’t want to discuss this matter with her, deliberately changed the subject and said, “Do you want to die of thirst for me?”

Ana Lin had no choice but to get a kettle and pour him water.

At this time, Jenkin Bai’s cell phone on the table rang. Ana Lin saw that he was inconvenient, so he picked it up and handed it to him, “Your cell phone.”

Jenkin Bai glanced at the caller ID. It was the hotel manager who called. He pressed the answer button and put it in his ear.

“Master, a group of people came to the hotel. They looked like they had a lot of identity.”

Jenkin Bai instructed him to report to him if anyone came from outside these days.

So as soon as a foreigner came in, he immediately called Jenkin Bai and told him.

He raised his eyes and looked at Ana Lin who was pouring water, but he said to the person on the other end of the phone, “Do you know where they are?”

“From City B, they also brought two children with them. Now the whole floor is not allowed to enter. They don’t need services. What they need is their own people. We can’t reach it. It’s what you are looking for. person?”

When Ana Lin disappeared, someone would come to him. He made people pay attention to outsiders from the hotel, just to find out those who came to her earlier.

“I see.” He was not sure whether the other party came to Ana Lin.

When the phone hung up, Ana Lin handed him the water.

He put down his cell phone and said unintentionally when he picked up the water, “Someone from the hotel is coming, the manager will report to me.”

Ana Lin didn’t worry about it, just as if he had nothing to talk to.

I’m afraid I won’t tell her any really useful information.

After he was thirsty, Ana Lin took the cup in his hand. When she got the cup, Jenkin Bai’s hand didn’t let go. Just when her fingertips touched his hand, Ana Lin withdrew his hand abruptly.

Jenkin Bai glanced at the location she had touched. There seemed to be her temperature remaining there, it was very light, the time was too short, and the impression was not deep.

“I’m not poisonous, so why are you so afraid of me?”

Ana Lin held it with both hands and looked serious, “I am not afraid of you. To tell you, I am already married, so whether it is you or any man, I will keep my distance.”

At this time, Ana Lin pulled out her contractual marriage with Phillip Zong as a shield.

If she said she had a baby, Jenkin Bai was surprised, or didn’t believe it, but this time…

He relaxed, half of his face sank into the pillow, “How old you are, you will be married and have a baby. Isn’t it because I was afraid that I would think of you badly, so I said that on purpose?”

“Eighteen is an adult. I am 24 and I will be 25 soon. Is it weird to get married and have children?” Ana Lin suppressed his inner discomfort.

She didn’t want to talk about this topic.

Because it is not good for her.

If it is beautiful, it means that she has two lovely children.

Jenkin Bai felt the fluctuations in Ana Lin’s tone, not as calm as before, and his tone was obviously getting heavier.

His eyes fell on Ana Lin’s clasped hands, and he chuckled, “What kind of person are you married? I didn’t even buy a wedding ring for you. It’s better to leave and I will buy it for you.”

Ana Lin lowered her head, her hands were empty. If there was anything to say, it was an extra jade bracelet on her wrist, which was given to her by Danna.

“I didn’t wear it.” She pretended to be calm.

He and Phillip Zong were married at the time, each had a purpose, and the duration was only one month. Who had the spare time to get a wedding ring?

Jenkin Bai did not believe that she had married and had children.

But the foreign guests in the hotel made him think more.

He looked at Ana Lin, lost in thought.

Ana Lin didn’t want to be alone with him, “You can rest, I will go back to the room.”

Ana Lin stood up after speaking, and walked out with the help of the wall.

“Lin Yan.”

Suddenly Jenkin Bai stopped her.

Ana Lin turned around, “Something’s going on.”

“I think the jade bracelet on your hand is very beautiful, where did you buy it?”

Chapter 186

Ana Lin looked down at the bracelet on his wrist, then smiled, “Why, do you have a special hobby? You like things that women wear?”

Jenkin Bai, “…”


“Then what are you asking?” Ana Lin said sharply.

If she hadn’t accidentally seen a picture of Danna in his study, she would not be so wary.

This jade bracelet was given to her by Danna, but now he inquired about the source of the jade bracelet, which made her be wary.

She clenched her hand silently, wondering what is the relationship between him and Danna?

No one will put a picture of someone they don’t know in their study, right?

It’s still on the table, obviously I often watch it.

Jenkin Bai chuckled softly, “Don’t you think so much?”

Obviously he noticed Ana Lin’s suspicion.

“I don’t know her, I just saw her picture.” Jenkin Bai confessed that he put the picture on the table just to test Ana Lin.

It’s not always there.

He looked at the bracelet on her hand, “I will keep you because this jade bracelet is the same as the one worn by the woman in the photo. I think-you should be her daughter.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She is silent.

But Jenkin Bai did not continue.

“take a break.”

Ana Lin frowned, not believing what he said, “You didn’t know her, but you thought I was her daughter and stayed there. Isn’t it because of her face? Who would give this to a woman who had never met before? Big face, do you think I will believe it?”

Ana Lin didn’t conceal his own curiosity about his identity, “What is your relationship with her? Relatives…”

Actually Ana Lin wants to say that he is a mother and son?

She couldn’t think of another explanation, the only explanation was that Danna married a child born to another man before Zong Qifeng.

But she didn’t think Danna was such a person.

She was puzzled about this matter.

I want to ask Jenkin Bai more clearly.

“Let’s make a deal.” Suddenly Jenkin Bai suggested.

Ana Lin thought for a while and asked, “What deal?”

She didn’t dare to promise him any deal rashly.

“You want to know my identity, I can tell you, but you have to answer one of my questions honestly.” Jenkin Bai said.

Ana Lin thought about it for a moment, and replied, “Yes.”

Compared to herself, she felt that Jenkin Bai had more secrets.

“Ladies first, you ask first.” Jenkin Bai was ready when she proposed this transaction.

Ana Lin thought about it and asked, “What are your parents’ names and where are they from? Where are they now?”

Jenkin Bai frowned, “Are you a problem?”

“Yes.” Ana Lin answered without any guilty conscience, “I only asked one question about your parents, didn’t I?”

Jenkin Bai laughed, and he couldn’t say a word about Ana Lin’s explanation, so eloquent.

He looked sad, “Who is my mother, I don’t know, because I’m an orphan, my adoptive father is Bai Hongfei, a native of Baicheng, and the heir of Bai’s enterprise. Later, when he passed away, he handed over the Bai’s enterprise to me. I have a request…”

At this point he stopped and looked at Ana Lin’s eye sockets two points deep, “He hopes I can marry a daughter born to a woman named Danna, I thought you were.”

So this is why he saved himself and kept himself here?

But who is his adoptive father Bai Hongfei? What is the relationship with Danna?

“I’m finished answering, it’s up to me to ask you.” Jenkin Bai was too busy, “Are you ready?”

Ana Lin’s brain was running fast, thinking about what he would ask, and then making a response.

“Are you ready?” Jenkin Bai urged.

“Okay.” Ana Lin looked at him.

Jenkin Bai raised his eyebrows lightly, “I have a party on Saturday, and you are here as my female companion.”

Ana Lin frowned, did she have auditory hallucinations?

He, what did he say?

Accompany him to events?

“Aren’t you asking me questions?”

“I don’t think a problem can make me understand you at all, so it’s better to use it.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“It’s too late for you to regret it. You can’t live without words, right?” Jenkin Bai gave a triumphant smile.

“I won’t harm you, and maybe I will surprise you.” Jenkin Bai blinked at her.

Ana Lin thought to herself, it would be nice to have no surprise, surprise? forget it.

“Your condition is unruly, I can promise you, but you must also promise me one condition.”

“I’ve already answered you.” Jenkin Bai blinked, this woman didn’t want to eat at any loss.

“Then you ask me questions.” Ana Lin raised his head, obviously unwilling to cooperate. If he did not agree to himself, then he would not agree to him.

Bai Yin stared at her quietly for a while, and said helplessly, “Well, I promise you, you can say it.”

“Permit me to call.”

Sure enough, Jenkin Bai knew she would definitely make this request.

“Yes, but you can contact your family only after accompany me to socialize.”

Ana Lin counted the time. There were three or four days left on Saturday. As long as she could contact her family, three or four days would be three or four days, she endured it.

“Rest early.” Jenkin Bai showed her a big smile.

Three or four days have passed like a white horse, and it is fleeting. After the doctor’s careful massage these days, Ana Lin’s ankle has improved a lot, and he can walk on the ground, but he can’t walk for a long time.

“Miss Lin, Master asked me to give you this.” Xiaoliu walked in with a delicate box.

Ana Lin sat on the side of the bed and moved his feet. Hearing Xiaoliu’s voice, he raised his head and asked, “What’s inside?”

Xiaoliu shook his head, envied very much, she could receive the gift from the young master.

“Miss Lin, won’t you open it and take a look?” Xiaoliu was holding the box, standing by the bed, looking at Ana Lin, who had almost no mood swings, “Master rarely gives gifts.”

She is not excited.

At least she hadn’t seen the master give gifts.

“You open it.” Ana Lin said lightly.

Koyanagi opened his eyes wide, and said unbelievably, “Do you want me to dismantle it for you?”

Ana Lin thought for a while and felt that it was impolite to let others open it, although she didn’t expect Jenkin Bai’s gift, “I’ll open it.”

She reached out and opened the box.

Inside is a dress.

“Oh my God!” Koyanagi sighed involuntarily, “Isn’t this the one you designed last time? The young master actually let someone make a garment.”

Ana Lin also saw it. She picked up the dress, and the silky silky satin slipped away.

“It’s so beautiful.” Xiaoliu’s eyes straightened, and he reached out and touched, “What kind of material is this? Why is it so soft and slippery?”

“The real xiangyun yarn.” Ana Lin did not expect that Jenkin Bai would use xiangyun yarn to make this dress.

There are many imitations on the market at high prices, but they are not genuine Xiangyun yarn.

Xiangyun yarn is known as aristocratic fabric in the fabric industry, and has the reputation of “soft gold” and “fiber queen”.

It is also the highest quality silk fabric.

Because the craft is complicated, there are not many masters who can make this kind of cloth, and the craft is on the verge of being lost.

Even she knew that this knowledge was checked from books and computers. In fact, she had only seen a dress made of fragrant cloud yarn from Mrs. William.

Now it is impossible to buy with money.

Where did Jenkin Bai get this material, and it’s still such a big piece. Her design is a long dress, which is very fabric-intensive.

Koyanagi didn’t understand, she just thought the style was good, the fabric looked soft and silky, and shiny, so that the pure black dress was not dull, noble, intellectual, and sexy.

“You must look good on it.” Koyanagi concealed his inner envy.

“Like it?”

Ana Lin raised his head and saw Jenkin Bai wearing a dark plaid blue suit with a light-colored tie. Even if he was sitting in a wheelchair, he was still heroic.

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