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Chapter 187

Ana Lin was indeed surprised. It was not that he was shocked that he would let people make the clothes, but that he was surprised that he could get xiangyun yarn.

Ana Lin put the clothes in the box and asked, “I am curious, where did you get this kind of fabric.”

“Do you like it?” Jenkin Bai asked deliberately.

In fact, this fabric is what he deliberately appeared in front of Ana Lin. No fashion designer dislikes good fabrics.

He thinks Ana Lin is no exception.

Ana Lin was really interested, but didn’t express it bluntly, she lowered her head and continued to rub her ankle.

Jenkin Bai’s gaze slowly fell, her skin is white, even her feet are the same, her ankles are delicate, and the heels are white with light red. In ancient times, women’s feet were said to be beautiful and they were called slender feet. , At this moment Jenkin Bai’s mind came up with this sentence.

Ana Lin seemed to feel that she was looking at her feet with a straightforward gaze, and she stretched her hand over the quilt to cover it.

Jenkin Bai tilted his head slightly, his face was slightly embarrassed, and he just lost his mind.

“I know a master who can make this fabric…”

“Really?” Ana Lin widened his eyes. Before Jenkin Bai could finish her words, she was interrupted excitedly, “Where is that master? I want to know too.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, sure enough she was interested.

“First put on your clothes and the party is over. I will introduce you to the master.” Jenkin Bai rolled the wheelchair and confessed to the people he had brought, “I will leave her to you.”

“Don’t worry.” The stylist was holding the makeup case in her hand. She had already taken a close look at Ana Lin. She looks good in her own right. It was really too simple to give her a stunning look. She already had it in her mind. More than one version is planned.

Ana Lin is not accustomed to heavy makeup. She usually doesn’t make up much, except for events to attend, “Actually, Koyanagi can do it for me.”

There is no need to hire a stylist.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “It’s very important to me, I hope my female partner is the most amazing in the audience.”

Ana Lin really wanted to say that if you want to look good, it is better to find a celebrity or something. Although reluctant, he has already agreed, and he also introduced the master who can make xiangyun yarn to her.

She got up from the bed, sat on the dressing table, and let the stylist do it.

“I don’t like heavy makeup.” I have made up my mind to’hand over’ myself, and I am still afraid that she will make myself’like a ghost’

The stylist was not angry because of Ana Lin’s reminder, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, not everyone is suitable for heavy makeup, of course, it is not that heavy makeup is not good, it depends on personal temperament.”

The stylist was very easy-going, and Ana Lin was relieved a lot.

“I have designed a lot of shapes, and there are a lot of impressive ones, but none of them will have thousands of thoughts in my mind after I have seen them.” She looked at Ana Lin, “You are the first .”

Ana Lin was not happy because of her praise, but rather melancholy.

She missed her son and daughter.

After giving birth to them, she hasn’t been separated from them so long.

“I think you are unhappy, because Mr. Bai’s legs are not good, you just…”

Ana Lin raised his eyes.

“Although Mr. Bai is sitting in a wheelchair, his abilities and looks are outstanding. He can be favored by him. How many women’s dreams…”

“Yes, yes.” Xiaoliu interrupted. Before the stylist had finished speaking, she was cut off, “Master is so good, how many women want to marry him.”

Ana Lin raised his head to look at her, and the stylist looked at Xiao Liu and saw her thoughts.

This is the heart of Sima Zhao.

Xiaoyan realized that he was too excited just now, and quickly explained, “Last time the county magistrate’s daughter stalked the young master, the young master refused. Now the young master treats you so well, I think you are still unhappy. “

Ana Lin no longer wants to explain to Xiaoliu that she is not bad, but her mind is too real, and it is useless to tell her.

She thinks her master is good.

In her heart, it is estimated that there are only those who are not worthy of her young master, and there is no such thing as her young master.

The stylist laughed but didn’t say anything. The little girl didn’t understand her mind at all. This is to be a servant here. If she goes to an intriguing workplace, she doesn’t know how many times she will be fired.

I don’t know how to work around.

When the stylist sculpted Ana Lin’s hair, he carefully looked at her facial features in the mirror. She is not the kind of beauty that is amazing at a glance, but the type that looks more and more beautiful. Every aspect of her facial features is very attractive.

Ana Lin’s black hair, the stylist used a curling iron to curl it into a big wave, and then picked up two strands from the ears and braided them with a unique technique. After placing them behind his head, the broken hair from the forehead randomly fell on the corner of the eye. Ana Lin’s skin is very white and hardly needs any application of pink daisy, but for the overall look, the stylist still applied pink.

Her appearance without makeup is too pure, not suitable for that black dress.

For eye makeup, the stylist used brown and red glitter to make her double eyelids look more three-dimensional. The eyeliner was gently lifted up at the corner of her eyes, adding a bit of charm to the clear eyes.

For her lip makeup, the stylist used a bean paste color for her, which is not too red or bright, nor too light, which is very suitable for her makeup.

“Your lip shape is very nice.” When the stylist put on lipstick, she couldn’t help but praise her.

The last step is the dress and shoes.

Silver high-heeled shoes with countless diamonds inlaid on them, the whole pair of shoes are shining.

Koyanagi sighed, “Like a crystal shoe, the young master is the prince.”

The stylist wanted to say that you saw the prince in a wheelchair, but she swallowed it again. If Jenkin Bai is not good, I am afraid this girl will blow her hair.

Ana Lin glanced at Xiaoliu and sighed slightly. If she wants to get it, she has to change from herself, but she is too inferior and unwilling to change. She is destined not to be regarded by Jenkin Bai. She holds the clothes. Go into the bathroom.

The whole dress is very simple, basically without any decoration, cardigan design, the position above the front waist and abdomen is two straps, one is taken out from the left side from the right side around the waist, and the other is tied together, the strap is too long , Can hang over the knee, the skirt extends to the ankle position.

The neckline is naturally formed into a deep V neckline because of the crossing of the two straps. It is round and full, and it faintly reveals a hook, which attracts people’s imagination.

Coupled with makeup tailored for her by the stylist, she does not lose her original pure taste, but also adds a bit of charm. When looking forward to it, she has a graceful and elegant temperament, which makes people photographed. Black The dress looks cold and arrogant, and it is quite ecstatic in the agility, which makes people have to dream about it.

Even the woman’s stylist and Koyanagi looked straight.

Ana Lin is also a person who has attended various receptions and banquets. She is not unaccustomed to it, and she behaves generous and decent.

She stood at the door of the bathroom, chuckling, “I have a flower on my face that makes you look at me like this?”

“Shoes.” Xiao Liu came back to his senses, bending over to put the shoes on her feet.

Ana Lin lifted his foot and put it in. It fits the feet well, is of a moderate height, and is not uncomfortable.

“Let’s go, Master is waiting outside.” Xiaoliu stretched out her arm and asked her to support herself.

Ana Lin’s feet weren’t completely healed, and she didn’t try her best, reaching out to support Xiaoliu.

In the living room, Jenkin Bai was answering the phone. Hearing the sound of high heels, he turned his head and saw Ana Lin dressed up.

He held the phone’s hand and tightened it a bit, pressing down the surprise in his eyes, and said to the phone end, “I will be there soon.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and said to Ana Lin, “Let’s go.”

Ana Lin let go of Xiaoliu and walked towards him, holding the handle of the wheelchair, “I will push you.”

“I can’t ask for it.” Jenkin Bai looked at her and wanted to say that you are beautiful, but he didn’t say it.

When he got outside, the driver pushed Jenkin Bai into the car. The car Jenkin Bai was riding in was specially modified. Automatic telescopic pedals were installed on the ground and the door of the car. Just follow the pedal to push it up, which is very convenient.

The driver fixed the wheelchair, got down, and then helped Ana Lin into the car.

“What kind of entertainment are I going to accompany you, where are we going?” Ana Lin asked after sitting down.

Otherwise she doesn’t know anything, so as not to make mistakes.

“Bai’s annual meeting, a hotel under the Bai’s.” When he spoke, he turned his head and looked at Ana Lin, “The manager told me that some city B people came to the hotel. I don’t know if you know him.”

Ana Lin’s hands tightened unconsciously, but his face was calm, “Although I was born in City B, I am not older than City B. I don’t know many people. How could it be such a coincidence.”

She said so, but she was expecting it in her heart.

Would it be Phillip Zong who came to see her?

Chapter 188

The annual meeting of the Bai family was very lively. Even the mayor came in person. After all, he is an entrepreneur who drives the economy of one party and has made a lot of contributions to the city.

When the car stopped, Ana Lin saw the huge banner drawn in front of the hotel. There were lots of cars parked next to them, most of which belonged to Bai’s enterprise employees.

At this time, Jenkin Bai’s assistant ran over from the plateau, opened the door, and the driver pushed him out of the car, “The mayor is here.”

Jenkin Bai gave a faint hum, he turned his head, Ana Lin walked over, the plateau stepped aside with a wink, and gave Ana Lin the position.

Ana Lin held the wheelchair handle and pushed him into the hotel.

In the hall, a large crystal chandelier extending from a height is crystal clear, illuminating the whole hall transparently.

The backbone of the enterprise was speaking with the mayor. Seeing Jenkin Bai was coming, everyone voluntarily gave up a path. The people who came out before they arrived, the face of the party on the Vanity Fair, “Sorry, I’m late.”

A waiter passed by, Jenkin Bai told him to stop, and took a glass of wine from his wine tray, “I will fine myself three glasses first.”

After the first cup, he put down the wine glass to fill it up, and drank it again. At the third cup, the mayor said, “Although you should be fine for three glasses for being late, we all understand.”

His gaze swept across Jenkin Bai’s legs, meaning something.

Jenkin Bai’s face remained unchanged, and she still smiled, “The tortoise and the hare race, why do the tortoise always win? I think I may be the tortoise that works hard. I’m late and should punish myself for three cups.”

He was a pun. Although his legs were not good, he succeeded.

People who work hard, no matter what your status, as long as you succeed, you win.

On the other hand, even if the’rabbit’ is born with excellent conditions, if it is too proud of its own conditions and does not work hard, what will it end up?

After speaking, he poured the third cup into his stomach without even frowning.

The mayor was dressed in a black tunic suit, and his face was wrinkled over the years. He let out a loud laugh, and he was swept away just because of Jenkin Bai’s unpleasant late arrival.

He admired Jenkin Bai’s wisdom.

His gaze fell inadvertently on Ana Lin who was behind him, his expression stopped, and then he looked at Jenkin Bai, “This, your girlfriend?”

Jenkin Bai is unmarried. Everyone knows that there has never been a woman around him. If he is not a lame man, he would want to marry his daughter to him.

To be honest, besides being a lame, he recognized him regardless of his appearance and ability.

Now there are so many beauties around him, he instinctively thought it was his’woman’

After all, today is Bai’s annual meeting. He can show her to the employees of the entire company, which shows that he values ​​this woman.

Besides, Jenkin Bai has bad legs, not a physical problem. He is a normal man and needs a woman.

Jenkin Bai looked back at her, smiled and said, “I…”


Before Jenkin Bai could say anything, he was cut off by Ana Lin.

She didn’t want to entangle him too much.

But she also didn’t want to prevent Jenkin Bai from coming to the stage in front of outsiders. She patted Jenkin Bai’s shoulder to make their relationship look like a good friend. “He said he had no female companions and forced me to There is no way to pull it together, as a good friend, I have to come.”

The mayor laughed heartily again, “I thought Mr. Bai, who had always been single, now has a home. It turns out that I misunderstood.”

Jenkin Bai smiled socially and glanced at Ana Lin without a trace.

Ana Lin pretended not to see. Although she promised to follow him, she would never let him control the overall situation. She had to hold this initiative in her hands.

The two exchanged a few more words, and the mayor asked the secretary to hand Jenkin Bai a document.

Jenkin Bai took it. It was the approval letter for the land he applied for last time. He wanted to build a factory outside Baicheng. He chose Baicheng to directly manage the city, so he handed in the application.

The mayor naturally hopes that he can build factories on his own site, which can not only drive the city’s economy, but also retain the migrant population. With factories, workers are naturally needed. The economic growth of a city is driven by local enterprises. .

As the mayor of a city, he has a heavy burden on his shoulders for the future of a city, and of course he does not want to miss a talent.

Outside the hotel.

Two black off-road vehicles drove in from outside. Keller Shen got off first. When he saw the car with the license plate number five zeros parked next to Huachi, he glanced into the hotel lobby, “This Bai’s is really strong here. .”

Those who can use such license plates are not simple characters, at least the level of mayor.

Phillip Zong was dressed in a black suit. He and Keller Shen went out to look for clues because they had been sitting in the car for a long time, but no one had seen Ana Lin.

In the past few days in Baicheng, I almost got nothing.

He has black eyes in his eyes, and he has been unable to find anyone. He is anxious, worried that Rios He has already transferred the people.

“Let’s take the stairs.” Keller Shen suggested, because if you take the stairs, you don’t have to enter the lobby. The elevator is located in the lobby.

They can go up the stairs from outside.

In the past few days, he was in a bad mood because there was no clue from Ana Lin, and Keller Shen followed him carefully.

I thought that Alan Su said, how could he not come yet? How many days have it been?

Is there no place to be found?

But he has already sent him a location.

Someone can also share some pressure for him.

There is no clue to Ana Lin every day, let alone Phillip Zong is anxious, he is also anxious.

In the past few days, Phillip Zong’s complexion looks better except in front of the two children. If the two children are not there, his complexion, like an ice sculpture, is cold and hard.

Facing him, Keller Shen was’trembling’ all day long.

If it weren’t for the lack of a better hotel, Phillip Zong could not stay here anymore, it was too noisy.

Keller Shen followed in his footsteps and walked into the corridor, “I have asked the person in charge. On this day, the Bai’s annual meeting will naturally be held in his own hotel.”

Phillip Zong stepped up the stairs, walked a few steps, and suddenly he stopped.

Keller Shen didn’t notice that Phillip Zong stopped suddenly, and almost hit him. He got an exciting spirit and stepped back down a step, “You, what’s wrong with you?”

Don’t scare him, he has been suffering by staying with him these days.

Phillip Zong’s hand grasped the handrail, his five fingers gathered together, “Will she…may not be here anymore?”

He was not sure, he felt that Ana Lin was no longer here, but he felt that if he just left, he would miss something.

This Keller Shen did not dare to answer rashly.

There are too few clues, all the way to here, only relying on the phone, there has been no movement these days, what can he do?

Anyway, she could call Daniel again, and let him run around.


At this time, the mobile phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang. He took out the mobile phone and pressed the answer button. There was an immature and crisp voice like silver bells, “Dad, when are you coming back?”


“How fast will it be soon?” Phillip Zong talked to his daughter on the phone as he walked, “I will be able to appear in front of your eyes as soon as you blink.”

The little girl really blinked, why didn’t my father show up yet?


“look here.”

The photographer is holding the camera in his hand, facing the center of the hall, because this is Bai’s annual meeting. Many excellent managers have been selected, and with excellent employees, Jenkin Bai needs to take photos with them.

Ana Lin was unwilling to join in the excitement, but Jenkin Bai looked at her and said, “You promised to accompany me to attend without standing by my side. Is this still accommodating me?”

Ana Lin couldn’t find anything to refute, so he had to bite the bullet and stand beside him.


With the sound of Carmen, the light reflected by the flashlight from the crystal pendant of the crystal lamp reached Phillip Zong’s eyes. He instinctively squinted and continued to talk to his daughter, “You count one, two, three, and I’m there…”

When speaking, his gaze inadvertently passed downstairs…

Chapter 189

When he was speaking, his gaze inadvertently turned away from the downstairs, the heads were all black, and he frowned and retracted his gaze.

“Zong Zong.”

Phillip Zong turned his head and saw the mayor walking towards this side. He smiled, “I thought I was dazzled. It’s really you. Are you here to attend the Bai’s annual meeting?”

Drumming in my heart, it seems that I have never heard of any cooperation between Wan Yue and Bai’s.

To say that Jenkin Bai is young and promising, then Phillip Zong is the leader among these young and promising people.

Phillip Zong said to her daughter to go back later, and hung up the phone.

He put away the phone.


The tenderness when talking on the phone disappeared instantly, his face was the usual appearance of socializing.

The mayor stretched out his hand, “It’s fate to be able to meet here.”

Phillip Zong stretched out his right hand to shake hands with him, and after a short time, they withdrew each.

Phillip Zong didn’t want to waste time with him here, but he always had to give a bit of face, since ancient times, the people did not fight with officials.

Especially businessmen.

“President Bai is going to my side to build a factory, we need to talk about some details.” Jenkin Bai has something to deal with, so he will wait for him first.

Prepare to talk while eating for a while.

“Why don’t you have a meal together, everyone knows each other?” The mayor deliberately bridged the gap, but after thinking of something, he smiled embarrassedly, “Aren’t you old acquaintances?”

According to Phillip Zong’s identity, if he hadn’t cooperated with the Bai family, how could he have appeared in this small place.

“I don’t know.” Phillip Zong’s answer was simple and clear.

“Look at that person in charge of the Bai family. Don’t look at him in a wheelchair. He has a little ability. I admire him. Of course, the Bai family can’t compare with Wansheng. I heard that you have invested in a lot of projects abroad, and you have partnered with others. Mr. Zong has courage to establish an investment bank.”

Phillip Zong was really not interested in this Jenkin Bai, but the mayor’s sentence in a wheelchair made him a little curious. A leader with a physical disability will definitely excel.

Otherwise, you can’t convince the crowd.

His eyes cast downstairs.

Several backbones in the company are clamoring around Jenkin Bai and Ana Lin.

Jenkin Bai had never seen a woman before, and suddenly appeared in front of the entire company with a beautiful woman. Everyone was very curious about their relationship.

“President Bai, you are hiding deep enough, even those of us who followed you’birth to death’ hide it from you, you can’t do this authentically.”


“Isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you still want to play tricks, you will show up here with her?” Someone refused to listen to Jenkin Bai’s explanation and interrupted him directly.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “I think, mainly…”

“What’s the main thing?” Several people asked in unison, and they seemed to understand the meaning of his words in an instant. Then, they all looked at Ana Lin in unison, “You look down on us, President Bai?”

At this moment, Ana Lin felt that he was on Jenkin Bai’s’thief ship’, and there were pits everywhere.

She just wanted to explain, but Jenkin Bai grabbed her arm and pulled her to herself and whispered to her, “Don’t let me lose face in front of my employees. If you want to reject me, when you go home, you can reject me again. When I beg you ?”

When Phillip Zong cast his gaze, he happened to see Jenkin Bai whispering to a woman. Because of the angle, he didn’t see Ana Lin’s face, only a slender back.

“I promised to accompany you to socialize, but I didn’t promise you to pretend to be your girlfriend.” Ana Lin stood firm.

Jenkin Bai is not angry. He can see that this woman is very smart and has a strong sense of autonomy. “Do you still want to know the master who can make xiangyun yarn?”

Ana Lin, “…”

At this moment, Ana Lin understood why Xiang Yunsha appeared in front of her, “You deliberately.”

Although it was a question, it was in a positive tone.

Jenkin Bai did not deny it, smiled brightly with white teeth and was exceptionally good-looking. He was two points closer to Ana Lin. “I am curious, what kind of man can hold you down.” Ana Lin pushed him away. , Stood up straight.

She turned around and Phillip Zong, who was standing on the second floor, saw her face clearly.

Time seemed to stand still for an instant.

The mayor didn’t notice anything wrong. He looked at the situation downstairs and said with a smile, “To say that President Bai is also a’wonder’, and there has never been a woman by his side. This time, he took a woman out abruptly and looked so good. pretty.”

“She—” Keller Shen also saw the woman downstairs. He turned to look at Phillip Zong, “She is…”

He just wanted to ask the woman if it was Ana Lin, but before she finished speaking, she had already left.

He hurried to catch up.

There was still noisy downstairs, surrounding Jenkin Bai and Ana Lin.

Although she did not agree, Jenkin Bai knew that Ana Lin had agreed.

Just when he was about to open his mouth to introduce Ana Lin’s identity, a tall figure appeared at the door. His complexion was deep, and his aura, tempered by the wind and waves, could not be underestimated. Only the moment he appeared, he attracted countless eyes.

Ana Lin’s gaze shifted erratic to the back of the hall, Yixiangli and shadows intertwined, her eyelids pierced with dazzling beams of light, and she stared intently at the surging of the door.

Soon, a familiar figure came into her eyes, and at that moment her heart stopped beating.

In the depths of the sea of ​​people, Phillip Zong came against the light, his steps calmly and slowly.

This is just the appearance. He has long been trained in the shopping mall with a steel-like armor. No matter who, don’t want to see through his mind.

All indifferent, all calm, but inertia, the more excited and surging, the calmer the surface.

His muscles were tight and his heart was shaking.

He focused on the face that was familiar but unfamiliar at the moment.

Ana Lin stood there, as if he had settled, and he was obviously excited about his appearance, but he found that his throat was so tight that he couldn’t say a word.

In the impression, Ana Lin had never dressed up so “feminine” before. Her absence, he thought about it and couldn’t sleep at night, but in front of another man, she showed herself the way she had never been before him. It was vividly displayed in front of another man.

“What are you doing?” His voice was like rolling atmospheric pressure, the sound from his chest, dull and sharp.

Does she know his suffering these days?

Do you know his concerns?

Do you know what he missed?

Do you know his tossing and turning?

Does she know?

“Why don’t you speak?”


“Do you know?” The moment Jenkin Bai appeared in Phillip Zong, he knew that he might have come for Ana Lin, and he asked knowingly.

At this time, Phillip Zong shifted his gaze to Jenkin Bai’s body, and the corners of his lips raised a sneer arc, “Ms. Bai, like married women?”

Jenkin Bai’s face changed slightly. Ana Lin said that she was married and had children. He didn’t believe it. He felt that she deliberately got rid of herself and lied.

But… now he is not sure.

“She looks very young…”

Phillip Zong held Ana Lin’s hand, raised his eyebrows, and even the muscles on his face trembled, and his smile penetrated, “She married me when she was 18 years old. Are you young?”

Jenkin Bai frowned, thinking that Ana Lin was a very independent person, how could it be possible to marry so early.

“Are you kidding me?” When he spoke, he looked at Ana Lin as if he was asking.

The authenticity of what he said.

“Xiao Xi and Ruth are still waiting for you.” After speaking, Phillip Zong took her away.

He forbids her to say a word to Jenkin Bai.

Domineering is like a child, at this moment someone wants to compete with him, his beloved toy.

His hands were like iron pliers, and he clasped Ana Lin’s hands tightly in his palms, walking fast.

Ana Lin’s feet are still not sharp, and she is wearing high heels, and can’t keep up with him. She endures the faintly painful ankles and soles of the feet, and said, “You go slower.”

Phillip Zong turned around and looked at her, “Not willing to leave?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “No.”


As soon as she finished speaking, Phillip Zong was picked up by Phillip Zong, Ana Lin instinctively hugged his neck and closed his mouth.

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