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Chapter 190

Ana Lin was able to follow his unrhythmic heartbeat at this moment, and wanted to open his mouth to ask him why he was here, but his lips opened, but no sound came out.

Entering the corridor, Phillip Zong looked back at Keller Shen, “You go back first.”

Within a second, Keller Shen read the meaning of his words, said nothing, and withdrew and left.

The light in the corridor was a little dark, and Ana Lin could hear it clearly, huh! Boom! Boom! With the sound of her heartbeat, she couldn’t tell whether it was hers or his.

“Why are you here?” Phillip Zong hugged her up two floors of stairs, and she calmed down and found her voice.

Phillip Zong was silent.

Ana Lin looked at his face swept by light and shadow, and asked, “Are you here to find me?”

She couldn’t help but clenched the back of his collar, hoping that he would say yes.

But I was afraid that my expectations would fall to nothing, “You have something to do here.”

Phillip Zong never said a word, and Ana Lin’s silence made Ana Lin feel very uneasy. She squatted, hesitated, and even cautiously said, “What’s wrong with you?”

At this time, Phillip Zong held her to the floor they had wrapped up. Keller Shen came up and arranged, and evacuated the people guarding in the corridor. Now he was hiding in Daniel and Ruth’s room, and he pushed a room away. After entering, he locked the door behind him and walked to the bedroom holding Ana Lin and placed her on the bed.

Ana Lin didn’t dare to speak anymore, his calmness made people flustered.

Phillip Zong just looked at her quietly. She is simple and innocent, who doesn’t like makeup. If she wears jeans and a compassionate shirt, she will make people think that she is still a college student, and she can’t see that she is the mother of two children.

But at this moment, she is a bit more charming while not losing the pure taste, showing her amorous feelings.

At this moment, with her sitting posture, he could see the plumpness hidden in her deep V neckline with his eyes low.

This woman, when he and his two children couldn’t eat or sleep because of her disappearance, dressed up in front of another man, what did she want to do?

Fancy that cripple?

“What were you doing with that lame man just now?” He was mad at the thought of her and Jenkin Bai whispering intimacy.

Are her eyes blind?

Fancy that cripple? !

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment before realizing that the lame in his mouth was Jenkin Bai. Ana Lin had never seen him so’serious’ before and wanted to laugh inexplicably.

“It’s very complicated, I can’t say a word or two…”

Phillip Zong looked at her closed red lips, attached himself to them, pressed them firmly, and domineeringly buckled the back of her head, allowing her to cater to her, blocking her unfinished words.

He didn’t want to hear anything about that man now.

Thinking of her and Jenkin Bai’s intimacy, his actions became more powerful, with overwhelming possession.

The boss of Ana Lin’s eyes opened, his face flushed, and she was about to suffocate when she wanted to push him away.

But he didn’t mean to relax at all, as if he had to eat her in his stomach before he would give up.

“Well–” In desperation, Ana Lin held his lower lip and bit it down. Phillip Zong suffered from a pain, and was temporarily relaxed, before attacking again.

Between the mouth, there was a smell of blood.

“Don’t want me to k*ss you?” Phillip Zong asked vaguely.

Ana Lin wanted to say no, his k*ss was too domineering, she was almost suffocated, but her mouth and throat overflowed with a syllable that she did not control, “Well—”

The moaning seduce.

Listening to Phillip Zong’s ears became an admission.

He bit her tongue like a punishment, the bloody smell between his mouth and teeth became stronger, and he couldn’t tell whether it was his or hers.

He held her tongue in his mouth, her sweet body fluid, her blood, and her Adam’s apple rolled up and down to swallow.

The scene is indescribably lingering.

Ana Lin felt painful, wronged, she suffered so much, why did she treat her like this when she saw her?


Is she careless?

“Phillip Zong, do you really think I have a copper wall and iron wall, no matter how stabbed it hurts?”

He heard the choking in her words, and slowly left her lips.

In just a few minutes, her lips were ravaged and red and swollen.

There was a layer of moisture in his eyes, and he pinched her chin, “Do you hurt? You know it too? How much do I worry about you and miss you when I know you are missing?”

“Every time Ruth asks about you, do you know how I lied to her? I said you were playing hide and seek with her, we are going to find you, but what are you doing?” His eyes fell from her face while speaking. Pointing down, looking at her appearance, a sneer overflowed from her throat, “You are k*ssing me with another man, do you hurt?”

“I didn’t!” Ana Lin immediately denied, she would not admit what she hadn’t done!

“I have no choice!” She finally escaped from Rios He’s hands, not Jenkin Bai, she didn’t know if she could survive.

“My life is nine deaths, why do you question me and doubt me? Why?” Even if she never blinked, tears would still slide from her eyes.

“Ruth, Xiao Xi, it’s me…” She clutched her heart, “I made it back with my life, don’t I want to? Am I not worried? They grow up so big, I have never left them for half a step, I spend Take care of them with all my heart, because they are my children, and the meat that fell from my body, in the days when I can’t see them, I always worry about whether they will not be full or warm, will they No one takes care of them, will I die and never see them again.”

Phillip Zong looked at her in pain, took her into his arms, k*ssed her forehead and her hair, silently distressed.

“I’m sorry…” He k*ssed her eyes hard, tears in the corners of her eyes.

After a while, Ana Lin calmed down. Phillip Zong was still grinning on her forehead. He rubbed her hair, k*ssed her cheek and the corner of her eyes, “You are a married woman. You can’t be close to any man, I don’t like.”

Ana Lin lowered her eyes lightly, she could feel his feelings, but there were too many things between this feeling, and she did not dare to open the door of her heart.

“Phillip Zong, can you accept me?”

His family, his identity.

“Xiao Xi and Ruth, can you accept it?” Tears fell uncontrollably again.

Phillip Zong held her hand shaking slightly, “Six years ago, Country A, Kangting Hotel, Room 1908…”

Ana Lin’s body was tight for a while, he, how did he know this?

She pushed him away and asked sharply!

“You investigate me?!”

Not many people know this, how could he know.

This matter is a pain that is difficult for her to tell, and it is even more because she is unwilling to bring embarrassment and humiliation.

It is the secret of the invisible light in her heart.

Phillip Zong was pushed back by her. He stood two steps away from her, watching her panic, her bewilderment, her shame, and her rejection.

“That year, your mother and brother had a car accident and you needed money very much, so you were introduced by someone…”

“Stop talking!” Ana Lin interrupted him, pushing him like crazy, “You go, you go, I don’t want to listen to you!”

Phillip Zong grabbed her restless hands, “You betrayed yourself, only in exchange for rewards to save your mother and brother.”

She was ashamed, hesitating, helpless, and even evasive. She felt that she was stripped. She was naked, standing in front of him naked, like the waves of the night, entangled in death, and clearly presented. In front of him, let him appreciate, let him laugh.

She was trembling all over, shivering like a sieve, and she couldn’t say a word, “Are you happy? Are you happy? Is it a sense of accomplishment to tear others’ scars?!”

Chapter 191

Time stands still.

Ana Lin stood there, swaying, like he would fall down in the next second.

Phillip Zong looked at her almost desperate eyes, saying every word.

“It was me that night.”

She was so shocked by Phillip Zong’s words that she was in a state of half dementia and half stupefaction as if she had received an electric shock.

Poke there like a half stake.

“You…you, what did you…say?” Suddenly she covered her face, crying and laughing, “How is it possible, how is it possible, how can it be you?”

She couldn’t believe it, how could it be possible to walk around in front of the bed?

Her leg accidentally hit the edge of the bed, and she fell down. She scratched her hair vigorously, “Rios He investigated for me back then, and he said… He was a local that night, how could it be you? “

Phillip Zong grabbed her and scratched her hand like self-injury, hooked her chin, forcing her to look at herself, “What did you say? Have you investigated?”

There were still traces of water in her eye sockets.

She looked at him apprehensively, her mouth filled with ice cubes, she couldn’t speak for a long time, she took out the hand held by Phillip Zong, brushed his cheek between her fingers, and slid to his neck. , Followed his collar and touched his shoulder, “Once I found a bite mark on your shoulder… I suspected it, so I asked Rios He to help me investigate. Later he told me… that night it was a local. .”

Slowly she calmed down. Could it be that her original suspicion was true? Rios He lied to her?

Rios He has been by her side to take care of her and help her, and often said that Xiao Xi and Ruth are pitiful without a father.

But, in fact, he has always known the truth and has been concealing her?

She raised her eyes, “Did he lie to me?”

Her hand was cold, Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to cover the back of her hand, and the hot palm tightly wrapped her cold hand.

At this moment, no word could express his feelings. Thousands of words turned into a k*ss, covering her lips deeply.

Ana Lin still felt like a dream, everything was so ethereal and unreal.

Like a bubble in an illusion, it bursts with a single poke.

But the scorching heat close at hand, so real, so hot.

“Have you investigated clearly?”

She didn’t know if this was a lie he made up just to make her feel at ease.

Phillip Zong lowered her eyes, put her hand on her palm, and gently kneaded, “No need to investigate, I know it’s you.”

Until the moment he knew the truth, he didn’t know where the inexplicable familiarity with her came from.

It turns out that all this is for a reason.

Ana Lin retracted his hand, his palm was suddenly empty, he was very uncomfortable, and looked up at her.

Ana Lin stared at him deeply, “I don’t want to make a mistake.”

After she settled down, she was extraordinarily calm, this matter was not trivial, it was related to the father of her child.

Phillip Zong touched the corner of her eye, she was thin again, her skin was cold, one can imagine how much she suffered outside.

“How do you think I knew about this?” Phillip Zong sat on the bed, took her into his arms, rubbed her palms on her shoulders, and told her about Zong Qifeng’s paternity test with him on his back.

Therefore, Daniel and Ruth are his children. There is no doubt about this.

Ana Lin slowly closed his eyes.

She still felt that she was dreaming.

“You pinch me.”

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, only to find that she had a scar on her forehead, which was not very clear. With the cover of foundation, it was difficult to find the traces of his gentle touch, lingering and touching, very light and soft, with A trembling that was unsustainable.

His eyes were full of scarlet, which came from the heartache of disappearing to her, and he failed to discover and protect in time.

He felt sorry for her, yes, it was sad. She had never seen such a vivid, deep and pitiful look on his face. He had been kind to her before, but he always had reservations. At this moment, she had never opened her heart. There is a gap in the door.

“Why are you here?” Phillip Zong asked.

The news he got from Aunt Hua was that Rios He was going to take her to Sichuan Province.

Why does it appear here, is it still related to Jenkin Bai?

What happened in the middle?

What has she experienced?

Thinking of the days when Rios He restricted her freedom, she couldn’t help but tremble. After life and death, she still had lingering fears at this moment.

His generous and hot palms stroked her slender back, stroking her once to comfort her uneasy emotions.

It took a long time for Ana Lin to calmly talk about his experience during this time, “I was brought here by Rios He, and then I escaped, and Jenkin Bai saved me.”

She said nothing about the thrills.

Phillip Zong knew that she must have concealed something. The place where she was trapped was so shocking. He lay down with her slender waist, lying on the bed like this, without covering the quilt. He pressed close to her. , Use your own temperature to warm her.

After a long time, Phillip Zong fell asleep holding her like this.

Ana Lin turned her head and looked at him sleeping, only then did she realize that there was a blue color under his eyes, which seemed to be the result of not having a good rest.

She couldn’t help but stretched out her hand, his fingertips just touched his skin, and he held the hand. His eyes never opened, and she took her hand to her lips and k*ssed, “Sleep with me for a while.”

During her absence, he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep, and now he held her soft body in his arms, and his whole heart was at ease.


Ana Lin followed him and closed his eyes.

During this period of time, Ana Lin had not rested, and she felt sleepy at the moment of’Yes Phillip’.

Ana Lin didn’t know when she fell asleep, but in her dreams, someone k*ssed her from time to time, her neck, hair, cheeks, nose, lips…

They stayed in the room for a day, with Keller Shen taking care of them outside, and no one was bothering them.

When Ana Lin woke up, he found a pair of deep eyes, looking at her for an instant.

She was a little sober in an instant.

Phillip Zong gently stroked the broken hair blocking her forehead, and asked, “Awake, are you hungry?”

Ana Lin did feel hungry and nodded.

“Let’s go to another room, Xiao Xi and Ruth will be very happy to see you…”

“What?” Before Phillip Zong finished speaking, she was interrupted excitedly, “Xiao Xi and Ruth are here too?”


“Why didn’t you say it earlier?” She glanced at Phillip Zong sadly. During this time, she hadn’t seen two children, and she missed them very much.

She wanted to see her son and daughter get out of bed quickly. She didn’t notice that the lace of the dress was held down by Phillip Zong. She was so together, the strap was torn apart, and her body was cold. She exclaimed, instinctively When she turned her head around her chest, she realized that the laces on her dress were suppressed.

Phillip Zong’s gaze cast over.

When the eyes are facing each other, they are all taken aback.

Ana Lin’s face was hot, “You get up.”

Phillip Zong did not become obedient, but looked at the clothes she had torn apart. Her abdomen was very flat, there was no trace of excess fat, her pale skin was pink, and there were faint stretch marks below her belly button. , Not profound, thin white, and then down…

His Adam’s apple rolled involuntarily.

Ana Lin’s face was angry, and he pushed him in shame. He grabbed her wrist and took advantage of the trend. Her center of gravity was unstable and she fell to the bed all at once, Phillip Zong turned over.

Her clothes were left open and she was pressed under her.

The man’s clothes above her are neat except for some folds. His sturdy body is lying on top of her, and the emotions in his eyes are as strong as fire, almost overflowing, but he is still restraining, “We are a legal couple.”

Logically speaking, it is true that they are indeed still husbands and wives without going through the divorce certificate.

His eyes were hot, and her throat was dry, “You, you said that I had to agree.”

His fingertips pressed against her palm, “But I don’t want to wait anymore.”

He lowered his head and k*ssed gently in the corner of her eye, his voice was deep and low, “I miss you.” His face was buried in her neck, “I want to…”

Ana Lin tilted his head slightly, “Give me some time.”

She is not ready yet.

Phillip Zong cracked her face and k*ssed her lips, “How long will it take?”

Ana Lin looked at the ceiling, floating up and down, “When I was young, I also dreamed of a vigorous love, but in reality, I haven’t even talked about love, I don’t know what it’s like—”

She looked at him, “Waiting for me to fall in love with you.”

Chapter 192

Phillip Zong’s face was in the aperture, bright and dark, the fire did not disappear, but became more and more intense.

“I see.” Suddenly Ana Lin said that the donkey’s head was not right.

Phillip Zong frowned, “What do you know?”

“Casey He also knew about this. She was the one who sent me messages to lure me out.” She said this deliberately, distracting Phillip Zong’s attention.

Of course Casey He knew that she did everything in the first place.

Thinking of the woman Casey He, his face sank.

Ana Lin said calmly and wanted to get out of him, Phillip Zong pressed her shoulder, only then did he react, she did it on purpose.

There was a puddle of water rippling under his eyes, and the color was boundless, “I am not young anymore, how long do you want me to wait?”

Saying that his body was lowered, he teased against her ear, “I heard that love is made.”


Ana Lin’s brain was blank for a moment, he, how could he say such a thing.

Also… shameless?

Phillip Zong squeezed her face, her facial features were wrinkled, he looked left and right, his eyes overflowed with a strong smile, “You said you don’t look good, why am I so rare?”

“I don’t look good, so you still want to…” Ana Lin quickly shut up, I almost blurted out if you still want to sleep.

She blushed, wishing to find a place to sew in.

Too shameful.

Especially in front of him.

Phillip Zong smiled and asked knowingly, “What else do I want to do?”

“I’m hungry when you start.” Ana Lin tried to break free.

Phillip Zong’s face was straightened, and he lowered his head and k*ssed her lips, “I’ll feed you, okay?”

Ana Lin, “…”


Ana Lin’s eyes lit up, who was here really at the right time, she just couldn’t find an excuse.

“Hurry up and open the door.” Ana Lin pushed him.

Phillip Zong didn’t move, his face didn’t look as brisk as before.

Who is here so badly?


The knock on the door was accompanied by a childish voice.

“Ruth.” Ana Lin’s voice trembled, her daughter.

She looked at the man above, feeling a little unhappy. Her daughter was not calling her, but calling him.

“Dad, are you there?” There was another sound.

Phillip Zong was reluctant and had to get up at this time. His daughter was waiting outside.

He stretched his hand to Ana Lin’s clothes, and she reluctantly patted his hand away, seeming to be upset because her daughter didn’t call herself. She was born in October and raised her for six years, and finally became so close to this man.

Phillip Zong saw her unhappiness and scratched her nose, “You also eat your daughter’s jealousy?”

Ana Lin said without saying a word, bowed his head and tied the laces of his clothes.

“We are father and daughter, blood is thicker than water.” Half of the blood shed on her body belongs to him, and the feelings are good.

Ana Lin didn’t want to talk to him, and walked quickly to open the door. Ruth didn’t know that Ana Lin was back, and she called her father as soon as the door opened.

When I saw that it was Ana Lin, I was stunned for a moment, and then my eyes were flushed, grieving, “Mommy, where are you hiding? My father and I have been looking for you for a long time, I miss you so much.”

As he said, he threw into her arms, hugged her waist tightly, and drilled into her arms, “Mummy.”

For fear that Mommy would hide again, she could not see her.

Keller Shen was standing by the door, and Phillip Zong and Ana Lin had been in the house for a day, and no matter how many things there were, it was time to finish them.

So he took his own initiative and brought the two children over. He did not tell the two children that they had found Ana Lin and planned to surprise them.

Just now when Ruth knocked on the door, Daniel wanted to go to the toilet, but he hasn’t come back yet.

Ana Lin squatted down and held her daughter’s face. The little guy seemed to be fat, with a round face.

“Where did you hide, Mommy, why can’t I find you?” The little girl pouted her little pink mouth.

Ana Lin didn’t know how to answer her daughter’s question, so she held her in his arms. It was then that Daniel, who did not know when he was standing at the door, stood straight with his thin body, his hands hanging on his side, clenched into fists.

“Xiao Xi.” Ana Lin looked at his son, he was thinner, and the outline of his face was sharp and angular, just like Phillip Zong’s.

She reached out to her son.

Daniel’s eyes were red, her neck was suffocated, and she cried out, “Where have you been for so long? Do you know I am worried about you?”

“I’m sorry—” Ana Lin didn’t know how to comfort his son, and stretched out his hand to drag him into his arms.

Daniel raised her hand to wipe the tears from her face with the back of her hand, and choked, “Mommy didn’t sorry me, it was because I was not good. I didn’t take good care of Mommy. I was a man at home, but I lost you. it is good.”

“Fool.” Ana Lin pressed his son’s head into his arms. He was only a child, but he kept saying that he hadn’t taken care of her.

She couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart, she felt the soreness that came out of her nose, and her eyes hurt.

Phillip Zong walked over and reached out and touched his son’s hair.

They are well taken care of and educated by Ana Lin, smart and sensible, especially their son, who sometimes makes people feel distressed.

Ruth poked her head out of Ana Lin’s arms and looked up at Phillip Zong, “Dad is the mommy you found?”

Phillip Zong is light.

“Thank you.” Daniel said this. Although he was very concerned about what this father had done before, but this time he helped find Mommy.

He is willing to thank him.

“Should we go to dinner?” Keller Shen stood by the door, unable to bear the sensational scene.

He had never been a father and couldn’t understand their feelings.

“I have reserved a private room below to celebrate Miss Lin’s safe return?” Keller Shen suggested.

Ana Lin wiped his son’s face, stood up with his son and daughter’s hand, and bent towards Keller Shen, “Thank you, help me take care of them when I am away.”

Keller Shen was taken aback and took a step back, which he couldn’t bear.

“Phillip and I are buddies. This is what I should do. I can’t afford this thank you.” He looked at Phillip Zong when he spoke.

Who knows, Phillip Zong didn’t look at him at all, his eyes were on the two children and Ana Lin, and he had no time to look at him.

He lowered his head awkwardly and touched his nose.

Why does he feel that he is so redundant?

Ruth pulled Ana Lin’s hand, “Mummy, I’m hungry.”

Ana Lin looked down at her daughter, and now knew where the flesh of her face came from.

“Let’s go,” Keller Shen said with a smile.

“Then trouble you.” Ana Lin took the two children out of the room, Ruth was used to being held by Phillip Zong, pouting, and asked, “Mommy, can you hold me?”

Ana Lin couldn’t bear to refuse her daughter, even if there were still injuries on her foot, she stooped and picked her up.

Daniel looked at her sister and sighed.

“This kid is too headstrong.”

Ana Lin touched his son’s head, “You are also a child.”

Daniel pouted, he wouldn’t be as ignorant as his sister.

I only know how to let others hug, long legs do?

A group of people walked into the elevator, Phillip Zong frowned, why did he seem superfluous?

His daughter stopped sticking to him, and Ana Lin also “forgot” him.

They were on the third floor. They went down quickly. The elevator stopped with a ding sound. Keller Shen wanted to lead the way. He stepped out of the elevator first but was stopped by Phillip Zong, “You wait a minute.”

Keller Shen turned around to ask him what he was doing, but met his eyes and couldn’t say anything.

Silently retracted his feet and stood inside.

Ana Lin thought they had something to say, so he took his son and daughter out first.

After Ana Lin left, Keller Shen said, “What’s the matter?”

Isn’t it a joy to find Ana Lin? Why is he stern, as if someone else has offended him?

Keller Shen is self-examined in his heart. It seems that he has nothing to do badly to offend him, right?

If there is something to tell you, don’t hang him like that.

“That one……”

“I didn’t divorce her.”

Just when Keller Shen couldn’t help speaking again, Phillip Zong finally spoke.

Keller Shen blinked, what does this mean?

Could it be that he just called Miss Lin wrong?

“Um, will I be called my sister-in-law from now on?” Keller Shen tried to ask.

The three of them are the largest.

Alan Su is the smallest.


Keller Shen, “…”

“Listen to you.” Keller Shen asked if he would go, and he would go up again without the elevator.

Phillip Zong pondered for a moment and asked, “You said, how do you talk about love?”

Keller Shen almost couldn’t stand firm.

What and what is this?

The topic changed too quickly, he couldn’t keep up.

How do you talk about love? !

This style of painting does not belong to his style.

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