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Chapter 193

“I haven’t talked about it. Anyway, do you still need that’thing’ now?”

Wife and children are there.

fall in love?

with who?

Keller Shen’s eyes widened, “You won’t—”

But thinking about it carefully, he is not the kind of “sexy” person, Ana Lin is so anxious these days when he is missing, he should like her very much.

Phillip Zong frowned, recalling the light in Ana Lin’s eyes when he said that, he wanted to satisfy her especially.

Keller Shen took his eyes and asked carefully, “Is my sister-in-law not willing?”

Phillip Zong shot over with a cold eye.

Ana Lin was unwilling, he couldn’t tell him.

Otherwise, he won’t have to laugh out loud.

Keller Shen smashed his mouth, “How to please women, I have to find Alan Su.”


At this time, the elevator returned to its original position and the elevator door slid open.

In the hall, Ana Lin did not go to the private room, but stood in the hall and talked to Bai Yining. Yuan Phillip Zong, who was far away, couldn’t hear what they were saying. He just saw them talking together and his expression instantly changed. .

He stepped down, and Keller Shen slowed down a little far away from him.

Seeing his appearance is unhappy, he doesn’t hit the gun.

When Jenkin Bai saw Ana Lin with the two children, he didn’t come back for a long time.

She said she got married and had children, is it true?

“Why didn’t you go back?” Ana Lin didn’t expect to meet him.

Jenkin Bai told the truth, “I’m waiting for you.”

“Wait for me?” Ana Lin asked.

Jenkin Bai originally wanted to figure out the relationship between her and Phillip Zong. At this moment, he knew that his suspicions were all wrong and she was really married.

Lost in my heart, but smiling on the face, “Do you think we are quite fate?”

Ana Lin didn’t understand why he said that.

At that time, he did see Ana Lin jumping into the river, and then he was saved by someone else, but because of human nature, he didn’t want to watch a fresh life just disappear into this world.

After he rescued the person, he saw the jade bracelet on her hand and thought she was Danna’s daughter, so he took her back and made Rios He unable to find her.

In order to follow his adoptive father’s last wishes, he did not allow Ana Lin to contact his family as soon as possible, but stayed at his home. Since he wanted to marry someone, he had to get along and cultivate relationships.

This is the reason he didn’t let Ana Lin not contact his family.

When the two get acquainted, even if she goes back, the two are still acquainted, they are friends, and it is only natural for him to pursue her.


Not only did he make a mistake, she was not Danna’s daughter, but she was still married.

His eyes fell on the two children who were holding Ana Lin’s hands, so cute, looking like her, and also like that man.

“Can you tell me how did you get your jade bracelet?” If she is not Danna’s daughter, then how can she have Danna’s jade bracelet?

What is the relationship between her and Danna?

Ana Lin didn’t know the relationship between Jenkin Bai and Danna.

He seems to be very interested in this jade bracelet.

She didn’t tell the truth, she was wary of him in her heart.

“This may be like the one you know, not the same.”

She obviously didn’t want to say.

Jenkin Bai didn’t force it, but looked at her two children and asked, “Did you come down to eat?”

Ana Lin nodded.

“I know what is delicious here, should we be together?” Jenkin Bai tried to ask.

“No, we are waiting for Dad.” Ruth quickly refused.

The uncle was in a wheelchair and he was not as handsome as his father.

But Daniel’s reaction was different from hers. He had searched so many, but he didn’t find anyone more beautiful than Phillip Zong and richer than him.

Just in front of me, although he is not as handsome as Phillip Zong in a wheelchair, he is very bright when he smiles.

Daniel regretted in her heart, it was a pity that she was lame.

If he is not lame, he will definitely support him in pursuing Mommy.

Let Phillip Zong know that his mommy is very popular.

It’s just that now he can’t let a cripple pursue Mommy.

That way, the price is too low.

Jenkin Bai was not embarrassed to be rejected, looked at Ruth and smiled, “Uncle doesn’t mind, and your father is with you.”

The little girl blinked her eyes, her big black and white eyes were a bit more unclear.

Why should this uncle be with them?

At this time, she saw Phillip Zong approaching here, let go of Ana Lin’s hand and ran over with short legs, “Dad.”

Phillip Zong stooped to hug the person.

Daniel reacted quickly, “Uncle, you want to have dinner with us, right?”

Regardless, even though he has bad legs and feet, let Phillip Zong know that his mummy is very popular and he didn’t cherish it before.

Now I want them to just go home with him, there is no door.

You must show sincerity and love Mommy very much.

Otherwise, he was the first to disagree.

Jenkin Bai looked at Ana Lin, this child seemed to have a lot of thoughts?

Ana Lin lowered her eyes to look at her son, the son she gave birth to, she naturally knew his intentions, and she reached out and touched his head.

“I heard that you saved my wife.” Phillip Zong walked over holding Ruth.

The distraction seems to be telling Jenkin Bai that Ana Lin is his wife not to think too much.

“It’s not enough to raise your hand.” Jenkin Bai smiled.

Phillip Zong held Ana Lin’s hand. Ana Lin’s fingers were slender, soft, and her generous palm could completely wrap her hand. His low voice did not fluctuate, “I don’t like to owe favor to others in my life, Mr. Bai , What needs to be opened through the tube.”

In one sentence, he attributed Jenkin Bai’s kindness in saving Ana Lin to himself, as if he was telling Jenkin Bai that he wanted to repay him, not to fight Ana Lin’s idea.

Ana Lin turned his head to look at him slightly, and a warm current flashed across his heart. He was thinking of her and not letting her owe Jenkin Bai’s favor.

Since ancient times, human love is hard to return.

No matter what Jenkin Bai’s purpose started, it did save her life.

Jenkin Bai’s gaze fell on his hand holding Ana Lin in just a second before he withdrew it. He naturally understood the meaning of his words. He looked at Ana Lin’s feet in high heels and asked concerned, “Why are you still wearing high heels? , The injury on your foot is not clear yet, don’t you know?”

When she first saw her daughter, she was so excited, besides, she didn’t care when she got better.

“I’m all right.”

Phillip Zong’s face suddenly changed. It wasn’t as if she was so calm just now. She had an injury on her foot, and he didn’t even know.

Holding her hand, “We should go.”

“The private room is here.” Keller Shen was especially winked. This is Jenkin Bai’s site, but he can’t let him take the initiative.

“Mr. Bai, please.” Keller Shen made a please gesture.

Jenkin Bai glanced at him and said, “Let’s go.”

The plateau behind him pushed the wheelchair.

Keller Shen asked for the largest private room in the hotel. There was a dining table in the middle that could accommodate twenty people. The private room was spacious and bright.

Ruth put her knees on his lap, and put her arms around his neck face to face with him, “Dad, when will we eat?”

Phillip Zong squeezed his daughter’s face full of collagen and said for a while.

When he was speaking, he glanced under the table and looked at Ana Lin’s feet. There were no obvious injuries on her ankles.

Where did it hurt?

While waiting for the dishes, Jenkin Bai took the initiative to call Ana Lin, “Are you free tomorrow? I will take you to see the master?”

Chapter 194

“Yes.” Ana Lin said without thinking.

It would be good for her shop if she could persuade the master to go back to city B with her.

And she also wanted to resolve the matter here as soon as possible, and then return with her two children.

“Okay, then I will arrange it.” Jenkin Bai smiled.

Phillip Zong’s face was completely black.

After eating a meal, he didn’t even drink his saliva. If it weren’t for the two children, Jenkin Bai didn’t want Jenkin Bai to find out that the relationship between him and Ana Lin was not like a normal husband and wife. He had already taken Ana Lin away. Up.

After the meal, Jenkin Bai looked at Phillip Zong, “Thank you for the hospitality today.”

Phillip Zong glanced at him coldly, “You’re welcome.”

Jenkin Bai had long discovered that since Ana Lin promised him to meet the master who could make xiangyun yarn, he was unhappy, and now he was willing to’add fuel to the fire’. He turned to look at Ana Lin. Say, “I will pick you up at the hotel tomorrow morning.”

As he spoke, he glanced at her feet, “I will wear flat shoes tomorrow. The master lives in a remote area, so the road is not easy to walk.”

“I see.” Ana Lin didn’t say thank you for reminding, because he said something deliberately, she turned her head to look at Phillip Zong, and sure enough, his face was uglier than before.

Obviously, Jenkin Bai said this on purpose.

“Mommy, hug.” Ruth stretched out her arms and asked Ana Lin to hug.

Phillip Zong stopped her and grabbed her, “Dad hold.”

She injured her foot, and she didn’t know if the injury was serious.

Ruth pouted her small mouth, “I want Mommy to hug.”

It’s been a long time since I saw Ana Lin, and I wanted to get close to her.

“Good.” Phillip Zong k*ssed his daughter’s forehead, “Wait when I go back, I will buy you delicious food.”

“Really?” Ruth tilted her head.


“All right, let Dad hold it, but I want to sleep with Mommy.”

Daniel grabbed Ana Lin’s hand, glanced at Phillip Zong, and said, “Mummy, I want to sleep with you at night.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Ana Lin happily agreed, “Okay.”

After being separated from the two children for so long, she also missed children.

Back upstairs, Ana Lin gave the two children a bath and changed their clothes. They wore pajamas and rolled on the bed, playing.

Ana Lin washed her body and wore the bathrobe in the hotel. There were no clothes for her.


Seeing Ana Lin coming out, the two children rushed over together, Ana Lin caught them, and the three of them hugged each other. Ruth raised her little head, “Mommy, you will hide and seek again in the future. You must bring me, I don’t want to Separate from Mommy.”

Ana Lin hugged her daughter tightly in her arms and said that she would never leave them again.

Outside the house, at the end of the corridor, Phillip Zong was standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window. Opposite the glass was the riverside. The lights were shining, and the faint pearlescent light reflected on his face, and then reflected back. The outline of his face was dark and unclear, and the entire back was straight and wide. His waist is very narrow, free of fat, commensurate with the tight lines of his hips, even and straight.

He copied his pocket with one hand, unbuttoned his shirt with the other hand, and said faintly, “Is there no trace?”

Keller Shen shook his head, “No, I think he should be in hiding. If he wants to save his life, he must leave here. If he is resentful, I am afraid he will still wait for an opportunity.”

Rios He did not fall, like a time bomb, I don’t know when it will appear.

This person cannot stay.

“There are not many people brought, you send two people out to find his whereabouts, and the rest will stay.” The two children and Ana Lin can’t lack people.

“Okay, I’ll make arrangements now.” Keller Shen turned around to make arrangements.

Phillip Zong stood alone at the window as if thinking about something. After a while, he took out his cell phone to call Milton Guan and asked him to check Jenkin Bai and the Bai company he managed, and Milton Guan said yes.

He hung up the phone and turned back to the room.

The door was pushed open, and as far as the eyes were, a dim light made the room quiet.

The two children were tired of fighting and fell asleep in Ana Lin’s arms.

Ana Lin was afraid that they could not sleep well, so he turned off the light, leaving only a dimly lit bedside lamp.

Phillip Zong closed the door and walked in, standing by the bed.

Ana Lin was leaning against the bed, half of her body turned, the heads of the two children pressed against one of her arms, Ruth was inside, and her little hand touched her chest.

This is Ruth’s habit.

He bent over and lifted a corner of the quilt. Ana Lin’s feet were exposed. Ana Lin was unfamiliar asleep and suddenly fell cold. She instinctively shrank her feet, and then slowly opened her eyes and saw Phillip Zong. At the bedside, she tried to sit up, but her arms were pressed by the two children. She did not dare to move too much for fear of waking them up, so she asked him in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

“Your foot hurts there, let me see.” As he said, he reached out to grab her foot.

Ana Lin shrank again, biting his lip, “I’m fine.”

Phillip Zong looked up at her for a long time, “I want to listen to the truth.”

Ana Lin no longer speaks, this person, she can’t hold him back.

Phillip Zong sat on the edge of the bed, put her foot on her lap, and asked, “That one?”


His touch was a little itchy, and even the position of his heart was scratched by something.

She clasped one hand tightly on the edge of the bed.

Phillip Zong lowered her head and looked carefully, only to find that there was a wound on the sole of her foot and her ankle was still a little red. “How did it make it?”

“When I ran away, I accidentally pierced it.” Ana Lin said the truth.

“Does it still hurt?”

Ana Lin shook his head.

Phillip Zong put her feet down, went to the bathroom to soak a hot towel with hot water, and then took it and wrapped it around her ankle.

The warm heat pierced through the skin and rushed into the blood. The whole person seemed to warm up, and her hands on the edge of the bed became tighter.

Phillip Zong sits on the bed again, and gently massages her ankles with her feet.

He asked unintentionally, “Do you know him with the surname Bai?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “unfamiliar.”

“If you are not familiar with you, agree to go out with him?”

Phillip Zong did not admit that he was upset.

Ana Lin grabbed the dress he took off, “Look.”

Phillip Zong really didn’t study this, if you let him see it, he can’t see why.

“This material is fragrant cloud yarn. It is not available on the market now, but he knows a master who can make this fabric. I want to invite this master back.” When it comes to clothes fabrics and design, her face The lights are always shining.

“This material is soft, light and thin, does not wrinkle, and is particularly draped. It is very suitable for summer clothes.”

She can always talk about her field.

Phillip Zong looked at her quietly, she was so charming.

“So I must invite him. If not, I can learn it.”

“Since it is a craft on the verge of being lost, it must be complicated and difficult to learn.” If it was simple, someone should have learned it long ago.

Ana Lin said in panic, “Yes, so many handcrafts in our country have been lost.” But she is very small and can’t stop these. She cheered up, “I am not afraid of hard work, this is my career.”

It is also her dream and love.

“That’s right.” Thinking of Jenkin Bai’s origins, her expression was a little serious, “He will save me because of Danna.”

The hand that Phillip Zong massaged her paused, he was indeed a little surprised.

Is Jenkin Bai related to Danna?

Ana Lin stretched out his hand, facing the faint light, and carefully looked at the transparent jade bracelet on his wrist. What is the secret of this bracelet?

“I think he has a secret.” Ana Lin said his guess.

What Jenkin Bai said to her, she did not completely believe.

If he was adopted by Bai Hongfei, he saved her because of Bai Hongfei’s last words and thought she was Danna’s daughter, then what is the relationship between Danna and this Bai Hongfei?

Phillip Zong didn’t want to discuss about Danna.

He took off the cold towel and put it in the bathroom, and soon there was a splash of water.

About forty minutes later, Phillip Zong came out wearing a bathrobe, his neckline was slightly open, his honey-colored skin was dripping with water, and his short black hair was wet and messy. He wiped his hair and walked over, Ana Lin squinted his eyes dizzy. sleep.

He threw the towel on the table and lay down on his side. There are not many places here, but there are places inside.

But he wants to sleep with Ana Lin.

Ana Lin pushed him, “Go inside.”

Phillip Zong stopped her waist, buckled in her arms, and k*ssed her earlobe, with a low voice, “I want to sleep with you.”

Ana Lin went in a little bit, avoided his k*ss, and gave him some space, “Go to bed early.”

Phillip Zong went in a little bit, his body was close to her, he had slept in the day, and he was not at all sleepy at the moment, he just wanted to hug her and k*ss her.

Chapter 195

Phillip Zong felt that he was the saddest man in the world. He was obviously holding his wife in his arms, but he could not move.

He buried his face in her hair, faintly smelling of shampoo, and he bit and k*ssed her on the back of her neck.

Half of Ana Lin’s face was buried in the pillow. She looked at the sleeping son and daughter, and reached out to touch their cheeks.

Through them, she thought of the crazy picture that night, not charming, but sad.

“Phillip Zong, how many women have you slept with?”

I don’t know why, thinking that he had been in bed with other women before, and my heart felt dull and painful.

He is her first man.

Although she has been deliberately neglecting, but his impression on her is so deep.

It is said that women are emotional.

She thinks so.

For a man who wants him for the first time, he always has a special feeling.

Phillip Zong’s k*ss of her stopped abruptly, and the scent of her body was still permeating the tip of her nose, which was light but refreshing.

His voice is still a little hoarse, “Why do you suddenly ask this?”

Ana Lin buried his face deeper in the pillow, “Just ask casually, I’m sleepy, let’s go to sleep.”

But Phillip Zong didn’t think she asked casually.

Holding her shoulders to pull her over, Ana Lin resisted, suppressing his voice, “Don’t move me, I’m sleepy.”

Regardless of her resistance, Phillip Zong turned her body over and looked at her face, “Tell me, what’s wrong with you?”

Ana Lin pretended to be calm, “I’m just sleepy.”

Phillip Zong squeezed her chin, lifted it up, and let her look at herself, “Are you jealous?”

“No.” She denied immediately.

She just felt bad, she gave him the most precious things, and he didn’t.

Not jealous.

She firmly refused to admit it.

“Then why are you angry?” The corners of his eyes were shining, and his fingers rubbed her pink lips. Her lips were soft and springy, pressing between her fingers, which was especially comfortable.

“I didn’t.” She just refused to admit that she was upset and jealous.

He laughed, “Ok, no…”

As soon as the voice fell, his lips were covered, and Ana Lin moved, and he threatened, “If you want them to see, you will move.”

Regarding the two children, Ana Lin’s resistance stopped, and his eyes were red with aggrieved feeling.

Phillip Zong gently twisted her lips, and vaguely he said, “I have never slept with other women, only you.”

In this life, he only wants this woman.

Nothing else.

“What about Casey He?” She had seen him treat her well.

Stayed overnight in the villa.

She doesn’t believe it to say that the two have not slept.

Don’t say Ana Lin didn’t believe it, Phillip Zong didn’t believe it himself.

“I used to think I was abnormal.” It wasn’t that he was not interested in Casey, but he was not interested in any woman.

There is no desire in any way.

I used to be nice to Casey He because she said she was the woman that night.

A woman gave him the most precious things of a woman, and he should be responsible.

It’s not love, not like it, but responsibility.

“Mmm…” Ruth touched her hands like a nightmare.

Ana Lin quickly turned around to hug her daughter, “Mommy is here.”

She patted her daughter on the back lightly, “Hey, mommy is here.”

Ruth’s little hand touched her chest, as if she was sure if this was mommy, and then she calmed down again.

Ana Lin hugged her daughter and covered her son with a quilt, and said to the people behind him, “It’s getting late, go to sleep.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

He chased her and followed her upstairs.

Phillip Zong didn’t sleep well that night, and he didn’t fall asleep until midnight.

Daniel sleeps without dreams all night, and is the first one to wake up in the morning. Seeing Phillip Zong’s arms around Ana Lin, his brows are tucked, sitting on the bed, angrily.

He couldn’t hold back in the end, took Phillip Zong’s arm away, got into the middle of them, and separated them.

With his move, Phillip Zong and Ana Lin both woke up, and he quickly took Ana Lin’s arms around him and acted like a baby in her arms, “Mummy, you hug me.”

He rarely does this.

Suddenly this time, Ana Lin’s heart softened, and he embraced him and k*ssed his forehead.

Phillip Zong, “…”

He turned over and looked at the ceiling silently.

He just wants to chase his wife back, why even his son has to fight him?

“Mummy, how have you been before?”

Ana Lin heard it in the clouds, early in the morning, what nonsense did he say?

She reached out to touch her son’s forehead, Daniel rolled her head, “I don’t have a fever.”

“Then you—what did you just mean?”

Daniel glanced behind her, “When you were pregnant with us, it was said that you were unmarried and conceived first. Later, you gave birth to us and raised us alone. It was very hard for you. Therefore, for those who have failed you, the most difficult The person who abandons you at the time must not be soft-hearted. Otherwise, he will think you are very coaxing, so he won’t cherish you, and will hurt you next time.”

Ana Lin finally understood why his son was doing this early in the morning.

Reached out and squeezed his face, “Where did you learn these’major principles’.”

“You promise me that you must not forgive those who hurt you casually and easily.” Daniel grinned with a small face.

For his son’s seriousness, gratified and distressed, he couldn’t bear to refuse, and nodded, “I see.”

Phillip Zong turned over again, leaning on the side of the bed, Daniel said those things obviously for him.

He couldn’t even refute a word.

What do you say?

Do not live by committing evil.

If he hadn’t saved him because of Casey He, he would have believed her easily and would not fall into such a field.

No wonder others.

The curtains were very shady, it was almost seven o’clock, and the room was still very dark. Ana Lin got up to find clothes for the two children, put on clothes, and wash them.

Phillip Zong buttoned his shirt and stood in front of the bathroom, “Let’s go to the mall.”

She has no clothes to wear.

Ana Lin nodded.

After washing, she put on that dress, and when she went to the door to change shoes, Phillip Zong held her, “Just put on slippers and buy them at the mall.”

The wound on the sole of the foot has not healed completely, and wearing high heels is not good for the ankle.

Ana Lin looked down at the hotel slippers on his feet and blinked. Wouldn’t it be bad?

“I don’t despise you again.” In order to make her feel at ease, Phillip Zong hugged her shoulders, “I am there.”

Ana Lin looked up at him, in a suit and leather shoes, tall and tall, outstanding, and with the aura of a successful person, she drooped her head, he didn’t dislike him, what else does she mind?

Going downstairs for a good breakfast, the group of them got in the car, and the three cars left the hotel back and forth.

After about twenty minutes, I arrived at the largest mall in Baicheng.

Phillip Zong held his daughter, and Ana Lin led his son out of the car.

The shopping mall is not very big. There are four floors above and below. The lobby is up and down elevators. The surrounding area is full of entertainment facilities for children, clothing on the second floor, jewelry on the third floor, a cinema and restaurants on the top floor.

Ruth didn’t want to go up when he saw that there was something playing below.

“Wait for me below. I will go up and buy a piece of clothing and then come down.” Ana Lin understands her daughter, and if she is not allowed to play, she will have to make trouble.

Ana Lin let go of his son and asked him to play with his sister below, “Take care of her for Mommy.”

Daniel nodded, “Mummy, hurry up.”


Ana Lin went upstairs alone, followed by bodyguards arranged by Keller Shen.

Ana Lin is a fashion designer herself and has her own vision of clothes. First of all, she must be comfortable. She does not participate in important activities, so she chooses casual clothes.

She saw a casual wear called MO, which she had bought before. No matter the style or the comfort of wearing it, she liked it, so she walked in.

She was quite surprised that there is such a brand shop in this small place in Baicheng.

Ana Lin fell in love with a beige sweater with a hat. She looked at the waiter who was sitting on the sofa and finished her mobile phone, “Does this have an S code?”

The waitress didn’t even lift her head, “That one costs 4800, are you sure you want to try it?”

Ana Lin, “…”

In the past, she entered the store with enthusiastic service. The attitude of the waiter really surprised her.

Ana Lin took a breath, “I’m sure.”

The waiter finally got up, glanced at the slippers on Ana Lin’s feet, curled his lips and mocked, “Are disposable shoes popular now?”

Obviously, the waitress felt that Ana Lin’s dress could not afford such expensive clothes.

The waitress was still chattering while picking up the clothes, “Our store is full of famous brands, big brands, and they are all designed by foreign designers. You have to buy them after you try them…”

“Don’t get it for me, thank you.” Ana Lin just wanted to buy a dress, why did he say so much?

Want to buy after trying?

What overlord clause?

She encountered this situation for the first time.

The waitress slammed the clothes she took out, stood up and looked at Ana Lin, “What do you mean, did I ask you if you are sure? You said yes, so I took it for you, and I took it out. , You don’t want it anymore, just play with me, right?”


“Isn’t it?” The waitress was aggressive.

Ana Lin felt unable to communicate with this kind of person, and just turned around and wanted to go, but was pulled by the arm by the waitress, “You can’t go, I have already taken out the clothes, you have to buy it!”

“What’s your reason?” Ana Lin was really surprised by the domineering of the waitress. It stands to reason that the employees in a clothing store like this are all professionally trained. How could it be so unreasonable?

“If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. What kind of outfits are you going to put on here?” The waitress snorted coldly, as if Ana Lin said that if she didn’t buy it today, she didn’t even want to leave. You have to buy it. I told you the price, 4800. Give it.”

“Call your boss here.” Ana Lin saw it and couldn’t tell her clearly.

“The boss is absent, just like I said, my boss is a cousin, and he is the master.”

Ana Lin could see it. He had a background, so he dared to be so arrogant.

“This lady, business is not done like this…”

“Stop talking nonsense, give me money, and leave with your clothes!” The waitress arrogantly, relying on being a relative of the boss, really regarded herself as the master.

“What if I don’t give it?” Ana Lin was also cold.

“Hehe, then don’t want to leave. To tell you the truth, my cousin knows Jenkin Bai, do you know Mr. Jenkin Bai? My cousin friend, this shopping mall belongs to him, so I’m here to make a swollen face to fill a fat man. Wrong place.”

The more people who climb up from the bottom of life, have a backing, the more they are proud and proud.

Just like this waitress.

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