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Chapter 196

When she was speaking, the waitress looked at Ana Lin again. The dress she was wearing, she couldn’t see that it was exquisite. In her eyes, it was just a skirt. She wore a pair of hotel disposable slippers on her feet. There was yesterday on her neck. The waitress sneered at the hickey that Phillip Zong left her at night, “Miss? How much is a night? How many nights can I earn for a set of clothes?”

Ana Lin, “…”

She frowned and the expression on her face was tense. The waitress’s words really angered her.

She just came to buy a dress, why did she meet such a strange thing?

It is an insult to be said to be a’Miss’ for no reason!

But her education prevented her from swearing.

“Please let me go immediately, otherwise I will call the police?!” Ana Lin’s voice was extremely cold, like the ice of winter, exuding a chilling breath.

The waitress was taken aback for a moment. She didn’t expect her to be a’lady’ with this kind of aura, but soon she calmed down, thinking that she was pretending!

“I’m afraid you will call the police?” The waitress raised her head. “This is Baicheng. As long as my cousin goes to Mr. Jenkin Bai and Mr. Bai for a word, the police must give Mr. Bai this face. Don’t talk nonsense and take money. Come, otherwise you don’t want to leave!”

Encountering such a person is unreasonable and difficult to deal with.

Ana Lin was trembling with anger. How could there be such an unreasonable person in this world?

“Get the money.” The waitress saw Ana Lin not moving and reached out to grab the wallet in her hand. Just when she was about to get Ana Lin’s wallet, the bodyguard who had been guarding outside finally felt something was wrong and rushed in. , Push away the waitress.

The person Keller Shen picked was very skillful. The waitress fell over with only one or two percent strength. She instinctively wanted to grab something to support her body, but she pulled down a row of hangers, making a clatter of clothes. All scattered on the ground.

The waitress touched her buttocks first, and it hurt from the fall. She grinned and stared at the bodyguard who rushed in, “Who are you? You dare to be wild here? Are you impatient?”

Then she took out her mobile phone and called her cousin, “Sister, come to the store, someone smashed our store.”

The bodyguard frowned and took out his cell phone to call Keller Shen, saying that Ana Lin was in trouble.

Keller Shen’s expression was tense, Rios He appeared?

He looked at Phillip Zong, who was playing with his daughter and son playing with dolls, and quickly walked over, “My sister-in-law is in trouble upstairs.”

Phillip Zong looked back at him.

“Could it be that Rios He was out of breath and came out?” Keller Shen guessed.

Phillip Zong picked up his daughter with one hand, took his son, and walked up the elevator. Keller Shen quickly followed, and a few bodyguards came up together.

As soon as they got upstairs, they found Ana Lin in the glass window of a clothing store.

“Mummy is there.” Ruth pointed to Ana Lin who was standing in the window.

“I saw it.” Phillip Zong responded to his daughter.

Keller Shen was a little confused, what’s the situation?

After entering the store, I found a mess in the clothing store.

“Mummy.” Daniel rushed over and hugged Ana Lin’s leg, “Why are you so slow to buy clothes? By the way, how can you do it here?”

“I saw her pulling and pulling his wife, and wanted to do it, so I-my strength was confiscated, the person fell, and the clothes fell on the ground.” The bodyguard came up to explain, he stood outside the door, and the waitress went to grab Ana Lin. From his point of view, the wallet in Yan’s hand looked like he was doing it before he rushed in.

The corners of Phillip Zong’s eyes were lowered, and his face was full of angular Leng Jun. He looked at Ana Lin and asked, “Is it hurt?”

Ana Lin shook his head and said it was all right.

The waitress is not quite right, why so many people, this person just called her his wife?

But the most powerful person in Baicheng is Jenkin Bai, she has never seen this number.

Thinking that she had the courage again, “You don’t scare people, I tell you, I am not afraid of you, these clothes are all dirty on the ground by you, you have to compensate!”

Ana Lin has already realized her unreasonableness. At this moment, she is unwilling to pester her anymore, wasting time, “I will give you the money.”

The waitress curled her teeth, her teeth were sharp and her mouth was sharp, “Sure enough, bringing so many people here is to scare people. This Baicheng belongs to the world with the surname Bai. Being a young lady, she treats herself as a dish.”

The air froze for an instant, and the eyes of several bodyguards and Keller Shen turned to Phillip Zong. The waitress’s words were unreserved, and they could hear what she was talking about because they were rude people.

Phillip Zong’s pupils are pitch black, he thinks he is calm, but he is not calm and authentic, “You repeat what you just said.”

Ruth felt her father’s anger, and put her arms around him, burying her face in his shoulder blades, making her breathing less.

The waitress was poking at the calculator and shook her hand. The inexplicable deterrence made her nervous. She looked at the man in front of her, with a seemingly calm but uneasy expression, shaking her tone uncontrollably, “You, you, you , Don’t you scare me, my cousin and Bai are always friends, you dare to move me to try?”

Ana Lin took his son over, reached out and shook his hand, “Forget it.”

It’s not clear to get involved with such people.

Phillip Zong lowered her eyes slightly and looked at her. She was not an unreasonable person to make trouble, but the waitress was not looking at a fuel-efficient lamp, showing off her background everywhere. When he was away, she didn’t know how to treat Ana Lin domineeringly.

The corners of his lips twitched, “My man, only I can bully.”

His meaning is very clear, he can’t just count this matter!


His face grew deeper and deeper.

“Smashed this place.” He gave the command lightly, “Whatever background do you have, call me, I’ll wait.”

After speaking, he pulled Ana Lin out of the store.

The few bodyguards who followed, rushed into the store, and the waitress was completely frightened as soon as they smashed. They stood at the checkout counter, yelling in fright.

Keller Shen raised his eyebrows lightly. It was the first time that he saw Phillip Zong irritated by such a thing, but the waitress did not clean up, miss? Don’t say that Phillip Zong is angry.

It was him, he was also angry.

No man can stand his own woman being called a lady.

Ana Lin wanted to persuade, which was not good, but Daniel stopped her and refused to let her speak.

“Anything that has a cause will have an effect. We don’t teach her for this kind of person, and there will be others in the future. Maybe it will be more serious than what we taught. If she doesn’t know how to be a human being, we will teach her.”

Phillip Zong looked down at his son, reached out and touched his head, “It’s my son.”

Daniel withdrew for a while and avoided his hand. Phillip Zong was not angry, but said to his son, “We don’t bully others, but we can’t be bullied. Some can be tolerated, but some can’t. Those who are provocative and provocative should not be soft.”

“He is still young…”

“He is my son.” Phillip Zong interrupted Ana Lin, “This society is cruel, and the weak eats the strong.”

In the future, he is going to hand over the company to him. If he doesn’t have the courage, it will let people eat and even scum.

He graduated from college and took over the company. How many people refused to accept him and gave him trouble?

Without a wrist, how can you gain a foothold in the company in the future?

He held the back of Lin Xiyan’s head for him to look at, and asked him, “Are you afraid?”

After all, he is only five years old. Looking at those tall men, like a’underworld’, smashing and smashing in the shop, it is indeed timid.

“You said you are a man, how do you protect your mom like this?”

“I didn’t say I was afraid!” Daniel raised her head and said that she was not afraid.

At this time, the cousin of the waitress came to the store.

Everything in the entire store was smashed, and even the ceiling of the suspended ceiling was stabbed with a big hole.

“Cousin, cousin, you can come.” The waitress cried out, got out of the corner, and threw herself in front of her, “You can count it, these people have smashed our shop.”

The woman is very young and looks very beautiful. The waitress called her cousin, but she looks a bit younger than the waitress. She has a solemn expression, “Why is this?”

“She didn’t pay for the clothes, so she asked someone to smash our shop, cousin, you must not let them go!” The waitress pointed to Ana Lin while crying and complaining.

At this moment, the woman turned to look at Ana Lin.

Chapter 197

Just as Ana Lin wanted to explain the situation, she was interrupted by the waitress, “Cousin, don’t listen to her. These are the people she was looking for. They smashed our shop like this. You can find someone and arrest them all. .”

Ana Lin frowned.

Phillip Zong gave his daughter to Ana Lin, “Wait for me in the car.”

He will solve the problem here. Although he wants to exercise his son’s courage, he does not want his daughter to contact them. Daughters are different from sons.

Ana Lin took her daughter over, and when she was about to leave, she heard the waitress’s cousin Yao Qingqing stop her, “It happened because of you. You are gone, how can this matter be explained clearly?”

Phillip Zong raised his eyelids, his eyes didn’t fluctuate at all, cold and lingering, “Tell me.”

Yao Qingqing’s eyes on Shang Phillip Zong’s eyes suddenly felt timid, his aura was stronger than Jenkin Bai, his indifferent and hard facial features were gorgeous and veneer, and there was a chill in his bones that made people unable to avoid three. ruler.

She clenched her hands tightly, “We are well-behaved businessmen. Is this too much for you?”

Phillip Zong’s lips were half raised, and he sneered darkly.

The waitress hid behind Yao Qingqing, “They must be in the dark. Hurry up and call President Bai to come over.”

At this time, Keller Shen walked out of the store and whispered in Phillip Zong’s ear.

Yao Qingqing couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the shop was smashed. She and her cousin, two weak women, would definitely not be able to make money in their hands.

After thinking about it again and again, she still chose to call Jenkin Bai.

Hope he can help himself to solve it.

Obviously, the other side is bullying people because of how many people there are.

On the other side, Jenkin Bai was going to the hotel to pick up Ana Lin, and to meet the master who could make xiangyun yarn, and finally received a call from Yao Qingqing.

“Something?” He asked indifferently.

“My shop was smashed. Can you come here?” Yao Qingqing lowered her head. She and Jenkin Bai grew up in an orphanage, and they knew each other since they were children. They were adopted until a year ago. Ningcai met again.

Jenkin Bai gave her such a good storefront in this mall.

Jenkin Bai glanced at the time, and when the time was still too late, he agreed to come over.

It’s just that he didn’t expect to meet Ana Lin and Phillip Zong after coming over.

The waitress who had been hiding behind Yao Qingqing saw Jenkin Bai who came over and raised her head, “Look, I told you that President Bai is very familiar with my cousin, and she is impatient to make trouble here. “

Yao Qingqing frowned and looked at her cousin. Although she had some affection with Jenkin Bai, she did not want to rely on this affection to cause trouble to Jenkin Bai.

So when I heard the cousin’s words, I couldn’t help but frowned.

Jenkin Bai was so smart, he probably guessed what happened when he saw this scene.

When I passed by Ana Lin, I looked at her and asked concerned, “Are you okay?”

Ana Lin stood beside Phillip Zong, shook his head, “It’s okay.”

She didn’t understand Jenkin Bai too much.

And for the sake of her two children, she didn’t want outsiders to see that her relationship with Phillip Zong was not a normal couple.

Jenkin Bai watched her movements, his eyes moved slightly, but he calmed down after a short while.

Her actions caused Phillip Zong, who had always been calm, to raise his eyebrows slightly, and even the corners of his lips curled upwards.

“You came just right, I was looking for an explanation from Mr. Bai.” Phillip Zong grabbed Ana Lin’s shoulders and walked into the messy store. Keller Shen asked him to clean out the sofa, and Phillip Zong asked Ana Lin to sit down. .

She has an injury on her foot, and she has been standing for a long time to recover from her injury.

The waitress was completely dumbfounded, what’s the matter?

Why is this person not even afraid of President Bai? Looks stronger than him? !

Baicheng Jenkin Bai is the most powerful person, who is this person?

And who is this woman?

Even President Bai is caring for her?

She grabbed Yao Qingqing’s hand nervously, unconsciously exerting force, Yao Qingqing’s arm was so painful being caught, she frowned and looked at her cousin, “They caused the trouble, what are you afraid of?”

The waitress was so flustered, she has been relying on the relationship between Yao Qingqing and Jenkin Bai to be domineering in this mall, and no one dared to refute her every time.

This time, she felt that she was kicking hard.

On weekdays, she is always bullying others. She is used to bullying. Suddenly, Jenkin Bai has to be courteous. How can she not be flustered?

“Watch, cousin, who is this?”

“I don’t know.” Yao Qingqing has never seen it either.

But it seems that it is not a simple character.

Now the waitress feels even more unsure, a character who even Yao Qingqing doesn’t know.

The plateau pushed Jenkin Bai into the store. The ground was in a mess, and there was almost no place to step down. He glanced at the store casually, turned his eyes to Phillip Zong, and asked with a smile, “Is the service poor?”

Phillip Zong half-tipped his lips, and put on a sentence, “General Bai’s site, naturally no one dares to make trouble, but…” He gave Keller Shen a look, “After Bai has read it, let’s talk about it. .”

Keller Shen understood that the laptop that was taken from the car was placed on the desk at the front desk, plugged in the USB flash drive, and while opening the USB flash drive, he said, “This video was taken from the surveillance in the store. What happened? Let’s see it.”

The waitress was completely dumbfounded, why did she forget that surveillance was installed in the store?

The content…

No, she can’t let Yao Qingqing see what she is doing in the store, otherwise her affairs will have to be exposed. She rushed to destroy the computer and snatch the U disk. Keller Shen knew she would be irritated, so she let her People made precautions.

As soon as she rushed up, she was stopped.

Soon the picture appeared smoothly.

Just now, Keller Shen whispered in Phillip Zong’s ear to tell him that he had obtained the video of the store and found some other things.

The picture was not intercepted from Ana Lin entering the store, but the waitress took advantage of Yao Qingqing’s absence and put the money from the customer to buy clothes into her pocket. She often threatened the customers who came to the store, as long as she tried it, she had to buy it. Otherwise, they would move out of Jenkin Bai’s backer and threaten them.

In Baicheng, no one knew Jenkin Bai’s name.

Many people naturally don’t want to mess with it.

Take the money.

Jenkin Bai’s face was ugly.

This is the ugliest expression on Ana Lin’s face since he met him.

Yao Qingqing’s face was green, uglier than Jenkin Bai’s.

The waitress saw that the matter was exposed and wanted to escape, but she was stopped by Keller Shen, “Why are you walking in such a hurry?”

“These are all forged by you, you want to frame me!” The waitress refused to admit it.

Keller Shen didn’t bother to care about her.

Keller Shen only picked the important ones and cut them off, but it was broadcast for half an hour before putting Ana Lin into the store.

The waitress looked down on people at first, thinking that Ana Lin was someone who could not afford clothes. Later, she dragged Ana Lin to stop her. She had to buy it, and she moved out Jenkin Bai to scare her and said she was a lady…

It’s just that Ana Lin said that he didn’t want to eat her, and he paid for Jenkin Bai’s name.

Then the bodyguard rushed in.

Obviously, the waitress had an improper attitude and uttered wild words.

“Cousin…” At this point, the waitress wanted to quibble, “Cousin, this is all made up by them. You want to frame me, don’t believe…”


Yao Qingqing rushed forward with a slap on her backhand, and she shivered with anger, “The evidence is solid, do you still want to deny it?!”

The waitress covered her face, her eyes staring, as if she didn’t expect that she would rush to hit her.

Half of his face was lost.

“Biao, cousin, I was really wronged.” By now, she could only deny it.

Otherwise she would be finished.

Yao Qingqing gritted her teeth. At this point, she still doesn’t know how to repent?

Still not admitting it?

“If you want to die, no one can save you.” Yao Qingqing, who was impatient, calmed down. The person she’blackmailed’ today is not an ordinary person. If she doesn’t pursue it, I’m afraid the other party will not let her go.

“I’m sorry.” Yao Qingqing walked to Jenkin Bai and apologized with her head down. “I really didn’t know that she knew you because of me, so she used your reputation to blackmail the guests who came in…”

Jenkin Bai raised his hand, not wanting to listen to her explanation.

He still smiled and looked at Phillip Zong, “What do you want to do?”

Chapter 198

Phillip Zong looked at Ana Lin, who was sitting on the sofa holding his daughter, and gently pinned her hair hanging from behind her ear, “No one can hurt my person, let alone bully and insult.”

He raised his eyelids, his calm and serious face smiled faintly, “However, because you saved my wife, this time I won’t be held accountable for this matter, just as I repay the favor of President Bai for saving my wife.”

After speaking, he stooped to pick up the daughter in Ana Lin’s arms and said, “Let’s go.”

Ana Lin took a breath, she didn’t expect things to happen like this.

“and many more.”

Jenkin Bai called Phillip Zong.

The usual smile on his face faded a bit at the moment, “Zong, a good method, using such a small thing to deliberately make it bigger, and I will save it…” When Ana Lin was mentioned, his The tone paused, “I save your wife’s favor.”

Phillip Zong didn’t deny Jenkin Bai’s words, because he had been emphasizing from the waitress’ mouth that there was a President Bai behind them, so he judged in his heart that the President Bai was Jenkin Bai.

That’s why he deliberately made the matter bigger, and when Jenkin Bai came forward, he gave a favor not to be held accountable and paid him back to save Ana Lin.

He didn’t want to be swayed by Jenkin Bai’s favor in front of Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong straightened out her daughter’s wrinkled neckline and looked at her daughter with a gentle smile, but he said to Jenkin Bai, “President Bai has been awarded the prize. It is Mr. Bai’s people who are too weak and gave me a chance.”

Jenkin Bai put his hand on the armrest, his five fingers gathered together, and he had to swallow this breath. It was indeed someone who relied on his strength and did something to deceive others.

He has nothing to refute.

His gaze looked at Ana Lin, “I’m sorry for what happened today.” While speaking, he looked at Ana Lin up and down, knowing why she came to the mall, “This mall is mine, what do you need, Even though you choose today, all the expenses will be counted as mine, and will be regarded as compensation for the trouble I caused you.”

“President Bai is polite, my wife has no habit of spending other people’s money.” Before Ana Lin could speak, Phillip Zong refused.

Ana Lin raised her eyes to look at Phillip Zong’s angular profile. She really didn’t expect him to have this intention. She thought it was just to tell Daniel some truth that this man’s treacherous belly was dark, and he was hidden. Her Jiuqu ileum was something she never expected.

Ana Lin pulled out a polite smile, “Thank you, no need.”

Jenkin Bai also smiled, “Well, what’s the use of me here in the future, even if I speak, I am afraid it will be a little later to see the master.”

Ana Lin probably understood that he had to deal with the matter here, so he said, “If you are free tomorrow, then go tomorrow.”

Jenkin Bai replied in deep thought, “Okay, I will pick you up at the hotel then.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin took his son.

They didn’t go back right away. This time Phillip Zong followed Ana Lin every step of the way, for fear of being bullied again.

Ana Lin complained, “You follow me like this, making me look like a rare animal.”

How can anyone go shopping, bring the’husband’ children, and a group of bodyguards?

Whether you are shopping or passing by, look at her more.

She was very uncomfortable.

Phillip Zong said righteously, “I don’t worry about you alone. What if I get bullied again?”

“I is not a kid…”

“You didn’t solve it just now.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She was silent to refute.

Compared to their ease, Bai Yin would rather be annoyed by this unprovoked disaster.

Yao Qingqing kept saying sorry, but this was not what Jenkin Bai wanted.

The waitress was stopped in the house by the plateau. She stood by the door, shrinking and shrinking to reduce her sense of presence, hoping Yao Qingqing could plead with herself.


“I’m not your cousin!” Yao Qingqing was anxious by her. She was originally adopted, and her adoptive parents were not kind to her. Naturally, this cousin was not dear.

It’s just that this cousin’s mother is very kind. Once she was beaten and scolded by her adoptive parents and shut the door for no food. It was this cousin’s mother who took her in and gave her food.

Yao Qingqing remembered this kindness and asked her to come to the store to help when she was not working, but she didn’t expect that she would not only steal the money from the store, but also threaten customers to buy clothes like this.

No wonder she feels that business in the store has been getting worse recently.

It turned out that it was all because of her, her reputation was bad.

“I was wrong, cousin, I know I was wrong, you begged President Bai for mercy.” It wasn’t the plateau that stopped her, she rushed over.

“What you do yourself, you have to bear the consequences, and I can’t save you.” She could see that Jenkin Bai was very angry, regardless of the smile on his face, but she knew that he was angry at the moment .

He was like this when he was a child, and he was always smiling, and even the dean liked him.

Who would like a child with a bitter face all day long and unpleasant?

This is why he was chosen by Bai Hongfei.

“Plateau, I don’t want to see this person in the future.” Jenkin Bai said solemnly.

“Understand.” The plateau pressed her two arms, ready to pull the person away.

The waitress panicked, “Yao Qingqing, don’t forget, when you were beaten by your parents and closed the door without giving you food, who took you in and kept you full? It was my mother…”

“Enough of you!” Yao Qingqing interrupted her sharply, “I have paid off these love long ago!”

After she grew up, after she was able to support herself, she didn’t help them less, and she also worked for her. What did she do?

Let her lose face in front of Jenkin Bai.

Jenkin Bai waved his hand, not wanting to see this woman again, Gao Gao said a few words to understand, and ignored the waitress’s cry, pulled her out of the mall.

Her voice was quickly cut off, and the surrounding air became quiet.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was because of her, and I called you here…”

“What are you going to do here?” Jenkin Bai interrupted her, the matter was over, no more apology would help, but it hurt their feelings.

After all, I knew each other when I was young, I have seen each other’s downfall, and lived together in an orphanage for a few years, so the feelings are always a little bit.

“I have already troubled you. I am too easy to believe in people, so I made this place like this.” Yao Qingqing sighed, “You have helped me a lot. It wasn’t that you were willing to give me this store. The head office did not. Let me open a shop here. If the head office knows that this shop has been made like this by me, I am afraid that I will be required to pay compensation. I think it is better to close the shop on the excuse that the consumption level here is not high.”

“Have you figured it out?” Jenkin Bai asked lightly.

Yao Qingqing nodded, “Think clearly.”

“Since you think it clearly, I won’t persuade you, here…”

“I can clean up.” Yao Qingqing didn’t want to bother him too much.

“Yeah.” Jenkin Bai didn’t say much, after all, everyone is an adult, and everyone has their own thoughts and ideas.

“I will send you out.” Yao Qingqing offered.

Jenkin Bai did not refuse either. There was a small step in front of the store, and someone had to help.

“Is it really cured?” Yao Qingqing looked down at him, with unspeakable emotions hidden in his eyes. He was in a wheelchair, and she was probably more uncomfortable than Jenkin Bai himself.

His legs were sound when he was taken away, and he is now in a wheelchair, which must have been acquired.

Jenkin Bai’s eyes half-squinted, recalling the past…

He could walk before because of an accident.

At that time, he accompanied Bai Hongfei to inspect the factory. There was a fire and an explosion caused. In order to save Bai Hongfei, he injured his leg, so he was in a wheelchair.

“It’s difficult.” Jenkin Bai’s face did not change, but his heart was not without waves. After all, there is no one who is willing to be disabled or even unable to take care of himself completely.

“You know the one just now…”

“Qingqing, I don’t like people asking me about private matters.”

Jenkin Bai interrupted her.

He knew that Yao Qingqing wanted to ask him about Ana Lin.


“Don’t always say this.” Jenkin Bai’s expression returned to calm.

On the other side, Ana Lin bought a few changed clothes before returning to the hotel with Phillip Zong.

Because Ana Lin is going to see the master who can make xiangyunsha, and will not return to City B for the time being, Phillip Zong also wants to find out the whereabouts of Rios He here.

So they reached a consensus and planned to stay here for a few more days.

After getting out of the car, they just walked into the hotel and saw the people waiting for them in the hotel lobby.

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