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Chapter 199

Alan Su and Lena Qin sat by the window. There were a few empty glasses on the table. It seemed that they had been sitting for a long time.

Alan Su Fengchen servant, seeing them coming in, rushed over without any image, “You are finally back, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Keller Shen disgusted and pushed the person away, “Lost? Why is it so long?”

I said that I was leaving, so it stands to reason that I should have arrived early.

When he was speaking, he glanced at Lena Qin who was walking towards Ana Lin, why did he also abduct her?

What did this kid do to others?

Alan Su was annoyed. He didn’t notice Keller Shen’s ambiguous gaze. When he came, he was caught by his grandmother. He had to ask him when he got married, or he wouldn’t let him out.

He lied about getting married at the end of this year, and he came out.

So time was delayed.

The main problem is that he doesn’t even have a serious girlfriend.

“Don’t mention it, isn’t it my grandmother.” Seeing Alan Su’s distress, Keller Shen knew what was wrong.

Although the Su family is not a wealthy family, it is considered to be a scholarly family, but Alan Su’s parents died early, and there is only one grandmother left. Now Alan Su is also a man who has run three years. His grandmother is anxious about his marriage. normal.

“Are you urging you again?” Keller Shen touched him with his shoulder.

“Not really.”

“That’s not ready-made?” Keller Shen raised his chin towards him. Not far away, Lena Qin hugged Ana Lin and didn’t let go. “I can be regarded as seeing you. During the period of your disappearance, I was terrified and afraid that you would encounter Danger, you said that our trip back home is thrilling and exciting.”

“Okay, don’t worry, am I okay?” Ana Lin patted her shoulder.

Alan Su looked at Lena Qin and curled his lips, “This girl is good, but it’s difficult to hook up.”

“You can’t subdue a woman by your means?” Keller Shen quipped.

Alan Su glared at him, “Am I such a dishonest person?”

“Hehe.” Keller Shen laughed, thinking that he is a good person again now, who used to change women every day, just like changing clothes.

But Keller Shen knew that he was not serious about playing.

“That’s right.” Keller Shen hooked his neck and whispered to the side, “I found Phillip and…”

“Dad what are they talking about?” Ruth lay on Phillip Zong’s shoulders and looked at the two people who were standing not far away and whispering by the window.

“Regardless of them.” Phillip Zong hugged her upstairs.

Ana Lin went to help Lena Qin pull the suitcase, “The boat and the car are tired, should you be tired, go up and have a rest.”

“Yeah.” Lena Qin refused to let Ana Lin help her, “I’ll do it myself.” She reached out and touched the top of Daniel’s head, “Xiao Xi.”

“Aunt Qin, why would you come with him?” Daniel looked at Alan Su and Lena Qin again.

Originally, Ana Lin also wanted to ask how they came together.

“He went to the store and told me that I found you. I was anxious to see you, so I followed. You are not there and the store can’t receive orders and there are no customers.” Lena Qin was a little lost, feeling that she was still not capable. Although the two guests she received were satisfied with her design, they said that there was nothing more amazing and no orders were placed later.

Now Alan is looking at the store in the store, and she is here.

Ana Lin patted her shoulder to comfort him, “It’s okay, it will be better.”

When she invites the master who knows Xiangyunsha, she is not afraid of no business.

Lena Qin and Ana Lin talked about what happened in the store during this period of time.

Keller Shen arranged a sumptuous dinner for Alan Su and Lena Qin.

Ruth was sleepy, and she had to hold Phillip Zong, “Dad, you hug me to sleep.”

The little guy is very coquettish, puts his arms around his neck and does not let go, sweetly calling, “Dad.”

Phillip Zong’s daughter’s face, no matter where she is willing to refuse, her heart will be frustrated by her.

Phillip Zong said in Ana Lin’s ear, “I will take her up first.”

Ana Lin nodded.

After Phillip Zong left, Ana Lin picked up vegetables for his son. Daniel took a bite. Daniel also put down his chopsticks and slid off the chair, “I’m done too.”

To go back to the room by himself, as a sensible little adult, Ana Lin said that he was worried, “I will accompany you up.”

“No, it’s not that no one is following me.” He pointed to the two bodyguards behind him.

Rios He did not whereabouts, and Phillip Zong worried that he would start with the child and Ana Lin again, so he always let the bodyguard follow.

“My sister-in-law doesn’t bring this. We are not far away to find you, do you want to leave us alone?” Alan Su grievedly looked at Ana Lin, “You have to look at my hard work and give Miss Qin to you. Bring it here, I toast you a glass?”

He wanted to say that you should toast me a cup, but she is Phillip Zong’s wife and he dare not let her respect.

So I changed my mouth and toasted her myself.

Ana Lin looked at Alan Su and then at Keller Shen and Lena Qin, took the wine that Alan Su handed over, and said with a smile, “I respect you for this glass. Thank you for taking care of the people around me during my absence. “

She drank it, the liquor was strong, and her throat hurt as soon as she poured it down. She frowned, put down the glass, took a sip of the white water to relieve the discomfort.

Alan Su blinked, “My sister-in-law is drinking too much, and I’m doing it too.”

After drinking the wine, Ana Lin thought of the two children and said, “You continue, I will go up first.”

Alan Su grabbed her, “Sister-in-law, Phillip Zong’s inhumane, except for squeezing us, he doesn’t treat us as human beings at all. I feel bitter, but I dare not say.”

Alan Su’s crying complaint against Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin, “…”

What does it matter to her?

“Is he really so inhuman?” Ana Lin asked Alan Su, who was pestering her like a puppy.

Alan Su pouted his mouth, nodded vigorously, and pointed to Keller Shen to let him prove to himself, “If you don’t believe me, ask him.”

Knowing that he had deliberately entangled Ana Lin to drink with him, Keller Shen pretended not to hear it, turned his head to Lena Qin, and asked concerned, “Is you tired along the way?”

Lena Qin shook her head, “Not tired.”

“Did the kid bully you?” Keller Shen pointed out.

Lena Qin lowered her head, pursed her lips and shook her head, “Mr. Su, take good care of me.”

“Look, you see, am I the kind of man who only bullies women? Keller Shen, you underestimate me too!” Alan Su stood up and pointed at Keller Shen, “You pat your buttocks and leave. , Throw all the mess to me.”

Alan Su was not drunk at all, and deliberately pretended to be drunk, pulling Ana Lin and saying that she would not let her go, and complaining to her that she had done a lot of work. In fact, she deliberately said that she was missing these days, Phillip Zong Anxious, “Do you know? You are missing, I accompanied Phillip to look for you everywhere, and later learned that you were here, he brought Keller Shen, and left me in City B to deal with Casey He’s mess, but you can rest assured , I’ve dealt with it, and she won’t want to make trouble again…” Alan Su moved closer to Ana Lin, “She committed murder and can’t live.”

Ana Lin looked at Alan Su with mixed tastes, and her heart was overwhelmed. At first, Casey He used the safety of two children to coerce her out. For the safety of her children, she fell into a trap designed by Casey He and was controlled by Rios He.

She was already surprised that Phillip Zong could run here to find her.

Unexpectedly, he would also take action against Casey He.

Alan Su pours wine for Ana Lin, and his own is also full, “I’m helping you so much, do you have to have a drink with me?”

Ana Lin knew that he might have said this to her on purpose, and picked up the glass of wine, “You guys are really good buddies.”

Alan Su was taken aback, deliberately pretending not to understand.

Lena Qin looked anxiously from the sidelines, it was obvious that Alan Su deliberately let Ana Lin drink.

She wanted to persuade, but she was pulled by Keller Shen and deliberately dragged her, “Miss Qin, you bring Alan Su here, you are very tired along the way, thank you for bringing my ineffective brother here safely.”

As he said, he stuffed a glass of wine into Lena Qin’s hand.

Lena Qin, “…”

This reason is too far-fetched, right?


“Thank you Miss Qin.” Keller Shen gave Lena Qin no room for rejection, and said thank you first.

Forcing her to drink.

Keller Shen and Alan Su’s actions are too obvious. Ana Lin doesn’t want to know it. She doesn’t refuse to get drunk. “It’s what you think, Phillip Zong and I are not that good on the surface…”

Alan Su and Keller Shen looked at each other. This woman could see through their intentions?

The two silently retracted their gazes, pretending to be silly, “Sister-in-law, what did you say, your destined fate with Philliptian is a harmony between earth.”

Ana Lin smiled, “It’s hard to say that there is fate, other than that.”

Xiao Cong was appointed as a baby k*ss, but it was fate.

Alan Su cautiously, “Are you still angry about how he divorced you?” Suddenly, Alan Su’s topic changed, righteously said, “It’s me, I am also angry, for divorcing other women, I will never forgive him. “

Soon Alan Su’s tone softened again, “For the sake of the two children, give him a chance?”

Ana Lin took a sip of wine, and they didn’t understand the twists and turns.

The reason why she didn’t accept Phillip Zong wholeheartedly was not because of the original divorce. After all, no one liked anyone at that time, but was tied together by a previous generation’s agreement.

She was just not sure if Phillip Zong’s kindness to her was for the sake of the two children.

She is not sure if she really likes him.

It’s just how deep I like it.

Regarding emotional matters, she doesn’t like to be judged by others, “In the future, this can’t be done. Next time I will be angry.”

Keller Shen glared at Alan Su. He saw that the relationship between Phillip Zong and Ana Lin was subtle, so he told Alan Su about it, and he came up with this idea, saying what made Ana Lin drunk. After sending it to Phillip Zong’s bed, everything was solved.

The result was seen through at a glance.

Alan Su smiled awkwardly and muttered softly, “Women are too smart to be liked.”

“Don’t drink Lena Qin, I’ll go back and see Xiao Xi and Ruth.” Ana Lin said so clearly, Alan Su is not good at continuing to struggle.

Can only watch Ana Lin leave.

After realizing it, Lena Qin knew that Alan Su had deliberately let Ana Lin drink, but she didn’t know why.

“It’s not very good for you to do this.” Lena Qin glanced at Alan Su, “A man deliberately let a woman drink. It is a very dishonest thing. Fortunately, Sister Lin is clever and saw through your tricks at a glance.”

Alan Su feels really upset, isn’t he just helping his brother?

This little girl dared to accuse him.

He pulled the chair away and sat down next to Lena Qin, “What do you know? Well, dare you to blame me?”

He deliberately got close to her, and the spit of alcohol when he was speaking came on her face, and she frowned, “Go away!”

“Go there? Just that big place.” Alan Su was next to her, his mouth getting closer to her face.

Keller Shen shook his head. It was obvious that Alan Su was sultrying. He didn’t use a light bulb and quietly got up and left the box.

When Lena Qin saw everyone leaving, she wanted to leave, but was held back by Alan Su.

“Don’t go, drink with me…”

“You are crazy, let me go…”

Keller Shen closed the door and thought, this kid might really get married by the end of the year.

In fact, Lena Qin is pretty good, young and beautiful.

Ana Lin went upstairs, Ruth and Daniel were already asleep, there was a rushing sound from the bathroom, and the frosted glass door was ajar. She pushed it gently and the door opened.

Chapter 200

Phillip Zong stood in front of the sink, his cuffs reached his arms, his white shirt was tucked into his suit trousers, his slender legs were wrapped in trousers, and the smooth lines outlined the arc of the hips connected to the thighs, wide shoulders and narrow waist. The figure is impeccably perfect.

Ana Lin crossed his arm and saw that he was washing clothes.

It was Ruth’s skirt, which was covered with vegetable soup when eating.

Ana Lin has never seen him do this. He has food, clothing, housing and transportation arranged by someone. When do you need to do it yourself?

At this moment, he was doing laundry for his daughter.

It feels very subtle.

In a daze, she actually felt that this was the taste of home.

Ordinary and warm.

She barely thought, walked in and reached out to hug him from behind, her face pressed against his generous back, “Are you a ruthless person or an affectionate person?”

The sudden embrace made Phillip Zong stiffen, but he quickly returned to nature.

He looked down at her hand clasped around his waist, and his eyes suddenly hid in a pleasant light, but the voice did not express it, “Why ask?”

Ana Lin didn’t hide it from him, “I heard Alan Su say that Casey He went in, and I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to come out in this life. You did it.”

At this point, her tone paused, and she was brewing what to say next, “In any case, she has followed you, so she can do it.”

Phillip Zong seemed to have not heard Ana Lin’s words and concentrated on washing her daughter’s clothes.

It’s not that I didn’t hear it, but I just didn’t want to explain.

He gave Casey He a lot of opportunities, and she touched his bottom line again and again.

Deception, conspiracy, and conspiracy, he believed her because he was thinking about the love she had saved him.

But what about her?

What did you do?

Ana Lin bit her lip, and a row of deep tooth marks was sunken on the pink lips. She hoped that Phillip Zong could explain that there was a reason for him to do this. He was not such a ruthless person.

“You have nothing to say to me?”

“What do you want me to say?”

Phillip Zong turned around, unbuttoned two buttons on the collar of his shirt, and his sturdy chest was looming. When Ruth was bathed, the shirt was wet, and the damp cloth clung to his skin. When he took possession of his body, he was aggressively attacking his face. When he came, Ana Lin turned his head involuntarily, and didn’t dare to look directly at his enchanting eyes.

Ana Lin moved her lips, “Will you treat me like this for other women in the future?”

Although he dealt with Casey He because of her, but Casey He was not wrong with him. He can ignore the old feelings and be cruel. What is the difference between Randall Lin, who can abandon his wife and children?

She has seen her mother’s failed marriage, her father’s ruthlessness, and she is always uncertain about her feelings.

Sensitive and suspicious.

Phillip Zong frowned, her pupils flickered, and then stared at her eyes, “You miss me so? Am I such a person in your heart?”

Ana Lin staggered his gaze, “I don’t know!”

“Heh.” He chuckled, without the slightest sign or measure, and pushed her back and pressed her against the wall. Before Ana Lin could react in the future, he bullied her and pressed her over and pressed her soft body. Stubbornly against the tiled wall.

Obviously cold, but his fiery body was burning hot.

“You, what are you doing?”

Her tone couldn’t hide, the tension and hesitation at the moment.

Phillip Zong kssed her forehead lightly, and immediately moved down to block her opened lips. There was no gap between her lips and her lips fit closely. Her mouth had a faint smell of alcohol, not heavy, but instead People are addicted. He drags her tongue and swallows the root of her tongue deeply. This deep kss is painful and more like punishment.

Ana Lin twisted his painful facial features, and tore his shoulders with both hands, “You hurt me, let me go quickly…well…”

It was probably because her movements were too violent. She rubbed him against the private part of her waist. She obviously felt the change there. Her expression changed, “Phillip Zong, you bastard, let me go!”

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down several times, his lips slightly staggered, thick and long eyelashes scraped across the corners of her eyes, and Ana Lin trembled slightly.

He attached to her ear, “You question me once, and I will punish you in this way.”

He deliberately moved closer, ambiguous and teasing, “You said fairness is not fair?”

Ana Lin didn’t dare to move, even the atmosphere didn’t dare to breathe, his whole body was tight, for fear of irritating him.

Phillip Zong smiled, did not continue to tease her, and asked softly, “After I left, did you drink?”

Ana Lin’s eyelashes flickered, “Will you not know?”

He raised his eyebrows, what does this mean?

“Keller Shen and Alan Su seem to see our relationship and deliberately let me drink…”

Phillip Zong’s lips twitched, and Ana Lin clasped Ana Lin in his arms, “Be nice to me in front of them in the future.”

If you let them know Ana Lin wouldn’t let him touch.

They still have to laugh out their teeth.

Ana Lin also hopes to give the two children a good life atmosphere. Like Phillip Zong, he does not like to be paid attention to in his private life, especially the relationship.

She was also negligent just now, how could a proud person like Phillip Zong talk about his love life with others.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin agreed, at least in the eyes of outsiders, they should be “lovely” couples.

“Go to bed.” Phillip Zong rolled her into the bed with his arms around her, doing nothing, just hugging her.

The next morning, Ana Lin woke up just after the genius lighted up. Last night, I didn’t know if it was because of drinking. I slept very heavily. At night, I felt that Phillip Zong hugged her a few times. She couldn’t sleep when she woke up, so when she got up early, Phillip Zong and the two children were still sleeping in the room. She wanted to go outside the hotel to get some air.

At this time, the entire corridor is quiet, and everyone hasn’t gotten up yet.

Her steps were light, for fear of waking up those who were still sleeping.

When passing by the door of Lena Qin’s room, the door of her room suddenly opened from inside. Alan Su’s suit was hanging slantingly, and his hair was messy. When he saw Ana Lin, he closed the door reflexively. .

Ana Lin stood at the door for a long time and didn’t come back. How could Alan Su come out of Lena Qin’s room?

Dazzling yourself?

She looked around, and this was indeed Lena Qin’s room. That’s right.

Alan Su in the room was not doing well either. Standing behind the door with a guilty expression on his face, how could Ana Lin be outside, time so early?

“You’re not going to get out, what are you doing here?” Lena Qin shrank under the quilt, showing only a pair of bloodshot eyes.

Later, everyone left. She was entangled in drinking by Alan Su. She couldn’t help but drank a few drinks. Later, Alan Su said that she was forced to marry.

Lena Qin asked, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Alan Su remembered his first love Liu Fei, and his mood was even worse.

Lena Qin felt that she had mentioned something unhappy about him.

He will drink his own wine.

He apologized to him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to mention your sad thing.”

Alan Su smiled beautifully and took the opportunity to say, “If you accompany me for a few drinks, I will accept your apology.”

As a result, both of them drank too much, and then she didn’t know how she got upstairs.

When they woke up in the morning, they lay naked on a bed.

Everyone understands what happened to adults.

Alan Su said to be responsible.

Lena Qin was holding the quilt, trembling violently. She obviously had the heart of Alan Su, but she was still pretending to be calm on the face, “All adults, don’t say such naive words.”

Is it necessary to tie the two together because of a mistake?

What’s more, she can see clearly that Alan Su is a playboy, not suitable for marriage at all.

Besides, she didn’t like him.

“This is the 21st century. It’s not just a one-night stand before liberation. I hope everyone forgets and assumes that nothing happened.” Lena Qin was extremely calm.

Alan Su was surprised.

He used to play and play, but he has never made a girl’s bargain casually, and if he needs it, he always finds that kind of money.

After all the money and goods are cleared.

When he met a woman like Lena Qin, he was even more open than him, saying that he didn’t need to be responsible, and he had to forget that it had never happened.

Why does he feel so upset?

“It happened, I remember very clearly, your hands clung to my neck, under me…”

“Get out!” Lena Qin was irritated by Alan Su’s words.

The shame pressed down in my heart burst out all at once.

She was too excited to talk about it at all, Alan Su suggested, “We are all calm and calm, and then we will talk.”

Who knew that as soon as he went out, he saw Ana Lin standing at the door.

He stood behind the door, looking at the undulating’hills’, knowing that she must be crying in the bed.

No girl encounters this kind of thing and can pretend that nothing happened.

The chic words she said were just pretends.

Alan Su didn’t want to hide her, telling her that Ana Lin saw him when he opened the door.

“What?” Lena Qin fiercely sat up from the bed, her apricot eyes rounded in shock, didn’t Ana Lin know…

She didn’t even dare to think further.

Tears were streaming.

Shame and hate.

All Alan Su!

“You ruined me.” Lena Qin hugged the quilt, buried her entire face in the quilt, making a muffled whimper.


At this time the door was knocked.

Chapter 201

Alan Su’s nerves tightened. How could Lena Qin belong to Ana Lin, how could he explain?

“Don’t cry.” Alan Su walked over to comfort her, and as soon as his hand touched her shoulder, she was pushed away, “Go away! Don’t let me see you, I’m sick!”

At the thought of last night, she couldn’t help shaking, and her stomach rolled.

Alan Su’s complexion changed, and after all, there was no seizure. Indeed, he is a man, so he won’t suffer from this.

Besides, this was not his first time, but it was Lena Qin’s first.

The most precious thing of a woman is gone when she is unconscious, and he doesn’t care about the ugly words.

“She is outside and just knocked on the door.” Alan Su looked at her, hoping that she could calm down and solve the current situation first.

Lena Qin’s cry stopped abruptly and raised her red eyes, “What should I do?”

Shame, ah, ah.

She covered herself with the quilt, wishing to find a place to sew in and never see anyone.

“Don’t worry.” Alan Su calmed her, “Should we pretend to be in love?”

It’s better than being hit by someone in a one-night stand.

If it is a lover relationship, it is normal to have an intimate relationship.

You won’t feel embarrassed.

“Don’t think about it!” Lena Qin lifted the quilt, grabbed the pillow and hit him.

“If it weren’t for you and I had to drink, how could such a ridiculous thing happen…”

Alan Su caught the pillow she had thrown over, rushed to cover her mouth, and whispered, “You are so loud, do you want everyone to know that we slept together last night?”

Lena Qin’s eyes rolled and shook her head, she didn’t want to.

It’s embarrassing.

“We will pretend to be in a relationship. After a while, the excuse is inappropriate. If we separate, it won’t be embarrassing. What do you think?” Alan Su saw that she didn’t want to be known, so she took the opportunity to mention the fake lover relationship again.

First fool Ana Lin.

Lena Qin thought for a while, but still did not relax.

Alan Su took a deep breath, why is this woman so stubborn?

“Okay, I’m a man, so it’s a one-night stand. What’s the big deal? I said we were drunk last night and we slept together.” Alan Su pretended to be going to open the door.

Lena Qin panicked.

Alan Su held the doorknob, making a gesture to open the door.

“Hold on.” Lena Qin’s brain was running fast, feeling that Alan Su’s words also made sense, pretending it was better than a one-night stand. After all, so many people would be too embarrassed to see them with their heads down.

“I promise you, pretend to be a couple first.” Lena Qin exhausted her courage before saying this.

Alan Su also had an excuse and opened the door. As a result, there was no one at the door. He stretched his head and found Ana Lin returning to the room.

Ana Lin felt that she was too impulsive and shouldn’t knock on the door at this time. Regardless of their relationship, she shouldn’t knock on their door.

She was just too shocked. After she calmed down, she realized that she was doing something wrong, so she was ready to leave.

Lest they are embarrassed and don’t know how to face her.

Alan Su called out, “Sister-in-law.”

Ana Lin turned around and saw Alan Su poking his head out of the door, “When I will have breakfast, I have something to tell you.”

Ana Lin nodded, and then pushed open the door of the room. Originally, she wanted to go out to get some air, but now she was not in the mood, thinking in her heart what Alan Su would say.

Talk about the matter between him and Lena Qin?

With the curtains drawn in the room and the light was very dark, Ana Lin sat absently by the bed.

Lena Qin is not a random girl, and I haven’t known Alan Su for long. How could…

“What do you want?” Phillip Zong woke up and found that Ana Lin was already dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed in a daze. He turned over, stretched his hand across her waist, embraced her slender waist, and gently applied force. Along the way, Ana Lin fell into his arms.

Ana Lin lay down, Phillip Zong buried her face in her neck, sniffed the scent on her body, k*ssed her skin greedily, his voice was the hoarse just after waking up, “Why get up so early, eh? “

Ana Lin was completely immersed in what Alan Su appeared from Lena Qin’s room. So early, it was obvious that he spent the night in Lena Qin’s room last night.

“What kind of person is Alan Su?”

Lena Qin followed her for a long time. Although she was domestic, she was adopted by foreigners and grew up abroad.

Following her back to the country, she has no relatives except her, and she is responsible to her.

Phillip Zong raised his head quickly and looked at Ana Lin, “What are you asking him for?”

Ana Lin turned to look at him, telling the truth, “I saw him coming out of Lena Qin’s room.”

Phillip Zong blinked, his long eyelashes fluttered a few times, and after a few seconds, he tasted it.

Alan Su and Lena Qin?

Phillip Zong, “…”

He raised his hand and put his arm on his forehead. This kid is moving fast.

Ana Lin pushed him, “I ask you something, Lena Qin has no relatives, follow me back to China, I have to be responsible to her, is Alan Su a reliable person?”

“He…very good.” Phillip Zong turned over and turned his back to Ana Lin.

He cannot betray his brother, nor can he deceive his wife.

Ana Lin felt that something was wrong. It was obvious that he was avoiding. She clasped his shoulders and turned the person to her, her tone serious, “You tell the truth.”

Phillip Zong hugged her with both hands and rubbed her face against her chest, “When can you let me touch you? I am a normal man and will be suffocated…”

Ana Lin pushed his face, “I’m serious with you, if you do this, am I angry?”

Phillip Zong raised his head aggrievedly, he, Phillip Zong, when did he get to this point?

He looked at the sky silently, feeling that he was the most miserable man in the world.

“I’m going to ask Keller Shen.” As Ana Lin was about to get up, Phillip Zong hugged him tighter. In order to please his wife, brother, stand back.

“He had talked with a girlfriend before. It was his first love. Later, he broke up. It was a big blow to him. He hasn’t found a girlfriend seriously for so many years. This time, it might be serious, otherwise… “

He gave Ana Lin a look that you understand, and he took the opportunity to put a sticker in her arms, “I never talked about it once.”

After he took over the company, he focused on his career. First, he didn’t have that time, and second, he didn’t move his heart.

“You make up for me.” His lips were close to her chest, where the skin was especially delicate, just like Bai Zi. When she breathed, he could feel the fullness and softness of the two balls.

An evil fire ran around in his body, and his muscles were tight.

He felt that sooner or later he would be tortured to death.

The man in the morning is especially sensitive, he is still facing the woman he likes, which way is more exuberant.

His breathing became heavier and heavier, calling her name tenderly, “Yan Yan-“

“I don’t like men who just think about sleeping all day long.”

Ana Lin said that it was neither light nor heavy, and a basin of cold water was poured down.

Phillip Zong, “…”

Put out his ignited fire, and even the sparks are gone.

Phillip Zong turned over and looked at the ceiling, “Sooner or later, I will kill you.”

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, so he wanted to sleep with her.

Coax her to bed.

But she is not easy to coax.

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