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Table of Contents

Chapter 202

“I and Lena Qin are in love.”

At breakfast time, when everyone just arrived at the restaurant, Alan Su announced Lena Qin in his arms.

Lena Qin was not accustomed to his intimate behavior, earning money in his arms, Alan Su leaned over and warned in a low voice, “If you don’t want to be discerned, just be honest.”

As a last resort, Lena Qin could only act like Alan Su’s’love’.

“Tsk tusk.” Keller Shen smashed his mouth, “This is progressing so fast.”

When drinking wine last night, Lena Qin still rejected Alan Su very much, and became a passionate love after a night?

What about a liar?

Keller Shen was obviously skeptical. Phillip Zong only heard Ana Lin’s rumors and knew that Alan Su was acting.

Just too lazy to expose him.

He held Ruth and sat at the table to feed his daughter.

They completely ignored their affairs.

Put all your heart on your daughter.

Keller Shen also couldn’t tell, sitting at the table, watching Phillip Zong gently feeding her daughter to eat, the corners of her lips twitched involuntarily, when Ruth did not appear, he had never seen such a soft expression on Phillip Zong’s face. .

Daughter slave?

At this moment, this sentence is so appropriate in Phillip Zong’s body.

“Ruth.” Keller Shen took a boiled egg, “Uncle help you peel it?”

Ruth shook her head and lay down in Phillip Zong’s arms, “No, my father will strip it for me.”

Keller Shen blinked. He felt that he had been abandoned overnight. Phillip Zong had a wife and children, and a family of four. His daughter was cute and lovely, his son was smart and smart, and his wife was also beautiful. He was much younger than him. Xiaojiao’s wife.

Now even the “playboy” Alan Su is in love seriously, he is still a “lonely family”

Is he abandoned?

He sat next to Daniel, and here the two of them were men without women.

Daniel didn’t understand why he was so close to him and put the hard boiled egg that he had peeled on his dinner plate.

“Uncle Shen, eat it.”

Keller Shen’s hard face hardly showed a hint of warmth. It turned out that he was not abandoned, and there are still people who care.

He picked it up and took a bite, “Thank you Xiao Xi.”

Ruth glanced at him, smiled and said no, “I just think you are pitiful.”

Keller Shen, “…”

The boiled egg in his mouth changed its flavor in an instant.

Ana Lin also held a skeptical attitude, thinking about the authenticity of Alan Su’s words in his heart.

“Why do you think Lena Qin would come with me? It is because we are in love, I brought her together. I think today, the sun is shining and the wind is beautiful, it is a good day, so I choose to tell you today, Lena Qin and I are in love.”

Alan Su’s righteous remarks, with high momentum.

He said that. Ana Lin said that he didn’t say too much. As the saying goes, “It’s better to demolish ten temples than one marriage.” He just said, “Since you have decided, forget about the past. Good to Lena Qin.”

Lena Qin suddenly felt embarrassed and lowered her head, “Sister Lin, I…I didn’t mean to hide from you…”

“It’s okay, it’s late, let’s eat first.”

She would not blame Lena Qin, she was an adult, and she must know what she was doing. She was worried, but was afraid that Alan Su would hurt her.

After all, the two had known each other not long ago, and Alan Su was glib all day for fear that Lena Qin would suffer.

Lena Qin patted Alan Su’s hand and walked to Ana Lin, “Sister Lin.”

Ana Lin put her arms around her shoulders and sat down at the dining table together, so that she would not be burdened, and that emotional matters should follow her own heart.

Lena Qin didn’t dare to look straight at Ana Lin, she was guilty.

Because she and Alan Su never fell in love at all.

Phillip Zong grabbed Ana Lin’s hand from under the table and shook it in his palm, “Everyone has his own life.”

He didn’t want Ana Lin to be too worried about other people’s affairs.

He put a glass of pure milk in front of her, “Drink it.”

Ana Lin knew what he meant. She didn’t want to interfere, but because of her relationship with Lena Qin, she thought about her a little bit more, so she picked up the glass of milk and drank it.

“Mummy.” Ruth gave Ana Lin the egg that Phillip Zong peeled for her, “This is for you to eat.”

The little girl raised her small hand, holding a white ball in her hand and sending it to Ana Lin’s mouth.

Now he is a good and filial child.

Ana Lin took her daughter’s hand and took a bite of the egg. It was obviously the taste of eggs. I don’t know why I think the taste of eggs is so good today.

She touched her daughter’s hair, with egg yolk glued to the corners of her mouth, completely unknowingly, Phillip Zong pulled a napkin and wiped the corners of her lips.

Ana Lin was very awkward, after all, with so many people, she reached out to wipe it herself, but she turned to Shang Phillip Zong’s deep eyes.

Thinking of what he said to be’love’ outside, he retracted the outstretched hand.

Allowing him to wipe the corners of her mouth clean, Ruth drilled into Phillip Zong’s arms and giggled. She really liked such dad and mommy.

She feels so happy.

Alan Su watched for a moment, he grumbled, and swallowed a big mouthful of milk, “If you don’t bring this, sprinkle dog food early in the morning, how can you make Keller love? At this age, he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Handed in.”

After speaking, he smirked himself.

Keller Shen glanced at him disgustingly, and stood up after eating the last bite of eggs.

Daniel followed and stood up, “I’m fine too.”

“Come on, uncle will lead you.” Keller Shen felt more and more that he and this kid were the same.

They walked to the door and ran into Jenkin Bai, who was coming here.

Keller Shen stopped, “Why did Mr. Bai come?”

“I’m looking for Miss Lin.” Jenkin Bai’s face was again with that faint smile.

Keller Shen also laughed, “She is eating now, would you like Mr. Bai to wait here?”

“Yes.” Jenkin Bai didn’t mind.

His gaze fell on Daniel, the little guy didn’t look very big, his appearance was particularly handsome, his eyes and face were exactly the same as those of Phillip Zong’s.

“Your name is Xiao Xi?” Jenkin Bai asked with a smile.

Daniel answered politely, “Yes, my name is Daniel, you can call me Xiaoxi.”

Jenkin Bai was taken aback, Daniel?

With mom’s last name?

Not to mention a big family like the Zong family, even if it is an ordinary family, the child does not have a mother’s surname, let alone a boy.

He smelled an unusual smell from it.


The smile on Jenkin Bai’s face slowly opened, bright and kind, “Your name is very nice, Xichen, a new beginning, Vientiane is renewed, the so-called one-day plan is in the morning, is your father got it for you? “

“No, it’s my mommy.” Daniel replied.

He was completely unaware of his caution.

He always smiles like that, it doesn’t make people feel that he is a bad guy.

Daniel’s guard is low.

“Oh, then your mommy is amazing…”

When he was speaking, he saw Ana Lin and Phillip Zong walking out.

“Today I will take you to see that master.”

“Okay.” Ana Lin promised, “Then wait for me.”

She turned to look at Phillip Zong, and before she could speak, she heard him say, “I will go with you.”

This Jenkin Bai was particularly passionate about Ana Lin, which made Phillip Zong dislike it.

Let him get along with Ana Lin alone?

Unless he is crazy.

“What about the two of them?” Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, unexpectedly Phillip Zong would be with him.

“Take it.” He was worried about leaving the two children behind. He had to take it with him to be at ease.

Ana Lin understands Phillip Zong’s personality. He has already made a decision, and I am afraid she can’t change it.

“Is it far? Can you go back and forth today?” Ana Lin asked. If it is far away, she will prepare some daily necessities for the child.

“Go now and go back today.” Jenkin Bai replied, his gaze fell on Phillip Zong when he spoke, “Is Zong always worried about me?”

Phillip Zong sneered. His voice was not high or low, but it was shocking enough. He clasped Ana Lin’s shoulder with his palm, “I have never regarded President Bai as an opponent.”

The implication is that he is not qualified.

Jenkin Bai was also angry, smiling amiably, “Then I’ll wait outside.”

He raised his hand and let the plateau push him out.

“Who is he?” Alan Su walked to Keller Shen and asked.

“Landlord of Baicheng.”

Keller Shen made an understatement.

“It’s not simple. A cripple can be convinced. There must be two brushes.” Alan Su touched his chin, retracted his gaze to look at Jenkin Bai, turned his head to look at Keller Shen, “Just said it, where did you go?”

“A master who can make xiangyun yarn.”

“Wow, Xiangyunsha?” Lena Qin on the side heard this word and almost jumped up excitedly.

Alan Su looked at her in surprise, “Is this thing precious? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Lena Qin gave him a cold look with disdain, “What do you know?”

Alan Su, “…”


Lena Qin didn’t listen to him at all, raised her leg and left, followed Ana Lin to clean up briefly, and then the group went out of the hotel door.

All went, they drove three cars, and two cars led by Jenkin Bai led the way.

The more you drive, the more remote the place, and the more rugged the road.

When the car drove into a small village with beautiful scenery, Ana Lin was immediately fascinated by the surrounding scenery.

This is a small village between the river and the mountains. The unique shape of the houses reflects the mountains. The vineyards are scattered on the sunny slopes of the mountains. After the car drove into the village, they mixed together. The earth and the fragrant air of grape leaves are blowing.

The car continues to drive, surrounded by ancient buildings with ethnic characteristics, small wooden houses, and well-preserved medieval small villages interspersed by endless vineyards. There are fruit farmers’ scissors and grape-picking bamboo baskets at the door of each house. …

Such a breath environment made Ruth excited and patted the car window, “Wow, there are vines, many, if it’s summer, it must be full of grapes…”

At this time, Jenkin Bai’s car stopped in front, and their car also stopped.

Everyone got out of the car one after another.

Jenkin Bai pointed to the village not far away, “It’s here, but you can’t get in the car, you have to walk.”

“The environment here is so good, even walking will not feel tired.” Lena Qin also appreciates the environment here.

There are still such fresh and unpolluted villages that are really rare.

“Let’s go.” Jenkin Bai still leads the way.

Phillip Zong glanced around and confirmed that it was a village. Only when he lived on Ana Lin’s shoulder, he said, “Let’s go.”


After about half an hour, they walked into the village. There were not many people in the village. Occasionally they met one or two people, both of whom were elderly, and they did not see any young people.

“That’s it.” Jenkin Bai pointed to a wooden house built on the bridge head, below which was a crystal clear river.

A fence made of even branches without a gate. In the yard, there is a two-story wooden house with a bamboo chair on the right side. An elderly man is sitting on the right side. In his hand is a thin strip carved out of bamboo. Basket, when he heard the movement, when he raised his head, the wrinkles on his forehead were very deep, and a pair of deep eyes fell on Phillip Zong’s body.

He put down his work and stood up.

Chapter 203

“You are……”

“Master Cheng, we are here to ask about the method of making fragrant cloud yarn.” Jenkin Bai took the lead in opening his mouth and explained his intentions.

The old man’s eyes patrolled back and forth on the mighty group of people at the door. The corners of his eyes were slightly pressed, wrinkles were deep, and his eyes were deep and bottomless. He turned and entered the room, “Come in.”

The living room of the wooden house is not big, can not accommodate everyone, the bodyguards did not go in and guarded the door.

Even so, when they entered the house, the space became crowded.

The furnishings in the house are also very simple. Eight chairs are placed in a very Chinese style. On the left and right sides, there are a few scrolls on the wall and the newly compiled bamboo thorns. They are mixed together and are very unbalanced. In the center is the table, old man. Sit in front of the main seat.

He flicked a cigarette and lit it, “Who would like to ask?”

Ana Lin took Daniel a step forward and said sincerely, “I want to ask you how to make xiangyun yarn. If you want, I would like to invite you to become a master in our shop. The price is set by you. .”

The old man took a strong smoke, and the white mist evacuated. The small space was filled with a unique smell of smoke. Unlike those on the market, the smell of smoke was a faint medicinal smell.

Phillip Zong frowned slightly. If it weren’t for Ana Lin, he was afraid that he would never come to such a place in his life.

Through the white mist, the old man looked up and down Ana Lin, and finally his eyes stayed on the jade bracelet on her wrist, and then glanced at Jenkin Bai without a trace, and he nodded to the old man.

The old man retracted his gaze, “I can teach you, but I will not leave here.”

Their interaction is very secretive, but Phillip Zong, who seems to have never paid attention to this incident, is clearly aware of it.

The corners of his lips hooked like nothing.

He wanted to see what Jenkin Bai wanted to fool Ana Lin into here.

He remained calm.

It seems that he is an outsider and has never been involved.

“Yes.” Ana Lin agreed.

“It will be very hard to learn, are you willing?” the old man asked.

“Sister Lin, should I learn?” Lena Qin stepped up, “You have to take care of your two children, and you need you when you go back to the store, or leave this to me?” After she finished she was surprised that something was wrong and explained. , “I don’t want to hold this craft in my hands…”

“I know.”

Ana Lin believed her and never doubted her motives.

The old man ignored Lena Qin and said concisely, “I only teach her alone.”

In an instant, the whole hall became quiet.

“Don’t you accept only one apprentice?” Alan Su finds this interesting. There are still such people in these days. It is not in ancient times. What martial arts are only passed on. He is just a craftsman who can make fabrics. He teaches apprentices and chooses people. ?

And also pointed out Ana Lin, could he see Ana Lin has the qualifications in this respect?

The old man was very calm, completely ignoring Alan Su, but looking at Ana Lin, “If you want to learn, you have to worship me as a teacher, and I will teach you the craft of cloth making.”

Ana Lin doesn’t mind apprenticeship, but why does he like himself?

This also surprised her.

I always felt a little uneasy, so I didn’t immediately say yes.

“I don’t know what you like my wife, why did you choose her?” A low voice sounded from the back of the hall. He didn’t look at anyone, and was still teasing his daughter, as if there was nothing in this world that aroused his interest more than a daughter. .

The old man’s gaze was cast over, the light beams from outside shone in, and lines of dust flew up. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the angular face through thousands of beams. The hand holding the pipe shook and calmed down. Said, “She has this qualification.”

“Really?” Phillip Zong finally raised his eyelids, and happened to meet the old man’s suppressed heartache. The old man didn’t seem to expect that Phillip Zong would suddenly look over.

He staggered his gaze by coughing.

“You don’t seem to believe me very much. I just don’t want to teach people who are not sincere. Let’s go.” After speaking, the old man stood up, opened the side door, and walked into the house.

“Wait.” Ana Lin stopped him. She thought she might be like this kind of old craftsman with a very strange temper.

As a clothing designer, not only is he sensitive to the style of the clothes he designs, the fabric is also very important.

If she learns, it will greatly help her store’s future development.

Although Daniel and Ruth have recognized Phillip Zong, he will not treat her two children badly because of his worth. She does not need to make plans for the future of the two children all the time like before, but that is her career, she can’t Because of Phillip Zong’s relationship, he gave up his dream.

Only by working hard can she be a woman who can stand beside him, not a woman who can survive by him.

She is not a climbing flower, she will never show off with his high branches, and she will never feel that she has given birth to two children for him, and depends on him for everything.

She is still her, she will never be like her mother, marrying a man, losing myself, no career, no social life, will life be so difficult after being abandoned.

Perhaps she had suffered a lot when she was a child. Even though she is now rich in life, she still remembers the darkness.

“I am willing to make you a teacher for nothing.”

The old man’s movements paused, then looked back at her, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” She did not go to see Phillip Zong.

This is her own business, she can decide for herself.

The old man’s gaze crossed her, glanced at the stalwart figure behind her, and then slowly said, “Learning crafts from me and staying here for ten and a half months. Are you sure you worship me as a teacher? “

Ana Lin hesitated not because he wanted to stay here for half a month, but because he couldn’t rest assured of two children.

“Don’t worry if you still have concerns, I won’t force it. After all, learning this is very hard. Few people can endure this hardship.” His words were obviously ironic of Ana Lin and wanted to learn the craft of making xiangyun yarn. Not willing to endure hardship.

That’s why he hesitated.

Lena Qin couldn’t bear it, and wanted to argue with the old man.

As a result, Ana Lin held her head and shook her head to tell her not to be impulsive. She looked at the old man, “I promise you.”

The old man’s expression paused, “You arrange things around you and come to me.”

After speaking he entered the house.

The door was closed, isolating everything outside.

Jenkin Bai rolled the wheelchair and walked over, “He has this temper, and I can’t help it. Last time I asked him to make the cloth for me, it took a lot of effort to convince him.”

“President Bai, good intentions.” Phillip Zong stood up holding Ruth and glanced at Jenkin Bai lightly, “What is Mr. Bai thinking about?”

Jenkin Bai still had the chuckle on his face, “Zong, what does this mean? I just introduced Miss Lin, a master who knows how to make crafts. What can I calculate?”

Phillip Zong snorted coldly, threatening, “No one who counts me can get out of his body. What is the purpose of this trip today, President Bai knows in his heart.”

After speaking, he took Ana Lin’s hand and walked out of the wooden house.

Ana Lin followed him out honestly, because she also had something to say to him.

Standing by the stream at the bridgehead, Ana Lin said first, “Are you angry?”

Phillip Zong’s voice was slightly cold, “You need money, I can give you…”

“Your money is yours, no matter how much you have, it’s not mine.” Ana Lin interrupted him, with an exceptionally determined attitude, knowing what Phillip Zong would say next, “Are you trying to say, you raise Don’t worry about money at all?”

Phillip Zong stared at her fixedly.

Undeniably, he did think so, as long as she wanted, he could give her anything.

Money, status, social status.

Ana Lin smiled, “I also have dreams. I live the same way without you. With you, I don’t want to lose myself. I don’t want to lose myself. I don’t want to hide from you. I don’t know what you gave me. , I’m afraid it’s a dream or a fantasy, and disappears when I wake up.”

She turned to look at the endless vineyards on the top of the hill, her thoughts flying away, “I have been embarrassed and embarrassed. I have personally experienced the helplessness and powerlessness…”

If she was able, her brother might not leave her at the time, she was afraid, afraid that something like that would happen again, and she was still helpless.

Phillip Zong bit his back teeth, “You can’t tell, that master and Jenkin Bai have a purpose?”

Chapter 204

“I can see it.” Ana Lin had long noticed that from Xiang Yunsha in her sight, she knew that Jenkin Bai was deliberate.

She was curious, what exactly Jenkin Bai wanted to do, she mentioned the old things again, “He saved me because of this bracelet, what is the relationship between him and Danna?”

She turned her head to look at Phillip Zong, knowing that he didn’t like this woman, and didn’t like others to mention her.

But she felt that whether Jenkin Bai or the master who can make xiangyunsha are related to Danna, she found that the master had seen her bracelet without a trace. “What is this bracelet? What’s the origin?”

Phillip Zong didn’t know this. He was a man and didn’t need such a thing. The family had never mentioned it to him. He didn’t know if the Zong family had such a jade bracelet.

“So you want to stay and also want to figure out this matter?” Although it was a questioning tone, it was already a very positive tone.

This woman…

He closed his eyes and suppressed his emotions, and said to her patiently, “You don’t know what the other party’s purpose is, so you dare to stay. Have you ever thought that something happened to you, Ruth, Xiao Xi, what should I do?”

She really owes this point, she admits, but also wants to clarify the doubts in her heart, she feels that Danna is not like a bad person.

“You will protect me.” She took the initiative to take his arm, and even leaned against him.

She was so active all of a sudden, Phillip Zong’s body stiffened, and he returned to nature.

She gave him an excuse for not agreeing to her.

This woman is too assertive, and he has nothing to do with her.

He can’t scold, beat, or say, he can only follow her.

Phillip Zong put Renlou into his arms, “What should I do with you?”

Ana Lin nestled on his shoulder and looked into the distance. In fact, she wanted to understand Danna’s past because of Phillip Zong.

If this man is not the father of her child, she has had the feeling of heartbeat, she will not drip this muddy water.

She stretched out her arms to embrace his thin waist, “I will definitely protect myself.”

Phillip Zong clasped her head and printed a hot k*ss on her forehead, “I’m waiting for you.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to be too far away from the two children, so he nodded.

Phillip Zong decided to stay. Keller Shen took some people to stay. Alan Su and Lena Qin returned to the hotel to pack their things. There was a courtyard behind the old man’s wooden house. He gave them the one in front.

But there is a condition that they are not allowed to step into the backyard.

Only he and Ana Lin in the backyard can come out until Ana Lin learns.

Much like modern closed training.

There is still a wooden house in the back, but everything in the house is extremely modern, even many high-tech things, and they are placed in an orderly place, and there is no dust at all. It can be seen that the house is often cleaned or people will come in frequently.

The old man handed her a notebook, “You can read more of the notes I made. Have you been exposed to these before?”

Ana Lin took it with both hands and said truthfully, “I have never touched a fabric making machine, but I know many kinds of fabrics, know their characteristics and what kind of clothes are suitable for making.”

The old man nodded, seemingly satisfied with Ana Lin’s answer.

Just seeing these things in the room, he felt melancholy again, “After all, I can’t see the sun again.”

“Master, why do you say that?” In fact, this is what she is curious about. Why does Xiang Yunsha face loss?

“Why don’t you get out of here…”

“Read all the notebooks I gave you, and I will test you tomorrow.” After speaking, the old man walked out of the room.

Obviously, he did not want to talk to her about this topic.

Ana Lin is not in a hurry, this is only the first day, take your time, she feels here, sooner or later, she can discover what she wants to know.

The backyard is different from the front yard, and there are also some rooms. Except for the rooms with machines, the backyard has only two rooms, which are not big. One bed and one table almost occupy the space, but it is very quiet.

Sit down and read a book easily.

Ana Lin was sitting for a day.

The old man had visited her several times, and she was very pleased with her patience.

In the evening, the old man made a meal and asked Ana Lin to come out for dinner.

In the small yard, there is a square wooden table, two small stools, and two dishes, a fish, and a plate of greens are placed on the table.

Ana Lin took the initiative to serve the bowl and handed chopsticks to the old man, “Master.”

The old man smiled.

When Ana Lin saw him smiling for the first time, he felt amiable.

“I caught this fish in a cage from the creek. It is absolutely pollution-free and can be eaten with confidence.” The old man put a piece of fish into Ana Lin’s bowl, “Try it, how does it taste.”

Randall Lin never treated her so well, somehow, she sore her nose, lowered her head, and stuffed the fish into her mouth.

There are not many seasonings, and the original flavor is largely retained. The fish is delicate, lightly salty, lightly sweet, and has a very unique taste.

“You put sugar?” Ana Lin asked.

“No, the fish itself is a bit sweet, but the fish in this river is sweet, nothing else.” The old man said lightly, and he was very patient with Ana Lin’s question.

Later, Ana Lin asked him many questions, all of which she didn’t understand when she read the notes.

The old man answers patiently.

In this way, Ana Lin spent a week here steadily, and this week she had never left the backyard.

I spend most of the time in the machine room where the fabric is made, familiar with the operation of the machine, and haven’t learned anything in depth yet.

Anyway, she was not in a hurry. She felt that the time was not up. If the time was up, the old man would teach her.

It was another night, in the same place, there were still two bowls of dishes, two bowls of rice, two people.

“Master, do you have any relatives?” Ana Lin asked seemingly inadvertently.

After the old man took the food, he stuffed the food into his mouth and chewed slowly. After a while, he said, “Yes.”

“Then why haven’t you seen it back?”

The old man finally raised his head and looked at her, it was obvious that she was asking about him.

Ana Lin quickly explained, “I just asked casually…”

“I also have a younger sister.”

The old man interrupted Ana Lin’s explanation.

When Jenkin Bai found him, he made a decision. Even if he violated the agreement, he would pass on the Cheng family from generation to generation and pass on the craftsmanship of making xiangyun yarn.

He left Ana Lin and taught her the craftsmanship of making xiangyun yarn. Some things will definitely be concealed.

After these few days of observation, he felt that Ana Lin was really a good girl, patient, smart, and she was able to see through, almost without him bothering too much.

“She married to another village?” The old man was willing to say, Ana Lin hit the iron while it was hot.

“It’s not another village, it’s a place far away from here. I rarely come back. I’m the only one at home now, but I contacted her. I’m afraid I will come back soon.”

The old man said lightly.

There was a hint of sorrow in his tone.

He looked at Ana Lin, “When you want to know anything, just ask her.”

Ana Lin looked at the old man in surprise, he actually knew what he wanted to know.

And it seemed that his sister knew everything she wanted to know.

Who is his sister?

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