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Chapter 205

The old man closed the door and said, “When you see someone, you will know who it is. Now eat well.”

“Then when can she come back?” Ana Lin asked.

She was a little excited and guessed, “I know this person?”

“Usually you seem to be quite calm, so why can’t you stand your temper right now?” The old man’s tone became a little serious, “Zi said, if you can’t bear it, you will be mad.”

The old man stood up, “Eat well, I will go back to the house first.”

Ana Lin nodded, because he was impulsive. He told her today that he was willing to tell what he wanted to know.

Now, as long as she patiently waits for his sister to arrive, perhaps the confusion that has hung in her heart can be solved one by one.

Compared to the quietness of the backyard, the front yard is much more lively.

Because Ana Lin wanted to stay, Jenkin Bai didn’t leave either. He didn’t bring any people, only his right-hand man Gao followed. Compared with so many people around Phillip Zong, he seemed weak.

The trickling stream is rushing, and the river surface is shimmering, like countless stars falling into the river.

At this moment, the two children were playing chess with Alan Su, Lena and others, and Phillip Zong stood alone on the bridge head and looked at the backyard.

The countryside is different from the city. There are lights everywhere. It’s dark everywhere at night. You can only see the surroundings when the moonlight is good.

At this moment, the backyard was completely dark, and he couldn’t see anything, let alone Ana Lin’s figure. He dipped his pockets with both hands, but didn’t look back, as if expecting her to appear.

“Unexpectedly, Zongzong and his wife have a good relationship.” Jenkin Bai rolled the wheelchair, stopped by the river, and smiled faintly. “There is a saying that I will not see you in a day, like three autumns?”

Phillip Zong’s face was in the light and glimpse of the shadows, bright and dark, he turned around coldly, condescending, “I think Mr. Bai should be an entertainment gossip reporter. He cares about other people’s private affairs so much, so he can stay in this small place like Baicheng.

Jenkin Bai’s face changed slightly, and no one could see it in the dim night. “I’m curious, Mr. Zong, why did you let two children follow his wife’s surname? Could it be that Miss Lin gave birth to two children? At that time, President Zong didn’t even know?”

In the past few days, Jenkin Bai put out a piece of information from Daniel, that is, when Ana Lin gave birth to them, he and Phillip Zong were divorced.

So the two children follow Ana Lin’s surnames.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “I thought I had no chance, it seems that there are still?”

Phillip Zong cast his gaze inadvertently and found a dark shadow beside the door, a small mass. Seeing him look over, he immediately hid. He raised his eyebrows, probably guessed who it was, but did not show it. Find him out by yourself.

He raised his eyelids, his handsome face was always cold, and his eyes were dark, “It depends on whether Mr. Bai has this ability.”

Jenkin Bai smiled faintly, “Having a chance is better than no chance, Zong said, right? I still have a chance, and I have to thank Zong Zong.”

Phillip Zong stepped down, not rushing or slowing down, every step was steady, and when he passed by Jenkin Bai, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, “My wife, I don’t like the lame. If I want to pursue her, I will stand up and talk.”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t even stay for a while, and stepped away.

The indifferent smile on Jenkin Bai’s face was the greatest pain in his heart that he could no longer maintain and could not walk.

He put his five fingers together slowly on the armrest, and the blue veins on the back of his hand burst out, showing how angry he was.

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped for a while. Even if he didn’t see it, he knew how ugly Jenkin Bai’s face was at the moment, “President Bai, being angry is bad for your health.”

He hooked the hook in disdain, and then stepped forward. When he stepped into the door, he glanced at the door, and a small group of dark shadows reflected on the ground. This height and size, he looked like a child.

And here are two children, Daniel and Ruth.

Ruth has a simple mind, so naturally she didn’t have the intention to come over and overheard, another…

Needless to say, it must be Daniel.

He sighed slightly, when will the child’s heart knot be solved?

But indeed, he was wrong.

At that time, he abandoned them first, whether he knew it or not, it was his fault.

It was caused by his negligence.

It takes time to smooth out the resentment and hatred in his heart.

Fortunately, Japan will be longer.

After Phillip Zong left, Daniel dared to run out. He looked at the figure gradually disappearing at the door, his eyes moved slightly, and the small hands hanging on his sides were tightly clenched together.

After a while he recovered his calm and walked out the door.

He looked at Jenkin Bai by the river and called out.

“Uncle Bai.”

Daniel came over.

Daniel is not an ordinary five-year-old child. He is delicate and smart. He is aware of Jenkin Bai’s words, but he is willing to use Jenkin Bai to let Phillip Zong know that his mummy is very popular. If you want to get back Mommy, not only don’t you have to work hard, but you have to work harder.

Otherwise, there are many people behind to pursue his mother. Although Jenkin Bai can’t go, he is a good man and has abilities. Therefore, when Jenkin Bai is talking about him, he tells him that Ana Lin is actually now And Phillip Zong is not an ordinary husband and wife relationship.

The purpose is to make Jenkin Bai know that he still has a chance to become Phillip Zong’s opponent.

Let Phillip Zong have a sense of crisis.

Jenkin Bai thought that he had extracted information that was beneficial to him from Daniel.

As everyone knows, Daniel is using him to prevent Phillip Zong from recovering Ana Lin.

So that Phillip Zong knew Ana Lin’s preciousness, and treated her well later.

When they go back, they can live a happy family of four together.

Jenkin Bai thought he had used Daniel, but he didn’t know that his cleverness was mistakenly used by Daniel.

It’s not that Jenkin Bai is stupid, but Daniel is only five years old, he would not know that a five-year-old child has such deep thoughts.

“The weather is cold, why don’t you come out without putting on more clothes?” Jenkin Bai suppressed his anger just now, and there was another light smile on his face.

Daniel lowered her head to look at her outfit, and laughed happily, “I was anxious when I came out, but I didn’t care about it. Is Uncle Bai alone outside?”

He asked this deliberately. In fact, he had already heard them clearly.

“Your father.” Jenkin Bai looked at him, “Do you have opinions about your father, right?”

“He abandoned us in the first place. Of course I have a big opinion of him, and I have a big opinion.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “But he is your father after all.”

Daniel pretended not to care, and said lightly, “Who knows.”

He changed the conversation, “Uncle wants me to push you into the house?”

“No, I can.”

Daniel withdrew to the side and waited for him to go first. When Jenkin Bai adjusted his head and turned the wheelchair towards the house, he slowly lifted his leg from behind to follow him. He watched Jenkin Bai as he walked. He just used This man, let Phillip Zong know that Mommy is very popular and treats Mommy well, but he doesn’t want Mommy to find a lame man.

He will never accept that this man and mommy are good.

Daniel took a deep breath. Although Sheng Phillip Zong was angry, he still hoped that he could get along well with Mommy.

Only when parents are together is home.

He is very clear about this.

Now he is worried that this matter will not be under his control.

After all, he is still a child with limited abilities.

He returned to the room at this moment. Although the facilities were simple, it was quiet and suitable for rest.

He leaned on the bed, lying on his back, and murmured, “When can Mommy come out?”

He missed her.


At this moment, the door was pushed open, and he sat up cleverly and looked at the door.

Chapter 206

Seeing that it was Phillip Zong, Daniel’s spirit became even more nervous, not knowing if it was because of what she had done.

“How did you come?”

Phillip Zong walked in, ignoring his problem, but sat next to him by the bed. Just as Daniel wanted to move away, Phillip Zong grabbed her shoulders, “Do not like me so?”

“No.” Daniel denied immediately.

“I know what you did…”

“I do not understand what you’re saying!”

Before Phillip Zong finished speaking, he was interrupted excitedly by Daniel.

The little hand on the bed gripped the sheet tightly, and the white sheet became crumpled.

How could Phillip Zong know that he was so concealed?

Phillip Zong touched his head, “You use Bai Yinhao and me to earn your mommy, right?”

Daniel’s eyes widened, her small face wrinkled and her facial features were squeezed out of shape in a funny way. How did this man know that he used Jenkin Bai and him to earn a mom?

“You are my son.” Phillip Zong said earnestly.

He heard from Jenkin Bai’s mouth that they were divorced when Ana Lin gave birth to them, and he knew that Daniel must have revealed it to Jenkin Bai.

Ana Lin would definitely not say this kind of thing himself, and he didn’t know a lot about it. Even Keller Shen and Alan Su probably didn’t fully understand the twists and turns.

Daniel pursed her lips and said nothing, obviously tacitly acquiescing.

He could hide it from everyone, but he could not hide it from Phillip Zong.

Maybe it is connected by blood, and thoughts are on a horizontal line, so it is easy for the other party to guess what he wants to do.

“Are you angry?” Daniel lowered her head, holding her finger.

Phillip Zong looked down at his movements, and the corners of his lips raised slightly, “I am not angry, I am gratified. You know that using others to achieve your own goals is good.”

Daniel almost dropped her chin, what?

He almost stared at his dad with incredible eyes.

“The highest level of achieving your goal is that you have never participated, but got what you want. Although you are not smart enough to be seen through by me, it is not too stupid for you to have this kind of thinking.”

When Phillip Zong said these words, he was extraordinarily serious, but when you look closely at the corners of his eyes and the brows, you will find that there is a slight smile.

Daniel is only five years old. He can think of these and implement them, which is already very powerful.

The reason why he didn’t praise it clearly was because he knew that these were not enough.

If you clearly praise him, I am afraid he will be proud.

Daniel snorted coldly. He was dissatisfied with Phillip Zong’s judgment on him. People who had been in contact with him would say that he was smart and cute, and liked him so much. How could he become not stupid in his mouth?

Not too dumb?

Is it the cleverness of fools?

He resolutely refused to admit Phillip Zong’s evaluation of himself, “Of course I am not stupid, should we make a bet?”

Phillip Zong nodded, interested in his son’s proposal, and wanted to see what he could say, “What to bet on?”

“Bet you won’t chase my mommy.” Daniel raised his head, and was irritated by Phillip Zong’s’not too stupid’.

Humph, he swears, he will never let him get back to Mommy easily!

This man is too arrogant!

Phillip Zong pressed his lips tightly, looked at him for several seconds before speaking, “Do you really want that cripple to be good with your mommy?”

Daniel said stiffly, “It’s better to be physically disabled than to be disabled.”

Phillip Zong was speechless for a while.

Does this mean he is heartbroken?


“I’m sleepy.” Daniel issued an eviction order, obviously not willing to listen to him.

In order to prevent Phillip Zong from speaking any more, Daniel got into the bed, covered it, closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Phillip Zong has never felt powerless about one thing, but Ana Lin and Daniel have made it impossible for him to start. There is no way.

“I know you didn’t sleep. Believe it or not, I really didn’t mean to divorce your mommy at the time. I didn’t know at the time – she was pregnant.”

It is not that he does not know that she is pregnant, but that she is pregnant with his own child.

But he can’t say that.

Being pregnant before marriage is not good for the children and Ana Lin’s reputation.

“You don’t know that we exist. It’s not an excuse. If you marry her, you will be responsible to him. Why don’t you want her? Why do you divorce her? If you didn’t like her, why did you marry her? Why?” Daniel exclaimed. I said all the psychological words, “I hate you like this. Mommy taught me since I was a child that as a man, I must have a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility. You must not lie or hurt others. But what do you do?”

There were thousands of words to explain, but Phillip Zong couldn’t say a word.

Tell him, was his marriage with Ana Lin just a deal?

Tell him, did Ana Lin and Ruth have it before marriage?

Isn’t that a kind of injury?

Phillip Zong covered him with a quilt, “The weather is cold, so cover the quilt at night.”

Daniel was angry and suddenly turned her back to him, expressing her dissatisfaction.

Phillip Zong sighed and covered his exposed back, “I don’t want your mommy to come out and see that you are sick, so just cover the quilt.”

Daniel was still reluctant, but didn’t lift the quilt again, and honestly covered it.

Phillip Zong poked his weakness.

He can’t let Mommy worry about him.

That’s why I covered the quilt so honestly.

Three days later.

When Ana Lin was practicing the order of making fragrant cloud yarn cloth, the old man called to stop, “You come with me.”

“Where to go?” Ana Lin was working hard, she seemed to know the key to making Xiangyunsha, and she was in the mood now and didn’t want to leave.

“You’ll know when you come with me.” The old man didn’t explain what he was going to do or explain, but he walked out the door first after speaking.

Ana Lin suddenly remembered that he said that his sister would come over, and the whole person suddenly became energetic. She put down her work, got up, and followed the old man out.

There is a door to go out in the backyard. There is a bumpy, rugged, small dirt road, sometimes with weeds and vines sticking out of the foot. Fortunately, the road is not long. After about ten minutes, they were on the road. Although it is a big road, it is just a concrete road that is not very spacious, which cannot be compared with the wide asphalt road in the city.

What confuses Ana Lin is that she has been here for ten days, and the whole wooden house is very simple in front and back, but when they got to the roadside, they saw a black car parked by the roadside, with bright paint, smooth and atmospheric lines. Rolls Royce Phantom.

She couldn’t help turning her head to look at the old man, “Master, is this yours?”

The old man shook his head, “No, my sister’s, she is waiting for us, let’s get in the car.”

Ana Lin was beating the drum in her heart, but to find out, she bent into the car.

Soon the car drove out, along this not wide concrete road, and drove in. The trees in the mountains are lush and lush. Although it is almost winter, there are still many evergreen books with lush foliage that block the sun. The more you go in, the colder you feel.

After about half an hour, the car finally stopped.

In front of it is a large courtyard with distinctive features and style.

It’s a far cry from the wooden house.

Ana Lin got off the car, stood in front of the door, looked up, “Where is this place?”

The old man also stood in front of the front door, with his hands behind his back, staring at the house, “Cheng’s old house.”

“Cheng?” Ana Lin has been calling the old man’s master, and he doesn’t even know the old man’s name.

“Well, my name is Roberson Cheng and my sister is Danna Cheng.”


Ana Lin’s brain almost exploded.

Although there was speculation, she was really surprised when she heard the name.

Danna? Danna Cheng?

Is it the same person?

If it’s the same person, what secrets are there?

“Come in with me, don’t make her wait in a hurry.”

Roberson Cheng walked in first, and Ana Lin quickly followed after recovering.

Chapter 207

The floor was covered with blue tiles, and every step Ana Lin took was like stepping on cotton. It was light and insecure. She didn’t know what was waiting for her.

The sooner you get in touch with what she wants to know, the more nervous she becomes.

She didn’t know if it was good or bad.

They walked in the huge yard, as if their footsteps echoed all around.

With a loud sound, it hit people’s heart.

The red door engraved with patterns was open, and a woman stood in front of the door with her back to the door, her hands closed, as if praying.

When she reached the door, Roberson Cheng patted Ana Lin on the shoulder and asked her to stand still at the door. Ana Lin understood what he meant, nodded and didn’t go inside.

Roberson Cheng stepped over the high threshold and walked into the house.

“Dare you come to see me?” The woman’s voice was warm and angry.

When the voice came out, Ana Lin was shocked, and sure enough, this woman was Danna.

She couldn’t help but clenched her hand on her side.

Who is she?

There are thousands of question marks running out of the brain, but no one can answer them.

Roberson Cheng stood behind her, looking at the center, the ranks placed on the bar table were the ancestors of the Cheng family.

“I can’t just watch the Cheng family, the craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, just fell away…”

“You are confused!” Danna Cheng scolded, and she turned around, “Do you know, we made a promise back then…”

Seeing Ana Lin standing at the door, her voice stopped abruptly.

The tones are all with vibrato, “You, why are you here?”

She turned to look at Roberson Cheng, “She is the inheritor you are talking about?”

The blood color of her face faded away bit by bit, turning green. She gasped quickly, shaking all over, as if she would fall down in the next second.

“Yes.” Roberson Cheng seemed to have not seen Danna Cheng’s anger, but plausibly said, “Your secret, you can’t tell your son, you can always tell your daughter-in-law, you give her the inherited jade bracelet from the Cheng family. , Don’t you want her to inherit our Cheng family’s craftsmanship of making xiangyun yarn? You don’t want the Cheng family’s xiangyun yarn to disappear into the world, right?

Ana Lin raised his hand and looked at the bracelet on his wrist. Isn’t this the Zong family?

Danna Cheng didn’t mean that it was passed to her by her mother-in-law, but she gave it to herself.

How come to the Cheng family?

Danna Cheng frowned, her exquisite features were faintly hideous, “Do you know that, if you do, it will cause her trouble!”

“I know, but I can’t watch the Cheng family disappear into this world without leaving a trace.”

Roberson Cheng refused to give up, he took a step forward, holding his sister’s shoulders with both hands, “I am old, and I have few days to live, and I have no desire in this life. I just can’t bear to watch the Cheng family fall without leaving a trace. .”

Danna Cheng clenched her fists with her hands hanging beside her, “Even so, you can’t hide from me and call the shots privately!”

Roberson Cheng turned around and turned her back to her, “I’ll tell you first, you will definitely not agree. There is no Cheng family in your eyes, and your son and your husband are all in your heart.”

The more he talked, the more angry he became, and later became a severe question. He looked at his sister, “The Cheng family has long been gone in your eyes, there is a clan!”

Danna Cheng closed her eyes and slowly suppressed the tumbling emotions in her heart without losing control.

At that time, she received a call from Roberson Cheng. He said that he had passed on the craftsmanship of making xiangyun yarn. She was very angry and rushed to her immediately, but she didn’t realize that this person was Ana Lin.

“Don’t be angry anymore, the matter is over, there is no way to go back.” Cheng Yu said warmly, his voice eased a lot, “In these years, how much suffering you have in your heart, others don’t know, I know, I think this is God’s gift For our opportunity, we are fabricators, but your daughter-in-law is a costume designer. You say, is it fate?”

Danna Cheng could not say anything to refute.

There seemed to be some truth in what he said, but they had promised back then.

In case she was known, she didn’t dare to continue thinking.

“When your daughter-in-law meets, I think I should have something to say? I have cleaned up the west wing. You can live there tonight. If you need me, call me and I will be in the front yard.” After that, he walked out and passed Ana Lin. When he was next to him, his hand fell on Ana Lin’s shoulder, and he shook it firmly, “You can ask her anything you want to know.”

He looked back at his sister, “You are a good daughter-in-law, she learns quickly and grows well. I have seen those two children who look like Phillip. Although your identity is not revealed, there is no regret. “

Roberson Cheng sighed slightly, as if feeling helpless with the past.

Ana Lin heard a lot of information from their conversations, but didn’t know the specific incident yet.

At this moment, she has a lot to ask Danna Cheng.

Danna Cheng interrupted her when she opened her mouth, her face looked particularly tired, and she was probably shocked by this sudden change.

“You let me slow down.”

Danna Cheng’s body was trembling, and she couldn’t stand still without roots.

Ana Lin walked in and supported her, “I will help you to the West Wing.”

Roberson Cheng said that the place was cleaned up, and he could definitely rest.

Danna Cheng was indeed tired, and helped Ana Lin’s arm step out of the front hall and came to the West Wing.

Pushing open the door, Ana Lin was stunned. This is like a very modern girl’s boudoir. Pink and light colors collide, a white princess bed, pink embroidered butterfly curtains, and a very girlish round dressing table. In the cabinet, there are dolls that girls like.

Every place seems to be laid out with great effort.

Although it is very clean, it can be seen that no one has lived here for a long time.

The moment Danna Cheng stepped into the room, she was stunned for a moment, and then she was melancholy, “This is the room I used to be. My father arranged it for me. He was reminding me not to forget the Cheng family. Forget what my father is good to me.”

Isn’t it reminding her that even if she takes risks, she must pass on the fabric making skills of the Cheng family.

This is the ancestral industry.

She is the Cheng family.

She has this obligation.

Ana Lin helped her to lie down on the bed, took a pillow and placed it behind her to make her lean more comfortably.

Danna Cheng took Ana Lin’s hand and told her to sit down.

Ana Lin sat on the edge of the bed following her strength.

Danna Cheng looked at her and shook her hand, “You must have a lot to ask me, right?”

Ana Lin nodded without thinking, and asked his guess first, “Are you Phillip Zong’s biological mother?”

This guess was the information she found in the conversation between Danna Cheng and Roberson Cheng, she didn’t know if it was true.

Danna Cheng looked at her and came over for a long time, as if she was struggling in her heart. Finally, she nodded and gave her a positive answer, “Yes.”

Ana Lin took a deep breath. What kind of past did she not even tell her son before her eyes?

Can’t recognize each other?

She is a mother and knows how her mother feels about her child.

Know how bitter she should be.

“Can you tell me what’s going on?” Ana Lin looked at the jade bracelet in his hand, and said that he had encountered Jenkin Bai, “I’m in danger. Jenkin’s people saved me. He recognized the jade bracelet on my hand, and he thought I was your daughter, so he helped me. He said that he did this because of his adoptive father. Will, his adoptive father is Bai Hongfei, I think you should know him too?”

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