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Chapter 208

When Ana Lin asked about this, he also wanted to find out from Danna Cheng’s mouth whether Jenkin Bai had lied.

After hearing Ana Lin’s words, Danna Cheng’s bloody face had just recovered, and suddenly it was pale again. She stared at Ana Lin as if she had fallen into an ice cave, cold from the top of her head to her toes.

She actually knew Bai Hongfei?

“It’s not convenient for you to say?”

Ana Lin saw her hesitation.

She hurriedly denied, “No.”

Roberson Cheng pushed her to a dead end, she had no other choice.

“Why are you in danger?” Danna Cheng asked concerned.

“Don’t worry about this, Phillip Zong has helped me solve it, and I am fine now, I want to know about you, I was asked by Roberson Cheng to learn the craftsmanship of Xiangyunsha, is it also a conspiracy?”

Ana Lin felt that there was a huge conspiracy shrouded in her back, but she could not detect it.

Danna Cheng closed her eyes and made a decision in this short time.

The matter is now, and she is unable to change.

However, I am afraid that it will cause great trouble to Ana Lin. Her cold and uncontrollable hand trembling tightly held Ana Lin’s, “You are a good boy.”

Her eyes were reddish, and her voice changed her tone, “I can tell you everything, but you must promise me one thing.”

Since she is Phillip Zong’s biological mother, she definitely hopes that her son will be good. Now that she has given birth to two children to Phillip Zong, she must also like herself, at least not hate it, and she passed the Cheng family down. She gave her all the jade bracelets, so she would definitely not harm herself.

Ana Lin nodded heavily, “I promise you, you can tell me something.”

“Everything I say to you, you must be tight-lipped. No one can say it, including Phillip.”

Ana Lin’s eyes drooped slightly. This request was expected. If she was not afraid that Phillip Zong would know, how could she try to hide it?

It’s just that she didn’t understand, what kind of past did she even recognize her son?

There are thousands of pains in this world, birth, old age, sickness and death, love, hate, and freedom from suffering, but you are the only one in front of me, but I cannot recognize you, the most tearing and the most piercing.

Ana Lin wanted to ask, what is more important than getting acquainted with his son?

But when the words came to her lips, she swallowed again. If it weren’t for the difficulties, who would want to separate from her own children?

Ana Lin raised his head to look at her, and answered seriously, “Okay, I promise you.”

Danna Cheng did not release as heavy, but became heavier and heavier. She had never thought of pulling Ana Lin into the vortex of the past, but the current development was beyond her expectation.

She pulled in, it must be against her.

Danna Cheng pondered for a few seconds, but failed to summon the courage to speak.

Ana Lin was not in a hurry and waited quietly.

About a few minutes later, Danna Cheng slowly said, “My surname is Cheng, and my name is Danna Cheng, but after I married Zong Qifeng, I dare not use my real name. I only said that I was called Danna… let alone. Phillip was born to me, and he can only have one identity, that is, the son of Wen-Jin Wenxian and Zong Qifeng, and I am just their surrogate mother.

That year, just after my 20th birthday, my father died of a heart attack. The family ran a factory…”

When she spoke, she raised her eyes and looked at Ana Lin, “The product we sell is Xiangyun Sha, but because of the special material, there are not many finished products, but my father took a big order before he died. He passed away too suddenly. After my brother took over, he did not complete the delivery quantity according to the date. The other party demanded compensation. According to the contract, if it was not completed on time, he would have to pay five times the amount of money. The money was paid by the family. The devastating blow was that the first few batches of goods also had quality problems, and the buyers demanded compensation for their losses.

You know, the principal is a large sum of money, plus compensation, it is a large sum of money.

Later, I found out that it was workers who misplaced the order of materials in the process of making cloth, which resulted in a series of accidents, which not only caused the outside world to question the quality of our xiangyun yarn, but also faced huge compensation…”

In desperation, she went to Bai Hongfei. Bai Hongfei was her first love. The two families also met and the wedding date was set.

She desperately wanted to seek help from her boyfriend, but when she arrived at Bai’s house, she did not see Bai Hongfei, only Bai Hongfei’s mother, Mrs. Bai.

“Hong Fei has gone on a business trip abroad, and he won’t be back for the time being.” Madam Bai sat in the main hall, lacking the gentleness and kindness of the past, showing a mean face at the moment.

“I said Danna Cheng, you want Bai’s money before you marry into the Bai family, isn’t it too much?”

Mrs. Bai’s words caught Danna Cheng by surprise. Mrs. Bai liked her very much and treated her very well, but when her father passed away and encountered difficulties in the family, she changed her face. She was no longer the amiable and amiable aunt who liked her.

“I just want Hongfei to help me once, and I will pay him back in the future.” Danna Cheng stood in the yard.

At that time, it was big summer, and at noon, the sun was very strong.

Danna Cheng’s tanned face was flushed and sweat was raining. Madam Bai never let her into the house, but said mercilessly, “Return? What are you going to pay? As far as I know, your family has already lost a lot of money. The number of times is even more amazing. Without your father, what else does the Cheng family have? In fact, it is not impossible to help you. If you are willing to give me the craftsmanship of making xiangyun yarn, I may also consider lending you this money.”

Danna Cheng never expected that she would want the cloth making skills of the Cheng family.

At that moment, she knew that a person’s face has two sides, and it can be changed when you say it changes. It will catch you off guard, make you feel like a knife, let you know that you are a fool, and you treat others as relatives. Just want to take your things.

“What if I don’t want it?” It was uploaded by the ancestors of the Chengjia cloth-making craftsmanship, and it was never passed on. Only the blood relatives of the Cheng family can get the truth.

How can she hand over the things from her ancestors, and also hand over the technology of making Xiangyun Sha, is the Xiang Yun Sha still the Cheng family?

She can’t let Xiang Yunsha be buried in her generation.

Mrs. Bai snorted coldly, “It’s really shameless. I don’t think your marriage contract with Hongfei needs to continue. From today on, you are no longer involved, and my Bai family and Cheng family are not related in any way!”

Madam Bai’s determination let Danna Cheng know that Madam Bai agreed to be with Bai Hongfei at first because she was just interested in the cloth-making craftsmanship of the Cheng family. Now she refuses to hand it over and the Cheng family is facing a huge crisis, so she shows her true colors.

But the relationship between her and Bai Hongfei is true.

“If you want to divorce, you let Hongfei tell me by yourself.” Even though her heart was bleeding at the moment, Danna Cheng never cried, and stubbornly refused to shed a tear in front of Madam Bai.

Mrs. Bai sneered, “Okay, okay, very good, I think you are toasting and not eating fine wine!”

Soon Danna Cheng was hit by the Bai family.

The Bai family unilaterally announced that the dissolution of the marriage contract with the Cheng family made the already shaky Cheng family even worse. The buyers who had given them time to raise money before heard that the Bai family had drawn a clear line from the Cheng family and asked immediately. The Cheng family wanted money, but if they couldn’t pay, they had to auction their house to grab their cloth-making skills.

Just when Danna Cheng was desperate, a woman approached her.

Chapter 209

This person is Wenxian.

At that time, she was very direct and said, “You need money very much, I can give it to you, but I need you to do me a favor.”

Danna Cheng was astonished, and thought she was a lunatic. They had never met each other, and they had no friendship. They had to give her money when they opened their mouths, so that she felt that they were people who came to tease her and watch her jokes. “I don’t know you, please leave.”

Wen Xian never got angry, but asked people around him to hand over a business card, “Come to me if you need it.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Not long after she left, a group of people came to the house and forcibly took Roberson Cheng away. If Danna Cheng couldn’t pay the money within three days, he would send Roberson Cheng in.

When her father was alive, Danna Cheng never worried about money and didn’t have many friends. Apart from his family, he was best with Bai Hongfei.

But at this time, Bai Hongfei, who she trusted most, was gone.

Her world collapsed overnight.

She had nowhere to raise the huge sum of money, and on the third night she dialed the contact information Wen Xian gave her.

Danna Cheng said as soon as she spoke that she would do her a favor, but she needed money.

At that time, Wen Xian sent the huge sum of money to her account, and Roberson Cheng was spared the jail time, and also compensated the buyer for the cloth money that went wrong.

After the matter was resolved, Wen Xian came again.

Danna Cheng asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Wen Xian did not say directly, but handed over a picture of Zong Kaifeng and said, “Do you think he looks good?”

When Danna Cheng saw the photo, she was indeed amazed by the man in the photo, with deep eyes and sculptural features. In the photo, his suit and leather shoes, and the scene of getting out of the car, the angle of the photo looked like a sneak shot.

Wen Xian smiled, “He is my husband, I made this photo secretly.”

Danna Cheng became even more puzzled, “What are you doing to show me your husband’s picture?”

Wen Xian looked at Danna Cheng for a long time before saying, “I want you to be his lover.”

Danna Cheng stood still as if struck by lightning, unable to return to his senses for a long time.

Did she hear it wrong, or did she say the wrong thing to find a lover for her husband?

This is simply the most funny joke she has ever heard in her life.

However, Wen Xianyun calmly said, “You are right, I want you to be my husband’s lover and give birth to a child.”

“Wen Xian can’t give birth?” Ana Lin frowned, how could he find a lover for her husband?

Isn’t this a brain flood?

Ana Lin also said that he could not understand.

“At first I thought it was because she couldn’t give birth to find a woman for my husband and asked to have a child, but it was not. She was healthy and able to bear children. I remember when Phillip was seven, she was pregnant and Phillip was eight. When she gave birth.”

God, doesn’t Phillip Zong still have a brother or sister?

“Where is that kid?” Ana Lin asked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it, and then it was the news of her death. I never saw her again. I don’t know where her child is going.” Danna Cheng said honestly.

Not long after her death, Zong Qifeng married Danna Cheng as a matchmaker.

Because Danna Cheng had already agreed, she had already received the money, so she could not go back, and could only leave with Wen Xian.

In fact, the biggest reason is the disappearance of Bai Hongfei.

What happened to the Cheng family lasted a month. The man who once said that he loved her, guarded her, and wanted to spend her time with her, disappeared from her world when she encountered difficulties.

Her heart is ashamed, so she will leave with Wen Xian.

After arriving in City B, Wen Xian arranged her in a house with everything in it. She also arranged a servant for her.

Wen Xian also came over to talk to her from time to time and asked her if she would be unused.

She is very nice and very nice to Danna Cheng,

Danna Cheng wondered why she would find herself.

“What do you think of me? Such a lot of money, besides, your husband has a successful career…”

“You are worth it.” She interrupted Danna Cheng, “I have looked for a lot of people, but none of them are beautiful and resilient.”

After seeing a few women that day, she was dissatisfied. When she was about to go back, she saw Danna Cheng coming out of Bai’s house from the road. It was very hot that day, her face was red from the sun, and big beads of sweat flowed from her face. Fall.

“This is Miss Cheng Jia, the Miss Cheng Jia who knows how to make xiangyun yarn.” Seeing Wen Xian’s eyes stop on Danna Cheng’s body, the driver said.

“It’s the Cheng family who was clamoring for debt because of a problem with the fabric?” Wen Xian asked.

The driver nodded, “Yes, she has a marriage contract with Young Master Bai, but it looks mysterious now.”

Even the driver could see that Danna Cheng did not get help from the Bai family. What’s more, the smart Wenxian could see through at a glance that Danna Cheng was hit by the Bai family.

Because in her eyes, Danna Cheng saw the silence, the emotions after the disappointment settled.

She was embarrassed, but her waist was still straight.

This is a spine woman.

So she went to the door when Danna Cheng was most vulnerable, and threw an olive branch.

There was also the scene where Wen Xian suddenly appeared in front of Danna Cheng.

Danna Cheng can’t understand the woman in front of her. She is like a mystery, and she has the same confusion as Ana Lin, “Why do you want to find a woman for your husband to give birth to a child? Is it because you are not in good health and can’t raise children? ?”

Wen Xian did not tell her, but said, “Tonight, I will let someone pick you up.”

She left after speaking.

But Danna Cheng is no longer calm, she knows what Wen Xian means.

She slumped on the ground like a collapsed hill, nothing.

Like a puppet without a soul, lonely and helpless.

She was lifted up by the servant, “Madam ordered you to shower and change clothes.”

She was confused throughout the whole process. She didn’t know how she was brought to the Zong family. She didn’t return to reality until Wen Xian appeared again.

Wen Xian stood in front of the sofa in the living room, “On the second floor, turn right to the first room. After sleeping on the bed, you are not allowed to turn on the lights.”

Danna Cheng felt the humiliation. The hands covered in the cuffs were trembling constantly, and the nails sank in the flesh of the palms, but he felt no pain at all.

Wen Xian saw her rejection and humiliation.

“You promised me, I hope you are a trustworthy person, don’t let me down, don’t let me misunderstand the wrong person.” After speaking, she turned and left.

Only Danna Cheng was left in the huge house.

It was so hot, but she felt cold.

It seemed that a big hole had been dug out in my heart, and it hurt every breath.

Her legs are filled with lead, and every step is so difficult.

When she reached the second floor, she opened the first room door on the right. The room was very dark. She didn’t turn on the light. She walked to the bed by the light moonlight of the window. The big bed was very soft, and the room was still filled. A faint fragrance.

It’s like a lover, a well-decorated room agreed to spend a good night.

But she felt extremely ironic. Her lover disappeared when she needed comfort and help the most.

She sat in this unfamiliar room, waiting for a man who was sent to sleep by his wife.

How ironic?

How incredible?

Outside the villa, Wen Xian did not really leave, but watched Danna Cheng go upstairs. She took out her mobile phone and called Zong Qifeng.

“When will you come back?”

Zong Qifeng, who had just left the meeting, was somewhat surprised when he received a call from his wife. He stood in the corridor, looking at the sky outside, and asked indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Xian gave a gentle hum, “I’m waiting for you in the room. You know I’m timid. I’m afraid to see you ashamed. Don’t turn on the light when you come in.”

Obviously an invitation.

Chapter 210

There was no change on Zong Qifeng’s face, but his eyes grew dim when he looked outside.

He and the Wenxian family have been married and have never had any feelings. They have respected each other as guests since their marriage for more than a year, and they have never been more active.

Even on the night of the wedding night in the bridal chamber, they were separated and slept, she said she was afraid.

Does Zong Qifeng know that she is in her heart and is unwilling to have sex with him?

He didn’t love her either, but he didn’t have to say that Wen Xian was a good woman, she was gentle and kind, and he had a good impression of her, but he only hid this affection in his heart.

Because he knows very well that this woman has someone in her heart. She seems gentle, but has a strong personality. She holds the bottom line for the one she loves.

How moving is this?

It’s ridiculous, he never forced her for this woman.

In the eyes of outsiders, how many people are envious of them, talented and beautiful, and harmonious.

But does anyone know that this “love” is just an illusion?

He knew a little about what his wife did, and suddenly invited him so clearly, then she may not be waiting for him in the room…

But he went back anyway.

Knowing that the wife in the room was not the wife he was marrying, he opened the door.

When Danna Cheng heard the noise, she shrank into the quilt again, trembling all over.

Standing at the door, Zong Qifeng looked at the trembling hills on the bed, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

In this era of monogamy, women’s sensitivity, women’s suspiciousness, and women’s cleanliness appear vividly.

But his wife, who was different, willingly offered him a woman.

He stepped in and closed the door.

Danna Cheng, who was hiding under the quilt, shivered again when the door closed.

She clutched the quilt wrapped around her tightly, for fear that he would come over.

Zong Qifeng stood by the bed, staring at the delicate figure in the quilt, knowing that it wasn’t Wen Xian inside, so he deliberately called, “Wen Xian.”

Danna Cheng couldn’t help but burst into tears, crying in her heart, she is not Wenxian, not his wife, she is Danna Cheng!

But she can’t.

She agreed to Wen Xian. At this moment, she regretted it, knowing how impulsive her decision was. Although she saved her brother and the Cheng family, she herself was ruined.

Zong Qifeng, who was standing by the bed, could see how scared the woman in the quilt was at this moment, but he did not intend to leave like this. Today, no matter if the woman on the bed is beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid, he will want Up her.

He unbuttoned the buttons on his suit, one by one, slowly and rhythmically, his voice was low, “Since you have agreed, why bother to be so wronged?”

Danna Cheng is dumbfounded, what does he mean?

Does he know that the quilt is not his wife at all?

“You have accepted her benefits and agreed to her request. Don’t feel wronged. Everything is your willingness.” She was wronged, so why didn’t he be wronged?

Suddenly, Danna Cheng lifted the quilt, “You–“

Before she could ask her words, she was overwhelmed. She fell back on the soft bed, too late to react, and rudely tossed her clothes apart.

Danna Cheng struggled, “I am not your wife, I am not…”

The man didn’t want to listen to this at all. He pressed her head, never looked at her, even less willing to hear her voice, put the quilt on her face, “In this way, neither of you nor me will be too humiliating.”

That night, Danna Cheng cried and went hoarse.

When she and Bai Hongfei were together, she had never done anything more. Bai Hongfei once expressed that she wanted to be intimate with her, but every time she only sent him a k*ss, saying that she would leave the goodness in theirs. Wedding night.

However, today, she gave herself to a man whom she had only seen in the photo. She didn’t know the true appearance.

A touch of white appeared on the horizon, and the dark sky slowly lit up. The man stood by the bed and put on his clothes, with his back facing the woman on the bed, “You can have a business-I can also have a business.”

Wen Xian did this, but she felt guilty, and she did everything possible to find him a woman.

Since she wanted to seek peace of mind, he fulfilled her.

Let her feel at ease.

Danna Cheng was nestled in the quilt, like a madman, sweat and tears mixed, making her hair stick to her face, “Don’t you love your wife?”


The answer Zong Qifeng gave is like, she has a good impression of Wenxian, he thinks that is like, as for love——

He doesn’t think there is a difference between these two words.

“Then why do you want to… like this, your wife you love, but with other women… wouldn’t it hurt her?”

Danna Cheng felt that both of these couples were crazy!

A wife who loves her, but is willing to go to bed with an individual woman.

One sent a woman to her husband.

Zong Qifeng sneered, “How do you know that I am not making her happy?”

Danna Cheng was surprised.

If your husband sleeps with another woman, that wife will be happy?

What kind of couple is this?

“When I got up, I changed the sheets and bedding and cleaned them up. She doesn’t like messy things.”

The man left after speaking.

Danna Cheng was left sitting on the bed, looking at the tall figure that disappeared at the door, she read from his voice, he still cared about his wife.

But, since you care, why do you still do this?

This makes her very confused.

She dragged her tired body to get up, ripped off all the bedding, found a clean bed from the cabinet, opened the window, and filled in fresh air. When she cleaned the house, the sky was completely bright.

Thousands of rays of light came in from the window, and the whole room was lit up. The cleanness and brightness of this room reflected as if the darkness and madness of last night never existed.


When Zong Qifeng came down, he saw the woman sitting on the sofa, his eyes were slightly cold, “Are you satisfied?”

Wen Xian felt guilty towards him, “I’m sorry.”

Zong Qifeng glanced at her deeply and said lightly, “I don’t need it.”

After speaking he stepped away.

When he walked to the door, Wen Xian called him, “She is different from ordinary women, you will definitely fall in love with her.”

Zong Qifeng just laughed disdainfully, “As long as you feel comfortable in your heart, I can fall in love with her now.”

He looked back at the woman standing in the light, with guilt hidden in her eyes. He was taken aback for a moment. After all, he didn’t say any harsh words. “You find such a woman for me. It’s nothing more than feeling that you are sorry for me. I asked for that woman as you wish. Are you more comfortable in your heart?”

Wen Xian looked at him, shaking her body, “If you never fell in love with anyone, I wouldn’t be with Ziyi.”

This is her promise to him.

In this marriage, they had to be arranged according to the family, but she had already loved someone and could not be with him.

All she can do is find him a better woman.

Over the past year, she has watched countless times, and only Danna Cheng, who came into her eyes, felt that this woman could match the man in front of her.

“If you met me first, would you fall in love with me?”

This man has never been so humble.

This is the first time in his life that he has such a low profile.

Wen Xian looked at him for a long time, “Yes.”

Zong Qifeng turned around again, and just took a step, he stopped, “If there is a woman who makes me fall in love with her, I will let you go.”

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