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Chapter 211

She tidied herself up, went downstairs, and saw Wen Xian standing alone in the living room.

Her footsteps hesitated for a moment, and she didn’t know how to face her for a while.

After all, the man last night was her husband.

She didn’t know how their husband and wife relationship was, but she felt that the man still cared about her.

Wen Xian retracted her gaze, turned around and saw the woman standing on the second floor at the top of the stairs.

She froze for a moment, wondering when Danna Cheng stood there, did she hear the conversation between her and Zong Qifeng?

“When did you stand there?” Wen Xian frowned slightly.

Danna Cheng walked down, “I just got down.”

Wen Xian nodded, “Come over for dinner.”

Danna Cheng didn’t want to be with her, she always felt awkward, “When will I go back?”

Wen Xian looked at her for a few seconds, then said lightly, “You will live here in the future.”

“What?” Danna Cheng didn’t calm down, she wanted to face their husband and wife all the time?

What is she?

Ancient concubine?

Her heart fluctuates quickly, and this awkward relationship is really unacceptable.

Wen Xian seemed to see what was on her mind, and said, “I’m back to her family during this period, so you can live here at ease and take care of him for me.”

Danna Cheng looked at Wenxian and couldn’t help but, “I can see that your husband actually likes you very much. If you just need a child, I promised you that I can…”

“Do what you should do.” Wen Xian interrupted her, not wanting to listen to her preaching, “Sit down and eat.”

Wen Xian’s expression recovered a bit and asked her to sit down, “My husband and I are married in a family and have no feelings.”

Danna Cheng looked at Wen Xian in shock, but she didn’t expect that she would suddenly confess this.

In fact, Wen Xian and Danna Cheng said this because they wanted her to stay here at ease.


“This is good.” Wen Xian pushed the preserved egg and lean meat porridge cooked by the servant to her, “Try it.”

She deliberately interrupted Danna Cheng, and did not want to listen to her next words.

Zong Qifeng treats her very well, she knows, but emotional matters can’t be forced.

She already had someone she loved, and it was impossible to be with Zong Qifeng.

This is also the reason why she worked hard to find a good woman.

She hopes that a good woman will stay by Zong Qifeng’s side, take care of him, and love him.

In this way, Danna Cheng stayed in the villa, Wen Xian arranged everything, everything as small as her daily necessities was prepared for her.

During the week she stayed in the villa, Zong Qifeng never came back.

On the contrary, Danna Cheng relaxed in the absence of Wenxian and Zong Qifeng.

As usual, she walked around the yard to digest food after dinner. By the way, she was boring to stay in the villa every day. The only thing she could do was walk around in the yard.

This is also when she is most relaxed.

In the evening, she went back to take a shower, went to bed, read a book, and went to bed at about eleven o’clock at night, as usual.

When she put down her book and was about to go to bed, she heard movement downstairs. Usually, it was already very quiet at this time, and even the servants were resting.

Her heart was raised in an instant, who would it be this time?

She got out of bed, opened the door and went out to look downstairs. She saw the servant supporting Zong Qifeng. He was wearing a black shirt and a suit crooked on his shoulders. His face was reddish and he was obviously drunk. He glanced in the living room, his voice hoarse, “Where is she?”

The servant answered truthfully, “My wife has returned to her parents’ house, saying that she will not be back during this time.”

Zong Qifeng was stunned for a moment, then smiled.

Far away, but Danna Cheng still felt the bitterness in his smile.

She went downstairs and helped the servant help him to lie down on the sofa, “Go get a blanket.”

“Good.” The servant answered.

Danna Cheng went to the kitchen to soak a glass of honey water, and came to help him, “Drink some honey water, it will be more comfortable.”

He slowly raised his eyes, and a figure appeared vaguely in front of him, with a beautiful face and clear eyes, this face was completely strange.

“Who are you?” He seemed to forget that night.

Or because I was drunk and my memory was chaotic.

Danna Cheng’s face turned pale for an instant, her hands trembled, and she didn’t know how to answer.

At this time the servant came over with the blanket, Danna Cheng handed the honey water to the servant, “You feed him.”

The servant just wanted to pick it up, but was knocked over by Zong Qifeng with a wave. With a bang, the glass fell to the ground and shattered instantly. In the quiet night, it was especially clear.

“I’ll ask you again, who are you?” Zong Qifeng stood up swayingly, staring at Danna Cheng’s face.

“You are drunk.” Danna Cheng lowered her head, not daring to meet his eyes, she looked at the servant, “I’ll leave it to you.”

After saying that she was about to leave, Zong Qifeng grabbed her wrist and threw the person onto the sofa. She was caught off guard. Danna Cheng was thrown off with gold stars. When she reacted, she realized that he was condescending and staring at her. .

The look in his eyes was unclear, and the smell of alcohol was rushing out of his face, as if he had crawled out of the wine tank, Danna Cheng felt that he had really drank a lot of alcohol.

I was really drunk at the moment.

Her nervous heart slowly stabilized, “I am your new servant, you are drunk…”

Before Danna Cheng’s words were finished, the man above collapsed and crushed.

He was tall and really heavy, and Danna Cheng’s face changed.

She tried her best to escape from under him.

The servant handed her the blanket, and Danna Cheng reached out and took it, covering her body.

He was too heavy, and now he fell asleep, and she and the servant couldn’t get the person upstairs together, only let him sleep on the sofa.

The blanket was sealed to Zong Qi, Danna Cheng asked the servants to rest, she cleaned the broken glass on the ground, and the water on the floor.

The servant nodded and left. She didn’t know who this woman was, but the wife had told her to treat this woman as a master.

So the servant listened to her very much.

Danna Cheng cleaned up the ground. It was midnight. The man who was sleeping on the sofa kept muttering, “Water, water…”

Danna Cheng went to the kitchen again to soak a glass of honey water and handed it to him, “Water.”

Zong Qifeng didn’t move, but kept asking for water. Danna Cheng had no choice but to help him up and hand the honey water to his mouth to feed him.

Maybe it was because his lips got water and felt moist, he lowered his head and started drinking.

After pouring a cup of honey water, he relieved a lot of dry mouth. Danna Cheng held his head and wanted to put him down, but Zong Qifeng held her hand and held his head in her arms.

Danna Cheng was stiff, looking down at the man with his eyes closed in her arms. He may have a lot, but at this moment, he is like an abandoned child, lonely and helpless, just wanting to catch someone and stay with him.

No matter who that person is, as long as he can be with him.

Danna Cheng looked at him and thought of herself. He was the one abandoned by his wife, and she was also abandoned by her boyfriend.

For a time, Danna Cheng felt that they had some pity for the same disease.

Later, Zong Qifeng fell asleep and Danna Cheng also relaxed. She bent over and put the water glass on the table.

In order not to wake the man in her arms, she didn’t move, and she didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, she found…

Chapter 212

On the opposite sofa sat a man, his suit and leather shoes, his face was fresh, and his body was filled with a faint scent of shower, completely gone from the decadence of last night.

Danna Cheng’s nerves tightened. Although he knew the identity of the other party, he had not seen him face to face so consciously.

For a while, she didn’t know where to put her eyes, let alone look at him. She sat up from the sofa and found that the blanket that had been on him last night was covering herself.

Danna Cheng lowered her head, “You, you are sober.”

Zong Qifeng said lightly.

Danna Cheng quickly stood up. She got up too fast, tripped her legs on the table and fell back into the sofa. She was in a hurry, “I’ll get it right away.”

“Don’t be afraid of me.” Zong Qifeng stood up, and he could feel that Danna Cheng was very nervous when he saw him. This awkward relationship was indeed uncomfortable, and he was not used to having such a woman suddenly in his family.

“She found you, so you can stay at ease, and you can tell me if you need it. If you feel bored here, you can go out, but I don’t want anyone to know our relationship.”

Danna Cheng lowered her eyes, “I know.”

After talking about Zong Qifeng, he left without staying for breakfast.

From that day on, Zong Qifeng would come back every night, but he would not sleep in the same room with her. He would rest in the guest room downstairs.

Later, Danna Cheng learned that he made it to Wen Xian every day when he came back.

However, she was free during the day. In order not to waste time, Danna Cheng decided to find something to do outside so that she would not feel that time was too difficult.

She has academic qualifications but no work experience. It is easy to find a clerk position.

After the interview passed, she was able to go to work, which would take more than two months.

When Zong Qifeng came back late, he was resting downstairs again, and they almost never met.

Her life is very fulfilling. She will be very busy when she goes to work. She will study after get off work. After eating, she will check information in the room. She will write down things that she doesn’t understand in the company and then come back to study.

On this day, she was the same as usual. After get off work, she had dinner and took a bath to find information on the bed.

When she was fascinated, she received a call from Roberson Cheng. This was the only person she contacted and the only person who knew her whereabouts.

Her father died, this is also her only relative.

“Hongfei wants to see you.”

Bai Hongfei is on a business trip abroad. The company is expanding a project and needs to introduce some equipment, which is not available in China, so he can only buy it abroad.

Because it was not going well, it was delayed for some time, and only after he came back did he realize that something so big had happened to the Cheng family.

Most importantly, he couldn’t find his girlfriend, the woman she loved, Danna Cheng.

He came to Cheng’s house several times, and Roberson Cheng said that he did not know the whereabouts of Danna Cheng, so he declined.

Until, he arranged the newly developed project in the company and came to the Cheng family again. This time he was very determined. If Roberson Cheng did not tell him the whereabouts of Danna Cheng, he would not leave. He would follow where Roberson Cheng went. .

Even Roberson Cheng went to the toilet and Bai Hongfei had to follow.

Roberson Cheng was forced to call his sister.

When Danna Cheng heard the name Bai Honghongfei, she was stunned for a long time, and then she couldn’t help crying.

She couldn’t control herself, she was wronged, and her heart ached.

“I think he still has feelings for you…”

“What feelings does he have for me?” Danna Cheng interrupted her brother. If she cares about her and loves him, why would she disappear when she needs him, or even make her unable to contact him?

“I don’t want to see him, and you don’t want to associate with him. Our Cheng family and Bai family have nothing to do with each other.”

Danna Cheng hung up after speaking.

She buried her head in the quilt and cried aloud, “You broke our agreement, it was you…”

“Look, she doesn’t want to see you.” Roberson Cheng looked at Bai Hongfei who was getting thinner.

“You have encountered difficulties, why don’t you go to my mother, although I am no longer in China, she is here…”

“Don’t tell me!” Roberson Cheng sneered, not mentioning that Mrs. Bai Roberson Cheng was not so disgusted with Bai Hongfei. When I heard Mrs. Bai, he even disliked the Bai Hongfei in front of him. “Danna went to find it, your mother didn’t agree. …”

“Impossible!” Before Roberson Cheng finished speaking, Bai Hongfei interrupted him. His mother liked Danna Cheng very much. At the time, she also supported this marriage. She also knew how much he liked Danna Cheng. How could she ask for help in Danna Cheng? Are you unwilling to help?

“I don’t believe it, go back and ask your mother. The cancellation of the marriage contract was announced by your mother at the press conference!” Cheng Yu was also angry, and she was deeply disgusted by Mrs. Bai’s actions.

“Your mother saw that our Cheng family was defeated, and that we had no use value, she wanted my Cheng family’s cloth-making technology. Danna disagreed, and your mother changed her face. Not only was she unwilling to help, it was still the most difficult thing for the Cheng family. At that time, we announced the severance of relations with us, which made the situation of the Cheng family even more difficult. You and my sister Danna are good, didn’t you just fall in love with our family’s fabric making skills?! My sister is not willing to give it to you, you immediately changed your face! “

“No! I love Danna, I like her!” Bai Hongfei interrupted Roberson Cheng, “I will go back and ask her now, if it’s not my mother’s problem…”

“If it wasn’t your mother’s problem, I would cut off my head and use it as a stool seat for you. You should have asked her a long time ago. My family Danna is not worthy of you now. You are the young master of the Bai family. To save Cheng’s family, save me…”

Roberson Cheng’s voice became quieter as she said, and finally covered her face and wept bitterly.

It is said that the man has tears and does not flick it lightly, but it is not yet sad.

The Cheng family was defeated overnight. It wasn’t his sister that he went in. It wasn’t his sister that had no Cheng’s family anymore, and the cloth-making skills had long been robbed.

He was a man, let his sister save him.

He is ashamed.

Bai Hongfei turned around and ran out of Cheng’s house, driving the car all the way to Bai’s house.

At home, Mrs. Bai had just returned from a perfect bath. Although she was a little old, she was well maintained. Looking at her in her early thirties, she frowned when she saw her son hurriedly, “How old are you? Frizzy?”

“When the Cheng family encountered difficulties, Danna came to you, you didn’t help her?” Bai Hongfei asked with red eyes.

Madam Bai was stunned for a moment, then looked at him displeased, “You went to Cheng’s house again?”

“I’m asking if you are!” Bai Hongfei had never spoken to his mother so loudly, and this time he was also anxious.

He didn’t believe his mother was the kind of person Roberson Cheng said.

Madam Bai sat on the sofa and looked up at her son, “Your father passed away early, and it was not easy for me to support the Bai family to this day? The hardship inside…”

“I’m asking if Danna has ever come to you!” Bai Hongfei interrupted her.

“Yes!” Mrs. Bai also got angry, a woman is nothing but anxious.

“Are you still a man? Are you still my son? Aren’t you just a woman? Are you asking me?”

Bai Hongfei seemed to be struck by lightning. He stood there for a long time and couldn’t return to his senses. After a long time, he realized, “You let me go abroad to introduce equipment, did you deliberately?”

Mrs. Bai said nothing.

“My phone fell into the water, is it your strategy?”

“When I went abroad and encountered this kind of thing, you arranged for someone to cause trouble and deliberately delay my return?”

Bai Hongfei questioned each sentence.

Mrs. Bai did not deny, “Yes, that day after Danna’s birthday, you came back, and I received a call from Roberson Cheng, saying that his father had passed away, and that Cheng’s father was a little capable. What would the Cheng’s family be like when he died? No one knows, so I deliberately let you go abroad. In order to prevent Danna from contacting you, I deliberately pretended to accidentally drop your phone in the water and let you use my phone. When you change your card, I will Your phone card was secretly replaced with mine. When you found out that your phone number was not yours after you went abroad, I said it was confused. At the same time, I also went to Cheng’s house to see the dead father of Cheng. When Danna Cheng was in distress, she took her mobile phone and turned it off, and lost it, so that you could not contact each other.”

Chapter 213

“You, how can you do this?” Bai Hongfei didn’t seem to know the mother in front of him, “Don’t you like Danna?”

“I like her because she belongs to the Cheng family, but when Father Cheng died, is she still the daughter of the Cheng family? As expected, once Cheng father died, many things happened in the family one after another.”

Mrs. Bai grabbed her son by the shoulder, “Wake up, you are the only heir of the Bai family, woman, what do you want? The defeated Cheng family, what is Danna Cheng? She is not good enough for you, you should find A better, the right woman can help you!”

Bai Hongfei looked at her mother, hoarse, “But I like her, I really like her, I want to marry her, I want her to be my wife…”


Mrs. Bai slapped her son with a hatred of iron and steel, and scolded angrily, “Can you be a little prosperous?!”

Just a woman!

“She is a woman who raised tens of millions of money overnight. How do you say she did it?” Madam Bai stared at her son fiercely, “I saw her in a luxury car with my own eyes. I dare Sure, she must not be a virgin now, why, you want a torn shoe…”


Bai Hongfei couldn’t accept such a mother, couldn’t accept what she said, pushed her away and ran out.

He ran to the riverside where Danna Cheng and Danna Cheng liked to go before, and the clear river trickled.

The two of them often came here for dates before, and Danna Cheng always leaned in his arms and enjoyed the peace that belonged to them only.

They had been here just the day before Danna Cheng’s birthday. He held Danna Cheng and said, “You will be 20 in one day.”


Bai Hongfei k*ssed her face, “We can get married.” As he said, he circled her waist, “You are going to give birth to me many, many children. We won’t go anywhere, just guard this world and live a calm and steady life. Your life, are you okay?”

Danna Cheng nestled in his arms, her eyes moist, “Hongfei, will you always love me?”

Bai Hongfei replied in the affirmative, “Yes, never disappoint you, always love you, like you, don’t let you be harmed, and protect you.”

Danna Cheng lay in his arms, hugged him tightly, and joked, “I am willing to marry you and have many children for you. In the future, Mengcheng will become Baicheng. Here are the descendants of the Bai family… …”

Bai Hongfei k*ssed her hair, teasing her, “Cheng family don’t want it either.”

Danna Cheng hugged him and k*ssed his lips actively, “Marry a chicken and a chicken, a dog and a dog…”

“You compare me to a chicken and a dog?” Bai Hongfei pretended to be serious.

“You are…”

“What do you say I am?”

Danna Cheng was afraid that Bai Hongfei would punish her, so she pushed him away and ran away.

Bai Hongfei chased after him, “Danna Cheng, stop for me, otherwise I will never let you go.”

Danna Cheng smiled and looked back at him, “Why don’t you let me go?”

Bai Hongfei said triumphantly, “Marry you home, lock you in the room, I am the only one who appreciates you, looks at you, loves you…”

“Shameless!” Danna Cheng grinned disgustingly, “Don’t you say we know… ah!”

She ran so fast that she accidentally stepped on a stone under her feet, and her whole body fell over.

“Be careful.”

Bai Hongfei rushed over, and at the moment Danna Cheng was about to fall, he reached out to catch her, but the arc of the body’s tilt made him unable to stand up. He could only protect Danna Cheng in his arms, and he landed on the ground with his back. , Fell down.

There are stones by the river. With this fall, his entire back is on the uneven stones, grinning with pain.

Danna Cheng went to check him in a panic, “Where is it hurt? Is it painful?”

Bai Hongfei grabbed her moving hand and looked straight at her. The next second, he clasped her head and k*ssed her lips.

The two embraced, k*ssed and enjoyed the sweetness of love by the river.

“When you finish your birthday, I will let my mother go to your house to propose a marriage. Tell me what kind of wedding dress you want. I will let it be customized…”

“With you, I don’t want anything.”

“But I don’t want you to be wronged. I must give you a grand wedding, take you home and tell everyone that you Danna Cheng is my Bai Hongfei’s wife!”

He shouted towards the river, the vast sky.

But at this moment, the sweetness of the past seemed to be still in sight, and the vows of the former mountain alliances still echoed in his ears, but he could not find the bride he was going to marry.

Where did she go?

Bai Hongfei roared into the air.

He could not accept, accept such a change, let alone accept Danna Cheng’s disappearance in his world.

He went to Cheng’s house again.

Roberson Cheng shut him out and prevented him from entering the house. “Our Cheng family has nothing to do with your Bai family. The marriage contract between you and my sister has also been terminated. Our two families are no longer related. Please leave.”

Bai Hongfei was not reconciled and knocked on the door frantically, “You let me see Danna, otherwise I won’t leave if I die!”

Roberson Cheng only thought he was crazy, “Why bother? Can you not want your mother? You can’t, you can’t be filial, but your mother has fallen in love with our family, so for everyone, you go back.”


The door was trembling as Bai Hongfei knocked, and his palm shook to numbness, “You let me meet her!”

Roberson Cheng sighed, “Just stay as long as you like.”

After speaking he turned and entered the house.

Bai Hongfei stayed for three days and three nights without eating or drinking.

Mrs. Bai couldn’t stand her son’s suffering, so she brought someone over and forcibly took him back, “Can you be a little promising?”

“I won’t go back, and I won’t die, unless you return Danna to me!” Bai Hongfei was determined. He kicked anyone who would pull him, crazy like a real lunatic.

Madame Bai was so angry that she beat her chest, “How did I give birth to a son like you! Isn’t it just a woman? I will find what you want!”

“I don’t want it, I only want Danna, I only want Danna Cheng, I only like her, I only like her alone.” The more he said, the smaller his voice, and finally, he collapsed on the ground.

Covering his face, a dull voice came from between my fingers, “Why dissolve my engagement with her? Why? How can you do this without my consent? How can you, I am your son? Haha , Have you respected me, have you asked me what I think, do you treat me like a son?”

Mrs. Bai has nothing to say when asked, her face is blue and white. What is the most crippling in the world?

It’s nothing more than his hard-earned son, but he doesn’t understand himself.

She was heartbroken, “I’m doing it for you, why don’t you understand.”

“I would rather you not be good for me!” Bai Hongfei still sat at the door of Cheng’s house, “Go, I won’t leave without seeing Danna.”

Madam Bai felt that if she stayed any longer, she would definitely be angry.

“If you want to abuse yourself, no one will stop you. Danna Cheng will not feel heartache. The only one who truly loves you is me!”

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