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Chapter 214

Danna Cheng did not go out until Zong Qifeng left, as usual in the morning, in order to avoid embarrassment when meeting.

After all, their identities are strange.

He said that he was a stranger, but he had treated each other frankly. He said that he was an acquaintance.

Live under the same roof, but haven’t even eaten breakfast together.

Because Zong Qifeng would never eat breakfast at home, he would come back after she had rested at night.

One went out early and returned late, and the other deliberately avoided it, so the two rarely met.

After arriving at the company, Danna Cheng worked at the bottom of the office area as usual, but because of her studious, she also had a lot of understanding of the company’s products. As usual, she followed the orders of her boss and asked for this meeting. The used files are printed out.

A total of 20 copies were required. She stood in front of the printer and waited patiently.

After the documents are printed, each copy is ordered with staples, then taken to the meeting room and placed according to each person’s position.

At this time, the door of the conference room was pushed open. Danna Cheng hadn’t finished putting out the documents. Mr. Zhang glanced at the conference table. The documents were neatly arranged and the chairs were properly arranged. He looked at Danna Cheng who was putting the last document away. Looking over, the strange face, “new here?”

Because he hadn’t seen Process Danna before.

Before Danna Cheng had time to speak, her boss said for her, “Yes, just two months ago.”

Mr. Zhang wore a black suit, but he couldn’t hide his already blessed posture. He was more than 40 years old and his face had a lot of fleshy. There was a pair of gold-rimmed eyes on the bridge of his nose. Although he was not good-looking, he looked like a man. Fairly decent.

He nodded, “Look, this is what a job should look like. No matter what job you do, you must be upright and meticulous. This is the attitude of work.”

A group of flatterers behind him repeatedly said yes.

Although Danna Cheng entered the workplace not long ago, she also knows how to deal with people. These are all talents in the company. She is a clerk, it is not easy to talk more here, and she quietly exits from the back door.

“Wait a minute.” Suddenly Mr. Zhang noticed her movements calling her, and raised his chin, “Which school did you graduate and which company used to work?”

“Graduating from Huaqing University, this is my first job.” Danna Cheng answered truthfully.

Mr. Zhang’s face paused, a little unbelievable, “Graduate from a prestigious school?”

He wondered that even if he graduated from a prestigious school, even if he was working for the first time, he would not be a clerk.

“Why would you be willing to do such a job?” Mr. Zhang asked puzzled.

Graduated from a prestigious school.

“Although I graduated from a prestigious school, I don’t have actual work experience. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this job. I print out documents every day and touch the core of the company’s business. I learned a lot from it.

“Tell me, what have you learned?” Mr. Zhang asked again.

He was curious, what she learned.

Danna Cheng has investigated the information on the products she has come into contact with in the company. Her company produces heavy machines such as presses, compressors, and ultrasonics.

Most of these machines are sold to the most prosperous cities in China, but now the competition is relatively high.

Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the machines in the previous area are slowly being eliminated. Only machines with more surplus costs can be expected by the boss.

“Our company has been established for 30 years. In these 30 years, it has been brilliant. When it comes to heavy machinery, everyone thinks of Wanxiang machinery. But with the torrent of time, more manufacturers have appeared in the market. , It has a great impact on the market. If you want to recover, or want to regain its brilliance, not from sales, but from innovation.”

“What do you know as a clerk?” Her boss frowned, displeased with her tirade.

Mr. Zhang nodded appreciatively, “You can join in this meeting.”

“She is just a clerk. This time our meeting is to discuss the future direction of the company. Isn’t she a suitable person for a position like her to attend?”

“As long as you are a company employee, you are eligible. I think what she said is very reasonable and very good. The company’s annual sales are declining. The year is not as good as the year. Every time you give me it, the market is not good. After being shocked, sales can’t go up, do you see the root cause?” Mr. Zhang looked at Danna Cheng when speaking, “I think what she said makes sense. If you want the company to stay ahead and be brilliant, you must innovate…”

“But innovation requires a lot of time, money, and energy…”

“I think these companies can afford it. I have done a survey. Our brilliance in the past few years has accumulated a lot of wealth, which is enough to support this reform. If it stays the same, it will only be eliminated by the market.” Danna Cheng once again expressed her opinion. She didn’t want to refute this person, but couldn’t accept his suggestion.

“The big environment is changing. If you don’t advance, you will retreat. Only by innovation and occupying a major position in the market can you stand at the top of the pyramid.”

“You are a clerk, what do you know…”

“That’s good.” Mr. Zhang cast a glance at the person who retorted her, his face sinking, “You don’t think she is a clerk qualified to hold a meeting here, then I announce that she will serve as the vice president of Wanxiang, mainly responsible for Wanxiang. The future direction of development.”

In fact, what Danna Cheng said was what Zhang always wanted to do. He was surprised that a small clerk would do so much homework, which shows her seriousness.

He appreciates such people.

Sure enough, graduated from a prestigious school, thinking is active.

A group of old antiques in the company are unwilling to reform. If the company is not reformed, it will only get harder and harder and eventually die.

He wants to reform, and the first choice is to have someone stand in front of him. It was just time that this woman came in.

All of them felt dull for a while and felt that their ears were auditory hallucinations.

“boss Zhang……”

“Needless to say, that’s it.”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to take the post.” Danna Cheng didn’t want to show the limelight, “I’m just saying my opinion…”

“This view is not something anyone can say.” Mr. Zhang interrupted her, “I dare to use you, why don’t you dare to do it? Just want to be a clerk?”

Danna Cheng thought of the situation at home. She didn’t want to be just a clerk. The defeat of the Cheng family wanted to build it up again. She needed to be strong.

Her father is gone, she has no support, she has to rely on herself.

She learned a lot soon after she went to work.

Although the family is in the cloth industry, there are similarities in management and sales. Of course, she is willing to learn more.

“Thank you for your trust, I will definitely go all out.” Danna Cheng solemnly.

“You should have read the documents of this meeting. You will preside over it.” Mr. Zhang sat down.

The veterans in the company stared at Danna Cheng and were not convinced by her.

“A girl film, what do you know?”

“You are getting more and more unreliable.” Someone who accused Mr. Zhang felt that he was sloppy, “Any clerk to be the vice president? Is your brain flooded?”

“I am the company’s legal representative, I am the company’s largest shareholder, and I am the company’s chief executive officer. You are not convinced. Wait until you sit in my position and then educate me.”

As soon as Mr. Zhang spoke, the voice of opposition from below gradually became quieter.

Who makes oneself unemployed?

Who makes the person in charge of the company?

There is no way to disagree.

I can only bite the bullet and accept, do it in position, and accept an’unexpected’ meeting.

At first, Danna Cheng was a little timid. After doing meticulous understanding and market research, she was naturally confident. Later, the more she talked, the more excited she was. She used reason and market analysis to seal those who questioned her.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhang invited Danna Cheng to dinner.

Danna Cheng naturally disagreed. She had to go back soon. After all, she was not completely free. She shied away, “I still have things.”

“Don’t think too much, just have a meal. I am very satisfied with your performance today and will not waste your time.”

Danna Cheng is still embarrassed, “I really have something else.”

“Then you say what you have, I will help you do it.” Mr. Zhang was very determined.

In the end, Danna Cheng could not help but was still working in the company, and could not offend people, so she could only nod her head in agreement.

In order to avoid contact with Mr. Zhang, Danna sat in the back seat.

Mr. Zhang teased her, “Do you think I’m a bad person?”

Danna Cheng shook her head, “No…”

“It doesn’t matter if I have, my face looks ugly, but my heart is not ugly…”

Danna Cheng smiled, and soon the car stopped at a high-end western restaurant, and Mr. Zhang was a gentleman to help her open the door.

“No, I can do it myself.” Danna Cheng was very uncomfortable.

Mr. Zhang saw that Danna Cheng was very reserved and did not force it. He walked to the front first, and Danna Cheng followed him into the restaurant.

“You helped me a lot today.” The two did it in a window position, and Mr. Zhang handed over the menu to Danna Cheng, “Just order what you like, just as I thank you for your return.”

Danna Cheng wanted to refuse, but Mr. Zhang was so kind that she could only take it.

At this time, several people walked in at the entrance of the restaurant, led by Zong Qifeng. Now, not long after he took over the company, he married the Wen family and became the most watched person in City B.

“Zong Zong.” Zhang Zong stood up and said hello.

Zong Qifeng’s gaze cast over.

Chapter 215

Zong Qifeng’s gaze cast over.

Chief Zong?

When Danna Cheng turned her head to see the person at the door, her body was instantly stiff, at a loss and at a loss as to what to do.

Mr. Zhang didn’t notice Danna Cheng’s abnormality. He got up from the position and walked over to Zong Qifeng, “Is Zong Zong also here for dinner? Or maybe together.”

The two have cooperated, which is considered to be some friendship.

When he said that, he greeted several people who had come with Zong Qifeng, “Come on, I have chosen a seat for my seat here, and I can see the scenery and enjoy the food by the window, which is beautiful.”

Those few people did not dare to make a decision, but cast their eyes on Zong Qifeng, seeming to be asking his opinion.

Zong Qifeng faintly retracted his gaze and said, “Let’s go.”

Mr. Zhang quickly walked to the front to lead the way, and when he reached the position, he helped Zong Qifeng pull away the chair.

Several people sat down one after another, and Mr. Zhang invited the waiter to add food.

Danna Cheng was very uncomfortable, and held her hands under the table tightly together.

She never expected to meet Zong Qifeng, and didn’t even dare to lift her head.

Someone joked about Mr. Zhang, “A beautiful woman is here to accompany us, are you afraid to disturb your beautiful things?”

“That’s right, where did Mr. Zhang find the beauty, why haven’t you seen it?”

Danna Cheng almost instinctively raised her head. It happened that Zong Qifeng was also looking at her at this time, and the two eyes met in the air.

Danna Cheng wanted to explain, but realized that there were a lot of people here, and couldn’t speak easily.

Zong Qifeng said that he didn’t want anyone to know their relationship.

She didn’t dare to say anything, let alone talk to Zong Qifeng at this time, for fear of attracting the attention of others.

She looked at Mr. Zhang, “I really have something to do, I want to go first.”

Mr. Zhang waved his hand to her, and then asked her to sit down, “Don’t be nervous, don’t listen to their nonsense, stay at ease for dinner, and you can’t leave hungry.”

To comfort Danna, Mr. Zhang looked at the two men who had just teased him, and sighed, “I am a person with a wife, am I the kind of person who messes around outside? This…”

He pointed to Danna, “My benefactor.”

“You don’t know how difficult it is for the group of old antiques in the company to talk. I have long wanted to reform, but they are like a pit in a pit, stinking and stiff in front of me, making me unable to start. This time, this…oh yes, what is your name?”

When Mr. Zhang wanted to introduce Danna Cheng, he realized that he didn’t even know her name.

At this moment, he knew how awesome he was at the meeting, and he took a clerk who didn’t even know his name in one mouth, and was a clerk who had only been in the company for two months, and served as the deputy manager.

When Mr. Zhang asked these words, Zong Qifeng’s face also moved slightly.

Because he didn’t know the name of the woman who lived in the same house with him for two months.

“Danna Cheng.” She lowered her eyes.

Zong Qifeng raised his eyebrows slightly, his original name was Danna Cheng, like everyone’s lady’s name.

“Danna Cheng? What a good name.” Mr. Zhang praised, “Nowadays, women’s names are so beautiful, so Na, so Ling, they are all vulgar, Danna, Wen WanDanna, how poetic, different and nice , But it’s off the topic.” Mr. Zhang smiled, “Just her, in a long talk, I can’t say a word of rebuttal to those old antiques in my company.”

Mr. Zhang stood up from his position and solemnly introduced, “This, the new deputy manager of our company, may become my right-hand man in the future. He has vision and ability. Don’t look at it as a very beautiful woman, more capable than her face. More beautiful.”

Zhang always really appreciates Danna Cheng’s ability.

Especially at the meeting, I couldn’t say a word that blocked those people.

“is it?”

All the people looked at Danna Cheng.

No one knows that Wanxiang Machinery once dominated the party. It’s just that now that more machinery manufacturers have appeared, the impact on them is not small. Mr. Zhang has always wanted to change, but the veterans in the company disagree. Reforms require a lot of money. They don’t want to fight for money and time, they just want to be at ease and get along and make some money.

Although not as good as before, it still makes money.

Mr. Zhang wanted to reform a long time ago, because those individuals pressed him down and he was left by those who didn’t benefit, so he never did it.

Everyone is very surprised, how can a woman suppress those old antiques.

“No, Mr. Zhang passed the award.” Danna Cheng was really uncomfortable when they saw her. In this atmosphere, she couldn’t eat at all, and she might have indigestion if she continued to eat.

“Mr. Zhang, I really have something to do.” Cheng Yu’s attitude was very firm this time. When she spoke, she stood up and obviously wanted to leave.

Mr. Zhang saw that she had a firm attitude to leave, and she stayed strong, fearing that there would be a gap. He still wanted to retain this talent and help him reform the company, so he relaxed, “In this way, I will toast you a cup, and then I Ask someone to take you back, do you think it works?”

Danna Cheng thought briefly and nodded in agreement. This person is not easy to offend, and he will have to work in the company in the future, and he also took a sip of a drink.

Danna Cheng picked up the wine glass on the table and collided with Mr. Zhang.

“You are a good soldier and strong general sent to me by God. The road to reform is bound to be difficult. If you have any needs or difficulties, just mention it to me.” Mr. Zhang is proud and can manage such a large company. It is not easy. character.

“Thanks to Mr. Zhang for giving me the opportunity, Liang Bingqiang will not dare to be strong. If you want the company to enter the new era, you have to work together. Ants know that the unity is great. What’s more, we will have to work hard in the future.”

“Good point.” Mr. Zhang gave Danna Cheng a thumbs up, “It’s all in the wine.”

Mr. Zhang drank a glass of liquor.

Danna Cheng was able to drink some wine, but this time, she felt sick in her stomach when she smelled the smell of white wine, and she wanted to vomit.

Mr. Zhang looked at her, “You have to drink this glass of wine.”

In order to get rid of this meal, Danna Cheng gritted her teeth and poured her wine down. With a spicy white wine, she frowned and put down her glass, “Then, I’ll go first.”

“Okay, I will ask the driver to see you, where do you live?” Mr. Zhang asked enthusiastically.

Danna Cheng’s face changed and she waved her hand quickly, “No, no, I can do it myself.”

How dare she say where she lives.

After speaking, she pulled the chair and walked out of her position. Her steps were quick, for fear that Mr. Zhang would change his mind, and then stop her.

When she walked out of the restaurant, she went to the side of the road to stop the taxi. Fortunately, everything went well, but she was a little uneasy in her heart, fearing that Zong Qifeng would be unhappy because of what happened today.

After all, she is not completely free now. Allowing her to come and go freely and work freely has given her the greatest tolerance. It would be no good if it caused them trouble.

She came out of the dinner and returned to the villa, her anxiety never stopped.

Fortunately, Zong Qifeng hadn’t returned yet. She took a deep breath, cleaned up her emotions and went upstairs. She also lost her appetite for eating. She put a pool of hot water in the bathroom and wanted to relax in a hot bath.

A hot bath is the most relaxing one.

After the hot water was released, she took off her clothes, went down into the water, and slowly soaked her whole body in the water. Looking at the surface of the water, a graceful ketone body, hazy and looming.

Unspeakable tempting.

After soaking for about half an hour, she felt that her whole body was hot and her nervousness disappeared a lot.

She got up, raised her legs and stepped out of the pool. When she reached for the bath towel, her feet slipped and her whole body fell.

She instinctively wanted to hold onto something to support her body, but the sink was too slippery, she didn’t grasp it, and instead waved over the bottles and jars on it.

A bunch of noises rolled all over the ground.

She was lying on the ground, her body aches, especially her lower abdomen. She felt the warmth between her legs. She lowered her head with difficulty and found blood.

Her face suddenly turned pale, she was not in her menstrual period, and she found that her period had not come for two months.

Because here, her spirit never relaxed, so she forgot to ignore it.

Now think about it carefully…

She panicked.

She grabbed the bath towel and covered her body and called the servant.

Upstairs, it’s in the bathroom again, and the house is soundproofed well. The servant and Ben downstairs couldn’t hear her calling for help.

In the restaurant, a group of businessmen were together, naturally there were endless words. In the middle, Zong Kaifeng broke up the meal under the excuse of something.

Back at the villa, he thought for a while and went upstairs. He raised his hand and knocked on the door, but did not push the door.

He stood outside the door and said to her, “That Mr. Zhang has long seen that the company has problems. He has always wanted to reform the company, but many veterans in the company disagree, so he has not been able to move. When you move, someone must rush in front of him to stop the anger of these old men. Now he pushes you out. This is undoubtedly the target of those old men to vent their fire. It will be very bad for you. If you need work, I can Find it for you. If you think you can handle it, I won’t force you.”

He just wanted to remind her, be careful, Mr. Zhang is taking advantage of her.

There was still no sound inside, Zong Qifeng stopped for a while, turned around and prepared to go downstairs, just at this moment, a sound of dong dong came from the room.

Zong Qifeng’s footsteps stopped for a while, and his voice was gone. He thought he had misheard, so he didn’t worry.

Continue to step forward, at this time, Danna Cheng exhausted all her strength and shouted, “I’m in the house…”

Zong Qifeng frowned, turned back, knocked on the door, “What’s wrong with you?”

Danna Cheng clutched her bath towel tightly, her eyes flushed, and her heart struggling. She was not a three-year-old child and knew what she was doing.

All this happened too suddenly, she was nervous, scared, scared.

She uttered a dumb voice, “I fell and couldn’t move.”

It wasn’t that she couldn’t move, but she didn’t dare to move. She found that her abdomen hurts badly when she moved.

So I dare not move.

Zong Qifeng opened the door, and there was no one in the bedroom empty, only the bathroom door was closed and the light was still on.

He walked over and knocked on the bathroom door, “Are you in there?”

Through the frosted glass door, Danna Cheng looked at the vague shadow in front of the door, and the tears in her eye sockets fell.

“I…I’m here.”

She cried in her voice.

Because of fear.

She didn’t know what she was afraid of, whether she was afraid of Zong Qifeng seeing her naked, or she was afraid that she might find out that she might be pregnant. She didn’t know which was the case. In short, she was very disturbed.

Zong Qifeng pushed the door. Because the bathroom door was locked, he didn’t push it open. Knowing that she was locked while taking a bath, he slammed it hard. He didn’t think too much at the time.

I’m just afraid that she is in danger.

The moment the door was knocked open, he discovered that the woman in the bathroom was undressed, lying on the ground embarrassedly, with a bath towel covering her private place, and there was blood on the ground…

Chapter 216

“Are you hurt?” Zong Qifeng was stunned for a moment before he turned around and turned his back to her.

“You take me to the hospital.”

Such a way of meeting is embarrassing and embarrassing, but now she doesn’t care about it.

She couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart, but she didn’t feel good anyway.

Zong Qifeng walked quickly to the bed and pulled off the sheets, covered her, wrapped her, and picked her up.

She was very light. For the first time Zong Qifeng felt her body temperature and breathing so clearly, his jaw tightened involuntarily, “Where did he fall?”

How else would there be blood?

Zong Qifeng’s understanding must be where there is blood on the ground after a fall.

Danna Cheng lowered her head. She didn’t want to talk, she didn’t know what to say, or she didn’t know what expression or words she used to tell him that she might be pregnant, and the child belongs to him.

She could see that he had feelings for his wife.

She didn’t know if he would hate this child.

Do you dislike it or want to.

There are too many uncertainties, so she dare not say.

Soon, she was taken to the hospital.

There was no accident in. She was indeed pregnant, two months, 9 weeks.

She herself didn’t know at all, because she didn’t have morning sickness, so she didn’t know.

There was a miscarriage, and the doctor advised her to stay in bed until the fetus was stable.

Lying on the operating table, Danna Cheng was confused and looked at the shining light in front of me. The tip of my nose smelled of disinfectant from the hospital, pungent and cold. “I drink a little alcohol, will it affect the fetus?”

“A little bit will have no effect. If you are worried, do the inspection on time. Your situation is very dangerous this time. After all, you have already seen the red. If you want this child, you must rest, otherwise you will not be able to keep it.”

Danna Cheng nodded and said, “I see.”

As the doctor pushed her out, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Zong Qifeng was standing by the window in the corridor answering the phone. He heard the operation door open. He said that when I go to the company to deal with it tomorrow, he hung up the phone. He walked over and glanced at Danna Cheng who was lying on the hospital bed. She was closed. The eyes seemed to be asleep.

Just looking at her face pale.

He looked at the doctor and asked, “Is she injured seriously?”

“She didn’t hurt much, it was just a sign of miscarriage. If you want this child, I’m afraid you will have to stay in bed.”

Danna Cheng, who was lying on the bed, held the sheet tightly with her hand under the quilt, nervous, and afraid of hearing him say something he didn’t want.

But Zong Qifeng stood there, and didn’t come back for a long time, she, she was pregnant?



He also has the same ambivalence as Danna Cheng.

I don’t know how to face this unexpected arrival, I don’t know what mood to use.

“How long has it been?” He clenched his hands hanging beside him.

“Nine weeks.”

The doctor said, “She has too much thoughts that is not conducive to raising a fetus. She has to rest, and she should be more enlightened.”

Zong Qifeng said he knew.

Then she was sent to the ward with the medical staff.

The doctor also explained some precautions, “She has already seen red. She must not be able to walk on the ground, work, and do not have a married life.”

The doctor mistakenly thought they were husband and wife, so they spoke directly.

Zong Qifeng coughed unnaturally, and said lightly, “I see.”

After the explanation, the doctor left with the nurse.

Danna Cheng felt lucky that she was pretending to sleep, otherwise, she would not know how to face Zong Qifeng.

It’s embarrassing.

Even so, her face was still red.

Spicy, like grilled by the sun.

Zong Qifeng was still caught in this sudden’surprise’ and was at a loss.

He stood at the window for a long time, for a long time, Danna Cheng several times thought he was gone.

She knew that he was also entangled in his heart at this moment.


At this time, the cell phone in his pocket rang.

He took out his mobile phone, and the word Wen Xian was displayed on the screen. He looked calm and pressed the answer button, “Hey.”

“It’s me, Dad asked you to come over.”

He lowered his eyes and said lightly, “Okay.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and went to the villa to make a call to ask the servants of the family to take care of Danna Cheng. The doctor said that she could not walk down and must not leave people around.

Arranged here, he went out.

Wen Xian has been at home for too long. Wen Jin thought that she and Zong Qifeng were in trouble, and did not explain, only that he wanted Zong Qifeng to accompany him for a drink, so Wen Xian called Zong Qifeng to let him go home. .

Sure enough, as soon as he took his seat, Wen Jin spoke, “Kaifeng, although you and Wen Xian have not been married for a long time, but Wen Xian has been at home for two months, you neither come to see her nor come to pick her up. Does it look like a couple?”

Wen Xian’s eyes widened. Unexpectedly, his father said this suddenly, and quickly explained, “Dad, where did I get used to, I came back, and Kaifeng is very busy. You call him over and just say this?”

Wen Jin looked at his daughter, “Why do you marry someone? Your father doesn’t want it?”

“No…” Wen Xian wanted to explain, but didn’t know how to explain.

Zong Qifeng held her hand and looked at Wen Jin and said, “I was negligent. I will pick her up today.”

Wen Jin is very optimistic about Zong Qifeng, otherwise he would not marry his daughter, and said sincerely, “I know you are busy with your business, but after all, you are a husband and wife. You have been married for more than a year. If you have more time to come back, you should also ask for one. child.”

“Dad.” Wen Xian looked at her father bitterly, always these words.

“Don’t say so.” Wen Jin waved his hand.

Foster Wen entered the door at this time. Foster Wen, Wen Xian’s elder brother, is now the head of Wen Xian at a young age. He is young and promising.

Wen’s family has been a high official from the generation of Grandpa Wenxian, to their generation, she has not fallen behind. Her father, Wen Jin, the number one in City B, her brother joined the army early, and now he is only more than 20 years old and is already the head of the army. , The future accomplishments are limitless.

He took off his military uniform, walked in, and saw that Zong Qifeng was also there, smiling, “Brother-in-law is also here.”

Zong Qifeng nodded.

Foster Wen opened the chair and sat down, glanced at her sister, and said with a smile, “Is it here to pick her up?”

Zong Qifeng glanced at Wen Xian, “Yes, I’m too busy and negligent at work, elder brother won’t pick me up, right?”

Foster Wen poured wine to Zong Qifeng, “Knowing that you are busy, my sister is also wayward, so you have to bear it.”

“Brother, I am your sister, why don’t you speak to me?” Wen Xian pretended to be upset.

“I’m talking to Li, you go back to your natal house, and you will live for two months. Why do they marry a daughter-in-law after opening the seal? Keep it for a while? That’s a clan succession, and…”

He ambiguously gave Zong Qifeng a look that you and I understand.

Zong Qifeng felt helpless. He drank the glass of wine that Foster Wen poured him, and held Wen Xian’s hand tightly. There were a thousand words to say, but he didn’t know where to start. He looked at Wen Xian and said nothing. “Wen Xian is very good. I can marry her as my wife. I am very happy. I have the opportunity. I am willing to use my whole life to love her…”

No one would know the distress in his heart, he himself poured another glass of wine and poured it down.

Others could not understand what he meant, but Wenxian understood how sad and difficult he was when he wanted to speak.

Her hand covered the back of his hand. She could see that he was in a bad mood. She was afraid that he would say something. She looked at him and said, “Sorry, I was too self-willed. I forgot to go home after this time. Up.”

“You want to show your love and go home to show, hurry up.” Foster Wen pretended to be disgusted.

The atmosphere at the dinner table is pretty good. After eating, Zong Kaifeng and Wen Xian returned to the villa.

On the way, Wen Xian looked at Zong Qifeng and asked, “Are you in a bad mood today?”

Zong Qifeng was silent.

Wen Xian apologized, “I’m sorry…”

“She is pregnant.”

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