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Chapter 674

Wayne Lin naturally knew it was indecent, but he was also pressed into anxiousness, and he wouldn’t do it at other times.

“Hey, you disciple, let me go!” Freda Shangguan cursed loudly, with obvious shame and panic in her tone.

She is so ashamed that she has never been treated like this before.

Wayne Lin didn’t let her go right away, who knows if she will get worse after letting go, “I have warned you many times, you forced me.”

In a certain part of the yard, the military god Cary Road and Shangfeng Shangguan Wei’an had already risen. Through monitoring, they saw the situation in the yard. They also saw that Wayne Lin was holding Freda Shangguan’s feet in one hand and took her Hanging up, the picture is very funny and indecent. Fortunately, Freda Shangguan was not wearing a skirt, otherwise it would be even more embarrassing.

The military god said: “Wayne Lin, this young man, is too much to treat Yaoyao like this.”

Shangguan Wei’an snorted and said, “What’s too much? That girl asked for it all by herself. Wayne Lin’s temper is good!”

When the army god saw that Shangguan Wei An did not anger Wayne Lin, he was a little relieved and asked, “Should we go out now?”

Shangguan Wei’an shook his head and said, “Wait a minute, now Wayne Lin has finally come to treat this girl well, otherwise she thinks she is the number one in the world. This girl, last month, just because I told her how much Sentence, as a result, this girl, pulling a few of my beard while I was sleeping, it hurts me so much!”

The military god was obviously taken aback when he heard this. He said that he felt that Shangguan’s stalwart beard was a bit strange, and his feelings were pulled by his granddaughter.

He could fully imagine that the scene at the time, Shangguan Wei An must be furious, but there was no way.

That scene made him laugh.

Shangguan Wei An snorted: “This girl, today I met someone who can cure her!”

He said so, but between his eyebrows, he was still a little worried.

On Wayne Lin’s side, after he lifted Freda Shangguan, he also had a headache. He would be angry if he was known to Shangguan Weian’s granddaughter like this.

However, if things were not done and done, Wayne Lin did not regret it, and said in a deep voice: “You apologize to me, I will let you go.”

Shangguan Wei’an was very stubborn and gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t think about it, don’t put me down for the rest of your life! You want me Freda Shangguan to apologize to you, next life!”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he was completely sure that this girl was Shangfeng’s granddaughter. However, such a savage woman was really blinded by the name Freda Shangguan, she didn’t fit her at all.

“Then hang on it!” Wayne Lin’s temper also came up. Anyway, his innocence is an offense, and it is not too short of this point.

Freda Shangguan was hung in this way, her clothes were hanging down, revealing her belly, which made her feel even more embarrassed, struggling hard, resisting, but her strength compared with Wayne Lin’s Not on one level.

So no matter how hard she struggles, it is still to no avail. She is now like a bat, hung from the eaves.

What’s worse, after hanging up for a while now, her brain is filled with oxygen, making her face flush, panting, “You let me go! This young master is going to fight you for three hundred rounds!”

Wayne Lin was amused by her, a girl who claimed to be a young master.

“Apologize.” Wayne Lin said.

“Don’t think about it!” Freda Shangguan was very temperamental. She caught Wayne Lin’s foot and bit it directly.

Wayne Lin was bitten and couldn’t help barking out, “Hey, you are a dog!”

Freda Shangguan didn’t have the slightest shame, but rather proud, he snorted and said, “This is the fate of offending me Freda Shangguan, hey, I warn you, let me go quickly, otherwise I won’t be as fruitful as you!”

Wayne Lin didn’t dare to kick her away, so he could only step back and avoid her dog teeth.

Wayne Lin also has a headache now. He is 100% sure that both the God of War and Shangfeng know about it, but they just don’t appear. This is to borrow his hand to teach this girl.

How could he hit this kind of thing, it is really unlucky.

Another minute passed, and now Freda Shangguan became even more uncomfortable. Her face was so red that she even started to experience tinnitus, and her speech was not as clear at first, but she still threatened Linzi fiercely. Ming, “You guy, let me go quickly, if you have a kind of thing, let me go, hang me like this, what a hero!”

Freda Shangguan is getting more and more uncomfortable now, especially when she is hung like this, her belly is exposed a lot, even her breasts are a little loose, if this is loose, she will be exposed, how embarrassing!

“Let go, you can apologize.” Wayne Lin said.

Freda Shangguan was so angry that she was gnashing her teeth. She was so old that she had never spoken to anyone. Even if she pulled out her grandfather Shangguan’s stalwart beard last month, it didn’t make sense. Let her apologize to a subordinate. Where is she willing.

Because she yelled a little bit loudly just now, plus, it’s too early now, there are footsteps outside the compound, it sounds like more than one person…

When Freda Shangguan heard the footsteps, she panicked even more. It would be shameful if someone saw her like this!

And Wayne Lin frowned slightly, he was considering whether to let Freda Shangguan go.

“Don’t come in!” Freda Shangguan yelled toward the outside of the compound, but unfortunately because she had been reasoned for too long, even if she wanted to yell loudly, she didn’t yell loudly. Instead, she choked herself up. That was very embarrassing.

At this time, the door was opened, Xie Boming and a dozen people walked in. Then, he saw the scene in the courtyard. All of them suddenly widened, their faces full of astonishment, and incredible!

“this is……”

The atmosphere suddenly became weird, and it stopped immediately.

And Wayne Lin was also very embarrassed. He was so embarrassed that he, a great master of Dzogchen in the congenital realm, would hang a woman like this.

As for Freda Shangguan, she became even more unbearable, shouting shrillly: “Get out, get out of here!!!!”

Xie Boming and others shuddered involuntarily when they heard her voice. It was completely conditioned. They immediately withdrew, closed the door, and kept saying, “I haven’t seen anything, I have nothing. did not see it……”

Wayne Lin was speechless, he didn’t see anything yet, did he see everything?

He lowered his head and saw that Freda Shangguan’s face had turned into a monkey buttocks and was dripping blood, he shook his head, and didn’t bother to be familiar with this girl, “I can let you go, but you have to promise, don’t go crazy what.”

Chapter 675

Wayne Lin was already subdued, but the other party had f*cked with him and cursed: “I don’t want to come down now. If you have this kind of thing, you will hang me forever! Humph!”

What’s happening here? If you let her go, you are not happy?

Wayne Lin was also dumbfounded in an instant.

At first he thought the other party was doing it, but when he took a closer look now, the other party was obviously serious.

For a while, Wayne Lin had a headache, and felt that he was in bad luck and was in trouble.

Looking at the other party’s appearance now, it was obviously quite difficult, but her expression still didn’t have the slightest conceit, and she looked like she was going to fight with herself, which really made Wayne Lin a headache.

Yes, just treat yourself as conceding defeat, too lazy to be familiar with this kind of crazy girl.

Wayne Lin put the other party down and said, “Okay, I will let you go, so don’t do it. Between us…”

However, Wayne Lin had just let go of Freda Shangguan, and she hadn’t finished her words yet. After she landed and adjusted her posture, she immediately attacked Wayne Lin, which was simply unreasonable.

“Hey, you!” Wayne Lin was confused, what kind of person is this.

Moreover, Freda Shangguan had the expression of gritted teeth, wishing to swallow Wayne Lin in one bite, making Wayne Lin a little frightened.

“a*shole, you dare to hang me, I won’t let you go, today is either you die or I live!” Freda Shangguan gritted her teeth.

Wayne Lin is really dumbfounded and helpless now. What is the situation? He is so good, how can he provoke such a mad woman? If it is other people, the key is Shangguan’s granddaughter. It’s uncomfortable if you can’t or scold it.

Fortunately, at this moment, from the side room, a scolding voice came, “Girl, what are you doing, don’t stop me!”

It was Shangguan Weian. He appeared with Cary, the military god, with a calm face and a bit of helplessness between his brows. Originally, he wanted to use Wayne Lin’s hand to frustrate Freda Shangguan’s spirit and let her know There are people outside the world, but there are people outside the world, but I didn’t expect that this girl is so arrogant that she doesn’t even care about the congenital realm of Dzogchen.

And Wayne Lin is also a personal spirit. At a glance, he saw that Freda Shangguan’s identity was not simple, and he did not dare to offend him, so he finally had to appear.

Freda Shangguan saw her grandpa coming out, she was not afraid at all, snorted, did not stop, and continued to attack Wayne Lin, obviously not paying attention to her grandpa.

This made Shangguan Wei’an feel very shameless, but he was helpless.

Finally, Cary coughed twice and said: “Shu Yao, stop for a moment, this person is my subordinate.”

Hearing what Cary Road said, Freda Shangguan stopped and even smiled and said, “Okay, Grandpa Army God.”

When the matter was over, she deliberately glared at Shangguan Wei’an, apparently seeing her grandfather’s routine clearly, but she was very angry with Shangguan Wei’an.

This dead girl is getting less and less of him.

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief. These two adults have come out. If they don’t come out again, he really wants to leave without saying goodbye and just slip away.

He also greeted Cary Road and Shangguan Wei’an, and said, “Senior Military God, Shangfeng, it’s getting late, I almost have to go back.”

Cary Road said: “Should you not leave after lunch?”


nbWayne Lin muttered in his heart, with this girl here, where would he dare to stay to eat? Isn’t it troublesome enough, but on the surface, he would naturally not say that, but shook his head, smiled and said:” I don’t need to eat anymore. I have things waiting for me to deal with in Hwadrid.”

Who is Cary, you can naturally see Wayne Lin’s thoughts, so he didn’t force it, nodded and said, “If this is the case, then I won’t keep you.”

He said hello to Shangguan Wei’an. Wayne Lin was about to leave. At this moment, Freda Shangguan, who had been silent for a while, said, “I want to go to Huarvell with you.”

What the hell?

Wayne Lin’s heart suddenly shook and was taken aback. There were Cary Road and Shangguan Wei’an. He didn’t dare to be presumptuous to this crazy girl, so he had to look at Shangguan Wei’an for help.

“Freda Shangguan, what are you talking nonsense, what are you doing with Instructor Lin to go to Huarvell!” Shangguan Wei An suddenly cursed with a calm face.

However, Freda Shangguan was not afraid of him at all, and straightened her neck and said: “He is a master, I want to follow him to practice, in Yandu, it is meaningless.”

Isn’t it right, because of her honorable status, no one in Yandu dared to offend her, and Wayne Lin was the first person who dared to scold her, or even dared to be rude to her, which is very rare for her. Baby, how could she let it go!

Shangguan Wei’an said: “Hu Lai, instructor Lin has important tasks. Wherever there is time to be crazy with you, you can stay in Yandu for me!”

“I don’t, I will go to Hwadrid with him today, and I heard that there are many great masters in Hwadrid, and this young master is going to meet them!” Freda Shangguan said tuggingly.

Wayne Lin’s face is full of black lines, just you three-legged cat kung fu, who can beat him.

He directly clasped his fists and said: “Senior Military God, Shangfeng, since there is nothing wrong, then the subordinates will leave first!”

After that, he quickly turned around and left. If you really want him to take this mad girl by his side, he won’t be bored.

But just as he left, Freda Shangguan immediately followed him, stuck to him, and said, “Don’t want to leave me!”

Wayne Lin pretended not to hear her, and when he came out of the compound, he disappeared directly. He didn’t believe it, and Freda Shangguan could catch up with him.

At this moment, Cary opened his mouth and said, “Brother Shangguan, if Freda is by Wayne Lin’s side, he might get exercise.”

Shangguan Wei An was taken aback, and his reaction was quick. From Cary Road’s eyes, he saw that he was serious, not kidding.

So he immediately called Wayne Lin, “Instructor Lin, please stay.”

Wayne Lin felt bitter, so he had to pretend that he hadn’t heard, and continued to move forward.

Shangguan Wei’an was stunned again. He did not expect that Wayne Lin would pretend not to hear him.

At this moment, Cary Road also spoke, “Instructor Lin, please stay a step.”

Cary Dao said so loudly, Wayne Lin couldn’t pretend that he couldn’t hear it, otherwise he would lose face, so he sighed in his heart and turned around and said, “Senior Military God, I don’t know what else is going on?”

Cary smiled and said: “Why don’t you bring Freda, you should take her to have a fun, by the way, give her some tricks.”

Shangguan Wei’an nodded and agreed.

Where did Wayne Lin agree? He shook his head and said, “Senior Military God, it’s not that I refuse to take Ms. Shangguan, but that the subordinates can’t help themselves. There is a tigress in the house. If she finds out, I will take the women back. She It will go crazy.”

Chapter 676

After saying this, Wayne Lin muttered sorry. In special circumstances, Alma Chu could only be moved out.

Sure enough, after hearing his words, Cary Dao and Shangguan Wei’an also expressed regret. Since they are like this, there is nothing to do. Although they are superiors, this kind of thing is a private matter and cannot be overwhelming.

However, Freda Shangguan on the side opened her eyes wide in surprise and said, “How do you know that this young master is a female?!”

She has a very incredible expression now, it seems that Wayne Lin can ever recognize her gender, which is very outrageous.

Wayne Lin: “…”

Whampoa Road and Shangguan Wei’an couldn’t help being embarrassed. Shangguan Wei’an coughed twice, feeling very embarrassing.

Wayne Lin is considered convinced, the girl who loves, always thinks that she pretends very well, others can’t see it.

Did she think she was a man after she had a short haircut?

Wayne Lin cooperated with her and looked surprised: “Could it be that you are a man?”

Freda Shangguan nodded vigorously, straightened her chest, and said proudly: “Yes, I am a man, a pure man like you!”

After speaking, she patted her chest, looking like she was a tough guy.

Seeing this movement of her, Wayne Lin screamed his eyes and quickly moved his eyes away. He saw a lot of tigers, but it was the first time he saw someone like Freda Shangguan.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Shangguan Wei’an was so angry with her, she coughed a few times, and yelled, “Freda Shangguan, what are you doing! When the whole world is stupid like you!”

Freda Shangguan looked surprised. Could it be that her disguise is not good enough, so she can be seen so easily? But she has worked very hard.

Wayne Lin was really embarrassed to stay any longer. He once again bid farewell to Cary Road and Shangguan Wei An, and stayed again. He didn’t know how much he had to see Freda Shangguan’s operation with his eyes.

“Hey, don’t run so fast, wait for me.” Freda Shangguan immediately chased after him, but this time, how could Wayne Lin still give her a chance? He walked out of the compound in a few steps, and went out. In the compound, he just disappeared.

Freda Shangguan chased it out, but she couldn’t see anyone anymore. She was so angry that she stomped and stomped her feet severely, and cursed, “Let him run, damn it!”

But immediately, a treacherous smile appeared on her face again, and she muttered to herself: “Hmph, do you think you can run away? I now know that you are in Hwadrid, and you will not be able to escape from my palm sooner or later! “

After understanding this, her mood became happy again, that expression was like a little girl found a fun toy.

After Wayne Lin left, he was sure that Freda Shangguan had not chased him. He was a little relieved, but immediately, he was also depressed, because he knew that if you want to find him the energy of Guan Freda, it must be easy to find. of.

And for such a stubborn princess, when the time comes, he will really run to Hwadrid and pester him, then he will be in trouble, like brown sugar, it is difficult to shake it off.

I knew that he would not go out for morning exercises today, so there would be nothing.

Originally Xie Boming wanted to take him back personally, but Wayne Lin refused. Anyway, Xie Boming was a high-ranking captain and a high-ranking captain, so his driver would be inappropriate. And Xie Boming is just being polite. If he really asks Xie Boming to send it back, then he has no emotional intelligence.

Wayne Lin went back by himself, but it was easier. After he booked the tickets online, he did not rush to return. Instead, he visited Yandu for a while to appreciate the luck and charm of Yandu.

Different cities have different luck and charm. If Hwadrid City is a small successful businessman, then Yandu is a powerful ruler, and the whole city exudes a lot of extravagance.

At Wayne Lin’s realm, spiritual practice is often much more important than physical practice.

After Wayne Lin arrived in Yandu, he felt the luck of the city, and his whole person was sublimated.

In the evening, he returned to Hwadrid smoothly, and the moment he got off the plane, he felt another way.

For ordinary people, they can’t feel this kind of change. Only when they reach the realm of Wayne Lin can they feel deeply.

Believe that at the level of the military god, the feeling will be even more profound.

“Vajra is not bad, I believe I can reach it soon!” Wayne Lin muttered to himself, clenching his fists, his eyes filled with endless confidence.

When he came back this time, he didn’t tell anyone, he just talked to Alma Chu, but he told Alma Chu not to pick it up, which was too much trouble.

As for Jeff Han and Damon Wang, he didn’t say anything. Otherwise, because of their two personalities, they would definitely arrange a large team to meet them. He didn’t want to be so high-profile.

Back at Yulong Bay, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening. It was quite late. The two old men were asleep. The lights in Alma Chu’s room were left on. Wayne Lin looked from a distance and knew that Alma Chu was waiting. When he came back, he immediately felt warm in his heart.

It feels good that someone at home is waiting.

After returning, Alma Chu was very happy to see him. After learning that he had solved the problem without any punishment, and had been promoted, she was finally relieved and her whole body relaxed.

In the past few days, although she didn’t say anything, she was still worried in her heart. At this moment, she has relieved the burden and sent a sincere smile.

Seeing Alma Chu asleep, Wayne Lin smiled contentedly and happily, kissed her gently on her lips, and then went to take a cold shower.

As soon as time passed, a few days passed. Wayne Lin spent the past few days very regularly. Most of the time, he stayed with Alma Chu. After helping to deal with the problems on the Chu family’s side, everything was back on track.

However, he has always been thinking about his mother’s side, how is it now?

He is almost the same, and is also going to get his mother back…

It was completely different from his leisure time, and now Han Ruxin was anxious.

Since the classmate meeting that day, she has been fidgeting and insomnia for several days.

She couldn’t figure out why Wayne Lin suddenly became so powerful. Through her investigation, she became more and more frightened, and at the same time, her heart became more and more hot…

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