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Chapter 134

“Insane.” Guo Junyi said, “I knew Wayne Lin was married a long time ago.”

“What?” Huang Wenhua was stunned, “Since you know, why do you want to…”

When he said this, he stopped suddenly. Suddenly he realized that he was too reckless and didn’t figure out the situation, so he hurried over.

What if Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin are not in that kind of relationship, are they really just ordinary friends? Then his behavior has completely turned into a villain.

Fortunately, his reaction was not unpleasant, he immediately changed his words and said with a smile: “Oh, is that so? That’s good, that’s good.”

Guo Junyi rolled her eyes, and then said: “Anyway, Wayne promised me that he will get a divorce soon, and I will wait for him.”

Wayne Lin was drinking tea and almost squirted it out. What the hell is Guo Junyi doing? Can you say anything like this?

When Huang Wenhua heard it, he opened his eyes immediately, with an unusually wonderful expression, “Junyi, what did you just say?!”

Guo Junyi got up, actually walked to Wayne Lin’s side, and then sat directly beside Wayne Lin, and took Wayne Lin’s shoulders, leaned her head on Wayne Lin’s shoulders, and said sweetly, “Don’t you understand now?”

The corners of Huang Wenhua’s mouth twitched constantly, he was mad, he had never been so embarrassed when he grew up so big!

If it was not in public, he would go crazy now!

When Guo Junyi did this, she didn’t take him seriously.

Situ Nan, who was not far away, saw this scene, and he was also stunned. He didn’t expect Guo Junyi to be so explosive, and he went directly to Wayne Lin!

To be honest, let alone Huang Wenhua, he will be jealous when he sees it. Guo Junyi is also a big beauty. How can Wayne Lin, such a fellow, He De, can actually make Guo Junyi fall into his arms!

His Situ Nan is not a hundred times better than Wayne Lin, and he doesn’t have this beautiful blessing.

Wait a minute, if this scene is sent to Alma Chu, wouldn’t it just explode?

He quickly took out his phone and prepared to take it. It’s a pity that because his movements were too hasty, he didn’t hold the phone securely, one accidentally fell to the ground and hit a black screen directly, but he was angry. When he got the bodyguard’s cell phone, Guo Junyi had already released Wayne Lin. Without the close contact he had just now, even if it was taken, it would not explain much.

Wayne Lin didn’t expect Guo Junyi to do this either. He was also taken aback, and quickly coughed twice, keeping a distance from Guo Junyi, and said, “Guo Junyi, what are you doing.”

Then he quickly said to Huang Wenhua, “Don’t listen to her nonsense, she and I are just ordinary friends.”

Wayne Lin was telling the truth, but Huang Wenhua couldn’t listen to it. He had a broken mentality now, clenched his fists, and stared at Wayne Lin gnashing his teeth, his eyes bursting with fire.

“Wayne Lin! You are awesome, you dare to touch even my woman, do you really think I dare not touch you?” Huang Wenhua said this sentence from between his teeth.

“I have said that, Guo Junyi and I are just ordinary friends.” Wayne Lin frowned. He explained repeatedly that it wasn’t that he was afraid of Huang Wenhua, but that there was no need to carry it back. Besides, Huang Wenhua also knew Alma Chu, and it would not be good if it spread to Alma Chu and cause Alma Chu’s misunderstanding.

But his explanation, in Huang Wenhua’s eyes, turned into an acknowledgment, “Dare to do it or not? Wayne Lin, it seems that you are nothing but that.”


nbYes, Huang Wenhua believed that he had a leg with Guo Junyi, and he didn’t bother to explain it anymore. It was really passed to Alma Chu, so he could explain it again.

Seeing that something was wrong, Guo Junyi immediately stared at Huang Wenhua and said, “Hey, Huang Wenhua! I warn you not to hit Wayne’s idea. I took the initiative to find him. It has nothing to do with him. If you have any kind, come at me!”

Hearing this, Huang Wenhua’s mouth twitched twice.

He really wants to get angry at all, but he knows that the cost of doing so will be even greater! Anyway, the engagement banquet will be held in a few days. Guo Yuanjia’s approval has been obtained for this marriage, and Guo Junyi is not afraid to go back. After he marries Guo Junyi and plays with it, he will take revenge and go back!

Taking a deep breath, he quickly calmed himself down, and then said deeply to Guo Junyi: “Junyi, I will prove to you that in this world, I am the best man for you!”

After speaking, he turned around and left.

After coming out, he finally couldn’t help it, punched his Ferrari’s car cover out of a hole, let out a roar, and startled everyone passing by.

Situ Nan walked over and said, “Huang Shao, did you just let Wayne Lin go? This doesn’t seem to be your character.”

Huang Wenhua took Situ Nan’s cigarette, took two sips, and said with a gloomy face: “In front of Guo Junyi, I don’t want to directly attack Wayne Lin. After they break up, I will let Wayne Lin know what cruelty is. !”

He smoked a cigarette in two or two and threw it on the ground, crushing it with his right foot, as if the cigarette was Wayne Lin.

Here, Guo Junyi said with some embarrassment: “Wayne Lin, I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold back, I used you as a shield. I blame Huang Wenhua, it’s so annoying, I can’t stand him like that.”

Wayne Lin sighed and said, “You killed me. If it is passed to my wife, I don’t know how to explain it.”

“You just seek truth from facts, anyway, we are innocent.” Guo Junyi said, hey, why would you feel sour in your heart when you say this by yourself?

Thinking of something, Guo Junyi said again: “By the way, Huang Wenhua has a very small mind. He will definitely find you to retaliate. You have to be careful.”

Wayne Lin nodded, not paying attention.

After eating, he settled the bill, and he left straight away and had to go back to Ziqiong to work.

He was spotted as soon as he got out of the hotel, and two cars followed him immediately after he started.

Naturally Huang Wenhua’s person.

“This waste can actually afford an Audi a7?” Huang Wenhua frowned and said uncomfortably.

Situ Nan on the side said: “He is just a door-to-door son-in-law. He has the ability to drive an Audi a7. In my opinion, it is mostly Guo Junyi’s car. He took it and drove it.”


Huang Wenhua couldn’t help it, and slammed a fist on the car door, his eyes gushing with anger.

After a while, Wayne Lin drove the car into the parking lot of Ziqiong Building, Huang Wenhua frowned further, “This guy, how come to Ziqiong Building? Could it be that he works here?”

Situ Nan was also very surprised by this. Zi Qiong Company has always been an existence he dared not provoke, especially the mysterious chairman of Zi Qiong Company, he was even more jealous.

Chapter 135

Wayne Lin naturally knew that Huang Wenhua had sent someone to follow him, but he didn’t care about it at all. Whether it was Huang Wenhua or Situ Nan, they were all small people and not worth mentioning.

After he returned to Ziqiong Company, he immediately invested in a new job. He planned to set up a brand new advertising company, not just to talk about it, and now he has started planning.

The more than 50 billion grandfather inherited to him was not for him to put it in the bank for interest, and his ambition was definitely more than that.

This afternoon, he will mainly plan the new company.

When he was about to leave work, he received a call from Vicky Lin.

Upon receiving this call, he immediately frowned. Since he took over Ziqiong Company from Hanson Lin, he has not contacted the Lin family, and Hanson Lin has never looked for him again.

He himself didn’t care much about Lin’s affairs.

What does Vicky Lin mean to call him at this time?

After thinking about it, he took the call, and Vicky Lin’s pleased voice came immediately, “Hey, Brother Wayne, it’s me, Vicky.”

“Well, what can I do?” Wayne Lin’s tone was flat.

Vicky Lin respectfully said: “Brother Wayne, this is the case. The Lin family’s clan meeting will be held soon. The elders want you to come back this year. After all, you are the son of the Lin family and everyone is looking forward to your return.”

Hearing these words, Wayne Lin couldn’t help laughing, “Really? Why didn’t you tell me to go back before.”

Vicky Lin said angrily, “Didn’t the misunderstanding not be solved before, but now that the misunderstanding is solved, everyone wants you to come back. Also, you haven’t come back to pay homage to your grandpa for a long time. For this clan gathering, the family leader chose one. Good day, I plan to change my grandfather’s geomantic treasure.”


Wayne Lin’s mood immediately became complicated. In his mind, he couldn’t help thinking about his grandfather’s majestic and kind face.

He didn’t even see his grandfather’s last face, and he couldn’t help but sting in his heart when he read this!

In the entire Lin family, Grandpa treats him best.

There was a moment of silence, and Vicky Lin didn’t dare to disturb Wayne Lin’s thoughts.

“What is left of Grandpa?” Wayne Lin asked.

Vicky Lin was a little stunned, and said embarrassingly: “I don’t know about this. Grandpa’s funeral is the responsibility of the Patriarch.”

“Date.” Wayne Lin asked nonchalantly.

Vicky Lin hurriedly said, “On the 28th of this month, I can pick it up in person…”

Hey, Wayne Lin just hung up the phone without giving him a chance to finish speaking.

“How, did he promise?”

Behind Vicky Lin, stood a young man playing golf. He was dressed all over and covered with famous brands. The whole person exuded a noble breath. At first glance, he knew that he was a rich second-generation born with a golden key.

After he said these words, he swung his club smartly, banged the golf ball out, and drew a beautiful parabola in the air, and then steadily fell into the hole, causing all around him to exclaim.

Vicky Lin was very respectful to this rich second generation. He had to bend his waist when he spoke, and he had to consider every sentence in his head. He did not dare to say it easily for fear of offending the other party.

“Back to the young master, Wayne Lin directly hung up the phone without giving a clear reply.” Vicky Lin said respectfully.

The young master said with a smile,

“is it?”

Then he took off his sunglasses and revealed his face, which was somewhat similar to Wayne Lin, specifically, he was more handsome than Wayne Lin.

“He will be back, I know him.” He raised the corner of his mouth, showing a meaningful smile, and then murmured: “My good brother, your life is really big. You didn’t have it four years ago. I killed you and let you escape. I also let you hide in the Chu family and live for four years without a word.”

He said very quietly, seeming to be talking to himself, but the voice just happened to be heard by Vicky Lin, making Vicky Lin uneasy, and the cold sweat on his forehead kept coming out.

What does the young master mean? He is just a little man of mine. Let him hear this kind of words. It’s not killing him. He can only pretend not to hear anything.

The corners of the young master’s mouth have a greater arc, and he doesn’t know what he’s thinking, and continues: “Do you think you can turn over and become the master if you get your grandfather’s inheritance? It’s impossible. The ants are always ants. If you inherit too much, you can’t become a dragon, nor can you change the inferiority in your bones.”

Then, he smiled directly to Vicky Lin and said, “Vicky, what do you think?”

Vicky Lin shivered all over, unable to bear the cold sweat. He burst out from his head and his back was wet with sweat. He cried and said, “Master, I, I don’t know. …”

Whether it is the young master or Wayne Lin, he cannot afford to offend.

The point is, what does the eldest master tell him about this? Beat him? But he didn’t have any unruly thoughts either.

The young master laughed, patted his shoulder, and said, “Don’t be nervous, you are not qualified enough, let me deal with you.”

Vicky Lin repeatedly thanked him, “Thank you, Young Master, for your kindness, thank you, Young Master for your kindness!”

The young master went on to say: “I heard that my younger brother, who has been very successful recently, has acquired Ziqiong Company. He has become a big boss from the original son-in-law, haha.”

“But, Michelle is just a small company. If he jumps, what kind of waves can he make?”

“Okay, you go, I can play golf.” The young master waved his hand and sent Vicky Lin away.

After Vicky Lin left, the young master flashed a bit of cold light in his eyes, chewed Wayne Lin’s name twice in his mouth, and slammed the golf ball out, hitting the golf ball with great strength. It’s crooked.


Huang Wenhua and Situ Nan waited for a long time in Ziqiong Building, but they had not waited until Wayne Lin came out, so they had to give up. Let them beat people in Ziqiong Building. They didn’t dare to do this kind of thing, and finally had to leave with unwillingness to wait for the next opportunity, and then come to Wayne Lin’s trouble.

On Alma Chu’s side, since she became the chairman of Centec, her work intensity has increased a lot. There was not much free time, but now it is even less.

No, today is Shane’s holiday. She used to pick up Shane and she couldn’t squeeze the time. In the end, she had to call Wayne Lin and let Wayne Lin pick up Shane for her.

Wayne Lin just got off work, and of course Alma Chu’s instructions would not refuse, and he readily agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Alma Chu remembered that she drove the public at home. How could Wayne Lin have a car to pick up Shane?

She hurriedly called Wayne Lin again and asked Wayne Lin to come over and drive away first, but on the phone, Wayne Lin said that he had a car and he didn’t need to go to drive specifically.

Alma Chu didn’t think too much, she hung up with a hum, she still had a lot of work to complete.

Chapter 136

Shane’s room was gone, but he was not happy at all, because he was robbed of love by a horizontal knife. He worked so hard to pursue the goddess for two semesters, and finally was snatched away by a rich second generation and was still in front of him. Showing off, can make him angry!

All of this is okay. The most unacceptable thing for him is that the woman actually posted the chat history with him to Moments. It was all his remarks as a dog licking, and he was publicly sentenced to make him out of school. Named. Now he has another nickname for licking a dog, and everyone unscrupulously mocks him for licking a dog for nothing.

In this regard, he was really angry, very annoyed, and wanted to go crazy and seek revenge on these two dog men and women! But he didn’t dare. He didn’t have the courage. According to the rich second-generation background, he was much deeper than him. It was not something he could offend. So even if he was wronged, he had to break his teeth and swallow in his stomach!

Now that he has finally made it to the holiday, he can finally leave this damn place.

So after school, he went back to the dormitory as soon as possible, and after he got the luggage, he left quickly.

At this time, my sister should be waiting for him at the school gate.

However, when he was about to leave, two roommates walked in at the door and said, “Shane Chu, ​​did you pack your things so quickly? This is not your style. Usually you are the last to leave.”

Shane Chu said, “My sister has already come, I can’t let her wait too long, or she will scold me.”

Another roommate stopped him and said, “Hey, don’t leave in a hurry. Shao Qian said that he would invite all of us to go to the bar and have a big box. You should also go there. I heard that there are many beautiful women. Oh.”

“Yeah, Shane, you like going to the bar best, this time there is free, so you can’t miss it.”

“By the way, Qian Shao is really a elite. If so many of us are invited over, why would it cost tens of thousands of dollars?”

“People who have less money are the second generation of super rich, tens of thousands of dollars is nothing to him.”

“That’s true, it’s cool to have money…”

The two roommates, you said every word, did not see Shane Chu’s face getting more and more ugly, and clenched his fists.

He still squeezed out a smile and said: “I have something to go back, so I won’t join in the fun, you go.”

With that, he was going to bypass them and leave.

At this moment, from the door, two more men walked in, not the roommates, but the dormitory next door. They put their hands in their pockets, blocking Shane Chu, ​​and said with a smile: “Hey, Comrade Licking Dog, you don’t like licking Liao the most. Qian, she will come over this time, too. By then, give full play to your dog-licking attributes, maybe Liao Qian will be willing to reward you with a few bones, hahaha…”

The other person also laughed.

When Shane Chu heard this, his face suddenly changed. He gritted his teeth and became extremely angry. His eyes turned red all of a sudden. He stared at the other two, clenched his fists, and his nails would sink into his skin. .

“Neuropathy, you two are the licking dog, Qian Feng’s licking dog! Usually you don’t miss Qian Feng’s kneeling and licking!” Shane Chu shot back. His words immediately aroused the anger of the other two and pushed him. Pointing to his nose and cursing: “What did you say, there is a kind of say it again!”

These two people are sports students, both taller than Shane Chu in stature. Now they are standing in front of Shane Chu, ​​with their sleeves rolled up, staring at him fiercely, staring fiercely.

Shane Chu immediately persuaded him. With his small body, he couldn’t beat these two sports students. He lowered his head, his voice became much softer, and said, “I’m going home, you get out of the way.”

These two physical education students were not angry when Shane Chu was irritated, and they did not dare to be too outrageous and gave Shane Chu a thumb

Point, let him leave.

Many people have seen this kind of picture, and they all pointed at Shane Chu. All kinds of ridicule made Shane Chu feel ashamed. His nose was sour, and he tried to hold back his tears and ran downstairs faster. Go, just want to go home quickly.

However, when he walked downstairs, he saw the oncoming Liao Qian with a bright smile on her face. She was dressed in fashionable and beautiful clothes, which outlined her perfect figure vividly. With her beautiful face, it can be said to be lethal. Exactly, Shane Chu took a look, he immediately sank, and his heartbeat started beating violently without any control!

When Liao Qian saw him, the smile on her face became brighter, and she speeded up her pace, walking towards him with joy.

Could it be that Liao Qian changed her mind and found that he was good, so she wanted to return to his embrace? In an instant, Shane Chu’s heartbeat speeded up, reaching its extreme point, and the hormones in his body began to secrete faster, leaving him in a state of excitement and happiness. He also smiled, speeded up his pace, and greeted Liao Qian.

He really likes Liao Qian. If Liao Qian is willing to change his mind, even if Liao Qian has been entangled with Qian Feng, he can accept it.

As the distance got closer, he became more excited, and his heartbeat became faster and faster. At this time, Liao Qian actually opened his arms and wanted to throw into his arms.

Seeing this scene, the smile on Shane Chu’s face became even more uncontrollable, sweeping away the decadence and desolation before, smiling extremely happy.

However, Liao Qian didn’t smile at him at all, let alone throw it into his arms. Liao Qian missed his position, and Ruyan plunged into the arms of another man like her arms, and said in a charming voice: ” Honey, I miss you so much.”

Suddenly, Shane Chu heard the sound of his own heartbreak, cracking, his heart shattered into dozens of pieces, and the whole person was stiff, still maintaining the posture of open arms, as embarrassing as possible.

He turned his head mechanically and looked over. It turned out that Liao Qian was not him, but Qian Feng next to him, the handsome and rich handsome man.

Liao Qian hooked Qian Feng’s neck, and after giving a hot kiss, she turned her head and said to Shane Chu: “Licking the dog, did you think I was smiling at you just now? Don’t be affectionate.”

Qian Feng laughed haha, “I should have used my mobile phone to record the footage just now, which made me laugh so hard, hahaha.”

At this time, there were many people downstairs in the dormitory and they saw the scene just now. They all laughed at Shane Chu mercilessly, and some even took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Someone respectfully handed the phone to Qian Feng, and said flatly, “Sao Qian, I recorded the scene just now. Look, Shane Chu laughed so happily just now. He really thought he was a sister-in-law. I want to hug him.”

Qian Feng clicked to play, laughed, and glanced at it. It turned out that it was the embarrassing scene of Shane Chu just now. He snapped his fingers and said to the younger brother around him: “Not bad, not bad, well done, and sent to all the big groups. Go inside, let everyone see our Chu Da licking the dog’s cheeks. You are very clever, you are a reward!”

The little brother beside Qian Feng immediately took five hundred yuan to the other party, and immediately got the other party out of excitement. Five hundred yuan is a lot of money for an ordinary college student. The key is that this money is easy to come by, just record the video at will.

“Thank you for less money! Thank you for less money!” The other party took the money and became so excited that he kept licking Qianfeng and envied others too. He only hated that he was not so clever just now, otherwise the five hundred yuan would belong to them. .

Shane Chu’s mentality completely collapsed. With a strange cry, he rushed towards Qian Feng, yelling: “Too much deception, I’m fighting you!”

It’s just that he was too weak and couldn’t get close to Qian Shao’s body. He was easily kicked back by the two younger brothers beside Qian Feng, and immediately followed by a fat beating.

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