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Chapter 230

Chou Ye admitted, and at the same time he was also very puzzled, how did Wayne Lin see through him?

Indeed, he was from Wayne Lin’s mother, Qin Huayue. He was in his freshman year, but he was well hidden. No one in the Lin family found his identity, including Lin Changtian, who had passed away.

As a result, Wayne Lin had discovered it now, and he asked himself that he hadn’t shown a hint of frustration.

However, Wayne Lin sighed for a long time, and said, “Joker, you are my mother’s person. It really surprised me. It seems that my mother and her old man had a purpose of marrying Lin’s family from the beginning. .”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s expression, the Ugly Master suddenly understood everything. Wayne Lin didn’t find any evidence that he was Qin Yuehua. He was just suspicious. If he bites to death, the second young master will not think he is Qin Hua. Yue, it turned out that he was swindled out instead.

“Second Young Master, you are really amazing. I’ve been hiding for so long, and even the old man didn’t find out my identity, so I was so easily defrauded by you.” The Ugly Master gave a wry smile, admiring Wayne Lin to the extreme.

Wayne Lin was not at all proud, but laughed at himself twice, and said, “Joker, you really gave me a huge surprise! According to this, you came back to me this time, not because you listened to my grandpa. It’s what my mother meant?”

Chou Ye didn’t say a word, and acquiesced to Wayne Lin’s words.

Thinking of something, Wayne Lin continued with a smile: “I am very curious now, since my mother is not dead, why didn’t she come to me for the past four years? In her mind, I am just a tool ,right?”

“No!” The ugly master said solemnly: “Miss is not such a person. In Miss’s mind, she has always loved you very much. In Miss’s mind, you are Miss’s most precious treasure.”


As if hearing a big joke, Wayne Lin laughed suddenly, “The most precious baby? Clown, could it be that in your mind, I Wayne Lin is a fool and can be easily deceived?”

The Ugly Master looked at Wayne Lin laughing. He fell silent, brewed for a while, and continued to say seriously: “Little Master, that’s not the case. The young lady really loves you very much. There is no doubt about this.”

Wayne Lin said, “You call her a young lady. It seems that you have been her servant very early.”

Ugly Lord nodded and admitted.

“You said she is very affectionate, then explain why she hasn’t come to me for so many years, and watched me as the door-to-door son-in-law at Chu’s house.” Wayne Lin said in a cold tone. He has no face right now. The expression.

“Miss is protecting you.” Ugly Master said in a deep voice.

“Protect me?” Wayne Lin raised his brows and said, “How do you say this.”

Ugly Lord was silent and did not answer.

Wayne Lin increased his tone and said in a commanding tone: “Answer me!”

“Little Master, I know you are angry now, but please believe that the young lady is really protecting you. When the time is right, the young lady will naturally come back to find you.” Ugly said.

Hearing this, Wayne Lin’s anger rose in his heart, and he ran straight up his forehead, making him clenched his fists, his breathing was obviously a lot faster, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to stay calm. Without venting his anger, he continued after a while, “Then tell me, why did he marry into the Lin family back then, and why did he harm Grandpa again.”

Ugly Lord lowered his head, without answering for a long time.

“Back! Answer! Me!” Wayne Lin said word by word, staring at the ugly master, an angry expression appeared on his face, and his eyes began to appear.

With the bloodshot, the Ugly Master could clearly feel the anger in Wayne Lin’s heart, like a volcano, which would erupt at any time.

Even if he is a person with the identity of Chou Ye, facing Wayne Lin’s anger, he can’t help but get rid of it. But he still gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t know…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was punched in the stomach by Wayne Lin. With so much strength, he only felt like he had been hit by a car, flew backwards, and then fell heavily to the ground.

He can be regarded as a person with strong fighting ability, but when he was hit by Wayne Lin, he couldn’t help screaming. His face was pale and trembling with pain. It was too painful. He felt that his intestines were interrupted. The same!

Wayne Lin knew the weight of his punch. Even if a cow could be killed by him, even if the constitution of the ugly man was far beyond ordinary people, it was difficult to bear it. At least he would have to lie down for a month to recover.


Wayne Lin walked over slowly and easily grabbed the ugly master’s clothes, lifted him up, put him on a chair, helped him pat the messy clothes, and said lightly: “Tell me where she is. Embarrass you.”

The Ugly Master was breathing tightly, gasping for breath, Wayne Lin’s punch was really too heavy, and he did not expect that Wayne Lin’s strength was so terrifying, he really deserved to be the young lady’s real son.

“Little master, don’t embarrass me, I really don’t know.” Ugly master sweated heavily on his forehead.

If this picture spreads out, it will definitely cause an earthquake in Hwadrid City. The famous Ugly Master was crushed and abused like this by a young man.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were cold, “Do you think I dare not kill you?”

Fear flashed across Ugly’s face, and all the muscles in his body became tense, but the next moment, he returned to nature and said, “Little master, I really don’t know. If you really don’t believe me, just do it. .”

He bravely stared at Wayne Lin with an expression of freedom.

Wayne Lin also noticed that the clown regarded death as home, and the more it explained the special status of his mother Qin Huayue.

After thinking about it for a long time, Wayne Lin still didn’t do anything. He let go of the ugly master and turned to leave.

The Ugly Master was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to leave suddenly? He hurriedly asked, “Little master, where are you going?”

“Find her in my own way.”

Hearing this, the ugly master immediately panicked, ignoring the colic in his stomach, hurried to catch up, stopped Wayne Lin, and said: “Young master, you can’t do this! This way you and the young lady will be in danger!”

Wayne Lin stopped and stared at him, “Then tell me who she is and why she does this.”

Ugly master hesitated.

“Don’t challenge my patience.” Wayne Lin said coldly.

Finally, Chou Ye made a decision and said: “In fact, Miss and I are both from an ancient and mysterious organization. This organization is very powerful and far from what the Lin family can resist. Miss’s status in this organization is very high. After coming out to experience, I accidentally met the enemy and was almost killed. It was your father, Lin Sheji, who saved the young lady’s life. As a result, the young lady fell in love with your father. With you, the young lady began to settle down in Lin’s house. I plan to remain anonymous and will not return to the organization in this life. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long, the organization still found the young lady and asked the young lady to go back, otherwise, the Lin Family Man was destroyed.”

“The young lady is well aware of the horror of the organization. If she does not go back, the Lin family will definitely be destroyed. Therefore, the young lady can only reluctantly leave in order to preserve the Lin family. But unfortunately, the old man discovered this incident by mistake, and the organization will kill! Miss stopped it in time, and in the end Miss could only do it herself…”

Chapter 231

Speaking of this, Ugly Lord stopped.

The huge gym seemed strangely quiet, everyone left, only them were left.

Wayne Lin closed his eyes, without any expression on his face, as if he was asleep, motionless, even the ugly master in front of him could not feel his mood fluctuations.

Time has passed, and after many minutes have passed, Wayne Lin still maintains this appearance. If it were not because his breathing was still normal, Ugly Master doubted whether he had really fallen asleep.

It wasn’t until two shallow tears shed from the corner of his eye that the ugly master knew that Wayne Lin was not asleep.

Then Wayne Lin opened his eyes, “She, how is she now?”

The Ugly Master nodded and said, “Except for the lack of freedom, everything else is fine.”

After a long silence, Wayne Lin said, “Then is she happy every day?”

The Ugly Master smiled bitterly: “Little Master, I am just a young lady’s servant, I don’t know so much.”

“Can you tell me the name of this organization?” Wayne Lin continued to ask.

Ugly Master thought about it seriously, and finally decided to say: “The name of the organization is BRAGRUN.”


Wayne Lin read these two words deep in his soul, then he stood up and planned to leave.

The Ugly Master watched him walk to the door and couldn’t help saying: “Little Master, the young lady really loves you very much. Everything she does is to protect you and the Lin family. You shouldn’t hate her.”

Wayne Lin did not speak, and then the ugly master said again: “Miss is now trying to get out. As long as the time is right on her side, she will come to you, you don’t need to go to her.”

Wayne Lin still didn’t speak, he nodded and left.

After confirming that Wayne Lin really left, the ugly master thought carefully. He went back to his office, locked the door behind him, and then took out a black mobile phone, a model that was not available in the market, and then he dialed After the phone call, after a short while, the call was connected, and he said in an unprecedented respectful tone: “Hey, miss, my identity has been exposed, the young master, he already knows…”

When Chou Ye and Qin Huayue called to report, Wayne Lin also returned to Ziqiong Media. The information just now was a shock to him, and he needed time to digest.

Sitting in the boss chair, Wayne Lin has been using his brain to think about the truthfulness of what the ugly master said.

Growing up to this point, Wayne Lin would not easily believe anyone’s words, he had to personally evaluate it himself, even if the ugly master said, he would not believe 100%.

After thinking hard for more than half an hour, his brain has been running fast, like a supercomputer, constantly analyzing the authenticity of what Ugly said just now.

Finally, he came to the conclusion that the authenticity of Ugly Master’s remarks should be more than 80%. First of all, he believed that his mother Qin Yuehua was not a cold-blooded person. Since childhood, his mother’s gentleness and kindness, As Wayne Lin recalled his handling of people and things, the way he did things, and every move, they all looked like fakes.

He also believed that his mother came from a mysterious organization, and that this organization was very strong, otherwise, there was no need for his mother to harm his grandfather.

If this is really the case, in the strict sense, the mother can’t be regarded as the murderer of grandpa!

But can it really be counted like this? In any case, grandpa became a vegetable because of

Mother’s handwriting!

Ugh! Wayne Lin sighed long.

Before that, he hadn’t really thought about it completely, the truth of the matter would be like this.

BRAGRUN, ​​BRAGRUN…Wayne Lin couldn’t help but recite the name of this organization again. He is very eager to find this organization now!

Just do it when he thinks of it. Using the information he has now, he immediately called out and asked about the origin of this organization.

Unfortunately, the results disappointed him. All the intelligence did not know the origins of this organization and knew nothing about it.

This was what he expected, otherwise, the clown would not tell him so bluntly.

However, he had a hunch that he should be able to meet this organization in the near future, because since that organization had already found his mother, then he knew his identity and that organization. Maybe, everything he does now is in the sight of this organization!

This feeling is really unpleasant.

At this time, someone knocked on the door, interrupting his thinking, “Come in.”

Immediately, the door was pushed open, and his assistant came in and said, “Chairman, the chairman of Black Rock Media invites you to dinner.”

Wayne Lin just remembered. He also promised to have dinner with the chairman of Black Rock Media. He asked, “When?”

“Just tonight.” The assistant said: “Chairman, do you want to go to the banquet?”

Wayne Lin thought for a while and agreed.

The surname of the chairman of Heiyan Media is Ye, Ye Piaoyang, a nice name, just listen to the name, you will think that the chairman of Heiyan Media is very slim, like Ye Zi, in fact, just the opposite, Ye Piaoyang is a very fat figure. Of middle-aged people, I’m afraid there are two hundred catties.

He booked the restaurant in advance, and was about to wait for Wayne Lin. One was because of Wu Fanyi’s affairs, and Wayne Lin apologized, and second, he wanted to make friends with Wayne Lin.

During this period of time, he did not spend less time investigating Wayne Lin, the more he investigated, the more he was frightened, because he also found out that Wayne Lin and the Lin family seemed to be involved!

It seems to be the heir of the Lin family.

The Lin family, that is the most powerful existence in Huarvell, more powerful than the Ugly Master. If Wayne Lin is from the Lin family, then it is more worthy of his friendship.

In order to show his sincerity, he waited downstairs in the hotel very early.

And Wu Fanyi was also by his side. He probably knew what Wayne Lin’s identity was now. He was so scared that he didn’t sleep well for several days, and he lost a lot of weight.

“When you see Chairman Zi Qiong, you have to apologize and apologize, you know? Otherwise, it’s not as simple as Xue Zang’s blockade.” Ye Piaoyang stared at Wu Fanyi fiercely, and cursed coldly.

Wu Fan shuddered and hurriedly said, “I understand, I understand!”

In addition to Ye Piaoyang and Wu Fanyi, there are several young and beautiful female stars. Among them, Ning Yuning is here.

These are the best female celebrities of Black Rock Media. Each one is well-known in the entertainment circle. I don’t know how many fans there are.

Ye Piaoyang took them over to attend the event together. The meaning of the period was self-evident. He wanted to please Wayne Lin through beauty.

He investigated that Wayne Lin is still single and not married, so Wayne Lin must be very bothered, and the few female stars in his hand are the best among women, he does not believe that Wayne Lin will be unmoved!

Chapter 232

“Randal is here, you all cheer me up! If you fawn on Randal, you will be stable in this life, you will enjoy endless prosperity, reputation and status. From now on, you will be human. People, you know!” Ye Piaoyang’s tone was full of inflammatory.

When the female celebrities heard his words, their eyes lighted up, their heartbeats accelerated a lot, and their moods became even more excited. They wished to throw themselves into Wayne Lin immediately, and did everything they could to please Wayne Lin.

Including Ning Yuning, her heartbeat also accelerated a lot, and she remembered Wayne Lin’s face. She is a jade girl in the entertainment industry and has not had any scandals. It does not mean that she has no interest in men, nor does it mean that she does not want to find a support. She has been in the entertainment industry for many years. She knows the complexity of the entertainment industry. If she hadn’t had enough talent, she would not know how many times she has been under the unspoken rules!

She also knows that now that she can protect herself, it doesn’t mean she can protect herself in the future. When she gets hot, someone will definitely want to rule her unspokenly. Then she may not be able to protect herself, and if there is Ziqiong The chairman was covering her, so no one would dare to touch her. This was also an important reason why she would come to receive Wayne Lin with Ye Piaoyang.

Wayne Lin is not too handsome, but he is not ugly, he belongs to the kind of very attractive type, and the temperament is particularly good, the big reversal that day left a great shock to Ning Yuning, she has never met Through such a thing.

This is often the case for women. A man who originally looked down on her, or even dismissed it, has changed his true identity as a super big person. Then this man will leave her extremely deep impression.

On the contrary, if a man thinks that he is a big man at first, but finds out that he is just an unknown junior, he will be very disgusted with the man.

Now Ning Yuning has left a very positive impression of Wayne Lin. She is not a person who worships money, but she still can’t help but think of Wayne Lin these days.

She wondered why Wayne Lin is clearly chairman Ziqiong, but still has friends like Yang Qi? Judging from the performance that day, Wayne Lin and Yang Qi are true friends.

With such emotions, Ning Yuning wanted to see Wayne Lin very much, and wanted to know more about what kind of person Wayne Lin was.

Not to mention these female stars including Ning Yuning, even Wu Fanyi, he has the mentality of kneeling and licking Wayne Lin, if Wayne Lin had a hobby in that respect, he would give himself without hesitation.

Finally, under the attention of so many people by Ye Piaoyang, Wayne Lin’s car arrived, and they all cheered up.

“Randal Lin, you are here, welcome.”

Ye Piaoyang walked up quickly and said with a big smile, with a flattering smile on his face. Behind him, Wu Fanyi and Ning Yuning and other stars also followed. This scene can be said to be very mighty. If someone shoots Then, if you post it on the Internet, it will immediately cause a sensation, and it will be searched at a super fast speed!

You know, the several stars here are the hottest stars of Black Rock Media, and the lowest are the second-tier stars. Ning Yuning and Wu Fanyi are even more first-tier stars with many fans.

Usually they seldom gather together, and they only attend together when they participate in some large-scale awards ceremonies. Now, they attend together and still greet one person. Their attitude is obviously senior and pleased. This is for their fans, It’s incredible.

Wayne Lin came to the banquet by himself. The company provided him with an assistant, but he did not bring it because he always likes to be alone by himself. As for bodyguards and so on, there is no need, because there is nothing in China. The bodyguard is as good as his.

It doesn’t matter if it’s ostentation or something, Wayne Lin is a low-key person in his bones.

Now that he sees Ye Piaoyang bringing so many people over to pick him up, he still feels a little uncomfortable, too high profile.

But Ye Piaoyang and the others, seeing that Wayne Lin had come by taxi, it was blinding them! In their thinking, they couldn’t understand at all, how could a big man like Wayne Lin take a taxi when he went out?

Wu Fan was dumbfounded, he could not understand Wayne Lin’s behavior at all.

Some light flashed in Ning Yuning’s eyes, and she became more interested in Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin came over, glanced briefly at these stars, and said with a smile: “Ye Dong, why have you called so many big stars over for a meal? Isn’t it just to give me power?”

Ye Piaoyang’s expression changed immediately when he heard this, and he shook his head in a hurry to deny: “Don’t dare, Randal Lin, you can shame me, how dare I give you offense, I am not afraid to neglect you, I asked some stars to come and accompany you.”

The word’accompanied’ on his face was very heavy, and the tacit expression on his face was self-evident.

Wayne Lin is a man, how could he not know what Ye Piaoyang meant, this was to flatter him.

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin also laughed. This society is like this. Once they have power, there will never be fewer people who fawn on themselves, and there will definitely be a lot of temptations.

“Really.” Wayne Lin smiled faintly, with a mysterious expression on his face, making it hard to guess his thoughts, and I don’t know if he likes it or not. But Ye Piaoyang didn’t worry, because he didn’t believe that there were bad men in this world, especially the rich and powerful bachelors like Wayne Lin. There must be many women around him.

The other female celebrities who came together saw their boss treat Wayne Lin so respectfully, their eyes turned even more fierce when they looked at Wayne Lin, and Qiubo kept throwing them at Wayne Lin.

They thought that Wayne Lin must be a middle-aged man with a big belly, but they did not expect that Wayne Lin was so young and maintained such a good figure, which was extremely attractive to them.

As female stars who have been rolling in the entertainment industry for so many years, they have seen too many greasy middle-aged bosses with big bellies, and a boss as big as Wayne Lin, and so young. This is the first time they have seen each other. Are they tempted?

Ye Piaoyang coughed slightly, Wu Fanyi immediately bent over and walked over quickly, with a flattering and respectful expression on his face, and said to Wayne Lin, “Randal, what happened last time was my fault. A lot, can you let me go this time, I promise to happen in the future!”

However, Wayne Lin didn’t even look at him. Instead, he smiled at Ye Piaoyang and said without a smile: “Ye Dong, it seems that your purpose for inviting me to dinner tonight is not pure.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s expression, Ye Piaoyang immediately sighed in his heart, knowing that Wayne Lin would not forgive Wu Fanyi, he quickly weighed it, gritted his teeth, the strong man broke his wrist, kicked Wu Fan on the waist, and put Wu Fanyi Kicked over and cursed: “Dogs look at things that are low to people, and don’t let me roll! From now on, you don’t want to stand up in the entertainment circle!”

Wu Fan was like a bereaved concubine. He knew that he was completely over. He wanted to struggle again. When he saw Ye Piaoyang’s murderous eyes, he shuddered and endured it, because he knew that if he went on, he would end up even more. awful.

When other female stars saw this scene, they turned their eyes to Wayne Lin and their eyes were even more unusual.

They are all smart people, and they don’t know where they are. Wayne Lin’s background is very big, and even his boss must be respectful to Wayne Lin!

In this way, they are even more determined, no matter what method they use, they must hook up with Wayne Lin!

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