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Chapter 632

Until now, Meng Hao finally revealed his fox tail.

During this period of time, he has used his own means to cannibalize the Chu family, and has long been investigating the situation of the Chu family clearly, and he does not know that the Chu family is at the end of the road. Not to mention six hundred fifty million, even six hundred thousand Chu family can’t get it out.

So Meng Hao came today, the main purpose is to come to Alma Chu.

He has long heard of Alma Chu’s name, the first beauty in Hwadrid City, and Wayne Lin’s wife. She is a perfect person. Wife, if she can hold Alma Chu under her body, it would be unprecedented for him. achievement!

He hates Wayne Lin. Now that Wayne Lin is dead, he will naturally not let go of the opportunity to trample Wayne Lin’s wife.

In fact, during this period of time, he also looked for Alma Chu, but Alma Chu disappeared very suddenly, with his energy, for a while, he could not find it.

However, he did not believe that the Chu family would not know Alma Chu’s whereabouts.

At that time, he got Alma Chu, how happy was that?

When Thompson Chu heard this, his pupils suddenly shrank. At this point, he couldn’t tell where he was. Meng Hao came to Alma Chu! Just now, Meng Hao was humiliating him. At the beginning of the fight, Meng Hao never thought of letting them go!

“Meng Hao! You didn’t plan to let our Chu family go, you just want Alma!” Thompson Chu shouted angrily.

“You still have a bit of foresight.” Meng Hao said with a smile: “Since I’m all here, I don’t bother to bend with you. Hand over Alma Chu and I will let you Chu family.”

The other Chu family members are already mad, and they have never seen such a shameless and bottomless person!

“Impossible! Alma is painful enough, I can’t give her to you!” Thompson Chu rebuffed. He used to be very mean to Alma Chu, but during this period of time, Alma Chu’s contribution, he just looked at In my eyes, if it weren’t for Alma Chu, their Chu family would never be so beautiful! And seeing people’s hearts over time, he has thoroughly known that Alma Chu is the most promising and helpful person to the Chu family. People’s hearts are all made of flesh. No matter how bad Thompson Chu is, it is impossible to take his granddaughter. sell!

He had done such a thing once. At that time, the Chu family was in crisis, and he arranged Alma Chu to Damon Wang. He regretted it for a long time.

Besides, Wayne Lin hadn’t left for a month, and his bones were still cold. As Wayne Lin’s wife, Alma Chu was already painful enough at this time. No matter how cold-blooded he was, it was impossible to betray Alma Chu.

Meng Hao’s eyes immediately cooled down, and the scene was frozen, “Thompson Chu, you are a wise man and you are also very old. I advise you not to toast or not to drink fine wine. Alma Chu, I am in force. Sure, if you don’t hand her over, I will let your Chu family die.”

Thompson Chu shuddered. From Meng Hao’s eyes, he felt the icy murderous intent. There was no doubt that if he did not cooperate, Meng Hao would really kill the Chu family.

But can he betray Alma Chu?

He really can’t do it.

The Chu family young and old behind them were panicking and suffering incomparably now, but even at this moment, none of them came forward and actively betrayed Alma Chu.

“Thompson Chu, my patience is limited. I will give you one minute to think about it. If you don’t tell me Alma Chu’s whereabouts, don’t blame me for being cruel.” Meng Hao adjusted the countdown on his mobile phone and placed it under the table. Seconds were lost, and they all hit the hearts of all the Chu family.


nbFor Thompson Chu, this was an incomparable torment. On the one hand, the Chu family’s young and old, and on the other hand, Alma Chu, who was kind to them, was also his granddaughter!

This minute passed, as if he had passed his life all over, with boundless suffering and pain!

When the last ten seconds were left, he suddenly grew older, as if God had taken from him only a few lifespans.




“One minute has passed, Thompson Chu, how are you thinking about it.” Meng Hao looked at Thompson Chu jokingly, his eyes full of threats, as long as Thompson Chu did not cooperate, he would start to kill!

Thompson Chu clenched his fists, he now had his last breath left. He made a huge decision and looked up at Meng Hao, “Meng Hao, my house can sell for tens of millions. You are here. Also, I bought insurance, and if I die accidentally, I can still get 100 million compensation. This is the last money my Chu family can use, and I will give it to you. Please be merciful and let us go The Chu family is one horse, okay?”

It can be said that Thompson Chu has let go of all his dignity, all his integrity, and endless pleading, hoping that Meng Hao will show mercy once and let them go.

However, this point of his plea was worthless to Meng Hao, and it made Meng Hao furious, slammed the coffee table, and banged the red sandalwood coffee table worth hundreds of thousands. Being crushed by him, a majestic aura radiated from him, “Thompson Chu! You are not dead, so courageous, you dare to disobey Lao Tzu’s orders! If so, then you Chu family , Just die for me!!!”

His patience has been completely consumed. In his opinion, Thompson Chu still does not see the Yellow River without tears. It seems that he has to kill a few Chu family members in order to persecute Thompson Chu and tell the whereabouts of Alma Chu. .

“Come on, let me start killing the youngest of the Chu family! Lao Tzu wants to see it, I don’t want to say anything about this old man!” Meng Hao waved his hand and issued an order.

Suddenly, the Chu family was in a panic, and they hugged the Chu family’s children tightly in their arms, howled and begged Meng Hao to let them go.

This scene is really miserable. As long as a normal person sees this scene, they will feel sympathy.

Wayne Lin, who had just arrived, just saw this scene, and his heart was already filled with anger, which was enough to destroy the world! ! !



咚咚咚咚咚! !

At this time, the ground began to vibrate, becoming more and more rushing, and the movement was getting louder and louder. It was completely an earthquake.

Everyone in the house was frightened, and Meng Hao’s men were also panicked. If the house collapsed in an earthquake, they would definitely be smashed to death.

As for the Chu family, they were all hugged together now. They were completely desperate. At this moment, no one would come to rescue them.

Meng Hao also frowned. This is obviously not an earthquake zone. How could an earthquake occur? And the shaking was so regular, not like a natural earthquake, but more like human footsteps…

But, what kind of person can create an earthquake of this scale!

At this moment, the earthquake suddenly stopped. There was a child in the Chu family. Suddenly he looked in one direction and called out: “Uncle, it’s uncle! Uncle is back!”

Chapter 633

The child’s voice appeared suddenly, like a stone, thrown into the calm lake.

Everyone was surprised by his appearance. You should know that this little child was so scared that he was scared just now, and now this surprised and excited appearance seemed particularly abrupt.

Even he struggled out of his mother’s arms and ran towards the door.

When he ran, his mother was immediately terrified, and he hurriedly shouted: “Chu Qing, where are you going, come back to me!!”

Soon, his mother also looked at the door, and saw Wayne Lin who did not know when she appeared at the door. She was stunned for a moment, with a dumbfounded expression. She couldn’t believe it. This was true.

Because, standing at the door, but Wayne Lin!

But isn’t Wayne Lin already dead? The news had spread throughout Hwadrid City, and Alma Chu fainted on the night of the news, and later they sent Alma Chu secretly!

An illusion, it must be an illusion!

How can a person be resurrected after he is dead?

She quickly rubbed her eyes, then opened them again, and found that Wayne Lin was still standing there, and nodded to her, showing a smile.

At this moment, her mind exploded, and she could not think of anything. There was only one voice. It was true. The Chu family’s son-in-law Wayne Lin had really returned!

Her tears were suddenly blurred. She never thought that the Chu family would have such a day in need of Wayne Lin!

Not just her, the other Chu family members also followed the direction Chu Qing ran, looking towards the door, and immediately saw Wayne Lin!

Their reaction was similar to that of Chu Qing’s mother, and even stronger.

Especially Thompson Chu, he saw Wayne Lin standing there, tears raging, and he kept saying, “The sky does not kill my Chu family, and the sky does not kill my Chu family…”

Shane Chu was already so scared that he was not human. After seeing Wayne Lin, he hissed and shouted: “Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Great, you are not dead, you are finally back! I miss you so much. Oh oh…”

Shane Chu, ​​Alma Chu’s own brother, he has lost a full circle now, his face is thick and he looks very bad. In the past half month, he has experienced the biggest change in his life!

Brother-in-law Wayne Lin is dead, and sister Alma Chu’s grief is to the extreme. She has already escaped into the empty door. Even his parents have left here, and everything about him is ruined.

He had even thought of suicide several times, and it was meaningless to live.

He never thought, unknowingly, that the meaning of brother-in-law to the Chu family is so important. If there is no brother-in-law, then the Chu family will collapse.

In the past half month, he didn’t know how many times he had dreamed of Wayne Lin, and he hoped that the news was false. Wayne Lin was not dead. He just went to a distant place and would return one day.

Finally, this day arrived, and Wayne Lin really appeared.

Tears, completely out of his control, flowed out!

Meng Hao was stunned, what’s the situation, Wayne Lin came back?

This is absolutely impossible!

He also chased up to Qilian Mountain that day and saw with his own eyes that Wayne Lin died in Jian Rushuang’s hands, and the big explosion that day was able to blow up a high-rise building to fly ashes, Lin

Wayne is only a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, or a mortal body, how could it be stocked in that big bang!

Fake, it must be fake!

“Hahahaha…” He laughed loudly again. Seeing the clumsy performances of the Chu family in front of him, he felt funny. They were all about to die. He came to do this, really thinking that he could be fooled?

“I said you were too naive. I really thought that this would trick me into it?” Meng Hao snorted and said, “My patience has been polished by you. If you are still like this, let me die!”

He waved his big hand again and ordered those men to continue to attack the Chu Family.

However, those subordinates didn’t listen to him anymore, as if they were acupuncture points, they were startled in place, and with expressions of fear on their faces, they looked towards the door.

Finally, Meng Hao discovered something was wrong…

Is it possible that Wayne Lin is really not dead and is back?

This is impossible! He clearly saw Wayne Lin killed in the big bang! Moreover, even if Wayne Lin came back, he could definitely feel it, but now, in his perception, there was no breath at the door.

So, this must be false, either these people’s illusions or his illusions.

I think so, but in his heart, he has already begun to panic…

He didn’t even dare to look back, because the price of Wayne Lin’s return was too great.

And time will never wait for anyone. At this moment, Chu Qing has rushed to Wayne Lin, threw himself into Wayne Lin’s arms, and cried out: “Uncle! You are finally back, Chu Qing I’m so scared. Some bad guys will bully us and kill us, oooooo…”

Wayne Lin saw the child crying so hard, his nose and tears bursting into tears, he was very heartbroken, and at the same time, his anger towards Meng Hao continued to rise!

He hugged Chu Qing in his arms, helped him wipe away the tears, and said comfortingly: “Xiao Qing doesn’t cry, my uncle has already returned, and there will be no more bad guys to bully you.”

This voice appeared, reached Meng Hao’s ears, and immediately made him stunned!

At last strong fear and panic appeared on his face.

He was so familiar with this voice. On the Lion Rock, he had only heard a few words, and he had already remembered it deeply in his soul!

This is Wayne Lin’s voice! !

But how is this possible? Isn’t Wayne Lin dead? He clearly saw that Wayne Lin was chased by Jian Rushuang, and finally died in the big explosion!

You know, Jian Rushuang is a peerless powerhouse of the Innate Realm Dzogchen. Before the immortal of the Immortal Vajra, it is absolutely invincible!

His brain was messed up all of a sudden now, even with his mental quality, now he is completely unable to calm down, panic, and fearful.

Wayne Lin’s words seemed to have magical powers, which made Chu Qing’s feelings of fear calm down. He nodded vigorously, then pointed at Meng Hao, and said loudly, “Uncle! This bad guy is bullying us! He wants grandpa to kill him. Kneeling and said to kill us! He threatened grandpa and handed over the whereabouts of my aunt… Uncle, where have you been during this time, we all miss you so much! Aunt, she, I heard you are not coming back that night. The son fainted, and now I don’t know where he went. Uncle, you’re back now. Can you get your aunt back? Xiaoqing misses aunt very much!”

Chapter 634

These words came out of the mouth of a seven or eight-year-old child, which is really moving!

Wayne Lin’s nose was a bit sore. He could completely imagine how much humiliation and disaster the Chu family suffered during his fall. Otherwise, even a seven or eight-year-old child would have been left behind. The psychological shadow!

Chu Qing is a very cute child, especially likable. Every time he and Alma Chu return to the Chu family, Chu Qing is very close to them.

And Wayne Lin also likes Chu Qing very much. Now that he heard what Chu Qing said, Wayne Lin couldn’t help but feel a pain, and said comfortingly: “Don’t worry, Xiao Qing, my uncle will get my aunt back soon.”

“Yeah!” Chu Qing nodded vigorously and smiled happily again. He unconditionally believed that his uncle would definitely be able to get his aunt back.

The other Chu family members were also ecstatic now, their despair fell suddenly, and they wept with joy.

It is strange that there is only Wayne Lin alone, but it brings them an unprecedented sense of security. As long as Wayne Lin is there, everything will be solved!

“Grandpa, during this period of time, everyone has been wronged.” Wayne Lin was not in a hurry to solve Meng Hao. He used to help Thompson Chu up and said with guilt.

Thompson Chu hurriedly said: “Wayne, it’s fine if you come back, it’s fine if you come back!”

Others also greeted Wayne Lin one after another. Now Wayne Lin is undoubtedly the backbone of the Chu family.

“It was you just now, forcing my grandfather to kneel down, and killing the Chu family to death?” Wayne Lin looked at Meng Hao, without any emotional fluctuations on his face. It was cold, and the murderous intent that radiated from it made the entire space frozen. Likewise, Meng Hao suddenly felt an unprecedented oppression!

He still couldn’t believe it until now. It was obvious that Wayne Lin was already dead and could not die again. Why could he still survive and remain unscathed? This is simply impossible! He watched Wayne Lin being submerged by a big explosion with his own eyes. The explosion at that time, even if King Kong was not bad for the strong, he had to drink hate!

“Wayne Lin! You are obviously dead, why can you survive? This is unscientific!” Meng Hao was incredulous at this time. He could not accept the facts in front of him. Wayne Lin was a mountain on top of his head. He longed for Wayne Lin’s death. He didn’t know how happy he was when he saw Wayne Lin’s fall. But now reality tells him that Wayne Lin is still alive? And he is still unscathed, so what awaits him is boundless revenge!

Hearing his words, Wayne Lin recalled for a moment, and suddenly said: “I remember, you were on the Lion Rock that day, and you wanted to count me, but I ignored you in order to hide from the sword. This ant, I didn’t expect you to dare to bully my family.”

Meng Hao had a deep fear of Wayne Lin. It was not that he was timid, but Wayne Lin’s cultivation was too advanced, especially on the Lion Mountain that day, the combat power that Wayne Lin showed was too terrifying, and it was completely beyond his ability to match. !

He was also confirming that Wayne Lin had fallen behind before regaining his self-confidence, and even took advantage of the vacancy to find trouble with the Chu family.

However, he never thought that Wayne Lin was not dead! And came back so soon!

“Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding! It’s not that I trouble the Chu family, I also have difficulties! I also listen to others’ instructions, Randal Lin, this is none of my business!” Meng Hao quickly apologized with a very serious attitude. Sincerely, but Wayne Lin can still tell at a glance, his twinkling eyes are brewing a killer move.

“Who instructed you to do this?” Wayne Lin simply cooperated with him.

“Yes…” Meng Hao lowered his head, but his eyes turned grunting. Halfway through the conversation, he made a sudden move. He took out a dozen throwing knives from his body, and he was thrown at him almost instantly. When he shot it, he hurriedly flew towards Wayne Lin’s body, with great strength, and the lethality of every flying knife was comparable to a bullet!

This is his unique skill, in haste

, Even the masters of the fourth stage of the innate realm have to be recruited.

He didn’t expect to hurt Wayne Lin seriously, he just wanted time to escape.

But as soon as he turned around, Wayne Lin’s voice came in his ears, “I’m a little sculptor, I dare to make a mistake.”

Hearing this sound, he only felt peeling and tingling, and the goose bumps all over his body were standing up!

How could Wayne Lin’s speed be so fast? Wayne Lin had already stuck to him before the blink of an eye.

He already felt the breath of Wayne Lin, and he was right beside him. This speed was completely beyond his understanding, just like a ghost.

At the close of his hair, he made the quickest response, punching to the left, and shouting: “Go to hell!!!”

This punch hit 120% of his strength. He was confident that Wayne Lin would definitely not have time to dodge in such a short period of time. Once he hit Wayne Lin, he would not believe that Wayne Lin could still Not hurt.

There was a bang, the sound of fist to flesh.

Hit it!

Meng Hao was overjoyed, but he didn’t expect that he actually hit Wayne Lin. This was great.

However, the next moment, he did not see the scene of Wayne Lin’s injury in his imagination. Wayne Lin hit him with his chest. He didn’t even shake his figure, but he was shocked by a huge shock. Li, the whole person flew out upside down, and the wrist was directly shaken and dislocated.

“At your level, do you dare to trouble my family? I think you are impatient.” Wayne Lin said lightly. He patted his clothes, as if he was just bitten by a mosquito. nothing.

Meng Hao fell to the ground, and now he had set off a huge wave in his heart, he couldn’t believe it was true! You know that with the punch he just now, even if a piece of iron is going to be flattened, it didn’t feel at all when it hit Wayne Lin? Could it be that Wayne Lin is already the Immortal King Kong? !

The audience was silent for a moment, and then the Chu family cheered and cheered: “Too awesome! Brother-in-law is invincible! Brother-in-law is invincible!”

“Wayne is too strong, so he should abuse the beast Meng Hao, making him so arrogant just now!”

“Hahaha, our Chu family has hope now!”

Wayne Lin walked towards Meng Hao carelessly, “Say, who instigated you.”

Meng Hao’s face is earthy now. This is the first time he has fought Wayne Lin. Before that, all his conceit and all pride disappeared at this moment, making him realize how far he and Wayne Lin are. The land is huge!

Now he looked up at Wayne Lin, and he saw the gods, and he himself was a dirt ant, not a level at all.

“Randal, I said you can let me go?” Meng Hao begged for mercy.

Wayne Lin stared at him coldly: “Do you have the capital to negotiate terms with me now.”

Meng Hao was silent, he naturally knew this, and he regretted it very much now. He had known this result long ago, and he wouldn’t dare to take advantage of it to kill him!

But he didn’t want to die. He had worked so hard and had gone through so many hardships before he reached this point and stood at the top of the human pyramid. Once he died, there would be nothing.

His strong desire to survive has completely lost his self-esteem and can only betray his superiors: “Randal, don’t kill me. Actually, I didn’t propose to encroach on your property. It was Zhong Tao! It was Zhong Tao from Xuanyuan No. He proposed it! Now not only the Chu family, but even your three companies have been eaten away by him! Randal, I am innocent Randal!”

Zhong Tao?

Hearing this name, Wayne Lin’s eyes narrowed, and a terrifying glow broke out in his eyes.

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