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Chapter 530

What this said, it can be said that Zhao Xia did not show any face, and Zhao Xia’s face changed on the spot, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely!

He didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would not give him face in this way. If he changed his previous character, he would have torn his face with Wayne Lin a long time ago and talked about it.

But as soon as he looked at Wayne Lin, he didn’t have the courage. Wayne Lin was really impressed by Wayne Lin. He deeply understood Wayne Lin’s horror, and even if he took the shot, it would be self-inflicted.

After Wayne Lin said this, everyone’s eyes on the scene suddenly changed!

I feel that Wayne Lin is crazy, so he can say such arrogant words. With Zhao Xia’s hot character, can he still tear Wayne Lin?

Especially this group of soldiers in the fourth group, now they are holding their breath, and they don’t dare to breathe. In their opinion, Zhao Xia must become angry and attack Wayne Lin.

Sun Liang also had a numb scalp. He knew Wayne Lin’s personality was very arrogant, but he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so arrogant. As a new instructor, he didn’t put Zhao Xia in his eyes. Isn’t it a death sentence?

As for the other senior executives, they are equally surprised now, their eyes looking at Wayne Lin are more profound, they want to see what Wayne Lin has three heads and six arms, and dare to be so disrespectful to Zhao Xia!

However, just when everyone thought that Zhao Xia was going to become angry and directly attacked Wayne Lin, Zhao Xia made another action that shocked them all!

Zhao Xia gritted his teeth. Instead of making a move at Wayne Lin, he clasped his fists and said: “Instructor Lin, this time I am wrong. I didn’t discipline the soldiers well. I offended instructor Lin. Don’t worry, I will I’ll give you an explanation!”

When these words were spoken, the audience was really in an uproar. Everyone was dumbfounded and completely dumbfounded. They never thought that Zhao Xia, who has always been known for his popularity and belligerence, would bow his head to Wayne Lin. It was like seeing the sun. A similar subversion rises out of the west!

Zhao Xia had to do this. He just saw the coldness in Wayne Lin’s pupils. He was sure that as long as he said nothing, Wayne Lin would definitely take action against him. Then he would be picked up by Wayne Lin and lost. There will be more faces!

His character is very hot, but it doesn’t mean that he is a fool. In the face of absolute strength crushing, he has to bow his head.

Wayne Lin did threaten him with his eyes just now. This time he was really annoyed. If Zhao Xia dared to say nothing, he would directly attack Zhao Xia.

Fortunately, Zhao Xia was still very sensible and did not die.

So he also showed a smile on his face, patted Zhao Xia on the shoulder, and said with a smile: “Instructor Zhao, take you seriously, I just made a joke with you.”

Zhao Xia was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would actually go down the steps. He couldn’t help but remind him that on the cruise ship that day, Wayne Lin also gave him face, and for a while he couldn’t help but feel a little more grateful to Wayne Lin.

He laughed haha, “Instructor Lin, this is indeed my fault, because I didn’t warn these bastards in advance, which caused them to do something wrong again, haha.”

Wayne Lin also smiled, and the two of them smiled a little bit of grudges.

But for others, it was very daunting. They still don’t understand why Zhao Xia is so afraid of Wayne Lin. Especially the gang of Fang Fang team, all of them are in a state of despair, even with their brains, why is Zhao Xia so afraid of Wayne Lin? Are they relatives?

“You bastards, what are you doing? Don’t come here and apologize to Instructor Lin!” Zhao Xia scolded them. He was flattering in front of Wayne Lin, but to the gang of Fangs team, But it was a demon-like existence. He didn’t dare not obey the orders, so he hurried over and bowed and apologized to Wayne Lin, lowering his posture very low.

Wayne Lin didn’t want to care about them too much, so he would accept it and wave his hand to express forgiveness.

So far, Sun Liang and others have probably seen the problem. Based on their understanding of Zhao Xia, in all likelihood, Zhao Xia is not Wayne Lin’s opponent, and it may even have been taught by Wayne Lin. Lowering their posture, they were shocked for a while, and looked at Wayne Lin deeply for a long time.

In the end, Zhao Xia didn’t have a face to stay for too long and left the fourth group in a desperate manner.

Wayne Lin watched them leave, turned around, and found that the gang of soldiers in the fourth group had their eyes widened and looked at him with admiration, looking at him as if looking at a god.

They had already admired Wayne Lin very much, but after what happened just now, their worship of Wayne Lin has reached its extreme!

Wayne Lin said, “I’m watching what I’m doing, so hurry up and train.”

“Yes! Instructor!”

They stood at attention at the same time, like chicken blood, full of passion.

It turned out that the new instructor was really so powerful, and even Zhao Xia had to flatter the new instructor, so in the future, their fourth team would not be able to raise their eyebrows and walk sideways in Xuanyuan three places!

They have been in the three places of Xuanyuan

At the bottom, now it is finally time for farmers to turn over and become masters!


Contrary to the turmoil on Wayne Lin’s side, Zhao Xia’s side is full of melancholy. Many soldiers in the Fang team, seeing Zhao Xia’s face kept calm, dare not speak, for fear of touching Zhao Xia’s mold.

“Who is the one who led the trouble to the fourth team, stand up for me.” Zhao Xia turned around and stared at them coldly.

All Fangs team bowed their heads, no one dared to stand up.

Zhao Xia sneered, “What, are all dumb?”

They still didn’t dare to speak. Zhao Xia’s current appearance was too terrifying. He was obviously very angry.

“Then all do 10,000 push-ups on the spot.” Zhao Xia gave an order, and they all paled immediately. They had to break their hands for 10,000 push-ups.

At this time, someone gritted his teeth, stood up and said: “Instructor, I took the lead!”

He faced Zhao Xia’s gaze, and his face became pale.

“You do 20,000, and others do 5,000.” Zhao Xia snorted and said.

Suddenly, his legs trembled and frightened, and the others were also shocked. They never expected that Zhao Xia would punish them like this. This was not the usual style of the instructor.

“Instructor, my subordinates don’t understand!” A soldier from the Fangs team stood up and said, “Why don’t you teach the new instructor, this is not your style!”

“Yes, instructor, he is just a new instructor. With your strength, instructor, isn’t it easy to clean him up?”

“In this way, our Fang team still has a face in the third place of Xuanyuan.”

They all expressed their doubts and dissatisfaction.

Zhao Xia slapped the table hard and directly smashed the table to pieces. A powerful aura emanated from him and calmed all the members of the Fang team, “Stupid! If it wasn’t for me to shave off, you guys You can’t even leave other people’s sites!”

“Isn’t it?” They didn’t believe it very much, and expressed suspicion. Zhao Xia said with cold eyes: “This matter is set in this way. You are not allowed to trouble the fourth team in the future, otherwise I have one to clean up! Get out of here now!”

After they came out, they stared at them, and after a while, someone said, “Is this still the instructor we know?”

Some people with better eyesight sighed and said, “Don’t you see it, the instructor is not the opponent of that surname Lin, otherwise, do you think the instructor will really give in to a new instructor?”

These words left them silent for a long time before someone said, “It’s not so good, but the instructor is an extremely strong person in the third stage of the Innate Realm… He has performed so many difficult tasks, even in the international community, he is famous. Yes, and this surnamed Lin has no reputation.”

“Anyway, our instructor is definitely not Lin’s opponent, so we don’t want to trouble the fourth group in the future.”

They weren’t stupid, they realized it very quickly, sighed heavily, very disappointed and regretful. They had known that the new instructor of the fourth group was so perverted, they shouldn’t have gone to the fourth group in the first place. trouble.

Wayne Lin stayed at Xuanyuan Three for a long time this time, staying for a full week, and under his devil training, the strength of these fourth group soldiers has also increased a lot.

They also finally understood how hard the devil training mentioned by Wayne Lin was. Many times they persisted and wanted to give up. They were all taught severely by Wayne Lin and forced to carry out the devil training. They were completely reborn. Some.

And they also refreshed their knowledge of Wayne Lin again. This was really a devil instructor. For several nights, they would have nightmares, and their fear of Wayne Lin was deep in their bones.

After this incident, Wayne Lin became famous in Xuanyuan 3rd place, completely famous, everyone knew the name, and even Xuanyuan 3rd place came out, and other departments also knew such a person.

On the last night, the high-level officials of Xuanyuan No. 3 had a high-level meeting.

“This task is more important. The head of the European consortium Bassabo sent his daughter Manlisa to China to talk about investment. It is said that this Manlisa has been targeted by several killer organizations, and the above mentioned the protection of Manlisa this time. The task of leaving it to us, everyone, let’s see, which expert should be sent to be Man Lisa’s bodyguard?”

Sun Liang pointed to a young and beautiful Western woman on the projection screen and said that she was the daughter of the European consortium’s Basabo’s daughter.

Another deputy director, Chang Hongshen, said: “The instructor of the Dragon Blood Team, Cang Mang, has gone to perform the task and can only be called Lao Zhao.”

Others put their gazes on Zhao Xia’s face. Generally, such important tasks were given to Xiao Cangmang or Zhao Xia, because in Xuanyuan three places, the two of them had the deepest cultivation.

Zhao Xia just wanted to nod. Suddenly, he thought of someone and said, “I think it’s better to let Instructor Lin carry out this mission.”

Chapter 531

“Instructor Lin? Which instructor Lin?” Chang Hongshen asked questioningly. The others didn’t react for a while. In the three places of Xuanyuan, the highest cultivation bases were Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang, and this task was like this. Important and difficult can only be executed by their two instructors.

Even Sun Liang didn’t react for a while.

Zhao Xia went on to say: “Which instructor Lin is there, of course it is instructor Wayne Lin from the fourth group.”

Chang Hongshen said: “Old Zhao, I don’t think you are kidding. This mission is very important. It can be called S-level. It is absolutely not allowed to travel. Wayne Lin is just a new instructor. How can he have this ability? Go ahead and execute it.”

Several other senior executives also agreed, and they were not at ease when assigning tasks of this level to a newcomer.

However, Zhao Xia was very insistent. He said, “You underestimate Instructor Lin. I think he is sure to be safe. At least safer than me.”

They all stared directly at Zhao Xia, wanting to see if Zhao Xia was joking, but after they watched for a while, they didn’t find the elements of Zhao Xia’s childish drama. Chang Hong said unconvincingly: “Old Zhao, you Are you sure you are joking?”

Zhao Xia smiled bitterly: “Do you think I am joking? Instructor Lin is the most suitable for this task. He happens to be a newcomer. He has not performed the task before and made little contribution to Xuanyuan 3rd place. It is most appropriate to let him execute it.”

When they heard what Zhao Xia said, they all fell into contemplation. As colleagues for many years, they all saw that Zhao Xia was not joking, but serious. This was enough to surprise them and even felt a little untrue.

After a while, Sun Liang said directly: “Old Zhao, have you played against Wayne Lin?”

Other people’s eyes also focused on Zhao Xia. For a while, rumors about Wayne Lin are flying all over the sky. Many people are rumoring that Zhao Xia has fought against Wayne Lin and failed to beat Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin’s.

However, this matter has never been recognized by Wayne Lin and Zhao Xia, they are more skeptical than sure.

Zhao Xia sighed in his heart. He knew that this matter could not be avoided. Now when Sun Liang asked him, he simply confessed, nodded, and said in a deep voice: “Yes, I have already fought against Instructor Lin. .”

Sun Liang asked again: “How about the outcome?”

Zhao Xia smiled bitterly and said, “You have already guessed it, why do you need to ask more?”

What this said was already an indirect admission, Zhao Xia couldn’t beat Wayne Lin, which was still very shocking to them.

After a while, a senior asked: “How is the strength of this instructor Lin?”

Zhao Xia took a deep breath, and said with great dignity and fear: “Unfathomable!”

They were shocked by this evaluation, especially after they heard Zhao Xia’s explanation, they were completely stunned. They were able to stand on the sea and crush Zhao Xia. After the war, they still had the physical strength to hunt down the sharks. , Unscathed… This is terrifying!

Sun Liang couldn’t help being shocked, “Could it be that Wayne Lin has reached the innate realm of great perfection?!”

Zhao Xia shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be there, but the fourth stage of the Innate Realm will definitely not be able to run. The key is that Wayne Lin is only 28 years old this year, and his future is boundless.”

Then, Zhao Xia looked at Sun Liang deeply and said, “Old Sun, you have done a great job for us at Xuanyuan three places this time. You have found such a superpower to come over. I guess, this year’s Xuanyuan Competition, there will be Lin Lin

With Wayne leading the team, his results won’t be so bad. “

Hearing this, all of their eyes started to light up. Xuanyuan Competition, which is also a top priority. They have been at the bottom of the three places in Xuanyuan over the years, and their reputation is already very bad. If they can really win the Xuanyuan Competition, It’s really an exciting thing to show up!

Next, they discussed for a while and decided to hand over this task to Wayne Lin to carry out.

When Wayne Lin heard the news, he was stunned, “Is it wrong to entrust such an important task to me?”

Sun Liang patted him on the shoulder and said seriously: “On the contrary, it is safest to leave it to you. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Instructor Lin, you shouldn’t refuse.”

“This…” Wayne Lin smiled bitterly. Sun Liang’s decision really disrupted his plan. He has been coaching in the third place of Xuanyuan for a week, and he has to perform tasks. It takes less time to go home. what.

However, Sun Liang had already spoken to this point, and it was not appropriate for him to refuse. Besides, he had been in the third place of Xuanyuan for almost two months and had not performed the task yet, so it was indeed impossible to justify.

After thinking about it for a while, he nodded and said: “Okay, since the organization is arranged like this, then I won’t refuse.”

Sun Liang was overjoyed and said: “Hahaha, well, instructor Lin, I know that you understand your righteousness and will not refuse. You will carry out this task, and I believe it will be successfully completed. At that time, with your strength , Surely we can also fight for the face of Xuanyuan three places, let the Europeans see, our country also has a great master.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Then please trouble Chief Sun to tell me the details of this mission.”

“No problem, no problem.” Sun Liang was very happy. It seemed that if Wayne Lin participated, he would definitely be able to complete the task.

When Wayne Lin finished understanding, he frowned slightly. He did not expect that this task was so tight that he would set off to pick up Man Lisa at the airport tonight.

Moreover, the duration of this task is still very long, ranging from half a month to a month, so that he will leave Alma Chu for almost a month.

Sun Liang saw him frown and asked quickly: “How is it, is there a problem?”

Wayne Lin thought for a while, shook his head and said, “No problem.”

“That’s good.” Next, Sun Liang began to give orders. This task is important. In addition to Wayne Lin, two other people were sent over. One of them was the top of the Fangs team and the other was the Dragon Blood team. The top talent, as an aid to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin didn’t have any comments on this, anyway, he was mainly responsible for Man Lisa’s safety, and the other matters were left to these two top leaders.

“Instructor Lin!”

“Instructor Lin!”

After receiving the order, the two top leaders of the Fangs team and the Dragon Blood team rushed over to report to Wayne Lin. Both of them are not bad in strength. They already have a half-step cultivation of the Innate Realm. They are placed outside, and they are also one side. Character.

Wayne Lin nodded lightly and said, “Let’s go.”

These two top men didn’t dare to show any disrespect to Wayne Lin. They said they were assisting, but in fact they were Wayne Lin’s assistants. After all, if the innate realm killer appeared, they would not be of much help.

Because Man Lisa’s plane arrived at 11 o’clock in the evening, Wayne Lin and the others arrived at the airport at ten o’clock an hour earlier, only to find that Man Lisa had arrived, waiting at the airport, and her expression was not good.

Chapter 532

Wayne Lin immediately realized that it was not good. Sure enough, as soon as they walked over, a few burly white bodyguards stood up to stop them, berated them in English, and ordered them not to go forward.

The top of the Fangs team also said in fluent English: “We are agents of the third place of Hua Guo Xuanyuan, specially here to protect the safety of Miss Manlisa in China. This is our certificate.”

As he said, he took out the credentials of Xuanyuan three places, Wayne Lin and another top dragon blood team also showed their credentials, but they didn’t even look at them, and did not hide the contempt in their eyes.

And I looked at the three of them up and down, and found that they were thin and thin, a little smaller than them. They were very disdainful. There was a white man in his thirties with green eyes and pupils and said: “Hua Guo will send three of you to protect Manli. Miss Sha?”

Xie Heng, the top of the Fangs team, said: “Yes, this is the instructor from the third place of Xuanyuan. His cultivation level is very high. He can protect Miss Manlisha’s safety.”

Xie Heng pointed at Wayne Lin. Although he was unhappy with Wayne Lin before, he now has to admit Wayne Lin’s strength.

Yu Gaolang, the leader of the dragon blood team, also nodded, echoing Xie Heng’s words.

So they all set their eyes on Wayne Lin, and when they found that Wayne Lin was thin, not domineering at all, and there was no strong breath, they all showed disdain.

Wayne Lin could guess with his ass. What they were thinking, he had learned about the arrogance of these foreigners. Faced with this situation, he didn’t need to talk nonsense, he could just show his strength and convince them.

However, just as Wayne Lin was about to exude his breath to block the mouths of these white men, at this moment, Man Lisa, who was protected by a group of bodyguards, walked over on high heels, her face was frosty and she said: “I’m tired, go to the hotel to rest.”

“Yes, dear Miss Manlisha!”

Just now the white man bowed to Man Lisa immediately, with an extremely respectful and pious attitude, as if Man Lisa was his master.

Then Man Lisa walked directly by Wayne Lin, from beginning to end, without even looking at Wayne Lin, she directly regarded Wayne Lin as air.

Wayne Lin was a bit stunned. It was the first time he was ignored in this way since he became a master of martial arts. It seemed that this Man Lisa regarded him as an incompetent mediocre.

Then the white man said contemptuously to Wayne Lin and the three of them: “You can go now, Miss Manlisha, you don’t need your protection.”

After speaking, he snorted again, and said in a disdainful tone: “Chinese people are born weak and small, and even the agents are so rubbish. It’s really bad.”

“You!” When Xie Heng heard this, he immediately became angry. This white man was too arrogant and didn’t look at them at all. If they are rubbish, then forget it. The key point is that they are not. They belong to Xuanyuan Sanshi The elites, especially Wayne Lin, are also the instructors of Xuanyuan Three, representing the face of Xuanyuan Three.

Yu Gaolang also couldn’t help showing an angry face. As the top of the Dragon Blood team, although his cultivation level is not as good as Wayne Lin’s abnormal level, he is also a good hand. He has completed many difficult tasks and is well known in the world. The criminal who died in his hands, he had an arrogance in his heart, how could he stand being ridiculed like this.


p; Just when they couldn’t help but want to argue with the white man, Wayne Lin coughed softly, and said indifferently: “You don’t need to be familiar with him. Our mission this time is to protect Man Lisa. Next, some are Chance to prove yourself.”

They are not Wayne Lin’s soldiers, but now they dare not listen to Wayne Lin’s orders, but in their hearts, they are still a bit dissatisfied, thinking that Wayne Lin is too conservative, and if Zhao Xia is replaced, they would have taken action to teach this arrogant white man. Up.

Could it be that Wayne Lin is the kind of person who is lying in bed? Some people are just like this, they are particularly aggressive towards their own people, and when they face foreigners, they are afraid.

Wayne Lin looked at their eyes and was too lazy to explain. He had already sensed that there were two powerful auras lying in ambush nearby. He kept focusing on Manlisha, obviously coming to Manli. Sha is in trouble.

And this bodyguard team of Manlisha cannot stop these two masters. When the time comes, he will still be asked to take action, so he does not need to talk with them at all.

What Wayne Lin thinks now is that Man Lisa shouldn’t stay in China for so long. It will be easy to leave in a week, so that he can return to Hwadrid sooner.

Coming out of the airport, it attracted a lot of attention, mainly on Man Lisa’s body, nothing else, mainly Man Lisa is too beautiful, not the kind of pure Western beauty, but four points One of the Asian ancestry is a mixed race, with a particularly delicate and beautiful face, a tall figure, more than 1.8 meters, and the skin is extremely white and tender, and can be broken by blowing.

In particular, her figure far exceeds the grace of Asians. She can be called a devil figure, with long legs, water snake waist, and a very proud career line.

The most memorable thing is her temperament, full of nobility and elegance, and a noble atmosphere that no other woman has. In terms of pedigree, Man Lisa is indeed a nobleman in Europe. She glanced over, and she didn’t know how many people would be fascinated.

However, beauty is not all of her. Her business abilities are particularly strong. It is rumored that she came out to help her father Bassabo run the company when she was very young. With her help, Bassabo could only manage such a short period of time. Build a huge business empire.

This time she came to China with the idea of ​​investment.

So she was very dissatisfied, Hua Guo actually only sent three ordinary agents to protect her! She felt that she was being despised by Hua Guo!

After coming out of the airport, a motorcade had stopped, and a group of people were welcoming her. These are the local leaders of China. They came to meet her and welcome her to invest in China.

She nodded reluctantly when she saw the scale, her face looked better.

Simply saying hello, Man Lisa, under the leadership of her professional bodyguard, was about to go up to the Rolls Royce in front. At this time, Wayne Lin walked out and said, “I am the personal bodyguard sent by China. , I need to provide personal bodyguards to Man Lisa, and I need to ride in a car with Miss Man Lisa.”

Some bodyguards around Manlisha were taken aback for a moment, and none of them found out how Wayne Lin had crossed their defense line and walked to Manlisha’s side.

Man Lisa was also taken aback by Wayne Lin. For the first time, she set her gaze on Wayne Lin and saw that Wayne Lin was ordinary in appearance, not very tall, and weak and weak. She did not hide her attitude towards Wayne Lin. He despised and said directly: “I don’t need your protection.”

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