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Chapter 788

What a despicable Chinese!

The foreign leader couldn’t help but complain.

But his movements were not idle either, realizing that Wayne Lin would not let him go easily, he stood up despite the pain, turned and ran.

He is no longer Wayne Lin’s opponent at all. Even if he stays, it is only a dead end. If he doesn’t run at this time, when will he run?

“Want to run? Can you run?”

Wayne Lin sneered.

He immediately rushed in the direction of the leader of the foreigner at a faster speed. This time the leader of the foreigner was so courageous. It would be a great offense to assassinate him, a high-ranking officer, on the ground of China. If the foreigner leader is released, he might as well not do it as the chief instructor.

The foreigner leader felt Wayne Lin’s speed and chased him, his heart was anxious, and he wished he had two more legs to escape!

At the same time, he regrets incomparably in his heart. He knew that this damned Chinese was so superb that he would definitely not come to trouble!

But now it’s too late to say anything, he can imagine that once he is caught by Wayne Lin, he will definitely end badly, after all, he committed the crime first.

In less than two seconds, Wayne Lin had already caught up with him, following him like a shadow. Feeling Wayne Lin’s breath, the foreign leader’s heart began to despair, he knew that he could not escape.

However, at this moment, he suddenly saw that in front of him, a woman suddenly appeared, looking at him in amazement, he was immediately happy and reacted.

For a while, his speed suddenly increased, and almost instantly, he caught the woman, and then threw it over the rockery on one side.


The woman was frightened immediately and screamed.

She is not an ordinary person in her own right, and her cultivation level has an acquired peak, but the gap between her and the foreign leader is still too big, she has no ability to resist, and even her clothes are ripped apart, even if she has a good psychological quality, People who are not afraid of the sky and the earth are not afraid, now they can’t help being frightened.

Because she was flying too fast, once she hit the rockery, she would definitely be finished, and she would be disabled if she didn’t die.

At that moment, she felt the breath of death, and the whole person was terrified, as if the whole world was suddenly darkened, and she would die in the next moment.

Wayne Lin saw this scene, and he frowned deeply.

Because in such a rush, he also saw clearly what this woman looked like, who it wasn’t, it was Freda Shangguan, the unruly princess from Beijing.

He didn’t have time to think about why Freda Shangguan appeared here at this time.

At the critical moment, Wayne Lin made a trade-off. He gave up chasing the foreign leader, but rushed in the direction of Freda Shangguan. When Freda Shangguan’s body was about to hit the rockery, he hugged him. He went to Freda Shangguan and held Freda Shangguan tightly in his arms.

But this inertia was still too great, and now he was only ten centimeters away from the rockery, causing his back to hit the rockery heavily.

The entire rockery was hit by him and collapsed, and he couldn’t help letting out a muffled grunt.

Behind it seems to be injured.

Even though he has reached the realm of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, his physique is already extremely powerful, but he has not yet reached the God-Through the God Realm, he is still a mortal body, so he hits hard on the rockery, and there are sharp rocks. , He was injured immediately.

In his heart

It’s just bad luck. He saw that he was about to catch up with the foreign leader and capture all the foreign leaders. However, Freda Shangguan suddenly appeared, ruining his good deeds, and really depressed him!

And now the posture between them is quite awkward, Freda Shangguan’s whole body is pressed on his body, the two bodies are extremely close.

Even, what embarrassed Wayne Lin the most was that Freda Shangguan’s lips just touched his lips, and his lips were bleeding.

Freda Shangguan’s heart and liver thumped and thumped, and the whole person was stunned there. He couldn’t recover for a while, obviously frightened.

Wayne Lin was in pain. Seeing her dementia, he said helplessly: “I said Miss, why are you in a daze, can you get off me first?”

“Ah? Oh, oh…” Freda Shangguan recovered after hearing Wayne Lin’s words, but when she looked at Wayne Lin like this, she agreed with her mouth, but she remained motionless in action. As stupid, Wayne Lin was very angry.

He is still lying on the rockery now, his back is pinched into his skin by a few sharp stones. This is not a big injury to him. The problem is that this is a completely innocent disaster.

He was not injured in the fierce fight with the foreign leader just now, but was injured by Freda Shangguan, a savage princess, and he was extremely depressed!

“Oh what, I told you to get up quickly, I’m almost crushed to death by you!” Wayne Lin said with teeth and dancing claws. He seriously suspected that Freda Shangguan was the creditor of his previous life. He came to avenge him in this life. This time I saw Freda Shangguan, there must be no good, what a f*ck!

Freda Shangguan finally recovered completely. She realized that her whole body was pressed on Wayne Lin’s body, and she was still in an absolutely intimate and ambiguous posture. She immediately blushed, her breathing A lot hastily.

Especially Wayne Lin was panting, the strong male hormone breath sprayed on her face, causing her body temperature to rise, and the whole person was hot.

She grew up so much and had never been so close to any man.

This kind of intimacy even exceeds the intimacy at the banquet last time.

As a result, her mind became a little confused, and she wanted to scold in a hurry, but in a hurry, she actually scratched some sharp gravels on the ground to her feet, causing her to suffer all of a sudden and lose her support. , With a cry, fell on Wayne Lin again.

Poor Wayne Lin just wanted to follow him, but was pressed down by Freda Shangguan again, and suddenly knocked him on the rockery behind him again, grinning in pain.

I couldn’t help getting angry and cursing: “What are you doing?!”

Freda Shangguan realized that she was wrong, but Wayne Lin’s attitude made her very unhappy, and her stubborn temper regained her temper and snorted and said, “I didn’t mean it. Why are you yelling at me!”

Wayne Lin’s good deeds were ruined by her. He didn’t have any good feelings towards her. Now he is dying of pain, and he has no good temper. “What kind of attitude is this! If I didn’t save you in time, you would have been It has become a pile of mud! You don’t want to thank you now, and you will avenge your gratitude. Is there anyone like you!”

Freda Shangguan also cursed: “The bullshit will take revenge, did I ask you to save me? You are nosy!”

“You!!” Wayne Lin was so angry that she raised her head and slapped her on the ass, “Yes, I’m nosy, I should watch you hit him to death! I met a woman like you , I’m really unlucky in my predecessor life, now I’m going to f*ck him! Don’t hold me down!”

However, after he slapped him, Freda Shangguan’s eyes widened in an instant, and she looked at Wayne Lin incredulously, this man actually dared to slap her ass! !

Chapter 789

For her, this is simply unforgivable!

She is a daughter of a daughter, and her grandfather is Shangguan Weian. If in ancient times, she would be a relative of the emperor, and Wayne Lin, no matter how great martial arts, at best, can only be regarded as a martial artist, this is really an unforgivable offense to her!

After Wayne Lin finished the slap, he felt the amazing flexibility. He was also taken aback for a while, realizing that it was indeed wrong for him to do so.

In any case, Freda Shangguan is Shangfeng’s granddaughter, and the most important thing is that he is already married. Isn’t this just teasing women?

“you you you……”

In an instant, Freda Shangguan’s face turned red, her eyes widened, and Wayne Lin stared at Wayne Lin in shame!

Wayne Lin is really too much to do this.

But what is strange is that she is only ashamed at most, not the kind of anger she imagined.

Wayne Lin coughed twice. He also knew that it was inappropriate for him to do so. The more this time, the less he could persuade him. He glared at Freda Shangguan and said, “What are you? Get up from me. I hurt my back.”

Freda Shangguan glared at Wayne Lin fiercely. She originally wanted to scold twice, but soon she did see it. On the ground, there were a few drops of blood, apparently falling from Wayne Lin’s body. , Her anger disappeared in half.

Although she is very savage and arrogant, it does not mean that she is an ungrateful person. If Wayne Lin hadn’t hugged her in time just now, she would really have died away.

So she stood up from Wayne Lin silently and deliberately gave Wayne Lin a fierce look to cover up her unnaturalness and express her anger towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief. He got up from the ground. He found that his back was all wet with blood. He couldn’t help but shook his head. Thinking of his outstanding master of the great congenital realm, he was injured this time. It was because of Freda Shangguan.

He seriously suspected that this Freda Shangguan was the catastrophe of his previous life, who came here to collect debts from him in this life!

Freda Shangguan finally saw that Wayne Lin’s back was full of blood, and there was a lot of Wayne Lin’s blood on the rockery on the ground. It is conceivable that Wayne Lin must have been in pain just now.

At this moment, her last resentment and shame towards Wayne Lin disappeared. The reason Wayne Lin was injured was indeed because she saved her.

“You, are you okay?” Freda Shangguan said, but her tone was still deliberately pretending to be pulling, and she didn’t want to admit that it was her own recklessness that caused Wayne Lin to suffer such a serious injury. Just silently remember this kindness in my heart.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said angrily, “I can’t die.

After speaking, he clicked a few acupuncture points on his body, preventing his blood from flowing down.

“You are so honest, how come you are here?” Wayne Lin said, looking at Freda Shangguan.

This time Freda Shangguan appeared too suddenly, and the time was so accurate. Wayne Lin was puzzled. If he didn’t know the identity of Freda Shangguan, he would inevitably doubt if Freda Shangguan was with the foreign leader. Up.

Freda Shangguan snorted and said, “China is so big, I can go wherever I want, you can

Get it? “

Yes, if I ask, it is a question of nothing. Wayne Lin really doesn’t want to talk to such a stubborn princess. Since he can’t offend her, he can always hide.

So he just turned around and left.

When Freda Shangguan saw his movement, she was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately stopped Wayne Lin, “Hey, where are you going!”

“Go home.” Wayne Lin said without looking back.

It’s pretty dark all around now, especially after a fierce fight between Wayne Lin and the foreign leader, now the street lights nearby are broken, and one or two of them are still bright, and they are flashing and flashing. The ground was terrible, and Freda Shangguan was immediately scared. She quickly said: “Hey! Stop it!”

She hurried forward a few steps and chased Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin frowned, turned his head helplessly, looked at her and said, “I said Miss, what do you want?”

Freda Shangguan particularly hates Wayne Lin’s eyes, as if she is some kind of plague god, anyway, she is also a super beautiful woman, well, her identity is even more distinguished, usually I don’t know how many people are rushing to kneel and lick her, but Lin Zi It proves that this guy has no taste at all, and treats her as a plague god, as if she carries some virus on her body, it is really hateful!

Faced with Wayne Lin’s question, she was embarrassed to say that she was scared. She wanted to follow Wayne Lin. When she saw her eyeballs rolled, she snorted heavily and said, “You just took advantage of me and wanted to leave. It’s over, no way!”

After saying this, she immediately became proud of her wit.

But Wayne Lin’s face turned black immediately. This Freda Shangguan really didn’t say anything about what Freda Shangguan was going to do. She was obviously saved by herself just now, and now she dare to attack her.

“You make it clear, why I took advantage of you, I was saving you just now.” Wayne Lin frowned and said displeased.

Freda Shangguan snorted and said, “Can you touch mya*sif you save me? I’m the eldest daughter of Huanghua, and I’ve never been taken advantage of like this when I grow up! You must give me an explanation! “

Wayne Lin waved his hand and screamed insane. He didn’t even think of taking advantage of Guan Freda just now. It’s too early now. Alma Chu was still at home waiting for him, so she turned around and left.

Freda Shangguan was still trembling, but now seeing Wayne Lin leaving, she immediately panicked again and said again: “You stop me!”

But why would Wayne Lin care about her and continue walking.

Seeing Wayne Lin getting further and further away, and around, there was another whirring sound, which sounded weird and gloomy, and immediately made Freda Shangguan get goose bumps, regardless of her usual bold performance. The sky is not afraid of fear, but she is particularly afraid of ghosts and gods, and never dared to go to dark places by herself.

Now she was so anxious to cry, her arrogant character, and she was embarrassed to tell her that she was scared, so she shouted loudly: “Wayne Lin, if you dare to leave, I will tell my grandfather that you are indecent I don’t want to be responsible for taking advantage of me!”

When Wayne Lin heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, and his heart suddenly became annoyed. In an instant, he had a strong impulse, and wanted to give Freda Shangguan a lesson now. pause.

He had never seen such a savage and unreasonable princess!

Chapter 790

But he still held back, because he knew that Freda Shangguan’s identity was special, and he would not be able to attack Freda Shangguan unless he made a principled error.

So he still pretended not to hear, and continued to move forward.

At this time, Freda Shangguan was completely panicked, especially not far away, and there was a dog barking sound, which looked particularly terrifying. Freda Shangguan was frightened and shivered, even her feet could not move. He got up, nailed to the spot like a nail.

“Wayne Lin! You bastard! I’ll really tell grandpa if you leave again, saying that you are indecent… woo woo…”

When she said this, she was crying. She sounded terrified and aggrieved. Wayne Lin stopped immediately after hearing it, and frowned.

He sighed heavily in his heart, he gave in, and met a woman like Freda Shangguan, he really fell the blood mold!

He now seriously doubted whether God saw that his strength had improved too quickly and smoothly, so he deliberately sent an official letter to temper him. No, torturing him!

He looked back and saw Freda Shangguan’s pear blossoms with rain. He was really panicked and aggrieved. Wayne Lin couldn’t go away. If he really wanted to keep Freda Shangguan here, he could not decide this. What crazy things would a mad woman do.

Although he had a clear conscience, he did not provoked Freda Shangguan’s psychology.

But in fact, he did touch Freda Shangguan’s butt, and it was considered to have eaten tofu, and it was really spread to Shangfeng. Even if he was not cured, it would be bad after all.

For rational consideration, he still had to comfort Freda Shangguan.

So he walked over and said to Freda Shangguan: “I said Miss, what do you want?”

Freda Shangguan saw Wayne Lin coming, her original panic and grievances, she immediately recovered. The existence of Wayne Lin made her feel safe, and she hurried forward a few steps and approached Wayne Lin.

At this moment, she stepped on something soft under her feet, which shocked her, completely reflexively, she threw herself directly into Wayne Lin’s arms and hugged Wayne Lin tightly, “There is a snake , There are snakes!”

Wayne Lin: “…”

He was also a little dumbfounded all of a sudden, Freda Shangguan, the girl, hadn’t she been decimating him just now, saying that he had been taken advantage of? Why is it coming to him now? What is the situation?

However, what Wayne Lin felt for the first time was Freda Shangguan’s soft body, sticking to him at such a distance, let his male instinct come into play all at once, and his heartbeat could not help but speed up a lot!

This Freda Shangguan’s figure is really not built, he is indeed a person who has practiced martial arts, and his development is particularly good.

Cough, far away, far away!

Wayne Lin scowled and wanted to push Freda Shangguan away, but Freda Shangguan hugged him tightly, like an octopus, making him unable to push away for a while, and the scene was very embarrassing.

“Hey, what are you doing, let me go quickly! Who is taking advantage of whom!” Wayne Lin said loudly.

Freda Shangguan still looked panicked, and said quickly: “Snake, there are snakes!”

Wayne Lin looked over and rolled his eyes. This is a fart snake, it’s just a twine rope, “What is your look? It’s not a snake, it’s twine.”

“You lied to me, I stepped on it just now!” Freda Shangguan’s body

Wayne Lin was embarrassed when she was trembling slightly. She was trembling like this, but Wayne Lin was uncomfortable.

Fortunately, he controls his body very well. Otherwise, if he feels Freda Shangguan, it would be indecent.

When Freda Shangguan found out, he would even jump into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it.

“If you don’t believe me, look back for yourself.” Wayne Lin said helplessly, he really convinced Freda Shangguan.

When Freda Shangguan heard this, she calmed down slowly, and then dared to look back. Sure enough, it was not a snake lying on the ground, but a long hemp rope.

She breathed a sigh of relief immediately, and her tone just sprayed on Wayne Lin’s face. The fragrant scent made Wayne Lin’s heart unbearable.

“Okay, okay, let me go quickly, so that you don’t have to wait a while and say that I take advantage of you!” Wayne Lin said with a stern face and disgust.

Freda Shangguan is holding Wayne Lin now. She was originally a heart settled down and feels safe, but now she sees Wayne Lin like this, she suddenly feels upset, snorted, and said, “Hey, What is your expression, do I dislike you!”

Wayne Lin sneered, “It seems that you have no self-knowledge about yourself.”


Freda Shangguan gritted her teeth with anger, and her rebellious character came up. Since Wayne Lin disliked her like this, she wanted to get close to Wayne Lin!

Ever since, under her impulse, she also made an impulsive action!

Seeing that she hadn’t passed through the brain at all, reflexively, she lifted her feet and kissed Wayne Lin’s mouth.

In fact, her speed is not very fast, according to Wayne Lin’s reaction, she can completely avoid it.

But the worst part is that Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention at all. He was still in a daze, and he never thought that Freda Shangguan would be so savage to this extent, so he didn’t react and was kissed by Freda Shangguan… …

For a moment, his whole person was dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded, and the whole person was stupid.

Even Freda Shangguan realized something was wrong at this moment. What happened to her, why would she take the initiative to kiss Wayne Lin?

So their current posture is particularly weird. The two of them face each other, their eyes widened, and they looked at each other in shock and bewilderment.

It took three full seconds before Wayne Lin recovered. He quickly pushed Freda Shangguan away and wiped his mouth desperately as if he had been kissed by a pig.

Freda Shangguan was also very shy at first, you know, that was her first kiss. I don’t know how many young talents in the circle want to kiss Fangze and have no chance, but now it is actually sent out in this state. If you change any man, you will be so happy, how can anyone wipe his mouth like Wayne Lin and spit!

At the moment, the corner of her mouth twitched fiercely. This damn Wayne Lin must be a gay!

But she immediately remembered that she had a wife, and her mood was even worse.

There is an urge to cry.

“Dead Wayne Lin, do you feel wronged by kissing me!” Freda Shangguan almost said this sentence from between his teeth.

Wayne Lin looked disgusted, “Yes, I would rather be kissed by a pig.”

“You!!” Freda Shangguan was even more mad.

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