Ghost Photoshoot Filter: Know the TikTok Ghost Filters

What is going on in this pandemic? It seems like we have another trick up our sleeves to trick the virus. This trick has been discovered by the TikTokers and it is the Ghost Photoshoot filter. When you look for the ghost trend filter the whole platform looks haunted.

As the war against this virulent creature is waged we must try every trick that the minds click, right? For now, it appears that this trick is working and for that reason, people are looking for the ghost trend filter.

Image of Ghost Photoshoot filter

So here we will tell you how to do the ghost photoshoot and how to make the filter. It’s going to give you some chills for being spooky, but try to hold your heartbeat under control.

Ghost Photoshoot Filter

If you have watched the videos and looking for the TikTok ghost filter here we will tell you how to come up with one of your own and find out how chicken-hearted your friends and followers are. Already, people are doing it and for that reason, the ghost trend filter is in vogue.

So here we will discuss all that you need to create ghost filter TikTok and become part of the ghost photoshoot TikTok. It may be too early for Halloween but let’s have a starter as there is time for the real ritual.

Know the Ghost Filter TikTok

Do you know about the Reality Ripple Effect Filter from TikTok? This filter actually adds a funny rainbow effect to the object moving in the video frame. Soon, the content creators started to notice that the effect even showed up when even an empty room is filmed.

What could be the reason for this? This gave a convincing conclusion to the observers that this effect is actually revealing the presence of phantoms and ghosts. So, you might have now guess the next TikTok Ghost filter it is none other than the Reality Ripple Effect. Another choice is the retro effect.

Making Ghost Trend Filter

For this, you will have to install any video or photo-editing application. If you are a social media frequenter it must be already in the set of apps installed on your mobile phone. But before that, you must get a photo or image of a ghost.

Image of Ghost Photoshoot TikTok

This either can be done by modeling yourself or if you don’t have that much energy just take one from Google, most of the people are opting for the latter one by the way.

Once you have the photo you are a step closer to participating in the ghost photoshoot trend. Now, upload the photo to the editor app and do the following tweaks. First, drop the contrast to -2.5 and exposure to -2.0. Then increase the grain to +2.0 and Vignette must be +6.0, seems a bit much but not really.

Finally, if you are using the VSCO app, tap on the filters and pick P5 and raise the bar to +10.0. If you are using another editing application the ghost TikTok filter can be made by selecting a filter that is darker and makes the picture seem like taken at night.

How to Do the Ghost Photoshoot

If you want to participate in the Ghost photoshoot trend on TikTok then it is going to be super easy and a whole load fun later. All you need is two friends, a pair of bed sheets, two pairs of sunglasses, and a camera with a flash. To make the ambiance spookier a perfect soundtrack will be awesome.

Once you have all the equipment and items ready, follow the steps given below.

  1. Turn the lights off in the room. if you want an outdoor shooting with the perfect ghost photoshoot filter, wait for the nightfall at least.
  2. Get the people who are going to act as ghosts and shroud the bed sheet over them such that it covers them at least to the knees.
  3. Ask them to put the sunglasses on
  4. Find a suitable place where you want the ghosts to appear.
  5. Take the snaps with flash on.
  6. Don’t forget to add the ripple effect or the retro effect from your TikTok app.
  7. Finally, add the audio Oh Klhahoma by Jack Stauber, this is the soundtrack the Tiktokers are using for the ghost trend.
image of how to do Ghost Photoshoot trend

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Final Words

With the proper ghost photoshoot filter, the names of which we mentioned for you, the shoot must be perfect and the video eerier than the best horror movie out there. It is time to flaunt your work, let the hearts and likes rain down

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