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Chapter 635

(2) “At present, our company’s market coverage in the East China Sea has reached

It is more than 80%, and among them, the farthest sales point is in Qingfeng District.

“Mr. Zhou, the news that I just got is that three sales shops in Qingfeng District have problems at the same time.

“Sara Ye’s face was a bit heavy. There was a problem with the three sales stores in Qingfeng District, and it was just passed over. She didn’t even take a closer look, so she came directly to inform Dustin Zhou. After all, Qingfeng District is the farthest away from Mingyang’s headquarters. , But the market share is not small. The population of the entire Qingfeng District is the largest in Donghai City, and the consumer base is also the largest. And Mingyang’s sales stores in Qingfeng District are only three, and now these three sales stores If something goes wrong, it means that Mingyang’s market share in Qingfeng District will shrink significantly. Even, it will affect the entire Mingyang company’s layout in Donghai City. “What’s the problem?”

Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows and said lightly. Dustin Zhou didn’t care about the problems in Qingfeng District at all. This was just a trial by some people. The place where the problem occurred was the furthest distance from the headquarters of Mingyang Company, so we can deal with it. It is more cumbersome, and the harm caused should have a smaller impact on Mingyang’s headquarters. Dustin Zhou can understand the reasons for those people doing this. But he wants to give him Dustin Zhou a disarm. This is to tell him Dustin Zhou through this incident. In the East China Sea, it’s not that you Dustin Zhou has the final say. There are still many people who dismiss you at all, but as long as you are arrogant, then naturally someone will be able to get you and the famous company into trouble. Those people have this self-confidence and perhaps this strength. But in Dustin Zhou’s view, all of this is nothing but imaginary. As long as they dare not really showdown with themselves, then they are always in a favorable position. “Three Qingfeng District One of the sales stores announced that it was closed due to financial reasons, and the other two, which blatantly breached the contract, put cosmetics from other companies in the sales stores.

“Sara Ye said in a deep voice. These problems seem to be nothing. Bankruptcy is bankruptcy. This cannot be prevented by manpower. Moreover, they don’t have to manage whether others will go bankrupt. As for breach of contract, the company’s legal affairs are famous. There are still people on duty in the department, and such things can be handled by them. The two sales stores in the district want to compete with the famous company on this, or they are a little immature. “What’s the matter?

Isn’t it easy to solve it?

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, he even felt that Sara Ye had made some fuss. In fact, she did not even need to deal with such things. Any leader in the headquarters in charge of these can easily handle it. Not to mention, it will trouble Dustin Zhou. Mr. Zhou,

Things are not as simple as you think. These three sales stores are the only three sales stores of our company in Qingfeng District. Qingfeng District has a large population, a large market share, and messy cosmetics brands…” Next, Sara Ye explained the details I repeated the situation one by one. At this time, Dustin Zhou finally understood why Sara Ye looked so dignified. Although Qingfeng District is the farthest from the headquarters of the famous company, it has the largest population, the largest area, and very Good business prospects. More importantly, Qingfeng District is very inclusive, and there are no less than ten cosmetic brands in the entire region. Among these ten, the scale of the three sales stores of Mingyang Company can only be ranked second to last There are several other cosmetic brands, all of which are well-known in the country, and even four in the world. Under such circumstances, Qingfeng District has become a well-known company of the same scale as those of the same scale, or even much stronger than itself. The area where cosmetic companies are competing for competition. Whoever can gain a firm foothold in Qingfeng District will naturally have a certain position. Even if anyone can win the sales outlets of other brands in Qingfeng District, their company’s position will be even better. Go up one floor. Mingyang has three sales stores, which are very weak. They are equivalent to a piece of sweet and pastry. Many people want to rush to bite off a few pieces of meat. And these three sales stores, before, were not even Few people have already started. However, because Mingyang Company has developed so fast in the past six months, some people are a little afraid and did not immediately take action. But now, those people can’t help, or say, they have follow Nowadays, well-known companies are striving to compete, and they are confident to swallow the strength of these three sales stores. “Is it that I am thinking wrong?”

“Dustin Zhou couldn’t help being suspicious. According to what he had previously guessed, there was a problem in Qingfeng District, and the three sales stores had problems, but it was just one of some people’s pretensions. But now, these three stores are really almost gone, and one is bankrupt. , The two parties blatantly breached the contract. This has already shown that the market in Qingfeng District no longer has much of Mingyang’s share, and Mingyang has lost its corresponding status. The other party did it directly, not for Dustin Zhou. An offense. “Who is behind?”

Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice. At this moment, Dustin Zhou thought of many possibilities. Among them, the most likely ones were some of Dustin Zhou’s enemies in the East China Sea. They learned of Dustin Zhou’s actions in Hunan Province and planned plans. , In conjunction with other cosmetics companies in the East China Sea, especially those super big-name companies, are ready to tidy up Dustin Zhou together, rubbing it together, and make a name for the company’s development momentum. “As far as I got the news, the two defaulted sales shops. , Put me inside

All of our company’s products are off the shelves, and other brands of cosmetics are publicly put on the shelves, including Polyx, Fragrance, and Yushengtang.

“Sara Ye showed the document to Dustin Zhou, with some details written on it carefully. These conditions are the current situation of the three sales stores in Qingfeng District. Except for one that has just announced bankruptcy and has begun to close down, the other two sales stores There are no cosmetics from well-known companies. Instead, there are cosmetics from Polyx, Fragrance, and Yushengtang. “In other words, behind this, these three are making ghosts?

“Dustin Zhou closed the document, he already had a general idea in his mind, and he already had a general guess about the plans of the people behind it. “Yes, my judgment is the same, otherwise all of this would be too coincidental.” , Those two sales stores just took off our company’s cosmetics, and after looking back, they immediately put the three cosmetics on the shelves.

“Sara Ye said in a deep voice. “Furthermore, Mr. Zhou, among these three cosmetics companies, apart from Polyx, which is a relatively famous domestic brand, Fenfang and Yushengtang are both world-renowned brands. Their strength is extraordinary.

“Sara Ye knows some of the conditions of these three companies, and this is the key to her worry now.

Chapter 636

Famous companies are very powerful and occupy a large market in the East China Sea. The province is also in the forefront, and there is almost no cosmetics that can compete. It seems that in China, they have no rivals for the products of the famous company. But in fact, only their own talents move their own. For the famous company’s current situation. Sara Ye knows even better than Dustin Zhou’s shareholders. Mingyang’s development momentum is now very strong, and a month’s profit alone can make more than one billion. Such a profit rate is also very conspicuous when looking at the domestic market. However, Sara Ye knows that compared with other companies, Mingyang has been established in too short a time, and the time it has been established is also very short. Such a fast development speed is destined for the unstable foundation of Mingyang, many things and many situations. , There is no good emergency plan, and even some of the company’s rules and regulations are incomplete. To put it bluntly, it is the lack of background. Compared with a large company like Polyx for nearly a hundred years, the company’s current status The momentum of development may be similar to that of Baolishi, but the foundation is much worse than others. You must know, which of these large domestic and foreign companies has not experienced the famous company now.

Development momentum?

Don’t say that a month’s profit is more than 1 billion, even if it is a month, there are tens of billions of profit, and there is not one.

And those, now all are well-known big brands in the world, and the company’s assets are more than a hundred times that of well-known companies.

“Polish, fragrance, Yushengtang.” Dustin Zhou whispered softly.

He knew about Polyx. In Hunan Province, Wang Wei listed Polyix in Liushi Beauty. I heard that it was Kong Hui who introduced Polyix’s general manager in Hunan to Wang Wei.

This is a big domestic brand, Dustin Zhou knows and has seen it.

Fenfang and Yushengtang are well-known all over the world, and Dustin Zhou also knows that it was not without envy in the past.

I am envious of those with background, ability and high education who can work in such a Fortune 500 company, and he can only work in a start-up company like Mingyang.

But now, after six months of baptism, Dustin Zhou has almost completely changed.

The whole person is no longer as depressed as he was at the beginning, but a vigorous and passionate person.

It is precisely because of this that Dustin Zhou became the shareholder and management of Mingyang Company, leading Mingyang Company to rise rapidly in just six months.

No one who knows the development history of Mingyang Company does not know the existence of Dustin Zhou.

“Since they are doing this now, it must not be that simple. It is just to occupy the two sales stores. There must be other plots.” “In this way, you can arrange it first so that everyone does not act rashly. The other party is aggressive this time, and we have already There is not a little bit of information here. It is conceivable that this time, how long did the other party prepare.” “Sister Qian, you let the people below do their own things with peace of mind. Since those three sales shops in Qingfeng District have appeared like this So the people in charge of Qingfeng District should start their holidays now, let them rest assured, take a good rest, and have a good year, if something happens, when the new year is over, when they come back to work, I will talk about it.” Dustin Zhou Waved his hand, as if he didn’t care about the situation in Qingfeng District.

Dustin Zhou’s handling method made Sara Ye a little surprised.

At the same time, my heart began to become anxious.

What happened in Qingfeng District seems to be trivial, but such things are not trivial, even if they seem trivial now, but after a period of fermentation, a storm will be brewing.

However, Sara Ye knew that Dustin Zhou’s decision would not change in most cases.

Just like this, the situation in Qingfeng District, Sara Ye felt that we must pay attention to it and come up with an emergency treatment plan.

However, in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, he passed away just a casual sentence.

“Oh, I will make arrangements, but, Mr. Zhou, this

Things, you must not relax.

Sara Ye wanted to continue talking, but seeing that Dustin Zhou had closed her eyes and started to fall asleep, she knew that it would be no good to continue speaking. After Sara Ye left, Dustin Zhou slowly opened her eyes. However, this time, His eyes are no longer as relaxed and casual as before, but with a touch of solemnity. Whether things in Qingfeng District are serious or serious, whether they are urgent or urgent, Sara Ye can know occasionally, why would he Dustin Zhou not know? However, compared with Sara Ye, Dustin Zhou is not so eager, because he feels that the people behind the scenes are definitely not only the three companies, Baolishi, Fenfang, and Yushengtang. If they are really these three, then their actions are too much. It’s too conspicuous and too direct. It’s equivalent to shouting to the whole world that we did it for you to celebrate the company’s three sales stores in Qingfeng District. And he asked Sara Ye to arrange it like that, but it’s just one The blindfold makes the people behind the scenes feel that they have been blinded, and are arrogant, and don’t care about things in Qingfeng District. Only in this way, those who have been hiding behind the scenes can’t help but start moving. At that time, Dustin Zhou came to catch it all. After all, only the thieves in the world are thinking about people, and no one is guarding against the thieves. This time, Dustin Zhou decided to take out all the people behind the scenes and clean them up. Fear them and let them know that if you dare to treat him Dustin Zhou, dare to have bad thoughts on Mingyang Company, the consequences are very serious. Moreover, this time, it is just right to try, Dustin Zhou’s own power, What kind of power does the East China Sea have? … At the same time, a small change in Qingfeng District can’t hide the eyes of the caring people. If it is another company, or it is related to other people, then the people who are concerned will naturally not There may be so many. After all, there are so many people in the East China Sea, who would stare at one or two unknown people every day? But this time is different. This time, the sales store that has changed is a famous company, and it is a famous company celebrating. There are only three sales stores in Feng District. It can be said that if Mingyang does not take any action, Mingyang’s three sales stores in Qingfeng District will be exhausted, and Mingyang’s right to speak in Qingfeng District The status will also be severely hit. “Donghai Evening News.” In Chen Zhen’s office, the haze of last night was swept away at this moment, and everyone in the office seemed to be excited. Especially Chen Zhen and Chen Haonan, their faces “Uncle, this time, the famous company must not be able to survive, but I want to see Dustin Zhou, what can he do? What is the confidence to go.

Fight with those people.

Chapter 637

Chen Haonan seemed to have finally gotten revenge, and a trace of the revenge of the revenge flashed through his eyes. In these few months, Chen Haonan almost only heard Dustin Zhou’s name once. , The whole person would be as if being struck by lightning, his back would be cold, and he would jump up from where he was. He was only quarreled with Dustin Zhou, and he was retaliated by Dustin Zhou. Because of this, his uncle Chen Zhen and Dustin Zhou Become an enemy. Even with that, Chen Zhen has also been affected a lot. And for a long time, Dustin Zhou has become more and more like a fish in the East China Sea. He has successively received the help of Asher Chen and the Su family. Dustin Zhou has a faint trend in the East China Sea. If no one takes action to curb it, Dustin Zhou is likely to dominate the cosmetics industry in the East China Sea, and then reach out to other industries. Especially, the media industry where Dustin Zhou has begun to reach out. This is for Chen Haonan, for Chen Zhen, and for everyone in the office at this time That’s not a good thing. “Yes, Editor-in-Chief Chen, this time, it’s been a few hours since something like this happened in Qingfeng District, and I haven’t heard of any actions by Mingyang. Even Dustin Zhou was indifferent.

“Is this Dustin Zhou afraid?”

Knowing that to fight against so many of us is asking for hardships, but now that I am lost, want to admit my mistakes?

“Haha, that’s great, but if he wants to admit his mistake and apologize so easily, wouldn’t it be too cheap for him?”

“Let me say that people like Dustin Zhou shouldn’t stay in the East China Sea. It’s better to let him leave the East China Sea and go to Hunan Province, or just toss around anywhere.

“… Chen Haonan’s words were like a rock sinking into the water, which immediately aroused everyone’s discussion and feelings. Once upon a time, they were all pressured by Dustin Zhou and the Donghai City Media Industry Association initiated by Dustin Zhou. They were not without their breath. I thought of a way, but all of them were of no use. But now, a turning point has appeared, and Dustin Zhou’s greatest crisis is coming. As long as Dustin Zhou has no cards this time, all the humiliations they have suffered before will follow Dustin Zhou’s failure. The smoke disappeared. “Hehe, this time, it is mainly due to the uncle’s credit. If it weren’t for the uncle who was in the middle of contacting those people, now they would not do anything to the famous company or Dustin Zhou. Then we want to win Dustin Zhou, but we don’t know how to wait When.

“Chen Haonan smiled even more happily. This is Chen Zhen’s credit, and as Chen Zhen’s nephew, he is naturally connected to Rong Youyan. “Where, I am just talking, mainly because those people can’t stand Dustin Zhouzai.” What Donghai did for him, Dustin Zhou really thought he was the boss of Donghai, he had to listen to everything.


“Chen Zhen smiled slightly, there was not much pride on his face, but a trace of pride and satisfaction flashed through his eyes. “No one paid attention to him before, because he was not qualified enough. Now, if he dares to jump up again, The end will never be any better.

“Chen Zhen has the confidence and capital to say so. All present, including his nephew Chen Haonan, just know that he has contacted many people and are ready to take action against Dustin Zhou. Moreover, those people are very strong, even facing one-on-one. Dustin Zhou didn’t let the wind fall. However, they didn’t know who Chen Zhen contacted. This, only Chen Zhen knew about it. It is precisely because of this that he would be so confident. If we say, the entire East China Sea , Who else can subdue Dustin Zhou, then, I am afraid that only the people he contacted. At this moment, Chen Zhen’s confidence exploded, and the expression on his face became extremely determined. Sun Family. Sun Qiankun and Sun Tian stood again. Together. Sun Qiankun had just finished his breakfast and came to the study. Sun Tian followed him, closed the door, and looked at his second uncle in surprise. Just now, Sun Qiankun answered a few calls. After answering a few phone calls, Sun Tian had a new understanding of his second uncle. His noble and deadly second uncle would even lower his head. “Are you surprised, why am I on the phone, right? Are those people so respectful, even humble?

Sun Qiankun just swept his eyes on Sun Tian’s face, and immediately knew what Sun Tian was thinking, and said lightly. It seems that it is not a shame that he is so respectful and humble to the person on the phone. “Uncle Uncle.” , I don’t know who they are. In Donghai, can anyone else make you so respectful and humble?

Even in the whole country, there are probably not a few people who can let you do this.

Sun Tian did not expect that some of the surprises in his heart would have been clearly seen by his second uncle. Moreover, at this moment, it was Sun Qiankun who took the initiative to speak. “Xiaotian, you must remember that our Sun family is in the East China Sea. It is one of the few big families. In the East China Sea, it has a high prestige and reputation, but this is only in the East China Sea. Leaving the East China Sea, there are countless big families like our Sun family.

“Sun Qiankun said leisurely, seeming to have a trace of sadness on his face. “Moreover, there are many things that you can’t see in normal times. You will only know when it is critical, but now, it is not what you should know. time.

Sun Qiankun waved his hand to let Sun Tian leave after speaking. He knew some things, but it was not suitable to tell Sun Tian now. That way, it was not for the good of Sun Tian, ​​but it was harming him. Identity and strength did not match. , Know things you shouldn’t know

, It often leads to a lot of disasters.

After Sun Tian left, Sun Qiankun leaned back on the chair, raised his head slightly, his eyes blank.

However, it seems that there is a trace of unnoticeable sadness and hatred flashing in his eyes.

Su family.

“Father, do we really do nothing?” Su Wei looked at Su Shiming with an anxious expression.

Naturally, the Su family knew about Qingfeng District.

As soon as Su Wei got the news, he came to Su Shiming and wanted the Su family to take action to help Mingyang Company and Dustin Zhou.

However, facing Su Wei’s request, Su Shiming remained unmoved, as if he had not heard what Su Wei said.

“Su Wei, it’s not the time yet. Mr. Zhou hasn’t notified us. Let’s not do anything. I think he can handle it.” That said, but Su Shiming’s eyes flashed with worry.

Regarding the incident this time, it is clear that Su Shiming, like Sun Qiankun, knows something unknown.

And they are also afraid of this inside story.

At this moment, Su Shiming was really worried about Dustin Zhou.

He knows what kind of force he is attacking, but he can’t say it casually, nor can he tell Dustin Zhou directly.

“I hope this time, he can make it through safely.”

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