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Chapter 712

The excited Zong Yanxi didn’t know at all, she became the object of hatred.

Still immersed in happiness at the moment.

Today, students have to stay in the school to familiarize themselves with the environment. Parents can leave when they send their children. Many parents dare not leave. The spoiled children are sent to school on the first day, fearing that they will not be used to it, and looking away through the big iron gate.

Ana Lin was also standing in it, time seemed to blink. A second before they were infants, and now they have entered the elementary school.

Phillip Zong stood beside her, put her arms around her shoulders, and said, “Let’s go, they will grow up.”

Ana Lin understood, and nodded to him.

They didn’t go home. Phillip Zong said that he had work matters to deal with and asked Ana Lin to wait for him in the car. In fact, he went to see Dean Wang. He didn’t want Ana Lin to be there, so he lied.

Ana Lin put her chin on and looked at the people coming and going on the roadside. She may have been sitting in the car for a long time, and the air-conditioning was blowing dry. She asked the driver to buy a bottle of water for herself.

“No ice.”

The driver said he would push the door down.

Holding her chin, she continued to look at the people passing by on the side of the road through the car window. Suddenly she saw a familiar figure in the rearview mirror. She lowered the car window glass and stretched her head to look back. She quickly saw clearly Who is that figure.

At the same time, I was also confused, how could Milton Guan be here?

Come to work too?

As soon as she was about to push the car door down, she saw the daughter chasing him. She had also seen this woman, the woman who said something inexplicable to her in the hospital that day.

Knowing from Phillip Zong’s mouth, she is Gu Bei’s sixth sister.

How could she and Milton Guan be together?

She closed the car door quickly and looked at them through the rearview mirror, trying to find out what their relationship was.

Milton Guan was very impatient and was almost driven crazy by this woman. Gu Huiyuan blocked him at the company and where he lived.

It made him dare not go to the company or go home now.

“I said, Miss Gu, what do you want to do?”

Milton Guan glared at Gu Huiyuan, with a burning eyebrow rushing into his heart, leaving only bored and irritable, “I f*cking resigned, now there is nothing, why are you still pestering me?”

After a while, Milton Guan reacted quickly, “By the way, you still have my handle in your hand, I made it clear.

Give it to whoever you want, I don’t care. “

He patted his cheek, “Isn’t it the face?

Give you. “

Gu Huiyuan found out that he had miscalculated. The people around Phillip Zong were not only Alan Su and Keller Shen who were not easy to deal with, even Milton Guan was a tough one! She gritted her teeth, “Milton Guan, are you really not helping me?”

“Don’t think about me helping you!”

Milton Guan said as hard as iron.

Gu Huiyuan clenched his hands, “Okay, you won’t make me feel better.

I won’t make you feel better either! “

Milton Guan sneered, “When will you make me feel better?”

“Milton Guan!”

Gu Hui’s vitality jumped, how could this man not get in?

He even quit his job stupidly. Is he crazy?

She couldn’t understand Milton Guan, but she understood the things in her hand and couldn’t threaten him. A man who didn’t even want his future, what was he afraid of?

Obviously hard ones won’t work, maybe soft ones can try?

Suddenly she turned her eyes, calmed down her tone, and asked happily, “Milton Guan, how old are you?”

Milton Guan watched her face change, and took a step back. Why did she feel that this woman wanted to calculate her again and harm him?

“What do you ask me for my age?”

Gu Huiyuan smiled, “I’m thirty.”

“How old am I?”

Milton Guan exploded directly.

Gu Huiyuan was not angry either, but smiled more and more brilliantly, “Do you want to be a father?”

Milton Guan paused, and asked, “What do you mean?”

Milton Guan was not calm now.

Gu Huiyuan lowered her eyes and touched her stomach, “Literally?

How can Assistant Guan, not even understand such simple words? “

Milton Guan cut, “You don’t want to say, you have my seeds in your stomach?”

He paused, “Do you think I would believe it?”

Chapter 713

Gu Huiyuan shrugged, spreading his hands, “Since you don’t care, I’ll go and kill it now.”

After that, he turned and left. Milton Guan stood there for two seconds, stepped forward and grabbed her, “Are you kidding me, right?”

“You think a woman whose father has just died and her brother is in jail is in the mood to make such a joke. The only thing I want to do is to avenge those who abused them!”

Gu Huiyuan said sternly.

Milton Guan sneered, “Are all your family members dead?

Why are you a woman out here? “

“Milton Guan!”

Gu Huiyuan scolded.

Milton Guan ignored her and continued, “Because they still have a conscience and can see clearly who is right and who is wrong, only you are frantic and want to avenge.”

“Milton Guan, you bastard!”

Regardless of his image, Gu Huiyuan just punched and kicked him.

Milton Guan didn’t move and let her hit. He wouldn’t hit a woman, even if he wanted to fix her.

Ana Lin had listened for so long, and probably understood what was going on. Instead of getting out of the car, she called Phillip Zong.

In the private room at the moment.

Dean Wang has listened to the situation from the doctor who checked Ana Lin and read the report of the check. He also organized experts in this area to do research.

“In the case of your wife, it is best to give birth in seven and a half months. If you are worried about your child’s health, you can only be hospitalized and observe the situation every day, and postpone it to eight months at the latest.

Phillip Zong propped his forehead with one hand, and such a plan did not satisfy him.

“In fact, your wife is not suitable for having children. From this examination, it can be seen that her health is not good.”

Dean Wang leaned back, “For the safety of adults, early delivery is the most conservative plan.”

Buzzing——At this time, the mobile phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang. He took out the mobile phone and glanced at the caller ID, then picked it up.

“When will you finish?”

Ana Lin asked.

“I’ll be out soon.”

Phillip Zong said.

Ana Lin gave a hum, then hung up the phone.

Phillip Zong stood up and said that there was still something to do. I would trouble Dean Wang to come out this time, and Dean Wang also stood up, “You don’t have to be polite with me. We are old acquaintances with your father. We will do our best. We are at our level. Can reach this level.”

He took out a business card from his pocket and handed it over, “This is an old acquaintance who has studied with me. He is now the attending physician at the Mayo Medical Center. If necessary, you can go to him.”

Phillip Zong reached out and took it and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to shake hands with him, “It’s taking up your time today, next time I have time, I will invite you to dinner.”

Dean Wang generously agreed, and Phillip Zong sent him out, watching him get in the car and he also left.

He walked to the car parked on the side of the road, opened the door and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ana Lin moved in to make room for him, and replied, “It’s nothing, just saw Milton Guan with a woman.”

Phillip Zong sat in and closed the car door and asked, “What woman?”

Ana Lin said the truth, then asked him, “Do you know?”

Phillip Zong seemed to understand in an instant, why Milton Guan was abnormal. It turned out that he was with Gu Huiyuan.

No wonder he offered to resign.

He said to the driver, “Go to the company.”

After speaking, he got through Milton Guan’s number and asked to return to the company.

At this moment, Milton Guan and Gu Huiyuan were on the way to the hospital together. Milton Guan didn’t believe that she was pregnant with her own kind, so she had to take her to the hospital for examination.

Gu Huiyuan didn’t want to go, but Milton Guan was too strong, and he wanted to earn but couldn’t make it. He was escorted into a taxi. On the way, his cell phone rang, Phillip Zong called him and told him to go. the company.

Gu Huiyuan took advantage of Milton Guan to answer the phone and the driver got out of the car and ran while waiting for the traffic light again.

Her stomach is empty, go to the hospital?

Isn’t that revealing?

“Gu Huiyuan!”

Milton Guan shouted angrily, Gu Huiyuan ran fast, for fear that Milton Guan would catch herself again.

Milton Guan only felt his brain hurt when he looked at the bag that fell on the car seat.

This woman is simply the devil.

The taxi driver asked, “Are you still leaving?”

Milton Guan sat in the car and said, “Go to Wanyue Group.”

Soon the taxi driver started his car and drove towards Wanyue Group.

When we got off the car and paid for Milton, the driver reminded, “Don’t forget things.”

Milton Guan looked at the bag that Gu Huiyuan had forgotten on the seat and hesitated for two seconds. He reached out and took it. He closed the door and walked towards the company lobby. He paused when he saw Keller Shen’s car entering the parking lot.

Keller Shen parked the car and pushed the door down, walked toward this side, and saw Milton Guan asking, “What are you doing here?”

Milton Guan said, “Wait for you.”

“Go in together.”

Keller Shen stood shoulder to shoulder with him, glanced at the lady bag in his hand, and asked, “My girlfriend?”

Milton Guan glanced down and said, “Crazy.”

Keller Shen smiled, without further questioning.

Stepped into the elevator, Milton Guan asked, “Why are you here?

Something? “

Keller Shen said that Phillip Zong called him.

Phillip Zong is going to take Ana Lin out of the country. He is not in the country for the time being, so he needs to tell him that he needs to take care of the family. After all, the family is an elderly person and a child, so he is somewhat worried.

Milton Guan said, “Coincidentally, Zong also asked me to come. Is there anything to announce?”

Chapter 714

Keller Shen said, “I don’t know, maybe.”

At this time, the elevator stopped, and the two of them walked to Phillip Zong’s office, which may have been explained by Phillip Zong. Seeing them two coming, the secretary said, “Zong is in the office, saying you are here, you can go directly he.”

Keller Shen nodded and said, “I see.”

At the door of the office, Keller Shen pushed the door. He thought it was Phillip Zong, but Ana Lin was there, so he said hello.

Ana Lin smiled and nodded, “Come in.”

Phillip Zong put down his work and walked over to let them do it.

Milton Guan realized that he still had the woman’s bag in his hand. He had forgotten to put it outside at the door just now. It seems that it is not easy to get out now.

His hands fell back.

Ana Lin noticed Milton Guan’s movements, saw the bag in his hand, smiled and said, “Is it Miss Gu’s?”

Milton Guan suddenly changed his face, how did Ana Lin know Gu Huiyuan?

She called Miss Gu, obviously she knew.

How did she know?

“Madam…” “I was on Nanhua Road today and saw you and Miss Gu arguing on the side of the road. Why are you awkward?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Milton Guan hurriedly explained, “It’s not what you think it is, it’s her who haunts me…” “Why did she haunt you?”

Phillip Zong spoke unhurriedly.

Milton Guan pressed the corners of his lips tightly, still finding it difficult to speak.

Phillip Zong was a little impatient, and was annoyed by Milton Guan’s hesitation. He most hated people who spoke in ink.

“Why don’t you plan to say it yet?”

Keller Shen was also surprised that he and Gu Huiyuan got together, and touched him, “You mean, what’s the matter?”

Milton Guan gritted his teeth and confessed to Phillip Zong, “She, she calculated me and wanted to use me to provoke your relationship between husband and wife. If I don’t agree, she will threaten me…” “How to threaten you?”

Keller Shen asked curiously.

In fact, everyone was curious and cast their eyes.

Waiting for his answer.

Milton Guan can’t wait to find a place to sew in. It’s so f*cking embarrassing.

It’s hard to tell, I can’t say it.

Keller Shen frowned, “Milton Guan, when did you become so inked?”

Milton Guan glared at Keller Shen, thinking that this happened to you, you can’t say it! “Don’t you say how we can help you solve it?

Do you think resignation is the best choice? “

Phillip Zong pulled at the neckline and looked a little dry.

Ana Lin got up to pour him a glass of water, he took it, took a sip, and when he put it on the table, he raised his eyes and looked at Milton Guan, “You have been with me for so long, you should understand my temper.

If you really decide to leave, I won’t stop you, but if you are caught by Gu Huiyuan because of my relationship, I hope you can speak frankly. “

Obviously Milton Guan will be entangled by Gu Huiyuan, and Milton Guan who is still entangled in resignation must have something to do with him. Gu Bei has just been sentenced, she has resentment in her heart, and he understands it, otherwise he will not send those messages to Ana Lin. .

“She sent a message to Ana Lin, you know?”

Milton Guan went out and said, “Yes, I had a relationship with her. She took pictures of my bed and threatened me. If I disagree, she will be exposed. I will definitely not betray. As a last resort, I only Can choose to leave.”

Puff—— Keller Shen almost laughed, and hurriedly reduced his emotions.

He was amused by Milton Guan’s bed photo.

He is a big man, threatened by a woman with a bed photo?

Keller Shen helped the amount.

“Laugh if you want to, and hold back!”

Milton Guan stared at him.

“Who wants to laugh?”

Keller Shen immediately looked serious, “What are you going to do?”

Milton Guan said, “What can I do?

I hide from her, you say she is thinking of harming others?

However, it did no harm, nor could she sue her or send her to prison. “

This is indeed a headache.

“Take a tooth for a tooth, how she calculates you, you can calculate her, she is a woman, more face than you.”

Keller Shen said.

Milton Guan said with an expression of eating sh*t, “What are you doing here?”

“Then what do you say?

She was thinking about harming others, but she was still harmless, and she couldn’t do anything to her, but such a person is obviously a time bomb. She doesn’t know when she will come out to harm others, and she won’t be obedient if she doesn’t pinch her weakness. . “

Keller Shen was right.

Everyone understands this truth.

There is nothing wrong with taking her for a while, even if she knows she is not at ease.

Phillip Zong is taking Ana Lin out of the country today, and he has no time to deal with her. He pondered for a moment, “Milton Guan.”

Milton Guan answered immediately.

“I’m going abroad for a trip today. When I will be back, I have not decided yet. Just do me a favor. Hold her steady first, and I will send someone to monitor her every move.”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked at Keller Shen, “When I am away, you will live in a villa.”

“Why go abroad at this time?”

Keller Shen asked.

Obviously it was unexpected.

Phillip Zong didn’t elaborate, only some things.

“do not worry.”

Keller Shen said, “It will be inconvenient for you to go abroad. Let me monitor Gu Huiyuan’s affairs.”

“Gu Huiyuan should leave it to me.”

Milton Guan knew that Phillip Zong must have something to do, otherwise he would not go abroad at this time.

“Anyway, she pesters me every day, I will deal with her, the big deal, I will lie to her, I promise her.”

Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder, “I don’t think this is a complete solution.”

“Then you have a way?”

Milton Guan asked back.

“Yes, you just use a beautiful boy to take her away, once and for all.”

Keller Shen spread his hands.

Milton Guan looked at Keller Shen up and down, he smashed his mouth, “Have you been with Alan Su for a long time?

How to speak in a tune with him? “

Keller Shen didn’t think at all, “Is there?”

Milton Guan glanced at him disgustingly, “You will stay away from Alan Su in the future. Everyone who is good will lose his study.”

Soon his conversation changed, “If I let her fall in love with me desperately, and if I persuade her to give up revenge, will the possibility be higher?”

Keller Shen, “…” Poof! “You also said that I am like Alan Su. I think you are like you. This is how his brain circuit can think of.”

Milton Guan scratched his head, “Really?”

“It’s not difficult to guard against her who knows that she has a heart for revenge, and who knows her.”

Keller Shen said this because he wanted Phillip Zong to rest assured.

With Keller Shen present, he was really relieved.

Milton Guan also said, “Then I will come back to work. You can’t have no one in the company after you leave. It’s just a woman. I’m sure to see her firmly so that there is no chance of making trouble.”

“Well, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Phillip Zong stood up and took Ana Lin back. They had something to prepare for the plane in the afternoon.

Milton Guan stayed in the company, and took the initiative to contact Gu Huiyuan, telling her that she figured it out and wanted to meet and talk with her.

Keller Shen was also involved. He went out of the company to go to school to deal with Marsha Sang’s affairs, and then went to see the Song Bureau.

When he went to see the principal, he saw Song Yaxin’s car at the door.

Keller Shen was confused, how could she appear in school?

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