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Chapter 715

With doubts in his heart, he walked to the office building and found the principal’s office. When he raised his hand to knock on the door, he heard Song Yaxin’s voice.

“Why do you think of looking for me?”

It was a woman’s voice. The principal’s daughter had a good relationship with Song Yaxin.

“Can’t I come to you if I’m fine?”

Song Yaxin’s voice sounded lacklustre.

“Why, having a relationship with your boyfriend?”

The principal’s daughter saw that Song Yaxin’s face was not so good.

Song Yaxin nodded, “We might break up.”

She really didn’t dare to quarrel with Keller Shen. She was really afraid that he was in control of her dark history. That was a scandal that she didn’t dare to make public, nor could she make it public.

She can only withdraw.

Although my heart is very unwilling.

“Hasn’t the man named Marsha Sang left City B?

Last time, she was also asked to review herself in front of all the teachers and students of the school, and she lost her face. Why?

Still have the face to earn a man with you? “

“No, that’s a stupid woman.”

Song Yaxin didn’t know that Marsha Sang had already come back, or came back with Keller Shen.

It was a wise move for Keller Shen to arrange Marsha Sang in Phillip Zong’s residence. Song Yaxin had also suspected, and went to Keller Shen’s residence deliberately, but there was no one.

She came to the school to make sure if Marsha Sang was back, but there was no one in the school.

“I think that girl is very smart, why is she stupid?”

The principal’s daughter asked with a smile.

Song Yaxin has a good relationship with her, so she speaks directly, “Do you know she went to me before she left?”

“Oh, what is she doing with you?”

“I feel low self-esteem, I think I will drag Keller Shen back, saying that Keller Shen can have a good future with me. I hope I can treat him well. Actually, I think too, but now he has changed his mind.”

Thinking of Keller Shen’s tough attitude, Yaxin didn’t get angry at all. “You said he was drowning, did he drown his mind?

He had promised to associate with me before, and he would break up with me when he came back, saying what was inappropriate and didn’t like me? “

“Maybe I really don’t like you.”

The principal’s daughter laughed.


Song Yaxin pretended to be angry.

Outside the door, Keller Shen was really straight, and there was not much fluctuation on his face, but inside, countless storms were set off.

It turned out that the last time he came to school, he encountered Marsha Sang in front of all the teachers and students to review Song Yaxin’s ghost.

Marsha Sang would leave because he was afraid of dragging him down.

Suddenly he thought that girl was so stupid.

Stupid makes people feel bad.

Fortunately, he knows all about it and can take good care of her in the future.

He clenched his hand, repeated several times, his body relaxed a lot, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

The principal’s daughter came to open the door, and she was taken aback when she saw Keller Shen.

Soon Song Yaxin also saw the person standing at the door, and her face changed in an instant.

Maybe it was because of a guilty thing and a guilty conscience, so the first thing that comes to mind is, when did he come?

Did you hear something?

“Pei, Keller, why are you here?”

She got up from the sofa.

Keller Shen looked calm, “I came to see the principal. I have something to do.”

“Come in, my dad is going to a meeting, and I have to wait a while.”

The principal’s daughter pulled away and let him in.

Keller Shen stepped in, his eyes staying on Song Yaxin’s face, he thought he knew her, after all, her father was a decent person that day, and she should be that way too.

At this moment, he found that he was wrong, wrong! “Are you free, let’s go outside and say a few words together.”

Keller Shen said that he wanted to take this opportunity to speak to her clearly.

“If you have something to say, just say it here. I’ll go out first.”

The principal’s daughter gave Song Yaxin a wink, meaning she should seize the opportunity.

She gave Song Yaxin a wink and walked out of the office and closed the office door.

“You, what do you want to tell me?”

Send Yaxin faintly felt uneasy.

It always seemed that Keller Shen was about to showdown with her, but her perception was right.

Keller Shen said straightforwardly, “I accidentally knew why you divorced.”

Song Yaxin’s body instantly stiffened, her mouth stiffly refused to admit, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You understand, you know what I’m talking about in your heart. You don’t want to admit that it’s your business. I know it’s mine. It happened today. I accidentally heard something that shouldn’t be heard. I thought you should be a Very good person, now, I found out that I was wrong, you and I are really not suitable.”

Song Yaxin bit her lip, “You overhear our speech.”

“I said, I didn’t mean to listen.”

Keller Shen sat down, “As long as you promise to break up, I can keep a secret for you. For the sake of Song Ju’s face, I am willing to forgive you once, and only this time.”

As he said, his sharp gaze shot over, “It is despicable to bully an orphan without a father and no mother.”

Song Yaxin clenched her hands into fists and gritted her teeth, “Are you here to teach me?”

Keller Shen let out a disdainful slurp from his nose, “I am not your parents, so naturally I have no right to teach you. I am only sorry for Song Ju. If he knows what you have done, he must be very sad. If he knows what I know, then You will definitely feel embarrassed. You should know that your father has always been upright and honest, and he is a person who really wants face.”

Of course Song Yaxin knew, but only if she knew it, she was afraid of being known.

She knew in her heart that she had no way to go and could only agree to Keller Shen’s suggestion.

“I promise you that we broke up peacefully, but you have to promise me that everything you know will rot in your stomach, and you can’t let anyone know!”


Keller Shen agreed.

His purpose is to end the relationship with Song Yaxin. He didn’t want to be too silly at the beginning. For the sake of Song Ju’s face, he was also willing to keep a secret.

“I hope you understand that all my tolerance today is because of your father.”

Keller Shen’s expression was exceptionally cold and severe. Song Yaxin saw Keller Shen’s expression for the first time, her heart flinched suddenly, grabbed the bag on the sofa and ran out.

Chapter 716

The principal’s daughter was standing in the corridor outside the door, not paying attention. Hearing the door ringing, she ran out as soon as she wanted to say hello to Song Yaxin.

She stared at Song Yaxin’s back and raised her eyebrows slightly. Is this a quarrel?

She glanced into the room again, did not take the initiative to enter, it seemed that the conversation was unpleasant.

After about twenty minutes, the principal finished the meeting and walked from the other side of the corridor. He saw his daughter standing at the door and asked, “What are you doing here?”

The daughter smiled, “Someone is looking for you.”

The principal nodded, as if he knew who would be coming.

Keller Shen contacted him before.

“Do you know someone is coming to you?”

The daughter asked.

The principal hummed.

Following her father into the office, she picked up the bag on the sofa and said to her father, “Are you busy, I’m leaving now.”

The principal waved his hand, “Today you and Shen Tao are going back for dinner.”

Shen Tao is the principal’s son-in-law. This is because he missed his daughter and asked her and son-in-law to come home for dinner.

The daughter waved her hand and said she knew, then walked out of the office and closed the door.

Keller Shen stood up, the principal waved his hand to let him sit, he walked to the office desk and sat down, took a sip of water from the thermos cup on the desk, and said, “That student are you talking about?”

Keller Shen came over and said, “It’s called Marsha Sang, you should have an impression.”

The principal did have an impression. He raised his head and looked at Keller Shen as if he remembered that he had a scandal with him at that time.

“Are you really a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship?”

The principal asked.

Keller Shen said, “Yes.”

“But he has dropped out of school, why are you here today?”

The principal put his hands on the desk.

“I don’t know if you don’t understand why she dropped out.”

“I heard about it from the teacher who brought her, it seems to be because of family affairs.”

“Her mother passed away and no one was buried. She went back to bury her mother. Her mother was also her only relative. She was so sad that she couldn’t accept that fact for a while before she made the wrong decision. Therefore, I hope you can give She had a chance, and it was not easy for her to be admitted to this university.”

The principal pondered for a moment, “I’ve read her information. Except for the scandal with you, she has always performed very well. It’s just that it’s not a good behavior to drop out of school when she says she quit.”

Keller Shen said, “Yes, we all know it’s wrong, please give her another chance.”

“Well, it depends on the face of you and Song Ju, and also for her good studies, but it will be only this time, otherwise, no matter how good grades are or bad behavior, we will not give another opportunity.”

The principal is also a good speech, knowing that Keller Shen has a good relationship with Song Ju, and he has a good relationship with Song Ju.

Seeing this relationship, he easily agreed.

Keller Shen said thank you very much.

The principal asked Marsha Sang to come over in advance to report to the teacher who took her.

Keller Shen said yes.

After talking to the principal for a while, mostly about Marsha Sang, the principal said, “Greetings to your boss for me.”

Keller Shen said yes, he went straight to the villa from school, just when Phillip Zong and Ana Lin were going out, and he was about to go to the airport.

Keller Shen helped the driver put his luggage in the trunk and said, “I’ll take you to the airport.”

Ana Lin said no, and asked him, “Have the matter between you and Song Yaxin been resolved?”

“Well, she agreed to break up peacefully.”

Keller Shen answered.

Ana Lin was surprised, and she solved it so quickly, she thought Song Yaxin would pester Keller Shen not to let go.

But after another thought, Keller Shen knew the real reason for her divorce, and she had no face to continue to struggle.

“Marsha is alone in the house, you can go in.”

Ana Lin said to Keller Shen.

Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng were not at home, and Wanda went to the supermarket.

“Our time is up, let’s go first.”

The driver opened the back seat door, Phillip Zong protected her and asked her to meet her head carefully. Ana Lin bent over and sat in. Phillip Zong did not get into the car immediately, but looked at Keller Shen and said, “Contact me anytime.”

“You can leave without worry.”

Keller Shen said.

For Keller Shen Phillip Zong still trusted his ability, nodded, bent over the car.

Seeing the car driving away, Keller Shen walked into the house. Marsha Sang was clearing the table. Hearing the sound of the door, he thought Ana Lin had forgotten something. He raised his head and asked, “Forgot what…” She hadn’t finished her words, she had already seen her coming in. It was not Ana Lin, but Keller Shen. She put down the rag in her hand and walked over, “Why are you back at this time?”

Keller Shen said, “I’ll be back when I’m done.”

“They just left…” “I know, I just met at the door.”

Keller Shen stared at her. Although the girl grew up in a bad family, her character was not contaminated, and she was pure. It was rare.

Keller Shen reached out and took her into his arms and said, “Marsha Sang, let’s get married.”

Marsha Sang was stunned for a moment, then hugged his waist and asked, “Did you figure it out clearly?”

Keller Shen said, “I want to make it clear. You can go back to school soon. If you think it’s early, I can wait until you graduate…” “I want to marry you.”

Marsha Sang hugged his neck tightly, “I don’t want to wait anymore, I’m afraid that something will happen.”

Keller Shen also considered her to propose marriage. He was afraid that he would not have any misunderstandings and let people spread that some of them might affect her.

Marsha Sang is an adult, and when they are married, they are legal, and others can’t say anything.

Marsha Sang suddenly let go of him and asked him if he knew why Ana Lin left.

Keller Shen shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“I know that it seems to be due to physical reasons. The doctor asked for an early delivery. They were not relieved and went abroad to a more authoritative hospital for examination.”

Ana Lin talked to Phillip Zong and didn’t deliberately avoid her, she heard it.

Keller Shen understood. Knowing why Phillip Zong chose to go abroad at this time, he took a deep breath and can only hope that they will go well. All he can do is help him look after his family.

“I don’t need to go back to the bureau anymore. Wait a minute, you and I will pick up the two children from school. You are here for two days. It’s time to get to know them.”

Marsha Sang nodded, “Well, but you can’t do the job of picking up the child. It’s already been covered.”

Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng are in charge of the two children, and others are basically not allowed to interfere.

“Aren’t you busy in the bureau?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Keller Shen said, “I just came back and I haven’t been busy these two days.”

Marsha Sang said, “Then you can prepare dinner with me.”

She pulled Keller Shen into the kitchen, and Keller Shen touched her nose, “You know, I can’t cook.”

Marsha Sang turned to look at him, suddenly stood on tiptoe, k*ssed his face, smiled and said, “You watch me do it.”

Keller Shen was stunned for a moment, and reached out to touch his face.

Marsha Sang likes to see him look dumbfounded, so cute, she said mischievously, “Look at you, don’t you just give him a k*ss.”

No, I will let you k*ss you too. “

Keller Shen always feels guilty to Marsha Sang. If he is too close, he will feel that he is committing a crime.

Marsha Sang knew what Keller Shen was awkward, but didn’t continue to tease him, and said with a smile, “You help me peel the lotus root.”

Keller Shen said, “Okay.”

Marsha Sang handed him a paring knife, and Keller Shen took it and asked, “How do you want to eat lotus root?”

“I will make lotus root balls for two children.”

Marsha Sang cuts the meat with his head down.

To make lotus root meatballs, use the fat and lean pork, chop it, and rub the lotus root into froth, then stir it with the minced pork paste, and finally round it into a ball, steam it on a plate, and cook the soup. , Put dried shrimps, greens, seaweed, and finally put in the steamed balls, and it’s ready, put a little sesame oil, lotus root balls, seaweed soup is just fine, dried shrimps and seaweed have a light savory flavor, greens contain vitamins, so you don’t need to put too much condiment. The light taste is very suitable for summer, and it is healthy and delicious.

“Do you still cook this kind of dish?”

Keller Shen thought she could only make simple home cooking.

Marsha Sang said, “Mum Yu taught me. She said that both children like to eat.”

Keller Shen looked at her, “You like them very much?”

Marsha Sang lowered her head and wiped the lotus root with a wiper and said, “Of course, I know that their relationship is very good with you. I have to treat everyone around you very well, but then again, the two of them are really fun. child.”

It is always noisy, making this villa look very lifelike.

At first, she was afraid that she would be very uncomfortable here. When they get along, they are very approachable, even if they have wealth and social status different from ordinary people.

Keller Shen leaned against the pool and looked at her, with a talkative and peaceful face, with a smile on his lips.


After the old lady fell, she was sent to the hospital. The doctor checked her and Alan Su came back to the hospital immediately after rushing back from City C.

The old lady was lying on the bed and was very happy to see her grandson, but also melancholy.

The life-long events of the melancholy grandson almost became her heart disease.

The old lady took Alan Su’s hand, “Tell me, when I am alive, can I still see you getting married and giving me a great grandson?”

Chapter 717

Alan Su closed his eyes and suppressed his depression, “Grandma, can we change the subject?”

The old lady was unhappy, “Why should I change the subject?

This is one wish for the rest of my life. When will you satisfy me? “

Alan Su was afraid of not speaking on the old lady’s lap.

He also wanted to tell the old lady that he and Lena Qin had started again, but Lena Qin’s physical condition… The old lady knew that she must be nagging about her grandson in front of Lena Qin, and Lena Qin would definitely have psychological pressure.

He finally started again with Lena Qin, what should he do if he gets scared away by the old lady’s grandchildren’s affairs again?

The old lady was annoyed by Alan Su’s silence, she stretched out her hand and patted him on the back, “Are you talking?

Are you going to piss me off this old life? “

Alan Su buried his face in the quilt and said dullly, “Old ancestor, I beg you, you are only responsible for having grandchildren.

As for the great-grandson, that’s my business and it has nothing to do with you, so don’t worry about it, can you? “

The old lady pulled her face, “What do you mean?”

Alan Su was shameless and didn’t raise her face. The old lady grabbed his hair and said, “You can tell me clearly.”

“Oh, it hurts.”

Alan Su wrinkled his face, “You are cruel, am I a grandson?”

“dont you agree?

Didn’t I threw you away early and said, what do you mean by low? “

The old lady clung to her.

Alan Su bitterly said, “Who do you want me to have with?”

“Lena Qin really doesn’t look back, you can only find it again.”

The old lady felt sorry for Lena Qin, but she couldn’t let the Su family break the incense after the Alan Su generation.

The old man’s thinking is outdated. To live is to watch Alan Su get married and have children, otherwise she will go down to the ground to see her wife.

Alan Su shook the old lady’s hand, “Grandma, I only like Lena Qin, I don’t want other women…” “Then she doesn’t forgive you, you plan not to get married forever?”

The old lady’s eyes widened, but if Alan Su could say yes, she could hit him until he was willing to get married.

“As long as I work hard, I can still save Lena Qin, so grandma, you have to give me time, don’t force me.”

“I want to give you time too, but God doesn’t give me time, how many days can I live?”

The old lady knows that she is getting older and is now paralyzed. How many days can she live?

“Alan Su, I don’t have any other expectations for you. I always say that you will stand at thirty. You don’t even have a home, how to set up?”

The old lady said earnestly, “In any case, you must show me the birth of my great-grandson while I am alive.”

Alan Su felt that his brain was about to explode. Hearing the old lady talking about his great-grandson, there was no word to describe his mood.


Pain is incompatible with his mood at the moment.

“The doctor has asked you to rest more. Only if you are obedient, take care of yourself, and have a good body can you see me getting married and having children, OK?”

The old lady is indeed getting older, and her spirit is not as good as before.

Alan Su was guarding here. The mobile phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. He stood up gently, walked out of the ward and took out the mobile phone. Lena Qin’s number was displayed on it. He pressed the answer button and put it next to his ear, “Xiao Ya .”

Lena Qin had just finished her work, worried about the situation of the old lady, and called to ask.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m in the hospital now, and the doctor checked it and said it was nothing serious.”

Alan Su stood at the window, he looked out the window, “Xiaoya.”


Alan Su had a lot to say to her, but he couldn’t say a word.

Lena Qin seemed to feel his low mood, did not follow up and did not hang up the phone, just like this through the phone, listening to his ups and downs.

After a while, Alan Su said, “Are you busy?”

“Just sent away a guest.”

Lena Qin sat down at the desk and asked, “Are you okay?”

Alan Su said, “I just miss you.”

Lena Qin grabbed the corner of the table and lowered her eyes, “Alan Su, when can you be more serious?”

“Am I not serious?”

Alan Su asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Does it mean that you are still hiding in your heart when you miss you?”

Alan Su disdain, “That’s fake and serious, I’m a gentleman, I can say whatever I think in my heart, I’m an honest person, right, Xiaoya?”


Alan Su smiled, “I’m not a ball, go there, go to you?”

Lena Qin said hurriedly, “Don’t come here, take good care of grandma.”

Alan Su blamed himself more and more, what if the previous things hadn’t happened?

Now they have children and are happy families.

But… There is no if in this world.

There is no regret medicine.

It was his fault that caused the current situation.

“Xiaoya, I will treat you well, no matter what happens, I will never give up on you again.”

Lena Qin’s mind was sensitive. After hearing Alan Su’s words, she probably could guess what happened, but she didn’t tell Alan Su clearly.

She said seriously, “Alan Su, I don’t want you to be too painful. If you are too tired, tell me. I won’t blame you.”

“What are you talking about?

! “

Alan Su became angry all at once, “Don’t think about it.”

Lena Qin looked at the window in confusion, “I didn’t think much, take care of myself.”

Alan Su said, “I’m afraid I can’t visit you recently. Grandma is observing in the hospital. I have to stay in the hospital to take care of her.”

“I know, you don’t have to come over and take care of grandma.”

Lena Qin said.

Alan Su gave a light hum.

Later, when a customer came to the store, Lena Qin hung up the phone and went to greet the customer. When discussing styles with the customer, Gibson Shao walked in with the packing box.

Lena Qin was busy, he didn’t step forward to disturb, and sat aside to watch her work.

When Lena Qin was finished, he said, “I haven’t had dinner yet, right?”

Lena Qin put down the aipaed, sat down, saw the packing box on the table, and asked, “Did you buy it for me?”

Gibson Shao nodded, “Sheep bones.”

Lena Qin, “…” “I won’t eat this.”

She can’t smell the smell of lamb.

“You try one.”

Gibson Shao is full of confidence, she will love it.

Lena Qin still rejected, “I don’t want it.”

“You taste it.”

Gibson Shao opened the box, put on disposable gloves, and took a piece to her, “Can you smell it?”

Lena Qin tried to smell it, but it really didn’t smell like that.

Gibson Shao handed her to her mouth, “You take a bite.”

Lena Qin tried to bite a bit, there was no mutton smell at all, and the meat was very fragrant.

Gibson Shao smiled, “I didn’t lie to you, right?

You put on gloves, there is a straw here, you can suck bone marrow. “

Lena Qin smiled, put on a glove and said, “Why are you so good to me?”

“You call me second uncle, I can’t treat you like a niece?”

Gibson Shao leaned on the chair and looked at Lena Qin.

“Second Uncle, have you eaten?”

Lena Qin raised her head.

Gibson Shao said, “I have eaten.”

After speaking, he got up and poured a glass for Lena Qin.

“Second uncle, really, your clothes are not good.”

Whenever she saw Gibson Shao’s fancy clothes, she couldn’t help but complain.

Gibson Shao felt that he was dressed very handsome, “Many little girls like me.”

“The girl who likes you must be blind.”

Lena Qin’s poisonous tongue.

“Hi, I love you for nothing.”

Gibson Shao laughed angrily, “I won’t buy anything for you in the future.”

Lena Qin second confessed, “You adults don’t remember the villains.”

“It’s pretty much the same.”

Gibson Shao said.

The two of you said something to me, talking and laughing, and time passed quickly. After closing the shop, Gibson Shao felt that Lena Qin was a girl too unsafe, so he took the initiative to send her home.

The next day, in City B, Keller Shen went to work in the bureau in the morning, but was blocked by Mrs. Song.

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