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Chapter 718

Mrs. Song heard from Song Yaxi that she had agreed to break up with Keller Shen, and Mrs. Song was not upset.

I think it was Keller Shen who agreed to the relationship.

And the husband promoted his job again.

With a sigh of relief in his heart, he came to the game early in the morning without telling her husband and daughter.

Keller Shen didn’t even enter the door, so she was blocked at the door. She coldly asked Keller Shen for an explanation.

“We have broken up peacefully, don’t know what you are doing?”

Keller Shen said coldly.

Unexpectedly, she could block herself, but she was still at the door of the unit.

“Keller Shen, you ungrateful thing, you promised to associate at the beginning?

We all force you, right?

Now why do you say you broke up and broke up? “

Mrs. Song’s face flushed, “I don’t care, you must give me an explanation.”

Keller Shen frowned and said nothing.

Everyone in the bureau of Mrs. Song knew each other, and a colleague came over and persuaded, “Should I take you to the office of the bureau of Song?”

“If I don’t go, I want Keller Shen to give me an explanation. Tell me, he said he wanted to associate with our Yaxin, and he turned my face and dumped my Yaxin. What kind of character is he?”

Mrs. Song seemed to be complaining to others, but she was actually in the dark Keller Shen.

Both inside and outside are saying that Keller Shen’s words are not words and his character is not good.

Others are not very appreciative, they just listened quietly.

“You said, how can there be such ungrateful people?

Our old Song is as close to him as his son, how about him?

That’s how you stabbed others behind the back, the way of heaven is reincarnation, you are not afraid of retribution. “

Madam Song knew that it was irretrievable, so she gave it up.

Keller Shen stared at Mrs. Song in silence, and suddenly he felt that Song Yaxin’s hypocritical character might just follow her.

“You still go back and ask your daughter why she agreed to break up…” “Why?

She is soft-hearted, and she has no conscience without you, what else can it be because of? “

Mrs. Song sneered, “You apologize to me in front of everyone today.”

Keller Shen stood still, “I’m not wrong, I don’t need to apologize to you, you are so troublesome, Song Ju’s face is dull, if you have anything, you can go to my office and say…” “Don’t be a deputy. I feel great, I tell you, today you don’t apologize to me.”

Mrs. Song was standing at the door blocking the road. At this moment, almost all the people who should come to work came, and there were many people at the door.

It’s useless to persuade anyone.

“Without my old Song promotion, you’re a fart, now you’re singing a high-profile for me, what’s the matter?”

Mrs. Song carried the bag and stood fiercely. That posture Keller Shen did not apologize to her, this was endless.

Everyone knows Keller Shen’s behavior. Song Ju does appreciate Keller Shen. Keller Shen is incapable and he can’t do where he is today.

But her identity, everyone can’t say anything about her, but she was deeply contemptuous in her heart.

Song Ju is so good, friendly and upright, and three views are also upright.

His wife… Hey… Everyone sighed.

Keller Shen took out his mobile phone and was about to contact Song Yaxin to let her get Madam Song away. Madam Song thought he was going to contact Song Bureau, reached out and knocked his mobile phone, and said angrily, “Who do you want to complain to?”

The phone fell to the ground and the screen was cracked. Someone picked it up and handed it to Keller Shen, saying, “The phone screen is broken.”

Keller Shen sighed, “Do you have to make trouble here?”

Mrs. Song sneered, “How do you know that you are afraid?

Or did the conscience discover it? “

“What are you doing?


“Outside the crowd, there was an angry shout!

Chapter 719

Everyone turned their heads and looked back, and saw Song Ju’s face gloomy. He stepped over. Everyone gave him a way and greeted him in a low voice, “Song Ju.”

He ignored it and was furious.

Yesterday he had a cold. Today his wife yelled for him to go to the hospital. At first, he thought that his wife was caring about him, so he went.

Yesterday her daughter went home and told them that she was unhappy after deciding to break up with Keller Shen.

What bad idea was brewing in my mind, as expected.

Transfer him to the hospital, and she went to the unit to make trouble.

He felt ashamed.

Mrs. Song had beaten her husband, otherwise she would not send him away before daring to come to the unit.

“You, didn’t you go to see a cold?”

“Hmph, I didn’t die of illness. I have to make you angry. I told you so many times. Don’t care about the child. You don’t listen. Why, I have to divorce you before I am honest, right?”

Song Ju’s face turned into a pig liver color, and it was as ugly as it was. The perennial high aura was really serious, and most people were afraid.

Don’t say Mrs. Song is a woman.

She is also afraid of her husband, but the Song Bureau is not easy to get angry, this time it really made him angry.

“What are you doing?

Get out of here! “

After being scolded by her husband in front of so many people, Mrs. Song felt that she couldn’t live up to her face, but she didn’t dare to choke him in such a face, so she could only stand aside her inner dissatisfaction first.

“Everyone, go to work, stop here.”

Song Ju Shen Sheng.

Obviously it is not a good thing. The excitement of the boss is not good, and everyone walks into the building one after another.

“You go to work too.”

Song Bureau said to Keller Shen who had not left.

Keller Shen nodded and walked in.

Mrs. Song didn’t make a profit, and was reprimanded by her husband. She was not convinced, “Keller Shen…” Song Ju’s eyes suddenly opened, and Mrs. Song shrank in fright and immediately closed her voice.

Keller Shen also pretended not to hear, and walked towards the office.

“It’s obviously that he is sorry for our daughter, why don’t you distinguish between inside and outside…” “You shut up!”

Song Ju trembled angrily, “You come in with me.”

Mrs. Song grabbed the bag in her hand and followed him into the office. Song Bureau slammed the office door, and the vibrating ceiling trembled.

Mrs. Song didn’t dare to say a word, and stood by the door withdrawn.

“What do you want to do?

I was embarrassed when I ran into the unit because I thought I lived too long, right? “

Song Ju walked back and forth in the office with his hands on his back.

Mrs. Song whispered, “Don’t I think our daughter has suffered?

With what did he say to break up and break up? “

Song Ju stood still and stared at his wife, “Why, you can’t break up when you fall in love?

Your daughter is still divorced! “

“The divorce is not her fault…” “No matter who is at fault, is she divorced?

Everyone who is married is divorced. Why can’t you break up when you are in love?

Do you have to marry your daughter if you co-author?

What is good about your daughter? “

Song Judiao’s wife couldn’t say a word.

Madam Song pursed her lips and said in a low breath, “Whose father are you anyway?

People who don’t know think that Keller Shen is your son…” Song Ju angrily covered his heart, why could he not understand her?

“Are you trying to piss me off?

! “

Song Ju patted the table vigorously, “What sin did I commit in my previous life? In this life, I married such an unreasonable woman like you?

! ! “

Mrs. Song didn’t feel that she was wrong at all. Seeing her husband became so angry, she didn’t restrain herself, and said, “I know you look down on me. It wasn’t your father.

You won’t marry me, you have been with you for decades, and you haven’t warmed your heart. “

Song Ju only felt that there was heat flowing in his head, and his head was dizzy.

After so many years, he had long confessed his fate. She gave birth to her own daughter and took care of the family. He was satisfied and treated her well. At this age, why did she mention those things?

Song Ju felt that he had lived in vain! He gasped for breath, “You–you, just want to piss me off. You see me living for too long.”

“Isn’t that what I said?

Not your dad, will you marry me? “

“They have been married for decades, what do you say about them?

! ——Ah——” Song Ju held his heart, her chest tightness was already out of breath, Madam Song stepped forward and patted him on the back, “What’s wrong with you…” Song Ju pushed the person away, “You are Want to piss me off! “

Song Ju beat his chest and his feet, why did he show such a woman?

This is not to piss him off, not to stop! “I beat you back, why do I want to piss you off?

Why don’t you know something good or bad?

I went to Keller Shen, didn’t I vent my anger for our daughter?

You are his boss, and you can’t keep your face down, fearing that others will say you avenge your personal revenge. I came to him and said, for whom?

Am I not for our daughter?

You don’t know the distance…” Before she could finish her words, Song Ju passed out angrily.

“Ah-Old Song!”

Mrs. Song was shocked, “Come on, come on…” Soon the door of the office was pushed open, and she saw Song Ju fainted and helped drag people into the car to the hospital.

Mrs. Song followed, “Do you want to call 120.”

“You have to wait for the ambulance to hit 120. We will send it faster.”

When Madam Song thought about it, she helped put her husband in the back seat. She went up to hold her husband’s head and urged, “Hurry up.”

“Yes, sit down.”

The car went out soon.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop at the entrance of the hospital, and then a taxi also stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

Chapter 720

Lena Qin hugged a bunch of flowers and got out of the taxi. He saw medical staff running out of the hospital with a stretcher. They quickly opened the car door, put the unconscious person in the car on the stretcher, and sent for first aid. room.

She just took a look, because she didn’t know Song Ju, so she didn’t pay too much attention. She didn’t tell Alan Su that she wanted to surprise him and also wanted to visit the old lady.

After all, she is Alan Su’s only relative. Now that she is hospitalized, she has to come and visit.

She went to the inpatient department, asked the old lady’s ward from the nurse station, and walked over.

Alan Su is very filial. The old lady lives in the VIP ward of the hospital. It is quiet and clean, but the air is filled with a faint smell of disinfectant.

She walked to the door of the ward, and when she raised her hand to knock on the door, she heard Alan Su’s painful voice, and she gently curled her lips.

The old lady’s spirit is pretty good, she still has the energy to beat Alan Su.

When she put her hand down and was about to touch the door panel, an angry voice came from the old lady, “Alan Su, don’t give me sloppy eyes, you said Lena Qin forgave you, how about her?

You want to lie to me all day long, right?

You just don’t want to give me a great grandchild, right? “

Lena Qin’s hand froze one centimeter away from the door panel, great grandson?

The old lady wants a great-grandchild. She knows better than anyone else. When she was with Alan Su, she was eager.

“I really didn’t lie to you. As for the great-grandson, that’s my business, I beg you, can you stop talking about it?

I’m afraid my ears are calling out, so please let me go. “

“I have such a wish. As long as you get married and have a great-grandson for me, I will depend on you for everything else.”

The attitude of the old lady is particularly firm.

Alan Su only felt that his brain was about to explode.

Nagging about one thing all day long, he was going to be driven crazy by this old lady.

“I don’t like children, and I don’t want to have…” Pop! “Oh-” Alan Su covered his arm, “You are old, how strong is that?

If you fight again, everyone will be ruined. How can you give birth to a grandson? “

“You didn’t waste, and you didn’t see you born. I tell you Alan Su, you are not young, don’t give me a hippie smile anymore. I’m serious, you can’t let me die with regret.”

“You have to live a hundred years, you can’t die…” “Smelly boy.”

The old lady slapped again, and Alan Su leaned in front of her, “Forget it if you beat me to death, forcing me all day long, I’m going to be so crazy.”

The old lady was angry, she was really angry this time, “Do you think I want to force you?

If you have an older brother or younger brother, I don’t care if you play bachelor. Was it easy for me to raise you up? “

The old lady’s eyes were red when she said, “Your dad… is so gone, your grandfather left early…” Alan Su was afraid that her old man would mention the previous things, so he took a piece of paper to wipe her tears.

“I didn’t ask for you. When I just couldn’t die, when I saw you were single, how could I see your dad, how could I see your grandfather, what would I say when I saw them?

I said, I’m sorry, I let you Su family wean off children? “

Alan Susheng lay on the side of the bed irreverently, and didn’t want to talk or move.

He really doesn’t want to be with her here.

However, this man is old, she has no daughters, only a son, who died at a young age, he was a relative who was hospitalized, and he couldn’t help but take care of her.

However, here, she was nagging endlessly, wondering if she was really older, and she always talked endlessly about one thing.

Keep talking.

He really couldn’t bear it anymore.

“I don’t want to force you either. I didn’t want to force you. Just do whatever you like. Anyway, I don’t have a few days of life.”

The old lady was still angry.

Alan Su smashed his head with his fist, “Don’t be angry when you are old. If you continue, I will accompany you to go.”

The old lady grabbed his hand and didn’t let him beat herself, “I’m not forcing you, you give me a time, my body is like this, in a few years, when I’m alive, you can give me marriage and birth. Grandson?”

Alan Su has no choice but to comfort her, “Can I get married and have a grandson for you in two years?”

When he thought of the time he adopted one, he said that he was a child, so he first comforted the old lady.

“No, one or two years are too long.”

The old lady was firm.

Alan Su had no choice but to nod, “I promise you, so can you stop nagging?”

The old lady sighed, “When you are old, you are old, and you despise me too.”

Alan Su, “…” “I don’t dislike you, what would you like to eat?

I’ll buy it for you? “

Alan Su patted the old lady, “It’s not easy for you, I know.”

The old lady said, “Did you not eat in the morning?”

Where is Alan Su in the mood to eat?

Keep talking, keep talking, he’s almost blocked, there is no appetite.

“You go to eat something, I have eaten, not hungry.”

Alan Su is not actually hungry, but if he wants to go out and breathe, he said, “I’m hungry, then I’ll go buy some food.”

The old lady said yes, “Go ahead.”

Lena Qin suddenly didn’t dare to face the old lady. When she heard Alan Su was about to come out, she immediately walked towards the pantry. As soon as she entered, Alan Su walked out.

She hid in and watched Alan Su walking towards the door, waiting for Alan Su to reach the elevator, she walked out slowly.

Standing in the corridor, listening to the sound.

She heard the sound of the elevator opening and closing the door after a while, she walked over, and the person was already off.

At this time, the ladder door next to her opened, and she walked in and reached the first floor.

She was later than Alan Su. When she got out of the elevator, she saw that Alan Su had already walked out of the hospital gate.

She didn’t know whether she should go back or see Alan Su. In short, it was very contradictory.

Seeing that Alan Su didn’t go out shopping, but turned into the alley, she followed, wanting to see what he was doing.

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